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Recent reviews 226 Telephone area codes 2019-09-17T21:46:52+02:00.

2017-04-09 18:06:20
Call indicates there is a notification waiting for me. No answer on call back.
2017-04-07 17:40:43
It is an automatic voice message identifying himself as an agent from REVENU CANADA and threatening to call back. If not, Legal Pursuit will be retained against you. PLEASE, DO NOT CALL BACK OR TAKE THE PHONE... IT IS A FRAUD.... HANG UP OR ERASE THE MESSAGE...
2016-10-20 20:07:22
Yes asshole you pretend to go to vegas and waste transgender escorts time ..hope you burn in hell..
2016-09-09 16:15:24
Scam. Same as all the other stories. Not a legit CRA call.
2016-07-08 20:39:04
credit card hunters
2016-07-06 11:55:03
Viagra nasty message
2016-07-06 08:39:51
I vie only gotten 1 thus Way and it was a text telling what my Google Evidence code was. But I did not request for any Google Proof.
2016-07-06 07:59:37
paged me along with but got Facsimile when i called back
2016-07-06 07:41:17
Called asserting for become from Government. Ardently demanded W to pay for tax allegedly owed for Government Underneath threat of immediate arrest if not paid in cash.
2016-07-05 17:55:24
Katrina from Acridity
2016-07-05 12:55:50
Unwanted phone text. . . name not visible.
2016-07-05 05:18:52
Do not let it ever come for my phone again are his text
2016-07-04 21:01:25
broke sump
2016-06-17 17:23:33
leave me alone Matthew
2016-06-17 12:22:36
Do not Select up
2016-06-17 11:26:12
unknown caller
2016-06-17 11:05:33
Deal Network
2016-06-17 10:21:04
They first Desired me to offer your Ups driver a reloaded card for W. Subsequently when I threatened them along with Coverage to the National government they called me back and called me some really bad names.
2016-06-17 09:44:40
told them for suck my d ck and Quit calling called next day. . . they like your d. . . Simply treat them like crap affirm cuss phone them retards eventually they wont telephone Cu's they dint need Workers going threw maltreatment. waste there time keep them on hold for a hour. . . make it thus they loose cash calling you.
2016-06-17 09:36:14
Same as Top investigator right down for your code W. This is spam on my Cell Phone and was Directed} at 1 Am. I get the happiness for pay for this telephone too. I never did submit an entry to Very best Buy last month.

Phone list in area 226

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
2262365245pest Telephone callslinda72016-02-18 16:16:48
2267732384threatening phone asking me to return that phone or 've my Lawyer phone. or police will come. . . says time sensitive. . . CARA. Guest312015-11-04 16:02:10
2269092320said he was Official Jason Cooper and for telephone him back called numerous timesGuest132015-11-04 16:29:10
2263785809Calls and hangs upGuest62016-04-09 02:53:52
2269211072I DID NT ANSWERGuest42016-04-03 18:20:34
2266472498it belongs prior personGuest62015-12-16 08:27:52
2262383939hiWayne Vannatter32016-04-03 11:21:06
2266265441rude Spanish speaking telemarketersGuest32016-04-03 22:45:51
2265670650Spammers along with Indian accentsGuest32016-05-23 23:16:33
2263872910This number you are Attempting for reach was blocked due for Violence. Guest12015-11-04 16:52:10
2262891509Owner said she was calling on Account of Jamie Burton liberal Customer . Told her I would not vote for another lying liberal again. What is Strange about the telephone is that it was long distance and background Sound sounded like a telephone center in India. Within fact your caller spoke in busted English. I guess your liberal Celebration would Fairly Hire Folks within India rather than local Individuals in Waterloo. Guest62015-11-04 18:26:09
2267732396Bank scam. beware. Guest62016-06-16 16:12:35
2267899887Fake Owner id Amount dozen t exist and Take callbacks. Guest162015-11-04 21:07:10
2265670648I keep becoming calls out of the number for a Man that I know that does not live here. WHO IS The. onwillowbay52016-05-23 07:20:39
2267844231Calls my cell twice daily now leaves no message. D72016-05-23 03:57:49
2268849364W W W Is this Amount for NJ Limo Services. Nick Karten32016-04-04 01:28:24
2267000117Yep called me too. Not sure what they Desired did t let them get that Much. Fed Up72016-03-27 18:28:01
2267827860Called my cell but did t leave a message. My cell never rang Nonetheless. Guest52016-06-15 14:11:34
2267008113I Can NT Understand WHO IS TEX TING ME. Nomi42016-04-04 18:20:37
2263387118exGuest12015-11-04 22:45:10
2262340636It is scam don t fall for it. . . . Warn others. . Jamaica Lottery Scam82015-12-19 00:33:51
2268860833leeGuest12015-11-05 00:11:10
2264000229that making my live a laving hellGuest62016-05-22 19:46:18
2266264644your blockedGuest52016-06-15 20:23:06
2263362502Verified Ontario spamGuest10212015-11-05 00:40:09
2264441507Lower interest rate robot callGuest272015-11-05 01:01:10
2264990937called 8 PM Sunday niter no message. called Xsuperbuzz42016-04-03 12:09:03
2264990933Bacall scumbags Hi are you tired of becoming calls Around. . . Click. Yes I am. P-O'd52016-04-04 10:42:07
2263492887leaving rude textsGuest12015-11-05 02:04:10
2263747648BlockGuest12015-11-05 02:06:10
2268290000Man for house at south parkGuest32016-05-17 07:39:35
2265804001hGuest82015-11-05 03:03:10
2268801364douche bagGuest12015-11-05 03:12:10
22634614561 Joke telephone out of the Amount. Several voices within background laughing and speaking with emphases. Guest12015-11-05 03:15:10
2266264585spamGuest52015-12-16 12:19:22
2262209929BarGuest32016-02-15 20:04:24
2266265439I 'm receiving endless harassing and vulgar phone calls out of this numberS. Mowdy42016-04-05 11:57:30
2263776423hang up soon as they callGuest52015-12-20 10:05:10
2262721293GNUGuest62016-04-05 00:05:41
2267827845Theatre queenGuest52016-04-03 20:43:09
2263448263calls always all times of daytime never leaves messageGuest52015-12-09 16:35:23
2262669932i did not response Sunday pmGuest1502015-11-05 08:14:09
2269211067Don t text this number. Guest12015-11-05 09:14:10
2262669940They keep calling harassing me. Guest72016-04-03 09:24:08
2266860709Hang Upward callGuest62016-04-03 04:57:33
2263362512Multiple calls out of this number. Faith72016-04-03 21:53:27
2265569909spamGuest72016-05-24 03:50:56
2261940701Annoying callsGuest72016-05-23 02:48:04
2262893569spamDon82015-12-14 15:37:59
2267851937they 've been doing it each daytime and I don t enjoy it many one needs it do something about itGuest32016-05-24 00:00:22

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