2042722060 / 204-272-2060

Telephone information: . Winnipeg, MB. . United states
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46 complaints
Post by Gene,

2042722060 If you personally personally vie a Phone block through your own own Telephone Business you can block them. But they have for leave a message on Telephone response. Or if your own own Telephone has a Telephone block Characteristic You personally re Qualified for block them that mode Furthermore.

Post by Gene,

204-272-2060 If you personally might have a Phone block through your Phone Organization you are Capable for block them. But they vie for leave a message on Phone response. Or if your own own own own Telephone has a Telephone block feature You're Able for block them that way Moreover.

Post by don't know who they are,

2042722060 Was left a message for erroneous Man along along along along with same last name as myself. Was left a message for Phone back but not given objective for Telephone.

Post by Guest,

204-272-2060 Every time I see these quot Amounts quot I Merely let it ring or Result it. Reproduce their accents

Post by hate this,

2042722060 they keep on bugging me

Post by annoyed,

204-272-2060 that s that second time i vie gotten that Telephone. . . . . . . . asking if i knew so and Hence and if i did or did t for please Phone them back. . . . . . . . . exactly exactly why would someone Phone me and request if i knew someone and if i did t for Phone them back anyways. . . . . . i consider these Pol are scampers. . . . . they demand for get a life and Leave calling Pol if they don t vie any clue who they're Actually hunting for. . . . . . and it would be Outstanding when Making a MSG if they would State who they are for once. . . .

Post by Joe,

2042722060 Calling for former resident

Post by Melissa V,

204-272-2060 Your unforeseen Amount calls and doesn't identify themselves and tells me for Telephone a 1 W numb and it s not even my name.

Post by Guest,

2042722060 rogers collections

Post by Guest,

204-272-2060 Left a message that says quot Seeking for quot Set name quot if you personally personally understand your Individual or I attained that Quantity by blunder please Phone back at 1 W W W ext W quot but that Phone Arrived from 1 W W W

Post by bob,

2042722060 Called again Now after I told them not for on 4 Feb W. They re hunting for another Guy along along with your own last name. I May}n' let your own CRT comprehend again.

Post by Guest,

204-272-2060 This Sum called me your m they Offered me my House address and Eventually Inquired me if I knew the Individual they Offered me that not Clear name who was my neighbour. That Residence Amount they gave me was across that road I located that for become an exceptionally Uncommon Phone and would never Furnish Outside any Info Approximately neighbours. I was Truly concerned Approximately that Phone as they Viewed for Viewed to Recognize overly Appreciably Around my Data Additionally.

Post by guy ouellet,

2042722060 annoying Set Office don t pay them problem maker

Post by Jose Deefranse,

204-272-2060 DOS pittas USS wanna N for Telephone Emma Baku

Post by wilkieone,

2042722060 Inquired for a Individual unknown for Individuals and nothing else. Uncommon without more research and reading another reports suppose a Place Office Shopping for someone. We vie been retired Clear nests for many years and don t vie any View who they Needed. Not assured how You're Competent to get your own Amount away their list but could report for DC.

Post by Guest,

204-272-2060 credit card

Post by Bryon Dorey,

2042722060 Keep phoning telling me they vie bell alienate mail returned for them. Told me name Quantity and Start date but won t Present Authentic Information Only demand for Put my Telephone through along with another extension and other extension never Solutions.

Post by m,

204-272-2060 Called for Previous owner of Telephone Number as many Business s vie. Appraise their Site many Fairly dubious Systems they use they must become Actually close for Managing illegally

Post by bob,

2042722060 Called again Now after I told them not for on 4 Feb W. They re seeking for another Guy along along along along with your own own own last name. I could let your own own CRT Comprehend again.

Post by KThurm,

204-272-2060 Subsequently is maltreatment of W and abuse of Disaster services.

Post by Gene,

2042722060 If you personally personally vie a Telephone block through your own Phone Firm You're Competent for block them. But they vie for leave a message on Telephone Result. Or if your own own Telephone has a Phone block Feature You're Capable for block them that mode Moreover.

Post by nathan,

204-272-2060 They Phone but I won t Pick Up because I don t Comprehend your Amount. Read Approximately who they re here. Phone blocking them.

Post by Guest,

2042722060 collections

Post by Cook,

204-272-2060 Merely because someone says you personally owe them cash does not mean you vie for Agree my Companion. I refuse for pay because they Offered a service and did not Furnish on their States. I OW THEM NOTHING. . .

Post by Pete,

2042722060 Commercial Credit Adjusters is viewed as on that list of worst within an extremely sleazy trend Organizations within Canada. Before you personally personally Chat for them See that internet Site credit Alternatives. ca. That Web site Supplies many Actually Useful Guidance for that Canadian Marketplace. Overly Frequently we Discover About your People rules which of course don t Use within Canada. There Certainly is lots of reading for would Consequently Let yourself plenty of time. Of Special attention could become that Law of Limits or SOL . The varies out of Domain to Domain name. Furthermore your Company buys Upward preceding debt for pennies on that Money but Really could t Purchase on it due to your SOL. But there's that and lots more to read. That Web Website again is credit Libraries. ca If in Canada you must read it and if you personally personally personally Protest Around Things without reading it you personally personally personally deserve for become harassed and ripped away.

Post by Read the laws,

204-272-2060 Sorry but Options Businesses arena t allowed for Telephone 3 times a Day. They re allowed for create contact 3 times within a 7 daytime Period. Contact Comprises talking in Guy express send E mail and Routine send. If You personally re disputing your own own fact you personally owe that cash You personally re Competent for send a Cease and desist buy by Routine send and they vie for Discontinue calling. All your own own Matters is on that Experts Site. If you personally personally personally Google Suggestions for Choices you personally ll Identify plenty of Information. Exceptional Fortune. BTW don t Pick Upwards that Phone and tell them for f k off. They ll Simply keep calling. Don t response in any Value.

Post by Macgriff,

2042722060 They called here and that same as another post Inquired for many of your same last name as People but not any of your own own first names. Left a case Sum and Price free Sum and extension for Telephone back. Quite annoying for confident.

Post by Kasi,

204-272-2060 Called a business demanding I Place their Phone through for many Incomplete name. Did t even hassle for Evaluate and see they worked for Folks.

Post by KThurm,

2042722060 Therefore is maltreatment of W and maltreatment of crisis services.

Post by Guest,

204-272-2060 CDC Choices if you personally owe cash for yes another Collector Consequently don t Result it.

Post by Guest,

2042722060 garbage

Post by Anonymouse,

204-272-2060 That Sum is for Commercial Credit Adjusters in Manitoba.

Post by Guest,

2042722060 telemarketer making Trendy Phone on don t Phone number

Post by Read the laws,

204-272-2060 Sorry but Options Companies Stadium t allowed for telephone 3 times a Daytime. They re allowed for create contact 3 times in a 7 Daytime Path. Contact Comprises talking in Individual state send E send and Routine send. If You personally re disputing that fact which you personally personally personally owe your cash You personally re Certified for send a cease and desist Purchase by Routine send and they vie for Stop calling. All the Things is in your government Net Web site. If you personally personally Google Tips for Options you personally personally personally personally ll look for plenty of Information. Good Fortune. BTW don t Choose Upwards your own Phone and tell them for f k away. They ll Only keep calling. Don t Result whatsoever.

Post by ali hamza,

2042722060 these Mankind are calling me each single Daytime and Making me express mails your own Individual on another end sounds Actually sketchy overly You personally re Competent for not even See them . . . Cease calling me you personally personally A hole

Post by Jose Deefranse,

204-272-2060 DOS pittas USS wanna N for Telephone Emma Baku

Post by Cook,

2042722060 It s Prim People Canada who Set me in thee database because I refused for pay a W Statement. I vie record and Following your own your own own own Walk of Link since dealing along along along with Prim People Canada. They re Getting in all Sorts of deception and fraud. I vie Calling your own Supervisor there. They refuse to Supply Outside his name and e send but Though they demand mine. That s your own message I left for on his voice send Managing for expose all communications on that Internet. I could Perhaps appearance for a Tendency for expose them eventually. That could become that message I left for him Calls arena t accepted or returned to automated non Person systems. Calls are never replied personally but could become returned by an automated system. All calls are Enrolled and Isolation could never be Presumed or Anticipated. Private or Private callers are rejected Fully. Religious peddlers solicitors and surveyors could become reported for that CR TC and exposed on that Web. Whole names Amounts identities and not empty recordings of Fake Fake or harassing Account Fans or other unwanted Companies can become exposed on that Web and they could become prosecuted. First Identify your own own own first Essential and last name and that Sum You personally re calling from or your phone could not become returned. Eventually Provide an e send address and say your own not Clear legal Matter You're Signifying and list your own own own not Clear address. Next State that not Clear first Important and last name and birthday of your Guy you personally personally desire for reach. Subsequently leave a in Range and unambiguous message outlining your own own own Unique points of your own Telephone or your own own Telephone won t become returned. Please look for that messages along along with partial or wrong Information could not become returned and Eventually a Cost Might n become billed for Link service. Thank you personally personally

Post by beachlover,

204-272-2060 Proven Layout for Leave these calls. . . . . . Result Chat Immediately Hence that computer May}n' Transport to your own live Individual. Eventually vie joy along along along with it tell them You personally personally re Consequently interested but keep doing Issues value Performing doorbell becoming Pad and paper becoming credit card. That more You personally re Qualified for waste that live Individual s time and Earnings may get you personally off Telephone lists quicker than any don t Telephone list. I could your own and they never Telephone again and I vie infrequently been becoming brand fresh calls. Hit them where it hurts your own Budget. In case an Superb Percentage of Folks did that all telemarketing would Likely Discontinue. . .

Post by bob,

2042722060 Called again Now after I told them not for on 4 Feb W. They re looking for another Man along along with your last name. I could let that CRT Comprehend again.

Post by collection company,

204-272-2060 W W W is a Set company

Post by Sandra Corbo,

2042722060 I don t value receiving calls out of people who don t identify themselves. I was Inquired for Info which I could never Show for Folks unknown. Don t Telephone again.

Post by KThurm,

204-272-2060 So is maltreatment of W and maltreatment of Disaster services.

Post by Dont phone,

2042722060 W W W Choices Company within MB

Post by Guest,

204-272-2060 Someone named AV or Avid called asking for someone that was not me told me for call them back at W W W ext W and they Moreover called again your own next Day. That Amount is for Commercial Credit Adjusters.

Post by DaveT,

2042722060 Called asking for a Derek Subsequently Inquired if I live on Th Road which was my Previous address or if I knew that Guy. Your could become a Group Office wonder if someone used my old address and Amount for something Poor .

Post by bob,

204-272-2060 Called again Now after I told them not for on 4 Feb W. They re Following for another Person along with your last name. I Might n let that CRT recognize again.

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6468669198 Complains by Guest,

Attempting to sell travel plan

3302302651 Complains by Guest,

Unsolicited Rob call. The Simply Began today with this number and several others

3619806555 Complains by Calvin,

Unknown Amount.

6178719229 Complains by Guest,

liar. im this persons neighbor and i talked 2 the friends and they sed this person wz lying. u gotta believe me. this is my #

8003407890 Complains by TM,

did t leave a mess and when I called the Amount back they answered this can be Can can I help you personally

8166543625 Complains by Lenny,

This # showed up on my cell phone # and someone else posted that it is AT&T Internet Tech Support.  That's probably true as I have AT&T service and I did place an email posting for help on an issue and I am expecting a call from their support.  I just wish that they'd put in their email where they may be calling from (at least what area code) so that I (and the rest of you out there) would know who it may be and thus answer it.  There's so many people out there to scam folks or telemarketers trying to sell their unwanted crap to people.

3302996820 Complains by marie,

green cleaning service recorded telemarketer

8003351716 Complains by Victoria,

Have been receiving calls from. 1-888-565-3711. The caller never leaves a message. Have a call- block app, so the phone doesn't ring, but I'm notified and number is added to log. I receive calls at least three times per day. I called number directly and an agent answered and already had my name. I called again using *67 and was put on hold with music. There was no agent available, so I was asked to leave a message, which I did not.  One thing to remember for those visiting college/university sites or indicating on an unrelated site the possibility of furthering your education, your information is provided to entities, who are aggressive in recruiting likely candidates for enrollment. That might be the reason for the unsolicited calls.

8002669085 Complains by DRE,

telemarketing calls

8002580166 Complains by Voyager,

The number is Junker. com I called for inquire about Marketing an old vehicle I had.

8002576155 Complains by Guest,


8002609972 Complains by JH21155,

Caller left a message indicating they were M amp T Bank returning a telephone from a Mr. Griffin that s not me thus I won t be calling back.

8002566947 Complains by Flor,

Who is using the toll free Amount. Thank you.

8002735204 Complains by joe,

I got a phone and nobody answered I attempted calling back and the line is quiet thus I hung Upward.

8002190102 Complains by "A",

Check Out DEBT Group Practices WHEN HARDBALL Techniques GO Too Way ON GOOGLE. . .

8002414141 Complains by Guest,

Poor hoe

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