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Telephone information: Sprint Communications Company, L.p.. Salem, OH. . United states
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29 complaints
Post by Guest,

2345671100 Keeps calling 8 to W times a daytime 've asked not for contact the Amount and he keeps calling and calling. Please make him Quit.

Post by Dennis,

234-567-1100 I vie done the same my love. I 've a sneaking feeling that it won t take long whatsoever. You know how much I m loved by your Administrator. . . . Al ska Gunner

Post by No,

2345671100 called but did t leave a vim

Post by Guest,

234-567-1100 I am unsure what they're calling for. They never leave a message and never stay on that line long enough for response. They call numerous times within your morning. Your Amount is Joined to a fight club.

Post by William,

2345671100 Pathetically Incompetent.

Post by Nin,

234-567-1100 Yes same here. They said that I won a W grant from your U. S government and when I Inquired where they re calling from they said Chicago . That is definitely not a Chicago Place code.

Post by Guest,

2345671100 Keep calling each day 2 or 3 times

Post by Dennis,

234-567-1100 I vie done that same my adore. I 've a sneaking feeling that it won t take long whatsoever. You personally understand how Substantially I m loved by the Admin. . . . Al ska Gunner

Post by Dennis,

2345671100 So you advocating harassing people that are probably innocent. Your own this kind of dingbat.

Post by Freddy,

234-567-1100 The Amount is a scam when you personally try to call it back it says that is a non working number

Post by William,

2345671100 Pathetically Incompetent.

Post by Guest,

234-567-1100 he keeps telephone me 5 for 6 time a daytime he said I got money for that Authorities FOR PAYING my tax and grant cash and I still him do not phone again and keep call

Post by Joez,

2345671100 Owner Inquired for someone else. Hung Upwards when I said they Warren t here.

Post by Dennis,

234-567-1100 I vie done your same my adore. I 've a sneaking feeling that it won t take long at all. You understand how Substantially I m loved by that Management. . . . Al ska Gunner

Post by Dennis,

2345671100 Your own vendetta post was reported.

Post by Dennis,

234-567-1100 Hopefully no one. These calls are spoofed meaning you personally would become harassing that incorrect Individuals.

Post by Karin Hamilton,

2345671100 The Amount called 5 times.

Post by Dennis,

234-567-1100 Great Occupation Paul.

Post by Carolyn S,

2345671100 I Only deleted and blocked this Amount.

Post by Eugenia,

234-567-1100 I get many calls out of this number I called back Recently and was upgraded to some line for that deaf Subsequently the phone seemed as a Amount that was not working.

Post by Dennis,

2345671100 Good job Robert.

Post by William,

234-567-1100 You personally arena t a Private Investigator you are a teenager Striving for create yourself look Enormous. Valid Private Researchers would forward this info to your Authorities Section of their own city for Subsequently become forwarded for the Cops Section that has jurisdiction for the reason that alleged area for an Research. If that Dwelling is served by copper land lines any criminal minded Man could wiretap into the Telephone Signal s that serve that Residence and make illegal use your World s . Two other Opportunities You're a shill for that caller. You're the Owner and you are trying for grief your people that live at this address Seven Criticisms within four weeks is a very low volume scummier but Rather potential if that scam USN t that content of that phone because your intent of your phone is to fake your phone Amount. Conspiracy theory number W W W posted.

Post by Dennis,

2345671100 Good Occupation Robert.

Post by William,

234-567-1100 A PI unfamiliar with SPOOFING. . . Oh gawd. . That s overly funny. . Here sweetie. Read the. HTTP en. Wikipedia. org wiki

Post by William,

2345671100 Very confident You're violating many sort of Seclusion law along with this. Don t P. I. s 've enjoy a badge number or something. How Around you personally provide people Your own data so we could double check you re as legit as you State to be. So name Telephone number address that s NOT a P. O. carton Web site if you might have one any of your credentials which you have to 've for your own company.

Post by Nin,

234-567-1100 Yes same here. They said that I won a W grant from your U. S government and when I Inquired where they re calling from they said Chicago . That's definitely not a Chicago Place code.

Post by Susan M,

2345671100 Everyone who has bashed that person who made a error is no better compared to the people Spoofing that phone Amount. Exactly why don t you use many grace and or manners when you've something negative to state to another human being. Individuals are human and create mistakes. There are nicer ways to Talk to people no matter what they 've done. If You might have never got a blunder Afterward you are not being truthful. If it were You personally who got the blunder would you personally desire to become treated that manner everyone who wrote a nasty post has treating the person. I do not know the person who wrote something he shouldn't 've Yet I feel for him because he has been ATTACKED and BULLIED by Individuals with no tact or manners. These same Individuals are Individuals that sit behind their PCs or phones and feel that it is OKAY for bash bully someone Simply for making a mistake because there surely is no Results. I Viewed up the number who called me for information not for read places from people bashing and Bulling a Individual who made a mistake. Please try to treat Individuals your same manner you personally desire to be treated.

Post by What the hell is wrong with you?,

234-567-1100 MG. . Nicely Mike I m a Actual private Researcher. While some data you personally posted May be precise tells me you personally might 've a few level of access for personal information Quite Frightful . If I were your boss you would become fired. Or your state regulatory Bureau would revoke your permit. That move was Very irresponsible. Take you head out of your . My think would be if I m right your own a Amateur at absolute best. You do that within this business your own gonna Finish Upward within Prison.

Post by Guest,

2345671100 Left no MSG.

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4086755479 Complains by Guest,

I get a telephone out of this Amount Around once a week going on for months now . I finally blocked them using my Phone service.

8884776882 Complains by Guest,

I power saw a stranger Girl at my front door but Selected not for reply. A Yellowish quot DELIVERY Notice quot Label within red print was Installed on your door knob. It had my name and delivery attempt date and time. It said quot Significant Time and Date Sensitive Substance. quot quot Please call within W Hours for Reschedule quot The Closing Test box had an X. your Fulfillment Facility W W W. Item Number W. NO NAME OF Company on this quot Delivery See . . . This is unacceptable especially within Now s universe. Locate Outside who these Secret quot Delivery Find quot people are and report them for dubious behavior. If anyone comes back to my front door I will telephone the Authorities. I 've reported this episode for your Person Property Manager. FRAUD ALERT . . .

2052163449 Complains by Guest,

Bill collector don t understand U

3217469705 Complains by Guest,

Day-to-day scriptures spam

5043922179 Complains by Guest,

Security Dismay Spam.

7167487912 Complains by Guest,

Only a recorded message

7406882515 Complains by Guest,

Same location as previous unidentified Owner.

7572426012 Complains by Guest,

I obtained a call today on my cell phone at work. Put Upward right away when they Inquired for lower interest on my credit card. I don't understand any credit card Firm within Virginia. I think this is a scam.

8002379587 Complains by MAA,

It's a scam. Same as Speedy Carton. Packing Plus San Di mas CA

8002147883 Complains by William Dunn,

There Appears to become no manner to Cease these low life's from calling searching for someone named Roswell. Want I knew how to Cease these AH

8002344805 Complains by christy,

Correct. It's from Com throw.

8002187270 Complains by J,

Your Elect out number is now W W W

8002387964 Complains by ǝuıɥɔɐɯ™,

They called me but I don't have any Notion who they're.

8002513236 Complains by Guest,

They did not leave a message and they Essentially suck at life.

8002505834 Complains by Marti,

Same matter Simply happened for me this evening. I vie reported it to my bank and notified my credit report Business as they had my bank account and my social security . . . . . . . .

8002041194 Complains by Guest,

I despise this person

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