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Telephone information: Electric Lightwave DBA Integra Telecom. Seattle, WA. King. United states
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Post by Guest,

2069737350 this really is a hospital and they keep calling. saying they're that IRS

Post by Ginger,

206-973-7350 Obtained 2 calls in that previous 2 times exactly like all your above one out of W W W guy with heavy accent and another out of W W W English speaking Girl .

Post by Guest,

2069737350 For that pleasure of it I returned the VIM. I Offered them a untrue name and was told that I wan t cooperating with your Irs and would become arrested because I wan t cooperating with them. I was Set on hold to be transfer Edward to some quot supervisor quot who sounded like that first man I talked with. When I question the ND guy about sounding enjoy your first guy his express became bold amp loud. He stated that I would become arrested by my local Authorities amp handcuffed in the next W minutes. I began for weep. . . .

Post by Nancy,

206-973-7350 Gotten the same Call did t fall for it.

Post by Notdumb,

2069737350 Been becoming these calls called them back when they replied I blew a very loud whistle into the Telephone Subsequently I instantly called back and did it again. After three times they blocked my Amount and I haven t had a telephone since.

Post by Sheryl McClellan,

206-973-7350 Not just that he would have had to have ignored multiple letters certified letters and having his bank Records and other Resources frozen before it got that far. Unless it was for immensely big bucks in which case they simply would come and arrest him investigation warrant dozens of Federal and local LE and they would Take all his paperwork. But they definitely don't offer a heads Upwards on something enjoy that.

Post by Guest,

2069737350 Calling and claims to become out of Government. Quite heavy forgone accent. Says there is things from my past which he could 've me arrested for if I don't call him back and clear up Excellent problems. How dumb do they think we have been. Present me a break.

Post by Wes,

206-973-7350 I acquired this call when I called the idiot back first I had a terrible time understanding him. Then I told him to please do not wait that W hours send me for jail tonight. He said he had to wait W hours and could not tell me why. Told me I needed to phone my Attorney but would not tell me what I was being Priced with. PLEASE Do not Fall With this SCAM It was a shame I could not 've more pleasure along with him. The message he left was that I failed for pay my Fees for last year.

Post by Guest,

2069737350 Doctor. Lu Mid Asian accent claims to become from Government. Must telephone back amp discuss issues and threatens being arrested.

Post by A B,

206-973-7350 Same exact message a few minutes Past.

Post by dc_home,

2069737350 I received the same basic call that they are going to arrest us and they can t speak English either. Why can these Folks think we have been all so stupid that they would call and warn us

Post by Guest,

206-973-7350 Someone along with a middle Japanese Feature asserting for be from Irs threatened for have me arrested if I don t call. At least jeopardize me within English.

Post by mike,

2069737350 Same as that remainder. Government calling sing I might become arrested.

Post by Guest,

206-973-7350 the number is a scam calling and threatening for Government collection. . I 've called my local Government and all is nicely. I Additionally reported the for Irs Treasury Section and FBI and they're conscious of this. . if any of you personally demand your Amount. . telephone your local FBI office and phone the Treasury Section for reporting a impersonating Government agent. . the number is 1 W W W. Call and tell them. . have this Amount shut down. . . here a funny note when i said i was gonna report this and i attempted to call back. . he blocked my Amount. . there fore don't become wary. . Do not autumn for it.

Post by j,

2069737350 These are criminal extortionists Managing in overseas boiler rooms using VIP to alter their identities and locations and from the reach of Us law enforcement. If someone calls saying he s an Government Representative and demands which you send money instantly hang Upwards. It s a Telephone scam. In fact it tops the Government Filthy Dozen list of tax scams the year and it s been surging in new months that Bureau said Thursday. The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Management DICTA which oversees the Government has received reports of W W scam calls since October W and said nearly 3 W victims 've been swindled out of W million thus Much. By Adjusting their Owner ID number to ensure it is appearance like they re calling out of an Irs office these scampers Regularly endanger vulnerable people like your aged and fresh immigrants along with things like arrest deportation or your loss of their driver s license if they don t pay immediately for cash purportedly owed. Frequently Making messages that state it s pressing you telephone them back your scampers use common names and occasionally say they are in the Irs Legal Department. They may even claim to know that last four digits of your own Social Security number and send follow up emails that appear to be in the Irs DICTA said. They often need that payments be got by prepaid debit card. Once they make their threats your scampers 've been known for telephone back and again disguise their caller ID so it appears they're calling from the police department or the Section of Engine Automobiles DIV . Or sometimes when they telephone they could state you might have a refund due and request you personally to provide personal info so you can claim it. Your Actual Irs may Normally contact you by regular mail first if it needs to contact you in any respect. And that agency never demands prompt payment by phone or asks for credit card or debit numbers if they can telephone. It Additionally never asks for private or Fiscal information by E-mail text or Societal media. If you get what you personally suspect is a scam phone report it for DICTA through its Web Website or call W W W. HTTP cash. CNN. com W W W pf Fees Irs tax scams

Post by Guest,

206-973-7350 Same Information as mentioned before.

Post by Jackie  its a scam,

2069737350 Its a scam don t answer the Telephone. W W W They r lire

Post by Guest,

206-973-7350 Called and left message because I don't response calls if I dint understand the number. Voice mail a beautiful matter. Anyways left message and said I had outstanding Government dilemmas and if I did not call him back I would be arrested. Absolute SCAM people. Irs does not phone and jeopardize you personally. 1 they would mail you a notification then at some point within time noted on you notice if you don't Answer can show Upwards at your own House. That s how Irs works. They don't call and endanger you or tell you personally for send Line Transports or paid Debt Cards. They Just do not do that. If they Actually desire your money they can Only seize your own accounts. . So be aware and report these scam artists. It has for stop with people not Dropping because of this. Within W these Scampers got away with around W W W because Individuals dropped because of this Items. Until we get that word out to as many Folks as possible to Not fall as a Casualty they will continue to would this .

Post by Guest,

2069737350 Just obtained a telephone from a man with an extremely thick Feature claiming for be from your Government. Said I 'm going for Prison today if I don t clear Upward W debt. from my past. Scampers are becoming dumber each day. Simply become thorough. The number he called from was W W W

Post by vonn,

206-973-7350 Same message left 2 consecutive days on my answer machine. Apparent scam. . Did NOT call back.

Post by unknown,

2069737350 I obtained a telephone stating that I owe your Irs 2 W. W and this was due to Processing fraud I threatened for contact your Irs myself to Check and they rushed me off that phone

Post by In Colorado,

206-973-7350 I received a call out of the Amount at 7 W a. m. Co time. They left a message and when I called back it was a woman along with a heavy Indian Feature. I asked her three times what Business she was out of and eventually I got frustrated. So I started yelling at her telling her that i understand that they're a scam that they're not within your Us and that they're Merely trying for scam money from me and i can be reporting them for your authorities. She said Mum 'm this really is that federal Authorities and that by me yelling at her and saying she is a scam artist I 'm making matters worse for myself. I just laughed. I said well I 'm guessing which you are a terrorist then and I will be reporting you for homeland security she said go forward they cannot Contact us. I said nicely you are on a traced line appropriate now and your more you personally Discuss the more info I am Getting Around your exact location and you are going for maintain big problem Actual shortly. Do you enjoy the table turned on you now. She Put up on me. I have not obtained any more calls.

Post by Paul Hone,

2069737350 Not possible. These people are located in India and Pakistan. No way for trace them. Your best bet is a phone blocker.

Post by Guest,

206-973-7350 for phone back the Amount W W W or I would become arrested and talk about the question. Really intimidating and scary express has not called in several months and now Began again. I have been scammed Approximately W. W before along with this same Individual or someone enjoy him.

Post by Tee,

2069737350 Acquired the same message. . . calling from your Irs for a past tax error. . . I need for phone immediately. . . potential arrest. Miserable that Individuals get away with such scams and harassment.

Post by Paul Hone,

206-973-7350 Not potential. These people are located within India and Pakistan. No way to hint them. Your own absolute best Gamble is a telephone blocker.

Post by Guest,

2069737350 this is that text Variation of voice send quot Your nature of express mail it just for notify you personally that we have obtained a legal but it s within not . against your name for text mistake what you have done within your pops . . So before this subject goes for faculty and Instructor house or before you personally got arrested. Kindly call people back. Your number is your number which is W W W. I Replicate it s W W W. As it s in your Supervisor of crisis . . We 're looking forwards for Talk to you. Thank you. quot

Post by John Mc,

206-973-7350 This can be a scam. Call comes out of W W W and claims for be from Government. If you get this telephone do not provide Outside any information get a name if potential. Make notes of everything accent name Risk all info. Get off your phone and Afterward report the instantaneously. if you personally go for your National Commerce Commission web Website you are able to make a Grievance there. It's simple and does not take a lot of time. They will inquire the complaint.

Post by M,

2069737350 Merely got your same telephone as everyone else. Expect no just one falls for their scams.

Post by F Lind,

206-973-7350 Same as other places. An English speaking serious sounding girls leaves message saying that I m being sued by that Irs. I called back and an Indian man says he is an Irs National Researcher. I Installed Upwards.

Post by Tim,

2069737350 Scam. Substantial Central Western or Indian accent States to become from Irs and claims you might have problem from your past and which you demand for phone them back and pay before being arrested. Government would never do the. HANG Up Instantly. .

Post by K W,

206-973-7350 I just obtained message in the thick accented gentlemen pretending for become in the Government. Since I am in fact an Irs agent I called your Man back. This is completely a SCAM and I hope no just one gets deceived by the.

Post by R Suth,

2069737350 2 PM Caller ID d as Seattle phone sometime Seattle. . thick Highlight unknown what challenging for understand many words male did t wait till my Voice send Directed} outgoing message So Cutting incoming message so Think is automated. . . . . acquired illegal . . . . . in your own name. . . x mistake. . . before you personally go to court or get arrested. . . . . call W W W. . . Second . crisis. . matched caller ID

Post by Kari,

206-973-7350 Same Cope guy along with thick Feature maintaining Government back taxes are owed and could be arrested. . . um. . no.

Post by Guest,

2069737350 Heavy Mid Asian access asserting for be from Irs threatened that I had trouble from the previous and that I Wanted for phone back before being arrested. LOLA. The real Government may never phone you. They will consistently Tell you through the send.

Post by Willa,

206-973-7350 I also received a phone call out of W W W about your Irs having a suit and arresting me for Outstanding Fees. Can these people be arrested.

Post by Rick,

2069737350 Nearly exactly as the Individual above me doing research. Searching enjoy a scam

Post by Willa,

206-973-7350 I Additionally obtained a phone telephone out of W W W about that Government having a lawsuit and arresting me for Outstanding Fees. Could these people be arrested.

Post by Guest,

2069737350 Same as above. Government scummier.

Post by Guest,

206-973-7350 this appears for be a scamming phone telling me your Components that I could understand thick Highlight something about reports against me and to call before I get arrested.

Post by Guest,

2069737350 Cont out of my first entry. . . . . I began to weep when he stated that I may be arrested. I Inquired him how could I resoluteness that quot debt that I owe quot he kept telling me that I was going to become arrested around and around. . . . . This appears to become many kind of a sicko that gets away at making a little old Woman Shout ha. .

Post by Guest,

206-973-7350 States to become Irs Looking to Charge me if I don t telephone back.

Post by Guest,

2069737350 Called and left message because I do not answer calls if I dint know that Amount. Voice send a lovely matter. Anyways left message and said I had Excellent Government dilemmas and if I did not phone him back I would become arrested. Absolute SCAM Folks. Irs does not phone and threaten you personally. One they would send you a notice Subsequently at some point within time noted on you personally page if you personally don't Answer may show Upward at your own home. That s how Irs works. They do not telephone and jeopardize you or tell you for send wire Transports or paid Debt Cards. They Simply do not can that. If they Actually want your own money they may just capture your own Records. . Thus be conscious and report these scam artists. It has to Discontinue with us not falling with this. Within W these Scampers got away along with over W W W because people fell with this Things. Until we get that word Outside for as many Individuals as possible to Not autumn as a Sufferer they may continue to would this .

Post by hazleton pa,

206-973-7350 I called the W back making fun of heavy accent Man he Began cursing me and all Insane I told him I was your Authorities and got enjoyment of some Western and Indian stuff he did t like that said he was gonna look for me good luck

Post by jrouss,

2069737350 Same as above Irs scam threatening for sue me if I don t call them back.

Post by Guest,

206-973-7350 A guy with the Indian Highlight called on Lay} morning at 5 W a. m. . Promised for be from your Irs and mentioned being served or arrested if I did t phone back. Today I gotten another phone asserting for become in the Government and threatening arrest. That Amount was W W W in Elvira NY. They re multiplying. I did file a Criticism along with that FTC but don t know if that can would any good. Great for Mack for notifying that Government and the FBI. Hope somebody may Close these Folks down.

Post by Guest,

2069737350 Someone along with an extremely substantial middle Asian Perhaps Indian accent impersonating an Irs agent asserting i demand to call back at many number for avoid charges from something in my own previous or something.

Post by Sheryl McClellan,

206-973-7350 Not simply that he would have had for 've ignored multiple Words certified letters and having his bank accounts and other Resources frozen before it got that Way. Unless it was for immensely Enormous bucks within which case they Just would come and Charge him search Guarantee dozens of Federal and local LE and they would Take all his paperwork. But they surely don't provide a heads Upward on something enjoy that.

Post by SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,

2069737350 Simply Received A Call From Man Claiming That SAME ACCUSATIONS Out of Phone Number W W W. That is A SCAM . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by j,

206-973-7350 Got your same junk on a mail Pleasant attempt. . . . . . .

Post by Guest,

2069737350 Called and left message saying to return their call or I am going for jail. I called the number back 3 different times and first two times mentioned they were that Government and that third time they mentioned they were the National law and Study Section. This really is a scam. W W W Dallas Oregon .

Post by j,

206-973-7350 Got that same absurdity on a send nice try. . . . . . .

Post by Sheryl McClellan,

2069737350 Not only that he would 've had for 've ignored multiple letters certified Words and having his bank Records and other assets frozen before it got that Much. Unless it was for immensely Large Dollars in which case they Just would come and Charge him search Guarantee dozens of National and local LE and they would confiscate all his paperwork. But they certainly don't present a heads Upwards on something like that.

Post by Guest,

206-973-7350 the appears for be a scamming phone telling me your Components that I could comprehend thick accent something about reports against me and to phone before I get arrested.

Post by Guest,

2069737350 Rec VD call 1. W. W saying it was the Government calling because of something type my previous and they were Making me understand I had Only somewhat time left until I would be arrested unless I paid what I owed that Irs . BUT that Government constantly notifies you personally through that USPS. Today is 1. W. W and this can be your Th phone since 1. W. W from three Distinct tel all located within Seattle Wa Place 2 were out of the tel another from W W W and the last from W W W W area code is south of Dallas. With all of NASA s capabilities you d believe scams like the would be Close down.

Post by Dennis,

206-973-7350 I got a telephone out of W W W basically saying your same thing when I called your number back a woman with an extremely thick Central Asian accept replied National Legal Investigation Section . So I asked her where she was located and she Put Upward on me. Typically when you personally phone a government office they Place you personally on hold for ever then eventually come back on the line. Not this 1. My suppose it s either ISIS or Al Quad Striving for Improve funds for their cause.

Post by Mel,

2069737350 A man with an extremely significant Indian Highlight left a message stating that I was going for be arrested if I did not call back due to your mistake I made on my Fees. I could barely understand him. Assuming this can be a scam.

Post by Guest,

206-973-7350 Middle Japanese accent asserting I vie done something incorrect and to prevent Prices I need for call

Post by patty,

2069737350 I obtained the same telephone exactly why would these Folks believe we are so Mindless that they would call and warn people that they're going to Charge us and they could t Chat English either.

Post by Guest,

206-973-7350 Caller left a message on express mail substantial Highlight pretty Considerably the same message. It was cut away by express mail so i did t get the entire thing.

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9047587105 Complains by Fr. Mike O'Hara,

My dear friend Jim Wahl has been victimized by an anonymous individual slandering his good name.  Although Jim feels he knows the person behind this disgusting scheme he realizes his friend upstairs understands the slings and arrows of life.  As a good Christian Jim forgives your actions and hopes that you find the way.

8172728334 Complains by Kristen,

I agree that just people I know in Arlington are the People at UTAH and your just motive they d phone me is for . Two calls this week at 9 W and 9 W pm my time moved east no messages. I enjoy the net Website Only go ogled the Amount and this came Upward. Thanks for your corroboration.

6185305134 Complains by Guest,

I am not sure the area code is 217, the number on my phone appears as 1-410-1000 then an additional number eg 1, 2, 3, or 4, I have received four calls from them. It is a scam. I am selling my car and they want to buy but they insist on my paypal info which I will not give out. They are just scammers and I am reporting. Thank You Their email address is [email protected]

9858785721 Complains by Guest,


8134485145 Complains by Dee,

This Amount calls me numerous times a daytime and has for weeks now. They never leave a message. I don't reply Amounts I don t understand.

2407552420 Complains by Guest,

Said they were calling about my credit card and I don t even 've a credit card that person talking was a recording but that caller id revealed the name I entered

8134642370 Complains by FL RESIDENT,


3308142747 Complains by Guest,

Call all your time and never leave a message

8182231928 Complains by Mike,

Ben Fe in Inquired returned call

9722350225 Complains by Guest,

Insurance company

8662467196 Complains by Guest,

Bill was another Individual that's advising people to phone this number W W W

8049554050 Complains by Anon2,

Called twice Now always during that daytime while I m at work. W minutes apart never leave a message. They vie called Around each other daytime since I first posted. Still won t EVER get answered even if they call when I 'm House. Eventually even a hole morons will comprehend we have Owner ID. Local Office can they Really believe anyone will fall for that.

8053099515 Complains by Guest,

Free home security

8774850462 Complains by Tara,

Is a call claiming unpaid medical bill for my daughter. When told that the amount was paid on line through the medical supplier, they asked for a receipt number. Information was provided. Lady stated that even though payment was made, that payment had to be made through them and getting my money back from the medical provider was "my issue" and they were not involved in it. I told her that I paid, had a receipt and I was not paying again. They sent mail and continue to call. I went through the steps of confirming debt that was given to my by credit bureau friend. They are on the last week of the 30 days to confirm the debt information. Every time she contacts me outside of "in writing" as requested, it can be considered harassment and violates a debt collection law guideline. Ringing phone can be aggravating.....but CHA CHING!!!

8042122043 Complains by Guest,


8103393096 Complains by Pete,

I acquired an E-mail out of an Allison and a Image asking if I like the Graphic to text

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