2024703314 / 202-470-3314

Telephone information: Verizon Washington, Dc Inc.. Washington, DC. District Of Columbia. United states
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Post by Lavonne,

2024703314 That would become a Great NO. Lola

Post by Guest,

202-470-3314 Obtained Phone stating a litigation was being Registered against people by the Irs and for call back that Amount 9 W W. Did not phone back. Had gotten no Composed documentation in your send Hence we knew it was a scam.

Post by Disgusted,

2024703314 We gotten messages on the home Telephone express send saying your Government was bringing a litigation against people. A few Folks in your community obtained the same. That neighbors told people when you Telephone your own number they Set you personally personally on hold and charge your Telephone outrageous rates for that Phone. Not confident Around all the but I comprehend that Government would send you personally a correspondence if they Wanted to contact you. This can be A SCAM OF Path.

Post by Guest,

202-470-3314 left a message stating I was being sued by that Irs and when I asked if just why I did t get written info he got horrible along with me. He had an Indian Highlight also

Post by ST,

2024703314 They left a message saying they're that Government and Processing a suit against me. I don t owe your Government anything.

Post by Guest,

202-470-3314 Left messages saying Closing find from your Irs I need for call or I d 've a litigation Published against me. Remain far away from these Folks.

Post by chris,

2024703314 W Region code fraud scam calls. . . . vivifies here first as it s been addresses a billion times already . .

Post by Guest,

202-470-3314 called asserting for become IRS

Post by janyce,

2024703314 Rob Phone from W W W is a Government scam id says Washington dc

Post by tom k,

202-470-3314 The Government They don t telephone.

Post by Guest,

2024703314 Acquired a message on answering machine. Government is suing me and must phone W W W Immediately. This can become a sick Joke by a few dishonest Person along with a terrible foreign Highlight. Cheers for all of you personally who thus kindly posted your own own experience. At least I m not alone. Hopefully these jerks are your ones who Complete Upward within Penitentiary.

Post by Elizabeth Sauls,

202-470-3314 They left an automated message that they were from the Irs and that they were filing a suit against us. They did not address Individuals by name. Just told people to Telephone that Amount back. This Actually is a SCAM.

Post by Guest,

2024703314 If you personally Telephone that number back W W W and block your own caller ID . . . at least 5 times and hang Up You personally ll Notice that same 5 people response your Phone. I kept calling and hanging Upward around and around. HA. My turn to harass. Now they vie Chosen the Telephone off that hook and I m Simply becoming a busy Indication. Keep messing along with them and maybe they can recognize it s not Worth it. .

Post by Guest,

202-470-3314 Left a message to notify people that we re being indicted by that Government. Left the number for telephone them back. Enjoy your Previous entry it Looks appreciate a scam to me.

Post by Guest,

2024703314 I Additionally received a Phone on 9 W stating that Irs was Processing a litigation against people and for Phone the W W W Amount. When I called I got a busy Sign Eventually I got that is not a working phone Amount.

Post by Guest,

202-470-3314 Left a voice send saying there was a suit against me. Phone back Instantly. I did t since they did t even say who they were. After reading your above Comments I Indicated the phone as spam.

Post by tartelle,

2024703314 Gotten a Phone call from the Amount and they left a message that it was that Government and they were suing me for phone back. Hence I called that Amount back from a Monitor phone and Rich replied. He asked me my Phone number that the message was left on So I Offered him a fake Amount. Believe what happened next he Installed Upwards on me . Mindless scampers

Post by Guest,

202-470-3314 caller said the Authorities Wanted W Volvo from me or they would become suing me. Was a foreign Person.

Post by Beth B,

2024703314 I Also acquired a MSG stating that I was being sued by the Irs. Smells enjoy a scam. . .

Post by Patrick,

202-470-3314 Simply got that same telephone about Government suing me. Fascinating Though annoying. At I was enjoy wt than they say Closure Find and comprehend your own Authorities would not get ah previous of you personally personally this manner. You would understand if they were Seeking for reach you personally personally for a few time Lao.

Post by Andy,

2024703314 I got a Telephone Now from that Sum W W W Showing that they were out of your Government and that they are filing a litigation against me. . diphthongs for Publishing your own own Advertisements vices. . vivaciously its a SCAM

Post by Marianne,

202-470-3314 Owner said was from Authorities and said they were going to sue me. said I was a Ms. Mosley. 've gotten calls with this Unique Individual and told Owner they had a erroneous Sum.

Post by Guest,

2024703314 They did not leave a message but I did a Change look Upwards on it since I get a lot of Robot calls and tool all these Locations. Thank you personally all I m happy I did not reply.

Post by Srmonti,

202-470-3314 I got a message on my replying machine saying your Authorities was Processing a suit against me. Knew it was a scam as your Irs would not telephone. Played along for have many enjoyment for a bit Later treated him to some Nice Group of expletives and got hung Upward on. Telephone them and F along with them it's type of enjoyment. I Actually called back twice more from different Telephones.

Post by Guest,

2024703314 Owner Maintained an Government fit was Submitted for that years W W. I 'm a former CPA and comprehend how that Method works. I Immediately asked where was my Composed mail Detect. The Owner within a barely understandable Asian Highlight Claimed it was Delivered out in July by her manager. She gave me her Logo no. REM and demanded W Volvo. I Continuing for ask probing questions and was Put Up on.

Post by Guest,

202-470-3314 Said for telephone about a litigation against Individuals. It s a scam.

Post by Guest,

2024703314 they re telling me there may become a suit against me the can be a final discover they said for me to Telephone and talk for them

Post by BB in ATX,

202-470-3314 if you telephone your Sum back W W W and block your own Owner ID . . . at least 5 times and hang Up You'll hear your same 5 Folks response that phone. I kept calling and hanging Upward over and Approximately. HA. My turn for harass. Now they vie taken your own Telephone away your own hook and I m Only becoming a busy signal.

Post by Rocco,

2024703314 Got a partial message on voice send something about a litigation against me but it was cut away blocked them along with my Telephone blocker unit

Post by Guest,

202-470-3314 Says that Irs was Attempting to get within Contact with me that they re Processing match against me. Tells me for call the Amount immediately

Post by Lavonne,

2024703314 That would become a Substantial NO. Lola

Post by kari,

202-470-3314 Got a phone for my senior moms Telephone stating she was being sued by that Authorities. Scam scam scam

Post by Guest,

2024703314 Only left a MSG stating we were being sued by that Government. . overvalued that Amount back and a woman along along with a British Feature could t Furnish any info about my case. . whitetail scam. .

Post by Guest,

202-470-3314 Rob Telephone state States to become Irs rep. and we re told to telephone your Sum amp Speak for them

Post by Guest,

2024703314 Keep these clowns on that line as long as Possible. Subsequently gently state quot we vie got an excellent hint quot . Good manner for get few chuckles.

Post by Guest,

202-470-3314 AUTOMATED Phone SAYING Government Filing Lawsuit AGAINST ME MUST Phone The NUMBER

Post by Chris M.,

2024703314 They left a message Displaying that they were from the Government and that they re Processing a fit against me. I comprehend nothing Approximately a fit and consider this is a scam.

Post by Jay,

202-470-3314 Same.

Post by Tom,

2024703314 They were giving the Experts for lock me Upwards. unless I paid W within W min

Post by Guest,

202-470-3314 Authorities scam asserting match is being filed

Post by Guest,

2024703314 Bacall that Authorities was suing me.

Post by Guest,

202-470-3314 Left message that Government is Processing a law fit against us. Did not return phone.

Post by Guest,

2024703314 Was left a message that I was being sued by that Irs and for Telephone your Amount. Started doing a few research before calling and yes your own Amount is Enrolled in Washington DC. Nonetheless nothing had arrived in the send and that made me questionable. Attempted reversing your own number for look for your own name of that originator and most Websites charge. However your site Licenses Remarks. Thank you personally my suspicions were Verified and will not become calling back.

Post by Brenda,

202-470-3314 Same. Said we were being sued by Authorities . My Partner keeps calling them back. He is Harassing them. He is having enjoyment.

Post by Guest,

2024703314 SCAM ALERT Left a express message that they were calling in your Government and we were audited and Consequently was Close contact Evaluation and need for contact them at W W W or Authorities could become Processing a match against me.

Post by Guest,

202-470-3314 Two mankind along with Large emphases called and Desired money owed for your own Government. Bade W and W. I know it s a scam and Offered them my Emblem number. They panicked and started yelling at me. For those reading this Recall Your own Government Will NEVER Phone Your own House. . . Thank You

Post by Guest,

2024703314 Furthermore said that Authorities was going for Charge us. Said they tried for Operate Forms but no Simply one was Dwelling. His name was Rich Golden Sign Amount IRMA. Needed m for settle Upward along with that Irs thus I would t get arrested. W Volvo owed on Fees from W W

Post by Guest,

202-470-3314 I gotten a automated message stating that Authorities Registered a lawsuit against me and for me for call the that Amount so i called and a Man along with a Indian Highlight Result stating that I vie been audited out of W W Fees. I Inquired him was there anyway i can see the info online and he Only Put Upwards. . . This really is a scam because that Government might come in your form of a Notice first. Dint autumn with this and dint current Upwards your Information.

Post by Tom,

2024703314 They were giving that Cops for lock me Upward. unless I paid W within W min

Post by Guest,

202-470-3314 Caller speaking English having an Highlight out of India. asserting for become Irs and asking all Kinds of private info without identifying who they re what they need other than Keeping to be Authorities. When I accused them of spam and fraud they Installed Upwards on me.

Post by Guest,

2024703314 States for be an Authorities Representative and that I vie defrauded that Government and owe Fees. Irs is filing a litigation against me.

Post by Jessy,

202-470-3314 I Simply got a Phone this morning in the Amount W W W Showing that they were in the Authorities and that they re Processing a suit against me. . diphthongs for posting your own Advertising vices. . vivaciously its a SCAM

Post by Suzanne,

2024703314 I gotten that telephone from your own Government and stupidly called your own number back. Your own Person I spoke along with said when I did t Manage your suit out of court Consequently they would Discontinue my motorist s Let bank account take my property and I could face Up to 7 years within jail. Furthermore that Sheriff would become coming for Charge me. Eventually I Installed up on him. These scam people are becoming Fairly invasive and something should become done.

Post by Guest,

202-470-3314 Authorities fraud scam.

Post by Alisa H,

2024703314 A message was left on my replying machine identified as Government. Message was that I was being sued by Government and for telephone that Amount back. I am sure this is a scam Government doesn't phone you on that Phone they send Outside Created See.

Post by Kay,

202-470-3314 I obtained your same Phone Around your Government I called your Cops and they told me for telephone your Attorney Generals Office and report that Telephone Number

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8048594817 Complains by Guest,


9198799654 Complains by Anthony,

trying for state they are medicare.

2508571357 Complains by Guest,

atmosphere miles scam

5122905482 Complains by Guest,

Called twice Making Telephone Amount. From quot Section of Legal Affairs quot . Section of what. Says that legal enforcement is starting against us and need for help. Dozen t use our name and dozen t identify his Manager. SCAM. Don t telephone back.

6106163997 Complains by Guest,

Annoying phone calls Around a free trip to your Isles.

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3148028789 Complains by Guest,

Keeps calling Striving to Strength me to hint Io for School Courses even though i tell them I am not interested. Last time they eventually Installed Upwards on me.

4438132214 Complains by Guest,

stalker. . baby dad brother.

8002856520 Complains by dulce,

caller advised they were searching for someone

8002819643 Complains by Brett,

Thank you personally for this number you get an instant Result. Hopefully the may resolve the Problem. Everyone call the number for end that headaches. . . . . . . . .

8002596290 Complains by Bill,

They keep calling and when you personally response no just one is there.

8002849338 Complains by not a sucker,

Obtained a telephone out of the number with a recorded message claiming that AT amp T was offering me a W bonus and recommending I See a Web site along with Artwork within the URL for claim your money. This can be an old Phishing scam the Site and the bonuses are bogus.

8002306676 Complains by mlz,

Independence Financial

8002858585 Complains by Cat Pillow,

A Girl s express said I 'm out of your credit card Firm . She did not mention your name of your Firm. She said I could take advantage of a limited time offer for me to lower my interest rate and Desired me for press 1 . Dialing the number back got that same recorded voice saying she is out of Card Member Service and she may be helping me along with my account. I do not 've any credit card debt thus lowering attention is not an Choice that would Implement for me.

8002389137 Complains by Guest,

Delivering text messages for stir Upward trouble within a relationship. Not confident exactly why and they won t identify themselves.

8002854812 Complains by Steve,

I 'm on Holiday in Asia and these buffoons are calling me at 1 W 2 W and 6 am local time. I could t wait to become done with Gina. These Rob Design calls should become prohibited even if there is a business relationship.

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