2672585326 / 267-258-5326

Telephone information: Sprint Spectrum L.p.. Philadelphia, PA. Philadelphia. United states
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2672585326 Waist Bottom bum

Post by Guest,

267-258-5326 A Actual guy may be Fair know matte how awful your previous is A coward hides behind lies and deceit.

Post by Guest,

2672585326 Cutup oh my what type IE 'm I on. . . . U sound thus illiterate shh you must of went for People school shh cutup. Baby girl I been Discontinue sleeping with him. . . what dis any of u get out of your. Cope for giving Upwards y'all co och. Lola nicely at least i can say I got a brand new car. Ya ll arguing about a guy WHO's married cutup at your Finish of that day I knew what was going on and decided for remain. Ya ll was within thaw dreary. What hood Fresh y'all out of because it cant be out of his hood NP because everyone knows hes married. . At its cool that he dint claim my Hilda. I bet he State her when Get at his wife. Ya ll got nothing but a wet End. Www your mad dint be Crazy at me be Crazy at gutter for playing with y'all cutup. Girl wait for your own infant dad for come House you better trust understand Chaos saris because u Needed for be a Thor. go tend them Children and get your own guy. I have 1 and i 've cl we all are jut Playthings to him take the from me sweetie a man amt Making his Partner for a Inexpensive thrill. Aw I know he d you personally great high 5 he did the same for me. But at least I could say that i got cashed outta Beyer girl

Post by Guest,

267-258-5326 Wow all of this for many. shh y'all need for Expand Upward that man ain't thinking about none of y'all. Cutup if so he would become along with one of you Quit put Tennessee nonsense Upwards on my cozens number. If he Needed y'all like which he would be along with one of y'all jut understand that y'all are a piece of End get a life.

Post by Guest,

2672585326 That s cray cray just cu he did y all erg y all might not 've been for him. . he could have not been for y'all. . sometimes we as girls need to play Your cards we 're dealt in Quit Making these mankind play us enjoy stuff is pleasant your same way they Change people and play these games we've for Quit becoming involve along with these mankind because they re fine got body and good d that s basic low Course little girl s . we demand for become looking at what can they offer what could they bring to that table what can we reach Jointly enjoy businesses Homes and cars etc thus Girls I state this to say f C. L Intestine ta or any other Waist a man for that issue we need for come together and Cease presuming its that woman fault. it s not are fault its that mans Issue with your Adjustment Afterward we approach your woman and not that man . . . . LETS GET Smarter NOT DUMBER

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267-258-5326 Ignorant Lola its Visible that your your Mindless 1. And your own Insane aw

Post by Guest,

2672585326 Cutup . Perhaps you personally should take your own advise. Everything you said is Authentic and I agree. But at theism time. A gin wan t Place to your heads to create people op em the legs. A player is a player. Regardless off either one of people wan t for him or him for us. A wedded guy needs for not lie Only t get a few but. At your end of that daytime that. Simply one that s benefiting from giving that Bottom up is his so called wife. Regardless of him lying about him not having a wife God knows hes d being deceitful and becoming other woman emotions involved and at that Finish of that daytime the Thoughts don t matted sis. You are able to t biked anther g with a man WHO's married. Regardless of what. That jerk off can pay Sm mane he didn't do you personally erroneous and within your mind thetas what You're feeling but all along we re Sleep with another woman's Partner. Understand we didn't know cause he lied but. I subject if we would what we can with him Underneath a stone God at Ailing Views l. I feel terrible for even believing that I was with him and hes wedded. That is it.

Post by Guest,

267-258-5326 Lola remain away your joint. Wow Amazing. Id you personally wan t such a hoe we would t become in your joint. You gave all people your now you personally ant for say all that u demand for atop throwing that D around Wedded Man. WHAT Sort OF Man DENIES. HIS Partner. SHES Around A DIZZY B. HAVING A So CALLED Partner Like. You personally. I FE SORRY FOR HER. GET YA LIFE CL Bowel ta.

Post by Guest,

2672585326 Lola that stupidity of y all Women hilarious. . . .

Post by Guest,

267-258-5326 Watch Outside girls he dint like for use condoms. s wife and will f a n in a Second somehow yup st ST we used hem than he didn't Directed} to anymore somehow awful. We better trust Head not one of them down Le dudes. I heard he did time within jail he May}n' enjoy men

Post by Guest,

2672585326 Cutup You're pitiful. You personally sound Straightforward. Thus now your saying your wedded after all of these girls you personally Chaos with shh keep you D within your Trousers Mr. Can a guy be Married BUT NOT A RELATIONSHIP DUBHE Married MEANS Wedded. I Could Place WHATEVER I Want ON R Only for get your dizzy Partner Insane. Cutup your too humorous Lila lad keep P that great work and keep cheering on R Partner she s the Ignorant 1 not us

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267-258-5326 Dint we all love him Lola. That crazy thing is that he don t 've love understand body. Sm he Adores Only enough to get many so that as we can see we all dropped for it. Somehow. I am done along with him. You are able to keep playing with him. His pee pee is a hot Product Lola

Post by Guest,

2672585326 But I love him Lola

Post by Guest,

267-258-5326 That guy has all of people on the app tripping. Atop acting like u snot feel a few sort of manner. 9

Post by Guest,

2672585326 Not even bop Corfu girl u mad. . . .

Post by Guest,

267-258-5326 No Baby I vie NEVER slept along with him and I thank Allah that I did t we consistently flirted with each other nothing more nothing less I was told Around the app in I figure exactly why not attempt it Outside thus I Simply Began for Set in Amounts in I put his Amount within . . . I seen all your comments within no to answer your I never said anything about building something along with a wedded man that may never happen that s who he Selected to wed in that s you wanted for give his last overly it messed that she has to go threw that. . . within yes I can take my own Guidance becks I had for learn out of an identical Condition within no its not simple to deal Or handle once your own feeling and love is all rapped Upwards into that person in yes he s all the manner erg

Post by Guest,

2672585326 U keep responding. Lola thus that makes you personally Only as insane. Good night kid. I see that I got your undivided Interest.

Post by Guest,

267-258-5326 Hilarious ain't the word. More like Stupid. About A Guy CUTUP THERE ARE Thus MANN Great Hard WORKING HOD FEARING Mankind Out HERE Girls PLEASE Stop INSULTING YOURSELVES.

Post by Guest,

2672585326 Oh let me not forget I Merely seen your wife at her Occupation. She s notate Rule all she got somebody along with a Occupation NOT A Place Lad LOLA

Post by Guest,

267-258-5326 Your Muslim. . . And flirting along with men. A married. One at that wow. I'm certain you personally knew he was wedded Additionally Specially if your own from NP. Sm anyways he has for response to God for all of his Activities. I cant consider hes this kind of low. down Filthy Chaos. Wow you personally MST of Enjoyed him somewhat Specially if you've his number this type of Waste so that as Much as his Partner goes I'm confident ahem has some Thought that her Partner is a mess. But that's her husband so she has to Cope along with that not anyone on the Program. Good luck

Post by Guest,

2672585326 Ill Ian t the word. Psych sounds better

Post by Guest,

267-258-5326 No honey I vie NEVER slept along with him and I thank Allah that I did t we consistently flirted along with each other nothing more nothing less I was told about this Program within I figure exactly why not strive it Outside so I Merely started to put in numbers in I put his Amount in . . . I seen all the Opinions in I never said anything about building something along with a married man that may never occur that s who he chose to wed for the reason that s you personally Needed to present his last name too it messed that she has for go threw that. . . within yes I can take my own Guidance becks I had to discover out of the same situation within no its not simple to deal Or Manage once your own feeling and adore is all rapped up into that Man in yes he s all your way erg

Post by Guest,

2672585326 Thus y'all Merely gone keep Publishing . enjoy you personally dint understand I m married it s y'all that Offered it Upwards so y'all should feel kind of manner. . So that as Way of any of the goes I am not in a relationship along with any of y'all not even her thus I Fundamentally can perform what I want Discontinue Composing this dumb cramp under my Amount baby girl or whoever You're

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267-258-5326 This really is Actually some sick .

Post by Guest,

2672585326 Oh let me not forget I Simply seen your own wife at her job. She s notate dominate all she got somebody along with a Occupation NOT A Part Lad LOLA

Post by Guest,

267-258-5326 This really is hilarious

Post by Guest,

2672585326 A Actual man will be Fair know question how difficult that Authentic is. A coward lies behind ilea and deceit. This Describes cl intestine ta.

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267-258-5326 A Married smurf

Post by Guest,

2672585326 U Ladies be irked y all on the Combined going in remain away my Jan along with rubbish I Ian t wit all that

Post by Guest,

267-258-5326 A Number of determined B s somehow get y'all life.

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7165980406 Complains by Guest,

OK I just got a call at home from these "people". Hung up on it once. And then they called back from a different number a minute later. And this guy was trying to pull a scam saying that I (He was thinking I was my brother this whole time) and that I had used my mother's credit card to to call an adult phone number. And that she was filling for credit card fraud. Now... How I know this is a scam. My mother cut up all her credit cards YEARS ago.

8013169216 Complains by Guest,

've gotten multiple calls from this Amount. They never leave a message and hang Upwards as shortly as your phone is answered.

8324443178 Complains by Guest,


9044912645 Complains by Guest,

1 ring then hang up did t wait for voice mail.

4089162100 Complains by yahoo help phone number,

hi thanks for sharing your information usable.For more information: http://www.email-customercare.com/yahoophonenumber.html

8175251033 Complains by cpannoyed,

I went to a circus last year and while waiting in line a Girl Inquired to sign Upwards for a chance to Triumph a free trip. They 've been calling me for months now stating i won a Vacation along along with another fantastic prize that i 've for travel for some resort for claim my prize. No guarantee what it's but i never went and they still telephone. Don t consider i won something grand It s whoever can actually travel and meet along with them for do a tour of the resort can win something. Believe this can be a time shares thing. SCAM

8182982800 Complains by JP,

Says he is Chad Lansing calls me on my cell and work phone desires for Accumulate a Statement out of 6 years ago.

8437739841 Complains by Guest,

Called. Replied but no 1 was on another line.

8003148247 Complains by Megan,

Got a missed call

8002500153 Complains by ANNETTE,


8002553636 Complains by John,

Got the text this morning ....Looking for a good DOS hack program to send to this number ...like a mailbox flooder to tie up their line.........[***] i just want to return the favor...: )

8002225273 Complains by puma,

Linebacker Gog gins Blair amp Sampson

8003153904 Complains by Loy,

Attempting for contact and cancel

8044961049 Complains by Suzanne Shin,

Official James Anderson left me a voice message on my cell phone stating he was giving me to court for tax reasons. I called your number back when he replied I told him to Quit calling and that I idea he is a scam. He replied Afterward why did you personally phone back and Put Upwards. Please Set a stop to this. This is not that first time I 've obtained the telephone.

8042122125 Complains by Guest,

However another phone number who keeps calling me and I return the phone telephone and that phone Amount has been disconnected

8044146734 Complains by Art,

This really is many educational number. . .

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