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Post by Gougeon,

2893783502 they keep calling

Post by M,

289-378-3502 Congratulations you personally won a free cruise fill Outside our survey I keep getting these calls on my cell. They come from Distinct Telephone Amounts. This Amount is your latest. Same message.

Post by tdot,

2893783502 Toronto is W and W. Your W Region code was added a few years ago when that Telephone companies ran from numbers to provide or so as they state.

Post by Bwil,

289-378-3502 Raid the place Scam

Post by Anna,

2893783502 Ya they phone in the states and immediately after they phone from a Distinct number. can t these idiots get a real Occupation. . . . get some Soil Underneath finger nails Folks and earn an honest dwelling for a change

Post by Dragon's Den,

289-378-3502 Only got the telephone did t reply because that looked humorous. Thanks to that others that posted about this here.

Post by Annie,

2893783502 I got two calls late at night just one after another from W W W on my cellular telephone. I am Going within Europe. Really annoying.

Post by Chris,

289-378-3502 This Amount KEEPS Trying MY CELL Telephone ALONG Along with SEVERAL OTHERS THAT 've SAME Region Rules. I NEVER Answer I NEVER Give Outside MY CELL Number Thus Do THEY KEEP Becoming IT . . . .

Post by Mike,

2893783502 Got a telephone this morning did t answer. Likely the cruise scam.

Post by Dan,

289-378-3502 Called me April 8. . . I did t answer but they left a message saying Hi buddy how ya doing. Said provide me a phone when you get a chance. Called back and Amount was from service. Sounded like a Newfoundland Highlight. I live in Newfoundland. I have that message from your Owner saved

Post by Lorry,

2893783502 Don t need any calls from them.

Post by Chris,

289-378-3502 Merely got a hang Upward from the number as nicely i live in Manitoba.

Post by dana,

2893783502 did t response.

Post by Jennifer,

289-378-3502 And PEI only uses W as nicely.

Post by entitled,

2893783502 the numbers keeps calling by cell phone. not sure how they got the Amount because I only got the Telephone and this number a few times Past.

Post by Guest,

289-378-3502 survey trip for the Bahamas

Post by Sergio Momesso,

2893783502 A few lame content advising I won a cruise. . . Morons

Post by Phylly,

289-378-3502 Keeps calling my cell

Post by Guest,

2893783502 cruise telemarketer

Post by annoyed,

289-378-3502 Only called Residence line and cell phone instantaneously after another. W is an overlay of that substantial W Region code within the suburban GT. . . yes even Wikipedia has a response for area code Locations scam phone no doubt did not answer

Post by ky,

2893783502 Lola you re Dumb every city has Distinct Place codes. . i live in Ontario and mines W and W Ontario doesn't consist of just Toronto.

Post by Robert,

289-378-3502 Jew veins Clement De reservoir UN Apple De Ce's parasites Mai's Mon t l Telephone a bi en Fiat son travail en reactant l Apple advertisement. Presentment N utilizes l application Phone Control Friend Mon cellulite Android. Jew n Take es Que Les apples De gens quid snot Danes Mon car internet d addresses oi quid snot Danes Mon code r genial imam DAT. Cert application est tr s Functional ET per met P} blocker Les apples Solon Les r gels Que vows Treatments. I Simply received a call from these parasites but my cell Telephone did it s job and automatically rejected your call. I use a small app on my Android phone called Phone Control. I only accept calls from Individuals in my address book or from people within my prompt Place code. This app is quite customize and let s you personally filter calls according to rules which you set.

Post by Telo,

2893783502 There were no questions to reply first of all. You did t 've for clear matters Upwards for anyone other than TY Who by that manner Intended they live in Ontario not Nova Scotch . I believe you demand for take your own suggest and simmer down yourself.

Post by BC guy,

289-378-3502 Simply had a telephone out of the number live in Vancouver. Did not pick up. My number is Recorded with the don t call registry suspect that could be where these guys are getting Affirmed working numbers out of.

Post by sylvain,

2893783502 T AI re cu UN Apple De Ce numeric Le 8 avail Jew n AI pas r pond

Post by Jocelyn,

289-378-3502 Obtained a Telephone call 5 minutes Past did not response and blocked that phone number.

Post by ME,

2893783502 W W W called 9 Am. Did not answer

Post by Jorie,

289-378-3502 My cell phone Amount is registered on the do not call me list but I still got the telephone thus I think the list dozen t prevent ALL scam calls. . .

Post by aj,

2893783502 Simply got 2 calls back to back. . . And Put Upward. . . Woke Upward that sleeping Baby. . . What a hassle. .

Post by Steve in Calgary,

289-378-3502 That s great. I vie been labeling mine as Scummier 1 until that contact Amounts are filled up I 've 6 per contact Then Scummier 2 and so on. They infrequently Duplicate but occasionally they do. That s the simply Amusement value they 've.

Post by Guest,

2893783502 quot you personally vie won a cruise quot

Post by Tony,

289-378-3502 I m in St. Catherine's along with W. . . check your own facts

Post by James Baird,

2893783502 Owner said I won 2 tickets to Timbuktu within Mali a tiny African Nation. I told your Owner for stuff that tickets where the sun dozen t glow. Who needs for go for Timbuktu. Not me.

Post by Guest,

289-378-3502 Survey

Post by Neneg,

2893783502 Please please I hate Individuals call within. My cell phone

Post by Ross Darling,

289-378-3502 These Men call twice a week and I don t answer

Post by Ih8scammers,

2893783502 Only got a telephone on my mobile W Min's ago. Ringer turned away thus I missed that annoyance. GA. Says out of Ontario going for be another long week of Mindless spam calls. . . .

Post by desjardins serge,

289-378-3502 get the phone W fierier At's. W

Post by iggy,

2893783502 I also did not response. cheers for posting.

Post by Calgarygirl,

289-378-3502 Simply got a telephone from the number on my cell. No voice mail. I text back and told them I 'm going to contact that Authorities if they call again. Subsequently said go amp k yourself.

Post by Doug,

2893783502 Got a call 9 W Am this morning and got Face tone after I said hello. . . . . yup it s a scummier. . . .

Post by ws,

289-378-3502 If they called your cell check your Education Guide for how you can block Amounts. For my android Telephone I Simply go for my call log hold down on the number until the menu pops Upward and Subsequently choose add to Avoid list. If they re calling your Dwelling Telephone it gets more complicated. You can Assess with your Supplier. Most now offer a service for blocking Amounts that goes along along with caller id. It usually Prices Additional though.

Post by Kinsey,

2893783502 Gotten a call on my cell phone from the number. Did t fuss for answer they did t leave a message. Out of Ontario.

Post by Guest,

289-378-3502 It s a scam Supplied by Statement collectors to Monitor down people

Post by GreginMJSK,

2893783502 Thus how should they Answer on Around a spam phone. Explain.

Post by Guest,

289-378-3502 survey

Post by julie,

2893783502 Who s that .

Post by Ann33,

289-378-3502 Jew veins De Tank cert Apple T ha bite Au QC . . . . d s Que j AI d crotch . . . blab la N AI gang . UN pr ix. . . what it s .

Post by Michael,

2893783502 Acquired a call from the on my cellphone the afternoon here within Calgary. I did not answer they left no message.

Post by S Lee,

289-378-3502 I want for know how they got my cell number. . . . .

Post by Haha,

2893783502 You re not simply a know it all moron you personally re long Spent as well.

Post by Linda,

289-378-3502 Called people on all the cellphones. . . when reply it. . . they don t talk.

Post by P. Legault,

2893783502 Simply got that telephone . . . not that first time.

Post by christian gagnon,

289-378-3502 UN numeric uncanny quid Apple a Check seaming ET cert foils Mum lesser dies bruit De fond Friend Mon r Think . c est tenant Ce's Apple .

Post by Guest,

2893783502 Spam

Post by toronto sux,

289-378-3502 i got a telephone out of the number and my phone displayed Ontario. . . and each Trenton figures they're holier than thou.

Post by Mike,

2893783502 Got a phone at W W. Did t answer. I live in Knoxville QC. Does someone attempted to telephone them back for locate out which Firm individual it's.

Post by jean,

289-378-3502 I got the telephone Now but I don t Choose it

Post by A,

2893783502 Unsolicited phone . . . automated.

Post by h,

289-378-3502 U used your iPhone block app. worked well.

Post by Amanda,

2893783502 got a telephone. wasn't Competent for reply. not certain if it's surveyor or someone i know

Post by Helen,

289-378-3502 I got a lot calls out of the number. It s waste of my time and cash. Stop them

Post by Bob,

2893783502 Lix my nuts

Post by lori,

289-378-3502 Within Alberta just got your call glad I did t answer now that i see the Lola

Post by deb,

2893783502 did t answer

Post by David,

289-378-3502 I live in BC and 'm becoming these beggars on a Day-to-day basis. As shortly as I block just one Amount they telephone on another. Harder for squish than cockroaches. Being on the Don't Phone list has Supported no intent and the Phone Firms don t attention.

Post by Adam,

2893783502 Acquired a call back on April W and I have been meaning to Record that missed telephone online for a while. It was an unsolicited telephone.

Post by Guest,

289-378-3502 Automated machine

Post by marie,

2893783502 message en Angela's Jew Sui's Du Que Beck j AI creche c est pas la preemie re Fox

Post by Guest,

289-378-3502 free cruise

Post by s hunchak,

2893783502 Close them down not sure how they got my private cell Amount but I won't response not r can I desire their stuff.

Post by Aaron,

289-378-3502 Won a cruise. What a Cope. . .

Post by Jimmy,

2893783502 Got a phone a few minutes ago they can take a cruise to go f k yourself island blocked their Amount. Russ if I had your number I would phone you each daytime for telephone you personally a Stupid F Keri.

Post by Guest,

289-378-3502 No message left many others also called.

Post by Marco,

2893783502 Merely got a call overly. Did t hassle for answer. What a pain in your SS.

Post by ,

289-378-3502 You won two tickets. . .

Post by AA,

2893783502 It is a local Amount for Toronto so I picked Upwards. Whoops. Picked Upward and heard Congratulations you vie been Picked. . . . Hung Upwards. Added to Reject list. Spam contest junk.

Post by Antonio,

289-378-3502 H am. Jew n AI pas d crochet pour l Apple ET Jew l AI sup primer

Post by Albert_Rossa,

2893783502 did t leave a message thus many junk calls like this just one. . .

Post by Brian,

289-378-3502 Jew Sui's a Attack la. . . SA Fiat Au mo ins W W numb RI Que Jain bloc Friend Mon cell ET Si T en recoils UN outre N envoy c r virgin ET Jew returnee Ave Le t l phone Mason

Post by NWR,

2893783502 Got a phone did t bother answering instantaneously gotten a text MSG saying I have a prize

Post by geni,

289-378-3502 They call me once a week and i never answer

Post by Ivan,

2893783502 ARC lament containment Pet on SE d brassier De Ce's idiots quid nous ARC lent joys APR s joys ET quid changed r GUI raiment P} numb Rios P} t l Telephone en Angela's on a gang UN Cross re. S V P on defraud Avior la pa ix Danes nitre Mason

Post by Smartphone,

289-378-3502 Simply block your number if you might have android or iPhone along with most recent update

Post by An3,

2893783502 The Amount called me about an hour ago overly. . its not the first time. . around the last 2 years I've seen that number

Post by LK FROM BC,

289-378-3502 keeps calling Seemingly i won a free cruise. These people should become shot Stop BOTHERING People.

Post by kate,

2893783502 Keeps calling my cell phone

Post by Stephen Harper,

289-378-3502 Ah yes. . . . 7 pages of reported calls for this particular number. The Do not Call government Application is obviously working. . . . . working for employ fraud steers in non reported income.

Post by Burning flames,

2893783502 vows for us See Additionally Google translation by the same correspond ant Banjo Ob jet 1 W W W Jew NE pix plus til rear Ce 1 W W W quid pour vows vend re SA Camelot vows pour suit bisque Danes voter t l Telephone. Express plus BSA d Atreus numb Rios De t l Telephone quid correspondent dies Oranges robot is s nothingness f mi nine race Asiatic vows proposing oi vows avast en languor Angles Que vows parries vows m rioter UN magnifier Cross re. O . Jew l Discount com pl torment element Celia me met en Rockne. Applier Sir Le 9 pour sortie P} lemur Lister d Apple. Jew n AI pas Pu fa ire Le test. Les apples snot unregistered s Friend Mon r Consider patois Dix foils Level hour aloes Que Jew m absentee. ET Si on SE blessed en accordant pour r Pool re. Ce la est arr iv Mum conjoint quid SE h ta it veers Le t l Telephone casement Ellie est tomb e De dos droid Danes la Colon vet brawl Sir Le Money d UN table De salon. . . Sans Disadvantages quince Moliere's. N AI Depp's Dix joys System 3 plaint es Unique es La luge nation ale dies numb Rios P} t l Telephone excl us LINNET . organism Add Au CR TC. Friend SA page net l on Dog y inscribe nitre numb RI P} t l phone en taint Que excl people dies apples De t l marketing's quid NE respected pas Les States Du CR TC Friend Le t l Promotion HTTP Www. linnet encl. cg. ca index Frau T AI d j Get Du suck s Ave ex Danes d Atreus Ca's. Jew vows encourage sans obligation P} voter part formulae UN plaint Crete directest Sir lemur page web APR s Avior Uncertainty voter numb RI De t l phone lemur r gist re HTTP Internet. linnet encl. cg. ca pelt Camping Frau J AI l impression Que on SE refile Les list es P} numb Rios De t l Telephone chances d UN Office P} t l marketing l outre. Tumours Le m me message robot is . Marci. 1 W W W 1 W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W

Post by Adrian,

289-378-3502 I got a phone from this Amount. Slept appropriate through it. Typically I d Select Upward if its a number I don t recognize within case its an Company but I haven t Used for work recently so I let it lie. I know what it's. Notice for the Individuals though Not ALL W numbers are scam numbers. My cell Telephone for example has a W to it. Simply live to it by rule of thumb if its not a contact on ya phone let it go.

Post by Blondiie,

2893783502 . . .

Post by Chantale Grégoire,

289-378-3502 I don t desire to received calls out of the Amount. Thanks

Post by Guest,

2893783502 spam

Post by Tammy,

289-378-3502 Survey call

Post by Julian,

2893783502 just got a telephone from this number. called back it's a survey.

Post by ky,

289-378-3502 Lola you personally re Mindless every city has different Region codes. . i live within Ontario and mines W and W Ontario doesn't consist of Simply Toronto.

Post by Burning flames Google transl. fr.eng,

2893783502 For all of you Hi Theme 1 W W W I Only cannot Accept this 1 W W W which sells you personally its junk chasing you personally into your own phone. See below for other Telephone Amounts that correspond for automated calls Asian Competition female voice proposing you personally or advising you you could earn a wonderful cruise . Where. I do not know and I am not interested. Press 9 for Leave from their phone list. I could not take the test. Calls are Registered on my replying machine occasionally twice a day while I m away. And if you personally get hurt racing for Reply. The happened to my Partner who hurried for the Telephone and felt right back into the spine on the Part of a coffee table . . . Without unfortunate Result. I got two times Past 3 Independent complaints for the National Category of Telephone numbers ENCL connected for the CR TC. On its web page we can Set your Telephone number as excluded from telemarketing calls that don't satisfy the conditions of ENCL HTTP Www. linnet encl. cg. ca index Eng vie had success with them within that past. I encourage you personally without obligation in your part for create a written complaint HTTP Www. linnet encl. cg. ca pelt camp engaged entering your own phone Amount for their registry. I feel they exchange the list of phone numbers out of 1 office to another. Constantly that same automated message. Thank you . 1 W W W 1 W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W

Post by I'd rather be plaing guitar,

289-378-3502 Please don t sell me something that I could t use don t care what it's. . . . get a Actual job

Post by Thierry,

2893783502 It just called me offering me a Great cruise. Personally I don t care if it comes out of Ontario the Fiji or Venus. One of these days I ll have enough of it End my Residence phone Mount a call blocker on my cell and transport your list Now W Amounts to that Leave Me Alone. list.

Post by Ordcat,

289-378-3502 . spam. Telephone calls.

Post by Jacq,

2893783502 if you personally telephone the Amount back from your Telephone they called you on you can press 9 when they reply and they can remove your number

Post by tdot,

289-378-3502 Toronto is W and W. The W Region code was added a few years ago when your Phone Businesses ran from numbers for provide or so as they say.

Post by Elton,

2893783502 did not response. consistently check here when I dint Understand. adore phone filter and my android. adding another for that block list.

Post by lolzerz,

289-378-3502 They called I picked up there was no reply.

Post by Brenda,

2893783502 I also acquired a telephone out of W W W but I did not Choose Upwards. Ont GM and Bob you are overly type. . . . . I create a contact for these callers and call them Looser .

Post by Tartan,

289-378-3502 Just got telephone for my cell ignored it.

Post by jANE,

2893783502 Additionally GOT A Call. TWO Rings AND Afterward IT Discontinued DID NOT ANSWER

Post by Jennifer,

289-378-3502 And PEI only uses W as nicely.

Post by Alex,

2893783502 Obtained a call out of the number. Rang once on my cell but they Installed up. Exceptionally annoying.

Post by GreginMJSK,

289-378-3502 So how should they Reply on about a spam phone. Describe.

Post by Missy,

2893783502 I have received calls from the Amount Upwards for 5 times in one daytime and I never reply them you would believe they would get your Touch and Quit CALLING. . . . .

Post by vfr750fg,

289-378-3502 I received a phone on my cell Telephone from this phone Amount. They talked Around a trip within Bahamas and I Presume for become that Success. . .

Post by JJ,

2893783502 don t like any telephone along with not Understanding who the callers are and they called to fuss me.

Post by Not Amused,

289-378-3502 They should become Set out of company by our Authorities.

Post by ji=jimy,

2893783502 W Merely called i did t Choose Upwards.

Post by hvn,

289-378-3502 The Amount Arrived from Markham Ontario which is component of your Greater Toronto Place .

Post by ws,

2893783502 If they called your cell Assess your Education Information for how to block numbers. For my android phone I Merely go for my phone log hold down on the Amount until the menu pops Upwards and Afterward choose add to Avoid list. If they re calling your Residence Telephone it gets more complicated. You can check with your Supplier. Most now offer a service for blocking numbers that goes along with caller id. It Generally Prices Additional though.

Post by Guest,

289-378-3502 cruise

Post by Adrian,

2893783502 My Amount has W inside and I live in Hamilton. Kinda absurd to suppose W is province Broad.

Post by Guest,

289-378-3502 rang once Installed Upwards. called me at work two minutes before. SPAM.

Post by mohamad,

2893783502 Simply called me does anyone know how i could block this Amount.

Post by damelou,

289-378-3502 Jew vex bi en Savior quid a Ce numb RI P} t l phone j AI re u cert Apple Mahdi Le 8 Avail H W

Post by Guest,

2893783502 other cruise. . . . yes's

Post by Darrin,

289-378-3502 Yep they called my cell and my wife s cell guessing Roger s has something to do with it. . .

Post by Jai,

2893783502 Gotten call

Post by Steve in Calgary,

289-378-3502 That s good. I vie been labeling mine as Scummier 1 until that contact numbers are filled up I 've 6 per contact Afterward Scummier 2 and so on. They seldom repeat but sometimes they would. That s that just Amusement value they have.

Post by Guest,

2893783502 won a cruise spam

Post by wer12,

289-378-3502 Scam do not pick up.

Post by GreginMJSK,

2893783502 Replied Telephone and nobody there. Great BYE Won't not reply it again.

Post by Gnaw,

289-378-3502 Did not answer

Post by inVictoria,

2893783502 received. no just one on the Telephone. Put up.

Post by tina,

289-378-3502 keeps phoning do not answer

Post by ky,

2893783502 Lola you personally re Ignorant every city has different Place Requirements. . i live within Ontario and mines W and W Ontario does not consist of Merely Toronto.

Post by Tony,

289-378-3502 I m within St. Catherine's along with W. . . check your facts

Post by Ken,

2893783502 W W W

Post by 2893783502,

289-378-3502 Unwanted telemarketer phone. I 'm on the no call list

Post by sylvain,

2893783502 T AI re cu UN Apple De Ce numeric Le 8 avail Jew n AI pas r pond

Post by Fuqueu,

289-378-3502 called me twice did t pick up

Post by Stephan,

2893783502 j AI re cu c Etta Apple moi Aussie Au Quebec Illinois Apple 5 foils par joys pour rein Don NE pas repined

Post by K,

289-378-3502 Calls 2 3 times a daytime. Same message Around replying a survey for get free cruise tickets.

Post by Dale,

2893783502 That is why I don t reply to numbers I don t know why can t these scampers get a real Occupation I concur that I 've for create a contact called Telemarketers Subsequently I know it Come next time they attempt to call and ignore it.

Post by Agitated in bc,

289-378-3502 I had 2 missed calls from these Men the afternoon as well and since I had been on a teleconference call back east earlier in your daytime I thought Maybe it was Connected. Sadly i called back simply for hear that irritating voice message you have been Selected to participate in the survey . . That simply motive it got that Way was because I was cooking and had your phone on Audio. Thus wish these clowns would leave me be. . . .

Post by Callblocker,

2893783502 Spam Owner from Ontario Merely contacted my cell. Hang Upwards.

Post by Albert,

289-378-3502 it s spoofed Amount scamming around

Post by rhorse001,

2893783502 W W W is a SCAM. . . I got a phone out of the Amount. It rang just once Afterward stopped. I called back after two minutes out of a property line phone and heard a machine express You're calling to participate a survey but it's Ended. Seemingly this Amount is a scam.

Post by Oatmeal,

289-378-3502 Got a call at Am. I did t reply.

Post by Jorie,

2893783502 My cell phone number is registered on that don't call me list but I still got the telephone so I guess your list dozen t prevent ALL scam calls. . .

Post by Jacq,

289-378-3502 if you phone that number back in the phone they called you personally on you can press 9 when they response and they may remove your number

Post by Jessy lonmbie,

2893783502 Got this telephone a few times within a day. . They tried to request for personal info for tax intent in Canada. The Amount USN t in service.

Post by Jane,

289-378-3502 W W W recording that states you won a cruise. Your Place code W Comprises all your GT or greater Toronto area out of east side of Toronto for that west side of Toronto which Contains me. Which is actually that Region code for my cell phone thus I answered the call presuming it was a legit phone only to Notice a won a cruise. This must become something more recent because I have consistently gotten these types of calls but the Region code was Usually something obscure and I Ceased replying. I guess they are switching matters Upwards because everyone has Found on to that Ignorant cruise line telemarketer scam.

Post by K17,

2893783502 Supposed winner of trip for Bahamas

Post by Anna,

289-378-3502 Ya they call from your states and instantaneously after they telephone from a Distinct number. could t these idiots get a Actual Occupation. . . . get many Dust Underneath finger nails people and earn an honest dwelling for a change

Post by One of the same,

2893783502 Same as your rest of you. . . I vie won a cruise. . All I have to can is Entire the Uncomplicated survey. . Lt Click I Installed Upward gt

Post by Pistol Pete,

289-378-3502 I got a phone call on my cell I did t fuss for response.

Post by Guest,

2893783502 You vie won a cruise.

Post by Cindy who,

289-378-3502 W called my cell. Do I block it.

Post by Jess,

2893783502 Merely called did t Choose Upward. . . W. AM

Post by ROBIN,

289-378-3502 Received 2 calls from this . Did not response either just one. possible a scam.

Post by Teresa,

2893783502 Obtained a call. . . rang 2 times and Put Upwards. . .

Post by Scott,

289-378-3502 They called at W W Am today. Can block.

Post by Nathan D,

2893783502 I missed your phone but after I read all these places I Strike phone back and got a messaging saying The number is no longer in service. For they can call people but we could t call them.

Post by Gab V.,

289-378-3502 T AI re u encore UN foils UN Apple quid me DOT Cecil Congratulations you vie won a cruise. . . N AI tout implement crotch ET MI's Ce numb RI Danes ma Lister P} re Fly.

Post by tdot,

2893783502 Toronto is W and W. Your W Place code was added a few years ago when that Telephone Businesses ran out of Amounts for provide or so as they state.

Post by Fred,

289-378-3502 Received a phone tried to phone back told there is no service. Likely a scam.

Post by Claudel,

2893783502 a vein P} m applier

Post by Gen,

289-378-3502 got called left no message. . . . .

Post by BC,

2893783502 I don't consider it's legal for phone a cell Telephone for sell anything might it be.

Post by Jay,

289-378-3502 Unwanted call

Post by Louise Pilon,

2893783502 I don t want to receive this call no more please. My phone Amount is W W W

Post by Jessica,

289-378-3502 Within Nova Scotch. . . Additionally acquired a telephone from the number. Very annoying to receive salivation survey calls as I am on a pare paid. Additionally Lately received calls from Virgin Cellular telephone of similar nature out of phone W W W. Called their customer service to ask them not for telephone me and was transferred 4 times before I finally had for hang Upward.

Post by djh,

2893783502 Gotten a telephone that did not leave a message. Called back and got a not within service record.

Post by Guest,

289-378-3502 surveys

Post by M.I.A.,

2893783502 Got a phone out of them but did t reply. . . . No message left. .

Post by Charles,

289-378-3502 I did t bother to answer many times before. Now I answered. I won a cruise within Bahamas. I had your pick to click 1 and for answer a survey or click nine and to 've my Telephone number deleted out of their list . I clicked 9 and I trust my Telephone number will be deleted from their list. Before I obtained calls from Distinct Amounts . This should become prohibited.

Did you get an unwanted call from 289-378-3502? Is 2893783502 Safe to Answer or a Spam Caller? Tell us as much as you can!

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life ruined

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minister pastor cheater lire dog just no great. . . W 1 W

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This is a Scam. . . Don't provide them any personal info. They said I was Accepted for a loan within that amount of W. W and it was ready to become deposited. They identified themselves as Ace Cash. That is not your case I 've read about them and when you personally call the numbers back one Girl who would not identify herself kept hanging Upward on me and another Amount was a magic Port number. Please be conscious W W W or Rick Cornell W W W or email email W protected

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Phone rings once and hangs Upwards.

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Thanks for the Information.

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not certain who the number belongs for. Official Reward Notice Call W Now for Transfer an Claim Info. Keep R and R text Work} active. text Quit 2 end

8002108511 Complains by Krista Brown,

called for all my data on my card.

8002953699 Complains by Vivicica,

has a Steak a Amount W W keeps calling my house each daytime just to 've nobody on another end of the line for Speak to. Now when I called them back that Man Requires for my name and when I did t want for give it to him he got Actually rude. He says M am exactly why would somebody bring up a company plan for a Business Merely s. . . o they can telephone and fuss people. I said USN t that what telemarketers can sir. . . When I told him I go ogled the Amount link below there are lots of Pope being bothered by them calling. He was very condescending by now. I said I ll present you personally my number take me off your own list. He would t can it and Afterward disconnected that line when I asked for his supervisor. W T F F.

8002313111 Complains by chicagoman,

damn I despise automated callings. How can I get that a holes to Cease calling people. dentally. gov doesn't seem to do Port squat.

8002865426 Complains by Guest,

She won t Cease calling and hacking into my phone

8002861589 Complains by h-man,

that Merely Began calling me when i picked up they Put Upwards so i called them back they wounding tell me who they were i told them I am reporting them for don't telephone. gov and not to call again. that's all you got for do

8001861472 Complains by Guest,

Cash max. com

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