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Telephone information: Global Crossing Local Services-ny. New York, NY. New York. United states
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Post by Guest,

2129208660 Calls all hours of that nighttime no MSG's when I call back never an answer.

Post by first1,

212-920-8660 ignored your telephone. i did t recognized your number.

Post by Guest,

2129208660 Don t know how they got my Amount.

Post by Patrick Sneed,

212-920-8660 i did not even understand that Man they were looking for yet they had called me repeal

Post by Jon,

2129208660 Now i know what your C stands for after hearing that holier than thou note. I guess your life is perfect and Catastrophe proof and never lost a Occupation due for Well-being reasons Economical reasons discrimination of any sort politics outsourcing absolution or Technical Improvements for Processing for Insolvency or for whatever other reason and for any real length of time simply for become stuck within a vicious Range that keeps you personally unemployed for it happening to you personally in the first place Well I would t want that on my worst enemy. My family was going through it for three years now. and for thousands more People as well. i even pray these rods of yours Stadium t your own famous last words.

Post by Guest,

212-920-8660 Someone with Indian Feature asking me for affirm my address Likely got it online and would not offer more Information thus I Installed up. Said they were a company RC MB something enjoy that but would t state what they were or what they were calling for. Highly funny.

Post by angela,

2129208660 I have gotten Telephone calls out of these a holes for a month now Regular at your same time. I am a tough working single Mommy of just one and plus i Improve my niece and nephew I 'm in nursing school and 've great credit. I don't owe anyone and I do all my business locally thus why are these Individuals calling me. Merely because i battle doesn't mean i 'm a deadbeat Invoice. . . . I asked these Folks what this can be concerning and they want all my data before they tell me and plus they wont even give me their names . I have reported the Amount but they still keep calling gt .

Post by Chadwick,

212-920-8660 I also got a telephone. No message left. I don t owe anything for anyone.

Post by OHesqEntertained,

2129208660 I got into law BC of scum like these people. ANY Lawyer may tell you personally that her debt is her debt. Yes your debt is still owed. BUT. It's still her debt. Folks that obviously work for Waste Businesses enjoy these should t become giving legal advise about ANYTHING. And if they are Competent for provide legal suggest they should get a Actual Occupation.

Post by DanS,

212-920-8660 no message left. . . I believe I heard a camel within the History though.

Post by angela davis,

2129208660 they call Regular at that same time when i response they hang up or Disagree along with me because i won't present my personal information. i have asked them not to telephone but they insist on calling everyday

Post by Guest,

212-920-8660 Spam

Post by Guest,

2129208660 Spam. .

Post by hooter,

212-920-8660 They hang Upwards after I reply.

Post by golpher,

2129208660 you are an .

Post by rollinmyeyes,

212-920-8660 What an

Post by ella,

2129208660 me overly same matter happens to me

Post by nol,

212-920-8660 They call and never leave a message

Post by Non-judgmental,

2129208660 I don t think the forum was set up for receive a lecture from you personally. Cheers for that info you did provide. We are not seeking Your own view but your facts sir. Good Fortune along with the annoying Telephone calls. Good daytime.

Post by sue,

212-920-8660 Gotten a phone out of the number Talk in significant accent if you call Beck that John number it comes occupied telephone doesn't go through

Post by Guest,

2129208660 No answer

Post by Guest,

212-920-8660 Repeated calls ALL HOURS never leaves messages amp I haven t answered but I vie never seen a spam score like this. Love the Program. .

Post by Guest,

2129208660 Spam

Post by Michelle S.,

212-920-8660 No Thought who this really is or what they want. They call repeatedly never answer your phone when I Reply and never ever leave a message. When I tried to call back it was Busy. What Offers.

Post by JD,

2129208660 That debt is not still owed. What would you personally believe your words CREDIT LIFE INSURANCE means. Let me help you. . . . it is insurance that Includes that debt should you personally perish. IDIOT

Post by Nightshade009,

212-920-8660 That Set Bureau that uses the Amount as well as alterations has a notorious record to be sued W times because of this strategy W. Really prohibited and unprofessional. Their name. Receivables Operation Direction You'll 've for file a Gripe along with FTC Federal Trade Commission and your state attorney general

Post by JD,

2129208660 That debt is not still owed. What do you think the words CREDIT LIFE INSURANCE means. Let me help you. . . . it is insurance that covers that debt should you personally die. IDIOT

Post by Doc Consumer,

212-920-8660 HA. Statement C. . . . . Likely correct.

Post by CommonSenseBob,

2129208660 Deadbeats. What about single parents doing everything they can for get by. First generation Faculty students Attempting to change their lives. Those who develop serious illness. Cancer. Debtors Penitentiary. Yep. . . take people that owe money. . . and Set them within jail. . . where they don t Make ANY cash AND supply law abiding People a Legal record which would alter their skill for increase any substantial employment. . NOT To MENTION putting regular Individuals away along with Real criminals is Fundamentally delivering Regular Individuals for offense school. I m a medical Pupil one year away from joining Physicians Without Borders and making a differences within many of the darkest Sites within your universe. BUT because Run decided to charge me an extra months service without my knowledge they decided for turn me into Libraries for W. W. So the world is a better Set if I am within debtors Penitentiary because Sprint is immoral and Level Outside incorrect Quite than serving Individuals that would otherwise have no access for Well-being attention. I recognize I 'm an extreme case but I also know that I 'm not alone. A few Folks do take full advantage of your current system. THANKFULLY we have things called credit scores that follow Folks and Change that attention rates they pay or even their skill for borrow money or finance. I think you personally should reconsider many of your conclusions you've drawn. . . on your own good.

Post by Brittney,

212-920-8660 It's Evident for me which you have been fortunate enough for never 've for expertise your Fiscal struggles that many Americans face. Working a full time Occupation weekends and overtime just for hardly keep your head above water doesn't create you personally a deadbeat. . . . Additionally it costs cash for State bankruptcy and sadly even bankruptcy has become a luxury for those who can manage for afford it. Additionally Beginning over is far easier for 1 to flippantly suggest as an end all than for just one to truly accomplish. Its surely not hopeless but its definitely not as simple as you personally ensure it is Outside to be.

Post by Lola,

2129208660 You personally re an idiot. I 've Excellent credit and no Records along with Chase or owe them cash. They call my business all daytime and tie Upwards your phone line. In the economy people could possibly owe some money they borrowed for food. Families are losing their Occupations Residences and cars. Nobody should become harassed like this. So Close your Dumb mouth and know what your own talking Around before you personally open it.

Post by Guest,

212-920-8660 called me at 9 pm someone along with Feature out of India saying that was a follow Upward call out of Com project and asking if I had got that service I requested

Post by ella,

2129208660 don t understand who this really is

Post by Guest,

212-920-8660 Just asked for my name

Post by MJ,

2129208660 They called me 2 times today 3 PM and 8 PM. I answered the phone both times and your person on the other Finish hung Upward. I called them back and all I got was a occupied Sign. Cowards call people and don t need for Discuss. I have many pick words for them. I added their number to my block list.

Post by Stop Calling Me,

212-920-8660 W W Another telephone no message occupied when I return telephone as normal. Absurd. Exactly why not leave a message. They desire something correct.

Post by Former banker,

2129208660 What a Dumbo You're. As a former senior credit Official for among the big three national banks credit card departments let me tell you personally who is at fault. . . The Banks. . Who were so covetous when times were good that they over expanded credit for those who were not capable of handling it. When a bank extends a K line of unsecured credit for someone who hardly nets K a year and already has multiple lines open along with other lenders Only so they could fit their competitors line of credit Subsequently they know not empty well that its a gamble. That s why it s called a credit risk. It s unsecured credit. Interval. I expect 1 daytime you get to expertise that Monetary crisis that thus many people are in thus you understand what it s like to go out of making all your own Regular Funds with ease to Simply being Capable for create your mortgage or Book. I want this for you just because I know how going through if personally it s altered the very Cloth of who I am . . And I Actually love that brand new me . . . Walk a Distance within another mans shoes my friend.

Post by CF,

212-920-8660 Some lame keeps calling me and leaves no message. . . .

Post by Jay,

2129208660 I answer and they hang Upward. I don't have any company with Pursuit so I 've no Notion who this really is. They called at 8 Am Only for hang Upwards when I replied. Unexpected.

Post by Guest,

212-920-8660 Recording

Post by Guest,

2129208660 Spam

Post by Ana,

212-920-8660 I Simply answer and state Hi enjoy three time and they hang up

Post by Guest,

2129208660 ID who they desire but not me had my for many years. . Ugh pain n your butt

Post by Guest,

212-920-8660 Called asking for Melinda ND had a Spanish Feature. I seed u 've that incorrect Amount ND he suddenly Put up

Post by Guest,

2129208660 Fraud

Post by mufti,

212-920-8660 they no Audio English too good

Post by MOE,


Post by Crystal,

212-920-8660 The number keeps calling me and will not present me any info on who they're but want me to provide all my info to them.

Post by h has been conned,

2129208660 i believe shes trying for get me my name is heather and she called me heater. . . dint go close them along with a barge Post Huge Enormous SCAM. lost W Now. . what a i 'm. Desired a loan husbands got cancer. going to be his last holiday now we cant go. Indian . .

Post by Guest,

212-920-8660 Recording

Post by wibbur889,

2129208660 Invoice You must be one of that countless sheep that work for these unethical grind houses. Its people like you that deserve for be behind bars. You personally lifeless vomit patch of a human being.

Post by Guest,

212-920-8660 Missed phone Approximately noon. No express mail

Post by Guest,

2129208660 Don t know

Post by shepherdess,

212-920-8660 Sue Absolutely Do not provide these Folks any info about your own Aunt. . . pass your Amount on for your Estate Attorney and 've them discover IF your own Aunt owes cash for someone. If it's a computer Robot calling they're not listening to your message thus it falls on deaf ears or no ears. If in uncertainty Consistently let your lawyer handle it. Remove the VIM saying she is deceased and replace with that Attorneys number to call. There are scampers out there searching for Records of your deceased thus they can Steal their identity. Protect her name even after her passing. As Much as the person who was discussing deadbeats I agree with everyone else here who responded speaking to how hard it's to create ends satisfy these days. . . not being able for distribute money across all their bills dozen t make people deadbeats. Deadbeats Merely don t pay in the least EVER and keep racking up debt. Then there are those of people who are trying for meet their bills while that government Fed State City keeps raising Fees adding Fees and EVERYTHING costs more. Until you personally know a person s Storyline. . . don t judge them. I have gotten rid of all of my credit cards pay simply within cash now. . . and I STILL get these calls.

Post by Guest,

2129208660 Telemarketer

Post by sassy88,

212-920-8660 For Bill Afterward your People Authorities should maintain prison as nicely.

Post by steve ham,

2129208660 Okay you personally Nation Waist kin. you personally would not be on the site unless you got a telephone from them I'm broke no cash thus when they telephone i say Strike ME that is correct you personally Nazi they get real silent within fact very silent and as they st udder i reply Strike ME and yes dear broke people of your world they hang up . i cavilled them 5 times Recently and said Strike ME no calls Now from the boobs so when the tel lie rings just say Blow ME its still AMERICA.

Post by Guest,

212-920-8660 pain within that Booty wont give Information or leave message

Post by Guest,

2129208660 Needed my address

Post by OHesqEntertained,

212-920-8660 I got into law BC of scum like these Folks. ANY attorney may tell you that her debt is her debt. Yes your debt is still owed. BUT. It's still her debt. Folks that obviously work for trash Firms enjoy these should t be giving legal suggest Around ANYTHING. And if they're able for present legal advise they should get a real job.

Post by C.Franco,

2129208660 They telephone Regular. But i never answer

Post by RERE,

212-920-8660 I REC VD A Phone This MORNING From The Number. my caller id read Amount co ecosystems. Goggled that name and they are a Business out of MUMBAI INDIA i did not answer and they did not leave a MSG on that ans mach. don t provide Outside any Information. i bought many vitamins on line one time out of Florida and all of unexpected i was getting W. W Fees on my debit card from some Set in Thailand had to telephone my bank file a fraud charge and change my debit card Amount the cash W. W was returned for my account.

Post by Stephen,

2129208660 The number was calling my phone for a very long long time. I do not response unknown numbers and 've been enrolled within your DANGLE for a very long long time. I see that Massage NCO TALUSES is an overseas Provider. If they were a reputable collection agency then they would 've my mailing address and sent a certified notification by now. Evidently they are not. . . If they are a telemarketer Afterward they can go F themselves s for ignoring your rules of your NATIONAL Don't Phone LIST Only for that hell of it I attempted to telephone them back several times today and all you get is a busy Transmission. A valid Firm would 've a number that you can phone back on.

Post by MK,

212-920-8660 If you've Verizon wireless you are able to log into your account and block your number thus they don t call you personally any more. .

Post by Doc Consumer,

2129208660 HA. Bill C. . . . . Probably appropriate.

Post by Hurlgirl,

212-920-8660 Had a phone from this number on my caller i. d. Attempted to return the phone several times no response nor was there any message. I am Merely assuming a incorrect Amount.

Post by Guest,

2129208660 Spam

Post by Mike,

212-920-8660 Same thing here. Ask about Web and then this Opening calls me back Seeking my personal info. . Yea you are able to your own self buddy who are you. I asked him a few questions and he Put Upward. . .

Post by Guest,

2129208660 They're calling saying they're from com throw and want for know if you would love to add service.

Post by Guest,

212-920-8660 Wont present Information. Keeps calling

Post by Guest,

2129208660 .

Post by Mary,

212-920-8660 Got a calls Regular that past week out of 1 W W W calls Approximately the same time twice a daytime never a express send when I did Get one of your calls their was static on the other end then a pause Nearly enjoy it was automated Afterward connected when a live Individual picks up I request what they want estimate we 're Striving to reach you heavy accent. . . BS. Chat English. I Actually think these are scampers I Only got this phone number assigned after moving within and Enrolled for your do not telephone registry it seems afterwards my phone keeps ringing. If this People are legit first off they should follow Right Introduction their name who they signify and understand who they're calling and leave a voice send with said Information.

Post by golpher,

2129208660 You're an .

Post by Guest,

212-920-8660 Set agency

Post by NA,

2129208660 You sound enjoy a dick I get arbitrary Group calls from numbers and companies I vie never had any Association with I Additionally 've perfect credit thus certainly it does happen.

Post by Mike,

212-920-8660 about your same thing happened to me. I called about my Net next thing I know I get a Man along with significant accent of India or a few Put asking me questions.

Post by Guest,

2129208660 India con men

Post by MOE,


Post by Guest,

2129208660 Spam

Post by Lisa,

212-920-8660 Got a first call from the Amount today and trust it s the last. Never heard of them and have no idea exactly why they re calling me.

Post by R. Samuels,

2129208660 These keep calling and dint state anything. This pisses me away. Wheres my shotgun. .

Post by Mel,

212-920-8660 Actually. Nicely I expect you personally never fall on unanticipated challenging times. Many collection Firms break that law Frequently especially with the outsourcing for India who will phone before and after collection times and jeopardize you along with being arrested and should be reported. I am certain You're a collector and Likely a real jerk on your Telephone. Try and Recall not everyone Needs to get into debt and oh 've you heard. We 're still in your midst of a downturn and at almost a W joblessness rate. Think Around that next time you want for harass someone.

Post by Brie,

2129208660 Have started receiving calls out of this number and if it's chase I don't owe them any money.

Post by ella,

212-920-8660 me overly same matter happens to me

Post by Mike,

2129208660 Same matter here. Ask Around Net and then this Opening calls me back Looking my private info. . Yea you can your own self pal who are you. I asked him a few questions and he hung Upward. . .

Post by NavyWifey,

212-920-8660 They are Choices for Pursuit.

Post by fo,

2129208660 you dint understand

Post by GregH,

212-920-8660 message was manner overly garbled and static filled to hear much in any respect

Post by Guest,

2129208660 spam

Post by mrnifty,

212-920-8660 W W W keeps calling my cell number asking for someone I vie never heard of. I than Set an app on my Telephone called phone verify. Now my cell dozen t even ring. It hangs up on them and anyone else that I have black listed.

Post by yeehaw,

2129208660 Exactly why don t you personally get a real job. We've a surplus of bloodsuckers if that s your own expertise. . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Guest,

212-920-8660 collection agency I never heard of

Post by on the run,

2129208660 Your Amount is W W W appropriate.

Post by Mike,

212-920-8660 Around that same matter happened to me. I called Around my Web next thing I know I get a guy along with heavy Feature of India or a few Put asking me questions.

Post by JoJo,

2129208660 I suppose you personally never Fallen under challenging times. . .

Post by Quit freaking calling my house,

212-920-8660 The Amount calls constantly no just one is at another end. Afterward disconnects and calls appropriate back along with another Amount. I won't response these calls. If you have a Trouble use the USPS system and quit calling my phone Amount.

Post by Dana Z,

2129208660 I keep getting calls no message it's on my cell which I am paying for this really is harassment's. I Choose Upwards your Telephone and they hang up

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8143921102 Complains by Guest,

keep bothering me

9157039750 Complains by Vivian,

This Amount is calling my cell Telephone.

8657619105 Complains by Guest,

Unknown caller keeps calling. No message

8723330932 Complains by Guest,

whoever that numberless too is in my house with Brooklyn and Narratives son sage on Hayden st

9033376270 Complains by Guest,

Asked for my husband. I said he was not available, could I take a message. Would not say who was calling. When I pressed, he hung up.

3238039212 Complains by Guest,

my ex

8053505201 Complains by Guest,

I got a message telephone from a heavy Feature Indian person and asking me to return your phone on the Amount W W W to obtain your legal message. Registry of legal Event that law enforced against me that requires a legal issue.

9036713383 Complains by Guest,


4086185242 Complains by Guest,


4257127852 Complains by Guest,

Calling Around expanded Guarantee for a Automobile that s W years previous. Bunch of crooks.

7247107270 Complains by Jackie,

You personally tell it like it's sister.

8667898292 Complains by Guest,

Run Wanted more info Around an order i placed. Legit

7572345600 Complains by Guest,

Called me by name. When I asked hers she hung up. Called number back and got automated man's voice saying a csr would be with me shortly. Since no company name given figured was telemarketers.

8159756551 Complains by Guest,

That caller left no name and Desired my House and work address.

8323719218 Complains by Guest,

That is a scam suggest you personally call state Lawyer general and file a complaint for both your state and caller Place code W Texas. If you are able to record threats and ask for address. They called my dad s cellphone whom Lately passed away saying he Desired for pay money or go to jail. My dad was retired law Administration.

8003483381 Complains by TN resident,

Scam. Caller ID W W W

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