2347380983 / 234-738-0983

Telephone information: Bandwidth.com Clec. Akron, OH. . United states
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Post by Silverback 92,

2347380983 I have been becoming daily calls with no one there. Called back and talked with Ms. Shiloh. I requested they remove me from your list. We ll see if this resoluteness that Dilemma.

Post by Larry N,

234-738-0983 Got phone left MSG Conservation Energy . Needed me for call back asap about my gas and or electric Statement. . . . Call W W W EX W. Man sounded drunk. Quite INT OX. Did t phone and I am not will add for phone blocker. . .

Post by kim,

2347380983 i m weary of these people calling my house Looking me to Change my electric at first she told me they work for ape Subsequently i called ape and they said no that they're a Distinct Electrical Business Striving for get customers. . . they call my house at least 3 times a daytime and wont leave me alone.

Post by beanie,

234-738-0983 it took several tries but i finally got Thur and told them for remove Amount and they would 've caller id so phone from number you personally want removed

Post by Guest,

2347380983 tried telling me they were calling Around my utility Business. . . Afterward said it was APE. they arena t even a Electricity provider within my state.

Post by Guest,

234-738-0983 Calls Practically every nighttime occasionally as late as 8 W pm. There's no one on another end of that line. Your CID says Constellation. When I use that Amount to phone back I get on a Registered message loop that never gives me info or allows me to leave a message or hold for a real Individual. The Business was calling for Virtually 1 month like this calling each daytime or so.

Post by Patricia,

2347380983 Calls several times a day when you personally reply there surely is no one there.

Post by J,

234-738-0983 Keep calling 2 3 times a daytime when call is replied no 1 will there be

Post by Guest,

2347380983 The above Amount is calling about 3 times a day for months. There's never a person or computer on the other end. Calls occur daytime nighttime week Days Breaks.

Post by Guest,

234-738-0983 I kept getting these calls for my extension at work and when I d answer no just one would be there and that phone would disconnect. I tried calling back a few times but could t get connected. . . then I attempted one last time finally got through and they were out of a Gasoline company. I probably got calls from them Around W times a day. I asked them to take your Firm number off their list and she said they would. We will see that happens.

Post by beanie,

2347380983 it took several tries but i finally got Thur and told them to remove Amount and they can 've Owner id thus phone out of Amount you personally need removed

Post by Tammy,

234-738-0983 They call always. Never leave a message. Items of

Post by Guest,

2347380983 Just as other s 've said the Firm calls whatsoever times even weekends and when you Select Upward no 1 can there be and it disconnects. The has been happening for a couple months now. . . so really frustrating. I Eventually Merely had a Actual Man on the other end not a computer making arbitrary calls to look for Outside the best time to send that telephone to some Actual Individual and told him that before he said anything for remove my name in the telephone list I locate it quite annoying to get calls from this company 2 3 times a daytime. He Put Upward. . . Subsequently I instantly get a call from a cell Telephone. . . I response I hear what sounds like a phone Centre in your background. . . nothing but breathing and then he hangs Upwards. Seriously. What . Now you re going for phone my house on your own cell Telephone 2 3 times a day because I did t let you personally get out your own sales Frequency. If anyone Locates a Amount for your Actual Business as when I vie never gotten anywhere please post.

Post by Guest,

234-738-0983 If you remain on hold with them eventually someone will pick Upwards attempt to sell you cheaper rates in your Gasoline bills.

Post by cmarie,

2347380983 've called repeatedly even as late as 8 PM a couple times a daytime when replied no one was there called id comes Upwards Integers Vigor eventually called to see i could get someone for Leave calling me got many guy Performing flying to that moon enjoy you d hear on an answering machine so no hint Around this 1 but they are Actually annoying me.

Post by Guest,

234-738-0983 Months and months and months. of calls at times X a daytime CID says Integers Vigor .

Post by Guest,

2347380983 This company calls my house all hours of your day and nighttime won t reply when you return that telephone and that guy was pretty ugly when I picked Upward and told him for quit calling.

Post by Guest,

234-738-0983 I 'm getting 3 or 4 calls per daytime. When I answer they state nothing then eventually hang Upwards. This really is harassment. I desire the to Discontinue.

Post by Sheep Wrangler,

2347380983 I got tired of these jerks calling and calling without Making a message. Thus I called that number back and he said he was calling about natural Petrol. I told him I did t Temperature along with natural Petrol. He apologized and said I would become put on that Do not Call list. The calls Ceased for a few weeks Subsequently Began again. I called again and he said the time he was calling about Electrical. I was told that I did t qualify. I said Excellent Place me on that Do not Telephone list. He said he did. That lasted Around a week. The calls 've started again. I picked Upward your phone and no just one spoke for me. That is thus needless. I can never do business along with this company ever. Harassing Folks does not get their business.

Post by Beanie,

234-738-0983 They response as constellation vigor display as synergy energy and also Search as integrity Matt answered call and told him to Cease calling this can be third time they telephone and there surely is never anyone on that line n they hang Upward. I had for phone back repeatedly and they do 've caller id nasty Disposition when I told hem for remove that number

Post by Guest,

2347380983 The Individual calls my house each hour and Only sits there breathing when I answer that Telephone. It is getting very obnoxious.

Post by Guest,

234-738-0983 They 've been calling at different hours of your day and claiming that Columbia Gasoline has Offered them the account. Checked with Columbia Gas and they say it's not Authentic. When I ask for a Man speaking or their company s name they hang Upward.

Post by Guest,

2347380983 I acquired 1 telephone phone out of them. They did not leave a message. Yet I used my caller I. D. and returned that call. I all I obtained was a recording of Frank Sinatra Performing quot Travel Me To The Moon. quot

Post by helloleo,

234-738-0983 any 1 else get calls out of this other number.

Post by Guest,

2347380983 Telemarketer

Post by Guest,

234-738-0983 Keep calling trying for offer me a lower speed on my vigor Statement within my life 've Inquired them for Quit calling they say they ll put my name on that do not call list but call Desired for times every day it s Start for present me a headache

Post by Guest,

2347380983 The Amount has called your house for over two months. . . . . . . . . . . at least W to W times a daytime. . . . . . . . . . . . who are they

Post by beanie,

234-738-0983 it took several tries but i finally got Thur and told them to remove Amount and they would 've Owner id so phone out of number you desire removed

Post by scellis,

2347380983 been getting calls out of W W W since last year now they phone me from W W W never ever answer their calls

Post by beanie,

234-738-0983 Consider getting a phone blocking System or Telephone. . You are able to Google them and many are Approximately W. W or so. If its a cell phone some already have telephone blocking if not there are free apps on your net that may work for a few. You are able to Google this. If you have a intelligent phone there surely is a free app called telephone control. IPhone Search for have apps also. Another one is called Mr. Number. Report your callers here not Only for the DC alone HTTP Web. . gov amp Cell HTTP support. FCC. gov cruciforms type. Amenhotep's Grievances. dentally. gov Grievance Grievance check. asp. Section For text messages forwarding any text message spam you get to the short code W which spells spam on most Telephones for alert your network Agent for the maltreatment. Artwork won t accept W But they may Take BLOCK and return a message the net Website is blocked. forwards your texts to W or BLOCK depending in your Telephone carrier. By State DC lists HTTP Web. . com tentacled. shuttlecock Abandoned Calls Grievance sort HTTP Web. FCC. gov CB Buyer facts D R. pitfall email W protected For file Criticisms on Foreign Business s Buyer. gov Report Your Complaint mail E-mail W protected

Post by tired of these people,

2347380983 The Amount calls me 5 times a day. I 've only heard someone on the line once. It was a guy telling your Man beside him he was a F in A hole. I called back they apologized got put on Do not Call. Calls stopped for about a month and Afterward Began again. We don t even have APE and there are no Natural Gas lines within that complete county I live in. There is 1 electric Business here and just 1. If I switch out of them it would become called going Amish.

Post by JinOH,

234-738-0983 Yet another idiot who disrupts my day. No message left. Comes Upward on ID as Akron OH .

Post by Guest,

2347380983 Exactly why dozen t the Authorities can something Around this. This can be Clearly harassment. I am elderly along with spirit Difficulties. Dozen t anybody care anymore.

Post by Guest,

234-738-0983 Pain within that you personally understand what. Won't stop harassing us

Post by Guest,

2347380983 Get a telephone each daytime at Distinct times. I never response and they don t leave message. Called ID shows as Constellation.

Post by brad,

234-738-0983 calls me several times a daytime finally left a message saying they were with Integers Energy on my property which is an address I vie never heard of in my life. Idiots.

Post by Sheep Wrangler,

2347380983 I get calls out of this Amount multiple times per day at Distinct times as late as 9 W PM. There is never a message left and I won t pick up. It's really annoying. Your don't telephone list dozen t appear to would any good unless of path it would be even worse without it. It is poor enough.

Post by GT,

234-738-0983 Said she is calling regarding your Electrical amp Gas Business and it is critical that I return her telephone. I 've had several calls from them but never a message Now that message was left. I am not returning that telephone.

Post by Kelly,

2347380983 I vie been getting Telephone calls from this phone Amount under the Firm name as nicely and they never state anything Simply hang Upwards. It just started the other daytime and have been getting more than just one each day it s really annoying.

Post by Guest,

234-738-0983 Columbia Petrol bill

Post by FedEx,

2347380983 Repeated hang Upward calls

Post by val,

234-738-0983 Keep getting calls from the Amount Normally no message but the time Tasha Green called along with information that it is important for discuss with me seeing for service data which was sent out to me at my service address She Afterward Offers the previous address we proceeded Virtually a year ago amp a reference Amount amp says I must Chat along with her directly. I m guessing it s one of the Energy Company scams wanting to switch. We keep getting them for both electric amp natural gas which ironically we could t Change if we wanted for we've to Purchase Mine from your city we live within. Tools are all within my Man s name amp 've been since we got married W Years. Past but she must speak along with me Yes appropriate. What a scam.

Post by Chrissy Draper,

2347380983 Calls each nighttime no 1 there phone back and get a song Travel me to that moon. No 1 ever answers

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9035030833 Complains by Guest,

harassing texts and calls

2108889112 Complains by Guest,

Really insistent that my computer was having Difficulties with Windows downloading viruses and would crash unless I let him right it. . . ha ha ha. . Scam. . . . thinks Folks are going for give him accessibility. He gave me his Telephone since my caller ID said unknown .

5629242752 Complains by Guest,

I got a phone out of the Amount but i did t reply. They left no message. Within case it was something important even though there was no message I tried calling back today. There was no answer. After that I go ogled the number and found that others are reporting phishing calls out of the number.

8299068313 Complains by Guest,

Weirdo. . . keeps testing harassing texts 2 3 texts a day

3155389904 Complains by Guest,

I obtained 2 calls and they left 2 messages. Very hard for understand person who is Making that message. They mentioned a Buddies name and said that Pal was being sued and I had for telephone back before my name seemed on anything. I did not return your calls.

8002854980 Complains by Michigan,

I got your same message as was posted here along with your same callback Amount and Owner ID number. I called it and they replied with no ID that all operators were active etc. . When someone picked Upward they said thank you personally for calling ABCS and I Installed Upward. When I go ogled it that stands for Hospital Bi ling and Group Service. That makes seance to me. . .

8053008456 Complains by Guest,

A few lady. . . Generally text MSG's. But explicit

2124004831 Complains by Guest,

got 1 phone but did not pick Upward its spam. . .

8002499424 Complains by Gary,

I get a phone out of the number each 3 4 times. Telephone ID reads Toll Free Phone . They do not leave a message. I do not response any Telephone telephone where the caller masks or hides his caller ID. Sadly my Telephone system only Permits me for block W unwanted numbers and I filled that Upward within 2 weeks of becoming my phone system so I can t add the Amount.

8002136555 Complains by Guest,


8002356263 Complains by Paul,

owned by One Switch Buttons your own Publications for free and National Magazine Exchange .

8002497827 Complains by Anonymouse,

Your card is bright yellow and says . . back. . Pick Upward Notice Parcel RETURN Within 5 Times Phone Immediately W Monday Friday 1 PM 8 Masted 9 'm 1 W PM State N . . front. . Claim Center PO Box Charleston SC W W Presorted Presort Regular People postage paid Charleston SC Permit HIGH Precedence your own address EXPRESS

8002303030 Complains by Pat,

I called Summit Sporting and they have no idea what it's. Telephone them. Maybe they will appearance into it.

8002483920 Complains by mad mike,

Here is that scum bag below call him see how is daytime is going. Domain Name Info Removal. ORG Created On W Seep W W W W Outcast Upgraded On W Nov W W W W Expiration Date W Seep W W W W Cosponsoring Registrar venom Inc. R'S LR OR Registrant ID registrant Name Richard Organization Quiet Register. com Registrant Street W Toronto Road Registrant City Victoria Registrant State State Registrant Postal Code Country CA Registrant Phone 1. Registrant Facsimile 1. W

8002085272 Complains by Kyra,

Any notions who this May n't become.

8002350000 Complains by Guest,

A few type of Chart Plan Amway or something.

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