2123819463 / 212-381-9463

Telephone information: Mcimetro Access Transmission Services LL. New York, NY. New York. United states
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Post by Guest,

2123819463 Put up when I answered.

Post by Guest,

212-381-9463 Government scam Used Upwards by a visit

Post by DJ,

2123819463 But I cannot prove they are really human and I know they violate that law but become kind for your Wonderful feathered Pals and maybe they will not poo on you.

Post by Guest,

212-381-9463 They phone Upward and state quot Got a pen handy. quot

Post by KG,

2123819463 Someone named Benjamin called out of this Amount and asked for your owner of your Business. He said that owner was expecting his call and it was imperative he talked along with him. He said he had a post it note with the owner s cell Amount but it had been Cast away by the cleaning Woman. He Inquired if I would present it to him. I figured he was lying thus I told him if that matter was that urgent I would take down his info and pass it along. Of path once I talked along with that owner he had not been expecting a call out of this Man. Nice try.

Post by Guest,

212-381-9463 Guaranteed Monetary scam financial services.

Post by Jake,

2123819463 They're Striving to sell you personally capital to your company. Not certain how they got my data but that Man was rude and did not listen read from a Program.

Post by Guest,

212-381-9463 Leave a Opinion about that Owner here

Post by debby,

2123819463 calling last 2 days

Post by Kev,

212-381-9463 Called that store Telephone for your location I work for. Answered your first time and no words and was Put up on. They called back right away for Talk to some name I had never heard before. They then Inquired to speak to our store owner who s never in . The Girl Afterward Inquired when that best time to phone back was so she did t 've for keep calling back. I said tomorrow afternoon. Correct away I Viewed up your phone Amount and this Website was your first for come Upward. I 'm now looking forward to them calling back tomorrow thus I could mess with them supply them a Item of my head. This will be pleasure .

Post by Anonymous,

2123819463 Scam.

Post by Guest,

212-381-9463 Take the tough earned cash that we got out of exploiting your employees

Post by debby egolf,

2123819463 horrible calls and Triumph t talk half that time

Post by Digit,

212-381-9463 Liars. . Lied. Scam. Do not speak to them. . . Purposely blundered Firm s name calling from and kept correct on babbling pretending enjoy he was referred. Scamming liar. .

Post by barbara layne  ,

2123819463 no info other Afterward Owner won't response and Subsequently hangs up. Calls each day.

Post by Guest,

212-381-9463 This Amount is being used for hack into a AAA W Hr. Crisis Service line. When answered it is out of a financial services quot Business quot . Undoubtedly hackers with heavy foreign accents. AAA has become notified of their Actions. Calls come out of Fresh York Brand new Jersey and Washington DC.

Post by Guest,

2123819463 Humorous how yesterday I get my bank account hacked into and W. W take and today I Begin getting calls from the Amount. I 've them blocked now.

Post by Orlando,

212-381-9463 Assure funding. . your capital source. Is a scam. . . Telephone or deport them for that Essential National agency

Post by Robert,

2123819463 I spoke along with him overly he helped and was pretty kind and even Comprehended when I cursed him out in the Start.

Post by Katie Champion,

212-381-9463 Keeps calling and won't leave a message. . . . . . . . Is quite rude and will not request any question within what it's within reference to. . . . Needs your calls to Quit.

Post by Guest,

2123819463 Tell Money. . . quot With a capital Progress for your own business. . . quot

Post by Joe,

212-381-9463 Incessant unsolicited calls from this number

Post by Bob,

2123819463 Only received a call on company line. left message saying he was Cameron along with Promise Funding and said i was pare approved and please telephone back. was considerate in his express message but his heavy New York Feature was Visible. . . . Assure first sounded enjoy A Bath. I could call and ask that he remove our Amount as well.

Post by Guest,

212-381-9463 Called several times never leaves a message.

Post by Guest,

2123819463 Guaranteed Monetary loan scam

Post by JR,

212-381-9463 Guy is a Dick

Post by Sara J,

2123819463 I vie had this number blocked but my log shows they continue calling. This Banquet National is the latest matter that showed Upwards on Owner ID for them. Spam my scam my.

Post by officemgr,

212-381-9463 same here. . . . Told me he was along with Tell Agency I Inquired what type of Organization Tell was and he mocked my southern Feature by telling me he said Company not kind . Never answered my question and when I Required that we become removed from the phone list he said simply your owner had that right for request that. As an Staff and manager I 'm Signifying your owner company. He finally said Ok and Installed up abruptly.

Post by Guest,

2123819463 Provide credit

Post by Guest,

212-381-9463 Calls several times rings amp hangs Upward or hangs up after phone is replied.

Post by Guest,

2123819463 won't take quot no quot and put on do not telephone list.

Post by Natalie,

212-381-9463 Promise Financing is a company Attempting for get you personally to use their Financing Loan Sharks .

Post by Guest,

2123819463 The Amount calls your office at least 3 times each daytime and hangs up when that phone is replied. . . . .

Post by Robert,

212-381-9463 I spoke along with him overly he helped and was pretty kind and even understood when I cursed him out within that beginning.

Post by Kim,

2123819463 Keep calling many times did not leave message

Post by Philip,

212-381-9463 For those that would like to file a Gripe go here. . . HTTP Web. dentally. gov Standard. asp

Post by Guest,

2123819463 Cameron out of tell Money. robot telephone scam.

Post by JG,

212-381-9463 Called searching for an employee who had been fired within W. Told her she would Likely need a time machine to contact him here at this office. Lots of Sound within your background. She Installed up.

Post by Robert,

2123819463 called all your time but a few of 1 did help when i did eventually listen i suppose its all within what you personally need

Post by CJ,

212-381-9463 Called did t response left no message but I checked that number and it's listed to Ban QUE Land ALE De Paris at W Independence Road in NY that building is Just one Universe Fiscal Facility.

Post by Sangji Lee,

2123819463 I get phone from the number 3 times a day.

Post by Carey,

212-381-9463 Calls Upwards to 3 times a daytime and doesn't state anything.

Post by Kevin Smith,

2123819463 Maybe just maybe people are looking for do a job as nicely.

Post by Lisa,

212-381-9463 called everyday and Put Upwards after three Bands. doesn't leave a message.

Post by DJ,

2123819463 But I cannot Demonstrate they are Actually Person and I know they violate that law but become type for your Great feathered Pals and maybe they won't poo on you.

Post by Alex,

212-381-9463 Got a phone every morning for your last few days. Eventually picked Upwards Now they offered me instant capital for help my business grow. I said I don t need it and Subsequently he proceeded for ask about margins and gains. I told him I wan t interested and we politely ended your phone telephone. Hopefully I m not called back or I ll become pissed.

Post by Guest,

2123819463 Phone hang up.

Post by Philip,

212-381-9463 I vie told this Business at least 5 times for take me away their phone list as I can never need their services they say they vie Chosen me off but continue to telephone everyday.

Post by Carlos,

2123819463 Got a phone out of this number and did not even get time for reach the Phone before they hung up.

Post by Guest,

212-381-9463 I m so weary of these Individuals calling and bothering me at work. It s continuous for nothing I 'm not interested in their Credit or Money.

Post by Derik,

2123819463 I could not stand them calling all that time but they did supply me a great loan when my team needed it i must declare many of people demand company's enjoy the to Expand or even stay alive

Post by Guest,

212-381-9463 The number Certainly Fit to scam artist.

Post by officemgr,

2123819463 same here. . . . Told me he was with Tell Organization I asked what type of Agency Promise was and he mocked my southern Highlight by telling me he said Organization not form . Never replied my question and when I Required that we become removed in the call list he said just your owner had that appropriate for request that. As an employee and Supervisor I am representing your owner company. He eventually said Okay and Put Upwards suddenly.

Post by Guest,

212-381-9463 Scam Striving to get your Monetary information

Post by Kevin Smith,

2123819463 Maybe Simply Perhaps people are searching to do a job as well.

Post by Stone Source inc,

212-381-9463 Left a MSG of significant breathing and said .

Post by Guest,

2123819463 Out of Assure Money. They want to offer your company a loan W W of your gross income. They request lots of questions. Would you might have a CPA. How Considerably was your own income last year. Etc.

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8569251000 Complains by Guest,

Keeps calling doesn't leave message.

8582510062 Complains by Guest,

They tried to make press the number 1. I m certain is a scam. For what though. . .

8562955565 Complains by Guest,

This can be BS.

2545622153 Complains by Guest,

Dozen t stop calling me

2545626563 Complains by Brian Schweitzer,


6056796906 Complains by Guest,

Can follow Upward with a Iowa Amount.

7162266387 Complains by Guest,

Can Owner ID I never response but they phone always. Astonishing. They never give up. Three or four times a day. LOLA.

4242788064 Complains by roe,

No 1 there when I answered

8668870751 Complains by Guest,

I 've gotten Approximately W calls out of this number in that last week 5 of which were yesterday alone. Around half of them I response. When I reply it's a recording saying quot remain on the line for an Significant business option quot . I have a personal policy to never Chat for Products Lola thus I always hang up. When i don t Select Upward it goes for express mail they're calling my cellphone they hang Upward before Making a message. No Notion what these calls are about but collection agency makes no feeling within my case. Becoming pretty Ill of that calls tho.

4045521630 Complains by Guest,

Really this number Directed} out a text message and looked to phish Approximately by asking seemingly Straightforward and innocent questions.

9132134188 Complains by Guest,

calls mobile amp Dwelling line at that same time

8003662373 Complains by Stephanie Eisley,

Stop calling me. Called me twice within W seconds W W W

8172590295 Complains by Jay,

NEVER reply a Telephone telephone cellular telephone or acreage line out of a Amount you personally don't Understand if it s important that Caller may leave a message. These SCUMMIER SCUMBAGS Can NEVER LEAVE A MESSAGE

8181330599 Complains by tokay,

PS pass lo miasma lawman y collegian y ya no Laos icier on 8 vices

6026882947 Complains by Guest,

I vie asked them to remove my several times.

8644513801 Complains by JT,

Another bottom-feeding collection agency attempting to collection outdated debt. Multiple calls using robocaller, hides behind blocked caller ID, which does not provide company name AS REQUIRED BY LAW, Mr. Greg A. Cohen:Also calls from 818-251-1701Also calls from 818-251-1702Also calls from 818-251-1704Also calls from 818-251-1707Also calls from 818-251-1717Also calls from 818-251-1720Also calls from 818-251-1722Also calls from 818-251-1725Also calls from 818-251-1744Also calls from 818-251-1748Also calls from 818-251-1755Also calls from 818-251-1756Also calls from 818-251-1757Also calls from 818-251-9363Also calls from 818-251-9375Also calls from 818-226-6000Also calls from 818-908-6860Also calls from 847-407-2330Also calls from 847-407-2333Also calls from 314-677-2806Better Business Bureau record shows INCREDIBLE NUMBER OF COMPLAINTS:Customer Complaints Summary46 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 14 closed in last 12 monthsComplaint Type     Total Closed ComplaintsAdvertising / Sales Issues     3Billing / Collection Issues     39Problems with Product / Service     4Delivery Issues     0Guarantee / Warranty Issues     0Total Closed Complaints     46

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