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Post by Brian,

2687620075 I acquired a telephone late at night no message I did t attempt to phone back just posted here this am.

Post by S.A.M,

268-762-0075 Rang my Telephone and my Partner s at your same time 8 W pm two Bands did t response disconnect.

Post by Scott,

2687620075 Called late at nighttime left now message.

Post by azmountain,

268-762-0075 Called at 'm way too earlier no message.

Post by Rachel Neumeier,

2687620075 Telephone with no message no speaker. They need to cut this out.

Post by Ldd,

268-762-0075 I just got a telephone out of the Amount as nicely and Additionally Lately got added to your do not telephone list. Unusual.

Post by Mike Martinez,

2687620075 Me Too


268-762-0075 Could you personally read shill. Did anyone who posted in this thread Maintained to owe a Invoice for anything. Do you know you talking Around. unless of course you personally work for them

Post by Charlene VanHook,

2687620075 Sick of these calls

Post by donj,

268-762-0075 Yup I Merely got a telephone from the number no message

Post by unknown,

2687620075 got a telephone at Am. rang twice and Installed Upward. dint know anyone in Barbados Barbuda

Post by Greg,

268-762-0075 Same matter. Two rings and hang up.

Post by Lisa,

2687620075 It does no great to tell them for stop they don t own the forum nor would they likely read here. . What is happening is they trust to make you mad enough for phone back thus they scam and Stack your own Telephone bill. Informational Post Warning 1 and two ring calls out of Caribbean State s Montserrat Dominica Jamaica Grenada Anti qua and Barbados Saint Lucia. . should not be called back. These calls are done so you may phone them back and Pack your own phone bill along with high Phone costs See Anons post here HTTP notes. com Newsgroup ta dad's Caribbean missed call wingtip notes. com Newsgroup ta eBay's . . . m W Region Cadette notes. com forum ta Feb . . . g Telephone numbers

Post by t,

268-762-0075 W W W called W PM did not reply. rang once or twice

Post by Rob,

2687620075 Merely got a phone from this number overly. No express send left.

Post by grandpa_mike,

268-762-0075 Call your phone Service report this ask them to block calls out of the number. It may take you less than a Second.

Post by JRG,

2687620075 Only got a call out of the the phone number 7 'm EST. two Bands and a hang Upwards. Could it become Connected to your Target incident. . .

Post by Cheryl Caltumo,

268-762-0075 Unwanted call

Post by b,

2687620075 What if my carrier says I 'm not Certified to call that number. I called back before I knew it was a scam. . ugh.

Post by b,

268-762-0075 What if my Company says I 'm not Approved for telephone that number. I called back before I knew it was a scam. . ugh.

Post by Investigator,

2687620075 Back drop search identifier bounces out of Bermuda Barbuda to your Us Firm back door. That Company is called Delivery Fiscal from Arizona that just named email address is as follows E-mail W protected

Post by DD,

268-762-0075 This has been going on for me all week out of various numbers. One or two Bands Subsequently a hangup. I read elsewhere it s a phone scam of a few sort. If you call back you get a charge for calling them. I don t know if which is Accurate or not but I m not going to test that theory.

Post by melissa,

2687620075 Called left no messaged.

Post by tina,

268-762-0075 receiving several calls Distinct s unusual time every ones Dwelling not a recognizable area code no message. . . block it. .

Post by isaiah's Mom,

2687620075 I don't consider so as I obtained a call from them and I have not shopped at Target.

Post by James,

268-762-0075 This number Merely now called W W 'm EST. Same as others picked it Upward the ND ring and was Put Upwards on correct as I answered.

Post by Ralph,

2687620075 Just got a call out of this number. No message.

Post by Lala Land,

268-762-0075 Now is your second time I acquired a phone call from W W W. . . I saw on that news Lately that a scam has been going on your Telephone rings one or two times no message. . . Don't Telephone BACK. . . . that s a SCAM. . . . . . You'll get hit with outrageous international calls Costs Upward for W per minute.

Post by sandy,

2687620075 Happened to me too 1 ring and Put Upward. It's Likely the scam Recorded below but not calling back for test your theory.

Post by de,

268-762-0075 obtained on 2 4 W. please stop them.

Post by Deb,

2687620075 Obtained a telephone Simply now. Only rang twice then hung Upward. . Additionally gotten a call 7 hours ago. . from W W W. No message left. This can be a pain.

Post by ditto,

268-762-0075 same as above

Post by frank,

2687620075 Simply received a call overly. Did t 've time to answer. Left no vim. Don t understand Everyone along with W Region code or Nation Barbados and Barbuda.

Post by Sylvia Rae,

268-762-0075 Received phone at 9 'm. Replied and got a recall beep. Called that number and recording said telephone cannot become completed at this time .

Post by jenny,

2687620075 got a telephone out of this Amount W W W don't no anyone within Barbados Barbuda they Installed Upward before i could response.

Post by Briana,

268-762-0075 Me too

Post by Briana,

2687620075 WT my Telephone Merely rang at 1 W am. . . that is that Amount that appeared on caller ID. I did t Choose it Upward.

Post by KC,

268-762-0075 My Partner was called by your Amounts W W W and W last night. I was called by the number W W W Today.

Post by maylee,

2687620075 i initially missed this phone. i unfortunately called it back twice. the recording was broken up and difficult for Notice the first phone back. Subsequently i Installed Upward and called it back again. the ND phone back your message was also broken Upward. Yet i notion i hear each min. you personally stay on this phone you may be Priced. Subsequently i Put up. should i telephone my service Supplied. i do have unlimited minutes. may they 've more info on me because i called back. what can they do Only because i called back.

Post by hungrier, tacoma, wa,

268-762-0075 Yep got one to last nighttime your Th. Suspected a scummier one ring only. and Yes i shopped at target over Xmas for.

Post by Cali,

2687620075 Now is that second daytime I get a phone from W Place code. No just one Solutions when I Select Upward. I don t understand any 1 in Barbados.

Post by Sue w.,

268-762-0075 Also obtained call no message and I did store at objective.

Post by rose,

2687620075 got this phone but did t answer it it s a scam

Post by Walt,

268-762-0075 Additionally out of W W W

Post by Trish,

2687620075 I received several calls from this Amount thus decided for telephone it back. Little did I know until I got my Telephone bill that it was an international call. What a Whole scam and Split off.

Post by Mark,

268-762-0075 Called left no message.

Post by ddrrff,

2687620075 got a telephone out of the Amount and i accidentally called back thinking it was someone i was talking to B i thought. calling Verizon now to report it. it was a message which was broken Upwards that i could not understand. looked it Upward on Google found it was Barbados Barbados crap. all i may do at your Time is block the Amount.

Post by Paul,

268-762-0075 Rang twice then Discontinued woke my a Upward called back and a recording said This is a non working number can that become when they Merely called me.

Post by stony,

2687620075 Called at 7 W am. To earlier. Just ring 3 times

Post by jer-sey,

268-762-0075 Merely got a phone out of this Amount scam . W W W

Post by Laura,

2687620075 Same time same M O Morons

Post by Izzie,

268-762-0075 Called me last nighttime at midnight. Left no message either.

Post by b,

2687620075 What if my Provider says I am not Certified to phone that number. I called back before I knew it was a scam. . ugh.

Post by Guest,

268-762-0075 Received a phone from this number on my cell Telephone. I missed your ring thus did not get to response it. I Found it on my missed calls list but did not return the phone. Probably an excellent thing that I did t. Suggest adding the prefix to the list of scam prefixes i. e. W W W and W.

Post by Razzysunger,

2687620075 W W W I Simply got this phone and desire to block thus Amount from my phone

Post by Tyrus McCorkle, III,

268-762-0075 I have been receiving calls out of this number in any respect times and times. This really is a Large annoyance.

Post by Brian,

2687620075 I gotten an unknown and unwanted call from the number.

Post by Ldd,

268-762-0075 I Simply got a call out of this Amount as well and also Lately got added to that don't call list. Peculiar.

Post by Kari,

2687620075 W W W called rang twice then hung Upwards.

Post by j sizzle,

268-762-0075 Called left no message. I hate people with no life.

Post by Deb,

2687620075 Obtained telephone from that Amount Now at 2 W pm on my cell phone. Did not reply and they left no message.

Post by gina,

268-762-0075 I got a call along with no message left from W. W. W.

Post by mimi,

2687620075 Lola

Post by enough,

268-762-0075 I would be cautious of any Prices in your Statement. I believe its considered international calling.

Post by Lisa,

2687620075 It does no great to tell them to Cease they don t own the Newsgroup Or would they likely read here. . What's happening is they hope for create you personally Crazy enough to phone back so they scam and Pack your own Telephone bill. Informational Post Warning One and two ring calls from Caribbean Country s Montserrat Dominica Jamaica Grenada Anti qua and Barbados St Lucia. . shouldn't be called back. These calls are done thus You'll telephone them back and Stack your own phone Statement along with high Telephone costs See Anons post here HTTP notes. com forum ta dad's Caribbean missed phone wingtip notes. com forum ta eBay's . . . m W Region Cadette notes. com forum ta Feb . . . g phone numbers

Post by Laura,

268-762-0075 Same time same M O Morons

Post by ditto,

2687620075 Educational Post Warning 1 and two ring calls out of Caribbean Country s Montserrat Dominica Jamaica Grenada Anti qua and Barbados St Lucia. . shouldn't be called back. These calls are done thus you may telephone them back and Put your own phone bill with high Call Prices See Anons post here HTTP notes. com forum ta dad's Caribbean missed phone wingtip notes. com forum ta eBay's . . . m W Place Cadette notes. com Newsgroup ta Feb . . . g Telephone numbers

Post by Possed off,

268-762-0075 Keep getting calls out of Distinct numbers calling from W at Distinct times. No just one answers.

Post by Ian,

2687620075 Thanks for input out of y all when I rec d phone out of the Amount. . . I Ian t telephone within back. Being within sales I Enjoy for phone people back but this is scam of some type.

Post by Brian,

268-762-0075 I gotten a telephone out of this Amount it s unknown for me and unwanted.

Post by Guest,

2687620075 That is probably among these numbers. . . . . . . . . . . . . Believe twice before returning that missed telephone A brand new phone scam calls users without giving them enough time to response then Techniques them into dialing pricey foreign chat lines. The B B B has Given a warning about your scam which appears to be targeting cellular telephone phone owners within your United States. The 1 ring scam works as follows A computer Application Beginning outside your U. S. dials American customers and lets the phone ring just once before hanging Upward. These calls are Regularly from States Approximately your Caribbean. Calling back is generally not your best Notion as the lines Link for premium chat lines. In Improvement to Getting a W international calling fee these lines Additionally charge users for each Second Used Related. Just receiving the missed phone is harmless so your absolute best bet is for Blow off any missed calls out of unknown Amounts.

Post by sc,

268-762-0075 Called and got machine. Did not leave a message. Show says W W W. Unknown number to our House. Going for block number.


2687620075 Can you personally read shill. Did anyone who posted within the train of thought Maintained for owe a Invoice for anything. What are you personally talking about. unless of path you work for them

Post by b,

268-762-0075 phone but no message. Thankfully I can now block this call.

Post by niter,

2687620075 I got a telephone at 5 Am the morning. Rang once Afterward nothing Annoying for state that least

Post by seth mcneish,

268-762-0075 no message

Post by Pampered Mom,

2687620075 Got a missed phone this morning Sunday at Am simultaneously on both my phone and my husband s. . .

Post by K,

268-762-0075 Rang X 9 PM.

Post by Mikish,

2687620075 My log display an incoming call from the number today. . I missed it and don t reply Amounts I don t Comprehend anyways.

Post by Brian,

268-762-0075 Discontinued ringing after 2 rings

Post by de,

2687620075 acquired on 2 4 W. please stop them.

Post by Mikish,

268-762-0075 Adore it.

Post by same here,

2687620075 Rev d numerous calls on a number that is Enrolled with that Lawyer General s office for your no phone list. no message left calling each daytime and at Distinct times.

Post by tired of too many of these calls,

268-762-0075 Same matter. . . these Individuals ring twice and hang up

Post by Suzanne Michaud,

2687620075 I acquired a phone from this number. Not recognizing the Region code I called it back. Then Viewed it Upwards just for comprehend it is outside the Us. This is your ND call enjoy this I 've acquired. I am on that Do not phone registry amp don t know how you can block these calls.

Post by isaiah's Mom,

268-762-0075 I do not consider thus as I received a phone from them and I have not shopped at Target.

Post by Daly,

2687620075 Revived telephone around W W p. m. One ring I answered but it Put up. Appeared really Bizarre for me.

Post by SissyB,

268-762-0075 Just gotten a telephone from this Amount. Rang for Simply a couple of seconds and stopped. I did t call back because this can be that ND telephone I vie gotten out of this Region and understand it s a scam. Blocked the Amount from calling back.

Post by Left Coast,

2687620075 I got your two ring telephone as nicely. At 4 W am here within Laos Angel es. What a Collection of idiots.

Post by Eric,

268-762-0075 It is a telemarketing scam. They telephone and let the phone ring once and Subsequently hang Upwards expecting you for phone back. They Afterward direct you for one of that Linking vendors companies that pay for the contacts. It s an international Amount and You'll become charged if called. Do not call back.

Post by Brian,

2687620075 I Only Needed to report this number as an unwanted call.

Post by Hannah,

268-762-0075 Called and did t leave a express mail only rang 3 times. Definitely not going for strive calling them back. This really is a bit annoying and absurd.

Post by me,

2687620075 Same as above they called at W W pm EST no message my Telephone won t even let me call back.

Post by MG,

268-762-0075 Furthermore I received a phone at 6 W a. m. MT. No response. Hangup after 3 Bands. Someone Actually have way too Substantially time on their control.

Post by Me,

2687620075 I Simply got a phone out of the Amount a few minutes Past. Rang twice. I did t call back. I never would on Amounts I don t Comprehend which are from state Notably from Bermuda.

Post by Allie,

268-762-0075 Got a phone out of the number. Put Upward after a few Bands. This has happened several times. Want they would Discontinue.

Post by mimi,

2687620075 Lola

Post by Cf,

268-762-0075 Had telephone. No message

Post by Tr,

2687620075 Got a missed call at 8 PM. Not calling back along with that latest scam going on. . .

Post by me too!,

268-762-0075 9 PM got telephone out of W W W. Rang twice. Hung Upwards. Never telephone those back. Blocking number NOW.

Post by NG,

2687620075 Got a call on cell from W W W Antigua Barbuda. Just one ring than they Put up. I knew it was scam number because they attempted several months Past same MO

Post by Paul,

268-762-0075 Received a telephone from the number at W PM last nighttime. Simply rang a few times Only enough for Awaken me Upwards and Afterward Put Upward. No I do not understand anyone within Bermuda either.

Post by kb,

2687620075 Called at 6 Am. Rang twice and Put Upwards.

Post by Pam,

268-762-0075 This happens to become a property line I found out when I Delivered a text. You believe something could become done.

Post by jenny,

2687620075 got a telephone from this number W W W don't no anyone within Bermuda Barbuda they Put up before i could answer.

Post by jy,

268-762-0075 did not answer. . . called 2 times. 5 PM PST

Post by Jill Tucker,

2687620075 I obtained a telephone out of the Amount at 1 W a. m. . . .

Post by Lori,

268-762-0075 Same as all above. Rang twice and Installed up 5 minutes ago

Post by Jamie,

2687620075 Very upset along with this. My husband is Now deployed and I notion it was him calling out of a satellite Telephone like he Typically does on that sub. . I m gonna contact AT amp T correct now and request if I 'm going to be Priced because from habit I called it back. .

Post by Elaine,

268-762-0075 Second time today. Tired of your stupidity of wasting my time. Many lowlife obviously needing a spanking and Set within the Part.

Post by Judd,

2687620075 Did you get Priced a lot of for returning the call. Sounds enjoy you fell for the scam.

Post by Briana,

268-762-0075 Me too

Post by Judd,

2687620075 Did you personally get Priced a lot of for returning your telephone. Sounds enjoy you personally dropped for your scam.

Post by Elaine Hamilton,

268-762-0075 NO Payment Change Mortgage

Post by christa johnston-garrett,

2687620075 Scummier. . . don t know anyone out of the number.

Post by ss,

268-762-0075 Received call from the Amount at 9 Am CST. Left no message.

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Recent comment

8325740640 Complains by Guest,

The Guy is insane and deranged.

2034835483 Complains by Guest,

Someone Marketing windows won t Cease calling

5180446871 Complains by L.,

A relative of a relative notified me that a call from this number was recieved and the person on the line said they were looking for "so and so". the person they were looking for is my deceased mother!!! Very concerning.

8177500118 Complains by Guest,

Need to know id of person calling

8327609290 Complains by Guest,

Insane don t feel like talking to nobody today

8667536440 Complains by Guest,

Yes it is a pare paid Paypal MasterCard and after you Pay 4. W for buy it they charge you another 4. W per month for use it. I already had a Paypal account along with a debt MasterCard with no fees in the least but I did pay 4. W each month along with cash for a green dot card along with scratch away s on the back for use to Weight instantly for my Paypal account. As of yesterday 2 3 W because of too many scams they no More sell the card dint I m stuck now reloading this annoying card with fees Simply to fund Paypal

2093031494 Complains by Guest,

They will not state anything Merely sit on the phone they telephone everyday when I call back they dint state anything

8087777777 Complains by MOOSEMAN,

called 6 W p. m. on 2 W W no other info

8104713671 Complains by Sammys Bashfulbaby,

TRD or something research company and we were selected to do a marketing research for our areaJoyNot!!

4088572195 Complains by Guest,


2067319731 Complains by atx,

who is the Man who keeps calling me and not Making a message.

8187710608 Complains by Guest,

leave me alone you personally Selected the.

2254058405 Complains by yaright,

car loan my [***]. I didn't apply for no car but they have my number?Sounds like a scam to get your info to do fraud or something. I spoke with a "manager" and told them to take my name off the list.

2534261711 Complains by Guest,

9015029276 Complains by Karst er,

No message did t reply Rob telephone.

4805502986 Complains by Guest,

good bye

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