2126596471 / 212-659-6471

Telephone information: Mcimetro Access Transmission Services LL. New York, NY. New York. United states
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Post by Guest,

2126596471 A fresh Amount for your Indian MS Specialized Support scampers. Attempted to get me to hook Upwards to their system for quot repair quot my computer. As an ex MS Designer it was a pleasure game. But still an annoyance.

Post by Not happening,

212-659-6471 They just called my House I did not reply. I Do not answer calls that I don't Understand. Adding to my BLOCKED LIST.

Post by Guest,

2126596471 Calls and leaves no messages.

Post by Guest,

212-659-6471 Caller with foreign accent phoned indicating a serious virus on the computer which he Wanted accessibility for immediately for mend. Another scam. Makes me Crazy as many older People will Likely fall because of this.

Post by Tom,

2126596471 Indian or Central eastern accent. Said he is a computer technician and could I get within front of my computer now. I Inquired who he was and how he got my Amount. Telephone went dead. Attempted to phone back and does not even ring. It's a fraud scummier.

Post by Guest,

212-659-6471 Scam. . . the number calls to tell you a Depressed Narrative. . . for get a quot green dot cash Areas quot . . . phone back a Amount and supply them that code Amount of the green dot card. The time they Desired 4 W to get grandson from Prison after a Bad Crash. The other number they tell you for call is in Alberta Canada. . W W W . . . . this W W W Amount is within New York in your vicinity of Lower Manhattan Union City Place.

Post by [email protected] /* */,

2126596471 email W protected

Post by Guest,

212-659-6471 Called and did not leave message. I blocked the Amount.

Post by Guest,

2126596471 Called and said I had a Difficulty with my Triumph Computer . . . . . Fine strive . . . . No Pc here I m a Unix user. .

Post by KC,

212-659-6471 I Only rec d call from this from a man along with a Mid eastern Feature asking me Around my windows computer. I told him I was a Mac user and asked him what Business he represented. He replied with F U you son of a . and hung up on me.

Post by Guest,

2126596471 please please please

Post by Indiana,

212-659-6471 Blocked this number after reading this site. Calls from W W W are nuisance Likely scam calls.

Post by S B,

2126596471 Gotten a few missed calls out of the Amount while I was at work. Did t leave any express mails. When I attempt to telephone your number back it never connects or rings occupied.

Post by Tracy,

212-659-6471 I got a phone out of this Amount saying my case file landed on their Workplace and I better have legal counsel and phone them back today.

Post by david,

2126596471 Informative post You might have been exposed for scam 8 as described here HTTP Telephone help. Truth. com factored. for return here to notes. com after you personally look at any of your info at that Website either for post more information or for let us know you avoided the scam or for read any more info Around that number that others could post.

Post by Guest,

212-659-6471 The number called my Telephone but I did not response. Has called a couple of times. When I phone back I get ring or anything else. Strange.

Post by Angie,

2126596471 The Amount calls me and my grandma shes on my cell Telephone plan at 'm at least once a month saying my work or Residence may become served along with legal documents against me Now. If I wished them to Discontinue legal Activity against to phone them back. If you personally telephone them back asked to become Chosen off their phone list or for speak to supervisor they hang Upwards on you personally. Its a scam don t response their calls within Only Remove their messages. .

Post by Guest,

212-659-6471 free computer check Upward SCUMMIER

Post by Guest,

2126596471 Will not Stop CALLING Even though I m on that quot Do not Phone LIST quot Once I mentioned for this Man that Offered me 3 Distinct names she said they 've the privilege of calling ANY number they want.

Post by Guest,

212-659-6471 Desired for know if my son was available for sign for some legal Files. No he dozen t live here but took her message along with a case for reference.

Post by Guest,

2126596471 Irs scam Road call Now. . . . . .

Post by Ella,

212-659-6471 It s a acreage line. I tried testing for get them to Discontinue calling me several times a daytime each daytime for a week now. I don t answer random calls at work during political season pretty much constantly these times within that People but they don t leave messages Or do they answer returned calls. I vie now blocked them but could t something become done other than haphazard reporting for any Amount of similar websites. Can t anyone get these people to stop. Reading MANY of these pages it Appears like they randomly Choose a scam and attempt for years. Will there be no government agency to stop them.

Post by tom ward,

2126596471 jut got a call at Am out of a Indian sounding guy . . asking me Around my Compensation. . . he Began to argue along with me . . . i Began for tease him and he hung Upwards on me If you really want for get rid of these People . . . even though we are on that nihilist through our faithful Authorities if you personally talk dirty or Duplicate Pet them ask for their cell so you personally call them at 'm . . . well Target is for GE them furious . . . so W W W . . . i believe Jerry Seinfeld was on to something. . . then i call your number back . . nothing actually Leave entertaining

Post by I dont think so,

212-659-6471 I got a telephone from an unavailable number They told me that I had won W W and a Automobile. All I had to would was go to your CBS store and get a green dot money card for W and they would Supply the money and that Auto tomorrow. Gave me your number for call him appropriate back of W W W. When I did not phone back he called me again out of W W W and Inquired exactly why I did t telephone him back. I told him I was occupied feeding my dog.

Post by Leo,

2126596471 An Indian man person maintaining for being out of Google told me my E-mail had been hacked and that I had to get for my computer and would something on it. Of course I told him no and for send me an email or correspondence explaining what was going on.

Post by Guest,

212-659-6471 Another scam telephone. . . said Man was busted into. . . . and I told the Indian accented caller not for telephone me again. I was Insane that I picked Upwards the telephone.

Post by Guest,

2126596471 Says he needs my home work address for Offer Reports for me. No I don t owe anyone any cash within case you personally re Thinking. Leaves a call back Amount of W W W. W is not a valid area code Nation code yes . Calls Each day. This can be your first time your Owner ID registered a Amount other that wan t all zeros.

Post by Guest,

212-659-6471 The individual called me telling me he could no More submit updates to my Microsoft Windows computer due to viruses and Criminal ware. He kept telling me it was Significant I allow him to repair it. He also appeared to keep stalling saying he could t hear me as if my cell Telephone was having Issues. I played Dumb and allowed your discussion to Take on for see how Way he would go. I m a Computer Manufacture and don t even use Microsoft Windows.

Post by Mark C.,

2126596471 Called for the second time claiming to become your customer service Congressman along with my local Automobile shop which does not employ anyone from Fresh York or outsource any of its work. Called back call cannot be completed. Scam.

Post by Guest,

212-659-6471 No MSG left. No Thought who this really is but they vie called before.

Post by KC,

2126596471 I just rec d call out of the out of a guy along with a Mid eastern Feature asking me about my windows computer. I told him I was a Mac user and Inquired him what Firm he Signified. He replied along with F U you son of a . and Put Upwards on me.

Post by Will kill scammers,

212-659-6471 Called and said I had a Issue along with my Triumph Pc . . . . . Fine attempt . . . . No Computer here I m a Unix user. .

Post by Guest,

2126596471 Scam window tech Seeking repair computer states 2 address unknown people out of South Carolina hacking into computer

Post by Elaine,

212-659-6471 This can be what my express mail reads Hello we've been Striving for reach you. This telephone is official Closing find from Government Internal Revenue Service is your reason of this telephone is to let you personally know that the Government is Processing a suit against you to get more info please phone instantaneously on the Section number W W W. I repeat W W W. Thank you. I 'm listing the as an unknown phone kind as scam isn't a pick. Phone Arrived in at W W a. m. yesterday.

Post by taylor,

2126596471 called and asked for Grandmother. . . . Likely Inquired for Grandma since a man express answered and I said u have your incorrect number and she pressed a couple buttons and than hung up

Post by NoDough,

212-659-6471 Calls out of either W W W or W W W may request for you to get a money card and call them back along with that number on your card. Don t offer any Information and don't do what they say. They 've a made up story they can tell you for create You're feeling badly. . . . ex they called my Friend and pretended for become her Grandson who Wanted cash to get out of Prison because they were in a Auto Crash. There are Likely more Amounts but these are your two that I know of.

Post by Tony,

2126596471 Got the same call. I stop answering if I don t understand the Amount. Trained family and Pals for so your same. Cheers W notes and for all of your own post to shield others.

Post by Guest,

212-659-6471 called along with message that debit card has been quot locked quot and wanted us for press quot 1 quot for discuss further another scam. Time for them for get a Occupation and can something constructive.

Post by Guest,

2126596471 Multiple hangups

Post by Sarah,

212-659-6471 I Only got a call from this number. I picked Upward and he called 2 more times after I Put Upwards on him. He said he got a notification from my computer. Total scam. Called out of unavailable Afterward W Subsequently W

Post by Guest,

2126596471 quot Amanda quot called and told me that I won a cruise only thing I Desired for can was pay for the taxes which was W. W and that I Wanted for pay it with a major credit card. When I Inquired Amanda for her full name she told me it was Annie and she could even tell me my email address or last name Simply had my first name. . . . I told her she Offered another name she told me that I misunderstood her I asked for a supervisor and quot Annie quot pretended for be a Manager name Katie. Save express and still wan t able for response any of my questions for her could t tell me when I won the cruise wan t sure of my name and not for mention I could hear someone in the background asking how much More they ll be on the computer I m guess within a People library using that computer within another Nation outside of your Us . I told her that I knew it was a scam and told her not to telephone me again before I could hang Upward she previously mentioned that she d create a Cope with me if I paid just W. W of your fees she d waive another half still I told her it was a scam Merely for get my credit debit card information and hung Upward. Someone called back and I blocked your number they Stadium t leaving messages.

Post by Guest,

212-659-6471 I tried for telephone them back but they will not reply That person they want dozen t live here

Post by Cora,

2126596471 Nicely I just got a call from W W W response and Put Upwards on them and Subsequently your called me back out of an unknown Amount and saying I owe money and all

Post by david,

212-659-6471 Educational post You personally might have been exposed to scam 8 as described here HTTP phone help. Truth. com factored. to return here for notes. com after you personally look at any of your data at that Website either to post more info or for let's understand you avoided the scam or to read any further information about that Amount that others could possibly post.

Post by Guest,

2126596471 please please please

Post by Guest,

212-659-6471 Scam Tech Service for PC

Post by Guest,

2126596471 Foreign voice claimed to be Geek Team calling Around our computer Use. I said we've no computer and Put up. I am confident the was a fishing expedition.

Post by Maria,

212-659-6471 called and said that they were geek Group and that my computer was reporting an issue and that I Desired to go turn my computer on thus that they could help me repair. This really is the second call that I receive from the number.

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4095504030 Complains by Guest,

Calls all that time. Dozen t leave a message.

5137207377 Complains by Guest,

Sex offender look him up

6125016071 Complains by Guest,

This person calls me a lot. Never leaves a message. Seems to be a land line in the New Orleans area. I do not live in LA. Please quit calling me!!!!

6788262485 Complains by Guest,

Telephone rings at 6 W Am I break a toe hurrying to your phone believing something has terrible has happened why else would someone call at that hour. That prerecorded message says I have been Accepted for a payday loan and Offers a Site address for Implement. I never applied for any loan. How did I get chosen for start that day like this.

8093204995 Complains by Guest,


8178617665 Complains by Guest,

don t phone whatsoever

6159456938 Complains by Guest,

Text saying quot You're Picked to secret shop at Absolute best Buy along with W gift card. Go For HTTP . com quot and Enter Code xx xx Encourage Code valid W hrs quot in the morning of March W W. That web Website has IPA address W. W. W. W that same quot . com quot which you are led to by the same text message about unreleased iPhone. The IPA address is Published by World Extensive Net Hosting LC Net W W W W Internet W W W W 1 W. W. W. W W. W. W. W That Earth. com Web Services Inc. located in Houston Texas.

7277679011 Complains by Guest,

Calls no just one on other end

8003595353 Complains by Denizen,

Called twice no message

8182062242 Complains by KC.,

Went to machine and they say Hi Hi and hang up.

8046181076 Complains by Lacy,

Got a call out of the Amount. No message left.

8152194914 Complains by Vance,

Acquired a phone out of W W W. I did t response and no message was left.

8002890133 Complains by fotoguy,

Obtained text MSG said for phone this Nebr for receive prize. I did not call.

8003587705 Complains by Leo,

I got the W W W Facsimile for substantial Job Real metal amp wood coatings crap overly. Everybody needs for recognize if you personally contact them back in ANY Manner you ll be supporting your own fax number. If you go to that Internet. . org Website and enroll that is a scam it s there for confirm your number. If you call and request to become removed or Facsimile it back they may Check your number and send you more.

9548990726 Complains by Guest,

Could not comprehend along with accent

8064764776 Complains by Waylin,

SCAM Needs for Purchase Craig s list item out of me but needs W Delivered for pickup agent via western union. sent bogus PayPal page out of email W protected saying 2 W may be deposited once I send money for Age House W Virginia Place Se bring South gate FL W. SCAM

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