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Post by Guest,

2028641661 Irs Rob telephone about tax fraud. Your phone went for my cell Hence they're blocked now.

Post by Rick P,

202-864-1661 Got that same call perhaps someone should Monitor who is doing that and make an example of them scampers it would likely work on a aged senior citizen. If your own Abuse was horrendous enough Individuals would believe twice about scamming.

Post by Claudia Rivera,

2028641661 I got a telephone from the Amount W W W from DC People saying that I must phone right away Around many law fit against me from many Fees . . .

Post by Nateman,

202-864-1661 Just got that same phone. I called back out of a property line and they Asserted for become Individuals Treasury Sr Researcher. Needed my first and last name

Post by Mary Witzak,

2028641661 I Additionally obtained that same telephone. . . exactly why can t your own Phone Company Set a Leave for this particular.

Post by Jimbo,

202-864-1661 They state they gin Set my previous within Prison fie don Philadelphia yum. Success f dewy gits great food Hostel uh jail. I Eager.

Post by Miss Wendy,

2028641661 Simply obtained a phone from W W W Showing a Possible law fit for become Submitted against me for tax fraud unless I return the Telephone asap. I did t take it serious because I don t pay Fees and not obligated at the time. Though I look for this sort of phone irritating thus I returned that Telephone along with your anticipation that I would be Capable for Chat to someone. I called that Sum and there was no Link made Therefore your Telephone suddenly ended while in your own Process of Seeking for Join vivacity was a duplicate message Just enjoy Jennies shared Previously diphthongs for Writing testimonies So others could become spared any unnecessary Theater Linked to your call. Hopefully others could actions a hunt on your phone W W W and obtain Wanted information for prevent stress.

Post by William,

202-864-1661 Your own Only motive you personally posted anything was for tell lies and spam vote for that Person

Post by Guest,

2028641661 Record Around tax fraud National States court and Possible Charge.

Post by Honda guy,

202-864-1661 They can Sometimes vie a Road Party Telephone you personally personally saying it s your local Cops Section. It s an absurd trick and should t idiot anyone since all Occasions vie a Hindi accent. Complete scam.

Post by Chris,

2028641661 Simply gotten a phone. Let it go to express mail. Different Telephone Sum but Referrals Government Guarantee must return call

Post by Heywood Jablowme,

202-864-1661 Got that Phone. Left me a message yup tax fraud and a case against me. We comprehend we have no Dilemma with that Government thus I called back for amusement quite a busy sounding phone Centre and Rather Pakistani they Tested my Telephone Amount wow they vie Owner id and Therefore Inquired for my name. I said I m not specific of my name. Hang on I ll go Assess and Installed Up. Could become reporting your own Phone and and message correct away.

Post by Wayne,

2028641661 Got same phone Only scampers .

Post by Guest,

202-864-1661 I did t reply.

Post by Rudy,

2028641661 Merely had the same voice send. . . vivifying you personally for all your Information.

Post by Guest,

202-864-1661 That robotic phone mentioned the Irs was Choosing legal Activity against me for tax fraud.

Post by Nateman,

2028641661 Simply got that same phone. I called back out of a property line and they Asserted for become Us Treasury Sr Analyst. Wanted my first and last name

Post by sig,

202-864-1661 Only got a telephone from the Amount with a recorded message saying it s that Government amp if I don t telephone instantly I may become arrested amp Priced with tax fraud. Gee Liz. . . . . . . . vivified People Actually autumn because of this Specific absurd scam. . Trust not. . . . . . . Volvo added them to my reject list.

Post by John,

2028641661 A few message about tax fraud . . . These Websites need for become Discontinued. What is wrong along with that Phone System.

Post by karlos,

202-864-1661 I Merely acquired a telephone threatening along along with Prison if i did not phone back asserting for become the IRS

Post by Emily,

2028641661 I got that same Telephone call

Post by Guest,

202-864-1661 That Telephone Sum said Government was Choosing legal Activity against me and I should telephone as soon as possible. Said Authorities officers would come arrest me

Post by Judy,

2028641661 I did telephone them back. I told that guy that I recognize your own Irs dozen t create calls enjoy this and was going for report your Amount. He immediately Put Upwards. They still phone Around each 2 3 weeks.

Post by Guest,

202-864-1661 I vie gotten repeated calls that should become prohibited I know a verification notification is Focused the can become a scam and illegal. . . . . . .

Post by MCarmen,

2028641661 Replied that phone out of W Volvo Volvo for vie a record tell me the Government has a fraud case against me and I need to phone back that same Amount for clear that Up. I called back from my mobile and acreage line and wan t Qualified for Discuss for anyone.

Post by mrjazzbeau,

202-864-1661 Only go a call out of this Amount. Cheers because of this Website. I felt it was a scam you personally all Approved it.

Post by bogie,

2028641661 Got call out of the Amount waiting for see I get a message. . However another. . . Upwards for 9 Things each holding W numbers. . .

Post by Guest,

202-864-1661 Your Telephone number previously mentioned the Government was taking legal Task against me for Tax Fraud that I should call as soon as potential. W W W

Post by Guest,

2028641661 called about case against me in federal court and threatened Charge.

Post by Guest,

202-864-1661 Posing as IRS

Post by Celine Cheng,

2028641661 Simply got a phone in the number and said they re out of Irs I 've a case file against me could it become a scam.

Post by Worried,

202-864-1661 Even if you personally personally could Identify that Man or People making these calls there s nothing anyone could do since they are located beyond your own reach of Folks law. Must be thousands of Indians and Pakistanis working at thousands of call Stores. No Result at the time other than education and a Phone blocker.

Post by Judy,

2028641661 I did call them back. I told your own man that I comprehend your own Government dozen t create calls enjoy the and was going for report your Amount. He instantaneously Set Up. They still Phone about each 2 3 weeks.

Post by Guest,

202-864-1661 Caller Declared I did tax fraud and a case was against me. Erroneous. Defiantly a scam

Post by Guest,

2028641661 Rob phone purportedly from Government viewing case against family for tax fraud Incorrect.

Post by Guest,

202-864-1661 Automated message stating it was an quot Official quot and that I had a Opinion Posted against me along along with your Government. Offered the Amount for telephone back. Threatened me along along with Prison. Entirely SPAM.

Post by Honda guy,

2028641661 They could sometimes vie a Road Celebration Telephone you personally saying it s your own own local Authorities Section. It s an absurd Strategy and should t dingbat anyone since all parties vie a Hindi accent. Absolute scam.

Post by William,

202-864-1661 It s a Set of Mexicans pretending for become Irs. In your contrary your Volume of these calls are coming from India and Pakistan. So Substantially there was just one busted here on Us soil vivacity notes Viacom Newsgroup ta Restaurant . . . Dee in Authorities scam As Thin pointed Outside that Authorities is very aware of this Issue vivacity notes Viacom Newsgroup ta Cf s . . . spoofing Callisto notes Viacom Newsgroup ta bedeck . . . unwanted Callisto notes Viacom Newsgroup ta CFC s . . . all s for that FCC

Post by William,

2028641661 Your own only motivation you personally posted anything was for tell lies and spam vote for the person

Post by Theresa M,

202-864-1661 Got your own same Phone Now within voice send threatening Prison time for tax fraud attempted for call back Quickly occupied signal of path after reading everyone s post s here feel Really good it s BS

Post by Guest,

2028641661 States to be Irs along with warrant for my Charge for tax fraud. That Government doesn't use an automated Phone message they send documentation in that send.

Post by Slim,

202-864-1661 Did t Select it Upwards as i never could entrusted Amounts. I don t recognize if the has anything for can along along with that or not but I Closed Up for Words Approximately that military and less than hours After I got the phone from a DC Place code. Appears overly coincidental as most spams i get Stadium t out of DC Area Rules.

Post by Guest,

2028641661 Left express message on my Dwelling acreage line that Authorities had acquired legal discover that a tax fraud case had been Published against me and this was my Closure look for out of your Central Income Service.

Post by susan,

202-864-1661 vie Got at least 2 calls Around tax fraud Instances against me. I just called Simply just one back have not Previously and was told I owed back Fees for W and when I Put Upwards someone would become at my front door for Charge me. I told the Guy along with your own Indian Attribute that I would demand for Assess into it.

Post by Brianna,

2028641661 The Actually is your own Th time I obtained a Phone from a W number. Definitely a scam. That first time I was naive and talked for them for some time and it s definitely a scam. A couple of Indian mankind sitting within a room locating Folks for harass

Post by Guest,

202-864-1661 Rob Phone talking Approximately legal ramifications and Charge for telephone back but that Amount USN t a valid Sum.

Post by BS,

2028641661 I obtained several calls from your Amount Now Striving for scam me telling me the Irs had Given a warrant for my Charge. They had many of my private data so it captured my Target Shortly. Thank you all for reporting your junk.

Post by Jo,

202-864-1661 I got your same call as well

Post by PTL,

2028641661 Recently W W W I acquired the Phone Phone of Around 1 minute about tax Government fraud. . . . . . . vivifies kind of Telephone calls should become Ceased. Overly many scams going on with Telephone calls e mails. Why would we enrol your phone Amounts for Solitude unwanted calls when we still Control for get a Lot of them. Your own system does not work . .

Post by Ron F,

202-864-1661 I overly gotten a telephone indicating that I had a tax fraud issue and that I should Phone back at this number.

Post by Valerie,

2028641661 Only obtained a phone out of W W W. A state message was left saying they were out of your Government. I should Phone back Proper away for keep from going for Prison. I suspect scampers.

Post by Richard,

202-864-1661 Thanks for that I feel better already.

Post by Guest,

2028641661 I GOT A Express Mail SAID Government TAX FRAUD AGAINST ME. Phone AS Shortly AS Potential OR WOULD GET ARRESTED

Post by IRS SCAM,

202-864-1661 Because most are. . Your Volume of these calls are coming out of India and Pakistan vivacity Internet vivifies vivify AC Tax Scams Customer Alerted Internet forfeitures vivify dicta contacted notes Viacom Newsgroup ta Authorities warns of telephone scam Report that Calls for that True Government here report your own episode to your Treasury Inspector General for Tax Direction at W W W. You're Capable to Additionally file a Criticism with the National Marketing Commission at FTC vivify. Add Government Phone Scam for your own Remarks within your own Criticism. Do consider becoming a telephone blocking System or phone. . You are Capable for Google them and many are Approximately W Volvo or so vivify its a cell phone a few already 've Telephone blocking if not there are free Programs on that net that can work for a few. You are able to Google this. If you have a bright Telephone there s a free Software called phone control. IPhone appear for vie apps Also. Another Only just one is called Mr. Amount vivify traction amp directly Speak HTTP play morphological Viacom Store apps details vivified . . . amp Hal instep extras Viacom instep Web vivifying Viacom House Firms directly talk block Amenhotep s Net Viacom view Issue vivify Volvo W amp t W

Post by Gail,

2028641661 Just got that same telephone. . . . A Rob message saying phone back asap or I could become arrested. . . . . . DON T Consider Consequently. . . . . . . . The HAS GOT For Discontinue. . . . . . . .

Post by IRS SCAM,

202-864-1661 I located your own same question. When i told them i Concept it was a scam they Put Upward on me.

Post by William,

2028641661 gt gt Like I said Washington DC needs to become conscious of your and they should eventually Quit this Lt Lt Um . . vivified you personally watch anything on Television other than reality shows Wolfgang s IS conscious of your Issue and several govt organizations are Attempting for Discontinue it desired all of this if you are able for remain alert long enough overthrew is a Popular Government or CARA or tax scam being practiced by scampers on both Us and Canadian residents Volvo s tax payers should read the HTTP Web vivifies vivify AC Newsroom Phone Scams C . . . 5 Filing Season Canadian tax payers should read the HTTP Web Wovoka arc vivify Wovoka newsroom lets W L Eng answer Your Irs never initiates a contact via Phone vivify consistently send a snail send first vivisectional post Your scam is also described as scam W here HTTP Phone help fiftieth Viacom Details you personally were contacted by an Government impostor you personally personally may file a report after clicking on the link HTTP Net forfeitures vivify dicta Recent news Story line HTTP Web wavelets Viacom Account cash W W W fa . . . scam W Congressional Reading HTTP Www Viacom company Fees tax imp . . . hearing N

Post by Honda guy,

202-864-1661 They can occasionally vie a Road Celebration telephone you personally personally saying it s your own own local Experts department. It s an absurd Method and should t fool anyone since all Events 've a Hindi Attribute. Entire scam.

Post by Carissa,

2028641661 Obtained a telephone from the number W W W your morning. They left a express mail as I vie got it a custom for not response calls out of Amounts I don t Comprehend. I vie an automated message telling me that I 'm being investigated for tax evasion and fraud and that I should Telephone instantaneously before my case is Delivered for National Court or I m arrested. Oddly enough I don t consider I ll become returning your own Phone. . .

Post by Richard,

202-864-1661 Cheers for that I feel better already.

Post by Pc,

2028641661 Got phone out of W treating Prison if I did not call back did not Callie might Phone your local Experts soon

Post by Nick,

202-864-1661 scam

Post by Guest,

2028641661 Called and presented himself as Government agent and me for telephone him back saying that Government has an open case again me. Yes. . .

Post by David Timony,

202-864-1661 This was a Telephone Seeking I call back or I will become arrested. Please Ask these People demand for become Stop. I m not gullible but others might become taken edge of. Your own Owner ID is W W W DC USA

Post by Guest,

2028641661 Got a voice send in the Amount and they said I needed to telephone back seeing my taxes. After reading these Opinions i would t call back.

Post by Guest,

202-864-1661 I gotten a telephone in the Sum today. . . voodooism message as below. I let it go to state send and am not calling back. The should become prohibited. . .

Post by Guest,

2028641661 said I must Phone for prevent legal ramifications and being arrested

Post by mary c acosta,

202-864-1661 The Individual overstates they re your IRS

Post by Chang,

2028641661 They called me Additionally I m not gonna lie I did felt for it but I knew it was a fraud your entire time . . . . . Soft them anticipate Juice gets back at them for Taking this type of crap

Post by Tarzan,

202-864-1661 Also got a phone from that Amount but I Installed Upward right away thus I could get Prepared for your own Sherri ff coming for Charge me.

Post by In Centreville, VA,

2028641661 I obtained a telephone out of W W W as well threatening litigation for tax fraud vivifying you to all who Previously posted I could disregard .

Post by Guest,

202-864-1661 Owner left message said they were along along with Government and if we did t call back I was going to Penitentiary. The could be your third call acquired another Amount was W W W both are fraud. If your Government were for Telephone you personally they 've to offer there Marker Amount and at that time you personally could ask for something within Composing. This could become all fraud for frighten you personally.

Post by Guest,

2028641661 calling me telling me I owed back taxes

Post by cw,

202-864-1661 Got a phone. . vivified not response blacklist your own Sum. . . velvet no message.

Post by Guest,

2028641661 Recorded phone said it was your Authorities. Guaranteed something Around tax fraud. I know for a fact that Folks get certified send concerning Things enjoy this.

Post by Guest,

202-864-1661 Said they had a tax fraud case against me and would come and Charge me.

Post by Art,

2028641661 Same pitch as that others reported

Post by Guest,

202-864-1661 called stating a legal State had been Submitted against me re tax fraud.

Post by Guest,

2028641661 I gotten a call from this number today same Storyline as below. Said they were Providing someone to my home to Charge me within W minutes. Which is a scam do not present them any of your own info.

Post by Juan,

202-864-1661 Only got your own same telephone out of W W W scampers.

Post by John,

2028641661 Furthermore gotten your phone. Knew instantaneously that it was a scam even though I m a senior. Please don t Guess that we re all exposed Vivian I go ogled that Amount for see how common it was and it appears like it s Quite common.

Post by William,

202-864-1661 Your simply reason you personally posted anything was to tell lies and spam vote for that Guy

Post by dee,

2028641661 Recorded message Lieutenant Bob Parker Irs Fraud Cannot Telephone the Amount back.

Post by Guest,

202-864-1661 Spam

Post by Guest,

2028641661 I Only obtained a telephone saying that was that second see and I would become arrested if I did t return their Phone at W W 'm.

Post by nubile princess,

202-864-1661 Simply got the Telephone knew it was a scam because that Government dozen t have this number on file for me. These places helped me for not become concerned for particular. I get your own telephone all of your time that tells me Around my credit stimulation and this is my last phone it never is. I called your Attorney General s office and they informed me that because these calls are got out of Offshore there surely is nothing they may do about it.

Post by William,

2028641661 Your Merely motive you personally posted anything was to tell lies and spam vote because of this Man

Post by Guest,

202-864-1661 Fraud. Says they were your own Government and case pending if no contact I would become arrested. BS don t fall for it.

Post by John,

2028641661 Just got a phone saying Approximately many tax and if I do not telephone back they re going to come and get me

Post by Guest,

202-864-1661 said it was Around Outstanding Fees. . . . . . . Volvo s

Post by Worried,

2028641661 Even if you personally could Find your Individual or Folks making these calls there s nothing anyone could would since they're located beyond that reach of Us law. Must become thousands of Indians and Pakistanis working at thousands of call Stores. No reply at the time other than Education and a Telephone blocker.

Post by IRS SCAM,

202-864-1661 I located the same thing. When i told them i thought it was a scam they hung Upwards on me.

Post by Ana,

2028641661 Just obtained a Registered Phone kind this Amount maintaining for become Specialist from your Authorities informing that a law fit was Registered against me and within purchase for avoid National court and or arrest I must telephone their office back asap. . .

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Recent comment

4104297865 Complains by Guest,

Trading post scam

5203565018 Complains by Guest,

I have blocked the Amount and Though they still telephone amp was Capable for leave a MSG the time abet some kind of Schooling Application.

4149185000 Complains by Guest,

The number constantly calls my Dwelling and no just one ever says anything and it's becoming very annoying. Please Quit the company from your prank calls.

5857291429 Complains by B,

The number keeps calling early within your morning and awakening me up

7203259493 Complains by Guest,

Spam text

3479385934 Complains by frustrated,

I work in a small retail pharmacy, and receive calls from this number several times a day. After I pick up, it seems to be already in the middle of an automated message, with directions asking me to press 1 for further information about "protection for my company". Its got something to do with a demonstration (or maybe a seminar, I can't remember) in my area, which sounds very sketchy. Then they leave this number and hang up.These calls are very distracting, and they make us take time away from the customers by having to answer them. I wish they would stop.

3862024521 Complains by Brit,

Did u ever get served

6195483331 Complains by Guest,

harassing .

8002278367 Complains by Tjstoy,

These people call me daily, sometimes more than once.  No messages left.  I have no clue who they are.    

8002765712 Complains by Laurie in CA,

These Folks telephone me twice a daytime and leave a message on that replying machine saying this really is Accessibility Diabetic and we re calling in response to your request for information. Nicely I did t request any information and I have no Notion how they got my Amount but they won t Cease calling.

8002531466 Complains by Guest,

it s a kid trying to buy sex out of prostitutes Th

8002802028 Complains by Gary in PA,

Like the rest of you I 've been robbed by these crooks. I could t believe that they could t find your culprits by forcing the bank Village. for ca ugh up that Id of these low life's. My bank has reversed that W. W debit but refuses for Stop your Fees incurred by your resulting overdrafts. It seems avaricious to me that the banks would see fraud as an opportunity to milk us for more fees. . It actually Supplies them having an Motivation to have these scams going.

8002503515 Complains by Alfalfa,

Cash Guru Inc. PO Box W Evansville In W Physical Address W Plaza East Blvd. Suite W Evansville In via Phone Toll Free W W Local Phone W W Facsimile W W HTTP Web. cash pro. com Send them this Discontinue Interaction correspondence VIA CERTIFIED Send along with return reception requested . If they continue calling after you have proof that they have acquired your page they can face fines up to 1 W PER Misdemeanor Date Your Name Sending Address Your City State Zip Re See to Quit Contact Viewing Debt for Name of Collection Bureau Mailing Address City State Zip VIA CERTIFIED MAI LI am notifying you personally in writing that your own agency has contacted me viewing a debt for name of person who collector is contacting you Around . No 1 by that name lives at my address or phone number. Consequently I 'm Seeking that you discontinue all transmission for my phone Amount viewing the Individual s debt. If you personally persist in believing that name of Individual is somehow connected with my address and or Telephone Amount please provide proof of your claim. You should direct all future correspondence in Composing as outlined within your Fair Debt Set Methods Work} FD CPA and to stop all connection along with me by telephone. Lastly I would love to receive verification in writing you 've acquired this page and can no longer become contacting me Around the other Man s debt or I may be forced to Find more legal Actions. I look forward to your Identification you have acquired the find by date which is two weeks from date of correspondence . Genuinely W Touch Your Namedrop Www. Solitude rights. org Letters debt. HTML

8002779101 Complains by 12253,

Keep getting calls from Cost Free Calling . They call each day about each 2 hrs. Who are they.

8002195111 Complains by Guest,

I don t understand this person

8002144999 Complains by Guest,

He kidnap my grand baby

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