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2017-09-26 13:02:34
2079456302 called me at quarter to one this morning. I attempted to answer thinking it might be work but missed it. They didn't leave a message. When you call back it just rings endlessly.
2017-09-21 23:18:45
so sick of this crap! hi my name is lisa, can you hear me ok? i'm on a recorded line...........argh! BITE ME LISA!
2017-09-21 21:20:19
Person called and called and when I did not answer and sent them to voicemail they continue to try calling from a blocked number. That is harassment.
2017-08-30 15:47:55
Very annoying, calls every morning, no message.....wakes my elderly mother!!!
2017-08-23 18:52:44
Keeps calling, no message. Scam scam scam!
2017-08-13 17:50:03
Craigs list ad. The deal is way to good to be true. Not just a good deal but an over the top iNCREDABLE DEAL. THEY WANT YOUR EMAIL AND have a story-:in hospital, cant get round, send them your contact info and thy will get everything set up thru amazon.Thee scam artist must be making $$ or these thives wouldn't still be operating. Funny thing, when they email you pictures, the for sale sign on the vehicle is different than the one that is posted on CL.
2017-06-30 16:09:30
I am getting calls one right after another and i am sick of it.
2017-06-22 01:16:52
Got 3 calls in an. Hour
2017-05-30 16:00:46
Moslem scammers
2017-05-24 16:02:02
Called twice in a row without leaving a message I called back and they answered this is Joe with senior care you are on a recorded line
2017-05-13 02:44:01
Repeated calls from this number, PLEASE do not call again I will turn this over to the Attorney General. We are on the do not call register.. Please abide by the laws.
2017-04-19 19:32:46
207-420-8807 , called me three times in a row , saying on behalf of carnival cruises that I won a trip..... don't think so , I hung up quickly. Definitely a spam caller.
2017-04-06 16:16:27
Called my cell twice and I got the "can you hear me OK". I think everyone knows that's a scam by now
2017-04-02 03:33:40
Called me ten + times !! There in violation of HIPAA privacy laws and need to be sued !!
2017-02-20 18:26:47
Another call from this number....have been getting calls daily!! Caller ID shows SIRIUSXM!!
2017-02-01 23:34:45
got calls several times a messages
2017-01-12 01:50:37
Have a missed call on my phone but no voicemail was left.
2016-12-20 22:54:43
Keeps calling and not answering over and over again
2016-11-29 01:47:20
2016-11-05 20:47:44
Keeps calling my cell phone. Will not leave a message.

Phone list in area 207

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
2077864339they want my info for a few fresh merchandise they Only madeGuest32016-05-22 17:31:36
2077610125See above. Guest72016-05-23 14:06:36
2076924813Around W a day Only saying. Cuss words amp being meanGuest72016-03-11 09:30:10
2076297650block it allGuest42016-05-23 04:00:23
2078584814yesGuest52016-03-20 02:14:14
2072406624Dint know who it wasAj32016-05-23 13:33:44
2077254485i need a clarificationguru52016-05-23 11:32:07
2075125213This is a House address. Not a business addressGuest32016-03-02 10:50:33
2077728117They phone and don t leave message. Guest42016-05-23 12:43:08
2074932623Survey RCGuest1252015-11-04 16:25:57
2075575672stalkerGuest12015-11-04 16:32:57
2074932624Really abusive and threading callGuest2302015-11-04 16:41:57
2077452619Jenny Webb er Photos Garland ME W W W W Photography is my fire I see life between brackets and I m always envisioning how I can turn your Common into that astonishing. I am especially drawn to Macro Photography. I love your manner an ordinary object can Convert into a beautiful work of artwork when seen from a closer outlook. Wedding Photographer Portrait Photographer Commercial Photographer Photography Photographer Commercial Photographer Photography Service Executive Photographer Event Photographer Wedding Photography We Provide within Pentecost County HTTP conservatism. comGuest12015-11-04 16:41:58
2077774366harassmentGuest72016-03-18 10:27:05
2075120863Liposuction Put. . . they phone and phone after I inquired with them. . . really pushyGuest62016-05-22 17:31:33
2079316441InappropriateGuest32016-05-23 12:00:05
2077831927Wellbeing firstGuest32016-05-23 21:50:49
2074932695NothingGuest1522015-11-04 17:21:57
2073583151No one spoke just heard your click after I said hello. Owner ID had this Within TL. Amount. Hamptongus32016-04-18 12:41:48
2073443178Incorrect . Guest712015-11-04 18:10:56
2072210506Called and said the Manufacturer warranty on my vehicle had Ended. They obviously had that wrong Amount. Guest1302015-11-04 18:24:55
2075122295Dint answer Complete waste callGuest402015-11-04 18:44:57
2076021590received phone 3 W W out of H Curtis suppose spam. Should become blocked. Guest62015-11-04 19:06:57
2075170279Rang X and Put up. . . Guest1132015-11-04 19:30:57
2075171408PsychoGuest72015-12-14 19:34:50
2075125251Rude Man keeps calling meGuest32016-06-16 04:10:20
2077280046Policeman dint publication dangerGuest72016-05-23 02:43:36
2078737326Telephone W gift card from Walmart. jim mcdermott42016-03-19 04:56:10
2076514712Don t do it he wasted my time. Inexpensive. . . Guest42016-05-23 04:24:35
2078058498Please noGuest42016-03-02 11:12:28
2072451411This Amount is a political phone. Call it back and it may remove your own Telephone Amount. . . . . Guest582015-11-04 16:34:56
2076233565ill 've my lawyer get in contact with u cheers 've a Superb dayGuest72016-05-23 03:34:15
2071017006Dell Monetary Services. Guest52016-05-23 09:52:39
2074184903He is a pervert. sends pics of his genitals. Guest42016-05-11 22:14:21
2074932640I 'm getting W calls a day starting within that morning. . . if I answer your Telephone. . there surely is an automated voice saying press 1 to take you away their list. . but. . that's when it all begins with alto of calls. Guest312015-11-04 17:05:57
2073147292never answerGuest12015-11-04 17:07:56
2075224179i text saying helloGuest12015-11-04 17:11:57
2078932817who r u . . . Why did u telephone and not leave a vim identifying yourself. . . . . . . . . . . bridgette72016-03-14 08:24:54
2077427278Diversified Company Inc debt collectorGuest42016-05-24 06:38:50
2076157078No message left. No Notion who they might become. no message left62016-05-24 06:17:00
2072124478blockGuest32016-04-06 21:29:28
2074184722rude and mean commentsGuest12015-11-04 17:58:56
2078584800Hanna fordGuest12015-11-04 18:05:58
2076935006Quite poor accent. Guest152015-11-04 18:09:58
2077250061StalkerGuest62016-03-11 22:24:14
2072103805threatening meGuest32016-02-18 16:27:54
2077258078Many Girl Attempting for sell AvonGuest22015-11-04 19:22:58
2077621294I 've had several calls from W W W. They never leave a message. Does anyone understand who this can be. Lily42016-05-23 16:12:43
2076484264I what no More callsGuest32016-05-23 00:45:33
2074230080Keeps calling late at nighttime Afterward hangs upGuest12015-11-04 20:06:56

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