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Recent reviews 202 Telephone area codes 2017-02-19T17:43:30+01:00.

2017-02-18 00:37:16
Caller ID shows Washington DC. Some US Government official or Congressman is going to call at 9:15pm? Yeah, right! SCAM
2017-02-17 20:08:28
Same phone call said I won $9000 and to call 2026433074
2017-02-17 13:43:37
Windows security scammer called my cellphone. He kept talking over me after every time I tried to turn him down. He then got verbally abusive, spitting out profanity before hanging up.
2017-02-11 22:05:24
Attempted bank scam. Fake customer wants bank information. After contractors. Asking for work on unoccupied for sale homes attempting contract fraud.
2017-02-10 16:04:41
Said there were issues under my name and threatened me with a lawsuit
2017-02-08 22:45:34
Shows up as Energy Citizens via caller ID. Called twice, first time, they said nothing and hung up after a few, the 2nd time I hear someone say "we got 'em" and then they hung up. Probably a scam call.
2017-02-04 21:22:28
I received a robo-call from this number claiming I was involved in some criminal activity that the IRS was investigating and to call them back. I blocked the caller-ID number.
2017-01-25 22:56:03
Barely able to speak English callers asking for me to purchase iTunes cards totaling $250 and provide them w the numbers. Once providing them the numbers the say they will send you a Federal Government Grant for $8000.
2017-01-24 20:51:44
Called requesting information about my medical history for his compensation department! They are seeking people who may or may not have had a blood clot procedure done. **SPAM DO NOT GIVE THEM INFORMATION **
2017-01-23 22:20:32
2020000003.. They have called me 9 times in the last 2 hours. Like really.
2017-01-23 11:53:47
Indian man named Micheal Wilson. Insists he is from b.t in London. That he knows I am a customer and his supervisor Justin Parker he needed private information. Raised his voice and an agresive manner.
2017-01-20 03:32:53
I received a call from this number telling me it was the Internal Revenue Service. They told me I had unpaid taxes and that I should call the number back and speak with their representative. I already knew it was a scam but decided to call them back anyway just to play them, when i called them back all I had was an open line. Its a "SCAM"
2017-01-10 06:40:42
This number called someone I don't ever talk to or have and association with. It said that I requested documents to be delivered with these people. The people located me on facebook and asked me about it. I of course had no idea what they were talking about.
2017-01-06 09:30:12
Definitely don't talk to, trying to scam older ladies
2017-01-03 21:46:53
asked for me by name, it's a well known name, simple but he can't pronounce it. He has a very foreign accent so I just hung up and blocked this number. I've recd a lot of these calls, why do all the callers have thick foreign accents?
2016-12-16 20:41:19
Step calling me
2016-12-15 20:10:13
I had posted an ad on craigslist. They were trying to scam me. I accused them not very nicely of so and woke up to a text message of them threatening to kill me and my family
2016-12-15 00:32:01
They call and say you won money from the federal government bit then they want you to send them 250.00
2016-12-14 21:56:05
"We are calling to inform you the IRS is filing a lawsuit against you. Please call our number to find out details."
2016-12-13 01:43:37
got called 2 days ago December 10 and also today december 12 call and hanged up. so I googled it and got here BLOCKED

Phone list in area 202

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
2023794607Stop CALLING ME. . . . . . Guest72016-05-23 21:51:42
2027065674the Telephone Amount was not a number saved in my phone and they wont leave a express message. willy32016-04-24 18:13:31
2026574161Unknown numberRJS42016-03-05 21:51:40
2029052254unwanted callannab42016-02-10 19:49:57
2025069247Guest72016-05-23 05:29:47
2023503507These guys telephone frequently but are never on that lineEh52016-03-15 23:33:50
2025707627calling my number must become spam action don t response that call from them. Guest52016-05-22 23:35:05
2024994642Annoying Mindless Telemarketerandddyyyyy62016-03-15 13:22:23
2022136584Lawyer. dee62016-04-04 13:45:14
2025594626Is blockGuest42016-03-15 15:20:40
2026667290They ask for cash for a GrantGuest152015-11-04 16:07:51
2024618830I m hereGuest42016-05-22 07:41:46
2026574853Government is suing me for Fees from W through W. Caller had this type of substantial foreign Feature I could barely understand her. When I inquired exactly why they would t contact me by send she said they had three times and had no Result. I m a CPA and a Specialist Enrolled that Government so I certainly would t ignore any Communication in the Government. When I asked why they would call out of Washington DC rather than the Local office where I file my taxes she responded that they can Set the telephone out of any of their offices of which just one doesn't exist within Washington DC. I Inquired for speak with someone who could Talk better English and she Installed up on me. Guest302015-11-04 16:40:48
2025952285never leave MSGGuest42016-05-09 21:39:18
2023866755This Amount W W W his name is Wang and he calls me everyday and black mails me and threatens my life. Sara32016-03-15 05:37:58
20262250041 text. UnknownGuest62016-03-05 18:32:43
2026076025blockGuest12015-11-04 16:51:45
2026587468keeps kGuest1282015-11-04 16:54:50
2024702596Called wt ice did t leave any message. Brian72016-03-16 03:48:30
2028641661Rob call talking about legal ramifications and arrest for call back but your number isn't a valid Amount. Guest932015-11-04 17:04:04
2020000000Christ behold and judge each guy by his deedsGuest302015-11-04 17:07:24
2024702176Political season. Rob callsBen Dover32016-03-15 00:31:19
2020000137The Amount is no longer in service. stop32016-04-03 11:16:39
2023866492Unknown Owner now that bastards are calling my cell phoneGuest52016-05-22 15:58:29
2024702627Requested return call Around tax lien threatened Prison. Guest842015-11-04 17:23:31
2026303964leave me alone. god. Guest52016-05-22 16:19:51
2022197569Dint telephone or get back around joey i 'm not playing FrankieGuest72016-04-04 11:15:46
2024994651Attempting for sell auto loansGuest62016-04-20 23:07:32
2028121359Received a call on land line. Charlie62016-02-11 02:54:53
2025245413Calls several times a week. Replying mac hing picks up telephone but never is a message left. . Calls are always in that eveningGuest852015-11-04 17:36:37
2025008690Man saying Direct things and says he got my Amount out of Craig s list. sickened42016-03-14 15:03:00
2024706049Said Government is Processing a lawsuitGuest122015-11-04 17:42:31
2020425911Owner id says credit essential. Who is that. Guest62016-04-04 07:57:22
2024703314called asserting for become IRSGuest562015-11-04 17:53:31
2025312756block calls and textGuest22015-11-04 17:54:37
2025172985Called my business I tool the Owner ID and Merely let it ring. After 7 rings it Stop. billokc72016-05-23 03:17:36
2022391153Striving for buy a trailer out of me within Ontario Canada oldest scam in your publication LaoScammer32016-04-04 06:03:41
2026210350Called saying there was a case against me. Guest572015-11-04 18:11:46
2025447158Leave me alone please. Guest42016-05-24 05:50:02
2022390497Really RUDE and was talking over me the whole time. Ended Upward hanging Upward in my own face. I am on that do not telephone register. Guest32015-11-04 18:24:24
2023618530grisliest SCUMMIER. . . missouri52016-05-22 10:56:53
2022414067Crazy exGuest52016-04-04 13:06:39
2026615084LGGuest72016-05-22 16:24:27
2020000024blockingGuest62016-04-04 13:09:08
2025590773they called and told me that i got Picked to get a Authorities allow for W. W as long as i didn't Chance drink booze or take prohibited drugs as long as it was for family Holiday or bills or remodeling Things along that line can i trust them we could Actually use your money for remodeling your house I am becoming custody of my Children and need the cash desperately cheers in complex on your help Sick Assess for more comments laterGuest672015-11-04 18:48:40
2025686869Risk calls numerous timesGuest72016-03-14 21:18:22
2026575097these Individuals jeopardize me on my job and suggested they were federal officers. barry42016-03-06 10:01:25
2023264018Microphone Assess Mic checkGuest42016-05-23 05:23:52
2022417334blocked bitchGuest72016-05-23 01:32:38
2025487062Merely got a telephone from the number. No message. Usually means telemarketer for me. SDChris32016-03-13 22:16:34

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