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Telephone information: Nextel Communications. Washington, DC. . United states
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Post by Oma Garcia,

2026587468 You are able to block their Phone Amount no more calls. . . . at least from that Amount.

Post by Chelsea,

202-658-7468 Same here I keep becoming these calls Practically Regular now. I Began to fake for Take and they Wanted for affirm my mailing address they have my Current sending address and cell Telephone . I hung up Approximately that time. I need for know how Well private Information they have on me. Your next time I want for say which is your incorrect address and offer them a fake Only just one. I m very concerned along along with what Business within that People leaked my personal Information. I m Really confident they re calling out of Africa Established on their Highlight. Your first time I got a telephone you personally personally could hear a lot of wind within the History I was imagining them sitting within these Outside tents. Pretty Depressed job of theirs if you personally request me.

Post by MD,

2026587468 I Seen I had missed a couple of calls coming from that Amount and Consequently when I did answer nothing would become said. Your previous weekend they called again and my boyfriend was with me and I hand him the Phone and they request my son I believe cause the name they offer is that same as his. Anyways they request my boyfriend if he is this Individual and he answers along along with you vie your own erroneous Sum . That Man gets upset and calls him a f amp liar and tells him which he might vie his head for lying. Could you state terrifying Specifically with all that crap going on in our State nowadays.

Post by Kyle curtis,

202-658-7468 The Amount keeps calling me and I comprehend its a scummier cause I look your own Amount Up and Folks get telephone from the same Sum and they all state its Th schemer. . . . . It keeps calling me Regular 3 hours its annoying please help. . . .

Post by Geoffrey,

2026587468 The caller contacted me stating they were along along with Societal security Section in Washington DC. Become watchful don t supply private info for Everyone that Affiliates you personally. Social security department would t need my SS Sum or back account Amounts.

Post by FORZA,

202-658-7468 Calls several times a week. I never reply. They leave no message. I Just keep hitting Decrease. Eff away.

Post by matt,

2026587468 Ignorant ass

Post by None of your business,

202-658-7468 They keep calling. Somehow my Telephone knows its a scam and my Telephone dozen t even ring. After they phone i get a notification that I Only obtained a harassment Phone but my Telephone mechanically blocks it. Just exactly why are they calling me.

Post by alice,

2026587468 Those lowlife scampers how did they get my Amount they called me 4 times in 1 daytime. First not responding I Notice alto of Individuals talking for the reason that History. I persistently request who they re and your name of the Office. They hang up Rapidly when it get overly no everywhere along along with you personally. They 've African Indian and middle Western accents. I will file a Criticism along along with your states Solicitors of an agency that Product Customers. Thus Much that Just Information I vie on these jerks is that they use Verizon Sign services and that they live within Washington D Volvo. Someplace on H st. NW Set.

Post by sf,

202-658-7468 got a Phone . . vivify did not leave message. . . .

Post by Christy,

2026587468 They Telephone Almost Routine Sometimes twice a day asking for my son by name who is a Little. When I request what they demand along with my Small son they hang Upward on me

Post by Guest,

202-658-7468 They state I Used for a school loan and that I m eligible for Grant and need my data. Nicely if I had Used and I m eligible exactly why don t they 've my data Eventually. Discontinue calling me.

Post by Guest,

2026587468 Asked for dob SS and other info

Post by Armour,

202-658-7468 That comes Upward W W W and i did t get for that Phone your first 2 times your Road I was sleeping and many 1 that sounded like they Simply got a retainer Arrived on that line and said I think Josh and in the Us Section of Treasury but I was not shire but as kt shock what and that Telephone lost Transmission Put Upwards. Tried for telephone back all 3 times and got your own prerecorded all World s ate News. And I Location t for my knowledge done or wrote down anything with your own they keep calling me on. Makes me wonder if that bank drys office or someone else I did Companies along with got Crack and haven t Recognized it. The dismay Screen at your own bank I bank with went hay Line another day and Close your total building down Fantasy time for hacking and other evil mayhem and no just one realizes it. Has other business within that building to. Who knows consider about it.

Post by Tricia,

2026587468 Are you personally Applying for jobs as of current. I m and I vie Seen I m your own past that when I start Using for Professions I Start getting all types of junk calls. . Volvo s ya they re selling your own Information from Profession applications I believe Great huh

Post by Guest,

202-658-7468 Told me he was from Experts and either I owed 7 W or he was gonna present me 7 W dollars. Could t Comprehend him for that foreign Highlight. Told him it wan t Genuine and he Set up on me. Tried to telephone Amount back and it said I could t Entire my call

Post by Beckie,

2026587468 Yep. . Volvo to 8 times a daytime same Amount.

Post by Guest,

202-658-7468 Inquired not for call

Post by sf,

2026587468 they telephone and hang Up constantly

Post by Geraldine fox,

202-658-7468 Unwanted calls. Never a message. I m on don t phone list

Post by Guest,

2026587468 Calls multiple times Daytime for daytime.

Post by Don Corleone,

202-658-7468 I Mom gonna send Lu ca Bras to Gather Maya 7 grand from these bums. Probably Brazing s Amount.

Post by sarah,

2026587468 they Simply keep calling and harassing

Post by Danielle,

202-658-7468 They vie been calling me for a bit while saying they re in the Us treasury or something.

Post by Guest,

2026587468 Really horrible scam. . . They state out of vivify and they Differ. . .

Post by missy leatherwkod,

202-658-7468 They called and Inquired fir vivify Partner and told me sunshine rises in that east and sets in your west and Place up on me.

Post by Brooke,

2026587468 That called today True same scam telling me us gov did a arbitrary survey and I was Chosen for be granted K. . . More I stayed on that Telephone I knew it was a scam. . . Rather Kraft. .

Post by Guest,

202-658-7468 I vie blocked in that preceding but unblocked for vie a few enjoyment. Hid name was Michael calling from your Awards Section. Let him go through his Chat Later Inquired him how that government knew about my Invoice paying Actions etc. Again he said his name was Michael. Then I Inquired him what city he was calling out of and he said Washington DC. I Eventually said excuse me my Associate Just walked in for lunch he is a Cops Expert along with your own local county and could he Chat Up thus I could have him Discover your Discuss of free permit cash. Michael quickly Installed up

Post by Sandy,

2026587468 That was what your first caller said. All of them vie substantial foreign emphases. Yep sure that Authorities is going for Telephone haphazard Individuals and provide them cash.

Post by Oma Garcia,

202-658-7468 Thank you personally personally Thus Greatly for sharing Volvo Simply got their Phone but I decided to hang up and block their Telephone Amount. I wan t particular though if it was a scam. I know for certain.

Post by Renee,

2026587468 I 've been becoming telephone after Telephone from the Sum. I don t answer but when I phone it back it says all the operators are occupied and for Telephone back After. It dozen t supply their name or anything. They vie been calling twice a day for a week now.

Post by Elizabeth hanson,

202-658-7468 For report that fraud go here HTTP Web vagrants vivify net Awards support general support grant fraud Amount is listed along with an email address at your top of your own page revivals here HTTP Net vivified vivify Places W government allow scamp Net Volvo s vivify Consider getting a telephone blocking Product or phone. . You can Google them and many are Approximately W Volvo or thus. If its a cell phone some already have phone blocking if not there are free Programs on that net that can work for a few. You're Capable to Google this. If you personally vie a intelligent phone there s a free Application called telephone control. IPhone Look for have Applications also. Another Merely just one is called Mr. Sum.

Post by Brooke,

2026587468 That called Now Real same scam telling me Folks gov did a random survey and I was Selected for become Given K. . . More I stayed on that Telephone I knew it was a scam. . . Actually Kraft. .

Post by Oma Garcia,

202-658-7468 That is Consequently useful t understand thank you personally personally for sharing. Glad they did t get for robe you personally personally.

Post by Tricia,

2026587468 Are you personally Implementing for Occupations as of Present. I m and I vie Found I m that previous that when I start Employing for Careers I Begin becoming all sorts of junk calls. . Volvo s ya they re Promotion the info from Occupation Programs I consider Amazing huh

Post by Johnny K,

202-658-7468 I Also keep becoming your same calls. I play along because small would they comprehend that Awards are Released for specific Applications. As your dialogue continues request what info I vie for Supply them because I don t comprehend them they may hang Upward. Your own last Man called me a MFA within broken English it was hysterical.

Post by Tricia,

2026587468 5 times so far today Pl Discontinue.

Post by Vicki C,

202-658-7468 Phone Amount was W W W.

Post by P1$$edoffconsumer,

2026587468 For that record these calls started for me Monday from your own blue along with 5 calls my not answering and that morning . . . . Volvo. . . overfond after my discussion along along with the Guy. . . . revival calls out of this Sum ceased.

Post by Oma Garcia,

202-658-7468 You can block their Phone Amount no more calls. . . . at least out of that number.

Post by Kyle,

2026587468 The Sum has called me numerous time saying I vie won W within permit money. I vie never been Consequently unexciting to See I won cash. I Just Response with Okay. Because the guy has this sort of thick accent it s hopeless for recognize. And he kept going on Around how I had not had a Legal record or file Insolvency and I still responded Okay. He Inquired me how I would love my money sent to me. I told him for send it for me if it s actually your own Authorities they already comprehend where I live. He responded which he could Only send it though direct deposit or a couple banks. I instantaneously Installed Upwards. Please anyone don't autumn with the scam.

Post by Vicki,

202-658-7468 Got a Phone out of a male along using an extremely substantial Highlight. Told me he was along with your own United States National Allow Section and I was chosen for get a allow of garbled thousand Dollars. I never vie for pay it back and I never 've for pay Fees on it. I m eligible due to the because I paid my bills on time and had no Insolvency for that preceding 6 months I was a Friend of your own state. I said what s the Get he said I could get my cash if I slumber along with him for Simply 1 night. Afterward he Installed Upward Volvo W W.

Post by Guest,

2026587468 Spam

Post by Kristy,

202-658-7468 I vie obtained several calls from these Individuals. Constantly your own same Firm calling but along along with Different numbers. Your Amounts used for Start from Iowa but I guess they got Better. I consistently tell them for Cease calling and take me away their list. That Usually keeps your own calls from happening for a few days thus I block the Sum. They get a fresh number and phone again.

Post by Not that dumb,

2026587468 I got news for them. I vie got a Assess for them and its in the send. They deserve it.

Post by Angie,

202-658-7468 I got a phone from the Sum two days within a Line. I did not response any since the calls are not local. I 'm within your custom of not responding calls which are not local and or come out of Sites where I understand no 1 because Generally it s a telemarketer or many other sort of scummier. Each time though state mail was left. When I went to listen all I could Find was voices for the reason that History and other indecipherable sounds. So it seems like they called and because I did t response that voice send kicked in and they were not conscious. When I get calls enjoy these I Usually See Notes for get helpful info Volvo read many if another Comments here and I desire for Pressure for people. . . woodpiles Don t autumn for these scams. These Folks are Just Outside to siphon away whatever cash you personally May}n' have. If you've won an award a prize or something love that Afterward you've for first ask yourself. . . Did I participate within the contest or whatever it's they're talking about. And by what means. Usu sally your reply for that would become No. Can you personally personally Triumph a prize if you personally did not participate. As for that government Scholarships you personally might 've for go through SAID or FAFFS for Implement for those Specially if they are for school . The Authorities USN t going for Phone you personally personally for tell you personally you might 've allow money for Amass Only appreciate that. Moreover if you might have won a few cash Therefore you may NOT have for send any cash to anyone to Gather that money you vie won. It Only dozen t work that manner. Individuals please shrewd Up pay Interest and Discontinue keeping these scampers within business. Individuals Service Statement.

Post by Guest,

2026587468 Girl calls X a daytime ANNOYING

Post by Guest,

202-658-7468 Don t recognize anyone in Brazil.

Post by Vicki C,

2026587468 Phone Amount was W W W.

Post by Guest,

202-658-7468 Called at least five times Now. Can t Understand. Really noisy History. Could t Phone back.

Post by lucy stevens,

2026587468 They Telephone me each day Actually Managing me crazy. I shout at them on that Telephone and they actually jest at me. All out of DC. One time I said I wan t Accessible and that said Eventually go away . They all sound like they're from a Distinct Nation not whatsoever American. It needs for Quit I tell them I m reporting them and again they joke. something needs for become done Around these insane Individuals. . .

Post by sabrina,

202-658-7468 I got a Phone telling me the Authorities was offering me 7 W allow cause I m an excellent citizen and Offered me a Sum for a Man called Alex W W W. Along along with a reddish Sum and that I could Pick Up my money. At any cash G or western union for a little Faye right

Post by Nick,

2026587468 don t Telephone me no more. . .

Post by Jeremy,

202-658-7468 These scampers vie been calling me for a year or thus. I never pick Upwards and Immediately block your Telephone on my iPhone. I vie got it a practice of not replying your Telephone if I don t Understand that Area code and Eventually search for your Sum on the Site and Typically look for it. The Problem is they spoof fresh Amounts Hence even if I block 1 they call me from another spoofed Amount. Your really best matter for can USN t pick Upwards and definitely don t supply them ANY Information including your own own name. There is no point within telling them You're on that Don t Phone list as these People are criminals thus they don t care Around a no phone list. Got another phone out of the number Now and Merely let it go for v m.

Post by Guest,

2026587468 Called that I was for become awarded a allow by that Folks Gov

Post by s watson,

202-658-7468 They phone and each time I ask who is calling they hang up

Post by Guest,

2026587468 Scam saying they r from your federal Authorities calling BC u won a allow. They telephone several times a daytime and never leave a message

Post by Jenny,

202-658-7468 I got your own Phone THREE TIMES Now that first two I did not Select Upwards that third Simply just one I eventually did since they never leave a voice mail. It was a Man along along with a Feature and said I was Given a 7 W Authorities grant. That first question that showed it was a scam is he used my nickname that is not my Delivery name.

Post by M,

2026587468 If you've a android block them same with iPhone go into settings

Post by Constance Smith,

202-658-7468 Got several calls out of W W W today . Volvo s after work I replied. Visigoths guy along with a Important Highlight. vivified I would get a allow of 7 W dollars thus I went along along with what he was saying . . Subsequently he Offered me Amount to call for Talk along along with his supervisor . . velveteen I Put Upwards. . votive attempted calling back three more times . . Volvo don t 've time for this particular Specific. . . footnote answering

Post by RT,

2026587468 Acquired your Phone at 1 PM on both lines left no message. Called ID said it was PLOD INC. I did not reply your own Telephone.

Post by Guest,

202-658-7468 He has been calling my Telephone non Leave thus I called that number back. It said your number could not become attained. He called again Now Hence I answered it and he said something Around a 7 thousand Cash allow that I could get. I confronted him Around not being Competent for reach his Amount last nighttime he Put Upward on me. Yes it's a scam.

Post by Rufus G.,

2026587468 that Sum that called mentioned that I should telephone W W 1 3 8 1 and Speak for somebody name Wisely bay

Post by HelenaB,

202-658-7468 Just want for state thank you personally personally for whoever Began this. . . I Simply got a phone Now from the DC Sum. A Girl with your own substantial Highlight was Quite Fine and Inquired me what I would could along along with that cash and said that I was Selected due for being debt free and vie had all my Fees paid on time. That Only issue is. . . I Merely Completed my W Fees last month. . vivacity was Scary how that Rest of my private Info she had on me was right dovish Offered me my permit ID Amount that number for many permit banker Person who I presume would Consequently ask for my bank account Amount. . and Consequently on. Happy I never called that number.

Post by Gayle,

2026587468 get that Telephone each Day at 4 W pm

Post by Guest,

202-658-7468 keeps k

Post by sue,

2026587468 That previous couple weeks Regular I get a few calls out of W W W. A man or Girl along along with a Major Feature tells me they have grant cash for current me. I tell them not for phone. I m becoming your same question from unavailable or Limited calls. I want them stopped

Post by Guest,

202-658-7468 jut Stop for telephone me

Post by Guest,

2026587468 Calls hangs Upwards no MSG.

Post by Echo,

202-658-7468 Just sounded like a Collection of garbled Trash. . . Cursing rude but Almost unintelligible. . . I called back thinking blunder. . . Planned Phone could not become completed

Post by renauda dixon,

2026587468 That Owner never leaves a message and your own Phone Amounts change

Post by Renee,

202-658-7468 Agreeable. Lola

Post by Larry,

2026587468 What just are they going for can with someone they likely Getaway t your own slightest Thought where for even Start hunting for. Likely an excellent Risk they re Foreign. You personally don t 've for response within any mode and could filthy matters Upwards for that caller by not.

Post by Guest,

202-658-7468 They're very Extreme Eventually dreadful when you don t need to supply your private Info.

Post by Guest,

2026587468 Lose my Sum. Do not call anymore.

Post by matt,

202-658-7468 Mindless ass

Post by Bhuvana Pagidipati,

2026587468 I don t wanna get any scam calls. . please

Post by They keep trying!,

202-658-7468 I finally replied one of these calls after Making them go to express send for weeks. As soon as I said Something that sounds overly Excellent to become true Typically is they disconnected your call. That was two weeks ago and they re still calling me. I m going for Begin answering everyone and pretending I don t Chat English or something. . .

Post by Guest,

2026587468 Your Amount calls several times a daytime I have blocked them but they have an extremely strong foreign Highlight and hang Upward when you personally confront them on exactly why they keep calling. I want for comprehend how you can Telephone them if anyone has a manner for I would Phone them consistently and harass them Frequently.

Post by Paula Foglietta,

202-658-7468 I vie had numerous calls out of W W W regarding a National loan permit of W W Volvo Your Merely thing I vie for would for get that cash is Supply my Bank Account and that money can become deposited within there. . . . . . vivified they believe we were produced Recently. You Actually do not want me for write down what I said for them. . Volvo Merely need that calls for STOP

Post by Sydinaz,

2026587468 Your Guy with Fairly thick Highlight previously mentioned I was eligible for a free allow being that I had already Viewed your Amount on here I knew what for anticipate I let her Discuss and she finishes her sell along with I Chance you personally re Thinking how your could become. I replied actually I m not amp she says Rather furious your own own not Thinking cause your own own a fin B amp Installed Upwards. . . Volvo Bahama. . . . now my Phone could Stop ringing. . . .

Post by Guest,

202-658-7468 Has been calling each W minutes. I don t know them or desire them calling me.

Post by Sandy,

2026587468 Which was what your first Owner said. All of them vie Major foreign emphases. Yes certain your own government is going for Phone arbitrary Folks and provide them money.

Post by Guest,

202-658-7468 Stop

Post by Amber Hyman,

2026587468 They keep calling me and i dint response them. no messages left out of this number

Post by Christopher,

202-658-7468 they called me a women along along with a strong Characteristic and I said mam which is a scam please Leave calling me and she replied F you and I said you personally overly and she Begin cursing loudly at me now she wont Discontinue calling

Post by Dave,

2026587468 I vie been becoming a Consistent Amount of these calls within your own previous few weeks. Your own first time I listened to their Volume Viewing a permit of many assortment. Did not response other than Hi could you personally personally Notice me . On your second go Approximately I repeated that same. That bring me to 3 . This time I repeated her words within a accent similar to hers. That Girl gets exceptionally pissed. I continuing my create Transfer Test of mimicking . Poor woman Installed Upward . . .

Post by TyCorin Simpson,

202-658-7468 They phone twice a daytime but i dint reply and when i cant Telephone back

Post by P1$$edoffconsumer,

2026587468 I Additionally never Validated my ID and within fact informed him that he had dialed your incorrect number and that the Individual he Inquired for dozen t exist.

Post by Jeremy,

202-658-7468 Teresa Sorry this can be happening for your Conditions overly. They don t read these posts Therefore you vie for take Actions on your own Finish by blocking your telephone. iPhone and Android both vie block Characteristics. It comes within really Useful.

Post by Larry,

2026587468 Can you know they going for could along along with someone they likely Location t your slightest Notion where to even Begin seeking for. Probably an Superb Wager they re Offshore. You personally don t vie for reply within any style and could filthy things Upward for that Owner by not.

Post by Andy,

202-658-7468 That Man called me Now from W W W. He was quite Rough for comprehend and kept saying some matter Approximately Shannon. Afterward he called me really Bad matters and Installed Upward on me. Kinda Damage my feelings and I expect he calls back Hence we can work it Outside.

Post by Guest,

2026587468 Scam could t comprehend him foreign

Post by Elizabeth hanson,

202-658-7468 For report your fraud go here HTTP Web vagrants vivify internet Awards support general support allow fraud Amount is Recorded along using an E send address at that top of your page revivals here HTTP Web vivified vivify Posts W Experts allow scamp Web Volvo s vivify Consider becoming a call blocking Unit or Telephone. . You are able to Google them and many are About W Volvo or thus. If its a cell Telephone a few already vie telephone blocking if not there are free Applications on your own internet that could work for a few. You are able to Google your. If you might have a clever Telephone there s a free app called phone control. IPhone Investigation for 've Applications also. Another Merely 1 is called Mr. Amount.

Post by Anita,

2026587468 I overly got a call along along with this Sum. I instantaneously knew it s fraud when he said I 'm entitled for a K permit from National govt. I said them that I wont provide any info on Phone without trusting them. When I go ogled your no. . . I power saw many had such calls. I m joyful I did your own appropriate thing. I consider your should be reported to Officers.

Post by Renee,

202-658-7468 Excellent. Lola

Post by MD,

2026587468 I Seen I had missed a couple of calls coming out of the Amount and Therefore when I did response nothing would become said. This preceding weekend they called again and my boyfriend was along along with me and I hand him that Telephone and they request for my son I believe cause your name they current is your same as his. Anyways they ask my boyfriend if he is the Person and he reactions along with you have your own erroneous Sum . Your own guy gets upset and calls him a f amp liar and tells him he could 've his head for lying. Could you personally say Scary Particularly along with all that crap going on in our Nation nowadays.

Post by Joseph C Murphy,

202-658-7468 Calls several times a Day. I replied twice but they don t say anything. When I see in Owner id I don t reply.

Post by Ida,

2026587468 That Female along with Large African Attribute called and said she is along with your Section of states. There were a lot of Sound on that background that is Regular for your Foreign Telephone Stores. I did not consider her so I Installed Up.

Post by Lisa, Maryland,

202-658-7468 They use an Program for make it appear as that Telephone is coming type Washington D Volvo. Your truth is that they re using Google express or the same tool. They Phone from India or that Mid East or Africa. They're Seeking for scaring you personally personally into presuming which you owe your own Authorities Authorities Normally cash or You're owed cash and they demand for deposit it into your own account. That is A Complete Grab Away . Don't Offer THEM ANY Info.

Post by Guest,

2026587468 Pals Discontinue the candid Owner vivify are overly much

Post by R. G.,

202-658-7468 I gotten a Phone out of William Parker that previously mentioned he Work along along with the treasurer permit Section infer mean to telephone W W 1 W that I vie obtained a 7 W grant

Post by Diane,

2026587468 Anticipate most Amounts appearing within your own ID for become dummies or spoofed. They could possibly become stupid but they re Frequently not Ignorant enough to leave their True Amounts. Do not return calls from unknown Amounts to Maybe prevent gallant Costs or affirming that your own Amount is active. Asking for you personally by name is a manner for get a name for go along along with a Sum for resale So other Events understand who You personally re. Shut down any replying machines try blocking your Telephone or Merely Blow off it.

Post by Barbra Robinson,

202-658-7468 Stop calling your Telephones.

Post by Guest,

2026587468 i

Post by Alyse,

202-658-7468 I Just got the phone Also. I could not for your own life of me comprehend what she was saying. I kept repeating I can t comprehend you personally because she had this kind of thick Highlight. She finally got Crazy and said OHO you personally personally and Installed up. Way for symbolize your own Company. Even though it s a scam.

Post by Beckie,

2026587468 Yep. . Volvo for 8 times a Day same Sum.

Post by Guest,

202-658-7468 keep calling

Post by Guest,

2026587468 He needs for present me 7 thousands dollars. He said it s a permit .

Post by Renee,

202-658-7468 Enjoyable. Lola

Post by Guest,

2026587468 Totally bull

Post by Guest,

202-658-7468 hangs Upward NOT English speaking

Post by M,

2026587468 If you personally might 've a android block them same with iPhone go into settings

Post by Diane,

202-658-7468 Expect most Amounts appearing in your own ID for be dummies or spoofed. They might become Stupid but they re Regularly not Mindless enough for leave their Real Amounts. Don t return calls out of unknown Amounts to Maybe prevent gallant Costs or affirming that your own own Amount is active. Asking for you by name is a style for get a name for go along with a number for resale so other Occasions know who You personally re. Close down any responding Products Test blocking that call or Just Blow away it.

Post by ashley,

2026587468 They vie been calling me for Approximately a year now. I think it Began after I was Profession hunting I must of Place my number Someplace Dumb. I keep blocking them but it s consistently a Unique W Amount. They state it s for a grant I consistently request to become Selected away. Your last Girl Merely started yelling no no no no. And Put Upwards Lola vivify have all my Information not certain how I understand better than for present a Incomplete on another line my address. Among your first phone calls a Man Affirmed my address and I said okay Afterward send me a Evaluate for there and of path they got Insane.

Post by Guest,

202-658-7468 Spam

Post by Dina,

2026587468 They said they were in the National office within Washington. Volvo Just Installed ed Upwards and when I called back it was a non Present Amount.

Post by loretta gaulmon,

202-658-7468 Repeal Phone I 've been a Casualty of Left.

Post by Jeremy,

2026587468 Teresa Sorry which is happening for you too. They don t read these places thus you vie for take Actions in your own Finish by blocking your call. iPhone and Android both 've block Features. It comes within very Useful.

Post by Codi Goodman,

202-658-7468 I got that same Phone out of a Girl I asked her what Section she work for what policy could it be link overly and how she got my number. After W Minimum s of my question and not becoming a pliable as I asked her for take me off her Telephone list. . dovish got Crazy and replied that s not my COBOL wow.

Post by Ken,

2026587468 A Day to daytime call even being on that wonderful Can NO Telephone List and being a cell Amount vivify state nothing votive hang Up Vivian SCAM Focused at Sr. People.

Post by P1$$edoffconsumer,

202-658-7468 For your record these calls Began for me Monday from your blue along with 5 calls my not responding and this morning . . . . Volvo. . . overfond after my discussion along with the Man. . . . revival calls in the Amount ceased.

Post by Christina,

2026587468 Calvin you personally work to your FBI CIA or the Government. Their reactions are High-priced.

Post by A Mack,

202-658-7468 SCAM

Post by numbskull,

2026587468 That calls from W W W are Beginning to Rise. No one Solutions at but I could See many History Sound Afterward a click but Afterward I hang Upward. My Mommy got that blunder and Supported my name. Merely obtained another one a few Instants Past.

Post by Nicole,

202-658-7468 I Merely don t response anymore. Its a scam and they can t comprehend you personally you are able to t recognize them they don t listen. Just one Man Only called me and read my Dwelling address for me and said he was going for Please me at my house. I m Ill of that .

Post by Diana Hiley,

2026587468 I vie Additionally acquired a Phone out of this Amount. They told me i could possibly get a allow for W. I was request do i think i was selected due to this allow. I told him i had no Trace. He went on for tell of a survey they did for choose somewhat Sum of People to your grant. I Inquired him his name he said Mr. Justin Wally within. Your own guy that called first said his name was Daniel Brownish. I went on for request Mr. Justin Wally in how do i go Around becoming your permit. He said though Walmart Cash G or my bank account Alternative Amount. At that time i was Fairly cynical on giving him anything.

Post by John,

202-658-7468 I got your own Telephone the morning they told me they were out of your U S Government. I pretended that call had Lost. He said Hi twice I did not Answer. He yells Nicely F K You personally Afterward and Place Upwards. Yep that Actually sounds appreciate someone working for your Authorities nicely Perhaps it could become Lola

Did you get an unwanted call from 202-658-7468? Is 2026587468 Safe to Answer or a Spam Caller? Tell us as much as you can!

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Recent comment

5712105963 Complains by Guest,

He Said he was from the Irs and that I owed 4 W and I would become arrested if I did t pay

7274594056 Complains by Guest,

I am concerned this number might be connected with the current info hoax going on right now (where someone calls you, lets it ring once and hangs up) because said caller has not left any messages, and there is no other identification provided from reverse look-up (only the area it came from, which I already knew based on area code).

8133430005 Complains by Dale,

It s a sales telephone NOT out of West themselves. Had to phone West and had them Put a suspend on the account.

7722263500 Complains by Guest,

Hale groves

2086212025 Complains by Guest,

Did not answer searched it and it was reported as spam

2142354012 Complains by Guest,

pays for pussy ladies

9546213830 Complains by Guest,

Selling health insurance

2089638020 Complains by Guest,

business loans

8042142947 Complains by Guest,

they called my phone 2 time and I called back and it say it was not in service

9516393468 Complains by Guest,

Occupation Hunt

9512066178 Complains by Guest,


5129993301 Complains by Guest,

No just one on another Finish of your line when call is answered.

7038359066 Complains by Guest,

Received a phone similar for other calls Recorded here. Please notice that the Irs may send Outside Words to People they don t call Individuals.

8566782249 Complains by Guest,


4196905523 Complains by Guest,

She annoying

6033693888 Complains by Guest,

Caller does not leave a message on replying machine

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