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Post by murffy,

2897891141 Cease calling this number whomever you personally re searching for isn't living here thus Stop. . . .

Post by lorrie,

289-789-1141 Could I ask how you blocked them. They are calling my dads House always and he continues for tell them they 've the incorrect number and then they called again that next day. I cannot body out how to block your number

Post by lorrie,

2897891141 Could I request how you blocked them. They are calling my dads House constantly and he continues to tell them they have the erroneous Amount and Subsequently they called again your next daytime. I cannot figure out the best way to block the number

Post by mary,

289-789-1141 I answered since they've called a lot and i get Physicians calls from similar looking Amounts. I said hello. And all i Notice is cherished you've made it and they Put Upward on me. Super Strange. Definitely blocking. If you might have an android you can go for your telephone log and hold down on your contact threes a Avoid number Choice. That Amount May}n' show Upwards within your telephone log again but your own Telephone wont ring any more.

Post by Mary,

2897891141 These Individuals called my house Making a message that they were an dismay company which I do not have. The they asked my name I would t give it told them you called me. Turns Outside they're calling for another Man whom I know that returned and cancelled their equipment in W. What sort of rubbish company does this junk.

Post by fustrated,

289-789-1141 I vie been getting calls from them for 6 months now 2 calls a daytime have them on block but they still persist

Post by s.,

2897891141 the works. . . they were really Pleasant for me.

Post by Judy,

289-789-1141 Yep got a telephone from the Amount . . . Private Name. Collection Agency

Post by Guest,

2897891141 many Telephone calls but never message.

Post by Guest,

289-789-1141 They don t ever leave a message but they telephone several times a daytime.

Post by Mad as hell,

2897891141 Do you block them. I can t remember how. But I m getting that exact same calls as you and everyone else. Yet when I call the number back I get a few error message. It dozen t even Switch through. At I did t response but your last two days I 've and they stay on the line but don't say anything. . . It s becoming irritating. Please help me block them. Thank you.

Post by Shannon,

289-789-1141 AFRO Inc collection agency trying to Amass on a debt that was discharged from bankruptcy within W. The airhead I Chat with is Simply that I tell her it was discharged out of a Insolvency she says Ok Subsequently they telephone back 3 days After. I talked and yelled at a Manager. I called my bankruptcy Individuals first time was last week and Afterward again Now. They are supposed for take attention of it. I may become calling your Principal creditor when I get Residence and sorting them out. I also told the company that they are NOT for call my work apparently they think they still could. Now i 've for Take my old files on my rights blah blah blah. What they are doing to me is illegal.

Post by s.,

2897891141 AFRO Inc aka Accounts Recovery Corporation could possibly 've more Issues than many erroneous Amounts. Any contact should be in Composing certified notification. A verbal request is useless and the Amounts used are that of family friends and others which are Recorded as Related or alternate Amounts of contact for many alleged debtor. HTTP Internet. BBB. org Kitchener business reviews . . . Khan on W

Post by Guest,

289-789-1141 Am tempted for charge this company along with harassment. Phone 2 for 3 times a daytime even though I 've Telephone Privacy. May investigate more.

Post by bob,

2897891141 I have been getting your same calls lately but i dint know how to block them. would really enjoy for block them. They call 3 4 times a daytime.

Post by Shannon,

289-789-1141 Joyce I located a Government of Ontario site that will Help within your own rights. It's called Collection Bureau Your rights I m sorry I could t find that direct link but you could hunt for it. On your Trouble along with them calling your own number looking for someone else that Authorities of Ontario states If you personally re contacted by mistake Set Bureau can t keep Calling you personally if you send a registered letter to that Bureau saying that you Question your debt and suggest that issue be taken for court you or your Attorney or paralegal send a Enrolled notice along with your Attorney or paralegal s contact info telling the Bureau to Convey just with your own lawyer or paralegal you have told them which you aren't that Man they're searching for unless that Bureau has taken reasonable steps to make sure You're that person that they should become contacting Hope the helps. .

Post by Guest,

2897891141 Nuisance caller. Likely a robot

Post by Guest,

289-789-1141 They called me on Tues. Could Th at 7 W a. m. . Subsequently again at 9 A. m. Afterward W W a. m. Afterward 2 W p. m. Subsequently on the Road at W W a. m. I don t reply cause I don t know the amp they don t leave messages. . . .

Post by Guest,

2897891141 I get at least 3 calls while at work every Thursday. I never reply because I m at work.

Post by Disturbed,

289-789-1141 This Amount keeps calling my work cell phone but just lets it ring once or twice. I don t understand why a collector would phone my work Amount when I do not use it for personal use or how they would have got that Amount. It USN t 1 used by my Firm for Records. Frustrating.

Post by Stephanie,

2897891141 There s a free Program called Dead 2 Me and it's amazing for this particular kind of stuff. Click on that Program click on bury logged Owner click on your logged phone. . . . never Notice from that Amount again

Post by Guest,

289-789-1141 Group agency

Post by Guest,

2897891141 Nuisance. Keeps calling.

Post by Guest,

289-789-1141 I get at least 3 calls while at work every Thursday. I never response because I m at work.

Post by Henry,

2897891141 Really it s better to Only answer it and tell them the Individual they are searching for dozen t live here anymore

Post by Disturbed,

289-789-1141 Thus someone has to provide them the number for them for phone it. Hmm Millimeters could t see anyone I know doing that but who knows. Thanks for Publishing that.

Post by flo,

2897891141 The company calls as earlier as Am . They have been told for a yr now erroneous Amount . I 've kept track of your calls. . over W Telephone calls a week . Do I block.

Post by Guest,

289-789-1141 Called 3 times this week no just one there when I response.

Post by Guest,

2897891141 Calls always drives me crazy

Post by Linsey,

289-789-1141 The Amount calls on a daily basis never leaves a message and I never answer.

Post by Nina,

2897891141 Pl Discontinue calling me

Post by Henry,

289-789-1141 Actually it s better to Only response it and tell them that the Man they are looking for dozen t live here anymore

Post by joyce,

2897891141 Tired of these calls. . . Just because last name is the same as the Individual they are looking for does mean we are related. . . Your very best was a call saying they got our name from my daddy in law who was not alive for yrs. must of been a very long space call. . . Can t block them have tried.

Post by ban,

289-789-1141 Got a call and actually replied it the time she told me it was Christina out of Coco and Inquired me to Check my address. I didn't and i Installed Upwards. I'm not even along with coco. i called it back and that machine says Hello you've attained Tina from maxi mus Canada Sketchy and scam

Post by Guest,

2897891141 Thursday might W 2 PM Monday may W 2 PM Tuesday may W 2 PM never replied that calls

Post by ron,

289-789-1141 Got a telephone from this Amount. Really annoying.

Post by nick,

2897891141 Thursday might W 2 PM Monday may W 2 PM Tuesday may W 2 PM never answered your calls

Post by Guest,

289-789-1141 The number has been calling for 3 times now and nobody Solutions and Now they called quite earlier someone was on another line could not make Outside just one word they said

Post by Guest,

2897891141 Phone several times a day Regular. A few times at Television Unusual hours. I never pick Upwards and they never leave a message.

Post by Guest,

289-789-1141 They telephone me 3 times a daytime as nicely. I used for answer the phone before they don t say a word when I state Hi . Currently I vie been ignoring your phone and Making it go for voice mail they don t leave a message .

Post by Guest,

2897891141 They call 4 times a day

Post by mondew,

289-789-1141 Same here. . . . . . . . . telephone Regularly but no message. Called back and put on hold. . . . . . . . . . Thank you personally for that information. Would NOT Telephone BACK.

Post by s.,

2897891141 this works. . . they were really Fine to me.

Post by nope,

289-789-1141 Gotten a telephone out of the number Now. After many caginess on your caller s component I was Capable for establish that she was out of name conveniently garbled collection Bureau and they were after an account for a Firm that I vie had no dealings along with for over a decade and which dozen t Search on my credit file. She refused to tell me specifically what it was about unless I confirmed an address I Destination t Dwelt at since that early W s which I refused to do thus she ended by telling me to telephone that Firm myself which I won t be doing. About all she had was my first name which she could 've gotten out of my voice mail when she failed to leave a message Recently. I m not sure whether this was fraud or a legit if legally questionable attempt to State a few long forgotten debt but I m leaning towards fraud. Either way it was more than a poorly disguised fishing expedition.

Post by Anthony,

2897891141 If you are using iPhone or clever phone but your measure might be different follow these measures. 1. Refuse the call let it ring though to the replying machine or response it if you would love. once that phone has ended go for your requirements recent calls list and locate your Amount you need to block. Touch your i Star to your correct of the contact name for pull Upward your phone info. Search for that Base of that Display for look for that block this Owner Alternative. select this option and your Telephone may mechanically send any future calls out of this Amount direct to voice mail and will Discontinue any future text messages from that Amount as well.

Post by rb,

289-789-1141 Keep becoming calls out of them asking for someone who does not live here and never has. . Have called and told them but got abuse out of Individual I talked for indicated I was lying and they had not called previously phone every few weeks multiple times

Post by M,

2897891141 Thank you personally. Just rec d a telephone and I Only went Lola

Post by Guest,

289-789-1141 They telephone me Around W times a daytime never leaving a message. The times i 've been House i pick Upwards by they never answer and Afterward they Only hang Upward.

Post by Alli,

2897891141 For your last week I vie gotten two phone calls a daytime from them. I got a voice mail for that voice send actually has no sound. Eventually decided to block them.

Post by Corey,

289-789-1141 Yea got it too

Post by Disturbed,

2897891141 Thus someone has for offer them your number for them for telephone it. Hmm Millimeters can t see anyone I know doing that but who knows. Cheers for Publishing that.

Post by Stephanie,

289-789-1141 There s a free Program called Not alive 2 Me and it is astonishing because of this kind of stuff. Click on your app click on bury logged caller click on that logged telephone. . . . never Notice out of that number again

Post by Nyet,

2897891141 Choices agency

Post by Charlene,

289-789-1141 I acquired a call out of the Firm the morning at 7 'm. I Inquired that guy does he not recognize it's 7 'm for which he replied they are allowed for call that early I think it is BS. They are a collection agency AFRO. They were looking for someone that no longer lives here not that they believed me anyway I m confident they may telephone back.

Post by M,

2897891141 Your own Telephone should supply you personally your option. If you hold your finger down on that in your phone log you should get a few options. Add to Avoid list or block. . Also you are able to register your own with the Don't bother. HTTP Www. linnet encl. cg. ca inseam rhenium Eng

Post by Kellyann,

289-789-1141 1 W W W

Post by Guest,

2897891141 They call me 3 4 times a day starting at 'm. They 've never left a message. . .

Post by Lynda,

289-789-1141 I called bell and since its a business numerous it cant become block. i checked along with Equinox and what was being said was not on the credit list Equinox said for consider it a scam

Post by Jared Hopps,

2897891141 I got my cell phone a week Past and the Amount began calling me around 'm and Afterward again Approximately PM. constantly that same thing silence. I have since started having pleasure Whenever I see the Amount I Instantaneously begin trolling them Hey. Would you personally like scary Videos. What s your Favourite. I don t know who You're but I can look for you and I can kill you personally things like that. I vie still got a plethora of Prices to state.

Post by Shannon,

289-789-1141 Joyce I found a Authorities of Ontario Website that can Support within your own rights. It is called Set Agency Your rights I m sorry I could t find your direct link but you personally could hunt for it. For your own Issue along with them calling your own Amount looking for someone else the Authorities of Ontario states If you personally re contacted by mistake collection agency can t keep Calling you if you personally send a registered notification to the Bureau saying you dispute the debt and Recommend that matter become Chosen to court you or your lawyer or paralegal send a registered letter with your lawyer or paralegal s contact information telling the agency to Convey just with your own lawyer or paralegal you might have told them which you aren't your Man they are searching for unless your Bureau has taken reasonable measures for make sure you are your person that they should be Calling Trust the helps. .

Post by annoyed,

2897891141 They call as early as 6 W am they certain are Blessed they don t reach me at that time so that as late as 9 PM. . . they should t be allowed for would that.

Post by Citizen,

289-789-1141 Got a call from them today July Road W did not response and they did not leave a message either. Registered a Grievance along with that BBB the company isn't BBB Licensed either.

Post by Guest,

2897891141 Calls several times a day. Called 7 am this morning and hung Upward.

Post by Guest,

289-789-1141 misery enjoys company

Post by Kellyann,

2897891141 1 W W W here s that number They asked for me and they Installed up no talking no left Amount when I Inquired for one

Post by Kim broda,

289-789-1141 They kept calling my Nanny within a Day-to-day basis. Thus I called back amp told not for phone back. Your Girl Offered me so Substantially sass amp said is the lee I said no there's no lee here amp she was like would you personally know her Amount thus I was like no I don t know her she was like how you know it s a she . . . Enjoy ya dumb you personally Simply told me. . Afterward she hung Upward. . LOLA

Post by Mad as hell,

2897891141 Do you block them. I could t remember how. But I m getting your exact same calls as you and everyone else. Nonetheless when I call your Amount back I get many error message. It dozen t even Switch through. At first I did t answer but your last two times I have and they remain on that line but don't say anything. . . It s becoming irritating. Please help me block them. Thank you personally.

Post by Lynda St Cyr,

289-789-1141 Getting calls have no idea why

Post by Marc Allister,

2897891141 1 W W Scumbags

Post by Screaming,

289-789-1141 I get calls out of this number as early as 'm and as late as PM and there even Beginning for us the Amount as well W W W There really rude once my boyfriend picked Upwards and said she at work and your Individual I. Another end sad oh nicely this really is a old college friend where does she work would adore for pop in and she her . . What a bunch of dumb as if my boyfriend going for provide Outside my place of work. . . Thus now when they telephone I strike a whistle into that phone and understand I m down to only 4 calls a week

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8003982375 Complains by Guest,

Just need to know

5125213187 Complains by Guest,

BLOCKED. . Serenity at last.

7609904000 Complains by Guest,


8036045002 Complains by Debbie,

The number Began calling my cell Telephone Recently. I let it go to voice mail and they do not leave a message. Quite irritating calling 3 for 4 times Day-to-day. The number along with 3 other new Amounts Began calling my cell phone yesterday.

5628795073 Complains by me,


9727153274 Complains by Guest,

The Amount called me and said I owe a payday loan from W not nice whatsoever and wont provide paperwork for me they told me I 've for create a payment before they can provide me any type of paperwork Around the debt.

9735636469 Complains by Guest,

I don't Comprehend your number which is phone within me.

2132609409 Complains by Guest,

Did t Select up.

8002487068 Complains by bill,

last month i got a bill for joining a discount buying Put and was Priced W. W twice . . . that s fraud the month i got charged W. W for Journals that i did t purchase and all these charges was on bank America card Only like another Fees next month if they do it i may End my card.

8002381883 Complains by 800-238-1883,

Giving me a free credit card

8002362700 Complains by irritated,

They keep calling when I response they request for my address and social security Amount. I had loans that were paid off. I told them but they keep calling. They're not legitimate.

8002586587 Complains by Jessica,

I Simply Speak for these Folks today. They state I owe that W for Publications from W. I told them I desire that Amount from the magazine Firm and when I called it they said I have for Discuss to the Set Individuals. The collection people told me they can t tell me anything Around my account Only that I owe them cash. But the State they are on my side saying we 're here to help you personally . They State that they will permit me to pay W in place of W to can me a favor. I m nervous about not paying that money because I do not desire the to hurt me later. . . .

8002565161 Complains by ljmseaside,

That case is real. Your resolution statement is a third party. Only Assess out your Site. There's not even a date set However. Pay attention Individuals.

8002405676 Complains by Dolly,

Facsimile Says Simple Company Funding Pare Accepted for W W. W W W. W. For use for Gear funds or for working Capital. Phone Amount on paper is W W W. I never have tried for telephone. Tells you personally a list of Businesses who've recently Financed transactions along with them. Attention as low as 5 want it were Accurate.

8002304051 Complains by scorekeeper,

This number is from a marketing company called Real loans now. I told them to stop calling and remove me from their list.  I also blocked their number with Mr Number.  Good luck.  Ready to change my number. Tired of all the scamming and marketing calls.

8002432508 Complains by sherry clendenen,

Never put checks from Individuals you don't know within your own bank. Odds are it is a fake and you end Upwards becoming within that reddish with your bank. Take it for your post office where you personally live and display them the check and that Bag it was mailed in.

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