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Post by Guest,

2893012258 free cruise

Post by Guest,

289-301-2258 Another annoying call .

Post by Guest,

2893012258 overseas Scam

Post by Guest,

289-301-2258 a free cruise for a Telephone survey. wow Mg no way

Post by Vancouver,

2893012258 Simply got a phone out of this Amount. Did not response no MSG left. No Thought who or what it could be.

Post by Guest,

289-301-2258 Spam

Post by carlos,

2893012258 they called today and now they're blocked . After.

Post by calgaryman,

289-301-2258 apart out of bongo idiot Opinion Around firing Workers who answer cell Telephone while at work your point of that post is to comment on the caller W W W I just acquired a telephone out of the Amount on my cell here in Alberta. I did not reply and they did not leave a message. Since that File Canada has allowed telescopes to now call cell Telephones regardless of that potential Price to your Person at your House we don't response calls foam unknown Amounts. No cost to us Simply annoying to receive unwanted calls. At the Finish of the daytime you've for wonder exactly why we keep becoming these calls. Can people Really reply them. If so does anyone buy from Businesses that deploy these cheap annoying Strategies for get company.

Post by D. Del Grosso,

2893012258 Getting unwanted calls.

Post by roxy,

289-301-2258 rec d call from this at PM. I did t response amp they did t leave a MSG.

Post by Mike,

2893012258 So Substantially for locating Outside who calls from your above noted number.

Post by Tele-stalking,

289-301-2258 Merely had 3 missed calls from the number within a time span of W seconds. . . don t value tel stalking Notably not while I m at work. . .

Post by Mikey,

2893012258 This Amount phone me a few minutes Past. I did t response because it was an unknown Amount. Someone here said it s your You vie won a Bahamas Cruise scam. I m on that National Do not Telephone list but it dozen t seem to help.

Post by toronto2,

289-301-2258 I got your same phone on my cell which i hardly use. Did t answer.

Post by Guest,

2893012258 Blessed day

Post by jwt873,

289-301-2258 Simply called me. I don t reply long space Amounts I don t understand. I let it go to to my replying machine. Got the taped You won a free cruise message. That scampers are Actually leaning on me today. . Only 2 hours Past I got another pester call from Around lowering my attention rates. .

Post by Guest,

2893012258 survey. . spam

Post by fasteddie,

289-301-2258 Got a phone out of this Mindless number

Post by GuyWithComment,

2893012258 Exactly why can t you Men stay on Guessed topic. You personally all appearance like idiots.

Post by Annoyed,

289-301-2258 've had a couple of calls out of this Amount and always at meal time thus I body it a telemarketer as they don t eat during Ordinary meal hours enjoy the remainder of people.

Post by Blues,

2893012258 I got Telephone calls yesterday from W W W and today again out of W it would ring and then hang up.

Post by 123,

289-301-2258 NATIONAL Do not Call LIST Subscription HTTP Web. linnet encl. cg. ca inseam rhenium Eng

Post by snyper,

2893012258 Telephone rang around PM. Mr. Number tool it figured it was spam and asked me what for would. Blocked Blocked. Next measure National ENCL for whine .

Post by marty,

289-301-2258 They keep calling my cell each now and Subsequently I never answer. Ill n exhausted of that BS. Even if we Remark here or on other sites enjoy this one nothing Looks o become done to Quit them. So I Enrolled that Amount within my contacts and blocked it. We ll see.

Post by Annoyed receiver,

2893012258 Called at 4 pm. Left no message.

Post by k,

289-301-2258 It's a survey press 9 to be removed. These Websites are for Individuals to state who is calling so others will know not just your expertise thank you

Post by Guest,

2893012258 Cruise

Post by Izzy,

289-301-2258 The number called me 3 times in only about W Min's. . . There really annoying.

Post by Winnipeg,

2893012258 Please Quit calling my cell. Annoying. . . . . . . . . .

Post by calgaryman,

289-301-2258 I concur with your own Opinions. Sadly that DC list does not Discontinue these calls. I 've both the Dwelling and cell numbers on the list bit that calls keep coming. Your DC list might slow them down but doesn't stop them. I 've Discovered a Fall in that number of calls for your property line but volume of calls for the cell has rose drastically over your last year.

Post by Randy,

2893012258 Got a phone from the number while Outside Shopping in the bush. Great matter I turn my phone down for vibrate simply and was Operating that quad at the time. Never Detected it. My Common Result for the free cruise offer is to go through the whole offer and when I finally get for that Individual on the line I act really excited Around it. Then I ask them if they would write a page for my parole Official for let me get across that Line. Funny matter they never telephone me back.

Post by Guest,

289-301-2258 Spam.

Post by BorisP,

2893012258 Got a phone for my cell from this number. Since it comes out of an Region code out of where I recently placed an purchase I called back. There's a recorded message asking you personally for participate in a survey. Don t know how these spammers get cell numbers but such unsolicited calls are definitely becoming more Regular.

Post by Winnipeg,

289-301-2258 Replied to see what scam it was this time. Heard Congratulations. You vie been Picked for receive a free Vacation for 2 for Bahamas. You personally heard Accurately it is a cruise to Nassau Bahamas for 2 Folks. And like most. . . Added for my block list.

Post by JD,

2893012258 That recording says I won a free trip for the Bahamas. Who desires to go with me.

Post by Tony Lang,

289-301-2258 They called and no just one was on the line disconnected after W seconds. Too terrible I was within the mood for a few Waste Discuss. Exactly why 've a Don't Call List if not just telemarketing could t give a crap but that CR TC dozen t even apply it. Acreage lines and mailboxes are your modern age sewers just vermin use them now. Speaking of which my Mom within law is calling. . .

Post by Gen,

2893012258 Simply got a phone out of W W W they called twice

Post by Mike Jung,

289-301-2258 It s your own Blessed daytime you have the option of receiving two cruise tickets to the Bahamas. After a brief survey is completed. Please press 1 to Begin that survey. I obtained your take it s after Conclusion. If you personally Pick not for can that survey Afterward please press 9 now.

Post by millie,

2893012258 I Merely obtained a telephone out of the number 2 times just one after another. I do not answer calls I do not understand who they are from. These calls are annoying and these Individuals calling must not 've a life. So Gloomy.

Post by jg,

289-301-2258 Merely gotten a telephone out of this number. Did t answer. No message left. Assessed the website. Blocked this number.

Post by Sharon,

2893012258 Envies UN text. DOT Phone moi pas

Post by dmb,

289-301-2258 I blocked it on my cell. Will see if that works.

Post by Guest,

2893012258 Spam

Post by fed up in bc,

289-301-2258 Only got a call from the Amount on my cell don t know what where or who it's no message and I don t Select up numbers i don t understand. . . its there Penny not mine. . .

Post by Humble Man,

2893012258 Another spam telephone. I haven t been getting a lot of these. That s an excellent matter. I let my cell ring for a while and no express send was left.

Post by Guest,

289-301-2258 cruise crap

Post by Chris Kyle,

2893012258 For the f king holes who are illegally Managing out of the phony Amount. . . . Despite what your mother Mum told you violence does solve Issues. Joe Kyle Regulate Yourselves Accordingly

Post by Guest,

289-301-2258 spam my

Post by Tina Billings,

2893012258 I have acquired two calls for my cell Telephone out of the number. I do not want for receive any more. I 'm on that National Do not Phone list. Do these Folks not read these Amounts.

Post by Annoyed,

289-301-2258 Just received that telephone. Did not reply. what's the point.

Post by calgaryman,

2893012258 I concur with your own comments. Sadly that DC list does not Quit these calls. I 've both our House and cell numbers on the list bit the calls keep coming. That DC list might slow them down but does not Quit them. I have Seen a decrease within your number of calls for our property line but volume of calls to the cell has rose dramatically around that last year.

Post by Guest,

289-301-2258 Free cruise to the Bahamas. Yep appropriate don t Select it Upwards.

Post by Marie,

2893012258 Only got a telephone from the number did t reply and they did t leave a message. I 'm on your Do not Call list. I can reply by text saying not to phone me anymore. The Alternative has worked for me in that previous.

Post by Guest,

289-301-2258 cruise offer

Post by Annoyed by this number,

2893012258 got the call and try and body out if I should answer but this website helped me out. Good Items.

Post by Guest,

289-301-2258 Scam

Post by ontaxca,

2893012258 Gotten a phone out of W W W on Nov. W W at 1 W p. m. Have no idea who called. After reading your own Remarks I added the Amount for my Avoid List. Thank you personally all for Publishing your messages. Fantastic help.

Post by Mountain Goat,

289-301-2258 Called again today annoying who is this .

Post by Sharon,

2893012258 Envies UN text. DOT Phone moi pas

Post by Busy at work,

289-301-2258 Take me off your own phone list. Your calls are NOT Desired NOT NEEDED

Post by Jay,

2893012258 Simply got a phone on my land line out of this Amount. Did t Understand it so did t answer. No VIM left. Arrived for this site to see if formerly reported and see that it's.

Post by ANNOYED,

289-301-2258 Awful NUMBER

Post by Guest,

2893012258 spam

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8052196118 Complains by rocio,

Really rude. . said racist remark

8003420631 Complains by Bob`,

Rob Switch er with urgent message Around ACHE Obama care . Owner now blocked

3055096858 Complains by Guest,


8164425337 Complains by Guest,


8636570763 Complains by Guest,

I too had that same expertise as others. It sort of freaked me Outside because that Owner ID was in the same city as we Used our baby. I could hardly sleep that night because that scenario was thus strange. Acquired a telephone within the morning. . . Simply like the preceding day quot is my first name there. quot I idea the was Certainly the Delivery mom s friend so I Began talking back. . quot How are you personally People doing. . . . Stop. . . . quot we have been Amazing quot . . . Stop. . . Subsequently all of your abrupt it went into a recording of that sheriff something or other Gift fund. . . . whew. This can be apparently a very poor charity request recording. . . they 've left manner manner overly long of a pause between your introduction and that sales Frequency. . .

9095022308 Complains by Guest,

these People are as professional as a used diaper.

3044195599 Complains by JD,


2705373573 Complains by Yannick,

J'ai reçu trois appels avec le nom FONDATION. J'ai répondu au troisième et c'était de la solicitation pour les Maisons d'aide Ronald McDonald. Le numéro de l'appeleur était différent à chaque fois:1- 418-780-43082- 418-780-43023- 418-781-0251

8002317198 Complains by Guest,

Invoice collector

8002798122 Complains by Guest,

Relieved a telephone with no response. Tried for telephone it back message says that code I dialed is incorrect

8002041589 Complains by Guest,

Obtained 5 calls in that past two days from W W W Shea Peter. Did not answer and no message was left.

8002301817 Complains by Lynn,

They call my work and a family member and told them that I need to call them that they were going to serve me with papers for court at my job. I called them back but I was not thinking and gave them information for my bank account  so they could take the money out. But after seeing this I am on my way to my bank to stop the money from ever leaving my account. The one thing that gets me is how they got my work number and most important my family members full name and number. I am also going to call the Attorny General office and report them. Lets see if that will help the next person.

8002424518 Complains by Anonymous,

Got a telephone asking for a name I proposed incorrect . The guy said he was looking for this particular name a neighbor of mine that he had isn't working could I get a message for him to call Initiate at W .

8002322486 Complains by Guest,


8002531295 Complains by Guest,

please don t call me

8002138181 Complains by Bob,

Called numerous times daily here too.  Never bothered to leave a message so I never bothered to answer.  Finally blocked their future calls.  

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