2282061123 / 228-206-1123

Telephone information: Level 3 Communications. Gulfport, MS. Harrison. United states
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Post by Mudd,

2282061123 First of a Distinct number Directed} a Bobbie pic to my bf. Asked him exactly why he was depressed and knew about his Father that died. He couldn't get a reply on who it was. Afterward After i get a text out of The number saying why 'm i messing up my relationship along with him and i dint deserve him that she would take attention of him. Lets Only state your response i wrote back made me a bit more of a psycho King than what this person appears for become because i ha vent heard a Result back since. LOLA Your simply manner this Man could have Understood anything is through our Facebook. Even though my Amount isn't listed i still dint understand how they got to me.

Post by Guest,

228-206-1123 Insane Stalker. . . . .

Post by no worries,

2282061123 I overly gotten numerous texts from the Amount today. I looked Upwards the Amount and it was from Mississippi. SINCE i do not know anyone in Mississippi i figured it must be someone that I understand who has my cell . I replied along with Oh you are overly humorous. . . . That Individual text me back huh. . Even though I still did t know who was testing me I text them back You are so funny but I got your own Amount and I did your same prank for you last year Lola. . . . Bahama. That's when my evil sister n law called me from her phone laughing. So don t be scared by these calls it s just a mean Joke by someone you understand or wish you personally never knew.

Post by Stupid People,

228-206-1123 I also got two very terrible text messages out of this number. Of course I didn't response but people are Dumb.

Post by peed off,

2282061123 If you reply for that texts you will be Priced as I vie just located Outside. Blow off these messages and hopefully the Gloomy would will get bored.

Post by Don't Worry,

228-206-1123 This can be either a nut or SPAM I called my cellphone Provider and they blocked the number for me this person Doesn't know you don t Stress it s Merely random texts a lot of Folks 've been harassed unfortunately

Post by nobody,

2282061123 I got u

Post by noway,

228-206-1123 The Designer is geek and if you contact them they will reveal the info you personally want. No questions asked

Post by Guest,

2282061123 Quit calling with sex ads

Post by lozz,

228-206-1123 PS I'm from your UK

Post by Tiffany,

2282061123 It was very helpful hopefully it works

Post by Guest,

228-206-1123 Its an App. Anyone can use this on their phone for change your number on your Owner ID this number shows up instead of their Authentic Amount. More Afterward likely it's someone you personally understand calling you and transforming that Amount so you personally don t know its them.

Post by alw,

2282061123 My Buddy Simply gotten a text out of this number and we 're in California saying presuming of u terrible Currently when Inquired who it was they said nobody particular i Merely cant shake you personally out of my head sorry to annoyance you personally. i was going for state many more stuff but prob an awful idea again sorry. WT. . . This is Very freaking creepy.

Post by Me,

228-206-1123 The Amount revealed Upwards as a text message. Please see the Discussion that followed W W W The antelope cries at midnight. The muskrat has stolen his nickel. . . Me Hey Lover Occupation who are you personally and how did you personally get my number. W W W They phone me Mr. Senator. Me Okay Senator Lover Occupation how did you personally get my number. End of dialogue.

Post by Wut,

2282061123 I obtained Sims out of this Amount saying Desire to hook up when could we. . . . . Duck

Post by Guest,

228-206-1123 Threatening text messages

Post by Guest,

2282061123 Unsolicited texts

Post by YICNIS,

228-206-1123 My Partner received a message out of the number saying have a great remain A while we were out of town after all I vie heard Around your number I 'm Thinking exactly why anyone hasn't Found this Individual. If anyone does 've Information on this person I would love to understand.

Post by PX,

2282061123 I 've had a run within with this number and I have located Outside that this is a number that's put out by an Program on intelligent phones. That person that's Assessment is likely a Man that knows you personally. Of path your Amount can not be traced and you are able to t phone it.

Post by weirded out,

228-206-1123 this Man knew my name. freaky

Post by Guest,

2282061123 If the Amount is from service the phone Firm s Cops need for either remove your Amount from use or bust your PPS that s using it

Post by concerned,

228-206-1123 Assess on grisliest for Gulf port MS. . . . . . . . she s there.

Post by Guest,

2282061123 Merely text me today

Post by Kayla,

228-206-1123 The Amount text Edward me asking if I Needed for would many side work for W to provide him a merry Christmas Additionally brand new my Namath

Post by PX,

2282061123 I 've had a run within with this number and I 've found Outside that this is a Amount that's Place out by an Program on smart phones. That Individual that is Assessment is likely a person that knows you. Of path that number can not become traced and you can t phone it.

Post by olivia brandy ruiz nava,

228-206-1123 I Merely saw the answer blaming myself and my boyfriend Anastasia achievers for these texts. neither of people would would something so childish. we have been having Difficulties with my bf s ex Flynn Aloha and Shevat's been making fake g Acts abed sending us messages. she is nuts and i am sure she has something to would with this

Post by Don't Worry,

2282061123 Hello I live in Canada too and the number was harassing me too Only Discount it it s crap

Post by Mrs.Babykitty,

228-206-1123 i idea that i got the text from many girl i have been fighting along with but used Talked and located out it was some arbitrary Individual i 'm in shock that this is happening

Post by L,

2282061123 The Amount is out of free Assessment I'm assuming BC i got a text n she said her name was Droned Wong people. state in off the wall Things. . n i attempted phone inside it n it state in its not in service. . so it could possibly of been her everyone jut say within. .

Post by freaked out,

228-206-1123 i Only got a text MSG from this . . . saying. . you better watch your own man. . . you've no Thought. And then a fresh girl friend of mine Merely got a text from the same saying. . . tell your own fresh bf for watch her back. this has me freaked Outside. how did they get my and my fresh Buddies

Post by rough rough,

2282061123 You personally re Dumb. There s no such matter.

Post by Guest,

228-206-1123 They text me with threats what can i would.

Post by Guest,

2282061123 wished me a happy fresh year by name. Bizarre.

Post by Jessica Yocum,

228-206-1123 Where does the number come from

Post by Miguel Leon,

2282061123 This can be a Newsgroup for individuals who get unknown spam scam calls. This Web site could t block any number from calling you you may 've for block that Amount yourself or telephone your own Telephone service Company for do the for you.

Post by CC,

228-206-1123 I was text from the Amount last night who ever it was would not say who they were. . . . The person brand new my personal business and Subsequently created an E-mail and started emailing me and my ex acting as me. . . . Very peculiar and a bit scary

Post by WTH,

2282061123 I recently broke up along with my boyfriend and today I obtained 2 messages out of the number. I see you finally Sent him away and after I replied who is the and do you know you personally talking Around. I got this reply It don t issue is he available now . No further texts after that. I m Very sure it s a bright phone Program and it was really him who was sending me messages for check Upward on me because none of my family or Buddies had Understood Around our break Upwards at that point.

Post by Arsenio Hamilton,

228-206-1123 Somebody using this number Harassing me and my family could you block them out of using Distinct accounts for Quit Assessment me and my family. I m about to get the police involved.

Post by kerry,

2282061123 Wow cheers I Only Additionally got some text es so I go ogled that Amount and read these that min I typed within stop it send me a text saying u r now blocked from receiving anymore text es from this Amount. Thank u. . .

Post by Stephanie,

228-206-1123 This person called me cute and he said he went to my school it freaked me out

Post by HB,

2282061123 I acquired a threatening text from this Amount. . They mentioned family members and knew names.

Post by yesplease,

228-206-1123 Not interested within a Prize but your applications developer is geek. If you email them get can tell you personally where the text came out of.

Post by Guest,

2282061123 unknown person

Post by Guest,

228-206-1123 the Amount no longer works.

Post by PX,

2282061123 I 've had a run in along with the Amount and I 've found Outside this is a number that is put out by an application on bright Telephones. That Individual that's testing is likely a Individual that knows you personally. Of course the number could not be traced and you are able to t phone it.

Post by Mare,

228-206-1123 Thus Strange they posted ugly Things to me and I don t understand who that is but I did not answer they said. . . W Hey I Merely Malicious you personally on Facebook. Cause all you personally places are pathetic post. You've so Substantially drama. That See grist recognition don t care. They feel sorry for you personally. Keep posting for Concern. You re a head There s other Publicity obs in your world. we don t provide a Attack your pitiful Crisis. You personally create it cause you personally re determined.

Post by Guest,

2282061123 Obtained three text messages creepy and reported to police

Post by douglas reed,

228-206-1123 I to 've had text messages from this Amount but they must know me as they knew I was going for America and when I was back

Post by Miguel Leon,

2282061123 This really is a Newsgroup for individuals who receive unknown spam scam calls. This website can t block any Amount out of calling you you will 've to block your number yourself or phone your own phone service Supplier for can this for you.

Post by Jake J,

228-206-1123 Both me and my Partner got Connected texts within minutes. . . mine saying something along your lines of. . . she is Uniroyal. . . lying for me. . . shes talking about it on twitter and such Truly giving her twitter name. . . and hers said something enjoy. . . you dint deserve him. . . Leave lying him. . . its not Good to him. . . and i went for Facebook and the posts were there. . . but were posted over two years ago. . . before we Began Relationship. . . and she had NEVER posted anything on it

Post by Guest,

2282061123 this Amount is no More work .

Post by Tiffany,

228-206-1123 I keep getting texts from someone asserting for understand me. I don t understand them and I understand they re phishing for something. I have an idea of who it is and her name is Rebekah Lewis she Resided in phoenix.

Post by Guest,

2282061123 is using his number for allow Individuals for call my W year previous Girl and leave text

Post by TheDarkNight,

228-206-1123 Yeah. I got your Your girlfriend is cheating Message and That KNEW MY EX GIRLFRIENDS NAME.

Post by m,

2282061123 Had a MSG saying cheers my profile and photo has been Directed} on boys are black and gay I ll become getting lots interested shortly wt

Post by not amused,

228-206-1123 Clearly out of reading a few of these places there must be a Web site for Folks that do not 've a life. This really is your second text within two days just one out of another phone number Recently that was Only as Raw and personal. I tried becoming the name on this number but did not need to pay for it. I 'm Unhappy that we have been personally attacked. I would love the site Chosen down as nicely as all of the others that feed into someone s negativity.

Post by yesplease,

2282061123 Not interested within a Prize but your applications developer is geek. If you email them get will tell you personally where your text came from.

Post by me too,

228-206-1123 yeah. . . . same matter. must be Pleasant having no conscience. but karma's a b Ch and is Merely around the Place. Hell figure out your own Merely a cheap WHO re sooner or After. What.

Post by Guest,

2282061123 It s an Program number

Post by Raydeann,

228-206-1123 Businesses Encouraging these Spoof Applications need to examine your harm they re causing. My situation is not a mere Nuisance but a serious situation. Out of hacking into my Facebook account my ex husband impersonated me and posted pictures of his Partner along with lewd captions. She pressed Costs had me arrested and now has a restraining purchase against me. With the Owner ID Impostor App he has been making annoying hang up calls to her cell AND to W operators who assume that they re from me. Law Administration paid me a See Now and I was Released a court look Admission for purportedly violating an Order of Protection and tampering with an crisis Mail center. Furthermore my twenty five year old son Approved away unexpectedly six months ago. I am receiving taunting texts from his old Telephone number as if he were still alive. You personally Compose don t Stress. That s all I can perform Currently along with criminal charges pending upcoming court appearances harassment beyond my control and wondering what will occur for me next. I could t even properly grieve your loss of my kid. Local ability s simply Guidance was to Alter my Amount. So for that fourth time the year I did. . . only to hold my breath until my ex husband gets a hold of it again.

Post by perve?,

2282061123 I got a text at 'm saying Hello Hot miss me. IMHO no . . dint understand anyone in Mississippi. this really is obviously someone eff in with Folks Afterward when trying for call your number it s saying the number is not within service. . hmm how can that be Only pain creepy no reply for my who s the. text though

Post by VNSx,

228-206-1123 i just got a text out of same Amount it read as followed. . . . . . tell me were she is or Ailing hunt you personally when I'm done . . . MY Result WAS This. . . . Definitely u got me f Jed Upward homier. . u HUD prob create confident u got the rite Amount become for u start Cast threats around it cud b terrible for R Wellbeing . . besides Ur b Ch left LSAT night now Ur Parents here and I am to News for text Mk gotta VI mommy said hi Lola . . . . Individuals Discontinue GE Tn Scared AND STAND Upward FOR OURSELVES . . AFTER MY Answer I AI NT HERD A WORD From Illinois MISSISSIPPI.

Post by Guest,

2282061123 its a danger

Post by Jesse,

228-206-1123 W W W belongs to Anastasia Achievers and or Olivia Brandy Ruiz Naval

Post by Guest,

2282061123 sending creepy sex Linked text messages reported to police

Post by I was scared too!,

228-206-1123 Thus everything that has been SA d is Fully Authentic. I received a text at enjoy 'm saying my name and that I was being Viewed. It was super scary. Nicely I still kept getting many MSG thy threw me off for a few days and I decided to text Cease to see what would happen. Nicely sure enough when I did that instantly a MSG came back to me saying you might have text d Discontinue or unsubscribe for this Amount. You will no longer get MSG. this Amount has been blocked. I haven t heard anything within a few times out of anyone Around playing a joke. But k definitely would take that text was Warning no issue what.

Post by PX,

2282061123 I 've had a run within with the number and I 've located out this is a Amount which is Set out by an Program on bright phones. Your person that's Assessment is likely a Man that knows you. Of path that number can not be traced and you are able to t call it.

Post by YU,

228-206-1123 I Simply got a Mindless text from this that is probably some I no. They said it s an Program that hides Ur . It s all BS don t pay no mind

Post by Miller,

2282061123 WHO ever this Amount is I locate out its Program that has it an it has for be Simone who knows u or understand s your own Amount playing on your Telephone CZ how would they no all your own business. . . ignore the bull. . .

Post by pissed off,

228-206-1123 Amount has text me and it's quite Correct on what they desire to can to me and it's very discus ting.

Post by Jesse,

2282061123 W W W belongs for Anastasia Achievers and or Olivia Brandy Ruiz Naval

Post by peed off,

228-206-1123 I vie been becoming texts for a few weeks. I text Quit and heard nothing until tonight. Did t work for me what can I can now please.

Post by Mare,

2282061123 Thus Odd they posted horrible Items for me and I don t understand who this can be but I did not response they said. . . W Hello I Only Malicious you on Facebook. Cause all you posts are pathetic post. You have thus Considerably Crisis. That See grist popularity don t care. They feel sorry for you personally. Keep Publishing for sympathy. You personally re a head There s other Publicity obs in that world. we don t give a bout your own pathetic Episode. You create it cause you personally re desperate.

Post by Dodgeram46,

228-206-1123 Cheers for your tip I text Discontinue for the android app and it worked

Post by Miller,

2282061123 WHO ever the Amount is I look for Outside its Program that's it an it has to be Simone who knows u or understand s your own number playing on the Telephone CZ how would they no all your own business. . . ignore the bull. . .

Post by Drea,

228-206-1123 Lola the number text me saying that they ha vent seen me within awhile amp that i look cute amp they vie consistently had a beat on me Private Lt W . WT. I Merely Began school guy. . . .

Post by paula,

2282061123 I sent Discontinue that number and it sent me back I may no More receive texts out of the Amount. thank you for that Guidance

Post by VNSx,

228-206-1123 Offer reading threw all these posts I have made 2 conclusions both of which are fact . . ST is this really is an Program that u down load from Google play . . its meant for that lame Az Individuals that Go that earth without the proper tools BALLS or bravery for tell Simone else how they really feel. . we all have at least Individual within the live that tantrums the description. . . Thus simply u can figure Outside who is behind that masked message it just took me Min's to nail mine down . . my ND conclusion is that everyone who has took tube time for post here certainly has a few secrets and also someone else that knows a Outside gem so its not tough to damask the sender Only Place a Lila thought into it. . or for GTE few Fortunate ones its HST a friend plan a Stupid ass's joke on u CZ they 've nu thing better for can . . . . either way if its a board friend or a but hurt ex . . these Folks HUD b removed fro. Ur life's its Simply creepy . . . . I Say IF U Believe U GOT IT State IT Humor R Torso Then AND Cease HIDING BEHIND Ur CELL PHONE

Post by Collegegirl,

2282061123 This Amount sent me two texts back to back. This really is what they text. Hello Popular Mom what s up. . . . Name not even my name. Why Stadium t you testing me back infant. . . . . I Viewed the number up and all I can look for is telemarketing. Can a company get away with say things enjoy the. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by noway,

228-206-1123 Your Designer is geek and if you contact them they will divulge your information you desire. No questions asked

Post by VNSx,

2282061123 i Only got a text from same Amount it read as Used. . . . . . tell me were she is or ill hunt you when I'm done . . . MY Response WAS The. . . . Undoubtedly u got me f Jed Upwards homier. . u HUD prob create confident u got the rite Amount become for u start Cast threats Approximately it cud b poor for Ur Well-being . . Moreover Ur b Ch left LSAT night now R Parents here and I'm for buzz to text Mk gotta VI mommy said hi Lola . . . . People Discontinue GE Tennessee Scared AND STAND Upwards FOR OURSELVES . . AFTER MY Answer I AI NT HERD A WORD Out of Illinois MISSISSIPPI.

Post by WTF!!!!!,

228-206-1123 I gotten a text asking if i would display them around my school. MY SCHOOL. they knew my name and where i went for school. FREAKED

Post by lozz,

2282061123 i got a message saying should you maintain that house all alone i was Lay} at House all my myself kinda freaked me outed could it be.

Post by princess112,

228-206-1123 It s a set number out of among those Unknown Assessment applications

Post by Nichelle,

2282061123 Could u pals tell me your name of that app R Buddy is using

Post by Daniel Sloss,

228-206-1123 I know you personally cheated Question is would i tell her. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by G,

2282061123 Page 1 third post that should help you.

Post by me,

228-206-1123 need the number the Individual Really used. They're destroying my life with lies and got up situations.

Post by kathy Kinzer,

2282061123 cheers really doing right now The Program id great for your Individual who has a restraining order on them and not allowed to Telephone the Individual at all this app should be banded

Post by Guest,

228-206-1123 So leaned today that there surely is an app that can be paid for for disguise a Telephone. It Supplies you along with a number such as above. That person who uses it knows you thus they're saying things for you that would make feeling you vie shared Information or told somebody something Around you and their using it for mess with you

Post by bark bark,

2282061123 It s pleasure. Just text back.

Post by Grrr Grrr,

228-206-1123 What in your world will you personally become pressing Prices for. Stop being retarded. Merely text back and 've enjoyment along with it.

Post by fed up,

2282061123 I got two messages again today except the time they said my boyfriends name and told me I was manner away within who I thought it was. that ever day they spend Jointly he Around me. . USN t there anything that could be done Around the. I 've enough going on in my life I don t demand this crap overly. . I don t comprehend why anyone would desire for do this. . the just Information I get on the Amount is its from Mississippi gulped I 'm in Ohio thus exactly why your hell is the person harassing me. . I Supposed it was my x and his ff but ID. . whoever it's needs for get a life for Actual. . another thing I 've a fresh number and not to many Pol 've it i Merely need it to Cease. . . . please can this become stopped

Post by Sam,

228-206-1123 keep Assessment and won t stop

Post by what the,

2282061123 Both me and my sister got a text from the Amount. . they actually said my name within that text and said they Needed for have sex. What your heck

Post by aim,

228-206-1123 My Partner Approved away several years Past. Today I acquired a text out of this number asking if I knew who she was chatting along with. WT. Could someone can anything about these sick people.

Post by Thoroughly Freaked,

2282061123 The number text Edward me saying CATS BRO CATS. then I don t know why W then Ghost BUSTERS. Me Who is this. Them Could t state. . . . . but many call me mac burger or that ADD Individual Me Is this Claire. Them No but I 'm a Bad hero of that nighttime but simply after midnight on Wednesdays. Me That is definitely Claire. After researching the Amount and realizing it wan t my friend. Me Are you from Mississippi Perhaps Gulf port. They did not reply after this message at least not yet.

Post by Guest,

228-206-1123 I obtained a terrible text saying they power saw me last nighttime.

Post by Tony,

2282061123 The W W W. Is used to concealed the identity of the collar. . its Likely someone that you understand. My x is using this for Discuss for me by text because Cease returning her phone calls and text s because she got caught cheating she she dozen t understand that I know its her .

Post by Lil momma,

228-206-1123 I 've someone testing me from the number saying that I messed with that erroneous family and all the crap. They understand my name but won't tell me who they r. . . .

Post by wtf?,

2282061123 Got a text saying are you personally still irritated i said from what he said my fingers within your own Behind Opening Subsequently my name thus i said Na I am around it loser and they said Great Afterward. Tyler amid i ask who that fuck. is the anyway no answer

Post by cameron,

228-206-1123 Irk me too

Post by Floridian,

2282061123 I acquired a text from this number calling me a Hot white woman. That Man kept saying he wants to see my big white titties and asking if I Desired for see his c ck. . I m Shocked at this sort of behavior. And to think that some of you personally all have had him understand your personal Information. My Man is within the army and I would despise for this particular Man to send him a horrible message about me. There has for become a manner of Ending the Individual from Assessment anyone else.

Post by Really freaked out,

228-206-1123 Simply got a random message from this number. Mind you i understand no just one out of Mississippi where the Amount is Guessed to Come out of. Actually freaked out appropriate now. I dint supply my Amount out often. And Notably for out of someone outta state for where I've never been as an adult or even along with this Amount.

Post by Guest,

2282061123 Directed} Joke text

Post by Guest,

228-206-1123 I got a text from the Amount on the 1 4 W. Your person who text Edward me clearly knew who I was and used names of other people I know as nicely. What I m guessing is there is a manner for Individuals for use this Amount to Cover their real Amounts. Really ANNOYING.

Post by Tony,

2282061123 Yes I received cheeky text from the this Amount. W Thanks for the Guidance Tony.

Post by disgruntled in SC,

228-206-1123 I received a text from the Amount calling me names. I replied back that They had that incorrect Amount. Acquired another where they told me my name and my boyfriend s both spelled correctly. I don t know who these Individuals are or how they got my data but I don t like it.

Post by Raydeann,

2282061123 Companies Boosting these Spoof Programs demand for examine your harm they re causing. My situation isn't a Pure Prank but a serious Condition. From hacking into my Facebook account my ex Partner impersonated me and posted graphics of his Partner along with lewd captions. She pressed Fees had me arrested and now has a restraining purchase against me. Along with the Owner ID Impostor Program he was making annoying hang Upward calls for her cell AND to W operators who assume that they re from me. Law Administration paid me a visit today and I was Given a court look ticket for purportedly violating an Order of Protection and tampering having an emergency dispatch Facility. Furthermore my twenty five year previous son Approved away unexpectedly six months Past. I 'm receiving taunting texts from his old phone number as if he were still alive. You write don t Stress. That s all I may do Recently with Legal Fees pending upcoming court appearances harassment beyond my control and Thinking what can occur for me next. I could t even properly grieve the loss of my youngster. Local ability s simply Guidance was to Shift my Amount. Thus for the Next time the year I did. . . just for hold my Air until my ex Partner gets a hold of it again.

Post by cameron,

228-206-1123 Irk me too

Post by Guest,

2282061123 A Pal of mine Only got a text message from the Amount and saying not thus nice Items for her and she called and it said it's been from service

Post by rough rough,

228-206-1123 You re Mindless. There s no such thing.

Post by MC,

2282061123 Got a text from the last night. Merely hi nothing else. When I asked who it was I got no reply. I have a fresh number and a very limited Amount of Folks have it. I think I already know who it's based on reading that stuff on here. Miserable.

Post by Pete,

228-206-1123 I Simply got a text from the number saying I waited for you at that bar last nighttime but you personally never Arrived back. Your own loss because I Needed for go Dwelling with you

Post by Dodgeram46,

2282061123 Thanks for your hint I text Quit to your android app and it worked

Post by unnamed,

228-206-1123 Obtained a text on Aug W saying desire me for Slip over Subsequently on Measure W W gotten a text hey baby. . . . . I desire many. This can be disturbing for me. I don t understand who this can be but who ever needs to leave me alone. I don t know anyone in MS

Post by SB,

2282061123 The person text ed me having an phonetic approximation of my first name and knew that I frequented a bdrm Web site. I do not offer Outside my Amount. He refused to identify himself. He called from this Amount.

Post by misa,

228-206-1123 this number called and text ed me asking is I was Monica. And never said anything else. I 'm really nervous about the.

Post by ms,

2282061123 i got a text from the number that Individual stated they were coming within town and Needed to meet up of path i replied no they did t even state who they were or how they knew me Subsequently a couple of times After i get a text saying Remove all of your messages he knows about us I'm puzzled cause hell i dint even know the text er Lola but i did text Stop to that Amount and thus far it's worked

Post by Guest,

228-206-1123 Directed} a text saying they got my Amount from a friend of theirs knew Distinct retail Sites in my own Place especially that mall where I worked and asked of I was single and if I knew I was single for confident because he needed a date but wan t a creeper

Post by Anonymous,

2282061123 I Merely gotten a text out of this number and now i m freaking out big after reading all the Grievances. I don't have any hint who s the Man is. Seriously someone demand for but an Finish to this and report him her for the Power.

Post by Guest,

228-206-1123 Creep

Post by heartache,

2282061123 It's an Private Assessment Program. . . if you Compose back I am not sure whether or not your Individual receives it but it is definitely someone you personally know that desires to send u a message anonymously. . . I wish i didn't Compose back . . . I want unfair ignored it n pretended I did t get it. . . I only wrote back cause I i thought it was a legit Amount. . . Turned out for become a mean message from my evil ex fiances mom

Post by G,

228-206-1123 Page 1 third post that should help you personally.

Post by Nichelle,

2282061123 Could u pals tell me your name of the app Ur friend is using

Post by pmsl,

228-206-1123 I Simply got a text saying Hello. I responded back asking who this per sin was. They didn't Answer so I go ogled it and located the site. I laughed and told them that I knew it was a Scam number and to not text again. Thus they said Lola and then Directed} another text which really got me joke. I broke up having an ex 2 months Past and proceeded out of his Put. We were arguing in text and he Delivered a text saying fine great bye you wont hear from me again your remainder of your own will become at your mothers and amusing enough that is that exact text this number replied with. I look for it Unusual and funny at the same time. Oh nicely.

Post by Raydeann,

2282061123 Gotten a text Christmas Eve out of W You're loosing at your own own Match. . . . . Engineering today is abused by sociopaths when that law restricts them from doing things they believe they 've that right to would. Case in point An ex husband Used for an online credit card in my name using personal information without my knowledge. He intercepted youngster support checks and deposit them into his account using a Assess Reading machine your bank loaned him. Yahoo allowed him to open numerous Records using a Distinct alias every time thus he could continue for E-mail me. Recently he opened a Facebook account under my name using my likeness and Pictures impersonating me and has also been forwarding false texts to friends pretending to be me. Because I vie blocked him out of calling my cell he has learned via your Web the best way to send threats through E-mail W protected and Owner ID Faker Program for Face my number but 've it Look as a family member is Attempting to reach me thus Obviously I answer. If it wan t for my ex s notorious poor spelling I would never 've Understood it was him. I was able to Demonstrate he was behind that credit card because he misspelled my maiden name on the application. He was arrested for forgery when he did t use my Mid initial for indication a Assess. And fortunately my friends and family know I have impeccable spelling and Consequently ignore incoming texts along with improper English. Thus when I received the text You are loosing at your own game. . . . I Presumed it was from the scorned idiot in Wishes to an upcoming youngster support court date. As I read that aforementioned comments out of other Individuals a few of them state your messages were of private connotations and Comprised History information. Also along with that just one I gotten your word losing is misspelled a not alive giveaway pointing for my ex Partner. Is it possible people who know people are your culprits sending these texts but using modern Engineering for disguise themselves.

Post by nobody,

228-206-1123 I got u

Post by Guest,

2282061123 text me saying its a person i understand but when i called your Agent said the number USN t within service Lola people need to get a life

Post by anon.,

228-206-1123 Only acquired a text from this Amount Today. Its an anonymous number out of a Assessment Program.

Post by too much,

2282061123 insulting and frightful messages from this Amount i dint have any idea who is but this can be Bad cause they are mention my kids.

Post by Carl,

228-206-1123 Did you personally Know your own misses was sleeping with someone else has been for about 8 months now and its me your just not giving her what I can mate

Post by Blessed,

2282061123 Got a Amount out of the text talking about they 've a crush on me and all the absurdity. But what Problems me the is this Man knows where I work. Made Remark we work for your same agency and stated your type of agency I work for. Thus how would they understand this info.

Post by Kero,

228-206-1123 This Amount has been Assessment me all week saying they miss me and they knew my first name every tine I ask who it is they Quit texturing back

Post by DR,

2282061123 Received a text message asking if I Needed my c ck sucked. Don't have any Notion who this Man is.

Post by Guest,

228-206-1123 the person text me at 3 W am saying that she desires me for finger her and that she sits next to me within math. their is a girl that sits next to me in mathematics but i need for be sure she was that just one Assessment me. i askew her for her Amount and her Amount was different thus i asked if i could Assess her Telephone for something she said confident so i went to your phone and Set that Man who text Edward me number in the search and nothing Arrived Upward so i came your Ti's Web site to find Outside WHO's testing me and I am Simply so confused and kinda freaked out please help

Post by Guest,

2282061123 Stalker for real. . .

Post by Concerned,

228-206-1123 The person has text ed me for that last times . . . I think this is a sick Person and if its a Nuisance the sh USN t amusing. . . but a Great life and think this individual needs for get just one. . . . in other get a companion but I presume they're solitary so brother other people. . . . Ill. . . . f

Post by N,

2282061123 I gotten a harassing text message from this number in Spanish.

Post by WhhoopTdoo,

228-206-1123 My boyfriend and I both gotten text messages out of the Amount. Telling him that they need to Talk with me. And Subsequently I acquired in the same Amount a message asking for create a buy for W

Post by Adrian,

2282061123 The Individual text me I was cheating on my Man when I m not. It s terrible and creepy. Striving to figure out who did the.

Post by Sawyer,

228-206-1123 Yeah just got a text out of this number an hour Past saying hey infant

Post by Dlight,

2282061123 Telling me I was a naughty boy and they knew my secrets. .

Post by ju,

228-206-1123 They knew my first name and called me a hoe . I believe this is an Program for send anonymous texts and the app uses your same number. Its someone you personally understand behind it all. I simply blocked that number.

Post by pierre,

2282061123 Individual become intelligent Eve time I get a Strange text I Google that Amount. And when I found Outside it was an app I along with them.

Post by Don't Worry,

228-206-1123 Hello I live in Canada overly and the Amount was harassing me overly Only ignore it it s crap

Post by Guest,

2282061123 left me a message on New Years saying quot 7 Upwards quot . . Directed} me a text last nighttime saying my name

Post by Grrr Grrr,

228-206-1123 What in that world can you personally become pressing Prices for. Discontinue being retarded. Only text back and 've enjoyment with it.

Post by jaimee,

2282061123 This Man text n said i need to remain away from their guy n Discontinue seeing him or they may call cps and immigration services on my Partner. I really notion it was my Pal x girlfriend n was really upset abut get harassing me.

Post by Mrs.Babykitty,

228-206-1123 i idea that i got this text from some girl i 've been fighting with but used Spoke and located Outside it was many random person i am in shock that this is happening

Post by Guest,

2282061123 They were playing on they phone talking Around a man

Post by Er,

228-206-1123 I have evidence and I can tell him everything. I have already sent it in the send. He may know really shortly. You can not Cease the truth. This really is what I gotten. It is ruining my family. And they called me.

Post by Guest,

2282061123 Started paging my Telephone as well. . . . . Uh Oh. . . Large mistake

Post by mreh,

228-206-1123 i got a text message out of the Amount on Friday September W W saying the daytime you personally Begin giving is that daytime you personally start living. i gotten another text message today Thursday September W W saying for your 1 that Adores and Offers the love him or lose him these text messages are excessively rel event. this can be some Trippe man

Post by Grrr Grrr,

2282061123 What in your world will you personally be pressing charges for. Discontinue being retarded. Merely text back and 've pleasure along with it.

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7732500860 Complains by Guest,

She said she was out of Corporate America and she Needed for create the Business pay back a loan we don t even have.

8185722258 Complains by 818-572-2258,

I gotten a phone out of a David Cooper stating he was along with that INCS and it had to can Along with a cash Progress out of People cash Advance and if I did t pay 5 W. W which I have not obtained he would shut me down. A cop would be here in 2 hours and they would have a warrant for my Charge for cash laundering Larceny and banking fraud. Never had a payday loan from them and would never deal with these Individuals. You are able to t recognize what they say. I 'm reporting them overtime they telephone.

3129055276 Complains by Guest,


8064444653 Complains by Guest,

Your own calls or texts are blocked and the Individual cannot get or see them.

8084491110 Complains by Juanita,

Military Agent W is what I heard when I called

8023399601 Complains by AW,

Thank you personally for your own message you personally send to me on my mobile Telephone on W W W time W W. But am wen ting on your reply. For your NOKIA Finish OF YEAR AWARD. my cellular telephone number W. country NIGERIA LAGOS.

8122979327 Complains by Guest,

Spam spam spam spam

2126164800 Complains by Guest,


8002186371 Complains by Linde,

wanted for understand who your Owner is

8002356247 Complains by Davi,

I Merely got a notice within that send about a 1 W W prize. I understand that is a scam but what I don t comprehend is exactly why that postal Experts permit something like to continue. There must a SH. . Weight of fraud passing Thur your post office.

8002086374 Complains by jn,

scam. they're phantom debt collectors.

8002136163 Complains by Marguerite,

We are getting no less than 7 calls each daytime out of the Amount. When you personally response you hear nothing. I am so fed up along with it. These people need to become stopped

8002263232 Complains by Hesher,

Yup. . . they say it s AT amp T and something Around logging within for State my W. Hello demand I say more. It s AT amp T. Rip away artists extraordinaire.

8002573162 Complains by LAMET,

Yes there's a lot you can would read my other post to Begin. Learn your own rights and deal along with it correctly

8002447729 Complains by Tom,

Acquired this text message. . . never heard of these guys. . . do I get them to Quit wasting my text message allotment. .

8002206350 Complains by Leslie,

Our office has obtained several messages from W W W around your previous several weeks asking within an electronic record for a Man who has never worked for us and whom we don't understand. The message consistently says if the Man isn't at the number to hang Upward or Remove your record. If you personally don't Remove the recording the message at that point the record goes on for say that listening to that rest of the message for this Peron constitutes Identification that this named Individual is receiving that message. Each time I simply deleted your message. Oh and these messages are Typically left on a Saturday or Sunday when your offices are shut. Today after receiving another message because of this Individual we don t understand I searched the Amount on line for no avail. Afterward I Only called back to your Amount on that caller ID. It s Bay Area Credit Service. I told the service Representative what was going on and without any more info the Amount or your name within their messages your Congressman said We re calling for W name withheld here for privacy . I said yes and she said she would remove the number from their lists. I hope it happens but if it dozen t I 've your Firm information and may file a Grievance Bay Place Credit Service W. Th Road Antioch CA W Phone W W W Fax W W W Good Fortune.

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