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2016-06-24 15:30:19
I don't need the W W W blocked within any manner. Someone got ah previous of my phone and blocked the without me Understanding. I cant figure out how to unblock it. Please help me unblock W W W .
2016-06-23 21:31:32
Simply got a phone on my cell Telephone out of the number. They left a Registered money making message. Not happy. I could t consider they're calling cell phones now.
2016-06-17 14:38:26
2016-06-17 11:47:17
this Amount has appeared on my Telephone several times lately. often leaving a message Around my quot bank account quot and to please phone their law offices for help resolving the Dilemma. that name they supply is unintelligible. most times your phone Bands and Afterward there s hang Upwards.
2016-06-17 11:32:38
2016-06-17 11:29:07
This Amount W W W called me 3 times out of 4 W PM for 4 W PM on Feb W W then called me again Recently 4 W PM Mar W W. When I called back the message said that number was disconnected.
2016-06-17 11:28:33
The Irs scam. This CELL Telephone Owner tells you personally in a recording the Government is about for sue you and you must phone another Amount W W W for fix your Issue. I could t help but start laughing before your message was Completed. I dialed your First number after using W so that as customary it s a Amount that is not within service. Gee I did t understand the Irs office within California would be calling me on a cell Telephone for alert me to my tax troubles. LOLA
2016-06-17 11:14:59
Caller sounds enjoy a Child. Calls repeatedly Performing and cursing.
2016-06-17 10:59:36
got a text message out of this at midnight asking me to Skype so we can chat. . . .
2016-06-17 10:53:23
that number is for battle earth school district. if You're becoming calls from them then your number must have accidentally been typed in for someone else. May}n' want for telephone them in case there's a real emergency for that Child whose number isn't right.
2016-06-17 10:48:30
Send off
2016-06-17 09:53:23
got a call out of this number
2016-06-17 09:37:35
Calling in Mid of night clever ass on the other line . called back and was threatened
2016-06-17 09:26:54
CW Carpentry Brighton MI W W W W
2016-06-17 09:25:30
That phone number is W contact name was Lisa George this really is a Large fat scam beware of this
2016-06-17 09:18:43
Marin Connections
2016-06-17 09:09:03
I 've been harassed by these people overly. The was going on Around a month now. That Owner states that he is an attorney and needs for know if I 'm going to pay them money for a debt that I 've never heard of or go for court. I 'm W yrs old and I 've never gotten any kind of loan from anyplace amp they are Attempting to say I owe a few Cash Advance Pro W. Threatened for 've the police come for my Dwelling and quot Get my End to jail quot . Also said that if I determine to go for court that it would become extremely difficult for me for prove that I did not get said money amp that it would end Upwards costing me over W. I Inquired for the Amount for this particular cash Progress Set and was given this number. When your Man answered I Inquired who I was speaking for. He did not provide me your Firm name he Only got all defensive amp Striving for Work} Rough saying he was some quot Specialist of that law quot Afterward started cussing me out. These Folks have all of my info SS bank info etc.
2016-06-17 08:57:45
They were looking for credit card Amounts.
2016-06-17 08:48:53
Oregon Auto Insurance Quote's NW Th Ave Portland OR W W W W
2016-06-17 08:28:39
It s a gay group.

Phone list in area 204

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
2047242292he with Dem gamesGuest62016-03-21 18:02:23
2047995690atmosphere miles crapGuest12015-11-04 16:43:11
2049985949I did t Comprehend your number thus I Viewed it Upwards. It was a Tel us Telephone thus I text Edward it and that Man got rude instantaneously and for started telling me to f away. Guest12015-11-04 17:10:12
2048170346The Amount has contacted me and keeps saying obscenities for meGuest32016-04-15 17:23:32
2044802100The Business keeps calling me about a kid that's not mine. I haven't childrenGuest42016-05-23 18:29:04
2043186105telephone out of Manitoba. . . stayed on line silent Afterward Installed upGuest92015-11-04 18:26:11
2042729462harassmentGuest292015-11-04 18:28:11
2049755200They phone. You response. They hang up. You call that Amount and an automated voice asks you personally for select that name or number of person you want to speak with. PointlessGuest752015-11-04 18:28:12
2048978579Individual was asking for Shawn or I think its Helene beaching. Her number is W WGuest12015-11-04 18:32:11
2049634912UnknownGuest52016-04-03 09:14:29
2042724597ughGuest52016-06-16 12:43:02
2044515734unknown Amount callingRobert32016-03-19 08:24:36
2042829927Called my unpublished home Amount. Dana52016-04-04 08:57:59
2049840224I don t understand who called me but it s quite annoying. Liz32016-05-10 06:39:25
2044805097never answerGuest62016-06-16 01:09:59
2042722060garbageGuest462015-11-04 16:05:11
2049634909blockedGuest12015-11-04 16:08:12
2043656495Sorry. . . . Away the grid for a bitGuest12015-11-04 17:22:11
2044805378Cease Calling. . . . Guest132015-11-04 18:09:11
2045864716they vie called several times Peculiar hours never leave a message eitherSickNtired42016-05-22 08:01:06
2044802097Maintained he was a Attorney and grandson was in Prison and Desired K. Absolute scam. Guest62016-05-24 15:25:53
2044020072weirdoGuest22015-11-04 19:25:11
2044219125I do not understand WHO keeps calling me from W W WMichelle62016-03-25 04:44:58
2045586140Cheers Vic. Lots of help. Dumb Bum. Chris72016-05-22 18:53:04
2043190604I called back and it seems to become a Memory about Influenza Pictures. l rogers42016-05-22 22:56:27
2046980794sends texts Around a dating serviceGuest22015-11-04 16:20:11
2045140972Buyer Attention Vehicle insurance. Guest52016-04-04 04:52:13
2045785371Spam asking Mindless questionsGuest42015-11-04 17:13:11
2048170922Honda spamGuest12015-11-04 17:22:11
2049838555WAC seeing Delivery defectsGuest42016-05-04 00:51:56
2047958008you might have been blocked by the userGuest22015-11-04 18:24:11
2049300713Guest12015-11-04 20:23:12
2045576855cray crayGuest12015-11-04 20:29:11
2048808849From cityGuest22015-11-04 20:31:11
2042969307this number has been disconnected please Assess that number and try againGuest32015-11-04 20:37:11
2048816995NAME786281667732016-04-04 09:06:25
2044801153harassing calls text messagesGuest52016-04-04 23:23:07
2049898252creepGuest72016-06-16 17:50:54
2044741484The was a text that asked if I was interested within making money along with my phone. Guest62016-05-22 19:51:24
2049830674Mild DentalGuest52016-04-15 10:47:13
2048808726Normal salon systems Cool callGuest62016-05-23 07:37:36
2048074409called a bunch b of Individuals from same city in Manitoba. did t state anything and Simply respired Actually greatly into Telephone. did not state nameGuest12015-11-04 19:51:11
2049586718The Amount doesn't take harassing callsGuest42016-06-16 06:01:10
2044732851No MSG's no idea who they are. Guest32015-11-04 20:13:11
2049564749do not blockGuest72016-02-19 09:02:46
2044803984MarketingGuest72016-02-17 15:32:37
2046639614Purportedly Vietnam Masters Funeral FundGuest52016-02-18 02:49:11
2049493100Dipsos Reid surveyGuest102015-11-04 21:26:12
2048816990Attempted scam via text messageGuest12015-11-04 21:43:11
2048170091noGuest42016-04-12 04:58:52

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