2069059768 / 206-905-9768

Telephone information: Xo Washington. Seattle, WA. King. United states
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Post by Nancy,

2069059768 Owner saying they are that Government and going to sue you

Post by Me,

206-905-9768 Many calls in two times H om Specialist Dorothy White Irs law match. Distinct numbers Looking me for call back W W W. W W W W W W W

Post by Virginiagirl,

2069059768 Got a telephone Now out of W W W with the automated voice saying it was that Government wanting to sue us and we needed for phone W W W. Complete scam though this voice was Considerably more nice than the really rude guy along with a foreign Highlight which I could t comprehend who called with the Irs scam last year.

Post by Guest,

206-905-9768 Mo Left message Irs for sue me. Sure it s a scam

Post by John,

2069059768 They're making your calls into Ma comb County out of outside your area. Please be thorough because it's a scam.

Post by Guest,

206-905-9768 Indiana. . Called Authorities about the SCAM today

Post by Guest,

2069059768 Got a telephone out of the no. the morning. I was really puzzled and called back got a occupied Transmission. This must be a scam. Expect they're not phishing for information out of those who try to telephone back. The number should become reported for the authorities.

Post by Doh!,

206-905-9768 Fully hilarious that they think anyone will fall with this. The Irs doesn't create the kind of phone. Communications of the kind would be by registered mail. This really is obviously a scam.

Post by Tina Thompson,

2069059768 Just acquired a phone today along with the same message about an Government law suit. It was a robotic voice send message.

Post by Guest,

206-905-9768 Registered message this can be Irs and Processing law match against me but never said my name. Attempted for phone Amount but occupied. Sounds enjoy a scam for us

Post by Meg,

2069059768 They Only called me. I looked up the phone Amount and it led me here.

Post by Guest,

206-905-9768 Atlanta Message recorded on 1 W W same as quot Kathleen quot info below. I used white pages for Change the Amount and paid to get your address. It s Enrolled to the quot Kings County Management Building Seattle Oregon quot Your Irs building is W ND Ave Seattle Oregon I concur it s a scam

Post by Guest,

2069059768 states they . are the Government calling from Dallas Wa threatening law fit. I consider your Irs uses that Us Mail and doesn't phone.

Post by Heather,

206-905-9768 Also calling Nashville Il.

Post by Azazel,

2069059768 They called me Now within that Albany NY Region. . . out of W W W. . . . directing me to telephone them back at W W W. . . . Automated message. . . . And no. . . . They did t get a telephone back. . . . Unbelievable. . .

Post by MA,

206-905-9768 Same as previous posters. They're calling Mum as well.

Post by Guest,

2069059768 Left a computerized message that Government has Submitted a litigation against me but never used my name haves phone back number for more information

Post by Guest,

206-905-9768 Irs called me Now was automated Telephone telephone requesting that I telephone W W W instantaneously. Did not know if this was a scam or not. Thanks to all your Remarks I won t become calling back but I do plan for report the to that Authorities.

Post by NTH,

2069059768 Received a call out of W W W along with Registered message this was the Closing Test for contact me before a suit was Registered against me. Asserted they were that Government and for phone them at the number. Note Government doesn't make this type of telephone. Communications of the variety would become by mail. This really is Clearly a scam.

Post by KMM,

206-905-9768 Obtained a phone on Jan W W Around an Government suit and this was my final notification. Your Registered name of that Individual they were searching for was garbled. Your message said for call W W W. That phone originated from W W W. I never acquired any written notification in the Government. Irs helpline is W W W or you personally could possibly go for Government. gov.

Post by Guest,

2069059768 Irs Closing call before a lawsuit called from W W W and wanted a call back on W W W. Absolute scam. Be careful.

Post by CB,

206-905-9768 A message was left on my House Telephone purportedly from your Government saying a litigation was being Submitted against me and I should phone your number back. Your Owner Amount id was from W W W. When I go ogled that Amount I see I m not the only one.

Post by Guest,

2069059768 Tucson Arizona. Got a call said the y were from your Government . It is a scam. No answer.

Post by Guest,

206-905-9768 acquired that same call on my cell Amount today threatened Irs litigation total BS

Post by Guest,

2069059768 Same matter as others 've previously mentioned. I hope no 1 falls with this scam. Once again the FCC failing to right your problem

Post by mrc,

206-905-9768 Bud if you can get some cheap tickets I ll Travel out along with you to participate in many of that whop Green. what ever happened to that Do not Telephone LIST .

Post by J Jones,

2069059768 Computerized express stating this is that Irs Around to file a suit. Your Irs sends certified Words thus this really is definitely not them.

Post by Chris,

206-905-9768 Your simple fact is that the Irs doesn't Trigger contact by phone.

Post by themonkeysmama,

2069059768 Same as above in Jacksonville FL

Post by Guest,

206-905-9768 It s a scam don t autumn for it investigative Correspondents 've exposed it in the state for what it is and their still Striving it.

Post by KD,

2069059768 I Simply gotten a telephone Seeking me for call W W W seeing Irs Tax problems and this is my Closing warning before they sue me. I live in Clark County OH. . . so. . . it s happening in a lot of Places.

Post by Guest,

206-905-9768 Calling elderly Pol along with a threading Government scam telling you your Irs has Submitted a suit against you personally and that is your last phone telephone warning sounds like some fore within gook

Post by AG,

2069059768 The Additionally Simply happened in Chicago.

Post by Guest,

206-905-9768 Maintained last discover of an Irs law fit. Traced First telephone from Narcotics Texas along with message for phone the Washington Amount. Texas Amount was registered for someone who died in W. Irs doesn't make calls like this they send registered send notices before stating quot last find quot .

Post by Guest,

2069059768 Caller left message on replying machine he was out of Government along with a suit against me and a Guarantee for my arrest if he dozen t hear back out of me. did not call back

Post by Guest,

206-905-9768 There s a sucker produced every daytime. Got your message called back and Regrettably gave them my SS . Now what would I do. Of course it s a scam. . .

Post by Kelly,

2069059768 Same as above. I have received similar calls within your previous and contacted Irs directly. They Affirmed they have no record of any problems along with my taxes. They Inquired that I report that information to them if contacted again.

Post by Bradley Buzard,

206-905-9768 Obtained Apparent scam attempt asserting Government and that they were Around to sue. . . left Telephone W W W

Post by Guest,

2069059768 Left a message that Government has s lawsuit against me and there was a Guarantee for my arrest. .

Post by KD,

206-905-9768 I Simply obtained a telephone requesting me to call W W W regarding Irs Tax problems and this is my final warning before they sue me. I live within Clark County OH. . . thus. . . it s happening in a lot of Places.

Post by Robert,

2069059768 Got your same BS telephone within Grand Rapids MI.

Post by PJM,

206-905-9768 I got a call from W W W telling me to call this number that the Government was going for sue me. Obviously a SCAM.

Post by John,

2069059768 Government scam phone please do not waste just one more Second of your time searching into it. Merely let your family understand in Mother comb County MI they're making the calls. Computer express prompts you for call W W W Thanks

Post by Pat,

206-905-9768 Same as mentioned above. Irs calling to file match against me.

Post by Wayne,

2069059768 Happened Recently in Lake Charles La.

Post by Guest,

206-905-9768 Gotten that same call today and I am in Wisconsin. Will not call back

Post by PJM,

2069059768 I got a call out of W W W telling me to telephone this number that the Government was going to sue me. Obviously a SCAM.

Post by jo,

206-905-9768 I received a threatening phone today Around suit against me by an furious Girl Amount was W W W. She Maintained to become from Irs. It was on my machine.

Post by cheryl,

2069059768 Simply got a call from a cell within Colorado springs Making message final discover Irs is next going for sue me called this W W W back for scream at them and either no answer or active Sign. . . . cheers to the Website I knew I was right in my thinking that it was a scam.

Post by Renee,

206-905-9768 They called Now but out of a number W W W that's a voice message of a robotic woman's express saying to telephone W W W. That the Irs is calling and I 'm within trouble of some form. I have had these Folks telephone from many different Amounts. I block each Amount but my Telephone still rings once. Just one time after they called I blocked the Amount and they kept calling back so my Telephone kept ringing once for an excellent 5 calls Afterward they eventually stopped Lola. I haven't gotten a phone out of my Telephone within a couple weeks but now they're calling my cell. Occasionally it s automated and sometimes it s a foreign man that may say that Authorities may be there in W minutes for get me for problems with the Irs if I don t provide him the info he requests. Please do not fall because of this crap. It s all fake.

Post by Guest,

2069059768 Same as everyone else. Sounds enjoy a scam.

Post by Guest,

206-905-9768 Left message that Government was suing me Merely enjoy others. I don t think Government makes calls. They send notification. I tried calling local Irs to report they don t Take calls you've for go for their office.

Post by Guest,

2069059768 Also left a computerized message that Irs has Submitted a suit against me never used my name and your phone back number 1 W W W dozen t response and has no voice send Capacity.

Post by Jackie L.,

206-905-9768 I gotten a phone out of the number at my home Telephone and Subsequently on my husbands cell Telephone about a legal tax subject. We are within Portage County Kansas.

Post by Matt C,

2069059768 same called Now left a computerized message saying Government was suing me

Post by Guest,

206-905-9768 Left computerized message stating your Government was Striving to contact me. They are now Processing a suit against me and I Wanted for call them instantly. Did not use my name and did not leave theirs. 3 sentences and only a telephone back Amount. SCAM

Post by Cat,

2069059768 This is a scam. They called out of W W W and 've a recording that says they are from the Government and are Attempting for contact me regarding a lien they re going for file and I should call back at W W W.

Post by jay,

206-905-9768 got the call. recorded message said Central Income Service was going for file fit against me. some sort of scam

Post by mrc,

2069059768 Bud if you can get a few Inexpensive tickets I ll fly out along with you personally for participate within a few of that whop pin. what ever happened to the Do not Telephone LIST .

Post by Maryland,

206-905-9768 I gotten a canned voice message with caller ID 1 W W W and marked Unavailable. It was that same Government scam threatening a lawsuit. They wanted me for phone W W W.

Post by Guest,

2069059768 Rob telephone stating that they were that Government filing a lawsuit against us

Post by Richard GS,

206-905-9768 Same as above Closing telephone suit Government blah blah blah . VIM told me call was from W W W show showed caller name UNAVAILABLE message left Amount to phone W W W call was at 7 W a. m. was asleep. . Enjoy that is going to work. Could you imagine if you personally called got someone Attempting to sell you X. Total meltdown. What losers.

Post by Rygard,

2069059768 Absolute scam. Man Needed my soc security and bank account . When I said no he Began swearing at me. Kept saying that Government is going for sue me. Insane. Don t answer these calls. .

Post by Guest,

206-905-9768 SCAM beware say they are the Government and that you can be arrested if not pay them money beware SCAM

Post by Guest,

2069059768 Said they had been trying to get in Contact with me and are going to take the what to court. They gave a call back number W W W. I did not telephone them. Has anyone made any Development on who is behind this.

Post by Guest,

206-905-9768 Got a message this morning saying the was that Government with a final telephone before Processing litigation. I attempted calling back at first out of sheer Anxiety then calmed down and did a few online research. That is definitely a SCAM.

Post by craig,

2069059768 same telephone here. the thing is how might it be not Very simple given that number of people reporting the for Charge the responsible parties. all they 've for do is locate Outside who has accessibility for that Amount or can create money out of it.

Post by Guest,

206-905-9768 Said Irs 've a suit against me and telephone W W the. His Logo IRMA CAPT.

Post by Chris,

2069059768 Got telephone from W W W instructing for telephone W W W.

Post by Guest,

206-905-9768 Same as all that others. There is warrant for my arrest from your Irs for tax evasion

Post by Guest,

2069059768 Jan W W. . . same as others. Telephone express mail left reportedly out of W W W in Dallas Washington. That W W W is Additionally in Dallas. I may report to FBI and our Lawyer General.

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8622180378 Complains by Guest,

Got a text saying quot Google W Your account was hacked. Answer to this message with SEND NOW when you are ready to Check your own account. quot Very classic phishing strategy. Do not respond.

2126093746 Complains by Guest,

I called back on 1 W W W and they replied as Matrix Transferring. I had previously been searching into movers but told him I no longer Desired your services. He agreed to remove me out of their telephone list. . . we 'll see.

3055078458 Complains by Guest,

Some type is sales telephone within Fast fire Spanish. Had to hang Upwards.

3157555212 Complains by Guest,

An Indian guy who name is Ellen Taylor. And I don t know how he got my San cell phone Amount E-mail address. . . I gotten Around 2 3 calls from his number a day. He said he is going to Charge and put me in jail if I don t Compose him a W U. S dollars. This is a crime and a SCAM. . . .

3612499097 Complains by Guest,

Said I was a top finalist for a sweepstakes. she dodged answering when I asked what sweepstakes. Just something someone in that House filled out online she said. When I pressed for that website she said she d telephone back another time.

4107905885 Complains by Guest,

Same attempted Scam as your others. Inquired how he could be thus Stupid. He hung Upward.

8322643689 Complains by Guest,

Sorry incorrect phone Amount my lousy this Amount is good

8165597571 Complains by Debbie,

. . . caller left two Individual text messages both comprising a String of nasty language

9735224872 Complains by Guest,

Call said you might have a collect phone from Essex county correction center

8172590053 Complains by Sam,

Was a local Place code so I replied because was expecting telephone from plumber. Someone with a foreign Highlight Began telling I had been Chosen for receive a ticket at which point I knew it was B. S. so I hung up. Scam ripoff do not hassle for reply. I added for my Avoid list.

4065306133 Complains by Guest,

I get calls all your time. I never answered till Now. Afterward that line is not alive. I Needed for tell them to Cease calling me.

9178180164 Complains by Guest,

Telemarketer Spam

8003656917 Complains by barb,

They call every nighttime at 5 pm. The last 3 nights they called I pressed 0 and when they came on the line I blew a Cops whistle as loud as I could into that phone. They Afterward called back and said we got disconnected. I blew your whistle again and hung Upwards. They called a third time and Inquired who the hell blows a whistle into the Telephone so yes I blew it as hard as I could. Expect her earache gets better soon.

9098946327 Complains by Guest,

He is harassing me

6172336394 Complains by Guest,

Simply comes Upwards as cell Telephone on Owner id don t understand anyone for the reason that area

8043109837 Complains by Shexter,

A who keeps calling for sex always calls Approximately two within the morning and does not Cease till 5 in the morning. I consistently have for turn my cell away. The Woman calls constantly. .

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