2066820185 / 206-682-0185

Telephone information: Qwest Corporation. Seattle, WA. King. United states
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Post by Guest,

2066820185 They called and Inquired for that owner of the company by first name. I previously mentioned he was not available and proceeded to ask if I could Support them They hung Upwards. . . . RUDE.

Post by Scot Harkins,

206-682-0185 The Amount is used by several services for making outbound local calls within support of any Net originated service. I 'm on a Convention telephone out of this Telephone number as I kind. I joined a Net ex Summit for a work Linked Assembly. Your Web ex Sound pop Upwards offered to telephone any Amount I entered and join me to the conference. I entered my Workplace phone for Net ex and not 5 seconds later I got a phone from W W W. I replied and that Net ex service had me press 1 to confirm that I Inquired for join the Summit Afterward allowed me to say my name for become Released on that conference Connection then joined me to the Link. In other words this number was used for something I chose to use within this case Net ex a world wide internet Summit hosting service used by thousands of companies including my own Company a Global Factory Merchant Established within Isaiah. Thus many posts here Talk of different sources from a dentist to a debt collector and beyond. Each of them is using many computer Established internet Established service for create calls. When your caller enters a number to call your service appears for among these local outbound numbers out of which to create your phone. The Amount does not Fit for that Individual Setting your telephone but to that Web phone service that they use to Set the call. For me today that is Web ex. Someone else May}n' be using Google Voice and another May}n' be using Skype. Some Business owns the phone number and allows its customers Net ex or Google or Skype or others to use that Amount. This can be your future of the Web Established calls from anyone for anyone else. Reporting this Amount as a debt collector is enjoy saying that because the ambulance Arrived within from First Street then First Road must belong to your ambulance while someone else says because your Ups Pickup came in from First Road then First Road must Fit for Ups. First Street is a common road used by all and so is the number. Sucks when it comes to listing who called me because that number as the Remarks here obviously indicate is used by many Distinct businesses. sh

Post by Viole!,

2066820185 These idiots called again. It said my Windows Application had dilemmas. . . I Inquired for a name and it said with a thick Indian accent Rich Parker. Yep and I s gold daily. How do these Lover wipes escape prosecution. I did hear a news service state that the feds are Closure within on them collecting hardcore evidence to create sure that Fees against them may Stay. It could t occur soon enough.

Post by Greg,

206-682-0185 Kurd is correct and I could affirm it. This can be an outgoing termination endpoint for Web Sip calls and Hence many Distinct originating Sites can appear to come out of it.

Post by Tired of it,

2066820185 Replied your phone and it was a record of someone s answering machine Debra Levine as 1 might hear if you called them. Says Trans com Enriched on that caller ID. It was Peculiar like a call center Chaos Upwards.

Post by Bobbi,

206-682-0185 Tattoo caller Put Upwards as soon as I answered

Post by C,

2066820185 It was a Debt Group call for Latonya Eddy out of Trans com Improved 8 Am on 3 W W PDT.

Post by B,

206-682-0185 Just got a telephone from W W W. Guy said that there is something wrong along with my computer system it's running at a high risk and which he Wanted me to turn it on. I hung Upwards.

Post by Heather,

2066820185 I Simply gotten a call from W W W and caller ID shows Trans com Enhance. A Girl using an East Indian accent Inquired if I was aware that my computer was not receiving Microsoft updates. I told her my computer was Only Wonderful thank you and I Installed Upward.

Post by Sue,

206-682-0185 That Owner with an East Indian accent said I had a virus on my computer and Desired me to go for my computer for mend it. I said I don t Answer for unsolicited calls for fix my computer and Put up.

Post by Penelope,

2066820185 This number called twice before 'm today March Th W. When I called back that record states this is an international telephone and can not go through. The Amount has the same area code as Seattle where I live thus I was surprised. I 'm blocking this for early for calls number.

Post by Jessica - Seattle,

206-682-0185 Been getting calls out of them the previous 4 times it s a scam. I did t response till 5 times into it. Your Indian Individual on the line with your Technology store noise History Maintained to be from Microsoft and there's an urgent matter along with my computer. Yeah appropriate. . . . Asked for become Chosen off the database and he said this was that ST time he called and we urgently need his specialized help. I Put up out of other posts they need your own credit card and possibility a remote log on to your own Laptop. DON T Response Your Phone . . .

Post by tech,

2066820185 2 calls same day Telephone 1 originated out of W W W spoof Owner ID W W W with options 1 to Chat and 8 Choose out. He is Gary Lovelies says he is a Expert for Google from Go Website Local phony Web site Go Website Cellular telephone That caller ID Amount is Dr. Scott dentist Spokane a discounted ph direct number is W W W and his assistant likes for use a speakerphone beware. Phone 2 originated out of W W W spoof Owner ID W W W options 1 to Chat and 8 Elect Outside. The guy is a password steal er as he talks Around Google listings and promises to help if he can get your own name and Code for Google Map listings. His location W Pine St Ste W Dallas Oregon W matches Amount above . Telephone is labeled unknown because he talks in circles. he keeps saying he isn't Marketing anything and is only helping but really is not. He is gathering data. Not an illegal phone as he is calling Individuals to Discuss and nothing else. IF he takes info and does something unauthorized which is prohibited.

Post by Shannon Heacox,

206-682-0185 I got a call at 2 W a. m. Frightened me for departure because I was sure your telephone was Around my Mom who lives in assisted residing. Could t get back to sleep. So frustrating.

Post by Lee,

2066820185 I obtained a call from Trans com Accentuated W W W saying that my Pc was causing interference and that they had traced it for my computer s number. That Man talked English with a very substantial Feature and I barely could understand him. Sounded like Asian of some State or other but not certain. I was wondering how my phone Amount and computer ping number could become traced Jointly. . . how did this party get my phone number out of my computer Use. And I have a quality virus protection on your computer. Thus I decided to hang Upward on him since what he was saying did t make feeling. After the phone I idea it was a scam and that the caller was assuming everybody had a computer and was Merely dialing phone Amounts based on that Prediction. After reading this page from a search based on your phone Amount I am confident of it.

Post by Violet,

206-682-0185 These nut wipes called Now. Your Owner ID Trans com Improve. I did NOT response it. Your universe could become nuked tomorrow and still these idiots would be calling scamming. Offer it a F ING break.

Post by Chris537,

2066820185 Ok a Inquired some questions for a few asterisk buddies and someone is going Thur KC s asterisk never dawned on me how ever they make that display not sure. but i learned something tonight. . . now to get their IPA

Post by Abhi,

206-682-0185 Truly whenever I phone using my GOV PB Xes account or using Fervidly Beta max account both using Sip on on my mobile Owner gets this Amount. I attempted calling Amount of Distinct Amount including my own number I get the Amount. Furthermore when I telephone India Amount using Fervidly I do not get this number. I get the Amount simply for People Amounts called. Strange but I am not Capable for get correct caller ID for my calls

Post by Shaunda,

2066820185 I got a phone from this number and that Man was speaking many sort of Assign within which I said I could t comprehend. Then they paused and I could hear History Sound and they Only Installed Upward.

Post by Greg,

206-682-0185 This really is a Drink Web call termination endpoint and Consequently lots of different source Amounts can seem to come from the number

Post by Ohio,

2066820185 Yup E-mail W protected got an email out of the guy from a Grisliest ad. But its a misdirect your incoming email looks enjoy Matthew Rhenish Lt E-mail W protected gt Your french Variant of yahoo no. anyhow scam fraud or worse just a few Head dead wasting my time.

Post by Annoyed,

206-682-0185 They called our company Now claiming to become out of another company in the Business asking for owner when told not Accessible they asked for cell which I asked for their Amount and to take a message Man got very rude said his cell died and he s borrowing a company phone to telephone him back he needs his number to Discuss for him immediately after I said you personally re within a phone center of some sort your number dozen t match your own company and WHAT employee of a professional Firm calls someone enjoy the. He Installed up. . .

Post by Guest,

2066820185 Dozen t even ring on my office Telephone VIM s of 5 seconds each keep showing up. I think it s going through my whole office Listing. Got this same sort of telephone not sure if it s the same Amount though over that weekend. Bizarre.

Post by Andrea,

206-682-0185 When I go ogled the Amount I got the NYSE Collection Pine St Ste W Seattle Wa W W That Amount matches but your name on my Owner ID though was not NYSE Set. It revealed Upwards as Trans com Improve. . . along with your same Amount. Did t answer they did t leave a message.

Post by CSIChic04,

2066820185 Gotten this call at work I am Copy receptionist and replied it. Very quite noisy in your background enjoy lots of people in 1 room talking. Repeated my Firm name 3 times before a Girl replied back Hi. for which I again repeated the company name and she s went on for say that I m pare qualified to get a 1 W blah blah blah congratulations. . . and I hung up.

Post by Guest,

206-682-0185 Google Express Redirect

Post by sal,

2066820185 Criminals SCUM jerks lowest form of life . . . . the number is Related along with a scam that has an ID of Brand new York. It's that local Amount for your People who wish to Take your own money. These People 've been calling twice a weeks for months even though they are blocked . If you personally wish for donate to a Legal organization . . . Afterward by all means. . . her is that number for would so. They claim to be selling duct cleaning or rug cleaning. . . . whatever your scam of your hour happens for become.

Post by Mike,

206-682-0185 Left message saying Don t tell mom I believe I m pregnant on my express mail.

Post by Chris537,

2066820185 Ok a asked some questions for many asterisk buddies and someone is going Thur KC s asterisk never dawned on me how ever they make that show not confident. but i learned something Today. . . now for get their IPA

Post by Jerry Miller,

206-682-0185 Gotten a call W W W answer it no one on line tried to call back and said it was also an international phone. It Arrived within today and no reply.

Post by Wholesale Company,

2066820185 Guy calls saying get me the presidents office. . Around and around again. Get me the presidents office. Calls around and around. Won t state exactly why he is calling and repeats get that Presidents office.

Post by Chris537,

206-682-0185 Ok a asked a few questions to some asterisk buddies and someone is going Thur KC s asterisk never dawned on me how ever they create that show not sure. but i learned something Today. . . now to get their IPA

Post by MSIAM,

2066820185 A Friend called me out of his cellular telephone phone that number showed Upward on my appall Glass account as this W so it is not a spam telephone it is Merely your trunk the telephone Channels through to be forwarded onto your appall Amount the phone revealed Upwards in my GOV missed calls as the correct Amount from your Owner. No need for alarm on the it is just the trunk CID. only when getting that phone through the appall trunks. .

Post by Lin,

206-682-0185 Took a little while for call to Start . . . We acquired a message out of your own computer. . . I hung up.

Post by Hannah,

2066820185 I 've this Amount on my do not response list but picked it up by error. This time a greatly accented Girl asked for someone who Hans t been here in 5 years. I said sorry no just one here by that name. Subsequently she asked for someone else who Hans t been here within years also. Subsequently she said she was with some Firm name that I did t comprehend and she Needed to Chat with whoever was within charge of marketing. I Merely hung Upward. Since the phone from your same Amount was thus different from your other one I acquired out of them see notice above I m Thinking if that number is Merely a Common front of some type being used by scampers.

Post by jan,

206-682-0185 Your Man who called was really rude and dozen t even know a single Phone etiquette. He asked Around a certain person Afterward I told him there is no such person in your Firm I Inquired him what is the purpose of that call and Afterward now he said he is not looking for a person but he said he is looking for a Business it is not a Man s name. I told him he is calling a Distinct Firm. He told me that I don t understand English . What a jerk he can t even pronounce a single word Right.

Post by Jill,

2066820185 Gotten the phone this morning. I told him I knew this was a scam call and he started mocking me. Afterward he said he would phone me tomorrow. What an . Definitely reporting the number. OH by that way he said he was call ling seeing my computer. . . said something was erroneous with it. What a Loss.

Post by Greg,

206-682-0185 Kurd is right and I could confirm it. That is an outgoing termination endpoint for Web Sip calls and Hence many Distinct Beginning Sites could appear for come out of it.

Post by Joe,

2066820185 When I looked at my caller id there was no area code before that Telephone Amount of W W but it does show Trans com Increase on the company label for your Owner id. I actually replied that phone since it was within that earlier afternoon and that Individual who called went into a computer security sales Message. I Really Inquired him if he was a telemarketer but he refused for reply instead he still went on along with his Frequency. I then told him that my phone number was on the Do not Call Registry and that s when he Began swearing at me before threatening for come to my Dwelling for shoot me. The Man sounded enjoy he was either Middle Japanese or Perhaps from India. I even asked for speak for his supervisor before he Installed up on me.

Post by Just a Mom,

206-682-0185 Got a Telephone telephone out of the number at 2 Am but did t reply. There was no message left but I could hear the person was calling from a payphone or something because I heard that sound of a Authorities Automobile siren going by. Creepy.

Post by Hannah,

2066820185 I 've the number on my do not reply list but they called my direct number not the front desk enjoy they Typically can . I replied and he said it was Nick Hal den from Texas Technology. Wonder why they 've a Dallas Amount then. Anyway he asked for several names that are within your Business Service and Offered me a few blah blah blah about their Stack system being down and electronic Wellness records. I told him I did t feel comfortable giving out Firm contact Information to haphazard Folks when I did t recognize what that phone was Around. I Recommended he call your corporate Primary number and told me he already did but there was no reply. I understand for a fact that the corporate Principal number is consistently staffed during company hours. I suggested he wait a few minutes and call back for corporate.

Post by mr standfast,

206-682-0185 That is that outgoing line used by some King County Prison inmates for make local calls and it s Constructed for frustrate. Though King County claims for use PCS with this service they are also. using Trans com Accentuated. Calls for family Lawyers etc. from inmates are preceded by For accept the telephone press 0 when recipient does so it s not recognized and your call is disconnected. I don t know what your inmates are Priced but they re losing W of it.

Post by Guest,

2066820185 Said they were from the medical compensation Section. I asked where they were calling out of he said quot Ga. quot That exchange is a Seattle exchange. Sounds enjoy they re using many software for re direct calls.

Post by kurī,

206-682-0185 I can second that. I use Appall to redirect to a Sip account of mine my Appall number is a Seattle W Region code. Incoming calls for my GOV as nicely as calls I make via GOV come along with Owner ID to this Amount and similar Amounts in Dallas W in the same CL EC.

Post by Sick of IDIOTS,

2066820185 They called. . I blocked them before. Used a W Region code number. I switched Telephone company's they called again not even two weeks after my family moved. I blocked them again. AND Can CONTINUE For Would Thus. They never leave a message and place up that Telephone line so when you phone back it's disconnected. No Actual company would do that.

Post by Joe Purcell,

206-682-0185 Recorded message saying for Press 1 seeing credit card. Sent 1 to get on don't phone list. Man Individual who answered asked if I owe 2 W or more on credit card. When I asked the way to get on that don't telephone list he said Feign idiot and hung Upward.

Post by kurī,

2066820185 I could second that. I use Appall to redirect to some Glass account of mine my Appall Amount is a Washington W area code. Incoming calls for my GOV as nicely as calls I create via GOV come along with Owner ID to this Amount and similar numbers within Dallas W from your same CL EC.

Post by beaver,

206-682-0185 got your spam at earlier morning. A guy s express searching for a Man not here.

Post by Seth,

2066820185 Same Narrative as most on here posted a item on grisliest got your is this still for sale blah blah sounds great cashiers check blah blah other email that was used email W protected and your name can jack or Mathew christen Additionally got one out of a Lara Brown maintaining for maintain the military deployed oversea bust that one on the MOS code they Promised was their Occupation I'd isn't a CB RN its NBC

Post by You called Me,

206-682-0185 W W W called me this morning at 6 W am. When I replied you hung Upwards. This is a few sort of scam and or phishing scheme.

Post by Sassy,

2066820185 It is a recruiting Organization.

Post by Andrew,

206-682-0185 Obtained a phone out of a Man identifying themselves as Windows Support a known scam but I figured I d play along. That female person on the other Finish had an Indian Highlight or from that general region of the universe and you personally could Notice a telephone Facility hum in your History. They started asking if they could Chat for that manager of your computers I said sure that s me then they Inquired if I had a computer. . . Afterward they got flustered and Installed up. Seems their Program did t expect endorsement of their telephone that far.

Post by Avery,

2066820185 Though another Microsoft Windows Technology support fraud. I would enjoy mocking them though your stupid morons. Thick Indian Feature halting familiarity with your language and the complete deficiency of clue Simply heats my spirit.

Post by Ed,

206-682-0185 Simply another number used by that scum scampers. 've it blocked but they try and get through periodically. Eventually they shall Go onto using another place of numbers. They 've been Running for years . . . and there's NOTHING stopping them from always harassing folks

Post by Sassy,

2066820185 It's a recruiting firm.

Post by Cantfoolmeblack,

206-682-0185 Your guy is using the email address on Grisliest E-mail W protected right now.

Post by Peggy,

2066820185 Showed Trans com Enhancement on Owner ID this morning Recently it was unknown

Post by Mad as heck,

206-682-0185 The Owner started calling me at 7 W Sunday 'm. Aug 5 W. I did t response it because I did t recognize the number or the Firm. It is now 9 Am and they have called me no less than W times. I trust it doesn't continue. If I knew how you can block this Amount I would. And my phone Business is shut so I could t telephone them for help. After reading a few of that posts I am happy I did t answer. Sounds honky to me. . .

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7036360227 Complains by Guest,

Scam for ID theft

7855941390 Complains by Guest,

This really is a scam They state they're Book to own but they rent you Homes that are empty foreclosure for sale properties and take your own money.

8004402843 Complains by Guest,

Allied interstate I Inquired her what allied interstate is she asked have you personally been receiving calls out of people. I again Inquired what allied interstate is and she said sorry mam I cannot response that until I get a few Solutions out of you so I told her nicely sorry mam if your not willing for response my question what makes you think I m willing for answer yours. I m saving and setting it for go strait for my VIM that is not set up. . Ha Haas aha

9496374910 Complains by Guest,

Request for personal info

3128095256 Complains by Guest,

Stop CALLING ME. . . . . . .

7039874495 Complains by Sandman,

When calling back Your own telephone can t become completed as dialed Spoofed Amount block it.

4232137771 Complains by PEGGY,

I 'm becoming these calls. REMOVE

6786511682 Complains by Guest,

This number calls Day-to-day occasionally twice. They leave continuous messages and say they could lower my credit card attention. there's an option 3 for Discontinue becoming calls but it does not work

2603834242 Complains by Angela,

Owner called at W. PM and cut that line after a few rings

2673013699 Complains by Guest,

annoying ex

2094814704 Complains by Guest,


5013050571 Complains by Guest,

who calling

3146803496 Complains by Guest,

Unable for connect

7732631662 Complains by Guest,

all other call girls Do not See. Time Waster. No Display. No Call

8565044451 Complains by Guest,

We've been receiving prank calls all morning out of phone number W W W. They have called W times for the direct lines. When we pick up all we could hear is blared rap music and snickering. When we request how we could help them they start pressing buttons to Fantastic a Face tone within our ear.

5086771212 Complains by Guest,

Please don t call again

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