2126561080 / 212-656-1080

Telephone information: Verizon New York. New York, NY. New York. United states
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Post by marketing,

2126561080 MC has nothing for can along with the. . . this really is a Telephone error that another Thing is causing and that Thing is being researched and what they are doing is considered legally actionable. Apologies for that inconvenience.

Post by MJH,

212-656-1080 Do not Phone LIST

Post by Guest,

2126561080 Promotion for company loans

Post by lk,

212-656-1080 Began receiving calls for my cell Telephone from the . I use my cell for business. Please Quit these unwanted calls.

Post by Char,

2126561080 I have been calls everyday for that last week out of this Amount it's a prerecorded message trying for sell loans. I 'm a company and it is annoying.

Post by Guest,

212-656-1080 Once a daytime the Amount may telephone my funeral Residence. There is never anyone there when I answer and your telephone back goes to some fax machine. Thus I faxed them on my Firm correspondence head asking them for never call my Amount again. Doubt it will work since the don't phone registry is a complete joke but for every call I will Facsimile them the same request and keep all the paper Walk. .

Post by Rob from NY,

2126561080 They called and your record mentioned they knew my business had been Approximately at least 2 3 years Really it s closer for W years . Nonetheless they were calling me at Residence. They were really annoying. The was Brand new Year s Vacation. Would t touch this company with a W foot pole.

Post by BR 549,

212-656-1080 Waiting on my call blocker for get here Subsequently F K all these son of a birches A S HALE callers

Post by Guest,

2126561080 Ad automated annoying message.

Post by Guest,

212-656-1080 Record.

Post by LS,

2126561080 I Simply created a Don t Pick Upwards contact for it and place my Telephone to become hushed when they telephone.

Post by LS,

212-656-1080 Yep they are Only phishing for data. Don t present your address phone Amount and most of all your SAN.

Post by babs,

2126561080 What a lot of you personally Folks don t recognize is the Don't Call list doesn't apply for businesses. It is perfectly legal for them to keep calling you. Do I understand. . . I own a business and have to Prices with that same idiots

Post by lk,

212-656-1080 another Rob telephone Around chiropractors. i hung up.

Post by Guest,

2126561080 Some audio Record tom pi liter from a Resort Promotion company

Post by Guest,

212-656-1080 Some flake Yankee

Post by marketing,

2126561080 MC has nothing to do with this. . . that is a Telephone Malfunction that another entity is causing and that Thing is being researched and what they are doing is considered lawfully actionable. Apologies for that inconvenience.

Post by marketing1,

212-656-1080 Hello A Taxpayer There's another Business using this Facsimile for contact you. There's no reason for it other than for hurt MC. We have been Attempting to Place it to remainder and we've contacted all authorities for Place an Finish for it. We don t know why they are using a Facsimile for phone you but it definitely is within Malfunction.

Post by Guest,

2126561080 Spam.

Post by LS,

212-656-1080 Yep they're Simply phishing for info. Don t offer your own address phone Amount and most of all your SAN.

Post by marketing1,

2126561080 Hi A Taxpayer There surely is another Firm using the fax for contact you. There surely is no reason for it other than to Damage MC. We have been trying for Set it to rest and we have contacted all Experts for Set an end to it. We don t know exactly why they are using a Facsimile for phone you personally but it definitely is within error.

Post by mf schroyer,

212-656-1080 unwanted calls from a Business I don't can business with. Please stop them

Post by Guest,

2126561080 Robot

Post by marketing,

212-656-1080 D'S I 'm so sorry Around this. . . it's not MC. Another entity is doing this and has that MC fax for many reason which no just one knows why. I believe it might be a specialized error but our attorneys and IT Sections are Striving to body who is causing the and. I do apologize about that inconvenience.

Post by weif,

2126561080 This number calls with a recorded message you are eligible for Awards and need for Speak for their Associates. There's no User on that line while your message plays to answer questions that is illegal and your Audio speaks too Quickly for take accurate notes. When you personally press 1 to get to an Associate for process your own allow you only get a voice send box to leave a message.

Post by Guest,

212-656-1080 .

Post by Guest,

2126561080 no

Post by Guest,

212-656-1080 The had called several times but never left a message.

Post by Monse Vieyra,

2126561080 Please Cease calling.

Post by Guest,

212-656-1080 I 'm on your don't telephone list Though that still telephone.

Post by Miss Clancy,

2126561080 The Amount calls my funeral Residence Each daytime and there is no Individual and or recorded message. I fax for them on my Businesses notification head for remove my and not for call again. I keep every Facsimile Sign within that Occasion a real do not call registry exists and you can actually report Individuals enjoy this and understand that there can become Outcomes but I digress. They are a scam and a Tremendous joke. Reason why. Someone Attempting for cover themselves got a Web site named it Www. W. com and it sends you personally right to a link of reported calls along with many whacked Outside message about being sorry for these calls and that someone is using them. Of which is Recorded when you Google your for attempt and body Outside who it is connected for. Well Guru if which was really your case don t you think there would be a name and number for Direct for someone who actually works for that bonfire MC if they Truly exist. And why in the world would t the MC Shift their Telephone numbers. If they do exist being proactive to solve that problem dozen t not mean posting absurd apologies and even dedicating a net page to some seriously Fake message. I mean come on if they are a bloom berg company don t you personally believe they would become more professional Around something enjoy the. . . .

Post by Guest,

212-656-1080 tom Sheldon business cash advance crap

Post by Guest,

2126561080 Called 3 times in 1 daytime. Business name is Vendor Cash and Capital out of New York City. The Telephone Amount is Recorded as their fax number GENERAL Info Address W Park Path South Th Flooring New York NY W Toll Free 1. W. W. W Telephone W W W Facsimile W W W CUSTOMER Care Phone W W W Option 1 Fax W W W Click Here for Facsimile Now Email customer service . com RENEWALS Phone W W W Option 2 Fax W W W Click Here to Facsimile Now Email renewals . com CREDIT CARDS Phone W W W Choice 4 Facsimile W W W Click Here to Facsimile Now E-mail . com Partnerships Telephone W W W Choice 5 Fax W W W Click Here for Facsimile Now Email partners . com

Post by Richard,

212-656-1080 I 've been getting calls out of this Amount Frequently for your past month. I never response as I Understand your number as being bogus. I don t buy into these MC apologies and excuses either its your scampers Attempting for cover their you personally know what. If if were really MC People I promise you personally they would 've Place a Cease to it already and not allowed these irritating telephone es for continue. Nothing you are able to would but Only Discount them Afterward Eliminate any message that May}n' be left. What a pain. . . you personally d think such techno savvy People could Set their resources for good use in place of wasting time with these Trash calls.

Post by Guest,

2126561080 Spam

Post by Guest,

212-656-1080 Has been calling once each day. It's a Registered Edward MSG.

Post by MJH,

2126561080 NATIONAL Do not Telephone LIST

Post by AllanH,

212-656-1080 I Merely obtained my first phone out of this number with your Scholarships offer others have gotten. I wish we could link this annoying guy Upwards with Rachael out of Card Services and let them harass each other.

Post by Guest,

2126561080 Solicit loans for businesses

Post by Guest,

212-656-1080 Marketing

Post by Hey! The 60's were a lot of fun!,

2126561080 WARNING SCUMMIER ALERT WARNING gt gt gt Quick. Everyone back into that Jupiter 2. We must prepare for prompt evacuation off the planet. Don get your space chariot inside. May. . . you personally and that robot give Dr. Smith a great Hit Benefit your head. Let s go before an Strange measures Outside from behind a rock.

Post by Guest,

212-656-1080 Capital source

Post by marketing,

2126561080 D'S I 'm so sorry about this. . . it's not MC. Another Thing is doing the and has your MC fax for a few reason which no 1 knows exactly why. I think it could possibly become a specialized Malfunction but our Solicitors and IT Sections are Attempting to figure who is causing this and. I can apologize Around that inconvenience.

Post by Guest,

212-656-1080 .

Post by Sue,

2126561080 I Only acquired a call out of the Amount. When I replied there was no Result and they Put Upward after a few seconds.

Post by Guest,

212-656-1080 Spam phone keeps calling

Post by Houston ac,

2126561080 Calling into Houston ac Business on Saturday morning out of fresh York. Did not reply. No message left.

Post by Hey! The 60's were a lot of fun!,

212-656-1080 WARNING SCUMMIER ALERT WARNING gt gt gt Fast. Everyone back into the Jupiter 2. We must prepare for prompt evacuation off the Earth. Don get the space chariot Indoors. May. . . you and the robot supply Dr. Smith a good Punch Benefit that head. Let s go before an alien measures out from behind a rock.

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7186509008 Complains by Guest,

This Amount is supposed for become a Citibank White stone Part connection. However it comes within on Owner ID as Empire Blue Cross Blue Guard.

7864414086 Complains by Guest,

it was a Registered. message

8102080467 Complains by Guest,

Fake profile

8172590054 Complains by Anne,

Prize Redemption

4845344087 Complains by Guest,

Left message to either talk to customer service or 've phone number added for don't call list

4847353970 Complains by Guest,

melted face.

5406452478 Complains by Guest,

9725811075 Complains by Guest,

Beryls research

8002111095 Complains by I-Screen,

Similar to S. T. s post Simply did not mention company s name Owner s name or which account they were referring for I m calling within Wishes to your account Only . I am particular it is medical billing but I only Answer for those that identify themselves along with details and thus I can notify my insurance Firm amp or legal consultants

8001998800 Complains by Bill,

A Registered express said that we have attempted repeatedly to contact me with a very important message Around my credit cards at which point I Installed Upward. I 've had at least six calls out of them and have no fascination with speaking with them. I 'm on your National Don't Telephone list.

8002191511 Complains by tw,

no message left

8002426422 Complains by cd,

I m thus used to receiving scam telemarketing calls the home Established business Telephone that I Go ogled the number. It's Amiga and they were Only getting back to me out of an earlier telephone Now. It s not Publicity here Lynne I vie never had a State but Customers of ours have and had been really quite joyful including 1 w W W. W loss which led me to Changing to Amiga. Very nice Individuals for Cope along with without exclusion.

8002146638 Complains by curious,

What is the number

8002537050 Complains by consumer,

cons furniture. They called me because I 'm a customer. They should ID who they are.

8002346181 Complains by Jennifer McKimmey,

The Amount calls and leaves a message stating you demand for return the phone because your Government is filing a litigation against you personally.

8002351826 Complains by Tony,

I called the 1 W W W they gave me credit for W. W and W. along with confirmation Amounts. I may hold on for 5 business day if i do not rec d credit. I can call for charge back on them. That is fraud. Your number associated with the W. W is another Business that is searching for this crooks

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