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Post by P J Holman,

2065121495 Called and identified herself non native English Audio as an Government tax fraud invest gator and said my husband was accused of fraud. I told her I Make that taxes and asked what the Difficulty was. She repeated that my Partner was accused of fraud. When I said that was absurd she became Violent and said that the local sheriff would be notified and Put up on me.

Post by Guest,

206-512-1495 Melvin called me overly. Scam

Post by JD,

2065121495 My Partner Merely acquired a similar call and had visions of me being arrested and thrown into jail. Cheers for the heads Upwards on this SCAM. Did not even annoyance for call them back.

Post by Guest,

206-512-1495 I Additionally received a telephone out of Melvin . First Melvin Talking within a foreign accent said i had perpetrated tax fraud and he had a Guarantee for my Charge and i needed to phone W W W for take attention of the Difficulty. They need to throw these Folks within jail. This is not a Joke many people could autumn for this particular scam.

Post by Guest,

2065121495 Yep I received this same telephone from Melvin and Port along with your Irs threading for have me arrested. SCAM reported for Irs also.

Post by David,

206-512-1495 Gloomy He did t call me back today.

Post by paul,

2065121495 scam don t waste your time for phone back enjoy I did. . . . .

Post by the [***],

206-512-1495 SCAM SCAM Scam IF I COULD GET MY Control ON THESE

Post by Guest,

2065121495 Obtained a phone telephone on 9 5 W and 9 8 W out of Melvin from W W W saying he was in the tax fraud department of the Central Income services. What a joke. Great Fortune becoming a Guarantee for my arrest at your federal court. . .

Post by Guest,

206-512-1495 I had your same message as you all. First it was a W Amount then that second Amount was W Region code saying the same matter about tax evasion and warrant for an Charge. Glad to know I 'm not the just one.

Post by Laughing,

2065121495 Yep They are going for are est me. . LAO Morons

Post by Guest,

206-512-1495 I got one of those calls Now on my replying machine. Said he was from your Central Income services not Interior Revenue Service . First he said it was about a tax fraud using my name then he said someone was suing me. Additionally said there would be a warrant Released for my arrest. That is it. Your Highlight was my first hint that this was a scam. Deleted that message

Post by MW,

2065121495 Guy called said the Irs has a sheriff that's going to present me a Guarantee of arrest for tax invasion. I called it back they hung Upward then I called again Woman Jennifer smith from the number Owner ID W W W said your same thing then hung Upward she Desired my name.

Post by JD,

206-512-1495 My Partner Only received a similar phone and had visions of me being arrested and thrown into jail. Thanks for that heads up on this SCAM. Did not even fuss for call them back.

Post by Guest,

2065121495 I won t go in for detail here since I did that with another number he called me from and I Viewed Upwards that was W W W. The Man is definitely a very persistent scummier. Simply got my third call from him today another two were from a couple of weeks Past. Has an extremely thick east Indian accent thus thick that when I asked for his name and he told me quot Open Martin quot I Really started laughing and wondered why he did t Merely go with quot Joe Smith. quot Subsequently I appearance this Amount Upward today which is that first Amount he called me out of and had a great jest again to see he s using quot Melvin. quot Anyway it s definitely a scam. You can look Upward Irs scams online and Candid Melvin pretty Substantially fits the Invoice.

Post by paul,

206-512-1495 scam don t waste your own time for call back like I did. . . . .

Post by Sharon Kinnaird,

2065121495 A greatly accented man named Officer Melvin called the House Around a tax evasion Issue. We were Inquired to phone back amp talk with them Around the incident before they Given an Charge Guarantee. We could then learn more about your lawsuit and who filed. This was Clearly a scam we did not telephone back.

Post by Guest,

206-512-1495 Owner left vim MSG claiming for become Government agent collecting a debt and threatening my arrest for non Submission. This really is part of that quot Green Dot quot card scam as posted in my NYC Th precinct. I may report the to NY PD and Irs. Don't send cash. I was next to woman in police station while she reported a 2 W loss because she fell with this. Owner was not a native English speaker along with busted language Abilities. Sounded east Asian out of Highlight.

Post by Guest,

2065121495 Yep I got the same telephone five times Past. . This type of load OD Crayola. I concur that within order for Move away your scam they could at least Talk English. They did t even use familiar tax terms. .

Post by Cindy,

206-512-1495 This is a Pakistan or India based Government scam. Do not fall for it. Your Government does not Trigger any legal action via Telephone. Read HTTP Internet. treasury. gov dicta press prestige W W. hams general History data here are a few things you can can 1 Report it to DICTA Underneath HTTP Www. treasury. gov dicta . HTML especially if you have become a victim lost cash Offered personal info etc. . You can Additionally file a Gripe along with the National Commerce Commission at FTC. gov complaint include Government Phone Scam in your Criticism . This manner you can Additionally help your government Create Unique fraud patterns. 2 Help kill their Telephone lines. Your scampers use Voice around IPA lines e. g. magic Port Max corporation to make it seem as if they are calling from your People. This can be consistently against these company's conditions of service and could Direct to prompt termination of their contract and blocking of their IPA addresses for future efforts to enroll. Do a Change look up of their telephone Amount e. g. Internet. white pages. com for identify your Express over IPA Service and report it for your Business and or law Administration local police and or state attorney general 3 If you are Actually annoyed phone or Compose to your own representative in Congress. As these scams occur all around the country Perhaps the can trip a reaction and provide Us law Administration Companies with the political backing and your resources they demand for work within India and Pakistan Jointly along with local authorities it can occur read HTTP Web. HDTV. com Post India ex phone cent . . . mission W . A People Job force has already been set Upwards within Jamaica to nab scampers there see HTTP Internet. ice. gov doc lib news library reports cornerstone cornerstone 1. PD . You can use this template for your own correspondence more powerful. or email HTTP notes. com Newsgroup ta abduct . . . W

Post by Jane,

2065121495 Guy calling from the number maintaining he s Irs an officer fraud tax evasion Charge threat. He has poor English and no evidence of Irs. Attempting to frighten and jeopardize Folks. When I asked for evidence of Government he Installed up. The guy is a fraud and Should to be arrested himself.

Post by Guest,

206-512-1495 Cheers to all of you personally who left Opinions. I got that same call Now and it sounded bogus. It was Useful to become Competent to verify that.

Post by BP Red Sox,

2065121495 Don't call back to this W W W Amount. It is a scam of fake Irs try and get out of Folks. The Individual with strong accent claim she is an Specialist.

Post by Big Knut,

206-512-1495 Government Telephone scam says for phone or else an Charge warrant can be Released did state who the call was overly and said he was many officer

Post by Jeff,

2065121495 Caller left message which he was Specialist Melvin Become tic and that there was a warrant for your arrest because of tax evasion and to telephone for more details Sounds like a SCAM for me. . . . .

Post by Guest,

206-512-1495 Keeps calling leaving message Government is going for arrest us

Post by Guest,

2065121495 Just acquired Now 9 5 W Nuisance Irs phone. I have notified your Government via their Site. Wish Irs would take Activity against these scampers.

Post by Guest,

206-512-1495 Caller said he was from the Government and Promised we were going for become sued for tax evasion and if we quot Actually Actually Actually Desired to know what was going to happen quot we would telephone him back. It was Nearly comical.

Post by Guest,

2065121495 I must get W calls a week from the phone number stating he is out of Government and has a warrant for my arrest if I don t phone him concerning tax evasion. Then says politely thank you and we don't need to would this and then says 've a Pleasant day. Heavy Feature Evident scam. I never response my acreage line phone thus my answering machine can record each of his calls within case it s Desired for prosecution later.

Post by Guest,

206-512-1495 Just received that same message and Additionally quot Melvin quot has called me out of W W W. This is thus Dumb and I feel sorry for those who Really believe this really is a legit telephone.

Post by Guest,

2065121495 Person identified himself as Melvin Promised for become with that Irs and threatened for file a Criticism at your Federal Courthouse and 've a warrant for my Charge Released. I Submitted a complaint at DICTA. gov which investigates these scams. Apparently it's really common. I believe I ll get myself a Actually loud whistle and phone him back Around W times for strike it in his ear. This is the Next message from him from two Distinct Telephone numbers.

Post by Guest,

206-512-1495 Additionally acquired a call from a Mel win or Melvin Be jack saying he was from the IRS

Post by Anonymous,

2065121495 Dumb scam. Promised he was an Specialist Hardhat yea Ok confident I totally believe you personally with that broken English. . . Morons.

Post by scooder,

206-512-1495 Same message Now. Your dude sounds Central Asian. The Telephone call was Clearly out of a cell Telephone with poor reception and or he was Operating at your time lots of static and garbled words. Having been audited by the Irs Ages Past facilitated through a Certified Notice I knew from GO it was a scam.

Post by David,

2065121495 Cheers for that link.

Post by Long Island, NY,

206-512-1495 Same message as everyone else comprehensive. Got frightened called your number and Subsequently I determined it was a scam. She Installed Upwards on me when I said they Warren t that Irs.

Post by JD,

2065121495 My wife Merely acquired an identical telephone and had visions of me being arrested and thrown into Prison. Thanks for that heads Upwards on the SCAM. Did not even fuss for call them back.

Post by Guest,

206-512-1495 I 've gotten a few Telephone calls out of the Buddy Melvin. My question is how do I get rid of him. It s annoying.

Post by Kevin C Terpstra,

2065121495 Scummier with awful English

Post by Guest,

206-512-1495 scam call apparently from Irs re tax evasion fraud. . . Peerless Network should revoke their line.

Post by holly,

2065121495 I received a phone phone from a guy who identified himself as jack lies from your Irs. I Inquired him for his Banner number W. he told me there was a law fit for unpaid taxes and he was going for Link me for another Representative. the other agent identified himself as Daniel white W phone W W W. he told me that I violated taxes and that a sheriff was coming in the morning to arrest me and my bank account were going to become frozen. I Subsequently Inquired for Chat with his supervisor and he told me I was a Legal. I Subsequently informed him I was a window along with little Kids little fib and Station 7 news would become there for video your arrest. I told him I was hanging Upward and my account would phone him back. My accountant told me for Place your phone number within a computer investigation and it seems tons of Folks are getting calls along with this overseas scam out of India.

Post by David,

206-512-1495 Cheers for the link.

Post by SG,

2065121495 GOT A CALLED. Maintained To Become From Irs. SAID THERE WOULD Become A Guarantee Released IF I DID T CONTACT THEM. MY Mum Inquired IF HE WORKED FOR Your RID HOW COME HE COULD T Chat ENGLISH AND TOLD HIM IT SOUNDED Enjoy HE WAS CALLING From A Pub AND Installed Up ON HIM.

Post by Guest,

206-512-1495 I got the Government Charge threat too 9 4 W and I 've the express message recorded. WOW this can be really crazy can anyone believe we d autumn for such a scam. I agree start along with clear Brief Actual Us ENGLISH. . . what a crock. Off for that Government Website to report. Cheers everyone for commenting on the.

Post by Anne,

2065121495 Message left saying Specialist Be tic and we owed money to Irs and Guarantee for arrest would be Released. Scam

Post by Guest,

206-512-1495 An Indian Girl by the name of Jennifer Smith but she s Indian called my Mommy claiming that she owed 8 W dollars. She Wanted my Mommy for supply her the money immediately. Pol pals be careful

Post by Leo,

2065121495 Irs scum

Post by Guest,

206-512-1495 Merely got that call from quot Port LU ES quot identifying himself as Banner W of the Central Income Service of your United States of America and there's a tax fraud case being Submitted against my Partner and she should phone him at W W W immediately. Which is that number that revealed Upward on my Owner ID. He indicated that they had tried to let her know via mail but the notice was returned and they simply send once. I Inquired what address they mailed it to and he knew your correct address. Somebody is supplying overly Considerably data for these scampers.

Post by Guest,

2065121495 Melvin from quot Irs quot calls several times a week. Doesn't Chat English nicely asserting many type of tax evasion

Post by Anita,

206-512-1495 Another Irs phone scam. Did t even identify who telephone was to. Very Bad English

Post by David,

2065121495 Cheers for the link.

Post by Guest,

206-512-1495 Obtained a Telephone phone on 9 8 W out of Melvin out of W W W regarding tax fraud. . become thorough. .

Post by Guest,

2065121495 Caller Maintained he was from your Government and said he was getting my quot Charge Guarantee quot and called twice. Obvious bull.

Post by David,

206-512-1495 Unhappy He did t phone me back Now.

Post by Guest,

2065121495 LOLA Port Levitt in the Irs. You're not ENGLISH so come up along with a better name Subsequently that. Although I still would never autumn for it. Always would a Telephone Amount look up amp it s consistently a SCAM. BLOCKED.

Post by john Haase,

206-512-1495 Saying they're that Irs and we may be arrested if we dint return their calls

Post by Guest,

2065121495 Terrible Feature Attempting to state we are being sued for tax evasion. . . What a joke. At first he said in your message he was along with your Irs Subsequently at your end said he was Specialist Melvin.

Post by Power to the People,

206-512-1495 That is a scam truly. Same threat and did not even supply my name. . . Jeopardize to Problem a Warrant for arrest for tax evasion or Fake Actions. . . Bela Bela Bela. I am not aware of doing such a matter. . . although no just one along with a Routine day Occupation could fake for know that not empty tax code

Post by Guest,

2065121495 received the same threatening message agree along with SD

Post by Ned,

206-512-1495 Called and told people we were getting arrested for tax evasion. We called them and told them how their scan is working out they told us not to telephone people if they believe it s a scam. We called back again and they won t pick Upwards. Tremendous scam.

Post by Guest,

2065121495 Simply gotten a telephone out of quot Jack LU ES quot saying there's a tax fraud case being Submitted in my husband s name. Offered name had to spell it could not recognize with his accent and for call back. Don t think that can occur. Could Notice a lot of Sound from your bull pen within your History giving hint that it was not legit.

Post by Debra,

206-512-1495 Got a telephone asking for my Man. Inquired who was calling said regarding tax fraud. I Inquired him to send me a certified notice and was told they have attempted twice to send a W page Record. My husband took your phone and told him to come to our house he has a Record for him. They Installed Upward.

Post by Guest,

2065121495 Claiming for become along with Government. State there was Guarantee out fur my arrest.

Post by Cindy,

206-512-1495 This can be a Pakistan or India Established Government scam. Do not autumn for it. That Government does not Begin any legal Activity via phone. Read HTTP Www. treasury. gov dicta press prestige W W. hams general History information here are a few matters you can would 1 Report it for DICTA Underneath HTTP Www. treasury. gov dicta . HTML Notably if you've become a Casualty lost money gave private data etc. . You are able to Additionally file a Criticism with the Federal Trade Commission at FTC. gov Gripe include Government Phone Scam within your own complaint . The manner you are able to also help the government establish Unique fraud Styles. 2 Help kill their phone lines. Your scampers use Voice around IPA lines e. g. magic Jack Max corporation to ensure it is appear as if they're calling in the Us. This is consistently against these company's provisions of service and can Head for immediate termination of their contract and blocking of their IPA addresses for future efforts to enroll. Do a reverse look Upwards of their telephone Amount e. g. Web. white pages. com to identify your Express around IPA Company and report it for that Firm and or law Administration local police and or state Lawyer general 3 If You're Actually annoyed call or Compose to your representative within Congress. As these scams happen all around that State Perhaps the will activate a reaction and Supply People law Administration agencies with your political Supporting and the resources they need to work within India and Pakistan together with local Experts it could happen read HTTP Www. HDTV. com article India ex telephone cent . . . mission W . A Us task force has already been set Upwards within Jamaica for nab scampers there see HTTP Internet. ice. gov File lib news library reports cornerstone cornerstone 1. PD . You are able to use the following Format on your correspondence more strong. or email HTTP notes. com forum ta abduct . . . W

Post by Agri McVated,

2065121495 Got the same phone. It was comical. I ll get correct on it Officer Mel. I adore how he says and have an excellent daytime after he informs you you are being sued for tax evasion. . A Actual class Work} that Official Mel. . .

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2135316043 Complains by Guest,

cancel no Tennessee until more find Tn and no calls.

3016452125 Complains by FedUp,

These guys have been using this number for some time...  try to get you to go to a website on your computer so they can infect it, or encrypt your files and try to get ransom from you.  there is no shortage of these slimeballs...just google "microsoft called me to fix my computer" to see how prevalent they are.

7035774049 Complains by Guest,

Bull about phones

7275844033 Complains by Guest,

Statement called asking for your owner by name. He said he was with Service Master. I had a Experience it was a scam amp told him that owner was Outside. He left his number and I Inquired what that telephone was regarding. He said it was regarding a endeavor he s working on and needs to run by him. After reading all of that places here it appears as though my instincts were appropriate on that money. . . SCAM.

7709324180 Complains by Guest,


4025759121 Complains by Guest,

Insane at sis

8563930269 Complains by Guest,

Your own Amount Has been Blocked.

8163044521 Complains by T,

Just got a text same thing. I called the number and got a message that it was not a good number, tried to text remove backhand got an error message   And what looked like many email addresses that are linked.  Defiantly a scam

8002602411 Complains by Guest,

care. com

8002689706 Complains by Julie,

I get calls on my Cell searching for a Man named USAF Yuri from W W W. I vie had the number for approx. A year now. . . . this guy must have had that number before me. I vie asked them to please removed my number from their files but they continue to call. I m getting really Ill of becoming messages for someone I don t know. I m not a secretary.

8002355124 Complains by Guest,

Spam message Striving for get money quot go to cashmere. com to claim 1 hour processing Accessible.

8002312290 Complains by Karen,

Called 3 W W. No message.

8002705612 Complains by sarahbellum,

Been becoming several calls out of this Amount. Each time I response there's a long pause and the phone ends or it s so fuzzy I can just Notice anything. Today I answered and got a thick accented rude guy. I asked him three times what company he was calling from and he mumbled something beyond comprehension each time. Seemingly this is a company asserting you've qualified for a 3 W grant. He said I presume you know what a allow is. I said Yes but ID if you got my Amount in the Net or something but. . . . and he interrupted me and said Listen a grant is. . . . . . At which point I snapped No You personally listen. I don t desire another call from you again. I m going for report you personally right now. Take my number away your own list. and Installed up. Hopefully the works and I don t hear out of them again. I don t understand if I filled out a form or clicked on a bad link but I 've been getting several calls out of different Amounts Around going back to school or school loans. Sometimes I get scared for Choose Upwards presuming it s a debt collector but if you personally get calls and they never leave a message it s Nearly always something like this. Response and request they Quit calling you personally. Typically they are Very Fine. . . Simply doing their Occupation I guess.

8002676849 Complains by Ruth (Ottawa),

Simply obtained a telephone out of this Amount Displaying ROGERS . Ya I won a Vacation. . . Lola. . . . your Chap had the Evident U. S. accent. . . . Simply told him for send me your details and said goodbye.

8002112511 Complains by AHMAD AJIRA SALUM,

I Ahmad Agra galumphing no W amp I have gotten an Sims call out of no W informing that i 've won coca cola draw amount of W W. W dollars cellular telephone FIFO girls s universe cup Canada. So i send my details for email W protected Jointly along with my required attachments.

8002729301 Complains by Fed Up,

I went to BC directly and although that is an actual BC number they told me that BC would definitely identify themselves on telephone show as BC not unknown name. They would definitely not telephone three times a daytime and let it ring for 5 minutes for three weeks. They would never call on Saturdays. I made Measures with the bank that if they want for get in touch along with me then send me an e send at my office and during company hours only. Whoever this is they're using among the bank s numbers and I suggest not to reply calls out of this number. Keep a log of when they phone. I can Afterward have your bank fight these schmucks as they have more Electricity than I can and the ENCL is just a joke not value wasting any time on.

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