2282355959 / 228-235-5959

Telephone information: Eliska Wireless Ventures Subsidiary I. Biloxi, MS. Harrison. United states
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Post by Guest,

2282355959 said with universe health organization. name is max yet it was a pulled telephone quot my name is max quot sounded enjoy out of India. I told him be truthful. He started to Disagree with me. I Put Upward.

Post by Tom,

228-235-5959 Did t response they got for my voice send but said nothing. They won t phone back they re blocked now.

Post by ....,

2282355959 . . . .

Post by Roc,

228-235-5959 A few unexpected man and yelling within background with the Indian accent. Request for me by name but ever since W been becoming these scams calls. They must be stealing private medical Information. And no Colleen Obama Hans t anything to can with these phone scams. . . I 've my own medical through work . Your Only a Monk Viewer and most likely a racist and a tea baggier correct wing. Take your crap somewhere else.

Post by Guest,

2282355959 Not alive air

Post by Ticked,

228-235-5959 John Martin by having an Indian accent said he was with that Department of Health and Individual Services calling about compensation. Did not address me by name thus obviously did not understand who he was calling.

Post by Guest,

2282355959 unwanted seller can t Discuss English nicely whatsoever.

Post by Guest,

228-235-5959 an Earl English Rural language schmuck called to educate me that my blood thinner was being evaluated by the department of secure homelands. i respectfully Required he go outside for milk your elk. this really is that third such phone in one morning each from a different W W exchange.

Post by Guest,

2282355959 This person is calling my cell Telephone. How do O make these calls Quit without changing my number. That is not an Choice since I 've a prepaid cell phone.

Post by Guest,

228-235-5959 No 1 there. . . open atmosphere Subsequently hang up. Same time Day-to-day for around a week.

Post by Guest,

2282355959 Whoever that Guy was on the other line said they were Striving for offer me state medical service Absolute scam

Post by chill out,

228-235-5959 Bahama Mg

Post by Biff,

2282355959 Actually that president dozen t have anything for would with your calls you re getting. Substantially of that data on you is in fact within that hands of valid holders who sell that information for anyone who needs it. Unscrupulous Workers of Info significant industries Additionally get private information and sell it. There s a wide market for information. Within any event blame that callers don t attribute your president or any politician for what foreign scampers would. The callers are Generally in India or Pakistan and as such beyond that reach of Us law. Invest within a telephone blocker and please don t use this forum for partisan rants. CG

Post by Guest,


Post by Guest,

2282355959 same spam caller different number

Post by Guest,

228-235-5959 might attempt to steal your own private information they Work} enjoy a debt collector. don t offer them any info. my phone Business Directed} out a message warning not to offer any type of data. thus please become safe when replying calls from this number.

Post by Guest,

2282355959 Boost had sent message about fraud calls

Post by Guest,

228-235-5959 This Man has called me Practically each day for Practically a month. I can t understand him and I 've repeatedly told him not to phone me and have hung Upwards on him each single time. Quite irritating.

Post by anon12345,

2282355959 Medical Payment scam. . same Trash calls Distinct phone Amount. Clearly you understand what I am referring for if you are searching at this Website.

Post by Guest,

228-235-5959 Never leaves a message calls numerous times a day.

Post by Guest,

2282355959 They keep asking for someone who does not own this number. They refuse for identify who they are. And they have already called 3 times Now.

Post by Online tin foil salesman,

228-235-5959 Excellent. Business for Container foil is going for be brisk today. You personally Ma 'm I am Getting down for our Deluxe Chart Cap Set . That delusional get just that best. Includes a Black helicopter Refrigerator magnet amp free list of helpful Drugs. We thank you personally for your custom.

Post by Not1ofYouPeople,

2282355959 fornicating anal sphincter

Post by Guest,

228-235-5959 Harassment

Post by lela,

2282355959 Number called my husbands Telephone asking for me when my Partner asked who it was they Put up

Post by Guest,

228-235-5959 unsolicited call

Post by Guest,

2282355959 claimed to be a medical officer

Post by A pissed off Veteran!,

228-235-5959 Damn terrorists.

Post by Guest,

2282355959 FYI new scam running around. My mother received a telephone in the Florida State Property Compensation Now along with Owner ID of W W W. You personally could possibly desire for warn your Visitors.

Post by Guest,

228-235-5959 Says he is in the United State Security dept. . . calls daily if not weekly. . He first wants me for send him W. W for State W W. W. I vie told him many times no to telephone me Yet he continues

Post by Guest,

2282355959 Could t Discuss she should t phone me

Post by Obama-voter,

228-235-5959 Wow did they phone during your own stories or something. . . Ha ha I voted twice you ignorant Depressed backwoods little person. Appreciate what I did for you personally. . Xi

Post by Uhhhh,

2282355959 Soho. . . A couple matters. He could t be voted back within thus you personally ll Simply have for live along with it for a bit More. Next these Individuals will Take info regardless of who s president. If you Set your own Amount on your Net Only about anyone could get it. . . . . .

Post by Becky Foley,

228-235-5959 You're an idiot. If just those who voted for Obama acquired the call and You personally did not vote for him either time exactly why did you obtained that call. Telemarketing scampers get Amounts from many sources including those who did t vote for the President. I did t vote for him either and received the telephone so what s your own theory now Sherlock. . . .

Post by Guest,

2282355959 called and when my Telephone was answered Put Upward.

Post by Biff,

228-235-5959 You personally re a Dishrag and a bigot and an absolute embarrassment for that American Individuals. Nothing you just said is Accurate.

Post by BLACKY,

2282355959 Your own MESSAGE HAD NOTHING To Can Along with The Call Simply To PRACTICE RACISM AND POLITICS

Post by Biff,

228-235-5959 Actually the president dozen t have anything for do with your calls you re getting. Considerably of the info on you personally is within fact in the hands of valid holders who sell your information for anyone who wants it. Unscrupulous employees of Info substantial industries also get personal data and sell it. There s a wide market for information. In any Occasion blame that callers don t blame the president or any politician for what foreign scampers would. The callers are Typically in India or Pakistan so that as such beyond that reach of People law. Invest in a telephone blocker and please don t use the Newsgroup for partisan rants. CG

Post by Guest,

2282355959 Spammer

Post by Guest,

228-235-5959 Didn't leave a message

Post by Seriously?,

2282355959 Person just Close up. Go back for Viewing Fax News.

Post by Guest,

228-235-5959 This Individual keeps calling me and I don t like it

Post by Guest,

2282355959 The Individual does not Chat or seem for recognize Fundamental English and call me once each week for the past two months

Post by Guest,

228-235-5959 Another entry into ignoring Do not Telephone listings.

Post by Jessica,

2282355959 They claim for become from a Business called Medical Services Department and ask about a billion Distinct medical Methods and medications that they claim they 've a record that I 've used. That first time I said you personally must become mistaken and he said are you sure. Yes I entirely forgot about having Kidney Throw operation. I vie Inquired repeatedly for become removed out of their list and Generally get hung Upward within as shortly as I m confrontational. I blocked this Amount yesterday so I ll see if they attempt again out of a different number.

Post by Guest,

228-235-5959 Said he was Mary white from your state heath insurance

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6197778077 Complains by Guest,

Occupation opportunities. spam.

8137752116 Complains by Mike,

9 second calls which hang Upward when they hit express send. Your caller id says FLORIDA so presumably However another Holiday scam. . .

8135627860 Complains by Guest,


6475036792 Complains by Guest,

Phone your CRT. Another crook on the line.

9016902616 Complains by Junkfaxer Busted,

Here come the jink faxers to make fake posts while they violate the junk fax law.  In fact this is an identity theft ring if you get one of these junk faxes trying to sell you $99 trip, you can complain to the FCC.  But you can also just program you fax machine to send this crap back to the criminals themselves at the VOICE number they conventiently provide on the junk fax itself.Program the fax machine to keep retrying they will answer every time.

2676788808 Complains by Kiki,

Got a call from this number just a couple of minutes ago. They claimed that I had won a shopping spree. When I asked them how they got my number they hung up! They also had my name! I've been receiving funky phone calls for the past couple of days. How do I make it stop?

8136935228 Complains by Guest,

Did t answer

7342177725 Complains by Anon,

Called left no message

8181548795 Complains by M,

These callers call multiple times a day at times they may say they're Marketing a solar service. Don't pay Verizon to telephone block this Amount. The Verizon service can phone block your Amount the Verizon services states that the number is among the following not working a milt party service a privately owned company.

8181847857 Complains by Lisa,

I gotten a telephone out of this Amount today 8 W W at 3 PM PST out of an older Girl who asked if the Residence owners were House. When I said that they would become back in an hour she became really angry and said Lt you are quite rude for reply the Telephone along with Who s Calling. Your way too blunt of a Individual and quite rude. and then she Put up on me. All of the was very uncalled for Specially since I was very Pleasant and said Who s calling really nicely. There was nothing rude about how I answered your phone but even so a telemarketer calling a potential client should be really respectful to state the least. I will never buy anything out of anyone who calls out of the number or from the Specific telemarketing firm.

8003543217 Complains by me,

A lady called asking for Talk along with my Partner and because his name was on someone s contact list that we both did t know . I told her that we did t understand that someone but she insisted on my Partner for supply that message so i took that name and number down. She even spelled it for me Mrs. Morales and that same number but different EXT. . . . i Inquired what's this viewing and it sounded enjoy CUB. . . but really could not hear her . . And i Inquired what's that. She got Insane and said this is for my Man s name the not for you personally and Inquired me exactly why i asked thus many questions and hung Upward. . She was a Spanish Woman using an unknown number. Crazy and humorous. . .

8043221420 Complains by Guest,

They're a payday loan Set scam group

8002961428 Complains by Warren,

If you received a call from them please file a Grievance with your National Do not Call Registry. We need enough Gripes thus that the Registry can go after these Disadvantages.

8322000050 Complains by Ralph,

Political CRAP

8152090022 Complains by Erick,

Please Quit calling me it s annoying

8044804121 Complains by Garly-Poo,

I may think it s a political call since your election is tomorrow in Va. I am not answering either. wireless caller

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