2125091900 / 212-509-1900

Telephone information: Verizon New York. New York, NY. New York. United states
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Post by Guest,

2125091900 They keep calling after I told them to stop. When I mention my Attorney they hang up. Called the number back and I get nothing. . sick of them calling

Post by Guest,

212-509-1900 Dint no. . . .

Post by Joe,

2125091900 They just called me and the Owner ID does display BMW Ny as the caller.

Post by Bob,

212-509-1900 They keep calling and when I told them nobody by that name was at the Amount they Inquired my name and when I would t offer it they said Okay we ll Only keep calling and Installed Upward.

Post by No MEANS No,

2125091900 The Amount keeps calling me on my new cell phone number asking for that same name each time i tell them for stop calling and remove my number. That simply makes it worse because Subsequently that same guy calls back Upward for 6 x within a day. Don t understand the way to report this thinking of spending that W to Alter my . Called back and said the number has been corrupted by an unknown entity. WT

Post by eddie,

212-509-1900 I started getting the phone after I used H amp R Blocks acceptance number and had to talk to an Arabic.

Post by Tired of foolishness,

2125091900 I get a phone telephone several times a day. These Individuals call Regular from several different numbers. They are scampers. I want they would leave me alone. The numbers are W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W CA Usa W W W W W W NY Us. W W W. I 've blocked every single number on my cell phone. They get mad Subsequently try and telephone me with number blocked. Now they E-mail me too which I keep blocking. I m gonna Shift my E-mail account but I refuse for change my cellphone Amount because they don t Triumph. This should become against your law to harass people everyday.

Post by Guest,

212-509-1900 Nothing

Post by Guest,

2125091900 they got hacked now hacker makes haphazard calls

Post by Jose,

212-509-1900 I been getting calls at 'm Inquired for me by full named n Afterward Merely hangs up

Post by Guest,

2125091900 the number keeps calling really early within the Am I called it back but could t get a Person on your phone I Drive O for your operator but it Merely rings no reply. II m becoming weary of that harassment. Thy 've called alto I blocked that but they still call

Post by Guest,

212-509-1900 Called my house on a Saturday morning at 7 Am. . That s a lot of nerve and when I clued him in for the time he used a vulgar expression and Afterward proceeded for phone me a Stupid n word. . . I could t even would anything about it. Cannot telephone your number back could t make a police report on a despise crime for a number and a Man I can t reach or Identify. .

Post by Guest,

2125091900 Discontinue calling me please

Post by cherieshia hayes,

212-509-1900 I desire them to Quit calling me period

Post by Guest,

2125091900 Maintaining for be out of a few Automobile loan network. . . even called on a vacation

Post by Huff,

212-509-1900 I keep getting this same telephone from a Man with Indian kind accent. When I answer he Requires for that same Individual every time and when I tell them they have the incorrect Amount he hangs Upwards calls back a brief while After and all through your daytime. I called your Amount back and a recording says the number was corrupted by an unknown entity and they're working along with that service Supplier to get it blocked. . Thank GOD for this particular service so we could look up these crazy Amounts.

Post by Guest,

2125091900 Called me at 8 W Christmas morning and left no message. Processing report along with FTC.

Post by Guest,

212-509-1900 scrap

Post by Guest,

2125091900 Auto loan

Post by MamaBeaner,

212-509-1900 Received a telephone along with no message from the number at 8 W Christmas morning. When I called back I received a record Essentially saying the number had been hacked and that it was being investigated.

Post by Guest,

2125091900 no exceptions.

Post by not a happy person,

212-509-1900 i had a camel jockey phone my Partner and tell him i stole W W from his bank acct and he told him i know were u live i reported it to your FBI and that Authorities we can locate who u are and u may pay me W W for all your Analysis skim bags

Post by not a happy person,

2125091900 i had a camel jockey phone my husband and tell him i stole W W from his bank acct and he told him i know were u live i reported it for that FBI and your Cops we may look for who u are and u can pay me W W for all your own Evaluation skim bags

Post by Pam,

212-509-1900 These propel just called and said I had Used for a Automobile loan. . . . not thus. They attempted to get my personal info from me. . . . .

Post by Susan,

2125091900 Called me at 7 W in your morning. . . I Submitted a Grievance against this number and all of this Amounts W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W You can file Grievances here HTTP Www. FCC. gov complaints

Post by Guest,

212-509-1900 They are bugging me

Post by Wendy,

2125091900 I Only had 3 calls along with in W Minimum. They don t say anything. How can we stop your s.

Post by Rat Bsterd,

212-509-1900 Only tell them It s a scam you have reported them and for them to appearance out for drone aircraft . . LOLA they are frig gin grim no 1 could seem to Cease them. I m retired and a former officer Got lots of notes on these scams have fun with them but provide NO Info. No Business would hire such incompetent workers.

Post by Jay,

2125091900 Did it Discontinue them. They vie been calling my house at 6 am

Post by Jay,

212-509-1900 Did it Quit them. They vie been calling my house at 6 am

Post by don't mess with me,

2125091900 this Amount called W W times Simply this morning. nothing said. . . Only hangs up.

Post by Gia,

212-509-1900 Called two times left no message.

Post by Jim,

2125091900 I keep becoming that same Individual with Indian type Feature calling. keep asking for somebody and when I tell them they 've the erroneous Amount they call back a brief while later. . been calling all morning. I called the Amount back and a recording says that the number has been corrupted by an unknown entity and they're working with your service Service for get it blocked. . Clearly it Hans t worked yet.

Post by Guest,

212-509-1900 unwanted call

Post by jane deaux,

2125091900 Yes they are calling me overly. . . . somehow Associated along with a W W W Amount. . . . same person calls out of both numbers. Definitely a scam going on. Don t know how they got my Amount. Same Man called on the second time and started speaking profanities and sexual language. Really bizarre.

Post by Guest,

212-509-1900 SPAM. Rude and quite offensive after I asked to become removed from their telephone list. I vie never been talked to enjoy that. . .

Post by not a happy person,

2125091900 i had a camel jockey phone my Man and tell him i stole W W from his bank acct and he told him i understand were u live i reported it to your FBI and your Cops we can look for who u are and u may pay me W W for all your Analysis skim bags

Post by dtd,

212-509-1900 it s another persistent never stopping scamming SS Hale. Hang up. . . don t reply. Starve that troll it will die.

Post by Guest,

2125091900 Been becoming calls out of this Amount all daytime telling them that the Program for my Automobile loan has been accepted. Your thing is that I never applied for no Auto loan. When I tell them the they hang Upward other times they say that can t become potential etc. . . Sounds enjoy scam to me and about that record you get when you call back that number Around that their number has become compromised that is Real bull . . . .

Post by Guest,

212-509-1900 Another spoof call from Joe session n Ada Balaton who r Following me

Post by Cynthia,

2125091900 Becoming calls from this number overly not certain who it is but not confident who it is

Post by GY,

212-509-1900 I 've been receiving calls from the number for 2 days now. I talked with someone using an Central Western Highlight yesterday and he told me my loan has been approved for buy a brand new Auto. Told him I did not Employ for a Automobile loan and he Put Upwards. This morning they 've called 5 times already thus I Decided up that telephone and again same guy telling me I 've been Accepted for a Automobile loan. Again told him no and to please remove my name out of his call list and he hung Upwards. I called the Amount back and that message says that W W W Amount was corrupted by an unknown Id and they're working on fixing the Trouble. As I am Writing this Simply gotten another telephone on me cell Telephone out of W W W. The time it was a Mid eastern Highlight lady Additionally telling me my Program for a car loan has been Accepted. I asked her to remove my name as I am on the no telephone list. Other Amounts that have called are W W W no such Region code as W and W W W. That is crazy and I don t know the best way to Discontinue that calls.

Post by Victum,

2125091900 The number just called and when I replied they said nothing Afterward Put up.

Post by Lori,

212-509-1900 The Amount is calling my phone between W W times a day at least. They never leave a message. The morning they called before 'm. Something has got to be able for Discontinue them. Now that I know it is a telemarketer and a scam I may response and get horrible along with them. Perhaps it can Cease there calls

Post by Guest,

2125091900 spam keeps calling and not dying nothing

Post by Dave,

212-509-1900 Had the Amount phone me each morning for previous 2 weeks you personally say hello Afterward they hang up. Quite Annoying. .

Post by Gregger,

2125091900 They keep calling my work. . . I have Though for answer

Post by gail,

212-509-1900 Only had 2 missed calls out of the the morning then out of unknown.

Post by Claudia,

2125091900 Christmas morning 8 'm plus numerous calls the past week. Don t understand what that point is. Only matter I can think of is for Damage BMW or for remind people Around BMW. Backwards Advertisement Strategy or smear Strategy. Hmm Millimeter.

Post by rain,

212-509-1900 my name is Water i receive an offensive calling and I'm really upset.

Post by Jeff,

2125091900 Been calling my cell number all morning. . . when I reply that call I get a Quick musical History sound and Subsequently someone starts for Chat within a strong Feature not even close to the good queens English

Post by tammy miller,

212-509-1900 I gotten a phone call from W W to telephone when I called back it mentioned the number had been corrupt and I wasn't to provide any of my company for the people on your phone

Post by NR,

2125091900 Same calls and calls. When I response there surely is no 1 there. They leave no identifying information on Glowing House you can W to block your number. That s all I may do at this point. Annoying when you work Days day Transfer and 'm Striving for slumber. Makes a Man quite angry.

Post by Guest,

212-509-1900 Only rings and rings

Post by Tommie,

2125091900 called me and when you personally get ugly along with Afterward they hang Upwards.

Post by Guest,

212-509-1900 These Individuals phone my Telephone on a daily. It is nothing but spam. When you personally telephone your number back there's a message saying that their phone line was corrupted.

Post by Brad,

2125091900 Called Saturday asking for Scott 3 times . Called Sunday asking for Am ear 2 times . Called today asking for Harold. Called back got no answer. May report.

Post by Dawn Hunter,

212-509-1900 Themes phone my cell phone always and if i answer they consistently hang up.

Post by Guest,

2125091900 Called my house on a Saturday morning at 7 'm. . That s a lot of nerve and when I clued him in to that time he used a vulgar Term and then proceeded to telephone me a Stupid n word. . . I could t even do anything Around it. Cannot phone that Amount back could t make a Authorities report on a hate crime for a Amount and a person I could t reach or Identify. .

Post by Guest,

212-509-1900 Another spoof call out of Joe session who is Following me the fool can go on the Net appearance for harassing Amounts use a spoof card for telephone me i get countless calls from your pervert Regular ever since we broke Upward 3 years ago

Post by Guest,

2125091900 Block

Post by BMW of Manhattan,

212-509-1900 We apologize for everyone that is becoming harassing calls from W W W. This Amount which belongs for people was hacked correct after Hurricane Sandy and is being used by many unsavory Folks. Please disregard the calls Beginning out of the Amount and Don't provide them any of your private info. We have contacted the telephone carrier and they're working on rectifying this situation.

Post by Guest,

2125091900 Z

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3148024997 Complains by Guest,

Yes they may keep calling and calling until you say yes. I finally blocked their Amount. An Ozark Mountain vacation would become nice but I don t trust Folks that 've for market the aggressively.

3233718679 Complains by Guest,

phone you personally back soon

5402210829 Complains by Lucas,

no caller ID

6199001643 Complains by Guest,


9016431321 Complains by Guest,

hang Upward no message left

2675884644 Complains by Guest,

I got W text in W Second and the Man keeps calling and Assessment me I demand help.

6475575013 Complains by Guest,

congratulations. . you've. . .

3235711706 Complains by Guest,

my ex. go away.

8002252525 Complains by global guy,

Keep receiving W W W calls on my mobile. No messages left.

8002804477 Complains by Leeni,

That Owner states they have a very Significant message to present them a phone. I don t know who s calling or where they re calling from.

8002135816 Complains by Linda,

Gotten this Facsimile about Brand new Well-being care Plan. I called that toll free Amount and was told that Firm was Wellness Alternatives out of Dallas Texas. Good Fortune locating them in Texas. Just another SCAM.

8002542562 Complains by T in Chicago,

Unknown Owner midday. Google hunt Yields no info.

8002391020 Complains by nai ang,

no response

8002515017 Complains by rrtt44r4r4rfr4,

you get called if you are spotted as a lovely gifted Man or if you personally signed Upwards at john Casablanca modeling and acting agency

8002237150 Complains by Guest,

Striving to sell me sex pills

8002583214 Complains by irritated,

they left a message saying it was a Set Firm for Columbia house. i vie never had company with them thus they re packed with crap. how did they get my number anyway.

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