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Post by FraudHammer,

2897891001 Looks enjoy a shill for the fraud Publishing lies here. It s a fraud People don t be duped.

Post by M.M.,

289-789-1001 Someone left me the message and told for me to pay for my Finish Link account. I have never been to this End Connection ever I affirm. I have simply been for the Golden Gate Bridge but which was when I was little and younger and I believe that's within America not Canada. I 'm really confused right now and I want confusing help please.

Post by Jay,

2897891001 i got Telephone from this Amount they keep tell me i own money to Fido services and keep ask my credit card Amount said for i can 've W off for pay it. but i have never use Fido services and they tell me wrong address too

Post by Dan,

289-789-1001 buggers calling at 7 W within the morning i thought it was prohibited to telephone until 8 am

Post by Fed up,

2897891001 These Folks called me at 7 in the morning for someone that dozen t live here anymore. Your guy moved years ago I suppose cause i get his mail also. Discuss about determined for cash woke Upwards that Children and not even a sorry think we left your manners at House. the site is for this event HTTP Client info. ca Program ova Gripe courier index. do. Lang e

Post by Chris boon,

289-789-1001 They're calling me at 7 W 'm . Group of idiots from Quebec.

Post by Frustrated,

2897891001 scam artists they do not leave a message but when they get you live they attempt to squeeze cash. NEVER NEVER Answer with any info. Their Hints Change that objective is constantly your same your own cash. . .

Post by theyscareme,

289-789-1001 Cheers for your info . . These Pol 've been scaring your crap out of me for ages. . . looked Upward that Amount many times. . . found nothing. . . attempted calling government services of Ontario since just one guy said that s where he was calling from but they had no hint what i was being called for. . . and even Inquired support for Information and could not get any on where their Amount was calling me from. . . til i tool the post. every time they telephone they Simply start demanding all my private data and jeopardize me when i refuse for would so without them telling me who they are and why they are calling. . . your forcefulness of their calls and demands for such Information still has me stressed they re scampers trying to affirm Information for Take my id or something. feel enjoy I am being stalked. what this so called collection agency might need along with my Information i don't have any clue. . . but i guess since if it is a collection Bureau i can don't have any choice but to endure their terrorizing Techniques and total disregard for Pol who dint want their id s Taken. . . since phone block don t seem to be working on my line or the number isn't Capable for become blocked and i dint even 've Owner id.

Post by FraudHammer,

2897891001 Appears like a shill for your fraud Publishing lies here. It s a fraud People don t become duped.

Post by Taylor,

289-789-1001 The first measure a Group agency must take is to send you a Composed notice through that mail email dozen t count . The notice must Comprise that name of your creditor the Individual or business that says you owe them cash your amount your creditor says you personally owe the name of your Set Bureau and its ability for demand payment on behalf of your Collector. After sending the find that agency must wait six days before it could contact you personally within Man or by Telephone. What if they re erroneous. The agency cannot continue to contact you personally if you send a registered notification to the agency saying that you Question your debt and Recommend the subject be taken to court you or your lawyer send a Enrolled correspondence to the agency providing your own Attorney s contact info and notifying your Bureau for Convey simply along with your Attorney you have told them that you are not the Man they are looking for unless they take practical precautions to ensure you are that person. How Frequently can they contact you. Your Bureau has for Notice a Amount of Limitations about how often their agents could contact you personally and how they communicate along with you personally. For example after their first talk with you personally your agents cannot contact you more than three times in a seven daytime Interval without your own Agreement except by regular send. Contact means the agents must Really Talk along with you personally email you personally or leave you a voice send. If you don t response the phone and that agents don t leave a message it dozen t count as a contact. In Add-on your Bureau cannot contact you personally on Sunday except between the hours of 1 p. m. and 5 p. m. contact you personally on any other day of that week between your hours of 9 p. m. and 7 a. m. contact you on a statutory vacation use threatening profane intimidating or coercive language or use undue excessive or unreasonable pressure. Can they ask other Folks about you personally. Within general a collection agency could contact your own Workplace once for Get your own employment info. Otherwise they cannot contact your own Company unless your own Workplace has guaranteed your debt that phone is in Value of a court order or wage Work given to a credit union you have provided Composed authorization to contact your Company. A Set Bureau cannot contact your own Partner a member of your family or House or a relative neighbour or acquaintance except to obtain your own address and Phone Amount unless that person contacted has guaranteed that debt you have given permission for the person for become contacted. Within addition a Set agency cannot give false or misleading information for any Individual recommend to some creditor that a legal action become commenced against you personally without first delivering you personally notice. Could a collection agency charge you personally Additional. No. Group Companies cannot add any Costs. They are allowed for Accumulate simply what you owe your own Collector. But Recall your amount you owe could continue for Increase if interest Costs are piling Upward. This depends on that provisions of your contract with your creditor. Exercise your own rights If you believe a collection Bureau has violated any of these practices in dealing with you send your agency a letter outlining why you personally consider they have behaved inappropriately and notifying them which you anticipate them to abide by your law if their Behavior persists file a complaint with the ministry. Solve your problem If you are contacted by a Group agency it s Significant that you Cope with them to resolve your debts as soon as possible. Otherwise the Trouble won t go away and could very nicely get worse. Your creditor might report you personally to your credit Agency take you personally for court and get a Ruling against you allowing them for seize your own Things or claim component of your pay cheque sell your own debt to a third Celebration. Within this case your rights available for you under that Group Companies Work} could possibly not apply.

Post by disgusted,

2897891001 My Partner Merely gotten a call out of the number asking for me by my correct name. When i Arrived on that Telephone and said hello at least 3 times Subsequently your man hangs Upward. What s his Trouble . . . sick i think

Post by Judy,

289-789-1001 Derek bring your own cheque publication for W woodbine ave suite W in Markham. Io and please don t have your cheque Jump. . . .

Post by Yo,

2897891001 AFRO Group Bureau. . inside their Web site they state the are professional. . . not when they hang up on my Friends face after telling them which he wasn't me then they called my wife's cell Telephone and called me 5 times on my Dwelling Telephone. . . this is prohibited and is considered harassment. The main headquarters is from Montreal Quebec should have nothing to do along with Ontario Guidelines and your company W Amount is from Markham Ontario. AFRO. ca is their website.

Post by Larysa,

289-789-1001 Quit calling me

Post by hsahkh,

2897891001 I acquired the phone number and asking for a Man i dint even heard before. And I told him which he got your erroneous Amount but he kept on asking me how long i 've my cell Telephone no. and my name. it was so Mindless if i told him. at last he hung up the phone.

Post by Michelle,

289-789-1001 I would owe cash unfortunately and AFRO is a legitimate Business However as soon as I was a few sentences within along with your girl I knew she did t work for any valid Firm. I vie worked for many years in a few phone Centers for different companies Bell AT amp T etc. . . thus I understand somewhat of how these Run. Scams used for occur where Individuals would become calling from Bell and asking u to confirm info similar to what the girl Merely did . Because they are using the name of a real Firm Generally just one they trust will 've a connection to you personally Folks tend for consider it. They should t ask you personally to verify information. And Normally you personally ll get a written find out of a Set Bureau not Merely a telephone. If something sounds fishy Simply hang Upwards. that s constantly your own best bet. If it s legit they ll find another manner for contact you or Show that they're example a letter etc. . . To that Folks being harassed test your internal scummier and very seriously tell them these calls have been reported for your RCMP s Fraud Buster s Section and that incoming calls on your own line are Now being monitored and traced Or something to that effect. . Fraud Buster s is a legit Section

Post by Chuva,

2897891001 I get calls out of these pricks each. . . Bloody. . . daytime. On my cell phone which Actually pisses me off. The first telephone I EVER got on my phone was out of them. I 've at least W calls from them within your previous 7 months. I have zero debt not any more so they have no motive right for become calling me. I vie never replied but if when I do they ll get railed along with not thus sort words.

Post by Joe Bloe in Ottawa, Ontario,

289-789-1001 AFRO Inc. Uncivilly Ontario W W W amp W W W ext. W Owner Dominic For your past year I have been receiving Phone calls in the Phone Amounts noted above. Since I am not into your practice of answering calls out of unknown Amounts I suspected it was telemarketers. These Phone calls happened at times on a Day-to-day basis at all hours and for weeks Subsequently a couple of times a week but persisted for well over a year. Your person calling identified himself as Dominic out of AFRO Inc. and would leave rude and intimidating terrible messages such as you personally demand for call us immediately for address unresolved business Dominic would even estimate a file Amount. On 1 occasion I answered that telephone and Dominic said he needed for speak to Giddy Krill. I described for him I have lived at my Dwelling for eight years and there has never been this kind of individual residing at my Home. I Subsequently requested he Quit calling and leaving rude and demanding messages on my replying machine. He Subsequently said he would note the in his computer but he Subsequently replied his computer froze and suddenly Installed Upward. On a recent occasion he spoke for my Partner who I had warned about this telemarketer and he demanded for Talk for Giddy Krill. My spouse gave the same Result I noted above she Required that Dominic and AFRO Inc. quit calling the residence and Making harassing messages. It should become noted that on any of the telephone calls received out of Dominic at AFRO Inc. he never Offered his title or position along with your said company. Lastly on September W W Dominic called again and my Partner answered that Phone and passed it to me at my request for address the obnoxious rude pompous scam artist. I asked Dominic exactly why he was harassing me along with these calls when I 've formerly informed him Giddy Krill never Dwelt at my Home and that my wife and I never heard of this Individual. Dominic Afterward asked for my name and I replied its really none of your business. I Afterward asked him for his not empty name and title with the Business and for his Manager s name because I wanted these harassing Phone phone to stop. He Subsequently responded what is all your secrecy Around giving out my name and I said I 'm not in your practice of giving my name Outside for strangers or People unknown for me or my Partner. I Afterward asked him what your unresolved company was within regards for his messages on my replying machine pertaining to Giddy Krill and he abruptly hung up. Please note that in a earlier talk with my wife he informed her that he talked along with Giddy Krill at my telephone Amount which was an Outside and out lie. I hope this message will give a few Penetration to anyone who receives Phone calls or messages on their replying machine from the scam artist know as Dominic from AFRO Inc. from Uncivilly Ontario. If you personally can get a call place this Man back on the heels right away and do not be intimidated. Also do not waste your time trying for hint either of that telephone Amounts because that only matter You'll Find is that the telephone Amounts are from Uncivilly Ontario and that it is a acreage line with the Customer being Tel us. For more information on your Phone number and AFRO Inc. Merely put either of that telephone Amount in your own search engine such as Yahoo or Google and hit the enter Crucial and you may locate several other complaints and intriguing info which confirm You're dealing along with Scam Artists who've nothing better for would than harass Folks for no good reason. They will tell you personally false data such as being debt Lovers.

Post by Pissed off!!,

2897891001 I understand I don't 've debts as I Simply bought a Automobile. I live on the west coast and most of the posts here are from people who live in Ontario. I 've a Panasonic Telephone with call block plus I 've telephone Display along with Tel people. So they could phone me W times a daytime and never get through. When may Collection Companies and Schemers give Upward. With that technology these days and internet it is Only a issue of time before these Businesses become obsolete


289-789-1001 This KEPT CALLING MY Company AND INT ERUPTING MY Customers THERE S NO Just one THAT WORK HERE BUT ME. The MY OWN Company. So PLEASE Discontinue CALLING. I May REPORT You personally That CR TC AND That Cops.

Post by Derek,

2897891001 Called from W W W leaving an automated voice message. Claim for become out of Citibank. I believe they are crooks Striving to skim cash out of retired people. Too bad this government dozen t do anything anymore for protect that Residents. I would like for get that address of the scampers and thank them personally for these calls. Please someone share that info with people including names of these scums. Thanks.

Post by triquetra,

289-789-1001 Got a call out of this number not long ago. Said they Needed my Dwelling address. How Ignorant would they believe I am. . . . Do I understand it s not a scam or someone wanting for come break into my Dwelling. I don t have any unpaid bills. Nicely Ok I May}n' become a day or two late on my phone Invoice but that s it.

Post by Ticked off,

2897891001 They called the morning from this number saying they Desired to support many info before they d tell me who they were. Asked if I ever lived at a certain address. Afterward they wanted the last 3 digits of my SIN Amount. I told them it s none of there business. They had no correct asking me that. They Installed Upward on me. Which was fine by me. I used reverse appearance Upward it told me who the service Supplier was in Uncivilly Ontario.

Post by Upset,

289-789-1001 The morning I got a phone out of the Amount from a Girl who had my name misspelled Looking to confirm my Dwelling address maintaining she s calling on behalf of the CI BC who I have never banked with. She was Chronic and I repeated said NO . There was no motive given for that telephone and like everyone else she mentioned she was from ARROW.

Post by reeper,

2897891001 Phone me overly. Anytime of the day and never leave a message. I am Only waiting for them for leave a message threatening me like they have thus many Folks. It would become value your 2 hour trip for Markham to see how they threaten you personally face for face.

Post by Heather,

289-789-1001 I 've been receiving calls from a company AFRO inc 1 W W W stating they want to collect W. W for an En Connection Gasoline bill. First it was someone named Janna then today Dave. They even present me a file number and TD Canada Trust bank account to Set this cash into. . This is hopeless as I have been a renter along with all utilities Comprised since Jan W. I called my landlord and he Offered me their account number to verify along with En bridge. I called En bridge and they say the file numbers from AFRO do not fit any Amounts they have or 've ever had and they don't have any record of me owing anything and even the landlords account number is paid within not empty and doesn't display your names on the account simply the unit Amount. The Dave Man got all high and mighty on me when I told him it was a scam and that my landlord and En Link both Affirmed it. He said he would hang Upwards on me if I did t lower my voice. I told him that s what he should can and not call back.

Post by Karl Sanderson,

2897891001 Had the same matter occur. They State they're along with en Link. I thought i had paid all my en bridge bills. Luckily I 'm a lawyer and may find out either manner and see if there is a way for get these Folks. The girl s name is Mona. And her extension is W. She Maintained her boss s name was Eric who s extension is W. She also Offered a 1 W number to call back which wan t hers. Luckily I had their Amount within my phone as well. She Needed me for pay Afro immediately while she waited on that Telephone but would t tell me your en Connection account Amount. She was excessively rude and condescending. Ontario has a Group Companies Work} which they should adhere to. I can look into the and post what happens

Post by kat,

289-789-1001 Merely got a call from this number this morning. . . i wan t home thus that Owner left a MSG. He said he s out of AFRO . . . and needs prompt response by W the morning. . . . Actually have no idea what he was referring to thus Simply gonna Discount it P

Post by Sam Sung,

2897891001 Had numerous calls out of this number. Consistently referring to some credit card I don t remember having. When Inquired for more info that lady I believe Mom I was not Competent to provide. She then Inquired to support my name when I told her I would not support my name until I knew what your subject was Around she Put Upwards. Every time I 've spoken with her she has been rude abrasive and cannot answer any of my questions.

Post by Fed Up 2,

289-789-1001 Same Narrative. . . these Folks have been calling non Cease and not leaving messages except for one which was inaudible. I returned the phone to see what it was seeing and the first time I was hung Upward on and Subsequently the ND time I was told if it was important they would telephone me back. This can be definitely many variety of scam and this business is far out of professional.

Post by Annoyed,

2897891001 Got a telephone Now for the first time. Did not reply as I m not within that habit of answering numbers I don t Comprehend and 'm glad to 've seen this Web site. Did t leave a message as I don t 've voice send luckily .

Post by corey,

289-789-1001 I Merely got a phone out of a Female at Afro. She said she was calling on behalf of the attorney general and would not release information without knowing some info about me. I Used along until she told me I had to pay W dollars for a great within W. I told her I needed more information because I dint remember having a great within W she Afterward asked me if I was going for pay this appropriate away and she asked me a few times but I told her I Wanted more data again she got a little annoyed and said she did not 've that data I Desired. If you are coming after me for W dollars and You're along with the government you better 've your paper work in front of you with what I owe and. I 'm pretty certain this is a scam don't trust your Afro Firm.

Post by ARO da Dix,

2897891001 Yep I get a prick named Paul R. The useless goofball harasses my partners Mobile trying to reach NE stating it s an important message . Hey Paul and AFRO try and comprehend that law of harassment.

Post by Guest,

289-789-1001 Please don't call again.

Post by Mr,

2897891001 Girl express calling said Reports receivable Boyd construction please telephone W W W along with reference Amount. . .

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8003982375 Complains by Guest,

Just need to know

5125213187 Complains by Guest,

BLOCKED. . Serenity at last.

7609904000 Complains by Guest,


8036045002 Complains by Debbie,

The number Began calling my cell Telephone Recently. I let it go to voice mail and they do not leave a message. Quite irritating calling 3 for 4 times Day-to-day. The number along with 3 other new Amounts Began calling my cell phone yesterday.

5628795073 Complains by me,


9727153274 Complains by Guest,

The Amount called me and said I owe a payday loan from W not nice whatsoever and wont provide paperwork for me they told me I 've for create a payment before they can provide me any type of paperwork Around the debt.

9735636469 Complains by Guest,

I don't Comprehend your number which is phone within me.

2132609409 Complains by Guest,

Did t Select up.

8002030028 Complains by 7085453823 and 7085152455,

If we get calls out of your SCAM Organization again I Am GOING To CONTACT That BETTER Active Agency That FBI AND SUE Your own Off. . . . . . . . . . . . .

8002197854 Complains by seawatch,

that Amount at the Base of this Facsimile to get removed is no More within service USN t that nice for them

8001216223 Complains by Dianne,

Hi I Simply acquired an Automobile dialed phone from the above number advising me to go for you're. com. My computer warned me that it was a phishing site. I m concerned that the caller needs you personally to log within and Subsequently it can invade your computer or bright Telephone. Can you have any data on this. I may go to Art customer service and Ask Additionally. Thank you.

8002452577 Complains by camille,

Established on earlier posts I called the Amount back I had for press 1 Subsequently 3 Subsequently enter my Telephone number for have it removed. The record repeated that Amount and mentioned that although federal law entitles them for W days for removal they would create every Energy for remove it in a couple of days. . . . hope that happens.

8002386279 Complains by Meow,

Meow meow.

8002461564 Complains by NA,

Calls 3 4 times a day. When I reply I get someone who Addresses European. I finally interrupted her to say I desire my Amount removed from their list also asked what Firm it was after repeating my question 5 times they finally answered Heartbeat Company thus Essentially a long space telephone Firm. I Inquired for speak to some Supervisor got transfer Edward but waited on hold for over an hour without talking to anyone. I called back and attempted again but even when pressing 1 for English I got someone who talked European and talked only small English and could not recognize that I Needed my Amount removed so that as I continued for pressure to Talk to someone in English they Installed Upwards.

8002201942 Complains by Holly,

NCO Monetary. Simply an automated express telling someone to phone them back. They don't specify who they're looking for. This is your second phone and message left out of them in W minutes. The other Amount they called from is W W W.

8002326065 Complains by Kahu Moka,

Alaska Airlines corporate office

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