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2017-08-27 04:33:50
Have been calling my telephone several times lately and daily but leave no message, Sandy Spring, MD
2017-08-22 19:13:18
1st time: nobody on the other line 2nd time: a few weeks later, hung up before I even heard my phone ring 3rd time: Immediately after the 2nd time, Robot Telemarketer on the other end. I hung up before I heard what service it was and blocked the number.
2017-08-04 22:58:12
SCAMMER!!! Claiming they are the IRS and have a lawsuit against me and a warrant for my arrest!!
2017-07-19 01:38:02
I got 2 calls with in a few hours apart and they claim to be selling auto insurance when I stated that I don't even have a car they needed to stop calling me they got very rude with me
2017-06-16 17:06:48
It's a scam, it's a BS IRS fraud call, trying to scare you and get your information and get you to pay a fee. I hate people like that.
2017-05-21 10:45:07
Is he a scammer
2017-05-03 20:57:43
This person called and said really perverted things to me.
2017-05-02 17:41:53
Just received a call saying there's a warrant for my arrest for tax evasion... I called directly and it's incorrect. Don't argue. Just tell them you're looking into it directly with IRS. Then they hung up after that.
2017-03-23 23:11:32
I have received calls from this number stating they are a collection agency and only leave a phone number to call back. Does not leave any other information. Don't know who this is for. When I listen to the message it is very hard to understand what they are saying. Sounds like outside of U.S. and seems like a scam.
2017-03-21 00:17:08
The guy was a really f***in asshole on the phone claiming I called him first!! He goes by a "George". I don't know him and never called him at all! Avoid this rude, mean caller and block him!!
2017-02-28 19:48:23
Let call run to voicemail. Voicemail was bizarre static and rhythmic thumping and clinking.
2017-02-16 16:28:15
Texted many times kept trying to call I kept denying then he tried again the next day cop cop cop
2017-01-21 02:44:07
Real name of person of sinsquay he stole from my mans house
2017-01-12 04:08:28
This Number belongs to me, from 2017. I am a bonafide person living in Louisiana. And I am nowhere related to any insurance or advertising Craps. So please ignore all the messages above - Thank you
2016-12-17 18:22:46
Annoying non speaking English harassing calls
2016-12-06 09:08:46
This man is from liberia but is on tps in md. He thinks he is king or prince from liberia. He hv nvr been a good father to his only son in malaysia. Shane on him. He is rude abusive n womaniser. He's married in malaysia.
2016-07-08 04:22:11
block calls and texts
2016-07-08 04:17:29
They called my cell Now and did not leave a message.
2016-07-07 06:41:34
ID this number.
2016-06-17 16:26:28
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Phone list in area 240

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
2404390197Don t know Everyone within Atlanta Hence did t Result I m on no phone list. Guest62016-01-20 23:35:33
2402370400scam same text as abovej52016-05-22 22:58:01
2404106347Davidson gm ail. com i mistypes the email trust not empty they can be Discontinued they phone me for at W W WGuest1102015-11-04 15:41:38
2403219128This is a Set Business. that calls a million times a daytime. on zombie debt no less. Guest42016-01-13 00:51:07
2407273905Harassment to your W year previous girl. Guest42015-12-15 04:26:51
2402920175Beware along with extreme Warning. Pretending to be with Government investigating tax fraud. Your Individual will try and snag a minimum payment over the Phone and Power you for can that or they can phone local Authorities for you personally for become arrested or immigration deportation. Guest52015-11-04 16:29:32
2403249047They called and tested me repeatedly. Guest92015-12-16 09:07:24
2402425643No soundGuest102015-11-04 17:12:32
2404462178do not answerGuest12015-11-04 17:26:34
2402576114called twice but didn't leave any MSG's. . . annoyingGuest72015-11-04 17:37:32
2403181521Pretended to be FBIGuest482015-11-04 17:39:33
2408889534repeated calls starting along with Don t be alarmed message is a recording. Sickofrecordedcalls82015-12-16 12:56:44
24070518966 Guest72015-11-04 18:23:37
2403181540Sue them if they keep calling and you personally told for Quit you have a appropriate to sue Hi Individuals don't phone means do not callGuest562015-11-04 18:40:33
2403486594Called at Am and text ed viewing an Whats App code W W. No message left. Guest82015-11-04 18:45:33
2407526132Block callGuest452015-11-04 18:45:38
2403509943Professional Recovery Services Debt Collector used by People BankSo Busted62015-12-21 06:17:09
2405381236An auto loan companyLauren52015-12-19 08:32:55
2403704850I don't want the number for be able for phone or express mail or voice text Graphic mail or text messaging meGuest32015-11-04 19:30:33
2407157080post pending moderator approvalgoogle scammer massacre52016-03-06 12:09:03
2404648723SpamGuest32016-05-23 02:28:54
2406406402This caller was testing and playing on my phone all day. Subsequently Refused calling. . . Promised they were a kid but were acquired dialysis. But was calling and testing about W times within about an hour. Got annoying and had for block your Owner. Guest12015-11-04 19:59:37
2406031178TGuest72016-04-17 03:30:42
2403453488unknown numberLauren62016-06-16 22:04:17
2405650273Bacall. Credit card offer. Guest32016-04-04 21:36:31
2403451622MG. . your Irs is Processing a litigation against me. This can be that Earliest scam in that books. Cheers for your good laugh. Never response your Telephone unless you personally know who it's. Sorry not fooled Guest442015-11-04 16:04:33
2406265012William VargasGuest22015-11-04 16:36:37
2403181522Marketing alarm systemGuest542015-11-04 16:37:33
2402440398Message left on my cell Telephone express mail stating that I had W hours for respond or legal action would be taken. Guest192015-11-04 16:46:32
2407014767exGuest92015-12-18 06:26:18
2404731451Never accept calls from the number. . . Guest72016-05-26 19:03:26
2405071192HajGuest2352015-11-04 16:55:36
2405650264More of your telemarketing Trash phone stuff. Nobody was there on the line. . . Being on the quot don't call quot list means nothing for these People. Whatever they are Marketing I d never Purchase Merely because they're annoyingGuest222015-11-04 16:57:36
2406256966Prank callNikki62015-12-09 23:04:41
2404532908Telephone survey. . . . . . . did t response. Guest2122015-11-04 17:06:35
2405755086Spam. Guest52015-11-04 17:06:36
2403453476they keep calling for more donations could t afford this in the leastGuest332015-11-04 17:15:33
2403743310harassing pervertGuest62015-12-20 16:07:17
2404228865NW Jobs called saying they 've job Opportunities to Complete and are calling because I Lately completed an online survey which I 've never done . When I said no they instantaneously hung Upwards. When I called back they would t reply because they recognized my Amount. When I called back using a different Telephone your same person answered I Inquired for a supervisor and the phone went dead. When I called back again from another Distinct Telephone that same person replied I told him not to hang Upwards on me and asked for a Manager and again that Telephone went not alive. Guest622015-11-04 17:52:34
2402245094Caller said he is a satellite Plate Supplier and when I asked to be removed from their telephone list he Put Upwards. Natalie72015-12-14 18:00:40
2403980684disconnectedGuest52015-12-09 03:17:16
2403600207answered Menes Well-being Performanceken52015-12-08 21:25:47
2406874272did you receive a call from this Amount in regards to Marketing something on grisliest. Nick42015-12-19 09:48:26
2402654673golden digger n a whoreGuest82015-12-08 18:14:21
2404025012Unwanted textsGuest62016-05-24 00:18:33
2402107094NCOGuest82015-11-04 18:55:28
2408888655No mentors Alone footsGuest82015-12-20 20:04:49
2405831663pimpGuest42015-11-04 19:26:36
2402240141I received 3 text out of the Amount. They were say negative Opinions Around me. Guest302015-11-04 19:27:30
2405357426Spam telephone about leg pain yard AdaGuest52015-12-16 11:46:52

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