2672959114 / 267-295-9114

Telephone information: Paetec Communications. Philadelphia, PA. Philadelphia. United states
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49 complaints
Post by Guest,

2672959114 Called several times doesn't leave message

Post by Guest,

267-295-9114 Matilda Calls at least twice Day-to-day don t even know this Man. Yes they do demand a life.

Post by Guest,

2672959114 no just one there after answering

Post by Guest,

267-295-9114 this name and Telephone number W W W keeps calling over and over and around but when I reply no just one can state anything I looked it up I 've called it back and no 1 will Select up its becoming to become a real pain want they Quit or at least freaking Speak when calling. . . .

Post by bonci,

2672959114 They are actually a legit Set company Simply annoying.

Post by Spidey Spedanko,

267-295-9114 Called no message left.

Post by HJ,

2672959114 It s unstop Competent although I talked that I 'm not that guy who you are looking for. Tate and Jilin Associate's Southampton Road Philadelphia Philadelphia W Phone W W W Fax W W W HTTP Web. Tate Jilin. com W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W

Post by IrritatedinTX,

267-295-9114 I Set my Lawyer on it. They call me several times a daytime as well. Never leave a message.

Post by Guest,

2672959114 A guy called who identified himself as Collin O Brine. He was looking for someone who dozen t live here. He demanded I get a Pen and paper and Compose down his Telephone number within case I should see your person he was looking for. He refused to supply me anymore data. That called ID Arrived Upwards as Tate amp Keeling along with a number of W W W. The call back number he Offered me was W W W ext W. Then he hung up on me.

Post by Guest,

267-295-9114 Spam

Post by AJ,

2672959114 My Telephone rang and the Man simply listened without speaking. They telephone several times a day. I Installed Upward and called them back. The Man Mr McBride Accepted that he called and only listen without talking. He Additionally mention that this phone phone was being Registered. I told him that I would report him should he call again. He mentioned he was working for a Group agency. I insisted which he not phone my number again or that I would report him. With that I Put Upwards on him.

Post by Guest,

267-295-9114 Has called the Amount numerous times. Thus Now I replied it but your Individual Put up.

Post by Guest,

2672959114 Caller won't leave message or even state anything when we reply. Getting frustrated over the.

Post by WjW,

267-295-9114 I don't have any debt and keep getting calls from the company. They re looking for someone who had my Amount before me and don't believe that Eli dozen t 've this Telephone anymore. I stopped trying to explain it for them.

Post by Guest,

2672959114 ANNOYING. Several calls no messages. . . .

Post by Liz,

267-295-9114 I have been becoming a telephone from the number on my cell Telephone at least every few days. Why are they calling. . When I reply they hang Upwards. Quit interrupting my life and take me off your telephone list.

Post by Guest,

2672959114 1 call and did not state anything before hanging up

Post by Guest,

267-295-9114 They are a Statement collector. I owe cash on a Toyota loan. That loan has gone into Group with portfolio recovery so not certain why they're calling. But they can hang Upward on me when I response and never leave messages. Very Irritating.

Post by Michelle,

2672959114 The Amount calls Everyday and when I answer they hang Upward on me without saying one word. . .

Post by Guest,

267-295-9114 Cold telephone. They would t tell me exactly why they were calling until I confirmed my name I did t. When I responded by asked them what they were Marketing they Put Upward on me

Post by JD,

2672959114 When they telephone I Begin speaking European and they hang Upwards.

Post by Guest,

267-295-9114 Definitely spam.

Post by Guest,

2672959114 They called for my Mom it s Tate Jilin A

Post by Jim,

267-295-9114 Phone from W W W caller ID says TATE amp JILIN I said Hi they hung Upwards.

Post by Guest,

2672959114 Owner keeps calling my Residence hangs up on machine and hangs up when I try and response calls everyday numerous times a day tried to phone Amount back they wont response. . . would love calls for Discontinue. . . . 'm on that do not phone list. . . . really annoying

Post by Guest,

267-295-9114 They keep calling not Making a message not certain who they are .

Post by Tina Serafin,

2672959114 These people demand to Quit calling me instantaneously. I have been harassed enough. I 've Registered a chapter 7 bankruptcy. This needs for Cease now.

Post by Guest,

267-295-9114 telemarketers

Post by Sue,

2672959114 They have called my Dwelling several times and hang Upwards as soon as I Choose up . . Have never actually spoken for anyone and don t owe anyone anything thus no idea exactly why they would be calling but they need for Cease. .

Post by Guest,

267-295-9114 Caller did not state anything. Name on Owner id Tate Jilin A

Post by Guest,

2672959114 called my mothers line I haven t lived at home it around W years a bit frightful and annoying. same thing computer created phone don t answer and if possible Set a block on that number for your phone number

Post by Guest,

267-295-9114 Did t say anything

Post by Guest,

2672959114 they telephone and hang up

Post by Peaved,

267-295-9114 Not confident about your name but your number is a spoofed number. These have Only Began for me and I owe nothing. All calls thus Much have been hang ups no message left. I have researched the number and another associated along with it and these are debt Lovers and quite rude People at that. They spend most of there time Striving for bully amp you personally. They're Seeking to Amass on outdated debts owed W or W year old debts are all Ok with them even debts Underneath W. W dollars. They will continue and use different Amounts and names for months and even if they are wrong they keep calling and they completely disregard your national don t telephone list. Most law abiding Lovers may stop if you personally reply and tell them Never call again and if contact or communications is required you may only respond to some Composed notification along with Right Id and contact information . These people don t follow that rule either. Get a phone blocker Able of many Amounts. It s value the calmness.

Post by Guest,

2672959114 Must not have a life because they keep calling. Fools

Post by Guest,

267-295-9114 Received numerous calls from the Amount. Comes Upwards Tate amp Jilin A on Owner id. It's a taped message which states if You're name and not that person please call 1 W or if you are this Individual name please call 1 W W W. That is not a telemarketing telephone it's a call to Gather a debt. Wrote them a page telling them to quit and desist all communication and that 'm going to Alert your Experts and my Lawyer for bring a litigation against them. The name and address of the Firm is Tate amp Jilin amp Contacts W Southampton Road Philadelphia Pa W.

Post by Guest,

2672959114 Don t know this person

Post by Guest,

267-295-9114 Acquired calls out of them a couple of times but they won t leave a message. Quite aggravating.

Post by R Johnson,

2672959114 They called 9 W and Put Upward when I answered.

Post by AJ,

267-295-9114 Called at noon local time no message.

Post by Guest,

2672959114 I called the number back after receiving many calls. I request exactly why they kept calling and not talking when I answered Telephone. She said it was an automated system for a Set Bureau and their system occasionally notion it was getting an replying machine.

Post by Rhonda Fleming,

267-295-9114 A guy called who identified himself as Collin O Brine. He was looking for someone who dozen t live here. He demanded I get a Pen and paper and Compose down his Telephone number within case I should see the Individual he was searching for. He refused for provide me anymore info. Your called ID came up as Tate amp Keeling with a Amount of W W W. Your phone back Amount he Offered me was W W W ext W. Afterward he Put Upward on me.

Post by Guest,

2672959114 Calls but no one talks

Post by TC,

267-295-9114 Jerk attempted calling me at 8 W within your morning. I don t reply if I don t know who it's and he did t leave a message so it s not important. I saved his Amount on my phone as spammer . glad for see Remarks here. Mindless jerk get a life. Go for work. Stop living off of everyone else.

Post by Spidey Spedanko,

2672959114 They called my number and did not leave any message. Caller ID showed a phone number of W W W out of TATE amp JILIN. If you are not going to leave a message. . . I will not reply or return your phone .

Post by Guest,

267-295-9114 telemarketers

Post by Guest,

2672959114 SPAM. . . .

Post by Guest,

267-295-9114 He Promised for become a Statement collector and that i had an outstanding student loan and Desired me for set an Organization for pay it within not empty. I asked for this particular information in writing. I Additionally called that loan service for look for out Around them and your infamous loan. I do not have a loan. I don't display Upwards in archives or inside their delinquent accounts. Become certain to inquire things before giving Outside your data.

Post by MSimbas,

2672959114 Called but left no message. Nothing came Upward on caller ID either.

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2142838974 Complains by Guest,

Sounds like a Dumb Bash along with History crappy.

6036869125 Complains by Guest,

Calling about trip.

8064780063 Complains by Sam,

This phone number placed a text message to my cell phone. It requested me for phone within Wishes for my Statement service at my Real CU.

6046743557 Complains by Guest,

gets into that text after blocking her

6822253800 Complains by mikey,

i keep getting random calls out of this number and i get the voice send of someone named Betty

7032451926 Complains by Guest,

Scared to answer

8598141766 Complains by Guest,

Race Clinton Ky text message HHS

2564927443 Complains by Guest,

W W W 1 PM W W W W Am we don t know anyone out of there amp have never had any dealings w this place. . . . . .

9095290872 Complains by Guest,

Alan Clark left message on my express send at residence. Mentioned he was calling from the Dept. of Legal Affairs and quot someone quot had Submitted quot something quot against me and he could help me Extend it out. Telephone back Amount W W W. I ll get on that appropriate away Alan or whoever You're. NOT. Really really poor Feature and hard for understand. Had for listen to message 3 or 4 times Simply for body out what he was saying What a scam.

7866077806 Complains by Guest,

continues to call my cell Telephone and hangs Upwards.

8003533603 Complains by Calvin,

No message left. Don't understand who called me.

8043231879 Complains by Lisa,

Steve Johnson from Legal Processing Striving for scare me. I don t 've a criminal re coed or owe anyone cash.

8172382220 Complains by Debra N,

Owner ID reports this Amount as Fremont Schools however your Owner indicates that she could lower my visa MC rates. When Inquired about the Amount id she Simply referred to your automatic dial er sounds like that is Merely another way to get Folks for reply their Telephones I would not have replied an unknown number ID.

8772581599 Complains by Guest,

Keeps saying Societal security got a error within my Party favor and don t even supply your remainder name and I tell them to put my number on your do not telephone list but that telephone again

8132174627 Complains by annoyed,

3 Bands and hang Upward. f em. no message must be a scam jerk

8003342814 Complains by billyjim,

Hello Peak s direct number is W W W. They Additionally use W W W. They say they are a Monetary company which means Group. States they called by Crash which happens a lot. When they transferred me to the other side of your Firm they disconnected me. Not surprised. . . They don t desire for become annoyed I think. Hi me overly. Lola

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