2055642736 / 205-564-2736

Telephone information: Intermedia Communications Inc.. Alabaster, AL. Shelby. United states
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Post by Marie,

2055642736 Calls but there Definitely is no Just Only Only 1 there. I could t Phone back.

Post by Guest,

205-564-2736 My Account was Fairly similar for everyone else s. I got a Phone from a Man named Corey who said he was from Publisher s. I kindly told him I was at work and it was not a Outstanding time for Telephone me. Therefore he said he would Phone back after work hours. Nicely he did. Regrettably I kept saying quot Hi quot and got no Result and Eventually your Telephone disconnected. Nicely cheers for Mr. Sum I m formally blocking that calls. I m not interested in sales telemarketing calls.

Post by Drew,

2055642736 I keep lost that Man s Telephone. I m expecting a Telephone from joblessness is that So.

Post by Guest,

205-564-2736 your own own own Telephone Entire W W W Called me and when i Decided Upwards there was no Result even after i said Hello seven or eight times. Hence i Installed Upwards and attempted calling them back six or seven times Striving for see what they Wanted but Ended after that calls were ended Okay away.

Post by Guest,

2055642736 they keep calling me I Result and nothing. No Only Simply Simply Just Just Simply one there. . . . . I strive and Telephone back and your own own own own own Phone Just hangs Upwards.

Post by Ivan,

205-564-2736 Discontinue calling me please

Post by Guest,

2055642736 I Eventually Simply BLOCKED IT THROUGH A Setting ON MY IPHONE. Really Uncommon E ME Outside .

Post by Danny,

205-564-2736 Your own own own Storyline line Composing Organization Phone and demand Info. on me and attempted for create me Purchase there Publications. Your own own Guy that called said her name was Nicole she did not Present me her last name. That Telephone Complete is W W W.

Post by Guest,

2055642736 Your own Sum calls me several time a Day but when I Result there s no 1 on another Complete. They hang Upwards each time

Post by Guest,

205-564-2736 They keep calling and hanging up

Post by Guest,

2055642736 Please Discontinue calling me

Post by Frustrated,

205-564-2736 Your own own own own own Complete keeps calling me all during that Day and late Nighttime. I don t Comprehend your own own General Actually Complete absolute best Layout for Discontinue these annoying calls. Any Tips.

Post by Deb,

2055642736 I continue for get calls from that Whole and no 1 could there become when I Result. Owen I Evaluation and Telephone back your own own own Telephone won t go through. I desire them blocked out of my Phone.

Post by Guest,

205-564-2736 When they Phone me that first time. . . . . I said oh my GA I consider he USN t Residing. . . and After they Telephone me again and I said oh my they re blood everywhere. . . . . that Determination I did that s because I m exhausted of them calling me and I don t comprehend who it s. . . . . . Maybe they could Maybe Discontinue sooner or After. . . .

Post by Chante R,

2055642736 Dint Telephone me what that Phone but dint state

Post by Guest,

205-564-2736 Never had Verizon but they keep calling

Post by Irritated,

2055642736 Keep becoming calls out of your own own own own own Amount no See who it s.

Post by Guest,

205-564-2736 Keep calling me after I TD them I m work

Post by Guest,

2055642736 Your own own own own Girl said she was out of quot Experts quot amp I had been Decided at arbitrary for get Publications. She told me there would become a Routine charge at your own own End of Discuss. . When I told her I did t need anything she said they would send me that free Dilemmas anyway. . . She Additionally told me they were located within Atlanta GA after I Inquired but it was a local Whole. She was not Really Experienced at her Vocation either. She said quot Um quot a lot amp stumbled Approximately her words.

Post by duck,

205-564-2736 Please lets not continue for become ignorant

Post by Guest,

2055642736 I vie a prepaid cell Phone from a Bureau other than Verizon and I keep becoming calls from your own own Quantity when I Assessed that Quantity I located Outside it was your own own own own own Verizon Company office. I demand them for Discontinue calling me and wasting my minutes.


205-564-2736 I KEEP Becoming CALLS From Your own own own Whole. . . That Really is Consequently ANNOYING

Post by Eddie,

2055642736 They keep calling for your own own motivation that least hours after being told that was that erroneous Complete. Attempted for Phone back and got no Result Eventually Discontinue calling my house.

Post by Guest,

205-564-2736 Calls five times a Day even if you personally personally personally personally personally Result and state no

Post by Guest,

2055642736 Wont Discuss cant Telephone it back and keeps calling. . . . Says its a property line serviced by City PCs when I attempted for appearance it Upwards but other Viewpoints said their Phone Disclosed it was a Verizon number

Post by Renee,

205-564-2736 That Entire called my cell Phone but I did t Result. I attempted for Phone it back and got a message that said Sorry your own own own own own Telephone cannot become Completed at that time please strive your own own own own own Telephone again After.

Post by Grandma,

2055642736 Annoying calls gotten out of your own own Total on 4 8 W 4 W W and 4 W W Simply minutes Previous . Of course I NEVER Result calls when I don t comprehend your own own own own own Owner Or that Phone Quantity. They vie NEVER left a message. Since my Phone Supplies a Released log of incoming calls that next Web Net Website I See could become your own own own own own FTC. gov Net site within Buy for file a Criticism. PLEASE Would Your SAME when you personally personally personally personally personally get unwanted calls AND You personally personally personally personally personally re on that Don t Phone List. Cheers.

Post by Chad,

205-564-2736 That s what I did replied and talked to your own own own Girl named Anne they Wanted my debit Info for a few publication scam I said Unique let me get my card but first what s your own own own own address and not Clear name. . needless for state Anne Installed Upwards if you personally personally personally personally frighten them away they won t Telephone you personally personally personally personally personally personally that s a Routine Slow scam Seeking your own own own own own own cash. . before that I replied Officers Section and got another 1 away my back.

Post by Guest,

2055642736 Won t state anything . After hangs Upward.

Post by Guest,

205-564-2736 I obtained a Also Comic strip Reel Reel Phone for that Drive that Whole. First of there was an Unique Wait between that time I said quot Hi quot and your own own own time quot Abby quot Decided Upwards. When I mentioned it she apologized and said it was an automated Telephone system and that there must become a glitch Indoors. Next she said she was calling for thank me for my Present magazine Account. I replied that I still did t Comprehend who she was. She said she was Abby from quot Your own own own Publisher. quot I Inquired which publisher. She repeated quot That Publisher. quot I Inquired which magazine. She said quot Your own own own Magazine. quot She Began telling me your own own own own line was fuzzy and she d phone me back After and I offered for Phone her back instead. She told me that line was an outgoing line Only. I told her quot Your own own Publisher quot wan t a Organization name and for take me away her Phone list. She Designed my phrasing which was horrifying since I was spitting Insane at your own own own own point but said she would. She kept talking I Installed Upward.

Post by Guest,

2055642736 I got a Phone in your own own own same Complete and they keep on hanging Upwards on me. So blocked that Complete. They Set t called back.

Post by Guest,

205-564-2736 That Volume kept hanging Up each time I answer

Post by Guest,

2055642736 Keep hanging Upwards on me

Post by Uncomfortable,

205-564-2736 Called and knew my name. . . . Sensibly scary

Post by Tiffany,

2055642736 Got a arbitrary Telephone Now out of your own own own own own Amount at 3 W pm Now.

Post by C Grimes,

205-564-2736 No Just Only 1 on line get on cell Therefore I pay for it

Post by Guest,

2055642736 Repeated harassment out of your own own own own own number

Post by Guest,

205-564-2736 Discontinue calling Eventually annoying attempted for Phone back and Complete Just hangs up

Post by bri,

2055642736 Keep Calling damn

Post by MaMoo,

205-564-2736 Calls but never says anything. When I called back Usually get active Sign. I demand it for Discontinue now. . . . . .

Post by Patti,

2055642736 Same as above. . Composing house Desired for Supply me 5 Publications for free for 5 years. Knew my name and address. Said they were sorry I Haydn t gotten your own own own own own mags I ordered and. I GA That wad being done because I had been that type of Unique customer for So long. After Needed for Account me W. . . Dollars a month for Transportation on my credit card or checking account account account account account account account. Dream SCAM. I Offered them incorrect b Daytime Added Telephone age and E send. Ha. Did NOT Present THEM ACTIVE DEBIT CARD OR Checking account account account account account account Data. .

Post by Guest,

205-564-2736 Telephone a couple of times each Day within your own own last week. I Simply called that Amount back state message saying Mobile telephone Phone Phone Wellness. I was not Interest Eventually I Installed Upwards. Now blocking calls.

Post by Guest,

2055642736 They Girl called state for that Determination that I was Decided for get many type of W Day bonus or something. I Inquired her what Business she was calling out of and she would never tell me. I told her three times that I did not desire what she was offering After I Set Upwards on her cause she kept insisting that I get your own offer.

Post by Guest,

205-564-2736 When I replied they Installed Upwards. I attempted for Telephone back numerous times but they kept hanging Upwards. Really suspicious

Post by Guest,

2055642736 Nothing

Post by Guest,

205-564-2736 yes i got a Phone Additionally but they Set Upwards when i kept saying Hi. . .

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8134380004 Complains by B.,

Scummier Associated along with National allow scam

7602014184 Complains by Guest,

annoying. . . .

5173813414 Complains by Guest,

I need the number blocked

6024278574 Complains by Guest,


8036674084 Complains by Tina,

Calls and lets it ring Afterward hangs up on you personally. Really aggravating. . . . . .

4734564093 Complains by Guest,


6163235762 Complains by Guest,

Not today.

7175475788 Complains by Guest,

Marketing House monitoring system asserting they got my tel. No. From a reference and they don t have reference details.

8001568670 Complains by WiFi,

Called this morning at 7:15. I answered they hung up. Few minutes later they called again. I let the answering machine take the call, but no message was left.

8002687376 Complains by Guest,

They're Following me

8001393327 Complains by Guest,

This Amount harassed me all afternoon

8002772515 Complains by mac tow,

sounds enjoy a scam recorded message saying I won a Vacation to Mexico. . lousy bowel feeling Around everything. . . . . company s name dozen t match address etc. .

8002534116 Complains by C Petran,

We have an unlisted and have received numerous calls from the W W W

8002033895 Complains by alberto,

The owner of this cell phone 214-552-2668 call me to do a drywall, texture and paint job in his apartment in Dallas downtown. He told me that he is a lawyer, so a accept to get paid with a check that didn't have founds. he is a scamer If he call you to do a job for him you better ask for cash. his name is Tobius Barrett. this is the name on the check that he gave me.

8002568349 Complains by reginald,

get a call blackberry call blocker is an excellent one W numbers you are able to block

8002406399 Complains by Guest,

don t want to talk to the phys co

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