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Telephone information: Teleport Communications Group. New York, NY. New York. United states
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Post by Annoyed,

2124446661 Sorry that y all Set Upward with the same crap but I m glad I m not alone within this boat. Asking for be removed from the list will not do anything. They're not located within that People and So aren't reprimanded for breaking the laws. They will call saying you vie been Accepted for an Vehicle loan are receiving a big government payment or that they're suing you personally. I have had them threaten for come to my house along with that Cops and 've me arrested. . For which I joke quite loudly within there ear and Care them to can it. Don t provide into the folks. Don t get pissed away. Make it a Match turn that tables and control your conversation. Make them feel like your filthy PPS that they are. I am not the good at Viewing my French when I speak for these eff er s. If you Stadium t into your word war enjoy I am I have more suggest for you. I 've a Pal who can start to read them passages from your bible until they hang Upward. They 've software for always disguise their Telephone Amounts and gives you a bogus website if they don t Merely state no. Don't Believe ANYTHING IF You've NOT Gotten A Difficult OFFICIAL Reproduce BY POST. Chin Upwards amp great Fortune all.

Post by Guest,

212-444-6661 i obtained the phone too. that is your Th time within 2 months but along with different Amounts. i reported it to the Authorities. they talked about this on your news it said to report it.

Post by Guest,

2124446661 Loan

Post by Guest,

212-444-6661 Loan center

Post by Guest,

2124446661 Did t answer

Post by Guest,

212-444-6661 Telephone ringing

Post by redbone,

2124446661 i got that same telephone Around W Minimum Past saying i was going to be sued and arrested for Assess fraud and writing lousy checks to some loan Firm. when i attempted calling that number back it was to a few catalog purchase Set. TH.

Post by Guest,

212-444-6661 Spam

Post by Guest,

2124446661 Gotten a voice mail saying me or my Attorney Wanted for telephone instantly and when I ignored your message good luck to me as this Condition came down on me. Someone foreign left the message and a Distinct return Amount but when I called the number back within my caller I. d. It comes Upwards as a b amp h Electronic equipment store within NY. I live within Oregon.

Post by Guest,

212-444-6661 Harassing me

Post by Guest,

2124446661 Asked for Linda glen

Post by Guest,

212-444-6661 I have been receiving multiple calls stating it's a legal office as a Gripe was Registered against my SS to Excellent owed. They now 've my work and it s annoying. I saved your express mail Around how they will escalate for my Supervisor and get fired and got a few other frivolous threats. Any manner to Cease these Individuals.

Post by Guest,

2124446661 Spam selling Medicine. Foreign telephone Facility using VIP for accessibility multiple local numbers across the Us.

Post by D.M.,

212-444-6661 I got that same telephone.

Post by Guest,

2124446661 Spam

Post by Guest,

212-444-6661 I have been getting that sake's calls out of three different Amounts saying your same matter should I go to that Authorities they got all my info.

Post by Guest,

2124446661 Called your Amount back. definitely a SCAM. .

Post by CHANDA,

212-444-6661 THESE ANNOYING Folks Telephone ME ALL Day Everyday Early In Your MORNING AND LATE AT Nighttime I Have Inquired SEVERAL TIMES For Become REMOVED Out of THERE CALLING LIST BUT That Call CONTINUE To COME.

Post by anonymous,

2124446661 Your Owner is a criminal. Blow his ears away along with a whistle atmosphere horn or smoke alarm.

Post by Annoyed,

212-444-6661 It s a BS call out of India. They may tell you personally that they're calling from That Us Government and that there is either a refund for you or a law suit. . . Either way they're trying for scam you get your banking Information anything they can get their scummy little hands on. Don t believe them at all. Don t believe that their name is Kevin Smith or Whatever American name they are using that moment. Personally I enjoy to play somewhat game along with them. I 've unlimited minutes and let them know that I won't disconnect that Telephone call I may Simply annoy them until they hang Upward. I may Drive buttons in their own ears or tell them how Substantially of a disgrace they must become for their family for doing this kind of pitiful job and scamming innocent Folks. That they must be a pariah for doing something thus disrespectful. Additionally don t become afraid for Begin making racist comments and cursing up a Hurricane. This really is a quick way to break them from nature and get them mad and cursing back. I have had them sitting on the other end laughing or they can Begin talking quite dirty about either their or my genitals etc. Play along and tell them how disgusting they're etc. It s a fun little Match of wits and flashy vernacular. If they don t hang Upwards However I Carry on to tell them all of that reasons why they are not calling from the People Authorities. 1 The simply way that a valid conversation would become Directed} is through USPS challenging paper Reproduce just. But I understand exactly why you personally re calling. It s because you personally don t have access to a USPS office within India right. . 2 They can never tell you personally exactly where they are located. Offer me an address for that office you re within. You are able to t. What city are you personally in Subsequently. Oh Yes so how is your weather Now. 3 They can constantly tell you personally a city Distinct out of where the Region code is from. I had W tell me that they were calling out of DC. Tell them you know of the Applications that they are using to disguise their phone Amount and that they could phone you from any Amount that they Needed. Usually I get them for break before I go through all of these steps but just persist. I tell them the more time I waste of theirs is less time they 've for harass other Folks. If I m occupied I will tell them for enjoy your Stop Place them on mute and just place down that Telephone somewhere. . . Do not Supply In To THESE MORONS.

Post by Pissed Off!!,

2124446661 I have gotten calls out of the lady out of India the W W W saying they 've acquired a criminal Grievance against me that company is ICC. I believe could t ensure it is Outside and Afterward said there was a Guarantee Outside for my arrest and said I believe these are the last 4 digits of your own Societal security . . Afterward Offered me another Telephone to phone for Cease it. Your thing is they need you for Check your own Societal thus they could access your own info and open up Records steal etc. That joke is I m broke. I Additionally don t 've time for Perpetrate any crimes cause I work take attention of my active Children and go for school. They piss you personally away cause they can call early. . . and on a Saturday the simply time I could slumber in. . Become Cautious never verify any data. .

Post by Guest,

212-444-6661 Rude person

Post by Guest,

2124446661 I don t know who they were Merely that they keep asking for Krista and there surely is no Krista at this number

Post by Guest,

212-444-6661 Rude person

Post by Guest,

2124446661 Won t stop calling playing on Telephone making that artwork disrespecting PE Opel demand for Discontinue calling

Post by redbone,

212-444-6661 Become careful with these two Amounts W W W and W W W.

Post by Jim,

2124446661 I got W calls in 2 times out of W W W telling me that they were CBS pharmacy and I had ordered a prescription. When I told them I did t consider they were CBS they said they were. I Put up and they vie been calling me back. They told me for go for Western Union and fill Outside that paperwork and pay W. W for get my Drug. Your Amount shows up on my cell Telephone as Manhattan NY. Your mankind were speaking along with such a strong Indian or Pakistani accent that I could just comprehend them.

Post by Guest,

212-444-6661 the Amount has been calling saying that i got money from your government

Post by D.M.,

2124446661 I got the same phone.

Post by Tracy,

212-444-6661 Jerks called me at 6 Am. . UGH.

Post by Guest,

2124446661 Zzz

Post by anonymous,

212-444-6661 I got the same phone.

Post by redbone,

2124446661 i got the same phone Around W min Past saying i was going to become sued and arrested for Assess fraud and writing bad checks for many loan Business. when i tried calling that Amount back it was for some Catalogue order Put. TH.

Post by Guest,

212-444-6661 spam

Post by anonymous,

2124446661 I got that same call.

Post by Guest,

212-444-6661 Hang IPA

Post by anonymous,

2124446661 I gotten a phone at work out of W W W a couple of days Past. Said he was with a pharmacy. I told him that person did not work there and to take your name off your list and not call back. A family member of mine gets these calls all of the time from Distinct Amounts thus we finally got caller i. d. and she doesn't answer unless she knows the Telephone Amount of that Owner. 1 time since I have a lot of minutes on my Telephone I Place it on unknown caller and called the phone Amount back and blew my atmosphere horn in the phone for a very long time. Might attempt and phone that Minimum your middle of the night if you have plenty of minutes and blow your air horn. Simply create certain you Set it on unknown or Only 've an air horn close by and when they call strike it within that Telephone.

Post by C.,

212-444-6661 Same Individuals as W W W. . . . . . . . . . . . . . told me I was being sued and had W minutes for Therapy that Condition or I was going for be arrested at work the very best part for allegedly not making a loan payment an absolute LIE . They insisted I Desired for go to CBS or Walgreen's and get a prepaid Charge card to pay and settle that debt. They allegedly read an affidavit to me around the Telephone and asked if I had any questions. . . when I asked who they were they got mad and said it was in that affidavit they read. When I Inquired for a breakdown of that amount they Needed from me they got Crazy again and said they Offered me all the details they 've. When I Inquired why I wasn't contacted. . . they insisted they Delivered me 4 emails a daytime for the last 3 days but got no Result from me.

Post by Aaron,

2124446661 They've called me about W times within that past few weeks. Now a man left a message stating his name is. . . . . Port Daniels . I Nearly died laughing. He left a telephone back Amount of W W W. Don t disregard this message or that just matter I may do is wish you Fortune as your situation unfolds upon me . Really. Get a better scam. Idiots.

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7605746486 Complains by Guest,

block calls

8003940368 Complains by Guest,

This Amount keeps calling W times a daytime. When I response it hangs Upwards I call back and says telephone cannot become completed.

8182878834 Complains by Guest,

medical bills

8133057302 Complains by pam yelverton,

Phone all hours no message

8669296970 Complains by Guest,

Some laughing hyena who says something Around their quot Customer quot not being p paid within over 3 years and Afterward Functions like he dozen t recognize he s leaving voice mail and hangs Upwards. Its a collection Bureau but can t become reputable. Doe not leave any disclaimer as Demanded by Fair Debt Group act and does not leave a name or call back number. Debt Group is really Outside there now that their Telephone Amounts can t be traced. I file Grievances with your FCC anyway thus their numbers get on record.

2102935933 Complains by Guest,

Invoice collector

4046236107 Complains by Guest,


7044655942 Complains by Guest,

Following . . calls

9152610319 Complains by Guest,

Quite rude telemarketer how are they getting cell Amounts. Called all family members at each same time. Scam scam scam do not get suckered in.

8192093016 Complains by Cassandra,

He just texted me about a nanny job when I haven't posted my number anywhere pubically but I am actively looking on care.com. If you are registered on the site I think he finds you and tries to scam you with a fake job.

8282551240 Complains by Guest,

i got a text from this number saying it was a guy named carlos. he asked me what my name was and if i was a girl. he kept asking me if he could have a picture of me. i found it creepy so i said goodbye and blocked his number.

8024883064 Complains by Anonymous & Annoyed,

Acquired telephone on W W at 3 W . . . rang for replying machine . . . kept line open for Around 1 minute Afterward disconnected without saying a word. Owner ID simply Shows telemarketer FYI at 9 Am also rec d phone out of W W W telemarketer but it disconnected after 3 rings and before replying machine kicked in. Within spite of everyone s frustrations along with DC list keep reporting your Amounts . . . and keep pressing for Critical Actions punishments . . .

8063325303 Complains by nayeli,

I am Ethan you personally want to go out

8172044980 Complains by telephone tuffguy,

Actually bothersome. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . i thought the stuff was supposed to Discontinue. . . . . . . . .

8182276703 Complains by Shiznit,

Ok you personally say you been working with him for a month but all of an abrupt you determine to come on here and appearance up his Amount. Yeah right. It s thus humorous when your scampers 've to come on here to run their scams and thus bleeding Evident too LOLA Shintos

8025484921 Complains by Joey,

I got a text and I Inquired who this was and theta said a. dd me on y. Msgr . . Sn is Mostly This can be most like a spammer or a mail hacker.

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