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Telephone information: . Winnipeg, MB. . United states
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2049755200 Spam

Post by Guest,

204-975-5200 Did not answer

Post by D Napold,

2049755200 They contacted my cell at Around W PM on a Saturday nighttime. . . . .

Post by Guest,

204-975-5200 Green road.

Post by MrsK,

2049755200 These People are Running me nuts. We applied online for a payday loan my dad died we Needed fleet cash for cremation costs but Subsequently made other Plans. I Delivered them an E mail for Stop your own Software and now they Telephone twice a Day asking to Talk for my Link. They won t Discontinue that Program on my request but state that s for come from him. He s on your road and could t become dealing along with your. Lately I got testy along along with that Girl and Nearly screamed at her not to Phone anymore since this was going on now for 2 weeks. Your next time they Phone I m either saying Yes I ll get him and Subsequently Place that cordless Telephone in your drawer for an hour or I m going for tell them he s not Living. Gee sh.

Post by Guest,

204-975-5200 Leave calling me. I don t Interest and I m on that don t Telephone list.

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2049755200 Solicited

Post by Guest,

204-975-5200 Quick loan

Post by Jacqualine,

2049755200 Your Woman called me from that Amount and said she Wanted for Entire my loan I told her I wan t interested and she Inquired for my Societal security number I would t Supply it to her Later she Inquired for my Delivery date I told her for take me away of her list and she got an Method. Shows her Standard colors I m changing all of my checking account account Data Now. These People are crooks and illegal. It was zip. com

Post by B,

204-975-5200 W 6 Likely it s no coincidence I Only gotten a call out of W W W Winnipeg less than twenty minutes after six calls out of W W W Topaz Lake Vegas . The time Winnipeg left no message but I idea I d appearance Up their Amount anyway and found all another Opinions above. I expect they keep calling me out of Special numbers So I could continue for report their Fake calls all over your this Newsgroup. Consequently Substantially here is your own own list. . . W W W W W

Post by Lici,

2049755200 I gotten a message a Girl named Tonya left at W W PM on a Thursday nighttime last nighttime on my work phone Amount. She mentioned I Desired for Telephone back for go around your details of my loan Applications. I NEVER Used for a loan online out of them zip. com or ANYONE. I was Significantly alarmed and called back that she left W W W. I Eventually talked along along with Tina. Tina s first question for me was for my Not Clear San. I said no you personally personally don t vie that. . . and I defined I never applied for anything. She persisted and Required at least your own own last four Amounts. Consequently I told her that I have no manner of Understanding whether your Legal who Used in my own name used my Actual SAN or not thus there was no giving it for her. I Inquired if she could Go Upwards that account using that Telephone at which Tonya left me your message. Tina said no. I Required a Manager. She transferred me for Elmer. Elmer was capable of Choosing Upward my file using your own own Telephone Amount which my company is Registered at Places adore Connected In etc along with my name. . . for Clear reasons Therefore anyone within thee universe could get those two Items of Data. . . that is Approximately all I could confirm they had on me . Elmer refused for Present me any details about my file saying that I Desired for submit a Authorities report within purchase for obtain anything. So I went Outside around my lunch break and filed a Cops report. That Expert said a Reproduce won t become Prepared until Tuesday or Wednesday next week. At which time I could Facsimile it for your own Total Offered by Elmer W W W and I 'm Additionally going for E mail a PD for E send W protected I Consider your own Company of calling Individuals and tricking them into providing their Information. . . it s not that work of an Person con artist but an Subtle and prohibited Bureau policy.

Post by s ml,

204-975-5200 sounds for become fraud

Post by Guest,

2049755200 .

Post by Guest,

204-975-5200 Don t response. . payday loan

Post by Wendee,

2049755200 Your own own are now called W Green Road a fleet payday loan Business. Afterward you vie for telephone them back at W W W.

Post by BIG BEAR,

204-975-5200 IT S Reddish LEAF LOANS

Post by Guest,

2049755200 Asked for someone Eventually Installed up

Post by Patsy Cadle,

204-975-5200 They keep calling my cell running Upwards my Statement.

Post by klm,

2049755200 Hence i was playing on my computer at work at 1 m and they called my works Amount. . . 1 it s a business number and 2 Merely just why that hell are they calling at AM

Post by Administrative Assistant,

204-975-5200 I work at a medical Service. Numerous calls vie been gotten at my workplace for someone who works in that nursing Section. I vie Reviewed over and Approximately your Sum can not become used for Private Company but Though the Man continues for Telephone. Cease CALLING. You vie another Amount for reach this Person USE IT. Discontinue That HARASSMENT. The Truly is a work Set your Workers are active caring for your own patients.

Post by IG Guy,

2049755200 W W W is a property line based within Winnipeg Mb Canada That Enrolled service Supplier is All Provide . In Range listing Info USN t available. Sorry no Information due to this Special Quantity.

Post by Guest,

204-975-5200 No 1 said anything

Post by nicnax,

2049755200 that s for your own warning. . I got a phone from them from the blue after having filled Outside a few Program but After decided against it and did t fill within anything more. . . I m transferring Soon and somewhat Additional would help but I Concept I would Rather Remain it Outside along along with what I vie and scrape through along with less till next pay Day when I could possibly become all Set again anyway. . . after about W minutes someone called me and Needed for Understand when would I need your own own funds in my account. . I was adore huh. which is on a Individuals holiday. . I suppose not within Canada. . hmm anyway they were Attempting for get me to take it but I refused. . reading all your own I m happy I did t would it. . . not that I would Miss a payment but having that Risk of chagrin for them 2 Telephone your own own manager. . not Trendy. . . they can Evaluation for work along with you personally personally instead. . . I dint enjoy that. . . and they Needed W Level Payment for each W. . hmm even if it was Just for 5 times. . that blows. stay away I state.

Post by Shaun,

204-975-5200 You personally personally personally re all idiots. Value me you personally personally Used for a cash advance. Enjoy most those who demand cash Improvements you located yourself in a Interval and were not Certified for meet your own own payment Ensure. I vie used the 5 or 6 times for that reason that preceding two years and while that speed is high it s Somewhat directly forwards and clear.

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2049755200 ID

Post by Guest,

204-975-5200 Spam

Post by Herbie Knopenfelter,

2049755200 Yes they sound enjoy a scam. I am along along with Folks Against Telemarketing not Really I m an Upwards and coming Joke Comic strip Reel. I Simply goal your own Actual scum of your own universe Organizations and scams love your Simply 1. I could Nuisance these Men Mary morrow Monday . I vie given 3 reps a challenging time on their live chat link what fun. Value Outside my MySpace page. Simply would a Analysis for Hebe Novelette. Offer a telemarketer a Demanding time its makes the world Simply somewhat bit better of a Set and it makes You're feeling good. It makes my Day when I do. And dint Only hang Upwards on them keep them on your own line. It wastes their time and could cause them for miss a sale.

Post by Guest,

204-975-5200 No Merely 1 said anything

Post by jen,

2049755200 Hi Private I m currently within the same situation with zip. W I 've used them a few times along along with no Dilemmas but that last debit did t go through and now they're calling my manager and threatening me they won t take Funds they need that balance in full.

Post by Guest,

204-975-5200 Ugh

Post by previous customer,

2049755200 I got a phone from the Amount on my cell and at work. I did t Result and let them leave a message. It turned Outside for become zip. com. I vie formerly used them for get from a Join but I never vie used them in somewhat while. They Occasionally send me e mails of Bargains and for Tell me that they re there if I demand them. I don t comprehend exactly why they re calling. Company must become slow. At any rate I won t become replying my Phone.

Post by jonathan thompson,

204-975-5200 Discontinue calls for Jonathan Thompson of mo line Il Amount W W W and W W W

Post by jen,

2049755200 Hello Private I m Now in your same situation along with zip. W I vie used them a few times along with no Problems but your own last debit did t go through and now they are calling my Supervisor and threatening me they won t take Funds they demand that equilibrium in not Clear.

Post by Kosmo_mommy,

204-975-5200 Only Got a Telephone in the Sum. Told them I was not inters ted in pursuing your own own loan anymore I Comprehended that we were becoming paid earlier due for next week s vacation. Your own own Man on another Complete of your own line was Truly Really Agreeable About it and said when my situation transferred for Only Furnish him a Phone back and he said they would deactivate my Amount thus that I would not get Repeat calls. I believe it depends on who you personally personally get on that line.

Post by aqs,

2049755200 someone Phone me out of W Manitoba Canada saying for Phone Lee at W

Post by Guest,

204-975-5200 Cash advance

Post by Guest,

2049755200 Telemarketer


204-975-5200 SAME Question I DID T Entire Your Process AND WAS Asked Why Hence You personally personally personally DON T Need That LOAN AND I SAID NO AND PLUS I DID T Indication ANYTHING For State THAT I Desired A LOAN Nor Your Sum. . . . . . . . .

Post by Guest,

2049755200 Did not answer

Post by Guest,

204-975-5200 Spam

Post by lg,

2049755200 i also Got a Telephone phone don t recognize whats going on

Post by Rita Shamp,

204-975-5200 Beware of these payday loan Individuals they vie called my work and one even got me for W out of my checking account. I never got a pay daytime loan from any Firm.

Post by JMB,

2049755200 I Got a Telephone from the Amount About W W 'm no message left. Appreciate a lot of other Folks on that Website I m a former zip. com customer but all of my loans are repaid and I Location t Chosen cash from them since January 2 mos Previous . From everyone else s Thoughts these People sound enjoy a True Item of work. I could Result if they Phone again and Update that post along along with more info.

Post by JP,

204-975-5200 The Firm keeps calling me at 4 m. Could I create them Discontinue. .

Post by teejazz,

2049755200 I overly recd a Telephone out of your Company stating that i Used for a loan. which i had not. i told them that and they told me your Only manner they clad Discontinue your own loan was for me for Affirm my Societal security Amount. which i would not could Consequently your own Female Installed Upwards on me.

Post by Rick,

204-975-5200 They Phone here for a Man that works for me. . I m in Ohio and he s in Florida. I keep telling them which he s not on Website here but they continue for Telephone for him. . I vie Inquired him for Discontinue them and I m Special he s attempted but no Fortune Hence Substantially.

Post by anonymous,

2049755200 Keep becoming a Telephone out of your Amount. I never requested a payday loan. They never leave a message. Not Special what s going on.

Post by Guest,

204-975-5200 Spam

Post by Anonymous,

2049755200 Stay AWAY Within that Business. . . They vie a bit Nazi by your own name of Tammy Green working within their customer service who is Around as aggressive as they come and that biggest liar cyberspace has for offer. And yes they can take cash from your account without your own authorization. California Board of Corporations says they arena t Enrolled for can Company in California but Nevertheless they're. Tammy Green had your own nerve to state I don t vie for abide by that laws within California. . . Go screw yourself Tammy Green.

Post by Guest,

204-975-5200 Unknown

Post by luis corona,

2049755200 Please i don t want Telephone s from your own Company thank you personally personally personally. i Got telephone s Routine s a few times don t leave a message.

Post by jen,

204-975-5200 Hi Unknown I m Now in your same State with zip. W I vie used them a few times along with no Problems but your last debit did t go through and now they re calling my manager and threatening me they won t take payments they need your own equilibrium in not Clear.

Post by GDB,

2049755200 I recd a Telephone from your own Agency the afternoon. I did not Comprehend that . Began out by asking for my SS . I refused. . Consequently Inquired for my E send address. I Offered them my E send address They did not either on record. I told them that I was evicting text me sages and each time adv them not for text me anymore. I adv them that if any cash Arrived from my acct that I press Prices against them. The Girl within your Telephone Wanted for Change along with me. I told her I was calling on my Money and that I would not waste any more time along along with her in your phone. I m calling my bank for let them comprehend that when a request Arrived assortment zip. com or any Firm not to honour the request.

Post by Guest,

204-975-5200 Loans

Post by Guest,

2049755200 Online loan

Post by Guest,

204-975-5200 VIZ Cash . . . . . . state s we filled Outside a online Apple. for a loan. . . . . Additionally hunting for a Sara Jackson which is Fake never heard of her. . . . . . Inquired for vie Telephone removed. . . . we ll see what happens. . . . .

Post by Sidney  B.,

2049755200 was from zip. com a cash Development Firm had my Information away that Internet. I was for Got a cash Development never herd out of them again. They never have Though tried for take any cash out of my account as of your time. We may see.

Post by Guest,

204-975-5200 ID

Post by Victim,

2049755200 If you personally live within San Francisco they could also Telephone from W W W. These MFA need for go to H LL. Don t even Stress Approximately what they said. They're scampers Trina create cash.

Post by chat,

204-975-5200 got a Phone out of them Now for my brother within law. he dose not live in the state or is my Sum listed. they Test and tell me that i was him and they need my SS and other private Matters. when i told them again that i was not him and not for telephone here again for i m on a don t Telephone list. she said i can perform what i desire i dint live within you personally State. after the i request her name she Place Upwards on me. Lola appearance appreciate a scam for me.

Post by Guest,

2049755200 They Telephone. You personally reply. They hang Upward. You personally Phone that Sum and an automated express Requires you personally personally for Choose your name or Sum of Guy you personally need for Discuss along with. Pointless

Post by Guest,

204-975-5200 Telemarketing

Post by Anonymous,

2049755200 Stay AWAY From The Business. . . They vie a little Nazi by your own name of Tammy Green working within their customer service who is Around as aggressive as they come and your own biggest liar cyberspace has for offer. And yes they may take cash from your own account without your own own own Understanding. California Board of Corporations says they Stadium t Certified for could business in California but Nonetheless they re. Tammy Green had that nerve for say I don t vie for abide by your own Guidelines within California. . . Go screw yourself Tammy Green.

Post by MOJOE,

204-975-5200 Only GOT That Telephone ON MY CELL. I m From AN Isle AND Understand NO Just 1 Within CANADA WHAT That HELL. MY Amount IS Brand new AND UNLISTED. . . . . . . . .

Post by Guest,

2049755200 No message

Post by pissed,

204-975-5200 I obtained a phone Now at W 'm. They said I had done an Web Software for a pay daytime loan Lately amp Subsequently Inquired for me for Affirm my General SS in buy for Check they are speaking on your own right Man. I told her I was not going for Furnish her my overall SS amp I Desired for Comprehend where your application Arrived out of. She said that they vie several Sellers I Eventually told her I Desired for Chat for someone in Mg mt. Tracy out of Customer Relations got on the phone amp would t offer me her last name or a direct . Said they could not tell where my Software came for them out of due for that several Sellers Topic. Said I could report Fraud or Id Thieving for that Experts and they would Speak for them but not me.

Post by DG,

2049755200 I Just Got A Phone In that Number ST ON MY WORK Phone AND THEY DID NOT Reply For MY Hello Afterward A Second After THEY CALLED MY CELL Telephone. I 've Only BEEN AT MY New Profession TWO WEEKS. . . IT Actually Dilemmas ME HOW THEY GOT BOTH OF MY Amounts. . . . . Feb. W W

Post by wka3,

204-975-5200 Called on my cell Ph . Simply Set that Amount is Easily Val is Facebook. Since I m on Traction pare pay there s no Invoice for Stand up and no Link for any bank or CC Records. Sounds enjoy a few a holes scamming People that are overly active residing Accurate lives for become Competent for Manage.

Post by Guest,

2049755200 Payday loan


204-975-5200 SAME Matter I DID T Whole Your own Treatment AND WAS Inquired Exactly exactly why Consequently You personally personally DON T Need The LOAN AND I SAID NO AND PLUS I DID T Sign ANYTHING For State THAT I Needed A LOAN Nor Your own own Sum. . . . . . . . .

Post by Guest,

2049755200 .

Post by Sarah Denman,

204-975-5200 Only got a message saying he was returning my phone. I did not Phone that number

Post by glc,

2049755200 I m becoming calls on my cell and at work. I don t current Outside my work . Makes no Expertise for me. Nevertheless I did get a loan another Daytime from a Organization I vie used before. Your own own zip Website popped Upwards. .

Post by Guest,

204-975-5200 Rang once and Installed Up.

Post by Lionel,

2049755200 they Phone me from 3 different numbers 1 was value private unknown they request my Youngster tell Thus erroneous Sum phone again request them WY you personally personally Telephone my Sum and request for her she kip asking me would you personally now the Individual. could i Discuss along with her. Request her name your own Company she mumbling smiting adore Carr Bureau They are on my Avoid list Drained of your phone on my cellular

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7274480809 Complains by Guest,

Request who I voted for Afterward cuts off

2253485570 Complains by Guest,

quot this you personally shotgun shells. quot was the text I received

9142190158 Complains by Guest,

Sounds enjoy a stalker and will not Cease calling my Amount.

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2092080028 Complains by Guest,

Don t response.

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western union scam Calling businesses posing as a disable person

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Block the phone n text messages

8003231023 Complains by Larry,

They're ABCS Hospital Set Bureau located within Salisbury Baltimore they signify as one of their hospital Washington Hospital Center who are a Whole moron for start with trust me tell them for let you personally die first before they take you personally to that hospital

8001251115 Complains by T.H.,

When I replied nothing happened and Afterward I was Installed Upwards on.

8002133350 Complains by Damian Hernandez,

Asking ti barter for items not shown an to download pics

8003166175 Complains by Amy,

They keep calling and not Making a message on my cell phone. No Notion who that is.

8003274313 Complains by Aaron,

It s an automated phone out of HSBC.

8002693408 Complains by Guest,

do not desire for talk to.

8044546200 Complains by Guest,

he was searching for a great time

8044334770 Complains by FlopsyMopsyandCottenTail,

I 've got an entry for W W W as nicely which I suspect our assigned collector Christie for have used along with W W W which is the office of a Rich food warehouse inexplicably and over the path of some weeks other Amounts perhaps her own Residence property line and or land lines or cell Telephones or business Telephones of Pals family or arbitrary Sites for try to Strategy us into Selecting up

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