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Post by Guest,

2125840021 I always Display calls out of Amounts I din t Comprehend and this number never leaves a message. SCUMMIER.

Post by Guest,

212-584-0021 Microsoft Trouble scam.

Post by Tired,

2125840021 Called me 6 W Am on a Wednesday Morning. Put Upward after I answered. I m livid. I called that number back Rapidly active signal. Unreal

Post by Gary,

212-584-0021 The number Simply called me. I did not reply it as usual . I came here again as customary and searched for it and read the first page. I m happy I did not reply it. They used for call me within your past. I Merely got back on your internet Lately and all of an abrupt this begins Upwards again. I Only got my SIS recently and Recently I got a hospital Statement out of last year. Your TRUTH IS THAT ALL OF The Private Data IS FOR SALE For That Highest BIDDER.

Post by Guest,

2125840021 calling continuously regarding my home computer. said his name was john Anderson

Post by Lisa,

212-584-0021 They call me each 2 weeks. It s a Microsoft phone scam.

Post by Sue,

2125840021 Jean I would t worry about your threats. These Folks are far far away. They re not even within this State. But if it makes you are feeling better telephone your local police department. Paul called again today the time at 7 W a. m. I 've a Cops siren as a ring tone on my cell Telephone so I played it really loud a couple of times. He Put Upwards.

Post by Sandra,

212-584-0021 Merely received a call out of the Amount at 7 W am. Left no message.

Post by Guest,

2125840021 Calls at 8 'm in the morning . tries saying calling Around windows Managing system .

Post by Guest,

212-584-0021 I 'm on that state and national don't phone list. Still the company calls me Often. Today June W W I got a call and the Audio started that Frequency for quot help along with my Microsoft windows quot . I don't have the. I interrupted her Frequency and Put Upwards. She called me back yelling obscenities at me. I Installed Upward. She called again SIX TIMES each time I ignored her.

Post by Robert,

2125840021 Called 6 W 'm and I said hello held onto your Telephone for less than W sec the other side hanged up without saying a word.

Post by Guest,

212-584-0021 Acquired a phone out of this Amount at 6 'm. . . Second phone I vie gotten enjoy the. Asserting for be from Windows the time. She had a significant Highlight substantial respiration. . . . I immediately interrupted her and said Do not Call ME AGAIN. . . This is a scam People don t listen to them.

Post by Guest,

2125840021 These people are scampers.

Post by Guest,

212-584-0021 Called at 6 W a. m. did t answer because this number has come through many times. I did reply once when they called at 7 am and did t provide him a chance to Talk asked if he knew what time it was told him to stop calling and I was turning your number in to that FTC. That was a few weeks Past now here they're at it again.

Post by yoclick,

2125840021 My expertise was the same as most of the posted comments. The telephone came at 7 W on a Saturday.

Post by Silver,

212-584-0021 Got a phone from New York on that caller ID. Notion it May}n' 've been family that's been out of the country. I answered and an East Indian Girl answered when I said Hi several times she said I had a virus I told her not to telephone here again or I would turn her over for the attorney general of my state. She started yelling for me for Close Upward. . . . . . . . . .

Post by Guest,

2125840021 Got phone from Women with Really Substantial Highlight telling me she represented Microsoft and Discovered a Difficulty with my computer. I could Notice a lot of voices in that History Boiler Room Chatter When I told her she was a scam artist she asked if I had proof and I told her YES where she Afterward told me quot . . . . well F king Sue me. . . . quot and Afterward hung Upwards. DON T Fall For this particular SCAM. . . . . . .

Post by angela,

212-584-0021 gotten a phone from the Amount at 6 W am . . . tried several times for Around W Min's for return your call to let them understand I don't like being woke Upward at the time of that am as I 'm disabled. . . . line was busy. . . . not good. . . . .

Post by JOHN,


Post by Chris,

212-584-0021 I received a call from this number at 7 W Am out of someone identifying himself as being from a Business whose server was being corrupted by my computer. As he defined all the worms and viruses I was causing their system I interrupted him for ask what that name of his company was he fast Installed Upward. When I called the number W W W back that message was the telephone could not be completed at the time meaning this is a rerouted Amount or a blocked number. They're Attempting to get into your own computer for Take your Id and whatever else they can get. Don't Become FOOLED this can be a crime out of a Legal group preying on trusting and unsophisticated People they demand for be Found.

Post by Jane,

2125840021 The was was Similar to many of the prior posts. 6 W EST phone ID was this Amount from Brand new York Indian sounding woman quite Extreme. I eventually said Conscious Individuals understand this can be a scam Mindless. And I Put up.

Post by lj,

212-584-0021 get phone Day-to-day out of this Amount in any respect times of day Generally someone along with India Highlight this really is a scam how do we Discontinue these calls

Post by H,

2125840021 International W

Post by Guest,

212-584-0021 This Man calls for about the same windows computer Items as the others mentioned. He has an extremely strong foreign accent. The Amount Only called again and it's 5 Am. Could t someone do something Around this. . . .

Post by Guest,

2125840021 Calls everyday early Attempting to get me to let in my own Computer told him I know it s a scam and understand where he is calling from. . . he hangs Upwards after I tell him that. . . can t he become Discontinued. . . . Every day call

Post by Brency,

212-584-0021 Merely received the same phone from a Indian ac Delivered Girl at 9 W am Turing for get me for turn on my computer that it had been sending out misery that it had crashed . . Ha ha. . I was on it last night and it worked Wonderful. . I told her I did t have time for do it now and she said yes turn it on and I could tell you personally how to fix it and just kept saying turn it on . . I Put Upward on her. . I knew it had for become a scam . .

Post by Guest,

2125840021 Attempting for get data Around your own Dwelling computer

Post by S Tucker,

212-584-0021 We acquired a call out of the number at 5 W in that morning. That Individual that answered said she was calling from a call center. I was not happy Around becoming a telephone so early and told her to remove your number and not phone back. We've gotten numerous calls from them and need it for Quit.

Post by Cal,

2125840021 5 Feb Windows fraud scam Obtained telephone before 7 'm by David along with a substantial Much Western Highlight out of Microsoft Windows . I told him it was a Handle phone and that I would report it.

Post by DG,

212-584-0021 Windows Fraud or a scam. Man named Henry

Post by cw,

2125840021 How do we end the sh . . .

Post by Vera Klein,

212-584-0021 I am on your don't call list. Do I get these calls. I did not reply my phone thus I don't know who this may be. It's horrid Recently calls from everywhere. What happened for that do not call list we indication up for.

Post by bjfisher,

2125840021 Called at 5 W 'm 2 2 W receive calls from the Amount whatsoever hours of the daytime and night saying they're from Microsoft Tech Dept. your one this morning was your latest. When I Inquired if he knew what time it was he said yes he knew it was earlier but it was important. I Required he not telephone the number again and Put Upward. How do we Discontinue these calls.

Post by Guest,

212-584-0021 I obtained a Telephone phone this morning out of the as well. Your man w an Indian accent said which he was out of Microsoft and that there were viruses on my computer. I had for request him several times what your phone was within reference for. And he kept yelling within your Telephone. A's I Very much don t trust anyone due for all of the various forms of fraud Outside there I Viewed Upwards that Telephone on my iPad and tool ALL of these Gripes. I Put Upwards. He keeps calling back though.

Post by Guest,

2125840021 Owner said he was from Microsoft Technology support. Told me that my computer had a virus and that he was calling to help. Inquired me to run a Application on my computer called quot eventful quot . I knew he was a hacker from the Time he called and I played with him to Get more data. Beware of this and consistently validate strangers that ask for private information or for can something with your computer.

Post by Guest,

212-584-0021 Called this morning Attempting to tell me there were problems along with my computer. I told her it was working Simply Great and Installed Upwards. She called right back and called me quot Dumb Female quot for not listening to her. Wow.

Post by Patty,

2125840021 Called before 8 W 'm on a Saturday foreign woman s voice. Continued called told her I was reporting her and she called me a and Installed up. WE Demand To Stop THESE CALLS. . .

Post by Guest,

212-584-0021 Test for return this phone Offers a Result of quot Your number you personally called is not in service. quot How can that Become minutes after they called. This can be a nefarious caller up to no good. Can they hide their name with quot name withheld for privacy reasons. quot Then they infringe my privacy.

Post by Guest,

2125840021 That scam is a report of quot Windows computer Difficulty quot in the quot Specialized Support Section. quot

Post by Lance,

212-584-0021 Merely got a call again out of W W W. first time was a Man using an Indian Feature he Inquired Around my computer and i responded what Around my computer he hung Upwards. second time was a Woman and i use that term loosely. telling me my computer was infected. i informed her i have an extremely vicious computer anti virus program that kills anything that enters my computer and Malawi Software that monitor my system. I then informed her that i understand this is a scam to Free my Amount or i would be Processing a Criticism with the FCC and did i make myself clear. she replied yes i got myself clear. she Began talking again and i informed her that means goodbye and 've a Fine life. she hung Upward.

Post by Guest,

2125840021 Called at 8 'm EDT maintaining to be a Windows computer Technology. . . wanted for repair my computer sorry. . . I m a Linux user . This can be nothing more than a nuisance phone at very best and if you play along it s a horrible scam whereby you give them remote access for your computer Therefore allowing the scummier to Take whatever files and data you have. I get calls like the out of this number and others several times a week and I have no Notion the way to stop them other than simply hanging Upwards.

Post by Scott Collier,

212-584-0021 I obtained a call out of W W W saying they were Technology support. I told them not for call the Amount again. Your guy having an Indian Feature began cursing and threatening me. This call came in on October 3 W. We Additionally received a telephone out of an LA CA Amount W W W about a Second before that telephone. They were told not to phone back Additionally.

Post by John,

2125840021 Same computer Trouble scam. Called at 7 W am Wednesday morning. Substantial Indian accent. Don t supply Outside any info. I should not have replied it but the scampers have never called me the early in that morning.

Post by Pagh,

212-584-0021 Called at 6 W am.

Post by Sue,

2125840021 Jean I would t Stress Around that threats. These people are Much far away. They re not even in this Nation. But if it makes you are feeling better telephone your own local police department. Paul called again today this time at 7 W a. m. I have a police Alarm as a ring tone on my cell Telephone so I played it Actually loud a couple of times. He Installed up.

Post by Guest,

212-584-0021 Obtained telephone at 6 W 'm. . . Have gotten calls from this Amount numerous times. There has for be a way for Discontinue these calls

Post by Guest,

2125840021 This Individual called earlier this morning and said there were problems with my computer and that it would just take a few minutes for resolution your Issue. When I told him that I have a resource for go for when I 've problems he Put Upwards. Need for body Outside a way for Quit this and how does he and others like him get Telephone Amounts.

Post by Bob,

212-584-0021 Getting a bit weary of these calls. . . this time Mike Williams . . . Chihuahuas. . . NOT. . . got really upset with me.

Post by C,

2125840021 A man called me at 9 W am saying he was out of your specialized security department or some such Simple department. When I asked of what business he Merely repeated the department with that heavy Indian accent and said that my computer had notified them of a Difficulty. It was obviously idiotic so I Put up Afterward.

Post by Snr,

212-584-0021 He called at 'm.

Post by DKS,

2125840021 Obtained a call at 8 W am. Was told there surely is a Difficulty along with my computer. The was that first time from a number within NYC. Most Regularly they're from a CA or TX Amount and I Blow off them. People by having an Indian Highlight. I was scammed about a year ago but was Blessed and Understood it and disputed the charge on my cc.

Post by Morgan,

212-584-0021 Paul with the Indian accent Only called at 8 W a. m. with the Windows scam for your umpteenth time. I answered him within German to your effect Exactly why don t you Cease calling here you j Kr. You personally re an annoying little sh t. I repeated that a few times and he Installed Upward on me. I guess he did t recognize me.

Post by michelle75,

2125840021 Called around 8 W 'm. Could not understand what the caller was saying thus noisy within your History. He said he was calling out of Microsoft and there was an emergency on my computer. I told him the was a fraud he yelled something and Installed Upwards.

Post by Kat,

212-584-0021 Windows fraud scam. Called ridiculously early within that Am overly.

Post by Guest,

2125840021 has for be spam.

Post by peaved,

212-584-0021 I 've obtained 3 calls from this Amount within 4 days must be someone who can ensure it is Discontinue. So much for do not phone lists.

Post by JustMe,

2125840021 They are very fun for get going. . . They get very vile and I can present as great as I get your just one I talked to told me I was a awful b Ch. . . LOLA

Post by Chuck,

212-584-0021 These keep calling calling and calling along with heavy Indian emphases we've two Phone lines in your Dwelling and simply 1 is Related to a computer. I got your blunder of replying 1 call and they did what all the other posts are saying Around my computer was busted and for a Price would mend it . . . . your just trouble was they called on my wife s line which has no computer. When I told that caller we were on Don't Call he swore viciously at me. Sadly my wife doesn't have Owner ID on her Telephone and replied among these when I was not at Dwelling and they did your same for her which upset her really as she isn't just computer illiterate but a very sweet and Fine woman who was not confident the best way to respond not knowing if there truly was a problem. I called back and replying machine was not empty otherwise I would 've left their VIM with a fistful of profanities myself.

Post by SL,

2125840021 Receive these all that time. Now was your earliest I had gotten a phone. I 've Inquired them several times to take my number off their calling list. Said his name was Paul but he had a very heavy Indian Highlight. Was really rude when I told him not to telephone again. I Inquired for a Manager and he told me he was really busy. Yeah appropriate. Repeated to not phone again and he Merely kept talking over me asking what was wrong.

Post by Ridgewood Resident,

212-584-0021 Scam. Guy with Indian accent called to say my computer had been hacked. Offered me a Telephone Amount to phone back W W W. Said his name was Neal Parker

Post by Guest,

2125840021 Called well before 'm on a Saturday previously mentioned they were conducting a survey

Post by Lisa,

212-584-0021 They call me each 2 weeks. It s a Microsoft phone scam.

Post by John,

2125840021 Got your W W telephone out of that same Man. 7 W within that morning. Really last ant and I would t go to my computer. He kept saying he was out of Microsoft. Well as I m in your company I know that Invoice Gates dozen t work that manner. He eventually hung Upward. Don t be a Sufferer. Merely hang Upward.

Post by Theyvegottabekidding,

212-584-0021 Thus really pitiful the scam. John from The Technical Section called a few times to let us know of computer problems and tried for accessibility. it was pointed Outside that the motive this scam USN t working is call display your fact that all your scam details are now online on Microsoft s site and elsewhere. Funniest component. He got pissed off and insisted he s from Pakistan not India

Post by JustMe,

2125840021 They are really pleasure to get going. . . They get really vile and I could present as good as I get that just one I talked to told me I was a horrible b Ch. . . LOLA

Post by 212-584-0021,

212-584-0021 Called at Am no 1 replied when I said hello . I held on to see I was on hold and line was open for 3 minutes but no 1 was there.

Post by Teresa,

2125840021 Call at 6 W am and woke Upwards the infant grandson.

Post by nana,

212-584-0021 I don t reply unknown calls but they are still annoying. We get 4 or 5 different calls a daytime.

Post by jellybich,

2125840021 Called my parents at 8 W 'm on Sunday. My mother Put Upward. They called back. My father replied and a guy with an Indian Feature told him he was calling out of Microsoft and there was a Issue along with their computer. My father told him they did t 've a computer but your guy said he knew they did. My dad said their computer was Wonderful and for Stop calling and the guy responded with you personally your Mommy.

Post by Mike,

212-584-0021 Called at 9 'm Left no message

Post by pcr,

2125840021 Got a phone at 7 Am woke me up as I am Ailing and taking melds woman named Ruth said she was from Microsoft and said someone was becoming into my computer Regrettably I believed her and allow Edward her access. Pl become aware that is a scam.

Post by JJJ3,

212-584-0021 Got phone call from W W W. Your Individual along with Indian Highlight told me that my computer has issues. I told him that I don t 've just one and told him for go and F . . . . . himself. I m joyful this time I was fast enough to let him know where he should go and how I feel. Could your Authorities do something Around those phone calls.

Post by Mykle,

2125840021 I acquired a telephone this morning Saturday 8 W . Women named Lilia st rated she was calling within regard for my Windows Laptop Trouble. I kindly Quit her and told her I was on your don't phone list and to remove me. She again stared the same Specific Software again. I overheard your same scrip being said within that History by at Leta 2 others. I stopper her and Inquired for her manager. After a pause a Girl replied it was her again disguising her voice I again Ceased her and told her to take my name off her list and that I fix Pc s as component as my company. She again repeated her Software. I increase st oped her and Inquired for her not for phone me and that I am reporting the Problem to the FCC. She mentioned she was going for telephone me every day and Put up.

Post by bob the builder,

212-584-0021 Simply called Jan. Th at W pm. it said out of New YORK. . thus let it go to your answering machine and all i heard was someone cursing within the background and whoever had the Telephone to their face evidently has the sniffles. Internet. I guess that's the brand new matter phone and say your computer has been hacked. I wonder how many Individuals Really get screwed around by these calls. sad

Post by Guest,

2125840021 A phone Arrived from the h number with a computer hacker Striving for get me for supply him remote access to my computer. He said my Windows Vital was inactivated. When I asked him how I had a Window Upgrade run just minutes earlier he stumbled. Beware this Collection he sounded as if he was from India.

Post by ml,

212-584-0021 acquired calls before 7 'm no 1 on that line. I Would like To REPORT This NO.

Post by Anne,

2125840021 Called on Jan Th at 6 'm and your Telephone startled me as I 've a loved one in the hospital and I thought it was that hospital calling with terrible news. When I answered they said within an Indian Feature that there was a computer Issue.

Post by dLester,

212-584-0021 Telephone Scam. Blocked.

Post by Sue,

2125840021 Paul called at W W a. m. I m in Florida. Same scenario as what most people here described. I let him Speak and Simply interjected questions Are you on drugs. What did you personally take. Did you snort it. Smoke it. Inject it. You personally should t be taking that Items. It s not good for you. Are you hallucinating. Are you drunk. Hi. Are you there. He eventually hung up. The crap has been going on for years. Blocking their number dozen t Actually help because they keep transforming it and it s constantly a spoofed just one anyway. So you personally might well have a bit fun with those scampers.

Post by Chas,

212-584-0021 I obtained a phone at 8 W 'm. Your Owner did not leave a message. I Think the early calls are due for the calls Coming outside of the State.

Post by LTG64,

2125840021 I traced this number W W W and found them at. . . Provider Eureka Talcum Inc Pat Eureka Sites NY City Fresh York City New York County Brand new York Longitude W. W Permission W. If you live within Brand new York please stop by and return the favor.

Post by CT,

212-584-0021 Ever since transferring to your fresh Dwelling and switching cable Firm back to Con cast we vie received dozens of calls like this even though we have been on that national and state Don't Call registries. Fortunately our Panasonic wireless Telephones have a Block Call Characteristic that I use after I hunt that number on notes. Thus we 're no longer bothered except for the 1 ring we get for let us know it is an attempted blocked phone coming within. We never answer any telephone which is either an unknown number or area code a telephone along with no Familiar or welcome name or an Anonymous call.

Post by Guest,

2125840021 Said they were calling out of WINDOWS MICROSOFT Striving to scam their manner onto my computer.

Post by Ottawan,

212-584-0021 I swear my property line only ever Bands when I m within that Toilet. They did t leave a message.

Post by Guest,

2125840021 Calls everyday Around my computer Trouble. Could t even recognize them. Leave calling me Folks. . .

Post by Guest,

212-584-0021 Called and said he was my windows computer fix person. I Inquired how he knew I had a computer that was in need of fixing. Could t answer. Scam Scam and more Scam. I really wish I had time to screw with him but I did t.

Post by ej,

2125840021 These idiots called me at 7 W am.

Post by Aimee Hart,

212-584-0021 This phone number called my house a 7 'm on W W W.

Post by Guest,

2125840021 Fake Windows tech called at 7 Am. Woke everyone Upward within house

Post by Sue,

212-584-0021 Paul called at W W a. m. I m in Florida. Same scenario as what most people here described. I let him talk and Simply interjected questions Are you personally on drugs. What did you personally take. Did you snort it. Smoke it. Inject it. You should t become Choosing that Items. It s not good for you. Are you hallucinating. Are you personally drunk. Hello. Are you there. He eventually hung up. The crap has been going on for years. Blocking their number dozen t really help because they keep transforming it and it s always a spoofed one anyway. Thus you personally might as well have a bit pleasure along with those scampers.

Post by LTG^$,

2125840021 Update Here is phone number for them and Perhaps you personally might want for telephone that a 6 'm. . . . Lolita least supply them a ear full. Phone Amount W W W Phone Kind Acreage line Telephone Company EUREKA TALCUM INC. Dab EUREKA Sites NY

Post by Guest,

212-584-0021 I am on that state and national don't call list. Still the Firm calls me frequently. Today June W W I got a phone and the speaker started that Frequency for quot help with my Microsoft windows quot . I don't 've this. I interrupted her Message and Installed Upwards. She called me back yelling obscenities at me. I Put Upwards. She called again SIX TIMES each time I ignored her.

Post by Ken,

2125840021 A phone from this Amount at 7 'm Microsoft. . . . . . don t believe thus. Question how in that hell would someone understand if I had a Issue with my computer.

Post by Indiana,

212-584-0021 I let your replying machine Select up. Girl s express voice said Hi. Hello. Subsequently hung Upward. No message.

Post by Guest,

2125840021 Obvious scummier calling in the least hours. This kind of harassment must Cease. Charging with fines could become the only alternative. If it were legitimate business they would reveal their Id. I won't respond for anonymous calls.

Post by Alexandra,

212-584-0021 Called at 7 W the morning. I am handicapped and demand my sleep. How can I report them.

Post by Circus,

2125840021 Called at 7 a. m. Calls repeatedly. That is absurd that we Place Upwards along with this.

Post by Margo Conant,

212-584-0021 We 're Frequently harassed by these People and their Clear scam. And they never have put us on your don't phone list as we vie requested every time they call. It s an invasion of our private space and the fact that these scampers continue is an abomination.

Post by Guest,

2125840021 said something was wrong along with my Microsoft. I 've a Mac . Put Upward on him.

Post by Susan,

212-584-0021 Gotten a phone W minutes Past same scenario. How do we create the crap Quit.

Post by Gary,

2125840021 i get calls like this Rather Regularly after saying hang on a moment Subsequently continue Viewing Tv or working in your yard just dint hang Upwards and lay your phone down so they can hear everything they appear to have caught on as now they will wait up to Minimum so Way so i bought a little atmosphere horn at your Shop and Merely state sec as i grab it and Boost them

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5712811117 Complains by Guest,

Leave me alone. Stop calling. . . . . . . .

7088800974 Complains by Guest,

This person has been (ghosting) his number and calling me. He does this several times a day and it has been going on for several months now. I've asked him to stop with no success. Finally, I just changed my number.

3192427345 Complains by Guest,


4344718803 Complains by Guest,

rude text

6099540975 Complains by Guest,

Got text for quot You vie been Picked for Evaluation amp Keep your Brand new iPad. Verify your own Location appropriate now at HTTP adman. us

7754109693 Complains by Guest,

Component of the pay for win scam

7814791723 Complains by Guest,

This can be T Mobile s automated payment processing telephone. It calls when you personally re past due and pending suspension.

7853123060 Complains by Guest,

They called me Approximately PM and did not leave a message. Returned the telephone an hour later and rang once Afterward went hushed.

4057960739 Complains by Guest,

Very shady

7184756231 Complains by Guest,

Quit text in my Telephone. . Thank you

6014994271 Complains by Guest,


7132659306 Complains by Guest,

homemade rolls

4079030676 Complains by Guest,

I dint understand that person

8586030794 Complains by Rob,

Called at work. Left no message. Scam line out of Tampa FL

5306213703 Complains by Guest,

Always get calls out of the Amount. Nobody ever leaves a message.

6302700786 Complains by RockinRobin,

Supposedly the a Timeshare marketing company that sells your own timeshare. But they desire W Upwards front. Can t become a great company.

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