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Post by Fio.,

2263362502 Rec d a telephone the Am June W on my Bell Berry. Did not answer and no message was left.

Post by stan,

226-336-2502 cheating.

Post by Toronto_Guy,

2263362502 There is a before your Amount indicating it s an international phone. The State code is from Barking Fa so and apparently is linked for free cruise scams. It even got it on for that Toronto Authorities W department s Facebook page . definitely don t response tell them nothing.

Post by Chuck,

226-336-2502 I got this phone too. . . Peculiar no just one knows who it s from. . . Within London along with Virgin Mobile

Post by Mrmleduc,

2263362502 Yep scam scam scam Called Th work Amount but it was Saturday. No 1 replied and it went for voice mail. And their machine left a message. Work wine free cruse tickets Ada Ada Bela Bela. . . Scam

Post by jt,

226-336-2502 this Amount called twice both times simply rang once. from Saskatchewan systole

Post by Ibwiseguy,

2263362502 Got among these this morning and did t answer. I would suggest anyone not to reply an unidentified Amount. If it's that important leave a message.

Post by wayne,

226-336-2502 Merely got this telephone too. . . .

Post by Becky,

2263362502 I got a telephone for my cell from the Amount. I did t answer and they did t leave a message.

Post by Sve,

226-336-2502 Same here not joyful for receive when roaming. called Rogers to block unwanted calls you personally demand for enable the Phone Supervisor Choice which costs 5 month.

Post by Heille,

2263362502 Got it at W W

Post by Shan Slamm,

226-336-2502 Its a number for a servery when I called it stated this telephone was intended for you for participate in a servery Yet that servery has now expired and it all owes you to press 9 for remove yourself from the list. . . like that ever works. Rogers customer London Ontario

Post by Maplelime,

2263362502 Its coming out of a small State within west Africa called Barking Fa so be wary.

Post by lee,

226-336-2502 telephone rec VD 9 W 'm no MSG added to block list after locating this Site Thanks

Post by Vince,

2263362502 I vie had this call many times now. They tried my cell at 5 W PM today. I did t answer. . .

Post by Calleigh,

226-336-2502 Oh and I m within Manitoba

Post by Mellie,

2263362502 I Merely got a telephone from this Amount it rang once no message left. I m along with Tel people. Hamilton Ontario

Post by Lum,

226-336-2502 Only got the telephone. Refused for reply.

Post by Jean,

2263362502 I m within Montreal by that manner. Thanks for supplying people along with this kind of Web site where all of us can say what's happening with those affecting Telephone Amount.

Post by donkey,

226-336-2502 also acquired a call out of the

Post by Coquitlam,

2263362502 Got a telephone a minute Past simply rang once and Subsequently they hung Upwards. With Tel us within Vancouver.

Post by Toronto,

226-336-2502 Just acquired a telephone out of the number. Did not answer no message. On Virgin Mobile

Post by Jennifer,

2263362502 I am with Bell. Merely got telephone. I did not reply and no message. Toronto.

Post by Andrez,

226-336-2502 Got a call at 9 W am. No message left. I m within Montreal along with Virgin cellular telephone.

Post by Aldo,

2263362502 Me overly. . . i missed the phone from the Amount June W at 8 pm. . . no message i idea it was a telephone from France due to the 6 it use for Start with W. . . but out of an other country it could take some unexpected Amount before. . .

Post by JR,

226-336-2502 Yep you personally hit your collar on your head. W years Past I was a telemarketer. . . sorry guys had to pay that bills for a bit. . . but it was a short bit. and many Disabled Folks do that Occupation because it is the just job they can do and need for live . Nevertheless since I did it Matters 've altered. . . they're a bit more predatory cheers to computer Programs now. . . now they use automated Advanced Call ling systems Assembled on a mathematical algorithm. . . Established on area Requirements and then a variant combination of Amounts after that. So there s not a lot you can would Around those computer math minds. Get a sheet of paper Compose nine numbers down and record each time as nicely as how many times you can Change them Approximately. That s basically what they can. This Additionally Clarifies why any people that would request become Set on a DMD list many Truly can it the local organizations in your sensibly prompt Place Usually can put you personally on a DMD list. . . but People Businesses likely don t . . . but they still end Upwards using the other computer info. . which eventually Works into your Amount again. . . and you eventually run across them again. Mitigating this is being done by us all and these are the best matters for do for now go ogling the number. . . as I Merely did . Locating Outside who it's. . . as I Merely did. Not answering without checking account the Amount first as I just. . . . did not. They got me at a occupied Second within Alberta twenty minutes ago. . . sigh. . . .

Post by Donna,

2263362502 With Tel us gotten telephone at 9 W on my cell did t reply it Strike ignore. Suppose it s a telemarketer.

Post by Kate,

226-336-2502 1 W pm Manitoba time I got a phone from the number. I deal along with MT's

Post by Guest,

2263362502 Thought I was on your Decal List

Post by danielle,

226-336-2502 Merely got called by this number enjoy W Min's Past. . . they hung Upward before I could 've answered and the phone was in my own control. . . not even a full ring

Post by jack,

2263362502 got 2 calls from this number. do they get a cell phone umber where are your cell phone Amounts listed. . .

Post by Julie,

226-336-2502 Thank you personally. I don t answer LED calls on my cell but I did t know if this was Significant. I value your Information.

Post by Guest,

2263362502 Spam offering Bahamas Mom days.

Post by Ridha from Candiac (QC, Canada),

226-336-2502 I got a phone from this number saying Hey congratulations you personally won. . . . At the point I hang Upward not letting them 've that pleasure for see me listening for their rubbish. What can we can for stop them enjoy along with block all junk mails.

Post by Lisa,

2263362502 Simply got a phone from this Amount. With Bell I m within Nova Scotch. Very annoying.

Post by Sexylegs,

226-336-2502 I think they call random numbers if u answer Afterward they understand and recognize the number is within service so they Begin calling you Recommend don t reply but it did only ring once so it s weird

Post by j.S,

2263362502 FREE CRUISE FOR 2 Along with SURVEY. . . . With FIDO

Post by Baudoin Michel,

226-336-2502 Unwanted phone. . . .

Post by Fraud Tips,

2263362502 Scummier. called at 9 am for tell me I m lucky.

Post by C,

226-336-2502 Missed phone Approximately PM. In Toronto.

Post by Billie,

2263362502 Just got the a Second ago. On Kiddo on your east shore.

Post by Maria Ch.,

226-336-2502 PM Montreal Recasting t reply. No message

Post by Fraud Alert,

2263362502 This is a fraud campaign Now active within Canada using a Chain of VIP Amounts. Your Target is to Get your own credit card number and drain your account. If you personally attempt to opt out your Amount can become Supported as live and added to some suckers list for repeated future calls.

Post by Sault Ste Marie,

226-336-2502 Merely got a telephone did t pick Upward no message. Within along with Bell in Mike ON.

Post by Sam,

2263362502 I just got a call out of them and my roomier got a telephone from them about 5 minutes before me. I did t response it but they did t leave a message.

Post by P,

226-336-2502 Received call W W pm September 7 W on cell Tel people South Asian ON No message left

Post by ema rose,

2263362502 my Amount is unlisted. . . . how did it get my Amount I don t pick Upward whenever I get these calls but I m thus weary of it many Man Additionally text ed me and I searched and Seemingly he is a pedophile that rapes youthful women and many girls receive your texts scared that from me I hate these times of thing will there be anyway that I can make it Quit. . . .

Post by Sam,

226-336-2502 l 'm within Newfoundland and have had the phone me 3 times.

Post by Mike,

2263362502 Fr on Montreal receive telephone out of W W W few hours Past no messages Who is it

Post by Christina,

226-336-2502 got this phone but I didn't Select Upwards. No message left. I m in Ottawa

Post by Bean in T dot O dot,

2263362502 Rec d your same phone less than W hours after making a Alter on my rogers cell plan. I never replied and no voice send was left. I'm in Toronto

Post by Darryl,

226-336-2502 Along with Rogers in Vancouver gotten a telephone out of this number revealed Ontario as source no message left.

Post by Frank,

2263362502 W 'm 9 W W got called from this number on my bell. I am along with Bell. Didn't reply didn't leave a message.

Post by Eddy,

226-336-2502 I Simply acquired this phone overly. No message left.

Post by ap786,

2263362502 Got a phone at 9 Am on October W. Called back and the Amount is apparently for a survey.

Post by Danica,

226-336-2502 This Owner called my property line at work at W Am. When I Decided Upward there was no just one on another end. I Merely Comprehended that I also have a missed call on my personal cell Telephone from the number at W Am no message was left. Annoying.

Post by Ray,

2263362502 I received a telephone out of the number on my cell an hour ago but missed it . I am on Tel us and since I 've 3 cell phones within the home on Tel people along with similar numbers and just ever have the problem with 1 Amount I would suggest that recalls can be ruled out. Additionally the affected cellphone number has been registered as a contact number for a Firm that Supplies awards for collecting points and this company was mentioned in a previous telephone. I contacted the company and was suggested that they neither sell the Information or 've had their database hacked. I am not convinced. I have stopped using Firms that award their points. Everyone else see this type of Link or denominator in these calls .

Post by Rod,

226-336-2502 Acquired 2 calls on my cell. First one it rang once and Subsequently instantaneously afterwards they called again. No message left so when it s 'm Sunday morning would be pissed if I had gotten for that Telephone within time. Many Individuals slumber within on Sundays. With Rogers in Toronto Region.

Post by Annie L.,

2263362502 Simply got a call out of the number and i live within Montreal and my provider is Fido. To Billie yes you personally won the Vacation but a entire lot Group of troubles with it overly

Post by From Montreal,

226-336-2502 I also Get the call of this number this Thursday and my boyfriend Merely gotten that telephone 5 minutes Past. . . . . We didn't reply. W W W don't answer. We live within Montreal

Post by Vash,

2263362502 Same here I got it at about 9 W today

Post by tadly,

226-336-2502 free cruise for 2 for Bahamas. Press 9 for be remove from list

Post by West Coaster,

2263362502 The has nothing to do with cell Amounts being sold or otherwise disclosed for that callers these calls originate from Rob Sellers. They mechanically phone numbers in Collection. There is nothing that any phone service Company may do Around it. The DC registry Additionally cannot stop a computer Software from dialing any place of Numbers. You can do something Around it if you use a cell phone with Amount blocking Features.

Post by Martin,

226-336-2502 Only got a phone I dint answer when I dint understand the number. I am with Tel us

Post by S,

2263362502 Only got it within Tel us. I did t answer. No MSG left.

Post by Acura Brossard,

226-336-2502 Just called on my cell. Bell. Does anyone Truly autumn for these.

Post by Sandy,

2263362502 They call me twice but no voice or express send I Recommend don't answer calls out of this number. . . . . . . . . . .

Post by WhiteWolf,

226-336-2502 Acquired call October W W W Eastern. Did t reply. Great reporting people. Keep it up.

Post by Dillon M,

2263362502 Company Dislocation Alberta CAIN replied a call out of this Amount within which a record told me I won a cruise for 2 if I completed a survey. I Only Installed Upwards. . .

Post by JP,

226-336-2502 Congratulating you vie Only won a prize.

Post by Rene,

2263362502 I 've receive that phone from the number this morning. Sounds enjoy Advertising. Curiously I just posted something out of Kojak. ca and grisliest. org and left my Telephone Amount for contact. I wonder if it has something to can with it. . . . When I replied that telephone there was no express at another end. They Merely hang Upwards.

Post by Jos,

226-336-2502 Got called by them many times in Mon tr AL its a Bacall along with a female Chinese English Express congratulating me for probably winning something but I hang Upward appropriate away by that way my Amount is enroll in that Don't Telephone list but fraudulent company abroad get around that rules to attempt to con a few unwary customer and are getting away along with it the Chief motive they do it is because some people fall for their Capture and they're making cash at it. . . . . . . . . . .

Post by MG,

2263362502 Missed that phone No message. Within Toronto along with Fido.

Post by Tina,

226-336-2502 I got a telephone from the number W W anyone know about the number.

Post by Dave,

2263362502 They should t be calling me within that first Put as my Amount is on your Do not Call list.

Post by Leslie,

226-336-2502 Only got your telephone I am along with Fido.

Post by Sue in Calgary,

2263362502 Just got the telephone Instants Past and I 'm with Kiddo

Post by J,

226-336-2502 I Only got a all out of this Amount. did not response . No message.

Post by S.T,

2263362502 I got it at 4 W pm in Toronto no message

Post by Shawn,

226-336-2502 Simply got the call at 9 W 'm within BC. I m along with Tel us.

Post by Mo,

2263362502 They telephone me twice at W W and W W. . . No voice mail

Post by enuf_the_agents_r_doingIT,

226-336-2502 Someone somewhere within the VIPs are Marketing your users data. That VIPS should be held Responsible and should become Required to perform Interior audits. Accountability is a service that should become provided.

Post by Richard,

2263362502 Was called at W PST Underneath Rogers and living within Vancouver

Post by Marti,

226-336-2502 Received call at W W June Th W Alberta Dead Atmosphere probably a Advertising Firm placing Upwards valid Customer lists that they can sell for telemarketing Business s thus they can bombard that with Unlimited telemarketing BS products and services. I could t believe this happens. . . but it does. I have reported the and an Analysis is pending. . . I m a Tel people customer. Residence Telephone Amounts are becoming overrated with cellular telephone alternatives quickly becoming a replacement for your same time for Stop the service as these calls have become more Regular and uncontrollable by your service providers they will loose this Income within the close future.

Post by Lucy,

2263362502 THEY LEFT A MESSAGE. IT S A CRUISE Ship PRIZE Discount. . . . SCAM.

Post by DM,

226-336-2502 answered phone from 1 W W message stated that I won a free cruise for 2 if I would answer a surveyor then Put up

Post by Melanie,

2263362502 Additionally within Nova Scotch at 4 W pm

Post by Larry,

226-336-2502 Only gotten a telephone minutes ago no message. With Tel us

Post by Jason C,

2263362502 Acquired the telephone at W within Vancouver BC apparently I won a cruise for that Bahamas. . . Blessed me. . Regrettably I hung up before they could supply me anymore data. Guess my luck ran out. Ha ha.

Post by J in toronto,

226-336-2502 Received a telephone from this number. Ignored it. They left no message

Post by Vancall,

2263362502 Vancouver along with Bell. Spam phone. Just create a contact within your own address novel called Spam phone and put this Man in it. . . Afterward you personally won t pick Upward accidentally After. That s what I have Began doing. . . i 've 7 callers on that list.

Post by Blah,

226-336-2502 Win a Vacation my butt

Post by Debra,

2263362502 Did t response but it did bother me thus looked it up to look for your own messages. Thanks.

Post by Anton,

226-336-2502 Called at about W W 'm EST. Did t answer no message. I m with Fido. Probably an Advertisement or something. This really is my first time becoming a phone out of that number though thus I don t understand.

Post by Anne,

2263362502 I also got a call the morning. No express message.

Post by Frank,

226-336-2502 Me too just now September W

Post by Bill,

2263362502 I with Rogers in Manitoba. I took a vacation within Toronto. . a few weeks ago. I got this on my Telephone. This is outs side For. No voice message.

Post by BCer,

226-336-2502 Ignored it phone was W seconds Past.

Post by Jane,

2263362502 got a miss phone today from the same number

Post by Steve,

226-336-2502 Same here at PMed Montreal

Post by GY,

2263362502 Your Don't Call lists for Canada are small for Canada a telemarketer or scummier could Purchase a Amount within Canada for use as a re Modem or temporary exchange out of other Nations. They phone your Amount from your Us Normally FL or Calif NY and could 've it setup so that it calls that number first and reroutes that phone along with that ID. It s a form of masking and these types of Amounts are throwaway. So the Us telemarketers can get around the DC registry easily they don t telephone out of their own Amounts directly thus as to create blocking them much more difficult. This USN t an easy Difficulty for Sector Canada to solve as these scummier could readily buy Upwards another number. That Internet identical is called an Private which is a services and procedure used to hide your Accurate Identification of the Man at another end. As a matter of fact because many people nowadays are signing Upward for VIP Express over IPA Phone services this really is within fact what's Truly happening. You telephone telephone goes over the Net and your data is Managed your same manner. At that Time dealing with this type of telephone is as difficult as dealing with Internet spam send that only true Protection is to get a virgin telephone number and keep it completely private or for use a disposable phone number you are not going to 've Buddies and family use that Amount you are able to get rid of it each year or thus.

Post by zppssister,

226-336-2502 I Merely got missed phone from this Amount as well. . . PM on a Sunday Night. . . . they did t leave a message. . . I can become blocking your number.

Post by Angela,

2263362502 Only got a phone out of this Amount as shortly as I seen the area code was W I did t reply Time called 1 PM Location mine Toronto On No message left Earlier I got a call in the W scam W 'm same day Glad the Website is available to understand that it's for certain a scam They shouldn't become allowed for phone cells . I Google all the long distance numbers that I am not conscious of that Region code or come Upwards unknown location

Post by Mark,

226-336-2502 Only got a phone did t reply no message left. I m from Montreal and I use Tel people.

Post by MTl,

2263362502 Got the call Now at 8 W pm left no message . . Oddly enough got another call from 1 W W W which I replied was out of a telemarketing Firm calling on behave of BC . . Sounded enjoy a scam . . Thorough Men.

Post by Just another subscriber,

226-336-2502 I received a telephone at W W 'm to my mobile within the W Place code . . . one ring and no message left. I believe they re identifying valid Reader Amounts and IDs hanging Upward after Reading a express mail system. For this reason alone I vie removed my surname out of my announcement. Fido is Affordable but I wish they d provide Telephone Block. That only Option appears for become to Mount an app such as Norton Security which routes blocked Amounts to 1 s express mail. It s become very simple for telemarketers for Face Amounts sequentially or from a managed list. They don t even demand to arrange Reader Records with a tel co they can Only subscribe to dozens of Skype Customer numbers for a few dollars per month per subscribed line with Amount. Skype is simple to automate with software and is virtually untraceable by other tel cos when Used via an international Internet proxy account.

Post by Nancy from Halifax,

2263362502 W W W called did t reply I 'm a Bell customer Don t demand or need the crap from these people

Post by Sophie,

226-336-2502 Got a telephone out of this number Sunday nighttime at H's pm did t answer and they did t leave a message . . .

Post by Chris,

2263362502 9 W 'm in Toronto. Additionally with Rogers.

Post by Tashi Wangyal,

226-336-2502 I got a telephone at W. Am Sept W on my cell Telephone. No message

Post by KJ in Ottawa,

2263362502 Only gotten a telephone from the number in Ottawa. I am with Rogers. No answer.

Post by Jing,

226-336-2502 Yes got the telephone as nicely last night at about 7 W. Viewed questionable. Great I did t response it.

Post by WpgCameraMan,

2263362502 Called left no message. I figure my cell USN t on your DC list need for change that.

Post by frederick,

226-336-2502 i got the same call from the same Amount never Decided it up what bugs me is I am on the don't call list HTTP Web. linnet encl. cg. ca index Eng i sent a Grievance Around the number

Post by KB,

2263362502 Unwanted call gotten at 1 W Now I don t response these calls either. If they Actually know you they ll leave a message.

Post by aBear,

226-336-2502 Only got the as nicely no message. I m within Edmonton with Rogers

Post by Guest,

2263362502 More Telemarketing

Post by Amanda G,

226-336-2502 It was a call to be in a few survey. . . if you personally telephone your number back and Press 9 you personally ll become removed from the list.

Post by Dar,

2263362502 Phone on my cell. No 1 on that line. Discount the call.

Post by Dan,

226-336-2502 Call is from SW Ontario. Brant Toyota Cambridge Chat ham Guelph Kitchener London Sarnie Windsor areas.

Post by Barbara D,

2263362502 I m in Montreal. Just gotten a call on my Virgin cell Telephone. Like Annie I just response calls from Understood contacts. No message left obviously . Glad I found the page. .

Post by Francois,

226-336-2502 unwanted telephone did t answer.

Post by Chas,

2263362502 unknown call

Post by ak,

226-336-2502 this can be a survey phone you are able to win a trip to Bahamas. . . ha ha ha.

Post by Rob,

2263362502 Merely received the call within Vancouver 9 W 'm did t answer no message left.

Post by Franklin,

226-336-2502 I had this Amount call me and no message was left. . . . . . I am within Hamilton

Post by Oliver,

2263362502 Got a phone the morning W W. Did t reply. Did t the Us amp Canada place Upwards a No phone list. Ar en t these calls prohibited.

Post by I am Canadian,

226-336-2502 Got the telephone a few Minimum. Past they shouldn't be calling me I 'm on the Do not Call List. . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Annie O,

2263362502 Just got this call at on my cell at W 'm within St. John s Newfoundland. I answered and no one was on another line. I m along with Tel us.

Post by Rick,

226-336-2502 Only got the at W in BC didn't annoyance Finding it Upward because I 'm Better than a rototiller checking to see if my number is valid.

Post by curly,

2263362502 Only got the phone on June W W W no voice mail Vancouver

Post by jay,

226-336-2502 with systole within Saskatoon never left a message

Post by Bill,

2263362502 Simply Decided Upwards because it Viewed like it was local. You personally vie been Chosen for Triumph a free cruise to that Bahamas Along with Bell within Guelph.

Post by Fadi,

226-336-2502 Just got just one overly. Did not answer thus missed phone. Montreal.

Post by Shawn,

2263362502 Called my Bell mobile here in Newfoundland as well W W. Did not response.

Post by Dobber,

226-336-2502 I got the telephone Additionally and I 'm on Tel us pay as you go. . If you call the Amount back they state for become removed from your list touch 9 now . That is that second time I vie done it thus I figure it dozen t work. I may report to that CR TC Site as well.

Post by Only me,

2263362502 Merely a telephone from this number ans did response its was a robot Female telling me a was Chosen and won a cruise for two for your Bahamas . . . Yeah correct. Another scamming number.

Post by Montrealer,

226-336-2502 Montreal September W this phone number seemed on my cell Telephone no message.

Post by BS,

2263362502 never. . call back. . . . my Buddy got charge.

Post by Viru,

226-336-2502 Along with mobility Got a phone from this number Merely Blow off.

Post by Olivia,

2263362502 Got that same call a Second Past. Called twice but Put Upwards before I could even response. So annoying.

Post by Bebi,

226-336-2502 From Quebec no message left. I am with bell

Post by Bizou,

2263362502 I missed that phone I m with bell in Montreal

Post by Debbie,

226-336-2502 Got the phone today at 9 W a. m. in Calgary on my cell

Post by Carlos,

2263362502 I 've your rational Difficulty he called two times I out of Quebec city

Post by Shannon,

226-336-2502 I got a telephone out of the number Now as nicely. On my Cell thus I did not answer it. . I despise telemarketers.

Post by Meg229,

2263362502 I just obtained this phone in Toronto 4 PM on my cell. I did t reply and they left no message.

Post by Sandy,

226-336-2502 Got the call on my cell. Don t understand who it was or how they got my Amount. This really is a work cell. They did t leave a message and have called multiple times

Post by Marg,

2263362502 I m on Tel us and got the phone about a half hour Past.

Post by BS,

226-336-2502 never. . telephone back. . . . my friend got charge.

Post by Frank,

2263362502 Me overly Only now June W

Post by doobie,

226-336-2502 they Merely called my phone cell along with Rogers three times within a Line and didn't leave a message.

Post by Guest,

2263362502 Vehicle Switch er Triumph a cruise after providing your credit card info.

Post by Steph,

226-336-2502 Called Now. Did t reply but they Really did leave a message. Seemingly after Doing a survey I can receive a free cruise. Correct.

Post by rachel,

2263362502 Called 5 W pm on my rogers cell Telephone. I won a free cruise to your Bahamas apparently. Hung Upwards after ten seconds.

Post by Jess,

226-336-2502 Only got a missed call from the number no message. I'm within ONTARIO and I am along with Tel us. They must become giving out Amounts or someone Offered mine cause my Amount is blocked. Boo

Post by Ash,

2263362502 I Simply got the phone overly. W W PM. . I m in Markham Ontario along with Rogers.

Post by Abbotsford BC,

226-336-2502 with kiddo did not leave message. missed unknown first Afterward the call seconds later.

Post by Sava,

2263362502 'm in Alberta Only got phone also

Post by Stéphanie,

226-336-2502 Just received that call. I m along with Rogers. Did not response. No message left. I m in Montreal. I m also on that CR TC don't telephone list but 've plenty of calls. .

Post by Shirley,

2263362502 Only acquired a phone out of the Amount on my cell in Saskatchewan along with Sask tel. I did t reply and no express mail

Post by elena,

226-336-2502 got a phone on cellphone. did not response. no message. from Toronto.

Post by blgg,

2263362502 unwanted telephone no answer

Post by rahul,

226-336-2502 got a telephone on my wind mobile at 3. PM out of the same Amount. could not response for it. Vancouver

Post by Annoyed,

2263362502 Merely got that telephone. . . . did t answer. No message. I don t need those long distance Fees on my cellphone.

Post by Thomson,

226-336-2502 Missed telephone from the number today at W Am Mountain time on my Information phone

Post by Ali,

2263362502 Only got a phone out of that number 2 W pm September W W

Post by Ruth Crevier,

226-336-2502 I called the number back got a record saying they were Doing a survey and that time has expired press 9 if you want for be removed out of list

Post by Shirley,

2263362502 I also obtained a call at 9 W this morning no message. I m from Rigid Quebec .

Post by JohnD,

226-336-2502 Simply got this telephone at W W 'm did t reply happy I checked here. Rogers in Toronto. . .

Post by Andrea,

2263362502 Exceptional response I did Only that let s see what happens. Thank you personally.

Post by Jesse,

226-336-2502 I had gotten the phone overly from the same number. I live within Trios Riv res Quebec Canada using your ROGERS phone service. They Began rambling about how I won a Vacation for your Bahamas by a Match I never Joined. I m sure it s a Luigi s Mansion kind scam that uses fake Competitions in order for Take your private data. Remain on your own guard Individuals.

Post by DR,

2263362502 Merely got a telephone from W W W on my cell. I m out of Montreal. I did t answer. I m with Bell.

Post by 370Z,

226-336-2502 Got mine at 9 W am PST. Left no messages.

Post by Don Corleone,

2263362502 It s NASA .

Post by Mike,

226-336-2502 Got a call the morning out of the Amount. I did t reply. I am in Calgary on Wind Cellular telephone.

Post by joan w,

2263362502 called obtained on my cell Telephone. did t leave message

Post by Niel,

226-336-2502 I m with Rogers within Ottawa. I did not response your telephone from this Amount.

Post by Faisal,

2263362502 just got a call it was missed call i didn't Notice your phone

Post by Sher in Alberta,

226-336-2502 Only got the phone odd shifted my cell Amount Only 3 days Past for another reason never had telemarketing calls on it oh nicely here we go. . . . .

Post by Dagn84,

2263362502 Jew veins P} Tank UN Doctor Le d Apple. . . W W W Ne r ponders pas telemarketing. .

Post by Peter,

226-336-2502 Missed phone. I am out of Montreal just got a phone a few minutes ago October W W H. They left no message. Using Fido.

Post by Paul,

2263362502 Called my cell at W PM. I m within Calgary. Did t answer. No message.

Post by Andrea,

226-336-2502 same matter as Annie

Post by Got this call,

2263362502 Got the call. Sounds enjoy spam

Post by Calleigh,

226-336-2502 Tel people cell Telephone and I vie had the Amount call me twice in your last two weeks

Post by sara,

2263362502 I got this call yesterday at W W am and also got called out of it on your Th of September at 9 W am on the same phone I did t Choose up either time

Post by Peg Se,

226-336-2502 Along with rogers. . . got a called 1 Minimum Past. WT.

Post by Jenny,

2263362502 Missed a telephone from this Amount at W PM. They left no message. I 'm out of London and on the bell network.

Post by HV,

226-336-2502 They call me twice last month and once again the month. It s Additionally a recorded message saying that I have won a trip. The worse is when I m rooming and 've for pay the rooming Cost. If You're in Canada please file a Criticism at the CR TC or That Canadian Anti Fraud Center.

Post by Fay,

2263362502 I 'm with Kiddo within Nova Scotch. Same as everyone else.

Post by Cooper,

226-336-2502 2 W pm September W Cambridge Ontario along with Tel people did t reply no express send.

Post by Dave,

2263362502 That don't phone list is of no use if your your phone originates from outside Canada. Most of these calls come out of Someplace else these days

Post by sonam,

226-336-2502 i Merely acquired a miss phone from this no. . no voice send. . out of Toronto

Post by BB,

2263362502 Along with Rogers. I live within Calgary. Obtained a call on my Rogers cell IPhone at W hrs. I did t pick Upwards. No message left.

Post by TheMartian,

226-336-2502 It tells me its some survey but that don t create feeling since they don t add there com pay name or go ogling your number simply shows 3 resources wonder what it is or what we all have in common that brought us to getting the same Amount and only 3 listings within Google when search it that s creepy within a Information superhighway WHO are u

Post by steve,

2263362502 got a phone at 9 W. no message. i m in Vancouver with rogers. do i block such calls.

Post by Steve,

226-336-2502 Just got a telephone from the number. Never answered it. In Newfoundland on Bell Freedom.

Post by Bowl,

2263362502 Saw your and decline the call. . did a Google and located his train of thought. Added this number as Spam contact with Last name Don t Pickup.

Post by Kilcrop,

226-336-2502 On Tel people close Quebec city Automated message state theta I won a cruise to that Bahamas. . . . Hang Upwards there.

Post by Just me,

2263362502 They called me on my cell. I m along with Rogers. I did t reply. They did t leave a message. Gotten your call at 2 W pm.

Post by Xav,

226-336-2502 Missed call no message. In Que Beck City

Post by JB,

2263362502 I also acquired a call at W W PM no message. I m out of Quebec Quebec .

Post by CRTC does not care,

226-336-2502 It is not their mandate for shield the Seclusion. The CR TC can only get involved if Rogers Bell or Tel people were somehow losing money on the. They're out for shield Large Firms not regular Individuals.

Post by flee,

2263362502 Phone from W W W. Did t answer. Did t leave a message. Appears enjoy a telemarketer. I m along with Rogers Calgary.

Post by Ann,

226-336-2502 I am along with Rogers. . . . Merely got a call out of this Amount . . . . did not answer no message left.

Post by Heather,

2263362502 Got a telephone on a Saturday Morning. No message left. I 'm with Virgin Cellular telephone.

Post by Oakville Dan,

226-336-2502 Called my cell and Congrats. I won a cruise for that Bahamas. I Put up. I am with Tel us.

Post by Sean,

2263362502 Just got the telephone Tel people customer did not response I'm on the do not telephone list

Post by Albertan,

226-336-2502 Along with Rogers within Calgary Only obtained that call did not Choose Upwards and no message left.

Post by Sandy,

2263362502 Simply got the too. No vim. I m on WIND.

Post by Leah,

226-336-2502 Simply obtained the phone answered it no response Afterward my Telephone locked again. I m st. john s Newfoundland with bell

Post by mee,

2263362502 Hello call me each single my cell

Post by JERR,

226-336-2502 TORONTO W ROGERS W W

Post by stan,

2263362502 cheating.

Post by Cow-Boy.co,

226-336-2502 no message left

Post by Joanne,

2263362502 I 'm on Rogers missed a telephone from the number no message left

Post by Al,

226-336-2502 Needless for state that s a scam. May}n' desire for notify your local federal Authorities office Around this and if they actually DID use the name Income Canada then they Actually are clueless as that name Hans t been used for years .

Post by belmontTO,

2263362502 Merely missed a telephone out of the number. Toronto Rogers did t leave a message

Post by pete,

226-336-2502 got a telephone within Montreal i don't reply any more my especially from long space callers Gloomy it Arrived to scams

Post by Chico,

2263362502 Now that I understand its a telemarketer Only added this Amount the black list for my telephone control App. Won t become bothered by them anymore. Tidy small Program once added to the black list if they phone again the app Select Upwards that phone and Afterward hangs Upwards could t leave a message.

Post by John,

226-336-2502 Got a call kind the Amount on Saturday September W W at W W A. M. No message was left. That telephone Perhaps was a telemarketer.

Post by Mona,

2263362502 got that call to my acreage line rogers and later on my cell bell . sat morning 9 W

Post by ZN,

226-336-2502 Beware. If you phone back and Face 9 you ll end Upward inside their active Readers database. I learned your hard manner.

Post by pissed,

2263362502 9 W BC int erupted at work. ignored call. cheers for the Information.

Post by kj,

226-336-2502 got a phone just now did t reply. left no message. i m with Tel us within Kitchener Waterloo.

Post by Mel_well,

2263362502 Same for me. W W October W W

Post by BGF,

226-336-2502 I got that same Amount ringing me Now at 4 W on Dodo

Post by Annoyed,

2263362502 Rec d telephone at 9 W. Did not answer. They did leave a message. . . Yep i won another cruise. Go figure. So annoying.

Post by Jennifer,

226-336-2502 I just acquired a phone from 1 W W W they called me twice at Am today. No voice mail. I m along with Rogers in Toronto.

Post by joe canoe,

2263362502 did t answer. don t understand anyone out of Region code W Windsor Cambridge London ONTARIO . cellphone is with ROGERS within western Canada.

Post by Steph,

226-336-2502 I continuously get calls out of this Amount I never Choose up and they never leave a message. Ensure it is Quit. Rogers Telephone within Toronto

Post by gemstone,

2263362502 Call on cell. Tel people. Bailiwick BC 9 W A. M. Sunday. No message. Had I been Residence I would not have replied. Get at least 2 3 calls like the a day. Would supply anything for know how they got my cell . Does the server sell these Amounts. .

Post by Debbie,

226-336-2502 Got this phone today at H p. m. within Que Beck on my cell . .

Post by Ben,

2263362502 I Merely gotten this phone overly. No message left.

Post by Franny,

226-336-2502 Did t pick Upwards a call out of 1 W W W rogers cell

Post by Gatineau,

2263362502 I am with TEL People . Only got call on cell from the same Amount left no message. Annoying.

Post by Guest,

226-336-2502 spam

Post by what a pain in the neck,

2263362502 got a phone out of the number at 9 W this morning did not take that telephone Calculated out it was a telephone for me something. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . cell Telephone. . . . . your just Amount I supply out for contests only therefore they sell their lists for third Events. pain within the neck indeed . . . st Laurent Quebec recipient

Post by Misty McGregor,

226-336-2502 Got a phone out of the Amount I live within Mississauga and 'm with Rogers on my cell phone. Did not answer as I don t understand anyone in the Region code showing. No message left.

Post by Sparky,

2263362502 Got a telephone. Did t response. Along with Tel people within Toronto.

Post by Jackman Road,

226-336-2502 BTW I m with Bell and I m located in BC

Post by urbanite,

2263362502 September W 9 W ET Toronto w Rogers Congratulations. You've been Joined for get a free cruise for the Bahamas. Afterward I Installed up.

Post by judy,

226-336-2502 i just got a call out of the Frank Amount

Post by Dodo,

2263362502 Tel us. Same phone. W minutes ago Vancouver. Last time September 6. Before that August W. Appears to become a W day Period for calls I don t answer due to a blown eardrum out of a cruise ship horn within my ear on that Telephone.

Post by Nella,

226-336-2502 Simply got a telephone from the Amount on my cell Telephone. When I heard the automated message Around winning something I pressed 9 and got a message saying that my Amount would be permanently deleted. Hopefully it works because I 'm Ill of these calls.

Post by Pius,

2263362502 Received on my Fido W. W left no message

Post by Marc,

226-336-2502 Merely gotten this call within Toronto no message

Post by BC,

2263362502 Had 2 missed calls out of the Amount along with a minute apart. Did t even Notice my Telephone ring. Great that I missed them both.

Post by sarah,

226-336-2502 I got a telephone from this number at Am 5 'm and 'm dint understand who that is but its f annoying.

Post by thejuan,

2263362502 I gotten telephone Now. Did t reply. I m in NFL with Bell

Post by Sam Curtis,

226-336-2502 Merely got the phone on my handicapped daughter s cell Telephone. She does not leave our home the number is only so she can call me if she seizures and could t get to your house Telephone. That Amount plus mine plus your residential line have been on the DC list since W hrs that first day DC opened. What's your point of DC. . . . to pay someone s relative.

Post by DFB,

2263362502 Apple De Ce numb RI en Saskatchewan Ave Sask tel Jew n AI pas r Lake.

Post by Guest,

226-336-2502 won a cruise scam

Post by Wil,

2263362502 It s a telephone survey

Post by Maplelime,

226-336-2502 Its coming from a little country within west Africa called Barking Fa so be wary.

Post by Chase,

2263362502 I also received a phone at W W the morning no message. I m from Gateau Quebec .

Post by Sim,

226-336-2502 I m along with Fido in Quebec and I Simply telephone a lost telephone from that number overly the morning. It was only indicated Ontario on my phone with the Amount but who your hell would call you personally a SUNDAY MORNING. . . Don t answer anyway.

Post by Zena,

2263362502 I obtained at least 2 calls last month from this Amount on Seep W at 9 Am and Seep W at 4 PM. No message was left and no information comes Upwards viewing your number.

Post by Patrick,

226-336-2502 Called received at 9 'm on September. W. Did not reply never reply my calls on my work cell during your weekends. But would t reply anyway if I don't know the number. It's fairly clear to me that there s thus many telemarketing Businesses and fraud your there trying for use whatever tricks they can think of to Get people. Thus I now hardly reply my cell Telephone anymore except if I know who s calling. I 've a voice send thus those who have real emergencies usually leave me a message. . .

Post by Rebecca,

2263362502 Just got a call from the number I am out of Brampton ON. I did not Choose up

Post by Guest,

226-336-2502 congratulations. you vie won a trip for hangs Upwards

Post by Jimmy,

2263362502 Congratulation. . You have been Picked to Triumph a cruise to the Bahamas. . . said that Registered express. Needless for state that I Put Upward.

Post by Sug,

226-336-2502 Toronto with Virgin got the telephone Did t response.

Post by Jessica,

2263362502 Called a couple of hours ago. Did t pick Upwards. no message. I m along with bell

Post by Vincent,

226-336-2502 I obtained a phone few minutes ago i m with Fido rogers

Post by yyz,

2263362502 says i won something not confident if its a Nuisance telephone or a few kind of a scam

Post by joseph Bolton,

226-336-2502 8 W am on a Sunday morning. Who does that.

Post by Delete,

2263362502 Please Remove Amount out of list

Post by Hank01,

226-336-2502 I got the telephone at 9 W 'm this morning in Vancouver BC but missed it. They left no message. But I believe this can be a fraudulent telemarketing Amount. Don t reply it and never provide any info whatsoever over that Telephone to anyone.

Post by debbie,

2263362502 I Merely got a phone out of the Amount is Magic Bay Ontario on my cell Telephone at 9 AM

Post by Tino,

226-336-2502 Tel people in Vancouver missed call no VIM

Post by Andrea,

2263362502 Just got a missed phone. No message. Actually drained of these scams.

Post by Barbara D,

226-336-2502 I m within Montreal. Only obtained a phone on my Virgin cell phone. Enjoy Annie I just answer calls from Understood Associates. No message left obviously . Glad I located the page. .

Post by Lanna,

2263362502 Got a telephone out of 1 W W W at W W am on a Sunday morning during Church. Yes folks they ll even affect you personally on your weekends amp at insane hours. . . . I m confident you personally all understand it s a scam. I simply wish I knew out of where they got my number. Until Subsequently I just Blow off any long space that I don t Understand. If its important they ll leave a message which these scampers don t do. Great Fortune.

Post by alo,

226-336-2502 should become Rogers. needs your own money

Post by George,

2263362502 Simply got the telephone from W W W on my Rogers cell. I m in Ontario.

Post by Mo fo,

226-336-2502 I 'm on the don't call list. . . . what a Lot of BS

Post by Kiren,

2263362502 unidentified telephone from this Amount. No MSG left. I m in Vance BC

Post by RB,

226-336-2502 I m along with Bell Ali ant within NS as shortly as I answered they Put Upward.

Post by Ak,

2263362502 same matter occur for me today

Post by Ali,

226-336-2502 Rang once did t even give me a chance for pick Upwards. I m with TEL Us

Post by Chrissy,

2263362502 Merely got call at 2 PM Manitoba along with Rogers. Did not reply it cause I never response calls from Folks that I haven't given my phone Amount to

Post by megan,

226-336-2502 i got a phone out of the Amount several times

Post by Tak,

2263362502 1 W W W Had a missed phone and no message either Actually wonder who this really is

Post by Blah,

226-336-2502 Called Today at 5 W no message phone was on silent with Rogers in your gt

Post by RR,

2263362502 Same phone W hrs no express mail.

Post by Isabelle,

226-336-2502 H Jew veins d Avior UN Apple. Jew n AI pas r pond. Auxin message. Jew Sui's Ave Tel us Que Beck

Post by mongran,

2263362502 I received a call from the Amount at 9. W 'm. . . I did not replied and no message was left.

Post by Aaron,

226-336-2502 I Only got the call October W at W W hrs within Toronto. It is an automated telemarketing message Around winning a free cruise

Post by JR,

2263362502 Yep you personally Strike that nail on that head. W years Past I was a telemarketer. . . sorry guys had for pay your bills for a bit. . . but it was a short bit. and some handicapped Individuals would that job because it's that just job they can do and need to live . Nonetheless since I did it Matters have changed. . . they're somewhat more Aggressive thanks to computer applications now. . . now they use automated Advanced Switch ling systems Constructed on a mathematical algorithm. . . based on Place Requirements and Afterward a variable blend of numbers after that. Thus there s not a lot you can do Around those computer math Thoughts. Get a sheet of paper write nine Amounts down and record each time as nicely as how many times you can switch them Approximately. That s Essentially what they can. The Additionally explains exactly why any Folks that can request become Set on a DMD list a few actually do it your local organizations in your sensibly immediate area Usually can Place you personally on a DMD list. . . but People companies likely don t . . . but they still end Upward using the other computer info. . which eventually Works into your Amount again. . . and you eventually run across them again. Mitigating this really is being done by people all and these are that very best matters for can for now go ogling the Amount. . . as I Simply did . Finding Outside who it's. . . as I Merely did. Not answering without checking account your number first as I Only. . . . did not. They got me at a active moment in Alberta twenty minutes ago. . . sigh. . . .

Post by M,

226-336-2502 Merely received a telephone from the . In Toronto w Virgin Cellular telephone.

Post by keebles,

2263362502 Rogers and cell phone Providers aren't giving Outside numbers to telemarketers. that people that are doing the 've a machine or program that randomly Provides Amounts and calls them most times with no person on another end. when your Individual or Business gets told to Cease doing the they Only get a fresh number and keep doing that same matter. its a vicious and horrifying cycle that we could not Actually control

Post by klk78,

226-336-2502 got a call from W W W . . . . didn't response they didn't leave MSG. . . i m along with Rogers.

Post by TM,

2263362502 Called me X this day . . . . did not response and they left no message

Post by Greg,

226-336-2502 Got a missed telephone out of the number as well. Am with Bell

Post by Guest,

2263362502 confirmed Ontario spam

Post by Anonymous,

226-336-2502 Replied and it was a record saying I won a. . . I Installed up before it finished.

Post by Shawn,

2263362502 Along with Bell Ottawa Did t answer

Post by V,

226-336-2502 I got a telephone. I live in Vancouver B. C. and my provider is Tel us. Simply another Amount for add for your long list of cell phone telemarketers.

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Recent comment

5806094490 Complains by Anonymous,

Cool sales phone.

9097964592 Complains by Guest,

Wells Fargo. Calls each daytime Upwards for 5 6 times.

4094348447 Complains by Tiger, Ventura County, CA.,,

The caller, THE SCHWARTZ GR ( displayed as ID on our phone, called us @  09:24, 05.15,2014. I opted  not to answered  on the spot, so actual call will not get  credit or payment from employer..When I returned the caller hiding my number. it was a fax number.Caller THE SCHWARTZ GR ( Group.? ).

8035267616 Complains by ...,

who Actually Offers a Around a debt collector. . . who has the time to be a member to the anyways. . . Stupid . . you personally all honestly sit here and talk Around a People Occupation get a life. . . . .

8323424162 Complains by Guest,

Joke caller

8559673354 Complains by Guest,

relentless calls for home and cell and no message ever left. several per daytime and I refuse for reply to legitimize phone . computer created Maybe. . I am on a do not telephone list. thus much for Value anymore. . .

9032182021 Complains by Guest,

This is a company claiming to 've manners of helping you further your Schooling or your own career.

6044317271 Complains by Guest,

The marketing company won t stop calling

8002420941 Complains by John,

Caller claims for become from State of Ky Economical development team. Definitely they're not. They desire Sessions for show up and sale something. I 've reported them for your Ky Attorney Generals office for fraud

8002466134 Complains by jim,

This is a scam attempt.  If you call that number they will make some claim that you are responsible for an alleged debt,  or check fraud or something stupid,  and threaten you with arrest,  probably jail time,  all to scare the crap out of you and set you up for the scam.   Then they will make a Godfather type offer to settle this without going to court by simply paying them xxxx amount of dollars.   This scam is really getting old and long in the tooth.  It usually comes out of India but there are Toads here in the US that use it also.

8002663742 Complains by stang,

it s America

8002608808 Complains by tristan hudson,

I was wondering who this Amount is

8002437616 Complains by bryce,

called Seeking me to subscribe to a magazine i said no located out After they Joined a Membership for me anyway and are now delivering bills threatening for kill my credit Status. total scam

8002225555 Complains by Guest,

I ll phone you personally appropriate back

8002762163 Complains by Anoynmous,

My boyfriend was Virtually scammed some money from this thus called third Bash through Apple company. It all started when his phone Quit working and a message popped up saying Help Along with My Laptop LC and a number 1 W W W was Supplied so that it would be removed. They said they were going for charge him W. W or W. W I don t remember the amount and they needed his data. Luckily he cancelled his credit card before it was too late. I would advocate taking your Telephone to an Apple Shop and Visiting along with a Consultant Around ways for shield your Telephone and information. PLEASE Do not Response OR Respond. . . . . They're SCAMPERS AND FRAUDS who Should to be ASHAMED of themselves.

8002737406 Complains by jude,

time Warner cable. told them only want Web but that always phone and try and get me Improve service.

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