2025245413 / 202-524-5413

Telephone information: Broadview Networks. Washington, DC. . United states
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85 complaints
Post by Sherie,

2025245413 Exactly why Am I STILL Becoming THESE CALLS Your ELECTIONS ARE Approximately. .

Post by Nina,

202-524-5413 Hence annoying phone all days of the week all hours. Clearly a telemarketer as they could t body Outside they re speaking for an answering machine. Won't go away. . Amount BTW thus no point in reporting it. It probably IS from service. Actually I believe I m Just going for disconnect my property line now. Just kept it Approximately for when my Associate s Traditional and weak parents were still Living and had that Sum programmed into their Telephone. They vie both Approved on now thus no need for that acreage line anymore.

Post by Guest,

2025245413 Calls in reference for some magazine Membership that was Joined within the name but for which we did not subscribe or pay for. Desires for Go Membership.

Post by Emily Best,

202-524-5413 W W Unwanted Owner.

Post by Guest,

2025245413 It was a Person who I got to vent my spleen into

Post by Guest,

202-524-5413 Why if I 'm on that National quot Do not Phone LIST quot is the Company calling. Exactly why are they spamming my Telephone.

Post by Not Stupid,

2025245413 No Merely 1 has Recommended that everyone who lives in Washington D Volvo. has something for can along along with your own Authorities or politics just that ones that create your own annoying unwanted unwanted unsolicited politically motivated Phone calls. . Volvo telephone em political telemarketers because they re Striving for sell me a politician or a political See for your Cost of my vote. Within case a politician needs my vote they don t demand for harass me along with repeated Telephone calls out of spoofed Amounts that could t become called back they Simply need to Move their heads out of their and their control from my pockets. . .

Post by Guest,

202-524-5413 Never leaves a message

Post by Ms,

2025245413 Blocked that Amount. Just bought refuel Panasonic phone place from Amazon that could block W Amounts. Blocking calls is Merely fashion for Cease these Individuals.

Post by IRS Scam,

202-524-5413 Calls Practically each daytime since January W Sometimes 2 or 3 times. They left messages twice saying they were that Government and I owed cash. If I did t return their Phone Subsequently I would become arrested and my property captured. It s your Government Scam. Do not offer them anything. Don t even response that phone.

Post by MM - Nothern Virginia,

2025245413 get calls from your Amount in that evening several times a week for your preceding few months. no messages.

Post by Bill Koura,

202-524-5413 . . votive within that Washingtonian magazine continue inside their own annoying efforts for Safe new Readers. . vivify also use W W W. . . present them wrong Information thus that they may Keep expenses. . .

Post by Guest,

2025245413 Steady calls all daytime and never leaves message

Post by RetiredRN,

202-524-5413 If you personally do not Comprehend that Amount and no name is shown or says it s unavailable Merely do not response the Telephone. Let it go for your own VIM or your own replying machine. If it s something Major that Owner could leave you personally a message. With an replying machine you can Choose up your own Telephone as that Owner begins speaking anyway. It's clear your DC list has become a national joke. The seedy Individuals consistently find a manner for Prevent the law. Thank goodness for express send and answering Products. If I m within an ornery mood I reply your Phone play along Provide Fake credit card Amounts such as W etc. etc. Become Cautious use nothing that would actually exist and you are able to research this and come Upwards along with a non verifiable and within general take Upward your own Owner s time. It s Drastically more filling for Current than it s for get. I vie even told them that Man they were seeking for was within a nursing home or deceased and sound Totally shocked they did t know. Don t get furious. vie a little joy at THEIR expense. After all they re Attempting for get your own cash and time IS money. I have ZERO Concern for anyone who works as a telemarketer. It s not an honest style for create a dwelling IMHO.

Post by Anon,

2025245413 As of Now the appears for become a spoofed phone Amount Fast occupied Sign when you personally Phone your Amount back.

Post by Almost duped,

202-524-5413 I could t consider I Virtually gave this Man my Charge Sum. A Entire Head freeze. Caller ID said unknown name but he asked for me was really professional and said that my Request to a professional publication that I vie read for years had Ended it had. . walkabout 2 weeks ago and they Wanted me back and would offer me a Reduced speed. As I was at my computer I fast Assessed that rate he offered with that offered on your Net Website of your publication and located that his price was 5 higher than their regular rate. . . vivifying goodness as this can be what set that dismay away within my own Head.

Post by Not Stupid,

2025245413 No 1 has Proposed that everyone who lives in Washington D Volvo. has something for would along along with your own Authorities or politics Only your Folks that create your annoying unwanted unwanted unsolicited politically motivated Telephone calls. . Volvo Telephone em political telemarketers because they re Seeking for sell me a politician or a political See on your Cost of my vote. In case a politician needs my vote they don t demand to harass me along along with repeated Telephone calls from spoofed Amounts that could t become called back they just need to Go their heads from their and their hands from my pockets. . .

Post by Blagh,

202-524-5413 DC calling I m not answering. Screw em.

Post by Guest,

2025245413 We 're on NO Phone LIST dozen t appearance for matter still get tons of calls daily.

Post by Guest,

202-524-5413 Calls and hangs Upwards.

Post by Alice,

2025245413 I don t Result. Calling every daytime. Obviously a spiffed Amount. I Only blocked it.

Post by BMD,

202-524-5413 Washington dc no message.

Post by Phantom101,

2025245413 Gotten a phone from 1 W W W yesterday again . CID was Washington DC. I Offered it your previous Simply one ring and hang up procedure.

Post by Katie,

202-524-5413 Since these calls Seemingly are coming out of Washington DC you can Play it is a political call. . . vivify start becoming more Sensible and Consistent each time there Certainly is a Popular issue going on back there. . Events trying for garner support for something. . . overdrives me mad. . . Volvo on earth is going for Pick up a telephone from an unknown Sum that says unknown Owner. . Volvo figure many would. . Volvo Just look for them annoying. . . Volvo vie had a whole rash of Distinct telemarketer calls Now. . vivariums become a Big Day for them.

Post by Diane,

2025245413 Calls every daytime but disconnects after 2 Bands. When I phone back nobody s there. I saw above this really is related for Washingtonian Magazine. What a coincidence my Request Only Ended. How they believe they ll get customers to return by harassing them Daytime to day is beyond me.

Post by Guest,

202-524-5413 The calling Company was really Consistent calling at that same time in that Nighttime several times per week.

Post by Guest,

2025245413 Has called my Telephone Amount several times not left message and when I attempt to phone back it s quot unavailable. quot

Post by Guest,

202-524-5413 Calls the house at least once a day. Dozen t Chat when replying the call and when I let your voice send Select Upward no message.

Post by toycannon,

2025245413 Got calls in the Amount over that past two days. . . they left no message on machine. Now i Decided Up and Only set that phone down. I heard someone on another Finish asking for a name your own name of a Pet we had for Set for slumber a few weeks Past. Incredible. Your cats for some motive would get mailings Occasionally from insurance Companies time shares AA RP etc. Gets me how Animals would get on a sending list. And now Seemingly a telephone list.

Post by hoover,

202-524-5413 telephone all your own time W W W. I replied once and yelled Leave calling my house replied another daytime and Really had a Guy come on told him for Discontinue calling and he started for cry at me I Put Upwards.

Post by Guest,

2025245413 I vie had calls out of the number several days your week. I m hearing Reduced amp use a Caption Telephone Phone but your Amount is unidentified. They don t leave a message amp I don t 've any motivation for would company along along with them. I do not response calls unless it s someone I recognize or someone I am doing Business along along with at that time. This could be most annoying.

Post by Phantom101,

202-524-5413 Acquired a telephone out of 1 W W W Now. CID was your phone number. I gave it your old 1 ring pickup and hang Upward procedure.

Post by Guest,

2025245413 The number calls all daytime long but when I response your Telephone no 1 will there become. Discontinue CALLING.

Post by BMD,

202-524-5413 Washington dc no message. calls Approximately 1 2 x wk.

Post by toy cannon,

2025245413 We re becoming a lot of W calls. We live within Arizona and don t understand anyone in D Volvo. thus it s Likely a scam of many type. They never state anything if we Choose Up Or leave a message.

Post by Anon,

202-524-5413 As of Now your appears for be a spoofed Telephone number Quick busy Sign when you personally personally phone your own Sum back.

Post by BC,

2025245413 Your unknown Owner from the Amount called today Inquired another family member that answered your own phone for me by name. When I got on that line Approximately W seconds later they Just Put Upwards.

Post by Guest,

202-524-5413 No message. Region code is Washington DC.

Post by npotomac,

2025245413 Yep. Block your Telephone.

Post by Guest,

202-524-5413 8 W did not request Telephone. this Actually is one of several calls from Henson Virginia

Post by Calhoun,

2025245413 I rec d a telephone out of the number a few minutes Past. They Needed for Talk to my Supervisor. When she wan t Available they Desired for understand if I could Restore a Registration for her. When I told them no they said they would telephone back. I won t response this telephone again.

Post by Fed Up,

202-524-5413 I will not answer Owner unknown name unless I personally Understand your Amount as going for someone I definitely understand. I keep becoming calls from the Amount 2 5 times per Daytime.

Post by Phantom10,

2025245413 Gotten a Phone out of 1 W W W yesterday. CID was Washington DC. I gave it that Merely 1 ring Group and hangup.

Post by Guest,

202-524-5413 Calls several times a week. Replying mac hing picks Upwards Telephone but never is a message left. . Calls are consistently within your evening

Post by stopcallingme,

2025245413 gotten telephone and I don't response it. I Google that Sum which leads me for Websites enjoy this which confirms its a scam vivify calls are forwarded to my cell. After it says missed Phone I Investigation down and click block your contact. That don t telephone list is useless. You can Furthermore block Amounts from calling you personally personally by Recording In for your Dwelling phone Provider s web page. For example Com project has a Telephone block setting.

Post by Guest,

202-524-5413 Calls several times a day does not leave message i desire it to stop

Post by Guest,

2025245413 We Only obtained again telephone at 6 PM ET and by error someone at Dwelling replied. When we Inquired his full name he Place. We vie BEEN RECEIVING thus many crooks and scam Phone Telephone that we re frightened Result a Telephone from that name WASHINGTON DC OR SIMILAR. They must be Stop want your NASA does something Around these SCAMS.

Post by Tired NE,

202-524-5413 Three calls back for back Truly 7 minutes Subsequently 6 Therefore 1 more.

Post by Guest,

2025245413 Did not leave message. I don t answer unknown Amounts. I m on don't Telephone registry. Exactly why would they keep calling.

Post by vince,

202-524-5413 I get these Daytime for day and from W W no messages nothing. An unwanted and unasked intrusion.

Post by Guest,

2025245413 These People are Actual crud balls calling in any respect times and demanding my private info.

Post by Bill Koura,

202-524-5413 . . votive in the Washingtonian magazine continue within their own annoying efforts for Protected fresh Readers. . vivify Furthermore use W W W. . . supply them untrue Data Consequently that they will incur Costs. . .

Post by Tired NE,

2025245413 Only acquired another no message out of W W W. Also on that do not Phone list.

Post by Guest,

202-524-5413 Called at 6 W p Volvo. PST 9 W EST did not Select Upward and no message was left. What valid company calls at 9 W at nighttime. This is the third DC who has called in that last two times really annoying.

Post by GetOffMyPhone,

2025245413 Given the W area code Washington DC and your fact that this is a Congressional election year I would body this really is a political telephone which is Regrettably exempt from the Don't Phone list

Post by toycannon,

202-524-5413 After a few months of Freedom I got a phone today from the Amount. Enjoy other unknown Amounts on my Owner ID if I m House I now Simply Choose Upwards that Telephone and Set it down without saying anything. After several minutes I hang Upwards. The has worked with other Amounts not calling again at least for several weeks.

Post by Trebuchet,

2025245413 Called again Today. Never leaves a MSG and is Registered as Unknown . . .

Post by Alice,

202-524-5413 These aren't political calls. They don t vie to spoof Amounts. I don t reply.

Post by anonymous,

2025245413 get calls in that Nighttime out of W W W and out of W W W no messages.

Post by Guest,

202-524-5413 Did not leave message. I don t answer unknown numbers. I m on don t phone registry. Why don t your Telephone Business Hold their services. Could become they re part of this scam.

Post by ICC,

2025245413 Telemarketer working on Account or purchased lists out of Journals you personally could have had within the past overcloud Telephone magazine Membership renewals Visigoths 1 was for Washington Magazine when I got it.

Post by Anxiety,

202-524-5413 Called on Saturday by noon Making no message with a Associate along with serious pressure Problems these calls are quite stressing for my family I don t see any Treatment to these intrusions. I even disconnect the phone and Join back when Desired. I would not hesitate for Purchase an Sensible replying machine a machine replying and asking mechanically many questions like is this a Advertising Telephone. if yes enter 1. . if not enter 2. . . wait and offer a Dumb music. . Therefore are you still within your line. yes enter 1. . if not enter 2. . wait Advertising present more humorous music. . . Afterward. . leave your own message and number after that tone . . . . Could there be something enjoy this around. I would pay for it.

Post by Guest,

2025245413 8 W did not request Telephone call

Post by Guest,

202-524-5413 I do not reply any numbers I do not know if they leave a message of Meaning I could phone back otherwise go away.

Post by Guest,

2025245413 Only acquired Telephone at 2 W ET and I did t reply. Rang twice Subsequently Ended. I don t know anyone in DC Put. I called and got phone could not go through. It s Clearly a scam. I no More response calls that don t display a name.

Post by Not Stupid,

202-524-5413 No just one has implied that everyone who lives within Washington D Volvo. has something to would along with the Authorities or politics simply your People that create that annoying unwanted unwelcome unsolicited politically motivated Phone calls. . Volvo Phone em political telemarketers because they re trying for sell me a politician or a political See for the Cost of my vote. If your politician needs my vote they don t demand for harass me along with repeated phone calls out of spoofed numbers that can t become called back they Simply demand for Take their heads out of their and their control from my pockets. . .

Post by JEANNE,

2025245413 This can become brand brand new they re now being shown on Owner ID as unknown name. W W W. They re becoming clever but I won't answer Owner unknown name unless I personally Comprehend the Amount as going to someone I definitely understand. Again. It s GOT For Stop.

Post by Betsvictim,

202-524-5413 called no message i don t response your unknowns

Post by Phantom101,

2025245413 Obtained a telephone out of 1 W W W. CID was Washington DC. I Offered it that previous one ring Collection and Quick hang Up. I can block your Amount since they vie called several times.

Post by Guy Incognito,

202-524-5413 W W W called and Inquired for Chat for a few member of your own family by name. Due to that Clear Telephone management 2 3 seconds Stop before Collection I politely declined that request and they ended that phone without more questions.

Post by Guest,

2025245413 Calls and hangs Upwards no message

Post by Guest,

202-524-5413 did not request phone 9 1

Post by Guest,

2025245413 Same sh. everyday. Blocked your Sum.

Post by Guest,

202-524-5413 Calls all that time. Twice today.

Post by Randall,

2025245413 A man named Josh Turner called from W W W and Inquired for my Partner by name. When I Inquired what for he mentioned he wanted for Talk for her about a Request Restoration. When I Inquired What Membership. he Installed Up. I attempted for Telephone back twice with no success. Not surprising. They consistently request for her. People enjoy that must believe girls are Stupid. They re not. I understand my wife would t go with this either.

Post by Trebuchet,

202-524-5413 I got a telephone out of the Amount yesterday and a telephone two times Past out of another Washington DC Sum W W W both times no message was left of course.

Post by Larry,

2025245413 Each three or four minutes.

Post by Susan,

202-524-5413 These morons 've called me W times and I m on that DC list. I vie blocked them but they continue to telephone anyway.

Post by npotomac,

2025245413 Yeah. Block the Telephone.

Post by Like,

202-524-5413 No message

Post by Guest,

2025245413 Called at least 5 times in a Line did t leave a message when we did t Choose up and when we did Choose Upwards it was Just not Living feeling.

Post by Don,

202-524-5413 I vie that Amount blocked and Hi called four times in a 5 5 Second time Body. Must Truly become frustrated that they constantly get a occupied Transmission. Can t body out their Amount is blocked. Annoying to your max. But what ta ya gonna can . . . . . . . . .

Post by Marry,

2025245413 They need me for Continue my magazine subscription for Washingtonian magazine which Lately Ended.

Post by Guest,

202-524-5413 Not a Sum I Comprehend Hence did t lift receiver. White Pages reverse look Upward Only says it s Wide See Websites acreage line in DC. Don t understand who or what that could n become .

Post by Calls from 2025245413,

2025245413 If you personally Result they hold a discussion within your History joking. When you personally personally state Hi they Only joke on the other Finish. Nevertheless if you personally blow a whistle or Shout they don t like it and hang Up. Also if you personally request your Representative if they vie been on long enough for get your own phone Trailed they hang Upwards. Someone is Just overly bored for would something Effective in life.

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9712089947 Complains by Guest,

Its a Nut in survey.

4434535461 Complains by Guest,

Striving for get you personally to enrol within school

5347157843 Complains by Guest,


6302063418 Complains by Guest,

Whoever that is has called me two times in a Line before midday. Both times I was outside and even though they stayed on that line long enough for the answering machine for run nobody said a word. Really annoying.

4068528959 Complains by Guest,

I did t response it but they phone me everyday.

9722322883 Complains by Guest,

these people keep calling my cell number. I do not know what they desire but I want they would stop. they do not leave a message. there's not motive for them for have my cell number. I do not provide it out to anyone except instant family

2175506752 Complains by Guest,

despise life

8134481319 Complains by BenThere2,

nuisance repeater. nothing else Understood.

8002465754 Complains by Guest,

I 've gotten several calls

8002721512 Complains by Guest,

The Amount has called me multiple times Now but never leaves a message. No idea what who they are looking for.

8002377676 Complains by von,

this is a pharmacy Telephone Amount PM SI

8002809105 Complains by Ariesdancer,

Only got a call out of this number the Girl who actually spoke English wanted for Confirm my address read my address Accurately and Subsequently asked me If I minded verifying my address I said Yes I minded Notably since she would not tell me what the phone was for and after I told her sternly yes I minded she said okay Mom and then Put Upward on me. . I 'm assuming it's either a Set agency but if which is your case it's strange that she Only Put up or is a Joke Owner of many kind. The Amount has shown up on my Owner ID several times in the last few times. .

8003309385 Complains by How the heck would we know,

All Collectively Broadway singers I m little Orphan Annie

8042970137 Complains by Guest,

Replicate. Incessant.

8003185996 Complains by Guest,

Do not Answer Your Telephone on Consequently number he is a Hacker and child molester

8022211155 Complains by Jimmy,

What don t you recognize. Did you personally even graduate Jr high school. What sort of a post is the. Or were you hoping to see your name within bright lights as you could t figure Outside how to post yourself in Facebook. Good grief contribute something intelligent for that rest of us. No wonder that jive talking black man Obama got into office.

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