2345425932 / 234-542-5932

Telephone information: Level 3 Communications. Akron, OH. Summit. United states
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Post by Guest,

2345425932 Credit card rate

Post by jetames,

234-542-5932 Hello this can be Ann. . . I immediately pressed 1 and after a few Bands your person answered I got boiler room Sound. I played along and was telling them that I could not hear them. Went back and forth for a Second or two and that Man hung Upwards. I have blocked their future calls. Enjoyment along with telemarketers Buy a phone blocking phone they're Great. BTW that Men 've had a active day.

Post by Guest,

2345425932 Ohio

Post by Guest,

234-542-5932 I have gotten no fewer than W calls from Credit Card Services out of as many area codes on my cell Telephone. I just block that area code. Hopeless for get your number removed out of their call list. I have said quot Yes I 'm interested quot and after listening to their spiel for a Second I state please remove me from your list and I 'm instantly Put Upward on Eve tame

Post by Same $#!T, Different Day,

2345425932 Card services Ada Ada Ada. . . . Press 1 to speak along with a live scumbag Press 3 to be removed out of the list more likely to have your own name added for the Mug list and sold for another scam firm. . . . blocked o notes Actually needs to add a scam spam Type because the Ian t just telemarketing they desire for steal your own ID

Post by Guest,

234-542-5932 Credit card scam

Post by DONNA Q,

2345425932 Tired of the calling me several times a daytime. Daytime after day. No one is ever there and when you personally try to call that Amount back it says it's that's been disconnected

Post by Sue,

234-542-5932 no 1 on line sounds like dead air

Post by Another Call,

2345425932 That FCC has briefly halted 7 Small unprofitable boiler rooms who will receive a slap on your Arm and be back at it in a few times. Within the meantime that calls will continue since they are making money with what is called a Cam Income sharing Software through Businesses enjoy HTTP Web. Phone management. internet and HTTP Internet. Galleria's. com Within their own words Each day your own Business makes thousands of outbound phone calls. Every among those calls generates Income for many Firms exactly why not yours. Our Camera Income sharing Application helps you personally create cash each time a Caller ID request is got by a Telephone Company. A high traffic phone Facility could lose hundreds to thousands of dollars a day to Telephone Providers by allowing them to charge for accessibility to your own own Info. You can now see exactly why that criminals keep calling even though they know you won t fall for their scam. They're making cash even if you personally don t reply that Telephone. If someone does create the error of replying the phone and Dropping for their scam Subsequently it's just Sugar on the cake for them. These Individuals are that lowest kind of filth on the World. What For Can When You Get an Illegal Bacall HTTP Web. FTC. gov BC Edward micro Websites Bacall's. Hang Up. Do not press 1 or any other Amounts to get off the list and NEVER telephone them back. Consider blocking your number or on a cell phone add it to some contact list and Determine NO ring tone. Report it at HTTP Web. FCC. gov complaint's. Report it at HTTP Www. . gov. People should Frequently file Grievances along with their Lawyer Generals office. Report any Legal activity for that FBI here HTTP Tricks. FBI. gov Register your own phone Amounts online at HTTP Web. dentally. gov or telephone W W W must telephone from you need removed . There is a Site Website that's information on one of these operations HTTP telemarketer spam. word press. com Please read your Site and report violations to the Right Experts. HTTP telemarketer spam. word press. com W W . . . licit recalls

Post by Guest,

234-542-5932 Rob telephone to lower attention rates for 4. 9 on credit card. Pressed 1 and when Individual came Dwelling Inquired for be removed. . . she disconnected the telephone. This can be their repeated behaviour. . . all excited for talk about reducing rate. . . Afterward when told we 're on a no call list and please remove us. . . they disconnect.

Post by Guest,


Post by Guest,

234-542-5932 Card services quacks enjoy a Goose appears like a duck card services is a SCAM SPAM.

Post by "Anthony H Slowitz",

2345425932 Your own appropriate. Brand new card services scampers would Sometimes Begin calling but after a round or two of wasting their time they too locate it s no use to phone my Amount.

Post by "Anthony H Slowitz",

234-542-5932 Your correct. New card services scampers would Sometimes start calling but after a round or two of wasting their time they too find it s no use to call my Amount.

Post by METOO,

2345425932 Called did t leave a message

Post by Guest,

234-542-5932 no just one there.

Post by Guest,

2345425932 spammer

Post by Hi, I'm Ann - any calls for ME?,

234-542-5932 . . . can nothing become done for stop the . . . No.

Post by Guest,

2345425932 When I Called It Said You've Achieved A DISCONNECTED Amount . . . SPAM Call Is From Ohio 2 W W

Post by Andy,

234-542-5932 Got a phone out of the Amount Replying machine Decided Upward the telephone they left no message and Installed Upwards. My caller ID showed VD .

Post by Professor,

2345425932 Four Bands no one on line Regular. I m on the Don't Phone list. That s as worthless as any Guarantee emanating from Washington D. C. The telemarketers and scampers keep calling.

Post by Nancy,

234-542-5932 Second call Now in the card services scampers and the Next telephone the week all out of Distinct numbers. They must be getting determined.

Post by Hi, I'm Ann - any calls for ME?,

2345425932 . . . could nothing become done for Discontinue the . . . No.

Post by angeleyes,

234-542-5932 I Closed it but I don t believe You'll get over W W signatures by March W. Not enough Folks know about the We Your Folks Website for make these petitions work.

Post by "Anthony H Slowitz",

2345425932 Your own right. New card services scampers do Sometimes start calling but after a round or two of wasting their time they overly look for it s no use to telephone my number.

Post by Your Congressman,

234-542-5932 That Don't Telephone list just works for legitimate telemarketing calls. That fact which you get these Kinds of calls should be a hint. Pester your legislator they could t deal along with more Significant things like the looming deficit anyway so you personally might as well provide em something that can inspire you for vote for them again.

Post by "Anthony H Slowitz",

2345425932 Your right. New card services scampers would occasionally Begin calling but after a round or two of wasting their time they too locate it s no use for phone my number.

Post by Hi, I'm Ann - any calls for ME?,

234-542-5932 Hector please post your social security Amount for all for see. . . . . . . Simply kidding

Post by Guest,

2345425932 Spam

Post by Guest,

234-542-5932 They don t say anything and hangup

Post by Guest,

2345425932 Credit Cards services

Post by Guest,

234-542-5932 A recorded message offering to lower your interest speed on your credit cards I Do not 've.

Post by angryGRAMMA,

2345425932 Bacall with credit card services doing a slightly different spiel but that same carp. I pressed 1 just to vent and many girl said Amount. I said I thought Rachel was not alive but. . . and hung up. Did a W to trace and W for get this Amount is no longer within service but the recording was Odd. I wonder if which is a record of the Telephone Firm s recording and they Only use it when Folks can into their Telephone line to discourage truth seekers. HM Millimeters.

Post by angeleyes,

234-542-5932 I signed it but I don t believe you will get over W W signatures by March W. Not enough people know about the We That People Website for create these petitions work.

Post by Deb,

2345425932 I got a phone out of this number and that caller ID name read FRAUDULENTLY. I did t even annoyance for answer. Seriously who inside their right mind would reply that.

Post by Hi, I'm Ann - any calls for ME?,

234-542-5932 Hector please post your social security Amount for all to see. . . . . . . just kidding

Post by Guest,

2345425932 Credit interest rate scam

Post by NwBerean,

234-542-5932 Only acquired a telephone out of these scampers. Did not answer as I Stay by my computer and checked on the Amount while it was ringing. . . Bingo. . . Scam Call. I really appreciate that data and detail from Another Phone who posted on 2 W We should all Duplicate the info and use it Generally. 've attempted complaining to that California. State AG s office along with no attention Revealed. Regularly whine for that DECRY Complaint Facility which in my opinion is nothing more than a black hole so you are able to exercise your frustrations . However cheers to AC there are a few other links I ll strive.

Post by Joe,

2345425932 Gotten phone at 9 W pm on Dwelling phone. Did not answer. No message was left. Checked the Website and Approved that it's a scam call as I suspected. 've set my phone with special ring for Pals doctors etc that I should response. Generally don t Run for phone if it rings Ordinary . Somewhat surprised they would telephone this late at nighttime but suppose they believe we may believe it important if it comes in this late. Caller ID says From Region

Post by Guest,

234-542-5932 Spam. . .

Post by Guest,

2345425932 credit card scam

Post by Guest,

234-542-5932 always request do not telephone and they hang up

Post by tanya,

2345425932 becoming calls from the number more than once a day.

Post by "Anthony H Slowitz",

234-542-5932 Merely another one of the spoofed Amounts used by your card services scampers. Google my name for learn how you can eliminate their annoying calls while also having many enjoyment.

Post by J Jarvis,

2345425932 Repeated calls to your cell Telephone which is registered on Do not Telephone registry. No caller ID and no just one Addresses when I response. Natural harassment to me.

Post by Guest,

234-542-5932 no answer

Post by Your Congressman,

2345425932 That Don't Phone list only works for valid telemarketing calls. Your fact which you get these Sorts of calls should become a clue. Pester your own legislator they could t Cope with more important matters like your looming deficit anyway so you might nicely give em something that may motivate you to vote for them again.

Post by Guest,

234-542-5932 another credit card spam

Post by Guest,

2345425932 Hang up

Post by Guest,

234-542-5932 card services spam

Post by jj,

2345425932 Can I block these calls. I am annoyed that these Folks have my number and are bothering me with these calls.

Post by gidget,

234-542-5932 called Amount back get Alternative to Put Amount on their Central don't phone list. my second request thus Seemingly they Only Selected for Discount and keep calling.

Post by Guest,

2345425932 Scam credit card

Post by Guest,

234-542-5932 Hang up

Post by annoyed,

2345425932 I say Hi amp no answer after i state Hi twice amp i sit softly Subsequently they hang up

Post by JP,

234-542-5932 Called Again. . . cheers for all the data. That is Around your Th number for these Scampers. They call ME or three times a day. It s annoying . They want your own credit card Amounts . . . they want your Id. . . . . Thanks for the advise.

Post by Hi, I'm Ann - any calls for ME?,

2345425932 All it takes is for a few clueless Folks for your scam for work and auto dialing sequential Telephone numbers using spoofed numbers is Economical for do. Your scam that refuses for perish. . . .

Post by Chunky-thee-cheese,

234-542-5932 That offer was for many brand name insurance. But Owner id indicated Cu st Offer . I have a few matters going on which could Connect to your customer service call so I decided to Select Upward. Since that telephone was not a customer service call it's a Promotion sales phone this calling company is being Fraudulent from your start valid Business or not when they act enjoy a scam trust is instantaneously lost. I simply respond with I am not interested at this time and block that phone number.

Post by Eric W.,

2345425932 I get anyplace from 4 for 5 calls a day out of W W W my caller ID shows your name Cu st. Function. when I response there s no voice on their Finish. As Way as I m concerned it s harassment how do I make it Quit.

Post by Dennis,

234-542-5932 The Firm is called HBO Leads. They state hello once and Subsequently they hang up.

Post by LC,

2345425932 I overly am becoming solicitors out of this number. Despise this thus Considerably and block your number but they always Shift theirs.

Post by arty,

234-542-5932 My Owner id said HBO LEADS. I called the Firm and was told someone is using their name. The gentleman I spoke along with said he obtained W calls Recently reporting that same matter. That telephone was not from him but out of cherished old card services spoofing a real company s name.

Post by hornsfan,

2345425932 Rachael and her Bacall again.

Post by Hi, I'm Ann - any calls for ME?,

234-542-5932 All it takes is for a few clueless Individuals for your scam for work and auto dialing sequential Telephone numbers using spoofed Amounts is Inexpensive for can. That scam that refuses for perish. . . .

Post by Guest,

2345425932 When I Called It Said You have Achieved A DISCONNECTED Number . . . SPAM Telephone Is From Kansas

Post by NwBerean,

234-542-5932 There surely is an On Line White House Petition encouraging your WHO amp Congress to Work} against these scampers. . Here is a link to it HTTP WHO. gov PJ's This can be a valid Request you must enroll along with the WHO system. W W signatures are Desired.

Post by croozer,

2345425932 I despise these scampers. Caller ID today said VD. They are now blocked on my Telephone but they ll 've a differ en t Amount tomorrow.

Post by Guest,

234-542-5932 Hang up

Post by Guest,

2345425932 Card Services.

Post by Called Again,

234-542-5932 Many of these calls are coming out of Cos ta RCA and India and they're using spoofed untrue Amounts which in itself is prohibited. They can Cool calling for or sell the leads for numerous Firms within the State and they know that what they are doing is prohibited. Tomorrow this same number could possibly become selling Cruises Timeshares or Security Systems but if you follow the cash it usually ends Upward in your hands of an American LC. Most of that inbound Rob telephone Amounts are spoofed as most of that birdhouses both away and on coastline are using VIP Drink Trunks services. Throwaway DID Amounts are Additionally used. Many of that recalling is operated by the end use scampers directly. Others are contract services who Make a Affiliate Price once You're transferred to your scampers. Your criminals behind the Business arena t going to pay focus on you asking to be removed from their list. Their calls Price them nothing and they could make millions of them a day so they don't have any intention of ever removing someone. When you personally press a Vital for Discuss to them all that is Completed is to verify that they have a working number. Regrettably blowing an atmosphere horn or whistle dozen t work either. Their headset 've noise dampeners plus they're expecting it. Nonetheless with that said if it makes You're feeling better then by all means supply it a shot. That banking system is Additionally at fault here without Vendor Records and ACHE processing these criminals could not Gather the scammed funds. Though your criminals use obfuscation layered corporations multiple bank Records and abroad stashing Styles of Evident fraudulent action become Clear after a brief time. That is an all Outside assault out of these scum suckers. EVERYONE should be reporting them everywhere that they could. Since this is an Clear Test at Id Thieving the FBI should be forced to get involved. Prosecute them within criminal court in place of civil penalties . If you personally want to stop these calls then you personally demand to dry Upward their revenue source. Your phone company is Receiving you personally a Payment for Owner ID. Your own Telephone company pays your scummier for delivering that Owner ID data. Your own phone Business pays only a fraction of a cent per call and you personally pay 5 for W for your phone Firm. That scampers send Outside millions of calls which amounts to some significant amount of money however your phone Firm is Receiving a substantial Sum for millions of customers. This could possibly have something for do with their inability for stop these calls. In order to Quit this we need Regulation making it illegal for charge for Owner ID. If a Telephone service Needs to Manage it would demand to provide your caller ID at no charge as component of the service. Here is that W W Option that the FCC is searching for and it dozen t cost anything. There is an Superb blog site that I found that Describes how 1 Business is getting away along with the task. HTTP telemarketer spam. word press. com

Post by yuyu,

2345425932 unwanted call several time

Post by Guest,

234-542-5932 not alive line

Post by Guest,

2345425932 F. . . ING jerks

Post by jackie,

234-542-5932 I get calls from the Amount a few times a day for at least 7 days Perhaps more.

Post by Guest,

2345425932 this can be a credit card Firm which is soliciting me

Post by mcb,

234-542-5932 I keep becoming calls out of this number. When I state Hi there is no one or no record on another end of your line. The telephone comes about twice a day for your last week or so.

Post by pissed off in fl,

2345425932 These criminals called me at 9 W PM Ann out of card services. CID VD I told that idiot to go f himself and Put Upwards. Reported to state and National DC lists.

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9253347246 Complains by Guest,

called back after they left no me sage and was told my was really Significant in dictating telemarketing.

8054561721 Complains by micky,

no message.

2137853995 Complains by Guest,

Continues to telephone never leaves message. Corp harassment. Stop

9494307084 Complains by Guest,

a few SE internet spam marketing

2085804895 Complains by Guest,

I m on your don't telephone registry. They shouldn't 've called. They re a Carpeting cleaning Firm.

6107592200 Complains by John,

Compels users to call along with fake virus warnings. Don't phone.

3474477082 Complains by anonymous,

THIS IS A SCAM. This is a version of the advance-fee-for-something scam where something is a grant, loan, lottery winnings, interest rate reduction, gift card, refund, doggie, cruise, vacation, free gas, etc., and the advance-fee is for tax, shipping, registration, insurance, secure handling, processing, etc. They may send you a fake check, may want your credit/debit card or bank account number,  or tell you to wire cash via Western Union, Moneygram, etc. They can put recurrent difficult-to-cancel monthly charges or a 1-time charge on your card or bank account, and sell account info to other criminals and you'll have to replace accounts altogether. Wired-cash is irretrievable - once it's picked up at the other end, it's untraceable and gone. If they want you to call them up for instructions, they may tell you not to discuss the wire with Western Union desk clerks but the real reason is WU clerks are familiar with these scams and will warn you not to wire the money. Report to US Postal Service Inspectors https://postalinspectors.uspis.gov/forms/MailFraudComplaint.aspx , the Federal Communications Commission http://esupport.fcc.gov/complaints.htm , the Federal Trade Commission https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/ and your state AG, as appropriate.

8177178243 Complains by Guest,

Calls several times but never leaves a MSG.

8063407566 Complains by Debra,

Thanks for Publishing that.

8046207178 Complains by M,

My service blocks recalls after 1 ring. Phone rang once. Enough Information.

8180200454 Complains by x2b8u,

I received a call from on my cell phone from 773-427-5670. I did not answer the call.  Afterward, I dialed the number back and a "no longer in service" recording was heard.  When I googled the number, I read all the postings about this particular number.  Like some of the postings, I too have received messages in the past regarding an auto  warrenty about to expire.

8003316211 Complains by Mary,

Discontinue calling me. When I answer no just one says anything and when I phone back no just one Solutions and no recording.

8002819912 Complains by ea,

Amritsar toll free Amount for TAX advice for unfilled Yields or back taxes. Amritsar Tax Locations has successfully Fixed thousands of cases and has no negative comments and Fantastic BBB Status. If you might have any complaints how your Government is treating you and would love a second opinion Amritsar Irs Enrolled Agents and Caps have around W years of combined experience working successfully for help tax payers with that Irs.

8172040553 Complains by erg,

Well what happened. Did u get the tickets.

8003200567 Complains by Guest,

Said a grievous Gripe was filed against me and to call back before legal action was filed.

8152217904 Complains by Annie,

I vie Additionally been getting numerous calls from FITLY. It comes from W W W enjoy the previous poster. Quite annoying. I don t response it.

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