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Telephone information: . Winnipeg, MB. . United states
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Post by Just Me,

2042729462 Simply got your own same Phone but claimed for become out of Windows Specialized Section. Inquired for speak for Supervisor so another foreign sounding express Arrived on for Guarantee me they were valid. Previously mentioned I had spy ware and Malawi Matters downloaded into your own computer from e mails and Searching Web. Meanwhile my virus Voyager ware Malawi protection is telling me everything is Simply Amazing. Told them I did t could t trust they were who they said they were first Telephone was unknown ND was W W W and would t Supply me a Amount at which for call them back. Mark Previously mentioned they were calling from Fresh York Albany. Asked how they got my Amount said it was through my computer ID. Said it was computer Let security Offered them my number. Set Upward on them and decided for check your own Amount. Cheers for everyone for affirming my intestine feeling. Telephone Type needs for vie SCAM as a Select.

Post by KC,

204-272-9462 Only typed that whole question out Later lost it Anyways that reason due to this Phone that Bank of India is Comprised along with that bull crap. Refunding cash to Folks that knew they were scammed your first time. Now calling for get you personally personally personally for open your own own computer while being online Complete Outside a type Thus they can Change it electronically . . Canada is removing their Let that Organization being Computer CE. . . Something enjoy that. Based and calling Outside out of India out of W W W. . I led him on for get more Info out of him and he Started becoming frustrated along along with me and being quite Extreme. He Opinion I would provide Outside my husbands Information without his permission and not even my Associate my roommate that Owner did t comprehend that . Anyways I Envision he idea I was an idiot and all I could state is I Offered your Quite definitely Related private See and expressed myself in a fashion in which girls from his culture would never would. . BTW Good amp Leave CALLING

Post by Mary,

2042729462 I don t reply your own Telephone unless I Comprehend who is calling. Anyone who is legit could possibly leave a state message. It confident saves people a lot of annoying Phone calls. Need we could Quit scampers eternally.

Post by KAT,

204-272-9462 It s a Group agency that uses local numb rs for get People that owe for Result Telephone cause they prevent 1 W Amounts. They re quite nice and Really Test for help but when you personally might have no cash it's difficult for get paid Upwards anyways

Post by swoshy,

2042729462 They called and request for me and I said wrong number she said hopeless that s her Amount I said erroneous she does not 've your Total and again Inquired who is calling and your own line went not Living she Place Upwards overly awful Only as I was enjoying that Discuss wow. I despise these People when they Phone on my daytime time minutes many Only Merely just one please create them Discontinue that is considered Thieving it s my Experience time they used settlers burglar s a Misdemeanor was perpetrated I should become reimbursed

Post by Chris,

204-272-9462 It s a computer scam. I appreciate for screw About with them. They state you computer revealed Upwards along with Problems and viruses. I request them how that comprehend and thy Day cause of your own own serial Amount. Consequently I tell them alright Simply for Confirm read it Outside for me while I compare it for mine. They Simply hang Upward. Ignorant foreign people could barley Chat English and they wanna Test and scam me ha ha

Post by Betty,

2042729462 Just got a phone from your no. saying because you personally vie been a Routine user of your own credit card we want for send you personally a current . I Inquired them what credit card for which she replied any among them. . . Charge M C American express etc. which dozen t make feeling. . I told them I was not interested and Installed Upward real scam. . .

Post by Meg,

204-272-9462 Get Simply your own own same subject. Nearly each Day. Subsequently a female voice says Thank you personally personally. And hangs Upwards. Got your own active Indication as nicely.

Post by annoid,

2042729462 You personally were called by scampers. More Data on this kind of scam here HTTP notes. com Newsgroup ta behaved . . . W HTTP Web. Customer. FTC. gov Posts W fake debt Fans HTTP Net. diversion. USDA. gov Cafes press releases extortion s. HTML Additionally read Upward on that Guidelines and your rights HTTP notes. com Images Jibe Edgar harass within . . . oi need for HTTP Net. FTC. gov OS Directions . shortstop Net. Customer finance. gov hunt . . . HTTP Web. Shopper. FTC. gov Places PD W Great credit reporting Work . puffer Extortion Scam Firms file reports with that FBI your own state Attorney general and Section Of Justice FTC amp FCC. . HTTP Internet. ICC. gov Conventional. Internet. FBI. gov HTTP Web. . gov amp Cell HTTP support. FCC. gov cruciforms type. auctioned Net. Consumer finance. gov Gripe You could Perhaps want for invest in a phone blocker Additionally either Product or Phone. . HTTP Web. amazon. com s ref busboys. URL SE . . . s Phone blockers

Post by Jazz,

204-272-9462 Simply replied the Telephone . I Place Upwards once the Owner sounded Hindu shit s a scummier

Post by Leo,

2042729462 Had someone Telephone me out of your W W W Quantity who said my computer was infected. He Inquired if I was your own own owner and I told him for never f ING Telephone this Amount again Afterward he went on a profanity tirade calling me a Mommy f er . I told him for get a genuine Occupation where he would t become scamming Folks. That guy had an Feature that sounded east Indian but I m not sure. I vie had these calls before where they tell you your own own computer is infected Afterward they attempt for get computer Info and strive overtaking your own own computer for get at your own own private Info. I trust these scampers get Found and I specific anticipate nobody falls for their scams.

Post by tunnelbug,

204-272-9462 I got a Phone from your number a few minutes Past and they re telling me it s Sears. Seemingly I vie won a Vacation and there were multiple other things but I Installed Upwards. I don t consider it s Sears since they never Telephone and tell you personally personally you personally Could n have won something. Does the ever Discontinue.

Post by active60,

2042729462 June 4 W Somewhat same Telephone with same request.

Post by DVD,

204-272-9462 This Amount called me Striving for get my credit card number along with Transport and Handling Prices. They try and state it is a Prize for having credit cards. when you personally ask which credit card Business its for they state anyone. They offer you W Energy card out of Pedro Canada and a few other Matters I could not Understand due for that substantial Highlight that female had. Watch Outside because of the Sum. . You're Capable for not Phone it back. Don t Furnish the Sum Information.

Post by active60,

2042729462 June 4 W Really same Phone along along with same request.

Post by Sally jones,

204-272-9462 That numbered called me and they said they need my credit card Amount because my computer is infected. I don t have a credit card or a computer Therefore this is Definitely a scam

Post by M Ronald,

2042729462 There s never anyone on another Finish Simply a Facsimile sound. Your calls vie attained your same time 8 m and 8 W each Sunday morning. If you personally personally ever Find Outside how you are able to Discontinue the please let me know

Post by Guest,

204-272-9462 Striving for Purchase Components and using another Agency as a cover name.

Post by Leo,

2042729462 I forgot for mention which he was Additionally Keeping that he was calling out of Microsoft Windows support Center. These Individuals Simply don t offer Upward thus Merely become careful everyone.

Post by annoid,

204-272-9462 You personally were called by scampers. More Info on the type of scam here HTTP notes. com Newsgroup ta behaved . . . W HTTP Web. Client. FTC. gov Posts W fake debt Fans HTTP Web. diversion. USDA. gov Cafes press releases extortion s. HTML Additionally read Upwards in your own Instructions and your own rights HTTP notes. com arts Jibe Edgar harass within . . . oi need for HTTP Net. FTC. gov OS Laws . shortstop Web. Customer finance. gov Analysis . . . HTTP Net. Customer. FTC. gov articles PD W Great credit reporting Work . puffer Extortion Scam Companies file reports along with your own FBI your own state Lawyer general and Section Of Justice FTC amp FCC. . HTTP Internet. ICC. gov default. Internet. FBI. gov HTTP Internet. . gov amp Screen HTTP support. FCC. gov cruciforms kind. auctioned Web. Buyer finance. gov Gripe You could want for invest in a telephone blocker Also either Product or phone. . HTTP Net. amazon. com s ref busboys. URL SE . . . s Telephone blockers

Post by Guest,

2042729462 harassment

Post by Steve,

204-272-9462 Gotten a telephone out of this Quantity saying they were a redemption Centre and was told I had won W. W in a current Accreditation for Pedro Canada and two Trip tickets for using my credit card. All they Wanted was 1. W . I told them if I was talking to a redemption Facility for my credit card they did not need any cash for send me my Entrance and they were scampers. The Guy said she was out of Montreal she sounded French Canadian which did not create feeling as your own own are code is Manitoba. Scampers. I m calling MT S my Phone Business and might need an explanation as for how and why they could Maybe can the. I could Furthermore phone The CRT and Protest. Where's your own own protection from your own form of scam. Soft leaches on society.

Post by mamakris,

2042729462 we first got a Phone out of W W W saying we owed money for Citibank from a computer Business called computer Distribute Additionally comprehend en as CAD. we vie never bought a computer that we never paid for and not at the Therefore called Company they said we owed. we Put Upwards in your own Owner After we got a Telephone from another Sum W W W So Individuals become quite aware of these scams

Post by Meg,

204-272-9462 Get Simply that same issue. Practically each Daytime. Afterward a female express says Thank you personally. And hangs Upwards. Got that occupied Sign as nicely.

Post by Mary,

2042729462 I don t Result your own Telephone unless I know who is calling. Anyone who is legit may leave a express message. It confident saves people a lot of annoying Phone calls. Need we could Stop scampers forever.

Post by Spencer,

204-272-9462 Acquired Phone on June 4 W. Same as Previously reported. Redemption Center for Charge MC etc. Providing me W within Pedro Canada vouchers tickets for La s Nevada Just demand s h fees of 1. W. Told them I wan t interested and she Truly did t Answer. Therefore I Installed Upwards. Merely replied it because I Opinion it was a work Phone for a family member.

Post by KAT,

2042729462 It s a Group Bureau that uses local numb rs to get people who owe for response Phone cause they avert 1 W Amounts. They re really Pleasant and Actually try and help but when you personally personally Might n have no cash it's challenging for get paid Up anyways


204-272-9462 They Phone me each hour on that hour. . I never Result and when I Phone back it's consistently occupied. Thus annoying.

Post by Mikaela,

2042729462 Left a message on my phone seeking for a name that I Getaway t Comprehended said that it s Fairly pressing Issue and should contact them instantly. I vie replied your call before seeking for that same name I said that I 've never Comprehended the Individual but they still keep on calling.

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8003351716 Complains by Victoria,

Have been receiving calls from. 1-888-565-3711. The caller never leaves a message. Have a call- block app, so the phone doesn't ring, but I'm notified and number is added to log. I receive calls at least three times per day. I called number directly and an agent answered and already had my name. I called again using *67 and was put on hold with music. There was no agent available, so I was asked to leave a message, which I did not.  One thing to remember for those visiting college/university sites or indicating on an unrelated site the possibility of furthering your education, your information is provided to entities, who are aggressive in recruiting likely candidates for enrollment. That might be the reason for the unsolicited calls.

8325945932 Complains by Guest,

Craig Gerard Harrison Societal W W W. Birthday W W W TX id Amount W . Sharon Denise St around April W W DEL W S Kind Jaguar DP'S

9174107379 Complains by Guest,


3046292900 Complains by Guest,

I have no Notion who that is

8305222713 Complains by Cheryl,

I Simply obtained an email out of them stating that they have called numerous times for tell me I was Accepted for a W loan. All I 've to would is supply them W. W for insurance on the loan Subsequently they can send your money. Right. . . .

8322099536 Complains by lisa,

said he was coming over naiver came

3178559065 Complains by Guest,

capital just one auto finance

8085967575 Complains by jbrads,

national kidney Hawaii

4106540102 Complains by Guest,

Scam phone. Wanted to get Information on my FHA loan

8668870751 Complains by Guest,

I 've gotten Approximately W calls out of this number in that last week 5 of which were yesterday alone. Around half of them I response. When I reply it's a recording saying quot remain on the line for an Significant business option quot . I have a personal policy to never Chat for Products Lola thus I always hang up. When i don t Select Upward it goes for express mail they're calling my cellphone they hang Upward before Making a message. No Notion what these calls are about but collection agency makes no feeling within my case. Becoming pretty Ill of that calls tho.

4045521630 Complains by Guest,

Really this number Directed} out a text message and looked to phish Approximately by asking seemingly Straightforward and innocent questions.

9132134188 Complains by Guest,

calls mobile amp Dwelling line at that same time

8003662373 Complains by Stephanie Eisley,

Stop calling me. Called me twice within W seconds W W W

8172590295 Complains by Jay,

NEVER reply a Telephone telephone cellular telephone or acreage line out of a Amount you personally don't Understand if it s important that Caller may leave a message. These SCUMMIER SCUMBAGS Can NEVER LEAVE A MESSAGE

8181330599 Complains by tokay,

PS pass lo miasma lawman y collegian y ya no Laos icier on 8 vices

6026882947 Complains by Guest,

I vie asked them to remove my several times.

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