2127778451 / 212-777-8451

Telephone information: Verizon New York. New York, NY. New York. United states
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101 complaints
Post by D,

2127778451 Got a telephone out of this Amount second day in a Line. I did not pick up and Owner left no voice message. Attempted to call this Amount from office phone a message said it's disconnected Reported them to AT amp T.

Post by Irked,

212-777-8451 Got phone out of W W W reported it to FBI MI state police and local law Administration.

Post by Guest,

2127778451 The number called my Telephone several times today alone and when I eventually answered they Put Upwards. This is a new Telephone for me thus I knew it was nobody that I had given your number to.

Post by redpatrick,

212-777-8451 Not Accurate a Firm once used a Registered yes for anther question to change my Guardian s long space service Ending in a W Statement.

Post by Bob,

2127778451 the Amount keeps calling but no one is replying back. W. unknown I. D. and when i called back it said the number I am calling is from service and for Assess your Region code.

Post by Guest,

212-777-8451 Calls and no one is there

Post by Guest,

2127778451 Automated voice said they were from Caribbean Cruises or something.

Post by sherry bowden,

212-777-8451 The Amount keeps calling and when I call it back it says disconnected Th. . . . I want them for stop

Post by Arizona,

2127778451 Telephone and phone again. they leave no message I vie dialed back and a record with a non working Amount message answered. Don t annoyance answering or dialing back.

Post by cr barnett,

212-777-8451 W harassing calls

Post by Guest,

2127778451 no one answered when I answered that Telephone.

Post by Guest,

212-777-8451 Kept calling left no voice mail suppose its fraud. That time of the year

Post by Guest,

2127778451 They call around and around. No People there. When you phone it back it s a recording that it s disconnected.

Post by marjo,

212-777-8451 Canada I don t want this call

Post by Eric,

2127778451 Owner ID says Fresh York NY . Went for ans machine nothing.

Post by 7605015919,

212-777-8451 called 3 to 4 times a daytime and no one is answering

Post by Questionable inquiry,

2127778451 Said I won a free cruise for two for just 2 Days and all I had for pay was W dollars for port tax. . . Could t appear to look for out if its legit or not. . .

Post by Guest,

212-777-8451 They keep calling and hanging up when I reply.

Post by Guest,

2127778451 Has called multiple times in a row. Leaves no message.

Post by Barb,

212-777-8451 Oh Yep I 'm within Michigan

Post by Dave,

2127778451 Received 3 calls out of W W W today. No message was left.

Post by Guest,

212-777-8451 Calls repeatedly and leaves no voice send.

Post by Andrewb,

2127778451 Called my cell two times I picked Upward but no response.

Post by Texas,

212-777-8451 They called saying I won a free cruise Subsequently Inquired for my credit card number for pay Interface fees. .

Post by Nick,

2127778451 This was that same thing that happened for me. . . I got an automated express at first Subsequently. transferred to some live Representative. asked them how they got my number they said I called them Lola. It was for a free cruise for the Bahamas. Obviously a scam. wanted W Dollars per Man for that port fees.

Post by Emerson,

212-777-8451 Called my cell phone the day. Some Girl Began talking Around a free Bahamas cruise for two Folks. I started for say something horrible but then Only hung up. Getaway t located the Don't Telephone Registry is of any help along with these calls either on my cell or land line.

Post by redpatrick,

2127778451 Not Authentic a company once used a recorded yes for anther question for Alter my parent s long distance service resulting within a W Invoice.

Post by brenda brown,

212-777-8451 this Amount is on my phone several times a day. I work graveyard thus i run for that Telephone an no one is ever there.

Post by Alan,

2127778451 I acquired a telephone out of the number W W W and when I called back it said it was disconnected.

Post by Rick,

212-777-8451 has called my cell X Now leaves no message and I do not answer unknown s.

Post by Guest,

2127778451 Keeps calling no message.

Post by Texas,

212-777-8451 Exceptionally irritated in the amount of times the Amount calls me during haphazard hours of your daytime.

Post by Guest,

2127778451 Calls and no 1 will there be

Post by STAY AWAY,

212-777-8451 Brand new ISO Permits you personally for block in coming calls. . . That only manner I was Capable to Cease the calls. . . Decode nuts. . .

Post by Nicole,

2127778451 The W W W Amount called me today and like you all offered me a free cruise to your Bahamas all they Wanted was W for port fees I gave them a untrue credit card Amount because I Desired for see if they d find. Afterward kept me on the phone for around W minutes to convince me to pay W for an expanded remain Bundle. This can be A SCAM. So beware.

Post by shaun,

212-777-8451 I don t answer any calls i don t know but i Assess them after the call ends when i called back after to Bands it hangs Upward on you if it was a great Business they would have a answering machine for you to leave a megs.

Post by Jennifer,

2127778451 I vie gotten numerous calls Day-to-day for the previous few times. Merely like everyone else I attempted calling back but your message says it s disconnected or not a working Amount. other than being super annoying I m not sure what motive it Functions. would adore for have their home number so I could telephone them endlessly on Christmas and every other day of that year.

Post by Barb,

212-777-8451 Oh yeah I am in Michigan

Post by Pissed,

2127778451 These Individuals keep calling my phone and I eventually replied and enjoy a dumb a I Began speaking back to the robot. Inquired for Talk along with a real Man and they Offered me GREG. Which I Inquired him exactly why the hell they were calling me and said I won free cruise tickets that I was the Th caller. I told him that it sounds like a scam for me and he said I would simply demand to Set down W dollars and he said if this were a scam he would ask for more Afterward W. I told him which he should t become asking for anything since it s suppose for become free and quit calling me. Getaway t had a phone since.

Post by Monster Raven,

212-777-8451 They started calling me Now. . . like twice. . . . No express mail. But thanks for this Web site I understand NOT to reply this number in any respect. Thanks.

Post by Hannah,

2127778451 Around your last three weeks I vie gotten numerous calls from the number and others Only like it. As shortly as I Select Upward they hang Upwards instantly. I m not certain who it's but I want it for Quit and I don t know how to create that occur. . . I m not Fairly sure what for do. If anyone has any suggestions please email me removed gm ail. com

Post by Guest,

212-777-8451 Keeps calling.

Post by Guest,

2127778451 cruise contest

Post by Houston, TX,

212-777-8451 W W Automated message by Girl first offered cruise. I said please remove my Amount out of telephone list . Your robot replied with a joke and said NO. . Your Amount has called my work cell every daytime since and hangs Upward. As your others 've posted when I called the Amount a message mentioned it was disconnected. Reporting them to Verizon now.

Post by Guest,

2127778451 Calls repeatedly leaves no message Though no 1 will there be when if you personally Choose up. SCAM.

Post by Annoyed,

212-777-8451 Got a phone yesterday and two more today. Also got 4 calls Now out of a different number wonder if they re Connected. . .

Post by mira,

2127778451 It s a robot. I said what Nation are u calling out of it said Brand new York _ Stupid Bum robot

Post by Guest,

212-777-8451 Amount calls and never leaves a message

Post by Guest,

2127778451 Tried returning this phone and attained a disconnected next daytime they called again I answered and it was an prompt hangup.

Post by Deborah,

212-777-8451 This number has called my cell Wonderful 2 times. I went on Google voice and called the number and it Simply rang endlessly. Odd matter Around the Amount is that when I go for my telephone history it dozen t show up. Each other number that I called whether it was replied or not showed Upwards within my telephone history but not the one. Makes me believe that there is something malicious behind it. It is untraceable. Could it become a linking up for every number as many type of hint for Get info from Folks via their telephone. It s Merely really Strange that it does not display Upwards in that calls dialed history.

Post by Guest,

2127778451 I don t know who this is but when u call back it says it s disconnected

Post by Guest,

212-777-8451 never leaves a voice mail.

Post by Liz,

2127778451 Calls Began today. . . . 3 calls out of the no voice mail left. I don t answer calls that I don t know the Amount. Viewed it Upward and located the Set. Folks could become jerks when it comes to Telephones and calls like this.

Post by Eliz,

212-777-8451 Dis keeps calling MW and is thus annoying. . . . How within hell do u make it Cease and or take my away it s contact. . . . . . gt _ Lt

Post by Guest,

2127778451 this Telephone number keeps showing Upward on my phone no one is on the line

Post by redpatrick,

212-777-8451 Not Accurate a Firm once used a Registered yes for anther question for change my Guardian s long distance service resulting in a W Invoice.

Post by Nick,

2127778451 The was that same matter that happened for me. . . I got an automated voice at Subsequently. transferred to your live Congressman. asked them how they got my Amount they said I called them Lola. It was for a free cruise for that Bahamas. Obviously a scam. Desired W Dollars per Individual for your Interface fees.

Post by Cindy,

212-777-8451 Acquired a telephone Now out of W W W no message left I called back when it answered it said this call within not within service please Assess number. Region code might 've been altered.

Post by Guest,

2127778451 continues to phone this really is a business phone

Post by Hank,

212-777-8451 Called my cell in Canada twice Recently called again Now I Decided Upward but no reply it Merely beeped 3 times and I hung up. .

Post by Same here,

2127778451 Same as above comments for Telephone number W W W says out of Fresh York

Post by Caroline,

212-777-8451 Same here. Simply block the number.


2127778451 and yes it was for a cruise to the Bahamas tickets for two she said . . Folks WATCH Out THEY Will not Provide You THEIR Number BUT THEY Desire Your CREDIT CARD Information AND MORE

Post by happy_bunny,

212-777-8451 two calls in just one day no voice send no text followup. called day after got the d c Edward MSG. Sounds like spam fraud we Should to report for FCC.

Post by Washington State,

2127778451 Calls and hangs Upward does not leave a message

Post by Guest,

212-777-8451 When you response they hang up

Post by san antonio,

2127778451 calling Upwards to 5 times a day no message or hangs Upwards when answered. yer annoying Nonetheless this could possibly be related ever since i Began receiving calls out of the 've been charged for travel minutes on cell phone bill which makes no sense cause i Getaway t Been anywhere outside of my calling Place. given no explanation from Dash Sets on hold Afterward comes back says Fees are legit along with no explanation.

Post by mo,

212-777-8451 This Amount calls along along with a alt Amount they called back and forth for a hour this am. I. reply and there s no Result.

Post by Guest,

2127778451 Tried to call back and got a message that Amount is out of service. . . scam. .

Post by ERIC,

212-777-8451 Keeps calling several times daily never leaves message. I telephone back and message states Amount within temporary not within service . Whoever it's needs to be sh t and pi ed on. . . . . . . . . Excessively annoying. . . . . . . . .

Post by Guest,

2127778451 looked your number up online Seemingly its a scam

Post by rayzer1,

212-777-8451 s enjoy the are bought by telemarketers from talcum companies smaller just one s so don t mechanically attribute that big People as a just one manner outgoing call only so all inward calls are blocked. It s an annoying product but legal. Also s that are not Cost free ones W W W etc are hard to block on that do not phone list.

Post by Guest,

2127778451 Owner does not leave a message and hangs Upwards when the Telephone is replied. Several calls around the last few times. Fraud Calls

Post by davide moiani,

212-777-8451 I receive a call from them let me understand I Triumph 2 tickets for Bahamas cruise. I digit on my laptop the phone number. I located was a scam. when they direct me to that representative they request me credit card and I state I was reporting to FBI. They drop your telephone. Your use computer voice

Post by Guest,

2127778451 Keeps calling but hangs up when you personally reply. Is this some kind of scam Amount.

Post by dj,

212-777-8451 Rob telephone stating I 'm eligible for a free all Comprehensive cruise for 2. I was bored thus decided to amuse myself It Inquired me if I was around W and I said no and if I was Capable to travel within that next W months to which I also said no . In fact I said no to every question but it takes no as a yes by saying good and proceeds to the next question. That Closing question was it Ok to get my credit card info for which I replied no around W times and your Rob Owner pretended enjoy it could t comprehend my reply until I Simply Put Upwards. Thus anyway just blocked it on my iPhone adore my iPhone

Post by G. Latta,

2127778451 1 W W W. No answer when I state Hi.

Post by STAY AWAY,

212-777-8451 New ISO Lets you to block within coming calls. . . Your only way I was Competent for Discontinue your calls. . . Decode nuts. . .

Post by mad,

2127778451 This number keeps calling. I don t reply because I think it s a Id Thieving call. If I block it can they stop.

Post by Gretchen,

212-777-8451 A few A W PE asking if I paid my bills on time and I don t owe anyone a penny I Purchase everything cash.

Post by Wiretec,

2127778451 Multiple calls each daytime for my office Amount. Really annoying. Dozen t identify himself Merely says Mr. Scott call become right back . No Mr. Scott has ever been at my number.

Post by tara,

212-777-8451 next time they call gonna let my 5 year old reply and tell him its Santa. . .

Post by Guest,

2127778451 Hangs Upward when replied. Won t leave message when ignored.

Post by Web user,

212-777-8451 W W W has called and does not leave a message and before and after the telephone numerous unavailable Owner Id calls came into my cell Telephone. Phone your own local FBI and report W W W for harassment of telephone calls.

Post by TX,

2127778451 Some scam out of a company calling itself Caribbean Cruise lines . Multiple calls and hang ups before they Truly start within on their Rob announcement.

Post by hermitaged,

212-777-8451 W Jan W W W PM CID Fresh York NY 1 W W Caller left no message how blocked along with Call Clerk Applications and a cheap Hardware Computer.

Post by ohio,

2127778451 Called left no message. . . called it back says Amount no longer within service but However it can call me 5 times a day . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . annoying

Post by Jason,

212-777-8451 Ugh another phone call. Same number as constantly 1 W W W


2127778451 Acquired a phone from W W W did t response it. No voice send message. I will be looking at my cell bill more closely now though just in case there s some type of charge Correlated along with the .


212-777-8451 and yes it was for a cruise for the Bahamas tickets for two she said . . Folks WATCH Out THEY Will not Give You THEIR Number BUT THEY Need Your CREDIT CARD Information AND MORE

Post by Guest,

2127778451 cruise ship automated phone solicitation

Post by Marie,

212-777-8451 Laughed when I Inquired how they got my Amount and wanted my cc

Post by Guest,

2127778451 Must be a telemarketer or bill collector don't Choose up

Post by Monica,

212-777-8451 Number keeps calling my cell. I don t understand anyone within NY

Post by Guest,

2127778451 Only calls dozen t speak

Post by bigdaddy,

212-777-8451 received a telephone out of W. W. W id was Brand new York called back and after four Bands it was ignored


2127778451 and yes it was for a cruise to your Bahamas tickets for two she said . . People WATCH Out THEY Won't Supply You THEIR Amount BUT THEY Desire Your CREDIT CARD Info AND MORE

Post by portland oregon,

212-777-8451 1 W W W called me asked if I could her her properly said something Around a cruise. . . . . I was half sleep so I Put Upward. When i woke Upwards I called back it said the is disconnected. a Subsequently said enjoy some other long message. Sounds ll legal whatever it's.

Post by Joe,

2127778451 Got a telephone W W W on a property line. It is a Rob phone ticket es to the Caribbean . I asked several times if it was a Rob telephone Solutions took a few seconds More then a Individual and her pronunciation of words and names were consistently just the same no issue how many times I asked. I stated I would telephone that Authorities supply me a second and that answer was certain. . . The Telephone hung Upwards after I would not answer if I 'm here which was that Sign to that next component of that phone.

Post by Guest,

212-777-8451 when I replied they hung Upwards I Think many type of fraudulent activity

Post by alex,

2127778451 got called at school 4 times who is the Individual. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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4128029552 Complains by Guest,

why do they call.

7606710494 Complains by Guest,

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8172386548 Complains by Doug,

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8763651989 Complains by Guest,

Yes calling Around i won 2. 5 million and should buy Authorities Press at western union in purchase for Supply Assess for me

8656865657 Complains by Peachbud,

Call saying you have won 2 1/2 million. Send money western union to Orain James in Kingston Jamaica for to have check deliverd.

8764887901 Complains by Guest,

hidden debt collector

3602853488 Complains by Guest,

Mail computer express send stating it s that Government and they re filing a lawsuit against me. Scam Irs would send a notification.

7064557752 Complains by Guest,


7142762846 Complains by Guest,

Answered telephone but no just one was there.

8027592575 Complains by jon,

Someone called me out of the number I answered and it Installed up. who might it be.

3371939251 Complains by Guest,

School and they Press you for package.

5126514733 Complains by Guest,

National American University

7162742587 Complains by Guest,

This number has called my Telephone Likely W times . Not simply are they rude and ignorant but they are calling on a Guarantee on a vehicle that I Destination t owned within four years. They continue to telephone even though I have taken my Amount away that telephone list. I 'm definitely going for get legal advice about a harassment fit against this Business.

9403456885 Complains by concerned person,


9803443400 Complains by DontCall,

These calls appear to originate from a Florida based marketing company trying to sell cheap vacation packages to Florida in exchange for sitting through a high pressure sales pitch on timeshares.

3122793363 Complains by Guest,

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