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Post by blondebomeshell,

2466250011 I got that same telephone twice attempted to phone back and it Only rang. I am guessing its many kind of scam. If u was having legal Documents Delivered to u u would t get a Telephone phone your local courts like the element of surprise

Post by Guest,

246-625-0011 harassing

Post by Guest,

2466250011 ex boyfriend

Post by harresed,

246-625-0011 REPORT THEM To The Police ASAP ITS Prohibited For IMPERSONATE A Police Specialist Within ANY Way. Its also illegal to threaten Charge. File Criticisms ASAP along with Federal Trade Commission HTTP Internet. . gov Factorized. asp. Lang en Your own State Attorney General State Attorney General is every state they 've offices Link to all State Lawyer General Websites Www. nag. org If you or they are located within NY use the Special Link Www. Netball. com This specific website was created by NY AG Andrew Como especially for reporting prohibited debt collection Methods. HE S Breaking DOWN AND SHUTTING THEM DOWN. Also report your calls and Connections with debt Lovers at HTTP Web. Buddhas. com index. HTML If your Business is Recorded Underneath agencies report there. If not on that list Yet click on Watch list. and add for your list. You can also post here HTTP Www. collectors exposed. com Newsgroup index. PP. board 2. Debt Collectors Do not Desire You personally For Know This Information. That INFORMED Consumer IS The DEBT Lovers WORST ENEMY. Dealing with Debt Lovers HTTP Www. Buddhas. com start. homesteaded of Limits by State consistently Twice check Your own OWN STATE Authorities Site HTTP Www. Buddhas. com . directing calls out of Debt Lovers constantly Twice Assess Your own OWN STATE Government Website Www. Buddhas. com record. humdrum Federal Commerce Commission Site Fair DEBT Collection Practices Work} Debt Collection FAQs A Guide for People If you personally re behind in paying your own bills or a Collector s records wrongly ensure it is Look which you are a debt collector might be Calling you. Your National Commerce Commission FTC that Region s Buyer protection Bureau enforces that Good Debt Collection Practices Work} FD CPA which prohibits debt Lovers from using abusive unjust or Fake practices to collect from you. Underneath your FD CPA a debt collector is someone who Consistently collects debts owed to others. The Contains Set Companies Attorneys who Accumulate debts on a regular basis and Firms that buy delinquent debts and Afterward attempt to Amass them. Here are many questions and answers about your own rights under your Act. What types of debts are covered. The Work} Includes personal family and household debts including money you owe on a personal credit card account an auto loan a medical Statement and your own mortgage. That FD CPA dozen t cover debts you Received to run a company. Can a debt collector contact me any time or any Put. No. A debt collector could not contact you at inconvenient times or Locations such as before 8 within your morning or after 9 at nighttime unless you personally concur for it. And collectors may not contact you personally at work if they re told orally or within writing you re not allowed for get calls there. Can I Quit a debt collector out of Calling me. In case a collector Associates you about a debt you may want to Speak to them at least once to see you can resolution the matter even if you don t believe you personally owe your debt can t repay it instantaneously or believe that the collector is contacting you by blunder. If you personally determine after Calling the debt collector that you don t need the collector for contact you tell that collector within writing to Discontinue contacting you personally. Here s how you can do that Make a Reproduce of your notification. Send your original by certified mail and pay for a return reception thus you ll become able to document what your collector acquired. Once that collector receives your own letter they could possibly not contact you again along with two exceptions a collector can contact you personally for tell you personally there may be no further contact or for let you understand that they or your creditor Want to take a Special action like Processing a lawsuit. Sending this kind of notice to some debt collector you personally owe cash for doesn't get rid of that debt but it should stop your contact. Your creditor or your debt collector still can sue you personally to Amass the debt. Could a debt collector contact anyone else about my debt. If an Lawyer is Signifying you personally about your debt the debt collector must contact that Lawyer rather than you personally. If you don t 've an Lawyer a collector could possibly contact other Individuals but simply for look for out your own address your home Telephone Amount and where you personally work. Lovers usually are prohibited out of Calling third Events more than once. Other than for Get the Place data about you personally a debt collector generally is not Allowed for discuss your debt along with anyone other than you personally your spouse or your Lawyer. What does your debt collector 've to tell me about your debt. Each collector must send you personally a written Approval notice telling you personally how much cash you personally owe in five times after they first contact you personally. This detect also must Comprise the name of the Lender to whom you owe the money and how you can Continue if you personally don t think you personally owe the money. Can a debt collector keep Calling me if I don t think I owe any cash. If you send that debt collector a notification stating you don t owe any or all of that cash or asking for Evidence of your debt that collector must Quit contacting you personally. You might have to send that page within W times after you receive your validation see. But a collector could begin Calling you again if it sends you written Proof of the debt enjoy a Reproduce of a Statement for the amount you personally owe. What Methods are off limits for debt Lovers. Harassment. Debt Lovers might not harass oppress or abuse you or any third parties they contact. For example they might not use threats of violence or harm publish a listing of names of people who refuse to pay their debts but they could offer the info for that credit reporting Businesses use obscene or profane language or repeatedly use the Telephone to annoy someone. False statements. Debt Lovers might not lie when they're Striving for Accumulate a debt. For example they might not falsely State that they're Solicitors or government Associates falsely claim that you have committed a crime falsely symbolize that they Run or work for a credit reporting Business misrepresent your Sum you owe indicate that Documents they send You're legal forms if they Stadium t or indicate that Reports they send for you Stadium t legal forms if they are. Debt collectors Additionally are prohibited out of saying that you may be arrested if you don t pay your own debt they ll capture Take Add or sell your own property or Salaries unless they're Allowed by law to take your Activity and Want to do so or legal Activity will become taken against you personally if doing so would become prohibited or if they don t intend for take that Activity. Debt collectors might not present false credit data Around you for anyone including a credit reporting company send you anything that looks enjoy an official File from a court or Authorities Bureau if it USN t or use a untrue Firm name. Unfair practices. Debt collectors may not engage in unfair Methods when they attempt to Gather a debt. For example they might not try to Amass any attention Price or other charge on top of your amount you owe unless that contract that created your debt or your state law Permits that charge deposit a post dated check earlier take or jeopardize for take your property unless it could be done legally or contact you by postcard. Can I control which debts my payments apply for. Yes. If a debt collector is Attempting to Amass more than just one debt from you personally your collector must apply any payment you create to your debt you choose. Equally Significant a debt collector may not Implement a payment to your debt you don t think you personally owe. Can a debt collector Take my bank account or my Salaries. If you don t pay a debt a creditor or its debt collector Usually can sue you personally to collect. If they Triumph your court can enter a judgment against you personally. Your Ruling states the amount of cash you owe and Permits that creditor or collector to get a garnishment purchase against you personally directing a third party like your bank for turn over funds out of your own account to pay the debt. Wage garnishment happens when your own Manager withholds component of your own Payment for pay your own debts. Your own Earnings Generally can be garnished simply as your result of a court purchase. Don t Discount a suit summons. If you do you personally lose the opportunity for fight a wage garnishment. Can federal Advantages be garnished. Many federal benefits are exempt out of garnishment including Social Security Gains Extra Security Income SIS Benefits Experts Advantages Civil Service and Federal Pension and Disability Advantages Service Members Pay Military Annuities and Survivors Gains Pupil Assistance Train Pension Benefits Merchant Seamen Wages Longshoremen s and Harbor Employees Death and Impairment Gains Foreign Service Pension and Handicap Advantages Payment for Harm Departure or Detention of Workers of U. S. Companies Outside that U. S. Federal Crisis Direction Bureau Federal Calamity Assist But National benefits could be garnished under certain conditions including for pay delinquent taxes alimony youngster support or Pupil loans. Do I have any recourse if I think a debt collector has violated your law. You've your correct for sue a collector within a state or federal court within one year in the date that law was violated. If you win the judge can require your collector to pay you for any damages you can Show you personally endured because of the prohibited collection practices enjoy lost Earnings and medical bills. That judge could require the debt collector to pay you personally Upwards to 1 W even if you are able to t prove which you suffered Real damages. You personally also could become reimbursed for your own Lawyer s fees and court costs. A group of Individuals also could possibly sue a debt collector as component of a Course action suit and regain money for damages Upward to W W or 1 percent of that collector s internet worth whichever Sum is lower. Even in case a debt collector violates your FD CPA within trying for collect a debt the debt doesn't go away if you personally owe it. What should I do if your debt collector sues me. If your debt collector files a suit against you to Gather a debt respond for that litigation either personally or through your own Attorney by the date specified in that court Reports to Keep your own rights. Where can I report a debt collector for an alleged Misdemeanor. Report any Issues you've along with a debt collector to your state Lawyer General s office Web. nag. org and the Federal Trade Commission Web. FTC. gov . Many states have their own debt Set Guidelines that are Distinct from your federal Fair Debt Set Practices Work}. Your own Attorney General s office can help you ascertain your rights under your own state s law. For More Data To learn more about debt collection and other credit related dilemmas See Www. FTC. gov credit and My Money. gov your U. S. government s portal to Monetary Instruction. The FTC works for your Client for prevent Fake Fake and unjust business practices within that marketplace and for Supply data for help consumers Position Cease and avoid them. To file a Criticism or for get free information on Customer dilemmas visit FTC. gov or telephone toll free 1 W FTC HELP 1 W W W TY 1 W W W. The FTC enters Customer Criticisms into the Customer Sentinel Network a secure online database and investigative tool used by hundreds of civil and Legal law enforcement Companies in that U. S. and abroad

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3602157411 Complains by Guest,

Hi screw you.

6032175469 Complains by CP,

Recorder Decided Upward hang up Production Mark

3154553153 Complains by Guest,


8327839710 Complains by Fed up in Az.,

This really is an extortion racket. The Owner states which you owe on a defaulted payday loan which usually dozen t exist. Your Owner Afterward attempts for frighten you personally by saying that a warrant will be Released for your own Charge. When Inquired for details none are given. Your Owner might understand a few minor details about you which of path could be attained online. The Target is to get you personally worked Upwards and ultimately Approved on for an Lawyer your Nearer to help work matters out. Obviously this really is where they attempt to take your own cash. There were two women both of whom had American emphases. Please report these low life predators to your own local Attorney General s office and the FTC.

8002421922 Complains by Jen,

Caller ID showed as a "Wireless Caller" but there was the longer-than-normal "call center pause" before the caller answer with "call center noise" in the background. Caller asked for nickname version of my dad's first name -- however, my dad goes by his middle name. So I hung up on him. Just checking on the number to see if maybe I should have taken the call. Guess not.

8037438797 Complains by nelson kent,

this Amount belongs to your rob who lives in Columbia south Carolina.

9094518653 Complains by Guest,

called for have my Amount removed it said it would by W hours. Has not been removed as of However its been 3 days.

5104607413 Complains by Tinna,

Timeshares Simply. Lt Lt SCAM company

6467625143 Complains by Guest,

Obtained 2 Telephone Now. I won t response again.

2103906479 Complains by Ticked Off Receptionist,

We are a very busy business and these kind of calls are extermely disruptive and I would like to ring whoever's neck for these calls.  I received at least 20 of these fax calls in a 2 min time span, coming in on all our lines.

8064488030 Complains by Guest,

It s clear water Toyota

8478074617 Complains by cruiser,

I got 1 Frequently. Don t understand who it s.

2175058508 Complains by Alaska,

he says he s from NY times Established within Houston. . . could someone please Check. . .

3218724943 Complains by Lt,

Called again 7 W PM. No message

2102142163 Complains by Alex,

Apparently, Tina has acquired a new position with LaBelle Electric and wanted to speak with an owner regarding a personal business matter...

2157479564 Complains by Guest,

Your calls and are now unlock

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