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Post by C,

2892756942 They called and did t say anything

Post by Janki,

289-275-6942 I received a telephone from the Amount on my cell offering a Cruise . . . . out of Amy I hung Upward since it sounds enjoy another scam

Post by spamAgain,

2892756942 telephone me 4 times this morning it rang once and drooped.

Post by ????,

289-275-6942 Now it was some survey. I called back along with in 1 Second and automated response you personally were called for participate is a survey the sis now shut

Post by Ba,

2892756942 My wife s cell Telephone gets phone from the number a few times but we did t reply it. I 've Simply blocked it on her phone. Hope it works.

Post by Rory,

289-275-6942 Got a phone from the number only it Arrived up as W I don t know if the extra 1 at the Start is anything fresh I did not reply as I just answer Amounts I know

Post by So Happy,

2892756942 I 'm thus oops joyful for 've won another cruise. Gee. . . . do I Accumulate. I want for telephone these frauds and offer them a free Vacation to my fist. . . One manner of path.

Post by al,

289-275-6942 idiots called did not Choose up

Post by me,

2892756942 I told Amy tuckered.

Post by adam,

289-275-6942 they took away my liberty for 5 seconds

Post by pat,

2892756942 I Offered my cell Amount for IE office yesterday and got a telephone out of the number today. I did not reply.

Post by harmed,

289-275-6942 I consider it s a Ill monitoring

Post by Guy,

2892756942 Did t reply.

Post by SSs,

289-275-6942 Dumb f Er's called me Now on my cell. I have an exceedingly small plan I just 've W minutes of Absolute talk time and I DON T need it for go towards the crap. Added for my telephone reject list. Humorous thing is the Telephone only rang once before the f er on the other end hung Upwards. Good riddance. Once again I m getting scam calls at around 2 PM I got one yesterday around your same time as nicely. That b are synchronizing eh.

Post by Pat,

2892756942 W W Cruise scam

Post by Nathan,

289-275-6942 Called my Toronto based cell multiple times today but did t leave a express mail.

Post by TAZ,

2892756942 got the number called to my House Telephone and After for my cell phone. I did t pick up cause I don t understand the number. They did t left a message either.

Post by Selva,

289-275-6942 Yes I gotten a phone from them now but no reply and I telephone back went to VIM Around survey I hang up. how can we Quit getting calls like that and can we look for the Telephone number coming as Unknown .

Post by linda,

2892756942 Called me twice within a Second i did t Choose Upward. It dropped me a voice message saying I won a cruise for that Bahamas if I talk a phone survey for a few minutes.

Post by Debbie,

289-275-6942 Same here

Post by mike,

2892756942 Its a survey if you phone that Amount back you are able to become Set on a don't call list . . . who knows if it can work or not

Post by Chris,

289-275-6942 Survey expired Merely telephone them back it ll go straight to some express mail. Press 9 to take yourself away their telephone list.

Post by I have no name,

2892756942 Really irritating message from scampers maintaining a Free Cruise for that Bahamas .

Post by Linda,

289-275-6942 If you press 9 to become removed out of their list they ll know they vie got a live 1. If I get any calls from area code W or an Apparent spoofed number I answer the phone You might have achieved your Canine Unit of your Ontario Provincial Authorities along with my German Shepherd barking in the History. If they don t Chat I yell out Jerry hint the phone . I then Notice a click and they never telephone back again.

Post by eric,

2892756942 Scam phone for my cell phone

Post by Stef,

289-275-6942 Becoming a pain. Call on my cell Telephone and don t leave messages. I heard they're scam . A few cruise Firm from what I vie heard from others. Phone several times a daytime on cell and House line. Cease CALLING.

Post by [email protected] /* */,

2892756942 acquired call out of this Amount. Please don t call again

Post by J Crockett,

289-275-6942 Unwanted call

Post by Linda,

2892756942 If you press 9 to be removed out of their list they ll understand they vie got a live 1. If I receive any calls from Place code W or an Apparent spoofed number I answer that phone You've accomplished the Canine Unit of the Ontario Provincial Cops along with my German Shepherd barking within your History. If they don t Chat I cry Outside Jerry hint this telephone . I then Notice a click and they never telephone back again.

Post by brian,

289-275-6942 I got this telephone many time but when i phone back sound enjoy not available

Post by Ghazala,

2892756942 Received a phone out of W today Depth at W W am. Did not pick the Telephone.

Post by Anon,

289-275-6942 Received a telephone out of the number on my cell phone within Toronto. Ignored it since I don t Understand the number. No voice send. Cheers for your Opinions 've now blocked your Amount.

Post by YREWTY,

2892756942 Spam call that is a buckler that Automobile dials and Afterward Offers not alive atmosphere if you personally Select up 've blocked the number now.

Post by ROMOM,

289-275-6942 Amy saying I won a free cruise. Quite annoying. Receive these calls at least every 2 weeks on acreage line and cell Telephone. DC list is a joke. These unwanted calls Look all daytime each daytime and hour. Has only got Telemarketing and other annoying calls more Regular.

Post by pranab deb,

2892756942 did not respond

Post by Zuzu,

289-275-6942 Did t answer this call and gotten pare Registered voice message to Whole a survey and receive two Free tickets to that Bahamas. Scam.

Post by CF,

2892756942 Never replied that telephone I don t want them for phone again.

Post by Titus,

289-275-6942 Same thing Simply hap pended to me

Post by ruby glass,

2892756942 No message left.

Post by Sergey,

289-275-6942 This can be unwanted annoying phone.

Post by smirk,

2892756942 Same Cope ND time now one hang Upward and 1 you personally won a cruise Yep.

Post by Ms M,

289-275-6942 Amy called to state when I answered a survey I d receive 2 Free tickets for a cruise within that Bahamas. There was an Alternative to press 9 for unsubscribe from their list.

Post by Robie,

2892756942 They called me on my CELL. . . I did t Comprehend that number so I did t pick Upward.

Post by Mark,

289-275-6942 Got a telephone on my cell Telephone from 1 W W W. I answered but no 1 responded on another Finish.

Post by Guest,

2892756942 Called me twice and both times they Installed Upwards after ten seconds.

Post by Kim P,

289-275-6942 I don t need calls from this number

Post by Enjoying My Cruise,

2892756942 They were calling to tell me I had won a cruise but I m still on that last free cruise they Delivered me on. . Telemarketing Unwanted Survey.

Post by BDZT,

289-275-6942 okay this is your first time it's happened. . . . crap not again n it was my cell number. . . .

Post by Jen,

2892756942 Free cruise scam. Bogus survey. Desire credit card Information.

Post by Bob,

289-275-6942 Same matter Simply now.

Post by Naushad,

2892756942 I dint desire to participate

Post by Hez,

289-275-6942 Recording out of Amy offering a free cruise if you Whole survey

Post by Sue,

2892756942 Get calls out of this number a Lt. . . if I don't Comprehend that I Just do not response. . . .

Post by AN,

289-275-6942 The Amount called repeatedly without leaving any message.

Post by Tink,

2892756942 2 missed calls to my cell. No message left.

Post by Rebecca,

289-275-6942 Rec d 2 calls on cell and one on property line. . . many type of survey.

Post by Clifton,

2892756942 I received a call fro W W W on July W Another scam. . . .

Post by goawayscammer,

289-275-6942 they have access to your Amount and all that Telephone numbers they use for telephone you . because they are the people working at the out of State call Facility that your phone Tv or Net support system they use giving them your access to the Telephone numbers. they can pick a number that's not within use and use it for phone you personally End constantly making it appearance like it's a local telephone but hard to notify that phone company Tv Firm or the Web Business because it is that scampers who can be Selecting up your Telephone when you Set in a Gripe and will not pass on the info for your higher ups 've for go in Individual for those Firm s or to your government

Post by annoyed,

2892756942 called my cell i did t ans. and no message believe that they 've called property line too.

Post by F off scammers,

289-275-6942 Keep getting fake scamming messages out of the Amount my numbers are private and your crooks got it. Never press 1 or 9 as they request it s giving them permission for use your own Telephone for their Loss scam ring.


2892756942 UNWANTED CALLS From W W W

Post by marty,

289-275-6942 Ignored no message left.

Post by FW,

2892756942 Me on Jul W W. I did t take that call.

Post by Reg, London,

289-275-6942 They called today I replied then they Installed Upwards.

Post by Ella,

2892756942 Obtained a second Rob call out of this number seeing cruise.

Post by lars2626,

289-275-6942 This abrasive woman s express leaves a message on the cell Telephone express send each time it calls. It starts away that it's a survey. Whoever they are they cannot become legitimate Or honest. It's maltreatment of Engineering by that fringe that turns each Progress into something distorted and dishonest. Who are these surveyors .

Post by Sid,

2892756942 W W W calls 9 am in that morning i did not Choose up

Post by JoeG,

289-275-6942 Spam call

Post by me,

2892756942 they keep calling i never answer

Post by Renee,

289-275-6942 I got 2 calls within a Line from 1 W W W. Very annoying.

Post by Linda,

2892756942 Did not Choose up

Post by Andy,

289-275-6942 Called and did not leave message. Show only gives the Amount.

Post by Alaina,

2892756942 Received a call I vie won a cruise. Went through that survey to tell them for kindly eff away since they won t Discontinue calling me. . waited to speak for someone and Afterward they hung Upwards. . . Simply hang Upward. What a waste of my time.

Post by Jim G,

289-275-6942 I won a cruise.

Post by rachele,

2892756942 i put mine Underneath black list thus when they call my cell don t ring i do the same with Libraries its Great Lola

Post by Diane,

289-275-6942 This number shows on my cell and I 'm sick of it doing thus.

Post by Stay at home mo,

2892756942 Simply gotten a telephone out of this number nobody was there.

Post by Liz,

289-275-6942 Acquired a telephone last night on my cell. Did t reply as I did not recognize that number. Annoying. They 've many nerve using the cash for their Advertisements.

Post by harry joseph,

2892756942 Free tickets

Post by SAL,

289-275-6942 Report a phone phone from W W W. . . this must be a Bogus number. . . please inquire. . . . thanks

Post by mike,

2892756942 called any Decided up all Liz

Post by Nzeee,

289-275-6942 Same. Called 4 times w within a Second. No message. I vie now blocked this number after reading here that it s a won a cruise scam.

Post by W K,

2892756942 I don t response unknown numbers. Tired of these I get a few even along with unlisted number. Frustration

Post by Mad Guy,

289-275-6942 gt gt gt I want for Split that Telephone and Leave it Upward that Individual s . . . Lt Lt Lt WARNING Telephone Rage. Furthermore Allowing to a very old School drinking tune I once heard broken glass and Stuff work much better.

Post by Bri,

2892756942 I called them back and they said it was a survey and that if I Needed to become Chosen away the list press 9

Post by Willy,

289-275-6942 Called my cell rang twice then nothing no MSG I never take calls from Amounts unknown for me too many telemarketers and scampers

Post by bangsat,

2892756942 you scummier. I may send you for Siberia and let your died Item by Item.

Post by Jennifer,

289-275-6942 You vie won a cruise scam.

Post by Really,

2892756942 That helps loads

Post by Estelle,

289-275-6942 Report your own callers here not just to that DC alone HTTP Www. . gov amp panel HTTP support. FCC. gov cruciforms form. Amenhotep's complaints. dentally. gov complaint Criticism check. asp. Cell By State DC lists HTTP Www. . com tentacled. shuttlecock Forgotten Calls Gripe kind HTTP Web. FCC. gov CB consumer Details D R. pitfall E-mail W protected Attempt go ogling free phone blocking Programs for your own cell phone maybe 1 can work for you personally.

Post by anon,

2892756942 Kept calling each Second and nobody on another end. thus annoying.

Post by Rhea,


Post by Midtown,

2892756942 'm within Toronto. Got the Bacall Approximately 4 W within the afternoon. Another scam called from a spoofed local Amount. No info on telephone show and disconnected after 2 rings. no MSG. left. This really is my Rd phone within a week out of different Amounts for judging from the posts your years old cruise scam.

Post by ayylmao,

289-275-6942 Simply got the call hooray a cruise. Not Actually its a scam

Post by angel,

2892756942 I m within Newfoundland. they called here and Put up

Post by DE,

289-275-6942 Called cell 4 W pm September W W. No VIM MSG. Says Ontario Canada on Owner ID.

Post by rfe,

2892756942 Called few times did t answer no message.

Post by tostopthesecallsdothis,

289-275-6942 My Established way for Discontinue these calls. . . . . . If you might have free incoming enjoy I do. Response speak instantly so your computer will transport to some live Man. Subsequently have enjoyment with it tell them you are so interested but keep saying you are doing things like replying doorbell getting pencil and paper becoming credit card. The more you can waste that live Individual s time and wages will get you personally away telephone lists quicker than any don't call list. I do the and they never call again and I have scarcely been becoming fresh calls. Hit them where it hurts the wallet.

Post by sally,

2892756942 want them for Cease calling me

Post by dd,

289-275-6942 Called twice. I did not Select up.

Post by ucalledme,

2892756942 Simply got back from my free cruise. It was astonishing. LOLA

Post by kamila,

289-275-6942 i got called too but my son told me not for Choose up. i have already Decided up a few from other Amounts telling me i won a trip. i hope i don t get charged for these rubbish calls. i despise that phone Firms could t control the. I Gamble they are that People who present those abusers the Amounts thus we have been forced to pay extra for privacy.

Post by Lisa ann,

2892756942 I 've been discover that Amount on my show and no forwards MSG on my express mail . Could it potential other scam thanks

Post by Albertan,

289-275-6942 I Merely received that phone on my cell no message was left blocked them.

Post by Bob,

2892756942 Same thing Only now.

Post by ontaxca,

289-275-6942 I Decided Upward your unknown Amount and it said . . . and now the survey time has expired. I hanged up and deleted your number 1 W W W from my cell Telephone. August W W . Call came through at W W pm. Quite annoying.

Post by BV,

2892756942 W W W Consider the Amount as an unwanted call.

Post by Law,

289-275-6942 I got a call and did t reply.

Post by Daniel H,

2892756942 A message was left on my cell voice mail I vie won a cruise . . . Yeah. I did t call back.

Post by PLB,

289-275-6942 They called twice within a Line did t answer. . .

Post by Marina,

2892756942 Constantly calling. Don't response. Must become a way to stop all these calls Furthermore becoming a unlisted number.

Post by 289-275-6942:,

289-275-6942 phone on W W W 2 PM

Post by Irene,

2892756942 Called but I didn't response. no message left

Post by Mona lisa,

289-275-6942 Stop unwanted calls. . Don t brake the law. .

Post by Lori,

2892756942 I 'm on that do not telephone list and still got a telephone out of W W W. Phone scam Amount.

Post by Guest,

289-275-6942 I gotten a call on my cell phone today January W W even though I am on a quot don't telephone list quot . It was a receded message that I did t End listening for.

Post by Enoughalready,

2892756942 Same. . . as others this is Amy Triumph a cruise to your Bahamas. . . waste of time and and and

Post by Brittaney,

289-275-6942 They called the phone rang once and they hung up and then they called a couple seconds later and let it ring 3 times and they Put Upward. Never replied and no message left. Blocked now

Post by Terry,

2892756942 Ya. Amy said I won a cruise too.


289-275-6942 I Gotten This Call AND DID NOT Response. NOT Wanting ANYMORE UNWANTED CALLS ON MY CELL Telephone.

Post by Vlad Frolov,

2892756942 Shrewd Remedy for block everybody who isn't within your own Associates allowed list.

Post by Dani,

289-275-6942 The was quite Weird first I had and unknown phone Simple seconds before the Amount. I am quite wary of numbers I don t recognize and I will not response.

Post by David,

2892756942 I got 2 missed calls on my acreage line and one on my cellular telephone. I just Submitted online along with Corporations Canada. I did phone and it was a survey but had expired. I may watch Outside on my Telephone bill for Additional charges.

Post by SATAN,

289-275-6942 the Amount hails from your strongest chasms of Hell. . . . . . . . . . . . consider yourselves warned

Post by Guest,

2892756942 hang up

Post by Jer,

289-275-6942 Gotten a call from the number did not response. Called your Amount back correct after and that record stated that I had been contacted for a survey but that survey time had now Ended and to press 9 to become removed in the phone list.

Post by sah,

2892756942 The number called twice I missed it both times and looked it Upward before cal long back. . . Thank goodness I did. I will not become calling them.

Post by shep,

289-275-6942 Called me twice. First time just for a blip. Second rang through for less than W seconds. Did not pick up either time.

Post by brad,

2892756942 cruise BS

Post by John Smith,

289-275-6942 Survey Firm don't response they called while I was Operating my car I did not answer They don't supply out their name when calling So no need to Choose up

Post by Marty,

2892756942 did t answer

Post by jojo,

289-275-6942 Got a phone but went for my vim I Assessed my vim n saying I have won a Vacation for Bahamas for what I don t understand. This really is a SCAM that s why if I don t understand that Amount I don t Select up. Exactly why. you personally don t 've anything to would except fooling Folks. MG Expand up.

Post by Debbie,

2892756942 Short educational post acceptable for Folks along with brief Interest Covers Your DC list isn't a magic switch connected to your Telephone line that will block calls. That DC list is intended to help Quit calls Beginning from valid telemarketers. Your calls were not out of valid telemarketers. So the DC list won't Quit those calls. Still with people. Desire to discover more. Keep reading . . . That DC list doesn't mechanically block calls. Instead it Supplies a list of don't phone Telephone numbers for legitimate registered telemarketers who pay a fee for your list. Your DC list exempts political callers survey organizations charities and Businesses with preexisting business Associations as nicely as debt collectors but these organizations might 've their own internal Do not Call list ask them . The DC list is not Successful against criminals spammers and scampers because those Folks don't subscribe to your DC list and don't attention if you are on or off that list. Its purpose is to stop calls out of valid telemarketers and it does a pretty good job at that. Merely believe . . . if there were no DC you personally would be receiving incessant calls from BOTH valid and scam telemarketing callers. Here is your own reading assignment HTTP Web. consumer. FTC. gov articles W national do not call registrants Internet. dentally. gov HTTP Web. FTC. gov news events media resource . . . try Administration Web. FTC. gov news Occasions press releases . . . marketers HTTP Www. FTC. gov news Occasions press releases . . . is strive Information novel Recall your FCC s Do not Telephone site is a good 1 to report unwanted calls out of Valid telemarketers. For report spammers and scampers See your FTC Website at HTTP Web. . gov If you receive calls even after reporting them and waiting a satisfactory time Afterward you should consider using a call blocker Program Unit or service as your own first line of Security. Google phone blocker to see such matters at Amazon or other sites.

Post by Steven,

289-275-6942 Hello this really is Amy and you vie won a free cruise to the Bahamas

Post by Christine,

2892756942 Called me on my cell. Seems a lot of scam calls coming out of the Amount.

Post by Brad,

289-275-6942 If I took all your cruises I keep winning I could sell my house as I would a long-lasting Set for live. It's ridiculous that our government let s companies get away with the type of behaviors.

Post by Grace,

2892756942 I got a phone out of the Amount and there was no response when I answered.

Post by Guest,

289-275-6942 We have been on your don't call list

Post by ciara,

2892756942 scam Vacation to Bahamas called both mine and my hubby s cell already on do not phone list reported them twice for violating that.

Post by MG,

289-275-6942 Missed telephone just rang once.

Post by mopsnetwork,

2892756942 Our computer security Business received the call it s a scam call relating to your You personally vie won a free cruise. . The Cops cannot would anything Around the because the Firm has traced scams like this before for other countries such as India where your Cops there refuse to can anything as they cannot get a proper trace. All I can Recommend is don't answer calls You're unsure of Notably if You're using a pay as you personally go Telephone which could Price you personally an Supply and a leg Simply for reply one of these scam calls.

Post by Samantha D.,

289-275-6942 I Additionally obtained a phone out of here. . . shortly after speaking with someone from your Ministry of Education. Erin I Additionally blocked the . . . what I did was I had for add them as a contact and go into the contact card. I turned block standing on. I have an THC phone out of Freedom. It comes with your Attribute for block. If you personally don t 've your feature on your own Telephone strive calling your own cell service Supplier they should become Competent for help

Post by Lauri,

2892756942 I Only Rec d two calls with just partial Bands. 1 W W W Shortly seemed before it disconnected. Change telephone look up revealed Spam Caller Owner Name Friendly Location Canada Reported Phone Kind Telemarketing

Post by Saturday,

289-275-6942 I Merely added them to your reject list on my cell Telephone cheers for solving that Secret for me.

Post by Debbie,

2892756942 Same here

Post by eric,

289-275-6942 I missed the call 4 time overly. Merely wondering exactly why Authorities don t thus something for stop it.

Post by Westerner,

2892756942 When I get these sort of calls I enter them as contacts in my cell phone that they have called. Then I block them. No more calls for confident. I enter them as ZZZ Scam W . Your next is W etc.

Post by Natspaz,

289-275-6942 I Simply got two back for back calls out of the number that only rang once.

Post by Jacek,

2892756942 The phone rang. After I Decided it Upwards nobody answered. Will there be any manner to block it.

Post by cathy,

289-275-6942 rec d call on my cell I DD t reply as did t Understand that

Post by Notaidiot,

2892756942 Boohoo I won another cruise and I told them gee how Blessed am I I Simply waled within the door from your last cruise

Post by Chris H,

289-275-6942 Called my cell but I miss most calls while at work. Added to the Avoid List on my phone. Guess I ll never hear out of them again.

Post by sam,

2892756942 They keep calling but don t leave any messages. Don t understand who these sports are. Annoying

Post by RC,

289-275-6942 Keep becoming this number showing Upwards on my cell phone as nicely as my House Telephone. That name that shows Upwards is Older.

Post by Guest,

2892756942 Called 3 times and hung within a Interval of 1 minute. .

Post by Lucy,

289-275-6942 This number called me 7 times in a Line in the morning on my cell. I called back and it said it was a survey and if you press 9 You'll be removed.

Post by Julie,

2892756942 I got a phone from the Amount Now. I did not Select up. No message was not left in my own voice mail.

Post by Debbie,

289-275-6942 i 'm becoming calls that display Upwards as 1 W

Post by Jeff,


Post by Kathie,

289-275-6942 Spam call

Post by Ghost Called,

2892756942 They called without Making a message. I text Edward them back without receiving a response.

Post by Anton,

289-275-6942 Cease calling who. Another dopa.

Post by SAM,

2892756942 I did not Select Upward the unknown Amount. When I called back it was a serve Business Aug Did not leave a message.

Post by unknown,

289-275-6942 These Individuals are fraudsters pretending to become DAT. A few Girl with the Indian accent. Told me I was randomly Chosen for get a free dismay system.

Post by Shawn,

2892756942 Same here called gt sent for voice mail but no message left. Great telephone on that Change order. That would become nice.

Post by Carl S.,

289-275-6942 MG you Only support your own Telephone number. They can sell your own Amount for another telemarketer.

Post by Cyn,

2892756942 That s not Accurate. Don t tell lies.

Post by Kat,

289-275-6942 I believe when you press 9 it releases your Amount to them and makes it view able if you were using that block Characteristic when you personally called.

Post by Guest,

2892756942 telemarketer

Post by G,

289-275-6942 missed call deleted don't know the person company

Post by Mandrake,

2892756942 Oh boy. I have Only won another Vacation for that Bahamas . . . . . or maybe I would 've done if I had listened to more compared to the opening sentence of your message. Sunshine sea sand and surf. . . with lots of Large Match phishing .

Post by Bob in Brampton,

289-275-6942 Simply gotten a telephone from this number. I did not reply they did not leave a message.

Post by linda,

2892756942 I get a telephone out of them 2 3 times a week. . even after telling them no to call

Post by Guest,

289-275-6942 Cruise scam.

Post by kit,

2892756942 i Only got my Stone record of actions for a Occupation and thence are that only ones who could of but government Companies sell you private Information for crap enjoy this

Post by So Happy,

289-275-6942 I 'm so oops joyful for have won another cruise. Gee. . . . how do I Gather. I want for phone these frauds and offer them a free trip for my fist. . . One manner of path.

Post by Maureen,

2892756942 Called at around 7 W p. m. I did t Notice that ring and no message was left

Post by kristi,

289-275-6942 Got a call out of this Amount did t reply no message. Not even a Minimum After got a call out of a W number no message again. Telemarketing.

Post by Guest,

2892756942 Cruise scam.

Post by AH,

289-275-6942 Yep. more scumbags

Post by Susie Q,

2892756942 Astonishing. I 'm So Fortunate. . Around your last few years I 've won 6 free cruises for that Bahamas. Don t get sucked within. Don t reply any Amount you personally don t Comprehend and don t press 9 for be taken off their list cause that s a lie it just confirms that you are a live Fool amp you will get even more calls. Survey my Base. They are away shoreline scampers Attempting for get you to reveal your credit card bank info to rob you personally blind. Unfortunately your DC List is no Risk for them since they re sitting within a high Increase within India along with that jerk who calls me for help me fix my computer amp that Authorities could t Contact them. Thus ignore it amp let it ring . . . . . . . . . . . . no Mug lives at your own house.

Post by TeaTime,

289-275-6942 no Thought who the was but they called Subsequently hung up. I don t reply Amounts on my cell that I don t know

Post by Vincent,

2892756942 Don t Telephone me any more.

Post by peter,

289-275-6942 Have obtained several calls out of the Amount. No message left. Refuse to answer.

Post by Winner!,

2892756942 Robot Amy Only called me and left me a Partly garbled recorded message on my voice mail saying she would love for award me a cruise. Yeah I ll pass cheers.

Post by Jay,

289-275-6942 No message left. 2 calls

Post by pdfkljlt,

2892756942 Called no message used valuable cellphone time completely unacceptable

Post by Guest,

289-275-6942 Harassment

Post by peter,

2892756942 Cruise company scam. Don't answer

Post by pestered,

289-275-6942 calls and doesn't leave any message.

Post by brian,

2892756942 obtained three calls 1 ring each time Soon after W W a. m. left no message . . . . . . . that is my work cell not Okay. do not know how you can block the .

Post by Joan Linklater,

289-275-6942 Number unknown. Picked Upward and no 1 spoke.

Post by Jods,

2892756942 Called my cell twice and Put Upward W sec apart out of each other

Post by Nicole,

289-275-6942 It was a survey telephone when called back they said . . . you personally were called for a survey and that time had expired.

Post by Kathy,

2892756942 my Telephone rang once and that phone dropped

Post by BELINDA,

289-275-6942 This number called among my cells. Did t reply your call because I don t know your Amount Merely going to block this number.

Post by jackit,

2892756942 text message says can Speak to me After . i just blacklisted . i 'm on the don't telephone list on both land line and cellphone.

Post by Phil,

289-275-6942 W W W Traced your phone for Ontario Nevertheless it May}n' be a rented server in Ontario running a script or using a Telephone Switch er for make these calls. I may be looking for a server Supplier for the reason that Place and making contact along with that owners to report the abuse. W W Nation Canada Location Ontario Brampton Mississauga Vaughan Numbers HTTP Web. megabit. com Amounts W

Post by Jay,

2892756942 Free cruise pare Registered call. MG targeting cell phones now. When can it Cease. .

Post by angry,

289-275-6942 scam call do not answer

Post by annoyed,

2892756942 the calls my cell Telephone no name of caller now was Set on blocked

Post by Renee,

289-275-6942 Called and did not Speak. I did Chat along with a legit gov t Representative today .

Post by Diana,

2892756942 Called the number back it was a survey

Post by Das,

289-275-6942 Even I got two Straight missed calls. Rang just once I think could possibly be for Check our given number to a few Program.

Post by soccerbear97,

2892756942 These Bahamas cruise scampers are thieves of Individuals s prepaid cell phone time. And your Issue is by your time their call ends and you personally vie Viewed Upward that number on sites like the it s too late for press 9 or whatever to have your own cell time reimbursed. I Simply got two calls from this Amount and they did t even leave a message. . . which within a way is all for your great within my case because they would 've Taken even more prepaid air time. When your income is variant and you personally gross K a year your own cell time is precious. If you personally ask me the Bahamas cruise scummier is the worst of all time. . . in Considerably your same way that Plan 9 From Outer Space is the worst Video of all time.

Post by 2892756942,

289-275-6942 please stop them from calling

Post by Sonny,

2892756942 My wife gotten the at about 5 PM but did t answer. I gotten that same from my cell phone at Around 6 PM and my wife told me not for pick Upwards.

Post by Jean-Guy Lepage,

289-275-6942 got the call and they had Suzanne on the cell phone

Post by Tom,

2892756942 Did t Select Upwards but it Discontinued calling after 1 ring

Post by Andrew,

289-275-6942 Simply acquired that phone three times within two minutes. Was away from my cell. No message was left.

Post by Anonymous in Alberta,

2892756942 Called twice within a minute. No message left.

Post by Nicole,

289-275-6942 Don't call

Post by Guest,

2892756942 Free cruise calls.

Post by fed up,

289-275-6942 something about cruise and demand some private ID to identify if I was the correct Man. . . Where's the BBB for this particular crap. . . .

Post by Sammy,

2892756942 Called me. No message left.

Post by Cindy,

289-275-6942 Calls are continual and annoying whatsoever hours of that time and daytime. Out of Google I see there are various scams and users of the Amount. I never have answered.

Post by Cindy,

2892756942 I get calls daily different numbers same cruise I d like for know the best way to Quit them and why can they keep calling.

Post by j glease,

289-275-6942 Something to your own post is possible for confident . . . . I spoke for E. I. this day and got my telephone out of the number 7 W PM . . . .

Post by ARZ,

2892756942 So happy I have call display. If I don t Comprehend the number and they don t identify themselves it s not me they desire for Discuss to.

Post by JOEL D,


Post by gabawaba,

2892756942 the Amount called no message not known

Post by Irritated,

289-275-6942 The number continues to telephone back every few days.

Post by art,

2892756942 said they were from Microsoft within Mississauga

Post by Shell K,

289-275-6942 I obtained a call from the Amount on my cell and I don t know who is calling. I did t Choose Upward.

Post by travis,

2892756942 Same here and when I attempted calling back rang occupied each time

Post by November 2014,

289-275-6942 Recorded message Amy said I won a Caribbean Cruise. I believe NOT. . . Another spoofed number Report it for CR TC

Post by Elaine,

2892756942 Survey call.

Post by Lisa,

289-275-6942 This is Amy. Congratulations. You personally just won a cries. . . There is no uncertainty that this is a SCAM. I hung Upward when your aquatic played message Began. Afterward I heard a Unusual noise coming out form your phone and that line is busy and that phone Amount still sh owes on the Display. I Merely unplugged your cable. Could anyone tell who they are. I desire for file a complaint ageist them. They phone my Dwelling my cell. Really gets on my nerve now. I am on Do not Phone list.

Post by Joan,

2892756942 got a call this morning but did t answer. They never left a message.

Post by Rob,

289-275-6942 No contact along with Authorities and gotten phone. Did t answer.

Post by annie283,

2892756942 Who is this W W. Is it Rob calls. Clearly Canada s DC dozen t work when calling out of outside Canada.

Post by pb,

289-275-6942 Called my Residence number Around 2 3 weeks ago and left the cruise MSG. Last night they eventually got around for my unlisted cell phone so they are Only doing a Rob Switch of Amounts Accessible. Did not response.

Post by R,

2892756942 Call no MSG

Post by Mike,

289-275-6942 Called my house phone and left a message W seconds of dead atmosphere with nothing in that History.

Post by Guest,

2892756942 Cruise

Post by Brooster,

289-275-6942 Aim offering free cruise tickets if we response that survey. SCAM

Post by jen,

2892756942 Got a telephone out of this number today. Never replied as I don t reply numbers I don t know

Post by Dave,

289-275-6942 This is the ti Road time I vie had ac all from the I Simply don t reply it UN Understood.

Post by Gee,

2892756942 Rang once Subsequently hang up

Post by No spam please,

289-275-6942 The Amount Merely called Edmonton no voice send.

Post by Guest,

2892756942 Called me twice while I was active. I called back and it said quot You personally were called to participate in a survey that's now Ended. quot

Post by peony,

289-275-6942 rec d call on my cell Service Fido . i did not recognize Amount and let the phone go for voice send. if i take your time to reply a short survey i may get 2 Free tickets for a cruise for that Bahamas.

Post by MEK,

2892756942 Did t answer that telephone.

Post by Cyn,

289-275-6942 That s not Accurate. Don t tell lies.

Post by Becky,

2892756942 They phoned me on my cell but I did t Understand the Amount so I let it ring.

Post by Tony,

289-275-6942 Rang July W W after Palmist count how many times it rang

Post by baubau,

2892756942 No idea how they got my cellphone no. Did t answer and they left a message saying that I would get a cruise Admission after finished the survey. gt . Lt

Post by travis,

289-275-6942 Same here and when I attempted calling back rang occupied each time

Post by Sickovit,

2892756942 Only got a call from the . I power saw the on my display cell. If I don t know who it's I don t response. Idiots.

Post by poi,

289-275-6942 Woke me up this morning. Did t pick it Upward. I ll go back to slumber now.

Post by Matt,

2892756942 got a missed phone Notice from this number phone did t even ring. . .

Post by Guest,

289-275-6942 Called me 5 times in repeated succession within 3 minutes. Do not Select Upwards.

Post by Never_pick_up,

2892756942 Not for mention a valid business would not telephone somebody that they haven t done company with. Also a legitimate company would Set a Amount on a don't call list if somebody Requires them for do thus. Notably if your number on their record is outdated.

Post by gord,

289-275-6942 they called but I did not p u

Post by silky,

2892756942 you personally would believe they would Leave when thus many Individuals don t reply

Post by Annoyed,

289-275-6942 Phoned me did t ring Merely straight for express mail. You vie won a free cruise for that Bahamas. . .

Post by JC,

2892756942 You personally vie won a cruise scam. f ck

Post by Markus,

289-275-6942 Called 4 times within a minute did t hear my Telephone but power saw all your missed calls. No messages left.

Post by Terry,

2892756942 Called my cell but I missed your phone thus I called the Amount from a property line and that message said it was for a survey participation but the time had Ended. It was only W minutes later so it is a Whole scam. May report them to your don't call registry

Post by s gray,

289-275-6942 They don t get cell numbers. They use a Rob dial er for phone every Amount in an Region code.

Post by Pete,

2892756942 Merely a survey.

Post by bdzt,

289-275-6942 was it R cell or acreage line. . . .

Post by Mark,

2892756942 Only a hang up telephone for me

Post by bob,

289-275-6942 Fez the You personally vie won a free cruise phone again.

Post by bill,

2892756942 3 missed calls all at W. W obviously a scummier W

Post by JEB,

289-275-6942 Call for cell phone but I did not Select Upwards.

Post by Tom,

2892756942 Phone rang but just once. Nobody there.

Post by Racos,

289-275-6942 Phone at 8 PM on 7 W W. I did not Choose Upward no message was left.

Post by Midtown,

2892756942 Am within Toronto. Third telephone from the number since July. A Rob phone scam. Never answer calls with no Owner ID or numbers I don't Understood even though this time they are using a spoofed local number. Your cruise scam is Historic and Herbs Upward each couple of years Merely enjoy the credit card speed scam.

Post by Rob,

289-275-6942 Just got your same telephone. I don t response unknown callers.

Post by Debbie,

2892756942 Brief educational post appropriate for Individuals along with short Interest Ranges That DC list isn't a magic Change attached to your own Telephone line that may block calls. Your DC list is intended for help stop calls originating from valid telemarketers. Your own calls were not out of valid telemarketers. Consequently that DC list will not Discontinue those calls. Still along with us. Need to discover more. Keep reading . . . The DC list doesn't automatically block calls. Instead it Supplies a listing of don't phone phone Amounts to legitimate registered telemarketers who pay a fee for that list. Your DC list exempts political callers survey organizations charities and companies along with preexisting business relationships as nicely as debt Lovers but these organizations May}n' have their own Interior Do not Phone list ask them . That DC list isn't Successful against criminals spammers and scampers because those Individuals don't subscribe to that DC list and don't care if you are on or away that list. Its intent is for Quit calls out of legitimate telemarketers and it does a pretty good Occupation at that. Merely believe . . . if there were no DC you personally would become receiving incessant calls from BOTH valid and scam telemarketing callers. Here is your own reading Work HTTP Www. consumer. FTC. gov articles W national do not phone registrants Www. dentally. gov HTTP Web. FTC. gov news Occasions media resource . . . strive enforcement Internet. FTC. gov news events press releases . . . marketers HTTP Internet. FTC. gov news Occasions press releases . . . is strive Information novel Recall that FCC s Do not Telephone site is a good just one to report unwanted calls from Legitimate telemarketers. To report spammers and scampers visit the FTC site at HTTP Www. . gov If you personally get calls even after reporting them and waiting a adequate time Afterward you should consider using a phone blocker Program System or service as your first line of Protection. Google phone blocker for see such matters at Amazon or other sites.

Post by Jacky D.,

289-275-6942 I didn't reply as it was to my cellphone and I d 've for pay for it Lola. and now that I vie read these Opinions I m happy I didn't waste my money answering telemarketing

Post by Countrygal,

2892756942 Did t response as that number looked suspiciously like a telemarketer. Clearly they 've been up to no great as that Amount is Recorded here. . .

Post by Ricky,

289-275-6942 The phone Firm can get rid of these scams. but they don t want too they're getting a cut.

Post by christy,

2892756942 I had your Amount W W and when I called it back it was for Stephen Harper and there was an replying machine.

Post by CD,

289-275-6942 Sunday Aug 2 PM obtained a call. I just picked Upward and hit cut away button. Phone showed Ontario

Post by sick of the calls,

2892756942 scam. just got a phone on my cell. Cruise award free must participate in a survey. I called the number back on my House Telephone. and got the message you were called to participate within a survey and your survey has now closed Actually. you personally Simply called. the has SCAM written all around it.

Post by willy,

289-275-6942 got a telephone on my cell and did t Comprehend the Amount so I did t response. Jerks.

Post by Linda,

2892756942 If you press 9 for become removed from their list they ll know they vie got a live 1. If I get any calls from Region code W or an Apparent spoofed number I reply the phone You might have accomplished that Canine Unit of your Ontario Provincial Cops with my German Shepherd barking within your background. If they don t Chat I cry out Jerry hint the call . I Afterward hear a click and they never telephone back again.

Post by L,

289-275-6942 You vie won a cruise

Post by Mms mitts,

2892756942 Merely wondered what info went along with the number. I did t answer It did have a W before your W. What's that all about

Post by SLL,

289-275-6942 They just called me. Never answered checked it out here first. Did telephone them back and yes a message said survey had ended.

Post by Anna,

2892756942 They Simply called W Minimum ago 3 times. . did t pick Upward.

Post by Doll,

289-275-6942 They called at PM and did not leave a MSG. Whoever and whatever that reason is people demand to Discontinue.

Post by Vee,

2892756942 they don t know what don t phone back the number means. . .

Post by Carl,

289-275-6942 call out of W W W . . . was hushed for W seconds then they Put up

Post by spritz,

2892756942 you personally stupid don no the number don answer

Post by Mark,

289-275-6942 Merely a hang Upward telephone for me

Post by Carl S.,

2892756942 MG you personally just support your own phone number. They can sell your Amount to another telemarketer.

Post by Anna,

289-275-6942 Three calls in a row to my cell phone from this number without me picking Upward they Installed Upwards after just one ring all three times.

Post by Kevin,

2892756942 Don t ever Press 9 at work. It Offers them accessibility to an outside line.

Post by Guest,

289-275-6942 Some type of free Vacation nonsense

Post by Will,

2892756942 Merely got a phone 5 TIMES within a row within your last 3 minutes. . . . Call and hang Upward every time. It's clear it's a computer randomly calling. Rob calls. . . REPORT This Amount For That CR TC and RCMP

Post by Britt,

289-275-6942 Rd time I got your phone. Did t pick it Upward.

Post by JF,

2892756942 Had a missed call out of this number but it never even rang.

Post by Brooster,

289-275-6942 Aim offering free cruise tickets if we reply your survey. SCAM

Post by Jen,

2892756942 They called me twice tonight but I did t answer

Post by REporting In,

289-275-6942 SPAM Calling. These People should be fined.

Post by Damn you,

2892756942 Just relax there bucket head. That guy s traumatized. Now go wash out that stank mouth of yours and stick to the facts. . .

Post by Big McD,

289-275-6942 This Merely called my property line and in a couple of Min's. attempted my cell. Bloody annoying. Can t the government enforce your DC list. If not exactly why.

Did you get an unwanted call from 289-275-6942? Is 2892756942 Safe to Answer or a Spam Caller? Tell us as much as you can!

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9204312139 Complains by Guest,


3365870548 Complains by Guest,

not available

6623801517 Complains by Guest,

credit card scam

8282025959 Complains by Peggy,

This must be a new one.  Did not leave message.  I refuse to answer this type of caller.  Caller ID just said "customer service."

4124894217 Complains by Guest,

telemarketer for Auto within durance

8282689771 Complains by nevamind,

The Telephone number is Following me and when I phone it back I get your same Merely a dreadful noise. They keep managing for telephone me when I m unavailable and are seriously calling me all the time annoying.

8327063783 Complains by katy,

just got a call from Courtney miller out of W W W leaving message on my work express send I did not Reply to some notification that sent Outside never received anything within the mail. Did you personally call them back.

2164594200 Complains by Guest,

Calls and then hangs Upward never leaves message

8322205866 Complains by Wooody,

No never gave them my address.

8886893894 Complains by Guest,

Statement collector

9493287905 Complains by Guest,

called an Put Upwards Only another low life telemarketer.

8003622772 Complains by called,

I had a work Solution Recently that I called in because my DEL reembark would t get me on the Net. They had a Issue with one of their servers. They Only called for see if I had service restored. I did. Nothing for Stress over or freak Outside Around. geese. .

8002592782 Complains by SharonF,

202-465-6686 Verizon Wireless mobile phone from Washington, DC This is where the number that keeps calling me is from. I don't know anyone in Washington but the seem to like calling me to hang up on my answering machine. I know some parties feel that if hey didn't speak to an actual person it's okay repeatedly until they do. But my feeling is if you can't leave a message, you don't deserve an answer when I see the number appear on my caller ID.

6093575097 Complains by Guest,

Was looking for insurance quote lied for me about everything

7578092125 Complains by allyinfree,

A SCAM you say?? Why, it's something for nothing. EVERYBODY is getting lots of free stuff from WalMart, aren't you????

5712556910 Complains by Guest,

The Man terrified me into believing I owed that Irs a Load of cash. He Asserted I willingly defrauded my tax Yields. I 've had dealings with that Government within your previous and they constantly initiate contact through your send. If you get among these express mails save yourself the time and trouble and Simply Discount it.

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