2127775242 / 212-777-5242

Telephone information: Verizon New York. New York, NY. New York. United states
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62 complaints
Post by Sunshine,

2127775242 Acquired a call from this parasite. Am on that Don't Phone List but your morons continue to call. .

Post by x business owner,

212-777-5242 Got a telephone out of this Amount and told him my company was no longer in company and for remove me from the calling list. Jerk hung up on me.

Post by KC,

2127775242 Oh and when you call the number back it s not in service.

Post by Guest,

212-777-5242 trying for sell Google ads


2127775242 GET A Job DON T Become A BUFFOON .

Post by Guy,

212-777-5242 Insanely rude spammer. He actually called me back on the real to yell at me for hanging up. W W W

Post by KC,

2127775242 Oh and when you personally telephone the number back it s not in service.

Post by business owner,

212-777-5242 fucking spammers. get a job.

Post by kaileena,

2127775242 They called again asking for owner. When asked what this is regarding i got the spiel Around the Site and not being able to find it. I told him because we don't have just one. And are not interested within having just one. He was So shocked and Needed for know why we did not want 1. I said it was simple. . . . we don t desire one Gave a co worker a good joke as my co worker was standing right beside me during that phone.

Post by Guest,

212-777-5242 F ING Dumb camel jockeys calling again. Go wipe your own asses with your control you sand mites.

Post by Guest,

2127775242 Spam

Post by Guest,

212-777-5242 Calls everyday. . . . . I Inquired to be removed from their calling list. . . . . . still calls Regular. . . . . annoying and a waste of my time.

Post by ColoradoKid,

2127775242 They called me . . . . an individual along with a very significant India Feature answered saying he was calling Around my Windows Told him I Dwelt in a cavern and did t 've any windows . The guy was totally dumbfounded answering You don t 've any Windows . . . I said of course I don t . . . don t you personally know what the W a cavern is . . . And Afterward I hung Upwards . Lesson learned If you accidentally Select Upward one of these Phone Spam Calls I wan t close a Owner ID Telephone . . . BTW I never answer a call when it comes Upwards just a city state or town the comes Upwards Fresh York and a phone I don't Understand you personally might as well 've a bit of enjoyment along with your jerks and waste some of their time as they would thus willingly along with ours

Post by Tinter5280,

212-777-5242 Guy with thick Feature called my company number and asked if he could speak to that owner. I said No . Clumsy pause. Subsequently he said he would call back another time and Put up.

Post by annoyed,

2127775242 I Simply got a call out of someone by having an Highlight asking for that owner I told him I made decisions here and he Inquired Around our website and who handled it when I said exactly why can you personally demand for know he said i m sure I understand more Around Sites than you personally would . Who says that to a company. . . .

Post by cheeseburger,

212-777-5242 Same old Person statements. Demand to Discuss to the owner. Phone research shows Cable tapped through listening System for uncommon traffic Structure for data value. Thank that phone Firms. What we demand is a spam Solution.

Post by Guest,

2127775242 The number calls always amp hangs up

Post by Chuck,

212-777-5242 I Normally tell telemarketers that I m in the Mid of giving my dog an abortion or urbanizing him.

Post by Kev C,

2127775242 W W W Keeps calling our office. Seeking data on your owner of your company. Each time I ask which 1 he she hangs Upward . .

Post by Guest,

212-777-5242 Calls and hangs up

Post by kaileena,

2127775242 got a hang Upward the time

Post by Guest,

212-777-5242 SPAM CRAP . . . . . .

Post by Guest,

2127775242 Called saying my company not on Google. I replied yes we are. Afterward request for send their business info. . . Installed Upward on me. Large time scam.

Post by alanonthego,

212-777-5242 Merely acquired a call out of W W W no message left


2127775242 Interior Design Force Inc Company Info Name Internal Layout Power Inc Address W Broadway City Fresh York State Brand new York Us Zip Code Phone W W Fax W W W

Post by Guest,

212-777-5242 Google first page promises

Post by Kaitlyn,

2127775242 Gotten three calls from this number within W minutes this morning to your business line. First two times I replied dead Stop Afterward the call went not alive. Third time I replied a guy with a heavy India Highlight Camera on the phone and asked to Chat along with that owner. I Inquired him what it was viewing and he stated something Around Google Positioning. I told him for lose my number and he hung up on me.

Post by kaileena,

212-777-5242 Business Professional Types Cool call

Post by Guest,

2127775242 telemarketer violated don't phone list

Post by Guest,

212-777-5242 That Owner does not response Simply hangs on phone for a little while. I Think it's a computer generated phone that probably calls more than 1 Amount at a time and your first a person who Solutions get for talk for the sales person. 'm on don't phone registry. Obviously that service is moot.

Post by John,

2127775242 I got a cal out of a Port who is a DEBT Buyer who Promised he bought among my debts . I found that difficult to consider because he did t EVEN Know MY NAME. What he was looking for was me To PAY ANOTHER Person DEBT. Terrible FER.

Post by LJ,

212-777-5242 Adam with an India accent telephoned claiming for become out of Company Styles or something like that Marketing web Websites and looking for your owner . Said he located the net Website and it wan t quite great. He continued on insulting me and the web site. First I would never deal with anyone so RUDE. Secondly I NEVER Purchase ANYTHING from cold calls and had no Objective in the Starting. But it was enjoyment to torture the Man and waste his time within return.

Post by Guest,

2127775242 Google Chaos Guy can t Chat English

Post by eric,

212-777-5242 tropical scummier. They 've several Distinct People that fake Google placement just one or your debt collector even though they don t know whose name your debt is within. or your your own computer has a virus and we can fix it as soon as you permit us accessibility to your own computer and offer people your own credit card info scam. I like that last 1 personally. I mean why not Simply send them naked graphics of yourself while you personally re at it. Who falls for this particular sh amp t.

Post by Guest,

2127775242 Advertise your website

Post by Guest,

212-777-5242 Marketing ad

Post by John,

2127775242 Got that same phone. Said he was from Microsoft and I had a virus. Needed me to go for their Web site. Demand my credit card to verify. After following his Directions I told him a message Arrived Upward on the screen. He Desired to know what it said. I told him it said tell the Pakistani he is an idiot he was Indian that I had a Mac and for get a real Occupation. I must 've Actually pi ed him away because he said something for me in what I presume Iowas his Local language and Afterward Installed Upward. I vie been laughing ever since. Indians despise Pakistanis. Calling them that is worse than insulting their Mum.

Post by Mafufu HB,

212-777-5242 a few guy with the Indian accent calling for the owner Marketing Google Positioning Inquired for become Set on that DC list.

Post by JJ,

2127775242 Scam

Post by Guest,

212-777-5242 Called Amount back and it's disconnected. After they Merely called.

Post by Guest,

2127775242 they telephone a lot and won t response Only Installed Upward what kinda of joke is this.

Post by LI Business,

212-777-5242 W W W Keeps calling the office. Requesting data on the owner of that company without providing his name or any data. Once we ask again Who is the he hangs Upwards . .

Post by Guest,

2127775242 sales

Post by Guest,

212-777-5242 spam

Post by Guest,

2127775242 Online presence isn't Observable. . . Whatever click

Post by Guest,

212-777-5242 discover English scummier

Post by annoyed,

2127775242 I Only got a call from someone using an Feature asking for your owner I told him I got decisions here and he asked Around the website and who handled it when I said why would you demand to know he said i m certain I understand more about websites than you personally do . Who says that to some company. . . .

Post by Got Called,

212-777-5242 Answered my business line and was asked by a guy having an Feature for speak to the owner. I Inquired which one and he said well really I need to speak to someone along with Wishes for the Site. I said if you demand to understand the Individual You're trying to contact I ll demand either a name or an extension Amount in purchase for transport your own telephone for which he replied I will have to locate out the name and telephone you personally back. Great Fortune with that since your own Amount is now blocked out of calling me again.

Post by Guest,

2127775242 I just got a call out of the Amount. Guy was named Adam he had an Indian accent. He Inquired for the owner of that business. I did t need to deal with him thus I told him your owner wan t available. He wanted to redesign the net site for people. I told him we were not interested in having your net site redesigned. He said really rudely quot did I request your own view quot I said quot Wow quot . He Afterward said quot is that all you can say is wow quot . I told him he was Very rude for someone Seeking the business and Installed up on him.

Post by Guest,

212-777-5242 Google scam

Post by Guest,

2127775242 Annoying ah oles

Post by Guest,

212-777-5242 Installed Upward what's that point.

Post by F. Perry,

2127775242 hang up

Post by Guest,

212-777-5242 Don t answer this Amount these other posts are correct

Post by Guest,

2127775242 phone for quot company owner quot

Post by Business Owner,

212-777-5242 What a joke. Indian calls and asks rhetorical useless questions because he doesn't comprehend English. Absolute fail.

Post by Mafufu HB,

2127775242 rang 3 times and Afterward hung up

Post by Guest,

212-777-5242 Do not return a phone from the phone number. It's a few type of scam

Post by Guest,

2127775242 Asks for that owner and when Inquired what their company is they hang up. Foreign Girls Highlight and rude.

Post by Guest,

212-777-5242 hang Upwards caller

Post by Guest,

2127775242 I had an identical experience for those above. Indian Owner tells me he needs to speak to the owner. I asked him what happens if he dozen t get what he needs . He did t get it and said he Desired to Discuss for someone about your Site which I informed him we don t 've. He mumbled something and hung Upward.

Post by Guest,

212-777-5242 Numerous hang up calls out of the number.

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2107147994 Complains by Guest,

Do not allow the Owner for contact me

2156624000 Complains by Guest,

U of Penn surgeon

2394780704 Complains by Guest,

This is a Amount for Indianapolis pacers Admission sales office

4128029552 Complains by Guest,

why do they call.

7606710494 Complains by Guest,

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8172386548 Complains by Doug,

This Amount belongs to Fred Wade Peak Park Doctor Fort Value TX He Additionally has other Amounts including W W W and W W W. Someone living near Fort Value needs to pay this guy a visit. You are able to see your apartment building he lives in at Google Maps by putting within W Summit Park Dr Fort Value TX. He probably owns among those old Collection trucks.

8763651989 Complains by Guest,

Yes calling Around i won 2. 5 million and should buy Authorities Press at western union in purchase for Supply Assess for me

8656865657 Complains by Peachbud,

Call saying you have won 2 1/2 million. Send money western union to Orain James in Kingston Jamaica for to have check deliverd.

8043940005 Complains by Peterson,

These idiots keep calling my Telephone. I am about around and done along with these got dam foreigners. I have never been biased within my life but I a so tired of these scum bags.

8002904347 Complains by Pudge,

Two calls

8045543651 Complains by Nancy,

Same experience as above gotten two phone calls Now out of this Amount. Substantial accent Official Jason Cooper said I or my Lawyer should call right back time sensitive subject this really is all BS. Don t fall for any of this Only Blow off it. Think if they had achieved me they would 've threatened me with a few BS legal something for extort this really is Merely a scam don t autumn for any of it.

8002502855 Complains by willow,

unwanted calls

8045543036 Complains by Dave - El Paso,

January W W W hrs. Indian Highlight called and left this SPAM message Phone Amount W W We have obtained a few serious problems against your own tax problem. But before we take this subject to court and a warrant is Released under your name would phone people back instantly. That number for reach me again that s W W W. Don t disregard the message and can return your phone. If I don t hear out of you personally or your own attorney either the just matter I may do is wish you great luck as this situation unfolds on you personally. Thank you personally and 've a great day. Goodbye

8044515253 Complains by Barbara Heins,

Same old story. . . scam call. Your Owner identified himself as James Fernando's from your Us Gov t Allow Section and Offered me his Badge ID W 2 . He told me that the Irs Certified me for a tax allow of W and all I Wanted to can was go for Western Union Line W for myself and presto . I would get some control Amount or something from them and they would send me W plus refund my W which dozen t create feeling if I Sent your cash for myself for Start along with. . . The W was supposed to somehow Confirm my identity. He Afterward Set me on that line with his Manager whose name I could t possibly recognize . After a lot of Quickly talking efforts for get me to cough Upward W I finally said that if your government wanted for present me money they would send me a check in the People Treasury and not depend of Western Union to Check my Id. I told him that I did t consider him and that it sounded enjoy a scam. I said he could send me that paperwork if he Desired for but that I d handle the Program or qualification procedure on my own. They never have called back not anyway. . .

8002983600 Complains by Mortimer Cranston Snerd,

Really Pleasant British Feature express and erroneous number looking for a business. recording

8044465657 Complains by John,

This number has called me once a daytime except Sunday for around a week. They 've never left a message though so I have no Thought who they're or what they want.

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