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Post by Bob,

2063484271 Called my House phone left no message. Area code W is Washington State

Post by westcoast,

206-348-4271 Merely got a phone from your same Amount. . . did t answer. . . no message

Post by Karin,

2063484271 Merely got a call did t answer and they left no message. 4 W pm east shore time on Might W W. Cheers everyone for sharing your info.

Post by Not-A-Sucka,

206-348-4271 Caller Installed Upwards as soon as I answered.

Post by Meg,

2063484271 They called no MSG. added number Avoid list. bu bye.

Post by VM,

206-348-4271 I got the call overly Did not answer

Post by Jeff,

2063484271 As said. . . Just got this call and no voice mail was left.

Post by Kenneth,

206-348-4271 Don t believe what you personally see on your caller ID People. These Amounts are often spoofed. Most likely is an away coastline telephone center. The Popular lowering of credit card speed calls were all using spoofed id s. It can Cease when a law is enacted prohibiting that spoofing of caller ID. . . . Not until.

Post by Guest,

2063484271 They tell you you vie won a cruise. I am Additionally on the National Do not Call List.

Post by S Francescatti,

206-348-4271 KEEP Becoming CALLS From This Number. . .

Post by anon,

2063484271 Yes you work for them. Fine try scummier.

Post by Terry,

206-348-4271 My cell phone was called at 1 W P. M. Pacific Time. That phone Arrived Upward as an unregistered Amount thus I did not reply. There was no voice send or message. I Go ogled that Amount and that is what Wikipedia had for say W is that North American telephone area code within the U. S. State of Washington within Dallas Shoreline Lake Forest Park the islands of Mercer Beanbag and Eyesight and portions of metropolitan Washington out of Dies Monies for Wood manner.

Post by Frank,

2063484271 I obtained the on my cell Telephone. I called back and got a Purchase signal. When I called from the Residence that voice mail was full but that name was Barry Helga or something to that effect.

Post by Hadit,

206-348-4271 had a call from this Amount did not response. Maybe our Authorities could direct NASA for block these fools nothing else Looks for work.

Post by dip_dap2,

2063484271 Sure Yes. Simply for safety. Lt Place eye roll here gt

Post by anon,

206-348-4271 Yep you work for them. Fine strive scummier.

Post by dip_dap2,

2063484271 Sure yea. Simply for safety. Lt Put eye Move here gt

Post by mamacasucci,

206-348-4271 Only got a phone from this number. I m on the DC list. Becoming a lot of unexpected calls Currently. I did t response and they left no message.

Post by Kathy B.,

2063484271 Helpful Suggestion Don t telephone back unknown Amounts which Search under your new calls or missed calls log. I vie learned it s absolute best for Remove these UNKNOWN s from my recent calls log asap so I don t accidentally redial their . I Lately Bag redialed a number enjoy that amp it turned Outside for become an international telephone . I called my cell Service and thankfully they deleted it from my Statement but who wants to spend time having to do that. . I despise scam bags. . .

Post by Victor,

206-348-4271 Got a telephone from this Amount all they said when I picked up is Goodbye Afterward Installed Upward. Been becoming thus Considerably spam telephone lately.

Post by jane,

2063484271 Obtained your phone. But would not response when I state Hi. Real nuisance call.

Post by Guest,

206-348-4271 did t Understand that phone Amount so I did t response. after reading these Remarks I m happy I did t

Post by Leonard,

2063484271 Gotten phone from W W W Did not reply can block Amount as scam It is Washington State I live within Portland Oregon Place.

Post by Beth,

206-348-4271 I received a telephone from the yesterday at 'm. I did not Comprehend that so I did not answer it amp waited to listen for my voice mail that never came. I called it back amp put a W in front of the number thus they could t see who was calling them. All I got was a Rapidly busy signal. Then attempted it again with out blocking MY same thing. . . Busy.

Post by Mike,

2063484271 Don t response unknown calls. . . . . ever.

Post by justageek,

206-348-4271 Called. . . Directed} for vim. . No message. . .

Post by J,

2063484271 Won a free cruise for that Bahamas. . .

Post by John,

206-348-4271 Got a call from the number 5 5 W I would not have picked it up but the Bluetooth connection for my Automobile was on and I was Operating and not able to pay close attention. There was message that told me I won a free trip for your Bahamas that s when I Put Upwards the phone. No doubt that is a scam remember.

Post by Guest,

2063484271 spam

Post by mg,

206-348-4271 these calls are thus annoying. they used for leave messages at least. no they phone. . . . and don t leave a message and half of that time they don t even response if you personally would state hello. . . . .

Post by K,

2063484271 The Amount called my cell Telephone left no message. When I called back message said no mailbox place up.

Post by Lhilda,

206-348-4271 Revealed Upward Washington within the Facsimile machine.

Post by d,

2063484271 I also gotten a phone out of this haphazard Telephone called back and message says express mail has not been set up However . This called Approximately 2 PM Now 5 3 W today same as everyone else. that's Unusual. are they using cell phone for Rob calls now. I m Attempting to believe of who I recently did business with who Likely Offered my my information to arbitrary strangers. Love that

Post by Nnj,

206-348-4271 Ditto. No message.

Post by SH,

2063484271 I acquired a phone out of them automated message saying I won a free trip for that Bahama s if I answered their survey. Absolute scam I did t can it. Merely hang up.

Post by Part of the Solution,

206-348-4271 Bahama Cruise Scam

Post by Guest,

2063484271 9 W this morning. Said I won a cruise. I Merely needed to participate in a survey. Drive 1 for continue or 9 to have your number forever removed from their calling list. I pushed 9 and Put up. I called your Amount back and express send says mailbox is full.

Post by Guest,

206-348-4271 I got a phone at 9 W a. m. I missed your telephone so I called it back and that express mail carton is not empty and your name is being mumbled thus I could t understand your name. If anyone can clearly Notice that name please Google it.

Post by Brf,

2063484271 Did t answer never had the number telephone me before. . . . . . but it just did Min ago. I Viewed it up here and appreciate all that comments. it s now blocked. I hate people that can this. and it s thus obvious that they re scampers or telemarketers when they hang Upwards and don t even leave a message.

Post by Ron New England,

206-348-4271 Simply got just one. Godawful pain in that neck Things. We all Stress Around privacy your Authorities spying when daytime after day these creeps intrude on the private space.

Post by Mike,

2063484271 Got a call out of this Amount amp left no message. This is irritating. Wish I knew who sold my Amount.

Post by SickandtiredoftheBS,

206-348-4271 It comes up on my caller ID as Wireless Owner . Congratulations you are selected to become a Success of. . . . CLICK. I Put up. Actually. Exactly why the hell would I offer any private information for some Individual that I don t know. LEAVE ME ALONE.

Post by Dave,

2063484271 Just got a call out of this number about free Vacation to Bahamas. . I Put up . . .

Post by Missy,

206-348-4271 Calls several times No MSG's left Owner ID Washington

Post by Shelly,

2063484271 Just got a phone from this number. No message.

Post by Guest,

206-348-4271 Telemarketer

Post by Argyjr,

2063484271 Merely called me on my cell. . . I answered. . . I heard nothing and they disconnected. I called it back only to get a fast busy Transmission Practically immediately.

Post by Baltimore,

206-348-4271 I got a call Now Could 4 Approximately 6 W PM. No message. Your Amount that came up on my Owner I. D. was W W W. The telephone came to my cell Telephone. Showed Upward as Seattle Washington on the Owner I. D.

Post by Guest,

2063484271 same Case here. picked Upward and Put up

Post by Becky,

206-348-4271 Got a call out of this number at PM. Called back at Am. Your voice send is set Upward as a cell phone along with your name H Hallowing. I believe is what it said.

Post by Guest,

2063484271 A scam. Why can t these Folks become shut down.

Post by TL,

206-348-4271 Got the phone a few minutes after 9 'm ET this morning. Did not answer because I did t Comprehend your number. Owner ID said it was a Wireless Caller . Phone came in on your House phone and we don t know anyone from the Washington Region nor are we everywhere close there. Not sure how they got our number but I want to locate Outside.

Post by Will,

2063484271 I just gotten a phone phone out of this number W W W. No 1 responded when I said Hi. Thus I said Hi again. Subsequently a recording started saying something Around winning something. Not confident for what but I hung Upward. Scampers.

Post by Guest,

206-348-4271 I got a call out of the Amount at 7 W sigh on 5 W W. I did what I Usually can when I get a phone out of a Amount I don t Understand. I picked Upward and listened. They Put up after simply a few seconds and did t say anything.

Post by liv,

2063484271 Said i won a cruise to that Bahamas just has for would a survey i Put up.

Post by 206edinChina,

206-348-4271 Got the telephone on my cell Telephone an hour Past while on Holiday in China. No message left on my voice mail. I actually have Buddies within that Washington Region but did t response it because I was Scared of Offshore Costs. After Go ogling your Telephone number I soon located the helpful Newsgroup. I m Actually glad that I Simply let it ring. It was 5 W a. m. here within China anyway.

Post by Lala,

2063484271 I gotten a phone from the number today 2 W pm CST. I did t reply Only as everyone else I don t reply calls out of Amounts I don t understand. I was Attempting for think of what Firm I Offered my Amount to this week.

Post by Bon,

206-348-4271 Just got a phone from the number on my cell Telephone at 4 W P. M. DST on Could possibly Th amp Underneath that Telephone Amount it said Washington Washington and I don t know anyone who lives there Left no message I never answer s that I don t know. . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Paul,

2063484271 Scam. I won a trip for that Bahamas. I hung up before they could say any more.

Post by dan,

206-348-4271 got your same telephone as did others could possibly your third

Post by Ann,

2063484271 Telephone ID states Cell Telephone Oregon . left no message

Post by PETER,

206-348-4271 called at 9 'm. No response. from what I could tell comes out of cell Telephone within Washington that state . Probably a scummier or Nuisance call. Avert the call.

Post by Guest,

2063484271 Left no MSG and when I tried calling back it went instantly to a occupied signal

Post by Publius,

206-348-4271 Amazing that we still hassle to keep phones. Cells and property lines all get that Rob targeting. As the numbers are Typically faked there s no point in reporting your number. Amusing as nicely as Miserable but no one I understand actually answers that phone anymore. The number called my Dwelling Telephone at 4 PM EST. Identified only as wireless Owner . Rang three times Afterward stopped. Astonishing.

Post by Texas_JohnNY,

2063484271 Unidentified Telephone out of the for my cell phone just now. Did not reply. Caller did not leave VIM .

Post by Nas,

206-348-4271 Called at 8 PM EST. Did not leave a message.

Post by Guest,

2063484271 They called Only now I answered along with quot Great Morning quot twice was Put Upwards on.

Post by Lin,

206-348-4271 Only Set it on your blocked calls list. . . . done and done

Post by Robert,

2063484271 They called but left no message. A good way to get back at these morons if you occur to answer is to say hold on let me get the Partner homeowner etc and Afterward Merely Place the Telephone down. Your longer they stay on that line that more time OF THEIRS you just wasted. .

Post by annoyed,

206-348-4271 Your Amount calls my home almost every daytime W W W I do not response and they do not leave a message.

Post by WW,

2063484271 Did not response. Left no message.

Post by Jorge Teixeira,

206-348-4271 Did not leave message. unwanted call

Post by Guest,

2063484271 Attempting to give away trips if I answered about W minutes of questions and then a telemarketer comes on to sell other merchandise.

Post by NOLA,

206-348-4271 I also got a call from the number. . It Arrived Upwards on Owner ID as Washington. I waited for a voice mail and never got 1.

Post by Pearl,

2063484271 Ditto phone came for my cell on W W W. Did not response no message left. Adding for my spam list.

Post by another senior,

206-348-4271 got call for my cell phone at 9 W. . . did not response. I too don't response cell calls that I don t recognize.

Post by No Name Provided,

2063484271 Washington Washington is Area Code W. Washington DC is Region Code W.

Post by Elaine,

206-348-4271 I got a call from this Amount. What the hell. Stop on the other end. Does the Man have nothing better to can.

Post by Sherry,

2063484271 Simply got a telephone at 2 W Asian time. Says Washington amp they did t leave a message.

Post by Ryanne,

206-348-4271 Scummier Offering for provide away a free cruise if you Whole a survey NO Cheers But You Rob Owner 've been added for the REJECTED call list

Post by WA Resident,

2063484271 Phone Arrived within on my mobile line. Attempted calling back today got That mailbox for Harry Helga is full. Or something enjoy that someone reading Outside a name in that Mid of the automated message. Has called before never leaves a message. Oh and Yep both cellular telephone and land lines are all Enrolled along with DC Registry. For all the good that s done.

Post by Guest,

206-348-4271 They tell you personally you vie won a cruise.

Post by HRM,

2063484271 Present it Upward I m not answering.

Post by Guest,

206-348-4271 What a nerve to keep calling and never leave a message.

Post by Ryan,

2063484271 Called your Rob Amount back Around a hundred times. Each once in a little while I get a voice send that says G airy Hell wig it sounds enjoy airy but I think the G was cut off when it was Registered. The express send is Additionally Clearly full and cannot take any more messages. Don t turn these Folks within since it won t do anything but research them and distribute their data.

Post by Julie,

206-348-4271 Got a telephone with recorded message saying I had won a cruise for your Bahamas

Post by Mekutochi,

2063484271 Just got a call Wireless Owner no message of path. Could possibly they rot within hell. . . . . .

Post by Muxe,

206-348-4271 W is that are code for Washington State Washington are and Islands and shoreline lines.

Post by LG,

2063484271 To create official Criticisms go here By State DC lists HTTP Www. . com tentacled. HTTP Web. . gov amp Section HTTP support. FCC. gov cruciforms type. Amenhotep's complaints. dentally. gov Criticism Criticism Assess. asp. Cell HTTP Web. Buyer finance. gov Criticism HTTP Www. stop fraud. gov report. Web. fraud. org

Post by Anne S.,

206-348-4271 So exactly why are we on that Don't Telephone list if they are gonna phone anyway. . . . . .

Post by Guest,

2063484271 Phone initiated fr Seattle Wa.

Post by Jeff,

206-348-4271 Got phone Approximately 9 Am. Did not leave message and did not phone back. Must become spam

Post by Carrie,

2063484271 Partner got a phone from the on his cell a couple hours ago. He answered and only got Stop.

Post by brian,

206-348-4271 Not Washington dc . DC has W area code

Post by Guest,

2063484271 Called my unlisted cell but left no MSG. Subsequently did not response when I called back. Thanks for the other comments now i know. . . . .

Post by mso, in ct,

206-348-4271 acquired a phone in the same Amount W W W no message left.

Post by E,

2063484271 Merely got a call from this number. No express mail left. When I tried for telephone back it went to a busy Sign. It s a Washington California number.

Post by Daisy,

206-348-4271 Scam telephone. Called my cell phone at W W 'm and left no message. Called number back at W W am and got that no service beeping.

Post by LOL - same # called me,

2063484271 Congrats on your own Vacation. I m Merely as Blessed seems the timeshare I don t own could become Offered for lots of cash. .

Post by JPSMA,

206-348-4271 Called my cellphone on 5 W. I did not reply. Left no message. I called your Amount out of my work Telephone and got a occupied Sign.

Post by Tired of the calls,

2063484271 Your DC list just works for law abiding businesses and scampers and spammers are not Understood for obeying the law.

Post by LOL - same # called me,

206-348-4271 Congrats on your own Vacation. I m Only as Blessed seems the timeshare I don t own could become Offered for lots of cash. .

Post by bjs,

2063484271 Normally don t answer these calls but was expecting a call and answered it. Said I had won a Vacation to the Bahamas. I Put Upward.

Post by Guest,

206-348-4271 Left no message got Rapidly busy when called back

Post by TelcoITman,

2063484271 I look for some of your Comments posted about these fax telemarketer calls amusing. I Set Jointly a Applications Software that has logged over W of these annoyance calls since W. Those of you that let the calls Move to your own replying machine express send or worse Though replied that telephone you have Simply ensured you may get another of these calls. Perhaps not from your same number but they vie just identified your own Amount as valid and passed it on. Most of that Original calls Begin out of software aka recalls once your own number is identified as active Subsequently a Man could become there on that follow up calls. If you've that Potential to block your Amount that called that's that absolute best Activity. If you don t have a blocking option keep a phone along with Owner ID close by and Just Strike talk and away simultaneously. If you personally Actually want for block them there is sensibly priced Applications that a layman can Mount. Of that W calls I vie blocked just W have been within the last 6 months. Thus that message is Uncomplicated blocking works .

Post by LG,

206-348-4271 For make official Criticisms go here By State DC lists HTTP Web. . com tentacled. HTTP Www. . gov amp panel HTTP support. FCC. gov cruciforms sort. Amenhotep's Grievances. dentally. gov Grievance Criticism check. asp. panel HTTP Web. Customer finance. gov complaint HTTP Internet. Cease fraud. gov report. Web. fraud. org

Post by Garrett,

2063484271 Merely called I said Hello and they Installed Upwards.

Post by KRS,

206-348-4271 Simply got a call from this number Arrived up as wireless Owner I replied it and waited in W seconds of Stop before I Put Upward. Called it back and got a occupied sound. . . Unusual.

Post by LadyD,

2063484271 They called me too. Monday Could 5 W W W PM. Your Owner ID on my home phone said wireless caller . That s that same as a caller not identifying themselves I don t reply those calls. They declined for leave a message when my answering machine gave them that option thus therefore your call is unimportant and undeserving of my attentions. I won t become returning that telephone Or will I response when if they telephone again. IMO this is a scam don t pay any attention to it.

Post by bedheadbob,

206-348-4271 Got a phone on my cell Telephone out of the at 2 W in the afternoon. Waited for see if they left a v. m. but nothing. That just brand new thing I used my Information for was for hint up along with a magazine subscription Firm. . . Perhaps that s exactly why it was so Inexpensive. . . because they sell Reader s names and s. . .

Post by LindaH,

2063484271 Got a phone just now from the number. It s not a Rob Owner or at least mine wan t. I heard the person breathing on the other side but it was hushed otherwise Subsequently after W seconds they Put up. Likely is a social Manufacture trying for get information for fraud. Discount it. On my cell I mark these Nuisance Call and Blow off them.

Post by Aparker01,

206-348-4271 It s Washington State. Washington DC Region code is W

Post by stalked,

2063484271 My neighbor allegedly is taking all the harassing phone calls he receives and calling them and asking them to phone me instead. Stalked. Obtained no message and BLOCKED.

Post by Paula,

206-348-4271 Acquired a phone from the 9 W a. m. on 5 W W. Left no message. Said Oregon which is Washington. It was out of a cell Telephone. They understand that cell Telephone s are tough for track. . Called back. . went automatically to occupied Transmission. They have called 2 times now. If they call again I will Choose it up. Can tell them I am going to report them for that FCC since I 've their on my Telephone.

Post by Rebecca,

2063484271 Called our company Amount. I answered. It was silent for a long time and when I said Hi again they Installed Upwards.

Post by Guest,

206-348-4271 I 1 of the trip to that Bahamas really

Post by SickandtiredoftheBS,

2063484271 It comes Upwards on my Owner ID as Wireless Caller . Congratulations You're Chosen to be a winner of. . . . CLICK. I hung Upwards. Really. Exactly why that hell would I supply any personal information for many Man that I don t understand. LEAVE ME ALONE.

Post by Nightshift daysleeper,

206-348-4271 Berry Ludwig s mailbox is full. Overly many scam calls. Add this number for your spam list.

Post by drooler,

2063484271 Once again got a phone from W W W. They Installed up before I replied presuming it was one of my children dwelling within California.

Post by Helper,

206-348-4271 I received a telephone out of the on my cell Telephone. I had missed your phone and I don t have VIM and there surely is no manner I d call that Amount back.

Post by Catherine Cioffi,

2063484271 It s that State of Washington. DC is W Region.

Post by Guest,

206-348-4271 left a few type of a muffled voice message

Post by Guest,

2063484271 Spam

Post by Disgusted and Intruded upon,

206-348-4271 The call comes within Frequently. . . I did Answer a couple of times and a express says Congratulations you are a Success. . . . . . I Fly your Telephone in disgust. . When thus many are reporting the intrusiveness even when we have blocked calls Exactly why IS AN Thing DONE However. .

Post by Pissed Senior,

2063484271 Telemarketing Scum.

Post by HobbyBobby,

206-348-4271 Called just a couple of minutes ago. ID read Wireless Caller. The Registered buckler messages was Congratulations you might have won a Bahamas Cruise Isle Giveaway . . .

Post by Guest,

2063484271 Got a phone out of this number but no just one on the line when we replied.

Post by donnie,

206-348-4271 Nothing there 've been becoming calls within early morning Night and afternoons. .

Post by Guest,

2063484271 Same as other Remarks. Got a phone at 8 PM last nighttime. After I Decided up no one said anything and Only Installed Upward a few seconds after.

Post by Paul A,

206-348-4271 Acquired your telephone at 2 PM Now 5 W W. Sent it to VIM. No message. . And I have my cell Amount Recorded on that Do not Telephone Registry. . Why would I still get this crap. .

Post by Guest,

2063484271 left no message

Post by Mark,

206-348-4271 Received a telephone on the home Telephone at W 'm but no message left.

Post by Indigo10,

2063484271 Merely got a phone from the Amount about free cruise for Bahamas. . Hung Upward . . .

Post by Bucko,

206-348-4271 Telephone for my cell phone. I did t answer and they did not leave a message. 5 5 W about W W a. m. EST.

Post by Chris,

2063484271 I received a phone on my cell phone from this Amount at Approximately 1 W PM CST no message left. Did not understand the Amount or caller.

Post by Sick of them,

206-348-4271 They telephone everyday never leave a message hang Upwards when I reply. It s getting to where I 've more numbers blocked than individuals who Properly phone me. What good is your DC list if these heels always Break it.

Post by Linda C.,

2063484271 Got a phone from the Now no message. I called back Bands once Subsequently goes for occupied Sign.

Post by Tammy,

206-348-4271 Called and left no message. I work within talcum so I did a name appearance Upwards on that number. W WIRELESS Caller Primary SP ID Company Name CELL CO Partnership Pat VERIZON WIRELESS Wa City for Nap NIX Washington State for Sleep NIX California All I got.

Post by Taxpayer,

2063484271 When I replied it was an automated call along with a free trip to the Bahamas if I answered their survey. Subsequently it gave me a pick of pressing 1 to take your survey or pressing 8 for be permanently removed out of their phone list.

Post by Pearl,

206-348-4271 Ditto call came to my cell on W W W. Did not answer no message left. Adding to my spam list.

Post by Kelly,

2063484271 Same thing. . Call left no express mail. No mailbox for call back either.

Post by jk,

206-348-4271 Each time I get a call enjoy this I am so thankful because it reminds me when they outlaw guns just outlaws will 've them. It's illegal to spam telephone people enjoy me that are on your do not telephone list yet they break the law anyway. Thus remember when they outlaw the Firearms simply the evil will have them and you will become standing helplessly while your children and family are .

Post by Aparker01,

2063484271 Got a call from this Amount 5 5 9 W am on my acreage line. Answered because it might be work Associated. No response. Suppose they Installed Upward. I never offer info over that Telephone or fall because of this type of crap so they're barking Upwards that incorrect tree.

Post by FRANK g,

206-348-4271 Phishing scampers. they Merely desire your own Critical info. .

Post by Guest,

2063484271 Answered phone no 1 there

Post by Kathy,

206-348-4271 Received Rob telephone out of W W California Us today at 9 W am. No MSG left.

Post by Guest,

2063484271 Called Only after A. Could hear Speak in History but no just one spoke to me. Legislatures you personally need to enforce a law after W Gripes against a number the nuisance number is permanently disconnected.

Post by john,

206-348-4271 yea free cruise to Bahamas remember nothing is free to ans er a survey i Put Upwards before it got any sneaky questions Cops HUD invest agate n lock em Upward its a crime to steal while R Attempting for Key people

Post by ALM,

2063484271 It s not DC. . . That s W Place code.

Post by Angry Annie,

206-348-4271 YAHOO. . . . I m going on a cruise for that BAHAMAS. . . . It s my Lucky Daytime. . . . . Gimme a break. . .

Post by Tired of the calls,

2063484271 The DC list only works for law abiding Companies and scampers and spammers aren't known for obeying your law.

Post by nic,

206-348-4271 it revealed Upwards as wireless caller on my work phone ID and was a Rob telephone you might have won a free Bahamas vacation. . . . then they called back three times instantaneously after i hung Upward. they then called again MANY times around your next few weeks. i want i knew who they were so that i could report them for that State AG s office

Post by tired of dirtbags,

2063484271 Got a call from this Amount. I called it back and got Eric Hellish Sp is not Accessible and Afterward something Around that express send carton being full. I m certain Eric which ever Likely cancelled his phone service and a few Dust bag from another Nation got ah previous of it and Began Attempting to scam cash. . . . and they wonder exactly why the U. S. is Ill of delivering our tax money for other Nations for Help . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Helper,

206-348-4271 State of Washington. Seattle to be Particular.

Post by mccaulg,

2063484271 Got a call out of the number 3 W PM CDT on Sunday Could possibly 4. Did not response because did not recognize that number and only Buddies and family 've I given my number for.

Post by Karin,

206-348-4271 Simply got a phone did t response and they left no message. 4 W pm east shore time on Could possibly W W. Cheers everyone for sharing your Information.

Post by Guest,

2063484271 I don t know this Individual so I desire them for stop calling my house number

Post by Blitz,

206-348-4271 Got a phone on 5 5 W at 1 W pm. Did t reply it.

Post by GAIL,

2063484271 GOT A Telephone ON MY Acreage LINE Along with This Number . . . NO Voice Send. . . WHO The HELL ARE THEY. . . .

Post by Ava,

206-348-4271 Got a call on my cell phone W W W 9 W a. m. did not response but called that Amount out of my office phone. Did t even go to VIM Only rang once and got a occupied Transmission. My co worker is experiencing a lot of harassing phone calls from haphazard Amounts that Search to be within that United States. Found Outside after Calling the Telephone Business that the Amounts are spoofed and your calls 've been coming from India. Wish there was another way for block these Individuals.

Post by Fedup,

2063484271 For LG That is a forum to share information. It's not your place to create official Grievances.

Post by Night Raider,

206-348-4271 Only another goddamned Criminal.

Post by Nancy,

2063484271 I get calls out of the number everyday I don't reply it ever they don't leave a message but it comes from a cell phone from Someplace within Oregon. Thus ANNOYING It's To Stop. . . . . .

Post by Guest,

206-348-4271 Phishing Scam

Post by meme,

2063484271 Might W W 'm no message left.

Post by Guest,

206-348-4271 I also gotten call and did t Choose Upward. . name sounds enjoy Harry Helga on voice send. Must become telemarketer

Post by Jim,

2063484271 Just got a call out of this number as nicely. . . 1 W W W but I did not response either since I did t Comprehend your Amount. I waited a few Minutes to see if I would 've gotten a express mail but I did not. This Amount has now been added for my reject telephone list.

Post by Brian,

206-348-4271 Happy I did not bother to Select Upward. Was out to dinner and decided not to Choose Upward. No message was left. Wad initially concerned it was work Linked . Glad I let it go

Post by Kathy,

2063484271 Called this 'm 9. W Rang twice. I didn't response. No message. I Actually am getting Ill of the arbitrary calling by all Forms of scum.

Post by DarthVader,

206-348-4271 Got a telephone did not response caller left no message.

Post by anon,

2063484271 Exactly why don t you try spinning another fairy tale. Might be more believable.

Post by Lhilda,

206-348-4271 Did not answer gotten phone on Could possibly W At W W EST.

Post by Mike in MD,

2063484271 Ah that previous You've won a free cruise scam if you answer a few survey questions. Your Exclusive goal of your survey is to see if you personally qualify for attend their high pressure sales Course for their travel Team at a local hotel or Resort. Afterward you look for Outside your free cruise has all Forms of taxes and fees Related with it and you are responsible for becoming to that port of phone and back Dwelling.

Post by Jim S.,

206-348-4271 Also got a telephone from this number at 5 W 5 W. I do not response calls of the type. We all should know by now these calls are scams Specially if they are Tired in Making a message. Don t even bother wasting your own time calling back.

Post by Guest,

2063484271 My Amount is on that do not phone registry.

Post by ToscasKiss,

206-348-4271 They called left no message. Thanks to people who reply Making us all know that it s a scam or not . Only another saved scam Amount in my own contact list path they Practically never telephone again from the same number but if they can I ll see that it s Scam I Did t Answer calling.

Post by crabby granny,

2063484271 Calls at least twice a day. I don t response. Someday I desire for meet these people it could get hideous.

Post by vixie,

206-348-4271 Decided up telephone but no just one was there.

Post by Lori,

2063484271 Same as everyone else Now. No message was left. Don t understand anyone in Washington state. These Businesses or People demand to be Ceased. Totally incorrect that cell numbers were given for your Fake lists. Ill of your calls already.

Post by Kaye mullins,

206-348-4271 Gotten your telephone out of same Amount at 4 W est. . . could 4 W did not reply attempted for call it back and it was busy

Post by Swamp Thing,

2063484271 Only Number on Owner ID. Clear Telemarketing Criminals am in Party favor of a burdensome tax on both the users of Bacall machines and allowing their use by interaction companies.

Post by r,

206-348-4271 W called me 5 W W after 8 W PM. Left no message

Post by Sarah01,

2063484271 got a call from the Amount states Washington call left no message.

Post by Irene Taskar,

206-348-4271 The phone Amount called our House on 5 W PM. est. w o message. The Amount is among many calls from different U. S. states and it Looks that my number is out there on that Internet on many database.

Post by Linda,

2063484271 Called my cell phone. Did not leave a message.

Post by Cory,

206-348-4271 Left a message saying take this survey and get 2 free cruise tickets.

Post by Tammy,

2063484271 Answered my cellphone for incoming call out of W. W. W when I Inquired can I help you the phone disconnected. There was no recording or Individual online that I could tell.

Post by Justa Guy,

206-348-4271 Got incoming phone on my cell phone. Did t answer and they did t leave a message. My Telephone number is area code W Dallas Established. At first I thought it was a call that I was expecting but upon Nearer Evaluation it was not a number that I recognized. After reading other posts I was happy that I did t answer

Post by ALM,

2063484271 It s not DC. . . That s W area code.

Post by Charlie,

206-348-4271 Received a telephone did not answer and they did not leave a message

Post by Crystal,

2063484271 Just got this 1. I Truly replied because I was expecting an from state call from someone else. After a few hello s on my part it hung up. Adding the for my Spam contact list.

Post by Fed Up,

206-348-4271 I had a call from them too. I attempted for call back and get a message saying that the express send for Barry Helga Helga. is not empty and can t take any more messages and it disconnects.

Post by ju,

2063484271 It's the Mindless Authorities. They constantly like for mess along with people. Simply ignore them.

Post by mike,

206-348-4271 Merely got a phone out of this number W W W. I did not Comprehend it and thus did not reply. They did not leave me a message. I attempted to phone it back and just got a active ringing . They 've it fixed so cant phone them.

Post by Guest,

2063484271 they called but did not say anything

Post by just got call,

206-348-4271 Did t Choose up unrecognizable number

Post by Joyce Boyles,

2063484271 Do not Phone. .

Did you get an unwanted call from 206-348-4271? Is 2063484271 Safe to Answer or a Spam Caller? Tell us as much as you can!

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Recent comment

7739983924 Complains by elmoette,

A female just called from this #.  When I said I was the roommate of the person they were lookin for and could I take a message, they hung up abruptly.

2146172277 Complains by Guest,

A nascence

5184442244 Complains by Guest,

knew my first name but when I Inquired for his said something enjoy . . . quot unbelievable what a deficiency of respect quot and Put Upwards.

6017016034 Complains by Fred,

Called by this number on 3/7/14 at 2:18P with caller ID as "Share Time".  i assume it is something about a time share.  i did not answer the call, as i have no relationship with this company.  And i am on the Do Not Call list (which is a joke.)  i do not find that company listed on Google.  Probably just another low life selling time shares and will not find a decent job.

7867014001 Complains by Guest,

Only phone and are silent

4086101179 Complains by Guest,

That is a Tremendous Scam and harassing Owner. Don t Answer. .

7039887300 Complains by Guest,

It was Romney campaign. I m voting for him anyway but drained of that phone calls. . Vote Romney W

8032338021 Complains by BETH D,

Arrived up on Owner ID as TRICOLOUR and middle Asian Feature man asked for owner by name . When I told him the owner was unavailable he Put Upwards.

8003280304 Complains by SuperMonkeyCube,

It looked for become Deluxe for Company and they asked me many questions about your web marketing but by the Finish of your phone call I was creep Edward Outside because I was starting to think I was talking to a computer that stays on Program. I wan t daring enough to throw Outside a Absurd statement to see how the other Finish of your phone would Answer. Maybe it was Merely choppy VIP.

8001752900 Complains by techdog55,

Merely ask to telephone back but when you personally can telephone back they never answer Simply a Chain of clicks Subsequently eventually please strive again message out of phone co .

8002437824 Complains by CJ,

Called office is Piney Ribbon es telemarketing. We can have an account along with them Nevertheless I told him within no unsure terms I m quite Able of Understanding when the ink is running Outside and to NOT telephone again along with their telemarketing calls. He tried for Discuss over me asking how many extras I had on hand I Rather firmly told him NONE and again said do not telephone again. By law they cannot call again since I told them not for even though we can 've a company relationship .

8003014589 Complains by dianna cm,

That voice message was skipping but I could create out enough of it to discover that it s AT amp T really likely a promo. It Additionally left a Site URL but all I could create Outside was Www dot a t . . . dot com. Thus the Result is the phone is a telemarketing Plan.

8001077295 Complains by Sunshine9021000,

Yes, it is Borgess debt collectors. We have no insurance and they aren't good about taking what WE can afford and try to hassle us into paying more per month. I have them blocked on my phone, so they can't leave messages anymore.

8002391618 Complains by Erica,

Called back out of a number other than my cell Telephone. It was that Narcotics Funeral Hospital business office. For a few reason even though I vie already talked for someone about my payment plan a few times Past for my hospital Invoice they vie been calling everyone about their payment plans. But not leaving messages.

8042509647 Complains by Fed Up!,

Left a voice mail that I had your own crisis system in my name waiting for me. Says they were referred for me by an acquaintance . Said that 9 was an Alternative for pt Outside Clearly did t work out of express send. Called the Amount and achieved a disconnect record. Added for my Automobile Avoid List and given a hushed ring. thank you personally Samsung.

8003264598 Complains by Ken,

I have a Plan. . . . I get Around W calls per week. After a few Study here is what I located. They have several Owner Id names and Telephone Amounts and it appears they are harassing many Folks and won't Discontinue. Here is the list of that phone Amounts and Owner Id names I have gotten calls out of. . . . Attribute Videos for Family W W Emily and Nate W W FF W W Toll Free Phone 1 W W Mobile Call W W Costumer Service W W Nathan and E Become W W W There website is Family. com 1 W family Employment phone number 1 W W W

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