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Post by EL,

2892700737 Called and asked Around your internet without specifics. I Inquired him immediately for whom he was calling and he Merely asked again about our aim and Telephone number. I ignored his question and Installed Upward after he was not willing for tell me the reason why he was calling.

Post by Illinois Guy 17,

289-270-0737 Same here. Received my phone kind this Amount W W A. M. on August W W CT. The Telephone rang twice before your Owner Put Upwards though. No doubt it s a scam all your same Viewing as no just one in my House knows anyone who s ever even been to Canada much less is from there.

Post by Guest,

2892700737 Called this morning at 6 Am and did not leave a message. I attempted for call back and no answer.

Post by Guest,

289-270-0737 called at 6 Am and Asserted they were receiving error messages that malicious software was being downloaded for my computer. would not state what company they were representing. powerful Highlight.

Post by Jim,

2892700737 Ontario calling. Left no message At least it was W W 'm not 5 W.

Post by Bernie,

289-270-0737 Took a telephone at 6 W Am asserting to become Windows support and offering help along with Windows error messages. This continues for become a scam from several Distinct numbers. Do not provide these callers any data.

Post by Guest,

2892700737 Same telephone as all the other reports below. Now that it is 'm I am calling that FCC to report.

Post by Guest,

289-270-0737 Called me at 5 W 'm to see if I was that Individual who took attention of that computers in the house or many such thing. I Installed Upwards needless to state before the whole pitch was got. I attempted calling back for whine later in your daytime but no just one answered.

Post by Abigail ridge,

2892700737 Scam call asking to your computer info. Owner I d shows Upward as Milton. Owner claims he needs to help with Windows error messages.

Post by Guest,

289-270-0737 CALLED AT 6 W 'm. Guy HAD Really Strong Feature. WE Need THESE Individuals Stopped. We are ON Do not Call LIST. Some MORNINGS AT The TIME WE WOULD STILL Be Asleep.

Post by Jon,

2892700737 When this call comes within no 1 has EVER replied.

Post by Guest,

289-270-0737 This number called us at 6 W within your morning. Merely as I replied they Put up. The same Amount called my Mom in law Recently morning at 6 W. Your woman was really rude and said she was calling quot Around her computer quot . The needs for Discontinue.

Post by Charles Seideman,

2892700737 Telephone call from W W W out of someone who said he was out of Approved service Centre for Windows. Caller said my Windows Software Security had expired and I had no software protection. Caller told me hackers were logging onto your computer at nighttime an using it. Owner Desired people for Purchase Windows Software Security for W. for 7 yrs. or W per year. Unwanted software was found on your computer thus obviously Malawi came into your computer via Net search e mail or Facebook.

Post by Iowa Guy,

289-270-0737 This Man called at 8 W 'm Scam phone asking for your own computer information. Owner I d shows up as Milton. Caller claims he needs to help with Windows error messages.

Post by Mary B,

2892700737 Woke me up at 5 W Am and claimed he was becoming error messages from my computer. Guy could hardly Discuss English. Totally disgusting. Installed Upwards on him. My computer Specialist told me never for supply them any Information. It's a scam.

Post by Illinois Guy 17,

289-270-0737 Same here. Obtained my telephone sort the Amount W W A. M. on August W W CT. The phone rang twice before your Owner hung up though. No doubt it s a scam all that same seeing as no one in my own Home knows anyone who s ever even been to Canada Substantially less is from there.

Post by Michelle,

2892700737 Received telephone at 5 W a. m. Said my computer has a virus and Inquired if my computer was on. I asked if he knew who my USP is. When he said no I hung Upwards.

Post by Ohioan,

289-270-0737 They re still at it. This Amount called this morning before 8 a. m. I did not answer. Caller i. d. read Ontario. If I occur to response one of these calls I plan for request that Owner for his full name Staff i. d. number and your Center where he works and tell him I 've to check along with Microsoft before I could even talk to him. That will Certainly get him away my Telephone but I uncertainty it will Cease the calls.

Post by George,

2892700737 This person called at 6 W the morning. Clearly a violation of your National do not call list calling hours. And violating your list itself which I am on. And since I have never done business with these scampers within your previous they don't have any right calling here. Sadly the do not phone list is no longer being overseen by that government and has gone by that wayside. I don t know what rights Americans have anymore to protect against these calls since your government has neglected people.

Post by Guest,

289-270-0737 Called at 6 'm EST 8 W asserting to work for Business called We Care Your own Pc and kept insisting that I get on my computer that there was harmful Applications being run and he was going for Support me within Ending them. Total scam. Said he was calling out of California which would 've made it 3 'm there and he had a very substantial accent. Ph number on Owner id W W W. Fraud needs to become reported.

Post by Patti Ann K,

2892700737 Caller along with Indian Feature claimed for be Signifying Microsoft because my computer was infected along with a nasty virus. He Needed remote accessibility to repair the problem. I researched on that internet this was a scam.

Post by Mrs Bell,

289-270-0737 The bozo called at 7 W on a Saturday morning Inquired for my Partner and Put up on me when I kept responding speaking for his question You're Mr Bell . From your looks of these Gripes I m Blessed he let me sleep thus late.

Post by Guest,

2892700737 Called at 7 W 'm. Did t answer

Post by Guest,

289-270-0737 Called my house at 5 W Am same Cope. Amusing though I have had calls out of them within your previous asserting for become Microsoft and the caller ID was Unknown Owner .

Post by Guest,

2892700737 Called at 5 Am. I replied and said nothing. They hung Upward. They need to be prosecuted for harassment. Quite frightening awakening Upward believing something happened.

Post by Guest,

289-270-0737 They called my Mom the morning at 6 am maintaining she had something erroneous with her computer. Appears enjoy your number is from Milton ON. Calling FCC for report.

Post by Norm,

2892700737 I got called at 5 W Am Now out of the scummier. This was a day where I thought I was going for get to slumber late. Thanks to this idiot my morning was ruined.

Post by Guest,

289-270-0737 Called 5 W 'm left no MSG from Canada. Scam . Completely.

Post by JM,

2892700737 Called at 6 W 'm. and could t even Chat English very nicely. Thus I m not confident what they wanted. Could t understand their garbling. Told them for take us off their calling list. Owner ID showed as Ontario .

Post by Suz,

289-270-0737 W am. Really. . I did t response in time do I don t know but I have gotten calls from this Man who desires for do Microsoft security several times. I Normally harass him a bit. Last time I replied and I said I remember you personally You're the guy selling computer protection well I still don t 've . Afterward he told me no I m calling about your microwave Guarantee and Put Upward within me. Lola

Post by Norm,

2892700737 I got called at 5 W 'm today from this scummier. The was a daytime where I idea I was going to get for sleep late. Thanks for this idiot my morning was ruined.

Post by Guest,

289-270-0737 A few kind of scam. Called at 7 W 'm. No just one replied. Put up fast when did t Comprehend number. It was from Ontario CNN. Needs to become investigated.

Post by Guest,

2892700737 The Owner called my house tying for get access for my Dwelling computer when I told him I wasn't getting on it that I didn't care if something was incorrect he then Installed up.

Post by Guest,

289-270-0737 Called at 5 W this morning asserting there was something incorrect along with my computer. Definitely a scam. . . . .

Post by Guest,

2892700737 Acquired a call at 6 W a. m. the morning. Answered because I idea it was urgent at the time of your morning. Told me my computer had a virus. I asked that Girl if she knew how earlier it was. She responded it was important because my computer had a virus. She was not Pleasant. How does the occur if my Amount is on a quot Do not Telephone List quot

Post by Guest,

289-270-0737 Called earlier in morning and said I had a Trouble with my computer. Hung up. Caller ID said out of Ontario. Express sounded like a guy from India.

Post by Guest,

2892700737 Highlighted voice Indian I believe asking for me Partner answered Subsequently hung Upwards. phone Clearly does not accept incoming calls.

Post by George,

289-270-0737 BTW. Even though I personally believe that don't phone list is not being monitored like it used for become I still file complaints and you can overly. here is that Web site HTTP Gripes. dentally. gov Gripe Criticism check. asp

Post by Guest,

2892700737 Called my house at 5 W 'm same Cope. Amusing though I have had calls from them within the past maintaining to become Microsoft and your caller ID was Unknown Owner .

Post by Guest,

289-270-0737 Called at 6 W two mornings man along with a strong Highlight. Did t response the Frost time but when it hap pend the second time we replied Request him if he knew it was 6 W in that morning he said yes he knew it was and was very awful. Said something about having a windows laptop computer told him NO. He said it again and it was very Significant and again was very ugly. Told him NOT for call again and he slammed your Telephone down. Along with all of these other Folks complaining Why could t somebody put a Cease to this man. Larry

Post by Cat in OH,

2892700737 Called amp 'm ID said Ontario. I did t answer that Telephone amp instantaneously plugged the Amount into the wonderful URL. As I was UPSTAIRS reading everyone s Useful Information I could hear him actually SCREAMING Hello Hello. . . several times my answering machine downstairs. Thanks for the warning all

Post by Jessica,

289-270-0737 Called last week Around a windows error report told him I did t use windows and he Installed Upwards on me. Subsequently called again this morning and nobody talked.

Post by sick of scammers,

2892700737 These computer scams have got for stop it s previous and I Actually trust people are not Dropping for your scam. Microsoft can never ever telephone you personally telling you there surely is something erroneous along with your own system and if someone is telling you personally this are you personally not curious as for why they are monitoring your own system . . . . supposedly . Folks worsen up and tell these scampers to take a trek I m being polite . However another number blocked of many. . . . . W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W

Post by Effingham, IL,

289-270-0737 Multiple calls. . . . . Caller ID shows no name only number

Post by Guest,

2892700737 Called at W W EST no response after I said quot hello quot . I did not recognize Region code thus I looked it Upward here.

Post by Art,

289-270-0737 Called at 7 W Am. I don t answer unknown calls. Does anyone understand where to report these kind of calls .

Post by Guest,

2892700737 Called me at 6 W 'm. I answered because I idea it was important. Woman along with a powerful Feature kept saying my computer had a virus and I was quot going to lose my computer quot . I asked if she understand what time it was and was told it was Significant because I was quot Around for lose my computer quot . I Put up. I am on your don't phone list.

Post by KS,

289-270-0737 Called Approximately 6 W Am. I don t response unknown numbers.

Post by Clare,

2892700737 Acquired a phone from this number at 7 W a. m. and caller was really Determined Around my computer being exposed to virus. She said she was from a company contracted by Windows called We Care Your Pc . Installed up.

Post by Guest,

289-270-0737 Called me at 6 W 'm for say I had something wrong with my computer. Wanted me for mend it along with their giving me Recommendations. Woman along with Indian Highlight and quite agitated.

Post by Thomas Young,

2892700737 Same as below. 6 W Am wake Upwards. Pathetic.

Post by Guest,

289-270-0737 Called at 6 W am for tell me my computer had a virus.

Post by Guest,

2892700737 keep calling saying there is a Issue with my Pc. Significant Highlight.

Post by Guest,

289-270-0737 Called at 6 Am but would t leave a message. We 're on that don't telephone list Additionally amp this should become Ceased ASAP. . . .

Post by Guest,

2892700737 Called at 5 W in your morning. Did t answer phone

Post by Guest,

289-270-0737 Called at 6 'm telling me something was wrong with my computer an urgent message about my windows. Really rude quite earlier very powerful Feature. Woke Children Upward manner too early.

Post by Guest,

2892700737 Called at 8 W am. Said he was located in California. Truly from Milton Ontario Canada. Insisted I turn on my computer for mend a Trouble. Very rude

Post by grant blodgett,

289-270-0737 Asking for information on my computer.

Post by Guest,

2892700737 The owner of this Telephone line is running a scam where they claim for become out of Microsoft and they try and get your victim believe there s a Difficulty along with their computer. They vie Likely already Chosen advantage of many people. They had Indian or Pakistani accents.

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9015024775 Complains by Guest,

no text messages I don t need nothing

5596184451 Complains by Joshua Greene,

I too have gotten a check from this person( Barry)..He wants to buy a gas fireplace from me for $700 and has included $1250.32 extra for shipping cost..Total amount on check $1950.32...REALLY????  Why the heck would someone pay that much for shipping...This makes 5 scams that have sent a check this year...Why can,t these people be caught and prosecuted???

6158725500 Complains by Guest,

U. S. Postal Service Client Matters Usually viewing lost send insurance and States.

7048185042 Complains by Guest,

Calls and hangs Upwards. If you phone back it says disconnected

3138187474 Complains by Guest,


6465771501 Complains by Guest,

Cease calling

7013542947 Complains by Guest,

Discontinue calling me Set on dent call list IMHO

8002010246 Complains by Bothered,

No I get calls out of this Amount Regular and Regularly several times a day. No message no Information. Really exhausted of it.

8002203765 Complains by FrustratedCustomer,

email W protected Card Block Alert . To find Outside why you receive the alert call 1 W W W. Than bk you. The above was your contents of your text message I gotten out of W. To continue beating the drum This is A SCAM. Don't Telephone them or give them your information.

8002011978 Complains by nick,

this number called the morning left no express mail.

8002116689 Complains by RB,

Chase Student Loan Servicing LC East Kansas Road Ste Within Indiana Within W W

8002397054 Complains by Notparaniod,

HTTP Internet. capital one. com contact people personal . . . EUTECTIC

8002337515 Complains by Michael Sininsky,

That is Solomon amp Solomon. A debt collection law Organization. Occasionally your debts they try and collect are Broken and occasionally they're not. Either manner the law Organization I work for could help if You're being called by them. I Cope along with debt Lovers enjoy this all the time. I work for S. T. Pack guy amp Affiliates a law Company that can help Customers within all states and we've offices within NY NJ amp Philadelphia. Assess us out and telephone people for help. S. T. Group guy amp Contacts Lawyers at Law. spaceman. Com W W W ext W

8002147891 Complains by DHackett,

How did the go. I am receiving that same phone calls and my husband is getting worried and needs to pay them for a debt around 7 years Past.

8002402348 Complains by RJ,

Revealed unknown within your Owner ID. Called Around Changing our Ups Vehicle pay and asked for my credit card. . . That number is not associated for Ups. . . so it s really suspicious.

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