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Telephone information: Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless. Seattle, WA. . United states
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Post by fredc,

2064625158 I Lately gotten this phone as well scam its a scam ceca.

Post by Vivian Wright,

206-462-5158 Acquired a telephone from female Indian accent stating I was eligible for receive loyalty check out of People Treasury money control. and I should call a Eric Morrison W W W. Talked to him and he said I should go for Walmart and pay W in order to get W Only telephone him. In the Shop. Is this a scam.

Post by tina,

2064625158 I acquired that same Telephone phone. They keep to telephone me each daytime and this can be very peculiar. I believe they are trying to foolish someone. trust they won t would it with

Post by Jacinta,

206-462-5158 I have been getting that calls for a couple of weeks now. It's that same as all the others. That Telephone number I called back was W W W and he told me he was calling from the address W Broadway Fresh York Fresh York W. I looked that up online and it is an Government office and when I called they do not take incoming calls. Someone needs for get these Folks before they steal cash from someone.

Post by Guest,

2064625158 I kept getting the strange number calling me but every time I answered I would Notice nothing. Eventually Now a foreign woman was on the other side. She said I have been Chosen by that united states treasury department to receive 9 W. She followed a Software very nicely and almost had me Sure. When she said they could deposit that cash into a bank account or card of mine or western union it I knew better. For play along I Selected western union in which again she talked about how I could get it in your next W W min is I Place into an account. She knew my name and address and them Offered me a code and this number to phone back to get my money. That phone is a cell phone along with a express send. SCAM. . . Don't Present Out Your Information.

Post by Badge714,

206-462-5158 That Woman Verified she was out of. Us Treasury Department gt gt gt She could of Only as much said she was from Mars. Getting a Cool telephone from someone promising you cash as a Grant loan gift is constantly a scam. It involves an advance fee or you personally divulging private financial info. Your own Owner was spoofing faking their phone number amp were Likely located within Asia. Do not take or call back such numbers. This really is an extremely well known scam.

Post by Lou,

2064625158 Many Horse along with a foreign Highlight called me Now to tell me I qualified for a W allow in the People treasury. He gave me a verification Amount and asked if I Needed that cash deposited directly into my bank account credited to a credit card or via Western Union. I picked WU since I was not Around to supply out my bank account or credit card number. He told me to telephone him back on W W W after I had completed that WU Select up cash type. Afterward that BS Arrived when he said I was for Purchase a 4. W green dot money Package cardboard card and put Upwards W. Shortly as I heard that I had to Set Upwards cash I told him for Leave it. Clearly a con artist. Would the scams ever Quit.

Post by Guest,

206-462-5158 Received call from guy and Girl a couple days apart from unknown Amount purported to become from your People treasury Section looking for my Partner and mentioned she is eligible to get a check from your treasury department for being a great citizen and no arrests. Individual stated to phone W W W and speak with a Manager to discuss with him the way to receive your cash. before hanging Upwards he asked if i Desired for get a check or transport by EFT. Contacted treasury department afterwords and transfer ed for Secret Service.

Post by Guest,

2064625158 Just got a phone out of a foreign guy who said he is in the Treasury Department. He sounded enjoy he was out of another country. I Inquired him where he was calling out of amp he said Florida. He said to phone the number for claim a huge amount of cash that was owed to me. The phone number is W W W. I came to this site to appearance up that number but I never called it. I 'm confident it's a scam of someone just Attempting to get my banking data.

Post by john,

206-462-5158 Of path they did t its a scam. For report the fraud go here HTTP Internet. Awards. gov web Scholarships support general support grant fraud. healthier number is listed along with an E-mail address at the top of your page. Additionally here HTTP Web. consumer. FTC. gov articles W government grant scams

Post by Badge714,

2064625158 Your lady Supported she was from. People Treasury Department gt gt gt She could of Merely as much said she was from Mars. Becoming a Cool call from someone promising you personally money as a Grant loan present is constantly a scam. It involves an Progress fee or you personally divulging personal Fiscal data. Your own Owner was spoofing faking their phone Amount amp were Likely located within Asia. Do not take or call back such numbers. This really is an extremely well known scam.

Post by AB,

206-462-5158 I called the. FBI Amount and they hung Upwards on me.

Post by graciela,

2064625158 Confined telephone out of Evelyn u. s treasury . Offered me a code and that phone Amount W W for phone and support within purchase to release money in minutes. . .

Post by Guest,

206-462-5158 Received this telephone today out of an unknown Amount said I was receiving a quot loyalty bonus for 9 W quot from your U. S. Treasury Section for Processing my taxes paying my credit cards on time and not having a foreclosure on my house. I asked several times for a Web site for Confirm if the was valid but he kept referring me back to the no W W W. Said to call and provide that code not to Stress and I ll get that bonus. Additionally he had a foreign Highlight Central Asian . I m not calling that W number now that I Assessed white pages as I m Favorable this is a SCAM.

Post by RJ,

2064625158 I Only got an identical telephone. Your callback Amount for a Sr. Acct. Mgr was W W W. I was told I was Decided by that National gov t Thur it s Loyalty Bonus Program because of my good record of always paying my Fees and never having Submitted Insolvency. Your latter is Authentic but because I m on Societal Security Impairment I don t even 've for file Fees let alone pay any. Oops. on these scam Folks. Yes I was told I had for pay W Cost Upward front. Which of path is ludicrous. That U. S. Authorities dozen t Run your manner these scam artists are trying for Show it. Remain AWAY. . . I certain hope they get Found. . . . . . and justice is done.

Post by LJH,

206-462-5158 I obtained a telephone today about this Faithfulness Application. I was very distrustful and kept asking her if it was legit. I searched that Us Dept. of Treasury official site and located NOTHING Around it. I am going to contact my State Artwork General Around your telephone. I would almost enjoy to call for look for out exactly what they're doing. . . . But I won t.

Post by Dorin Dawson,

2064625158 I Additionally obtained that same telephone and the same info which you guys are talking about. This really is so crazy. They Support they at calling from People Treasury.

Post by john,

206-462-5158 It's a scam. . . Do not Choose Upward or call back do not present them private information. Download a Owner id Program from Google Programs.

Post by Dawn,

2064625158 I Merely had the exact same Telephone call. Out of someone along with busted English. James Walter called me out of W W W. He told me for call Steven Wills at W W W that accountant Official. Actually they knew my name and my sending address. They knew nothing else. I confident would love for understand what your hell is Upward with people and how they get the phone Amounts. Wish the government could look for people like the. I know a few special needs Folks these people 've scammed and actually got them to provide them more private data so they could get their identity. Not great. I wish these individuals who phone would get their Juice Fast. . .

Post by Sharon,

206-462-5158 I got a call in the unknown Owner. Said for paying my bills on time they're going to give me W dollars. Call W W W and gave me Cong. . When I called they told me to go for western union along with W. Within cash and phone him when I got there. Yea correct. His name was Alex Cooper and he s not giving me that cash that Us treasury is. Please Get these Men

Post by Elvii,

2064625158 Appropriate. . They're Fully out of Offshore. We have an ascent but not enjoy that.

Post by Jeff Hergert,

206-462-5158 I obtained a telephone from unavailable spoke with a Mexican Female and she gave me your confirmation number and this Telephone Amount to call to receive my 9 W. W devotion reward from your people treasury Department. when i did telephone your number Only to see what was up i got a hold of a Mexican Female sounded like that women who called me which sent up a Banner in my head and when i asked how i would get the money she said i had for activate a Wall mart green dot card for 5 to activate the verification Amount i was given when i received the Original telephone. I told that Female i was hesitant and that i did t need to get my Id stolen and she Installed Upward on me correct on your Place. Simply a warning watch out because of this Amount because it is a scam and i m Very certain this Female watched your Video identity burglar and got her scam out of that.

Post by john,

2064625158 It is a scam. . . Don't pick Upward or call back do not provide them private information. Download a Owner id app out of Google Applications.

Post by chris williams,

206-462-5158 This 9 W faithfulness bonus scam is also using that Amount 1 W W W . I can t believe they 've reached so many Individuals and are still running without the governed shutting them down . I figure they Difficulty get 1 W Individuals for send cash and that s being modest within my testament. People need for report report report. . . Like said in other post there are Individuals that Actually need that cash thus terrible that they take the opportunity and lose there Clothing. For a scam that's gone on the long I attribute the government and all included in stopping these scams I m sure hackers and scampers are great but I have for believe the U. S Authorities is better . come on big gov Set R gloves on and stop the. . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Guest,

2064625158 Says I 've thousands coming for me from federal reserve bank

Post by Kellie Kosikowski,

206-462-5158 they called and said they were from the Authorities and they were going to provide me W for being an excellent citizen and they Offered me either my account number or a credit card or Western Union

Post by mickey kyle,

2064625158 For report that fraud go here HTTP Www. Awards. gov net Scholarships support general support allow fraud. healthier Amount is Recorded along having an E-mail address at the top of the page. Additionally here HTTP Internet. Customer. FTC. gov Posts W Authorities grant scams

Post by BB,

206-462-5158 I obtained a telephone out of W W W telling me I was to receive 9 W from the United States Treasury Section as a loyalty bonus. English was not her native language Likely Hispanic. I had a difficult time Knowledge what she was saying. She wanted me for phone back and Talk for her Supervisor at W W W and give my name and your confirmation number she gave me for the manager to release the funds instantaneously. It is obviously a scam. A short search on that Web revealed other Amounts calls like this originated out of as well.

Post by Same Call,

2064625158 I Only received that same phone Now. When I asked for get the number from the People Section of Treasury where she called me out of she Installed Upward. Very suspect don t you think.

Post by Nickie,

206-462-5158 Woman called amp said she was calling from the U. S. Treasury Department and that I was 1 of W those who qualified for a 9 W faithfulness bonus. . . and Inquired how I would love to get my funds bank wire or western union. I told her I desire a Assess. She said they don t offer that option. I confronted her and proposed I was reporting that call. She went out of her way to attempt and convince me it was real Offered me a confirmation Amount and told me to telephone the number for 've my funds released within W W minutes. I told her to have a great day and to never telephone me again then ended that telephone.

Post by Loridee,

2064625158 Obtained a phone from a man stating which he was from the United Mentioned Allow Section. He told me that I was being given a grant of W for being a good citizen paying my bills and my taxes. He gave me 3 Choices to get that money. Credit card checking account account or Western Union. He Offered me an ID and then Offered me a phone number for call and Talk to some manager. That Amount is W W W. This Man had my not empty name including middle address and cell and home numbers.

Post by Gini,

206-462-5158 I have been receiving calls from your Telephone Amount listed above. I blocked it. Now your calls are coming through as No Caller ID . That is a scam. I listened to that woman who had a Hindi accent tell me that I would get 9 W loyalty bonus in the U. S. Treasury. I told her This is a scam. Would no call me again. I would think everyone would need to say your same matter. The U. S. Treasury dozen t Simply offer a 9 W devotion bonus to random People as she stated. At least I think your U. S. Treasury is a better Supervisor of our cash than what is being described within these calls.

Post by Nichole,

2064625158 I acquired a call out of an unavailable Amount telling me I was due 9 W from the United States Treasury Department. It was a foreign Girl speaking. I kept asking her for Duplicate herself so I could recognize what she was saying. She Desired me for telephone back and Talk to her Supervisor Florence Perry at W W W. She Desired to Confirm my personal information which I refused and asked her for remove me out of her telephone list. She instantly Put Upward. I consider this really is a scam.

Post by Sam,

206-462-5158 U. S. Treasury Department s Loyalty Bonus Money same scenario as previously mentioned above but telephone back number was W W W. I talked for Brad along with substantial Highlight. Yep it s a scam.

Post by Elvii,

2064625158 Correct. . They are Fully from overseas. We have an ascent but not enjoy that.

Post by Guest,

206-462-5158 Rude and repeatedly phone until I answered

Post by CP,

2064625158 Only got your same phone. The gov t has to use unknown phone Amounts. . He said I was receiving the offer due to my great record of paying bills on time and constantly Processing Fees on time. Nicely my credit record stinks and I 'm behind on my Fees. I could just comprehend him and when I called your U S Treasury I declare it was the same Man. . I was told yo request for Michael Freeman there. Don't let them scam you personally. Recall if it sounds overly great for become Accurate. . . . it is.

Post by amanda nov,

206-462-5158 Gotten multiple calls out of a guy with a heavy Highlight by your name of Kevin Jackson. Told me I was going for receive 9 W for being a loyal citizen of the U. S. for paying my bills on time and having a Clear record. . to great to become Accurate. . He Inquired me how I Needed to get my cash I said Assess and He said It was not possible for do thus He Desired either my bank Information or my debit card Information. I told him that I was leery Around your situation. I Constantly GET MY Scholarships Within CHECKS. . . Do NT Consider This.

Post by Brenda,

2064625158 Getting calls from your last two weeks saying that they are your us treasury and that I have a bonus to claim for a grant. I told them that I did t need it but cheers and they Needed for pressure me within telling them why I did t need it and I Simply Only told them that I don't have to provide them a motive and Installed up your phone. Subsequently they phone again today 6 9 W and was Striving your same thing. I get there phone Amount and they gave me a conformation number for telephone there manager at W W W. I looked it Upwards and is a scam.

Post by judie,

206-462-5158 4 W W I got Loyalty Bonus call. stating if I telephone Phone 1 W W W in Washington Washington and present them a id I could choose cash or Set within bank account. . . . . W out of government. not 've for pay back. God knows I really could use that cash. . . but 'm quite skeptical.

Post by Belinda Martinez,

2064625158 Owner maintaining I had been picked to receive W from Us Treasury

Post by rigo,

206-462-5158 i Merely gotten DA same telephone is a scam Dumb Indian guy name john Morrison said it was a devotion bonus that government dint give u back y'all PS look Outside is private call

Post by Tee,

2064625158 These Folks answered your Telephone by saying Shalom which is a type of saying serenity within Islam . And did t placed me a hold. I called private the same manner they called me. Afterward they stated that their manger was occupied and could t receive my telephone for phone them back within W Min's to go through the Program procedure. It sounds enjoy a scam but when Folks are determined they will go through the measures. Become Cautious and don t present out personal information

Post by jb,

206-462-5158 I got the call today amp knew it could not become us treasury because they simply knew my initials amp p. o box info when I informed the man that I did not 've W he asked how Considerably I had. Scam scam scam. I trust the FBI finds these jokers amp put them behind bars.

Post by Danielle,

2064625158 My Mum was scammed out of almost 3 W on this. I can t believe it my mom is not a Mindless Girl but this can be an unbelievable learning expertise for her. They even said if you personally provide people W You'll get your own money back if you personally provide people W you may get your not empty W W. Fantastic. . .

Post by RJ,

206-462-5158 I just got a similar call. That callback number for a Sr. Acct. Mgr was W W W. I was told I was picked by that Federal gov t Thur it s Faithfulness Bonus Program due to my great record of consistently paying my Fees and never having filed Insolvency. That latter is Authentic but because I m on Societal Security Incapacity I don t even 've for file Fees let alone pay any. Oops. on these scam Individuals. Yes I was told I had to pay W Payment Upward front. Which of course is ludicrous. The U. S. government dozen t Manage that way these scam artists are Striving for Show it. Stay AWAY. . . I confident trust they get caught. . . . . . and justice is done.

Post by mickey kyle,

2064625158 For report your fraud go here HTTP Internet. Scholarships. gov net Scholarships support general support grant fraud. healthier Amount is Recorded along with the E-mail address at your top of that page. Additionally here HTTP Web. consumer. FTC. gov Posts W Authorities grant scams

Post by AB,

206-462-5158 I called that. FBI Amount and they Installed Upwards on me.

Post by Karelia Vazquez,

2064625158 I receive the same call

Post by donna wagner,

206-462-5158 i got telephone and approval number and i called back got guys name and called FBI he he

Post by Karelia Vazquez,

2064625158 Is funny CZ it was a Hindu guy phone in me n said his name was John Parker Jogjakarta dewy r full of .

Post by randy randall,

206-462-5158 they called Thurs 7 W W 5 PM SAID I WON 9 W DOLLARS Asked HOW I Desired To GET IT checking account account credit card western union. said I was suppose for phone W W W Discuss for account manager for get payment. i did not call back. could not comprehend Man but he gave me the also AB'S. .

Post by AB,

2064625158 I called the. FBI number and they Put Upward on me.

Post by Dorin Dawson,

206-462-5158 I Additionally received the same call and your same data that you People are talking about. This really is so insane. They Support they at calling out of People Treasury.

Post by Guest,

2064625158 I got this phone a few minutes Past telling me that the Authorities has approved me to get 9 W from the treasury department and told me I could get it Delivered for western union I really did t believe it was legit but I am not Chosen any chances on them the Amount is W W W and I 've a code I was Assume for supply to who answer.

Post by john,

206-462-5158 Of course they did t its a scam. To report your fraud go here HTTP Www. Awards. gov net grants support general support grant fraud. healthier Amount is listed along with the email address at that top of the page. Also here HTTP Web. consumer. FTC. gov Posts W Authorities grant scams

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8001743110 Complains by Jason,

Called my cell twice in the earlier morning 5 'm and 6 Am no express send left. Got two more calls within your early Night from a different number W W W no voice send. Likely your same telemarketer scummier whatever.

3109625368 Complains by Guest,

Its crap I got the same message. Merely a SCAM. . . . . . .

8003882873 Complains by Me,

I don t thoughts telling them.

8012568999 Complains by Guest,


8666638310 Complains by Guest,

American state collections

5617553910 Complains by Guest,

Spam company. Offers free iPhone for testers. Will not stop Assessment with a Cease reply. I reported them to that State s Lawyer Generals office for violations of my states do not telephone Cops and to the FCC for spam testing

5628057563 Complains by xxx,


2012731358 Complains by Guest,

Psycho obsessed along with me showed Upward at Albany Med. out of nowhere when i had a seizure amp was hospitalized for nearly a week admits for hacking amp spamming Folks sits on that computer all day amp night believing he s a quot pimp. quot more like puke He hacks spams Folks if he dozen t like what they 've for say.

8002859415 Complains by Guest,

debt collector

8041294596 Complains by EBR,

call Arrived within Sunday morning at 9. Am Asian time. Replying machine picked it Upward. When prompted for leave message after the tone Man or computer disconnected without a word. Nothing on Owner ID.

8003109722 Complains by Guest,

blocked number

8002434274 Complains by Jane,

It is Premier Well-being attention. Simply called it. Everybody should call them. Tie Upward their lines. It Prices them money. . .

8045182490 Complains by Elliot,

W phone me baby

8043810649 Complains by James,

To everyone Josh Thomas is not a Attorney. They are just a Group Bureau. Don't be scared. I called them back after I seek for legal advise. Merely tell them to send you personally that statement not the Deal. . Only tell them you want for solve the case but you personally need your statement by mail. Do not permit them for control you personally along with anxiety. Truly I frightened them back once I located Outside he s not a lawyer.

8043597130 Complains by Daisy May,

I did t answer your call.

8044958993 Complains by Big Dave,

Thanks Obama for searching out after our military and retired military. You should step down now I Agree.

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