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2017-09-10 20:05:44
he tried to tow my bike but it would not fit on his wheel chair thing that wont hold more than a small mini bike or a dirt bike i drive a big harley it just wont fit waste of time waste of life for pretending to be a tow truck company for 25 years is not true at all (201)283-2891
2017-09-02 04:17:55
Scam calls. Avoid.
2017-08-30 22:02:47
calls repeatedly but leaves no message
2017-08-30 18:01:51
Just got a call from them for the fourth time in 24 hours. A girl actually spoke. Calling from the "vehicle warranty department ". I told her to remove me from the list and she hung up on me. Do yourself a favor and block this number y'all.
2017-08-28 21:27:11
never answers the phone when calling back. goes to Prestige ramsey, NJ
2017-08-25 22:40:17
Debt services, looking to collect. Don't answer,, don't give them any information. Call from a different # and waste their time. Took the woman 90 seconds to hang up on me...haha... Winner!!
2017-08-08 20:27:03
Sketchy bunch of spamming assholes. Searching for personal information.
2017-08-07 19:43:03
2017-08-04 21:39:43
201-773-9999 I just got 5 calls in a row from this number (incorrectly reported it was from 201-773-9341)
2017-08-04 21:12:53
Call everyday early morning and late evenings
2017-07-25 00:59:21
One lady called me deaf and hang up the phone
2017-07-11 21:09:43
Sent me msg in email. Said they have a job for me, requires criminal background check.
2017-07-06 20:43:46
Called and they immediately hung up!
2017-06-30 16:14:24
They keep calling saying there is a lawsuit filed againts me
2017-06-29 23:56:03
(201)957-7819 has called 3 times in the lat five minutes. No voicemail on the first two calls, finally answered the third time and the recording said "goodbye."
2017-06-28 20:08:23
2017-06-20 17:03:23
Its a Ghost Haunting Said They Want to Give Me Deep Strokes. Where's Ghost Busters When I Need Them! LOl
2017-06-20 15:28:13
This is fraud don't answer
2017-06-16 23:11:51
They called my cell, didnt leave a message
2017-06-16 19:52:15
201-350-3215 201-350-3182 Variety of 201-350 numbers are constantly harassing me.

Phone list in area 201

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
2012994817no calls no textsGuest32016-04-06 21:43:05
2017084624NateGuest62016-04-03 05:53:22
2017937974Sends threshing messagesGuest72016-04-08 17:47:07
2013401040CID Green Tree. Calls several times a Day. Guest62016-05-24 06:00:29
2018201499ex n she crazyGuest62016-04-04 22:45:15
2019949946patty z bitch s Sancho RodriguezGuest62016-05-23 04:19:40
2013349146soGuest42016-04-04 15:54:24
2018802170testGuest42016-04-05 07:37:55
2014489965Political Brazilian spamGuest32016-05-23 22:12:51
2018750520stalkerGuest62016-03-15 23:07:30
2010655413W W W is not a Sum you phone back. It s a Spanish record. It s within Ohio Florida. Guest32016-01-21 17:50:43
2014971744SpamGuest32016-04-04 13:37:03
2018988853Calls all that time. Walter52016-05-22 13:38:10
2017815490A royal painGuest42016-03-15 23:30:56
2014078397Did t response. Comes across caller id as Royal Sports Promotion. Whatever which is. Guest62016-05-23 02:35:48
2013625847Tex ting Mindless thingsGuest12015-11-04 16:07:16
2019343981don t Select Up. Guest42016-03-14 12:26:42
2017254646allowed . my son s Guest12015-11-04 16:14:21
2012858030Moreover tried to Phone back it said it had been disconnected or no More within service. Guest432015-11-04 16:21:14
2013152353Simply keeps calling and hanging upGuest142015-11-04 16:21:15
2015353873They hang Upwards when you personally answerGuest542015-11-04 16:26:19
2019120949This really is a few survey out of W OntarioJ42016-03-26 16:33:11
2012078918Leave me aloneGuest12015-11-04 16:29:10
2018955536Block numberGuest52016-03-25 07:28:29
2019844841You re not alive for me and Thus vie been blocked. Guest42016-03-16 02:46:42
2015095021Called your Sum back and Attained a record the Livelihood Services Team could not become Realized but if I no More Wanted for get calls from them for enter my W Number Phone Sum. Guest602015-11-04 16:46:19
2019847942Really annoying. Repeatedly tell these Reps we re not interested and they keep calling. . Occasionally 2 X per daytime. Guest212015-11-04 16:51:24
2018254025Your Owner keeps harassing me by calling late at nighttime and Evaluation. Says his name is Blunt BankerGuest32016-05-23 06:36:12
2015884155Manage callsGuest62016-04-04 19:29:58
2017251253Hang Upwards telephone and left no voice send. . . . . Guest42016-05-23 18:01:24
2016743094who is thiskc52016-04-05 07:13:41
2019206720No commentGuest12015-11-04 16:59:23
2015629426I need my number taken away of that callers list. . . my4monkies42016-04-04 23:02:38
2019175513Harassed me non stopBig poppy52016-05-23 01:40:53
2019183391Dennis is a rapist . Guest72016-03-16 01:22:49
2016209166Fund raising for Organization of firefighters firefightersGuest52015-11-04 17:10:20
2013577808Keeps calling no message and hangs Upwards. Guest462015-11-04 17:11:16
2018972283Promotion insuranceGuest72016-04-04 13:20:22
2018067307NOTHINGGuest52016-03-15 11:22:43
2017972291please stop calling me remember R not on DATGuest72016-04-03 12:02:17
2012839648Same as before no message. Guest212015-11-04 17:14:14
2012839663Payday loans consolidatorsGuest542015-11-04 17:14:14
2019853865it keep calling meGuest12015-11-04 17:16:24
2019120371bullshitGuest32016-03-27 00:43:05
2019813580Following again. . Guest52016-04-04 10:02:53
2014201038you personally personally blockGuest12015-11-04 17:21:17
2014250322These People are constantly calling my Telephone number asking for a Guy by your own name of Francisco and when I attempt for describe to them that they don t vie that right Sum they rudely hung Upward saying that they could Test him back After on and don t let me get a word within edgewise. They re Actually rude and should at least listen for that fact that they vie that incorrect Amount. I need them to Discontinue calling this Amount because these calls are now borderline harassment. My Telephone number is W W W. Guest52015-11-04 17:22:17
2012051083Same matter. . They 've been calling me saying that same erroneous name for a very long time. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . FRAUD. . Guest1302015-11-04 17:40:10
2013514398said i had a fraud case. machone72016-05-22 06:23:38
2012394877Total scummierGuest72016-05-23 12:08:30

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