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Post by LC,

2687620037 Have called twice now and hang Upward after 1 or 2 Bands. First phone at W W PM. Place code is for Barbados Barbados

Post by Ani,

268-762-0037 I gotten a phone phone from this Amount about W Min's. ago. My cell rung once and that caller Installed up. I will not become calling back.

Post by Lkh,

2687620037 Acquired 3 calls out of this . I did not answer. They did not leave message.

Post by Robin,

268-762-0037 Additionally it does say it s out of Barbados Barbuda.

Post by MB,

2687620037 Phone out of this Amount I answered and there was no answer. Just dead space.

Post by Diane T,

268-762-0037 Me too

Post by ljdseattle,

2687620037 Central of the nighttime. Your Mug woke me Upwards at 2 Am. Spam caller

Post by Dan,

268-762-0037 Only got a telephone at W W PM my time. . 3 rings and no express mail. F nag scampers Attempting for get you personally for call back for high charge rates.

Post by sarah,

2687620037 Spam Amount. Don't Call BACK. may try and make you personally pay extreme fees for international calls

Post by Lesley,

268-762-0037 My phone came in at W W pm.

Post by Jennifer,

2687620037 Blocked a different number from these scampers last week when they called me at W W PM. They Merely got a fresh number and called me Now at W W PM and I blocked the number too.

Post by Rick,

268-762-0037 Got cold and no message was left. Not even going to try and telephone back.

Post by Trish,

2687620037 The number has called repeatedly. Hangs Upward as soon as I answer. Definitely an unwanted telephone.

Post by Claudio,

268-762-0037 happened to me twice already. . . .

Post by Brittany,

2687620037 Missed phone from the at W PM my time tonight. After reading all of these Opinions i ll just add it for my reject list cheers to all who posted.

Post by s.star,

268-762-0037 Rec d over the last week at least 4 5 calls out of W W W without them ever Making a message. Irritating to have to wonder who and why and take your time for report it. They don't have any company calling because I 've telephone block.

Post by Maria,

2687620037 Do not need calls out of the number.

Post by grace,

268-762-0037 Merely got called by this number good matter I didn't Notice it Making my sister understand she s Underneath my name

Post by Jack,

2687620037 Called out of W W W. Getting a lot of these calls. I adore my no ring ringer. Works Fantastic. You personally don t even know they're calling you.

Post by No Way,

268-762-0037 2 days in 3 days for cell Telephone. Missed phone amp no message left. Added for block list so we ll see that works.

Post by Heather,

2687620037 Called me at W 'm MN time left no message after reading this won't telephone back

Post by marlin Russell,

268-762-0037 Installed Upward on me after two ring

Post by Zing,

2687620037 Phone from Amount W W W at 7 Am. 1 ring. I NEVER try to return calls out of numbers I don t understand. Exactly why would anyone do that. Look it up on forums enjoy this 1 and then forget it. Exactly why anyone would call a number back you don t Comprehend especially out of someplace like Antigua Barbuda enjoy the 1 is beyond me. Unless you have relatives there Discount it.

Post by Jim,

268-762-0037 Got a telephone 1 ring and hung Upwards. I did not telephone back

Post by Diane T,

2687620037 Me too

Post by Barry,

268-762-0037 I gotten a telephone out of this Amount earlier in the morning and tried to return believing it might become someone from work. Afterward I remembered that spam alert on the number. Bummer trust I don t get charged.

Post by john,

2687620037 Just one ring Afterward hung up

Post by Miranda,

268-762-0037 W. . . called and Put Upward. I did not reply or telephone back. I Merely Supposed at the time they called that I was a Skip dial.

Post by Marianne,

2687620037 Got a phone today at W PM on my iPhone no message left

Post by James D,

268-762-0037 Got a call out of. W W W at 5 'm my time. They are Attempting for call at time when Individuals are asleep thus they may phone back when they Awaken Upward.

Post by Mm,

2687620037 Same matter. One ring amp hung Upward W W

Post by Jack,

268-762-0037 Called out of W W W. Getting a lot of these calls. I love my no ring ringer. Works Excellent. You personally don t even understand they are calling you.

Post by Karin,

2687620037 Obtained telephone PM did t answer going for block now.


268-762-0037 W W CALLS From The Amount AND NO MESSAGE LEFT

Post by wendy,

2687620037 Called and hung Upwards before I could response. Glad I checked before calling back.

Post by Richard,

268-762-0037 And your own Authorities is Presume for protect you personally. . . It s Likely your own government doing it

Post by robert brown,

2687620037 received calls twice from the didn't response Telephone unknowing

Post by Debs,

268-762-0037 Rec d a telephone at 7 W Am. It rang twice no message. We don t have collectors and we re on your NATIONAL Don't Telephone LIST thus no Thought who owns this number and no intent to call them back. Here s where anyone could enroll their Telephones. Recall that it expires after 5 years or thus I vie heard so if it s been some time go forward and do it again. Great Fortune. HTTP dentally. gov register Reg. asp

Post by hhh,

2687620037 Numerous calls on different days. . . never leave a message

Post by Guest,

268-762-0037 Dozen t say anything then you personally hear a click

Post by Lesley,

2687620037 My phone Arrived in at W W pm.

Post by Diane T,

268-762-0037 Me too

Post by luck,

2687620037 Got a phone no me sage left.

Post by Sadie,

268-762-0037 Calls my cell Telephone over and over but hangs Upwards after 1 or 2 rings

Post by Lo,

2687620037 To Zing my thoughts just. Called on my iPhone 2 days directly. There 've been 1 ring calls too. Never reply unknown calls.

Post by GT,

268-762-0037 I got two 1 ring hang up calls another daytime. I did not telephone back.

Post by GG,

2687620037 Called just one time and Subsequently Put up and I tried for call your Amount back it said your number is not within service.

Post by Paula Lacy,

268-762-0037 I got a phone out of the number a few days ago and it was Virtually 1 W 'm. it woke me Upward and I was frightened it was a family emergency. I goggled the W Region code and power saw info it was from Antigua and Barbuda and is a scam. If you telephone back yogurt charged Large fees. Annoying.

Post by Barbara,

2687620037 Simply received call from the number one ring just. Gotten call from another W area code just one ring just.

Post by Robin,

268-762-0037 . . . also it does say it s from Antigua Barbuda.

Post by soft,

2687620037 Rang 1 time. . Afterward Installed up

Post by Diane T,

268-762-0037 Me too

Post by bubbles,

2687620037 got a phone from this thank God it would not let me call it back. Thank you Jesus

Post by Colorado,

268-762-0037 Got a call from the number at 5 Am today. They did not leave a message. I won t telephone back after reading these posts.

Post by Roxanne,

2687620037 Obtained a telephone from this number at 9 W pm 1 ring no message

Post by Mika Z,

268-762-0037 Missed call maybe only 3 Bands but did not call back. W W Bermuda Barbuda

Post by Lois Danner,

2687620037 Got a number on my phone W W W. Don't know anyone at this number.

Post by TW,

268-762-0037 Got a telephone at W W 'm I did t see it until your morning.

Post by jesi,

2687620037 Got a Telephone phone from this Amount. No message left.

Post by Art,

268-762-0037 Same 2 Bands and Put up

Post by Jessica S.,

2687620037 3 pm today I gotten a just one ring call from this Amount. Do not Telephone BACK SPAM. . .

Post by Guest,

268-762-0037 Ring of scampers from the Caribbean

Post by Sadie,

2687620037 Calls my cell Telephone around and around but hangs up after 1 or 2 rings

Post by CJ,

268-762-0037 1 W W W They shouldn't be able to telephone and hang Upward and it does not display where your Region code is from

Post by Peeved at Spam Calls,

2687620037 Had a missed call out of this number at 8 W 'm today on my iPhone. Owner did not leave a message. I won t telephone back either after reading these posts.

Post by lisa,

268-762-0037 They called my Telephone Approximately W W 'm PST. It rang twice and Subsequently Put Upward no voice send either.

Post by Diane T,

2687620037 Educational Post Warning One and two ring calls from Caribbean Country s Montserrat Dominica Jamaica Grenada Anti qua and Barbados Saint Lucia. . should not be called back. These calls are done so you may telephone them back and Put your own Telephone Statement with high Call costs See Anons post here HTTP notes. com forum ta dad's Caribbean missed phone wingtip notes. com Newsgroup ta eBay's . . . m W Region Cadette notes. com Newsgroup ta Feb . . . g Telephone numbers

Post by csl,

268-762-0037 Had telephone out of the Amount on my cell . Hang Upwards call . Do not desire calls out of the unknown number .

Post by Robin,

2687620037 Also it does state it s from Bermuda Barbuda.

Post by Lonnie H,

268-762-0037 I have received several calls out of this number latest 1 was 2 5 1 at 2 PM

Post by JS,

2687620037 Two rings and hung Upward 9 Am my time.

Post by Sue G,

268-762-0037 I stupidly called back this missed phone but Verizon was Fantastic at checking this out and then blocking this Amount from coming in. I did not know we could block numbers free of charge for up for 3 months. thanks Verizon

Post by George,

2687620037 This can be a scam. Do not Reply this telephone or from the same Region code. They try and bill you outrageous international fees. They phone you and hang up after just one or two rings expecting you phone back so you get stuck along with your charges.

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8325740640 Complains by Guest,

The Guy is insane and deranged.

2034835483 Complains by Guest,

Someone Marketing windows won t Cease calling

5180446871 Complains by L.,

A relative of a relative notified me that a call from this number was recieved and the person on the line said they were looking for "so and so". the person they were looking for is my deceased mother!!! Very concerning.

8177500118 Complains by Guest,

Need to know id of person calling

8327609290 Complains by Guest,

Insane don t feel like talking to nobody today

8667536440 Complains by Guest,

Yes it is a pare paid Paypal MasterCard and after you Pay 4. W for buy it they charge you another 4. W per month for use it. I already had a Paypal account along with a debt MasterCard with no fees in the least but I did pay 4. W each month along with cash for a green dot card along with scratch away s on the back for use to Weight instantly for my Paypal account. As of yesterday 2 3 W because of too many scams they no More sell the card dint I m stuck now reloading this annoying card with fees Simply to fund Paypal

2093031494 Complains by Guest,

They will not state anything Merely sit on the phone they telephone everyday when I call back they dint state anything

8087777777 Complains by MOOSEMAN,

called 6 W p. m. on 2 W W no other info

5185234643 Complains by Guest,

got several texts out of the Amount Looking for buy my items for sale. . might it be Actual or a scam.

4242098694 Complains by KenK,

Just received a call regarding a medical alert. I tried to call them back and as soon as I hit the "2" I get a msg that says "your call cannot be completed as dialed".

5062242264 Complains by Guest,


4692217975 Complains by Guest,

No great text pics sets appointments Subsequently text and state something Arrived up

6138682244 Complains by Guest,

Credit card bull crap

7049953179 Complains by Guest,

They are calling my job harassing me and calling my son at his college in Lubbock, Tx harassing him. Not cool. I'm going to file a complaint against them with the Attorney General's Office in Austin, Texas.

4079565453 Complains by Guest,

Don't TRUST This Person. Won't SEND SS HOES

8055974132 Complains by Guest,


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