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198 complaints
Post by Vallou43,

2893783504 Merely got your call did t reply . . . One of my co worker get that same phone H before did t response either . . .

Post by Andre,

289-378-3504 Same here. . . no message and I did not answered.

Post by Mike,

2893783504 've a Rogers or Fido cell Telephone. These calls Simply come if You're late in paying your own bill. If you personally do not make a payment that calls will become more and more Regular. . . Day-to-day or a couple of times daily. Nonetheless if you pay your bill that calls magically Quit. Fascinating eh. I 've run this experiment several times and it's always the same.

Post by Rhonda,

289-378-3504 Drained of unwanted calls

Post by Calgal,

2893783504 Yup same here. Did t response.

Post by Mwyou,

289-378-3504 ring once and Discontinue

Post by Guest,

2893783504 Johnson spam

Post by J,

289-378-3504 Always wanted to go to Bahamas . Yahoo D

Post by Joe,

2893783504 They called W minutes Past when I was unavailable. No message.

Post by LC,

289-378-3504 Did t answer. No message. I don t know anyone at the area code.

Post by E,

2893783504 I Additionally gotten the telephone Vacation for that Bahamas for doing a survey. I Put up. . . i never trust these things.

Post by anita,

289-378-3504 T AI pas repined a Ce numb RI . . .

Post by SteveM,

2893783504 Merely got a call on my Montreal W Region code cell Telephone. I did not reply and no message was left. Adding number for my block list

Post by M/B,

289-378-3504 i Merely got a phone from this number . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . no answer

Post by Montreal, Qc,

2893783504 Did not Choose up no message left on my cell Telephone.

Post by Roxane Normand,

289-378-3504 I just acquired a telephone on my cell phone these Folks should become made to pay for whatever you personally supposedly won.

Post by Gage,

2893783504 They woke me Upwards before the Tennis Match. Usa vs Canada. Thanks for being my alarm clock the morning.

Post by Mob,

289-378-3504 Did t fuss replying. . .

Post by AC,

2893783504 This number has called me a couple of times despite me being on a do not phone list. I called Fido and complained since they as my service Supplier should become Capable for deal along with these calls internally. No go.

Post by Sarah,

289-378-3504 The keeps calling me and I keep reporting it for the CR TC as I 'm on the Do not Call List. I have Discovered that when I post an add on KOJAK that has my phone I tend to get these calls a lot.

Post by hanna,

2893783504 Called me twice in a Second no answer on the other end

Post by Jen,

289-378-3504 same as everyone else. . . . see you within that Bahamas.

Post by Eric,

2893783504 London ON. Registered message starts with It s your own Blessed day. . .

Post by Ryan,

289-378-3504 Telephone Only rang from this Amount. Did t response. Left no message. I m within Asian Ontario.

Post by KG,

2893783504 Called my cell Number wasn't recognizable . . . did not reply .

Post by Daryl,

289-378-3504 Yea. I Simply won a Vacation for that Bahamas. Can you personally consider that. Who would would this type of thing. Oh a scummier who would 've guessed.

Post by Guest,

2893783504 cruise offer request for Drive 1.

Post by Lum,

289-378-3504 2 mines Past No ring. Left a text message at Who Called. Did not answer

Post by kirafan613,

2893783504 Here these guys go Amount hopping again. Simply three days Past they called from W W W reaching me on my Toronto Telephone and now they re calling out of W W W reaching me on my Ottawa just one. I cannot for that life of me Picture how any company could become Reliable if they change their Amounts thus Often they can t Maybe Assemble any goodwill into any among them. Additionally each time they telephone they are stealing prepaid airtime from me. As a musician I have both of my phones on that Rogers Pay As You personally Go Strategy which Costs W cents per minute or Part thereof at this point I don t get enough calls on either Telephone for warrant going to your cheaper plan and any time they leave me a message on my voice mail I end up paying TWICE once to receive their telephone and once for listen to their express send I have for play it through all your manner within purchase for my phone for register it as having been listened for . And your worst component is that by the time they vie left their message the telephone is around and I could t press 9 to get my Amount off their list. It s enjoy having your own house broken into and all the thief steals is a 5 Invoice. I cannot afford for 've my Revenue margin reduced like the. I 'm not so financially Variable that I could hire a Attorney to go after these Folks and fight them all your way Upward for the Substantial Court if I had for. Nor would I as a business 've your flexibility for Alter my Amount like these Folks I 've to Construct goodwill into my Amounts. I would not go around calling Folks so relentlessly so senselessly. These Folks MUST be Quit.

Post by Guest,

289-378-3504 Vacation for the Bahamas

Post by Guest,

2893783504 Dis here boy ex a spam er and HUD be prosecuted.

Post by Guest,

289-378-3504 SCAM Criminal Activity Disruptive automated system calls each day but no place Upward for requests for be removed out of list. Survey is scam to Key people into Taking cruise tickets and Subsequently take advantage. Don't provide your own credit card information. Do not believe for a second that the cruise is free or that you will ever get these thus called tickets.

Post by Lt,

2893783504 same here. I usually ignore calls from Place Rules I don t 've acquaintance there.

Post by Penny Pincher,

289-378-3504 Simply got it was holding my cell in hand and quickly canceled the telephone. Say out of Ontario Canada

Post by LiseLisa,

2893783504 I reply but no one Chat and after that line Picture down

Post by A Boiky,

289-378-3504 Ontario Canada. Did not answer since I don't have any contact within the area.

Post by annoyed,

2893783504 Called here in that VCR Region at 9 W a. m. from Ontario . . . 1 ring that s it. . . . . and that point is . . . . .

Post by jules,

289-378-3504 Can there be any point for reporting these annoying numbers. They keep coming anyway.

Post by Guest,

2893783504 cruise

Post by Ellis,

289-378-3504 When i phone that number back it says not in service . . . . . . . . what phone companies permit this kind of behaviour.

Post by pleasedont callme,

2893783504 bothering phone calls

Post by buddy,

289-378-3504 The number phoned and woke me up out of a fantastic fantasy. I can never get that back. Cheers face.

Post by trippy,

2893783504 I receive these telephone very often. Somehow these scampers got the phone numbers of my wife and I. It s constantly the same thing Around a cruise. We get that calls at your same time overly. Last time it was out of a Amount in Brand new Brunswick before that it was from Vancouver. They consistently Alter that Telephone number thus don t fuss blocking it. We need to take Activities against that individuals responsible for doing the somehow.

Post by Guest,

289-378-3504 Telemarketing.

Post by Guest,

2893783504 cruise for Bahamas

Post by Isiris,

289-378-3504 Got a call out of this Amount at 2 W pm second time in the last few times. It plays a recording saying you have won a Vacation to Bahamas that was that first telephone. As soon a I heard that I Installed Upward. Now though I recognized your Amount which was calling and ignored it.

Post by Cheryl,

2893783504 Cheers. . . So sick of those damn calls poor enough they telephone your house now your cell Telephone as well. . . . No boundaries I tell ya. . .

Post by Guest,

289-378-3504 Cruise

Post by Guest,

2893783504 survey saying I won a trip

Post by steve,

289-378-3504 Amazing thanks for that hint . Only blocked them

Post by Sherrie,

2893783504 Who is calling me out of the number don't desire the calls.

Post by ditto,

289-378-3504 got a call Now. . . added to block list on my Telephone. . . Panasonic Telephones Stone . D phone also has a night mode . . . comes within handy

Post by Dan,

2893783504 Called me Only now twice. They Installed Upwards after one ring .

Post by Anika,

289-378-3504 Called at W W am. Did not leave a message.

Post by deding,

2893783504 called me twice. . one after another. i did t reply 5 minutes ago

Post by Amanda,

289-378-3504 Yes it does work on iPhone. Simply go into your own your own phone button and press re cents. Afterward touch the i beside your number and it may open a Display that has block this caller as an option.

Post by AlanD,

2893783504 Called my cell Around W minutes Past as a No name call. No message left. I m in your Greater Toronto area.

Post by SJ,

289-378-3504 just obtained a call did t reply left a pare Registered message that if I took a survey I could Triumph 2 cruise tickets.

Post by GO RED SOX,

2893783504 Second time they called might not become same number but left same message. Preceding phone was a two weeks Past. Live within Toronto but 've W Halifax Region code

Post by David,

289-378-3504 1 W W Same as everybody else. USN t there a law about unwanted unsolicited calls. Something about having ability for remove my Amount from your list. There was that magical 2 second pause and I hung Upwards. I suppose it was the same survey.

Post by john doe,

2893783504 This number calls non Released cellphone gt I turn my ringer away now as I have a dog I never reply my cell phone for unknown callers Afterward I Assess the Website for see they're a real Buddy the people who do this for a living don t have Buddies.

Post by Karen D,

289-378-3504 Merely had two 1 ring calls from this number. Clearly a scam of a few type. Did not reply. What s the use of your National Do not Telephone list if this type of crap keeps becoming through. Can block the number.

Post by Austin,

2893783504 Missed telephone W Min's ago Calgary.

Post by Celeste,

289-378-3504 This number just called and left express MSG. Whole s survey win a cruise. Blocked.

Post by Jon,

2893783504 Never Decided Upwards called back said not Designated came here for check Outside why waste of time

Post by Ryan,

289-378-3504 Ya the Amount called me at Am this morning when I was still Sleep. . .

Post by Tim,

2893783504 Moi Aussie.

Post by DaveH,

289-378-3504 I should add I did not response that call. If I don t Understand LED numbers I don t answer

Post by Michael,

2893783504 I did not response.

Post by Mike,

289-378-3504 I m in Kingston. Just got a phone out of the Amount. I understand it was a crap telephone that minute I Decided Upward so I Merely started yelling the f word around and around again until whoever it was Put up. Afterward I added it to my blocked list.

Post by Jen B,

2893783504 I Only obtained a call did not Choose it up Calculated it was many annoying soliciting of some form.

Post by Amanda,

289-378-3504 Yes it does work on iPhone. Merely go into your own your own phone button and press re cents. then Contact the i beside your number and it can open a Display that has block this caller as an Alternative.

Post by Guest,

2893783504 Dis here lad ex a spam er and HUD become prosecuted.

Post by Jocelyn Belley,

289-378-3504 You personally Triumph a trip for Bahamas. . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Paterno,

2893783504 Received Telephone phone today about 1 W PM. I already recognized that number out of W Note

Post by DaveH,

289-378-3504 I should add I did not response that telephone. If I don t recognize LED numbers I don t answer

Post by Calgal,

2893783504 Yup same here. Did t response.

Post by PEIslander,

289-378-3504 Merely called no message. Filthy scamming bast ids.

Post by In Ottawa,

2893783504 Called me a few seconds Past as well. Simply rang once. No message.

Post by lion,

289-378-3504 quantity counts. quality never. That more noise you personally create the more you get Focus. . . I think Thanks

Post by mark,

2893783504 Did not response I am with Tel people did not leave message.

Post by Guest,

289-378-3504 Automated free cruise crap

Post by Miki05,

2893783504 same here.

Post by Mia,

289-378-3504 This really is a fantastic Notion. Cheers. . D

Post by Lt,

2893783504 same here. I usually Discount calls from Place codes I don t 've acquaintance there.

Post by Mia,

289-378-3504 This really is a great Notion. Thanks. . D

Post by Cheryl,

2893783504 Thanks. . . Thus sick of those damn calls poor enough they call your own house now your cell phone as well. . . . No boundaries I tell ya. . .

Post by dee,

289-378-3504 Only got a telephone Halifax NS missed the telephone so I called back record said the Amount not in service.

Post by Manny,

2893783504 April W W Merely received a phone out of this Amount. Did nit answer do not know anyone in that Region code. We have logged 8 Distinct Amount out of the Region code and over W different Amounts Distinct Place Rules all scams. Some day the powers that be will Set an Finish to these scampers crap callers.

Post by Vancouver Area,

289-378-3504 Merely called. Did t answer. Left no message.

Post by Eric,

2893783504 Simply got called no MSG. appears enjoy another scam according for history

Post by val dor quebec,

289-378-3504 did not response . . .

Post by TWB,

2893783504 Don t phone back they record you personally as a live Man and keep calling. I Called back on a Digital phone and answers with a recording claiming a survey that has Ended. It s a scam.

Post by C,

289-378-3504 Got a phone out of the Amount and they Directed} a text for my cell as nicely for a Vacation free cruise.

Post by ME,

2893783504 MG . . I won a free trip . Can you Envision my luck. I just wish I knew how you can Discontinue these calls . RR RR

Post by chris,

289-378-3504 Simply got it in Alberta along with Bell as my Service.

Post by Enid,

2893783504 Don't Answer any Owner ID you don t recognize. If your call is Significant a message can be left. Also if you response and ask that Owner to take you off their list because you personally re on your Don't Call Registry they can help but may phone you again out of a different Amount.

Post by Guest,

289-378-3504 Dis here boy ex a spam er and HUD be prosecuted.

Post by Sam,

2893783504 I phone back the and its was a voice mail for survey.

Post by flower,

289-378-3504 Among those Joke calls. No message.

Post by Mike,

2893783504 Within Ottawa rang multiple times to cell did t answer

Post by Martha,

289-378-3504 Received phone out of W W W even though I m on that don't call list. Don t usually response calls on my cell if I don Comprehend that number. Most times your calls are pranks.

Post by steve,

2893783504 Magnificent cheers for your trick . Merely blocked them

Post by aaron,

289-378-3504 I cant consider it. . . I won a Vacation for that Bahamas. . . Pleasant. . .

Post by Guest,

2893783504 survey

Post by Irene,

289-378-3504 no message

Post by Jen,

2893783504 Free cruise scam with bogus survey. They are Striving to get your own credit card info.

Post by Mo,

289-378-3504 Jew NE sis pas porgy on re Oise dies Oranges m me Si nous Somme's Sir la Lister dies numb Rios excl people. To us Les numb Rios Que Jew NE recons pas Jew n y r ponds plus.

Post by Layla,

2893783504 Ills m Ont Apple . T AI Pas r Pool. C est sou vent dies Oranges surtax s pour nous. . .

Post by MegaJ,

289-378-3504 rung no message

Post by Guest,

2893783504 surveying scam

Post by Paul,

289-378-3504 I missed a telephone from the Telephone number did t call back.

Post by Guest,

2893783504 survey scam. asking for press 9

Post by al kou,

289-378-3504 1 W W W same thing appears they're calling for your list all at the same time. I did t answer.

Post by Guest,

2893783504 Dis here lad ex a spam er and HUD become prosecuted.

Post by Maria,

289-378-3504 Got a phone call out of the number. No Notion who they're.

Post by Lynn,

2893783504 I gotten a telephone from this number W W W did not response my cell not one of my Buddies or number I Understand must become another you won a cruise call

Post by Al,

289-378-3504 Tool it on my call display but ignored.

Post by Nathalie,

2893783504 Trash message

Post by Jane,

289-378-3504 Called my BC cell Ph but i did t response. I detest my Solitude being breached. I m on the Don't Telephone list overly. Bloody annoying.

Post by Windsor,

2893783504 Called my Telephone didn't Collection.

Post by buddy,

289-378-3504 Everyone needs to contact that CR TC appropriate away for prevent this Amount out of calling anyone else.

Post by grobinso,

2893783504 answered with no answer. Figured it was Vehicle Call with your dead pause inside it

Post by Guest,

289-378-3504 Cruise

Post by Ychen,

2893783504 Additionally within Ottawa called me twice. Blocked

Post by Bill,

289-378-3504 Got a phone did t answer.

Post by Lance Whitworth,

2893783504 Acquired call W W out of W W W there was some mumbling in the History. I Put Upward. Over that next Second there were several repeated calls from this number along with no response. That is no doubt a nuisance phone. Have obtained calls out of the number in the previous maintaining we've won a Vacation. At this point I hang Upwards. Can you personally shut these bandits down. Thank you personally to your assist. Lance Whit worth within Victoria BC

Post by Jay,

289-378-3504 Free cruise BS

Post by Glen G,

2893783504 Simply gotten call no message left.

Post by paul,

289-378-3504 Called me twice in a row on my cell Telephone. Did not Choose Upward and they did t leave a message. Whatever they need I m not interested.

Post by Tim,

2893783504 Moi Aussie.

Post by FCUK the Caller,

289-378-3504 Got a phone the morning Am out of W. W. W. I hope they died.

Post by busysignal,

2893783504 In Ottawa Simply rang once here.

Post by GP,

289-378-3504 Only got another phone out of the number. No message. Did not response. Yeah. I m even on the No Telephone List and I still get them. . . Frustrating. They telephone in any respect hours.

Post by Tim,

2893783504 Moi Aussie.

Post by CaptMondo,

289-378-3504 Rang my cell Telephone left no message. May add to block for block list.

Post by Guest,

2893783504 cruise scam

Post by Steve,

289-378-3504 I ignored it this time. The preceding time I was board at work so I Used W minutes along with a Pleasant Guy India as he attempted to arrange a cruise from the Interface of Toronto for that Bahamas. We was that second Individual I spoke to that first person was broken when I asked why they needed my credit card number if your Vacation was free. I ended Upward along with a third Man who appeared for become People Man located within that Bahamas at the resort. He at least Comprehended that concept that a cruise Likely would t leave from Lake Ontario head down the St. Lawrence and Finish Upwards within Bermuda. He was a Fine enough Man and understood my family Difficulties when I said I had three Children and your trip simply Comprised two. He did suggest I leave them at Residence and take only that Partner. I Proposed that the Partner had for remain Dwelling with your Children and Inquired if I could bring another Woman. He looked okay along with that but then got off your call when it was Visible that I did t 've another girls Covered Upward and did t need for book at that exact Time.

Post by Bry,

2893783504 Called me left no message at 'm today

Post by René Beaudoin,

289-378-3504 Apple pluses foils seaming message automatic en Engels

Post by Katie,

2893783504 I Merely got the phone. . did t response. No message. My coworker got a phone from the same Amount on her cell Telephone too. I m with Virgin she s along with Wind. Safe for say its probably a Bacall. Adding for my blacklist now.

Post by fed up,

289-378-3504 same crap same stack. . . i don t p u unknown callers and if i d i affirm at them and tell them what to do

Post by Jenna,

2893783504 Called my Toronto cell Telephone no message. . . I ll never response anyways.

Post by Don,

289-378-3504 Called the morning at 9. W in Vancouver. Left no message.

Post by C. W,

2893783504 I got 2 calls out of the Amount back for back did not response did not leave a message. Figure I did t Triumph a cruise

Post by Michel Tomassini,

289-378-3504 Called and Installed up

Post by KDS-H,

2893783504 Got a phone from the Amount never give my out for non family and on Don't Phone List so did t answer figured SPAM phone. Thus is government giving out don't call numbers.

Post by DaveH,

289-378-3504 I should add I did not reply the phone. If I don t recognize LED Amounts I don t answer

Post by Sophie,

2893783504 Merely got a call on my cell and did t leave a message. Becoming lots of these on my cell Currently.

Post by Ryan,

289-378-3504 2 calls back to back. Tell them where I Push it

Post by Guest,

2893783504 telemarketer

Post by Cindy L.,

289-378-3504 Juliette QC. On Apple 5 foils en sour e seamed Le W October. N AI rappel ET c est UN message genre Sontag quid r pond.

Post by Guest,

2893783504 offering cruse tickets

Post by Leia,

289-378-3504 missed telephone no message left.

Post by Tyler D.,

2893783504 Only got two missed calls out of the number both just one ring each. So annoying.

Post by Ray,

289-378-3504 W Mai W H Le t l Telephone Sonny. Jew d creche ET j en tends Bela Bela Bela. . . pare inscription for or to Triumph a cruise. . . ET T AI crotch . a Faust claques seminars Que N Avis EU la pa ix Ave ex. Quell Emmett. Phone rang I piked it Upwards and heard Bela Bela Bela. . . pare inscription for or to win a cruise. . . . Put down. They had been silent for a few weeks. Might they remainder within serenity. . .

Post by Guest,

2893783504 cruise call

Post by Guest,

289-378-3504 spam. . . boat Cruise

Post by jill,

2893783504 Called me just now. Dint response.

Post by Donna, Winnipeg, MB,

289-378-3504 Only acquired a phone out of W W W on my Tel people cell phone. I did not answer. Appears enjoy they are back in Activity after a few months hiatus out of using this Amount.

Post by Tom,

2893783504 Called my Put in that day. Did t leave a message. Nothing fresh along with many of these odd Amounts from what I telephone spam callers . They demand for get a Actual job.

Post by Winnipeg,

289-378-3504 Left a message along with Please press 1 to. . .

Post by LC,

2893783504 Did t reply. No message. I don t understand anyone at this area code.

Post by Mark,

289-378-3504 Simply acquired the did not response and no message left. BUT your number displayed as 1 W

Post by steve,

2893783504 Amazing cheers for the suggestion . Only blocked them

Post by Alberta,

289-378-3504 Who are these people who call incessantly but won t leave a message. Drives me bonkers.

Post by Kevin,

2893783504 I was woken Upward again Now. Two days within a row. I work Midnight s and keep getting woken Upwards by these annoying callers. Looks like another 4 hour sleep daytime Cheers.

Post by Michel Vézina,

289-378-3504 Jew NE Connors acne personae oi Enterprise Danes cert r Gino

Post by I hate telemarketers,

2893783504 Got a telephone this morning Am from W Apparent oversea I did t response. It s my unlisted cell Telephone. I think they must become using a robot calling machine calling all Amounts next Amount Present Amount 1 . Which is the motive I End my voice send. That Amount now goes directly for my ignore list where it belongs. ING Loss telemarketers.

Post by Guest,

289-378-3504 cruise scam W

Post by JJ,

2893783504 Trash call

Post by trippy,

289-378-3504 I get these telephone very Frequently. Somehow these scampers got your phone numbers of my Partner and I. It s constantly the same thing Around a cruise. We get the calls at that same time overly. Last time it was out of a number within New Brunswick before that it was out of Vancouver. They always Alter that phone Amount thus don t annoyance blocking it. We demand to take Activities against the individuals responsible for doing the somehow.

Post by Joe,

2893783504 Please remove my Amount out of your own list

Post by Jen B,

289-378-3504 I just received a phone did not Select it up figured it was some annoying soliciting of some kind.

Post by V. V.,

2893783504 I Merely obtained a call did not Select it Upwards figured it was a few annoying soliciting of a few type.

Post by Guest,

289-378-3504 free cruise tickets after survey

Post by steve,

2893783504 Awesome cheers for your tip . Just blocked them

Post by Randy, Saint John, NB,,

289-378-3504 Called my cell. . . just rang twice then nothing. I did t answer and no message. I assumed it was another scam call. I 'm on Rogers

Post by Diane,

2893783504 3 calls so Way today.

Post by katy,

289-378-3504 it rang a few times but did t answer. .

Post by Chris Harrison,

2893783504 Cl led my Cell phone costing me money did not let it fully ring nor left any message. I presume it is some form of scam that Seemingly dozen t obey your don't call list

Post by Angela,

289-378-3504 They called I did t answer and no express message left

Post by Al,

2893783504 Got nailed. . .

Post by Guest,

289-378-3504 Dis here lad ex a spam er and HUD be prosecuted.

Post by Guest,

2893783504 Google results say survey scam

Post by Jacynthe,

289-378-3504 Vent P} t l phonier Mai's Jew n AI pas r Pool.

Post by Guest,

2893783504 Bahamas Vacation spam

Post by DJ,

289-378-3504 Merely called and the number was added for blocked section.

Post by Dada,

2893783504 Simply got a call from this number. . . did not response. . . please put a Quit to these calls.

Post by Guest,

289-378-3504 telemarketing

Post by Wayne,

2893783504 Irritating.

Post by Al Kou,

289-378-3504 Got a call today appears they are calling a listing of Pol. I Dunedin t Choose Upward understand nobody for the reason that area. I want there was a way for Join and Manage efforts to somehow Place from company. I don t get those calls quite often Approximately twice a month constantly different number so no use blacklisting it. Not for me at any rate.

Post by jj,

2893783504 within Calgary got a call. didn't Choose up.

Post by Guest,

289-378-3504 cruise

Post by Linda,

2893783504 Called me Only now. Dint answer

Post by ANN DUFFY,

289-378-3504 Please don't call my cell

Post by delctrl,

2893783504 I missed their phone at W W and they did t leave a message.

Post by Diane R.,

289-378-3504 I got a telephone on my cell phone Now Might Th Approximately 3 PM out of the number I did t answer within fact I Put up on them.

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life ruined

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Always calls

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block nigger

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minister pastor cheater lire dog just no great. . . W 1 W

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collection agency

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This is a Scam. . . Don't provide them any personal info. They said I was Accepted for a loan within that amount of W. W and it was ready to become deposited. They identified themselves as Ace Cash. That is not your case I 've read about them and when you personally call the numbers back one Girl who would not identify herself kept hanging Upward on me and another Amount was a magic Port number. Please be conscious W W W or Rick Cornell W W W or email email W protected

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Phone rings once and hangs Upwards.

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called for all my data on my card.

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has a Steak a Amount W W keeps calling my house each daytime just to 've nobody on another end of the line for Speak to. Now when I called them back that Man Requires for my name and when I did t want for give it to him he got Actually rude. He says M am exactly why would somebody bring up a company plan for a Business Merely s. . . o they can telephone and fuss people. I said USN t that what telemarketers can sir. . . When I told him I go ogled the Amount link below there are lots of Pope being bothered by them calling. He was very condescending by now. I said I ll present you personally my number take me off your own list. He would t can it and Afterward disconnected that line when I asked for his supervisor. W T F F.

8002313111 Complains by chicagoman,

damn I despise automated callings. How can I get that a holes to Cease calling people. dentally. gov doesn't seem to do Port squat.

8002865426 Complains by Guest,

She won t Cease calling and hacking into my phone

8002861589 Complains by h-man,

that Merely Began calling me when i picked up they Put Upwards so i called them back they wounding tell me who they were i told them I am reporting them for don't telephone. gov and not to call again. that's all you got for do

8001861472 Complains by Guest,

Cash max. com

8002152758 Complains by Guest,

no Assessment or calls

8002643283 Complains by rip off,

a Split away sex line

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