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Post by Cal,

2898001185 Within Ottawa. They Only called but we did not response. May 've for see if they call again.

Post by Guest,

289-800-1185 No idea who this Owner is. Amount is unfamiliar and no messages are ever left. We don't answer phones to unknown numbers

Post by willy,

2898001185 Simply got a call with a very slow talking Asian Girl Striving to tell me about an Eco Review of my house. She had your correct address which freaked me Outside a bit but I Simply Put Upward.

Post by bill hall,

289-800-1185 how do you personally know this can be coming from Green vigor. i vie gotten around W calls from these a h in that last week and i vie had enough. i did some research and located that W W W was registered to a VIP Service but then ported away out of them they suggested i telephone CRT and Cops and could t tell me more. i cannot locate anything linking it to Green energy or this Wang Man. if i do i ll be on their doorstep personally. . . . . . . please let me understand how i can verify those associations.

Post by DawnG,

2898001185 Yep called 7 times here this week. Green energy Exam. Someone above was right Individuals fall with this or else they would be from company. Believe it s the same Folks as were offering for clean your ducts on to a fresh scam. Waste on them. Waste on that individuals who work for them. McDonald s Burger King Wall Mart etc all are searching for hire. They are definitely more worthwhile jobs.

Post by GLEN,

289-800-1185 calls 2 W and 2 W W no one on other end no message called them got Quick beep beep beep Use caller ID for prevent s you don t recognize

Post by tom,

2898001185 get a phone that has a blocking Characteristic enjoy many Panasonic cordless es and start adding them to that blocked list.

Post by d,

289-800-1185 Same Telephone telephone here. That fact that they use the words Authorities and Ontario make it sound on the Upwards and Upward.

Post by tom,

2898001185 how. you personally re in Canada they're not.

Post by Enough Already,

289-800-1185 I 've Set in a complaint along with my phone Service and the CR TC as nicely Around this phone number. You personally cannot block this Amount. The number comes up exactly as I kind it as nicely. . . this is not the normal way a call Features. Hopefully someone can do something Around this.

Post by Verne Bates,

2898001185 Insist ant calls always 1 W W W . Stop such calls A Soft Nuisance

Post by Ramoth_v2,

289-800-1185 The same callers called Toronto Region on Feb. Th W posters Show its your same fake Ontario Green Software which was spoofing T 1 W W W last autumn. That and using an away coast call centre my think is scam . There's a posting on Wikipedia addressing the your site states it's unclear as for whether or not it is Promotion. There was a National Ministry of Natural Resources energy Dwelling retrofit Application that Ontario dropped out of within W the program ended in June W and your net pages 've been Archived. There were precluded vendors but since that Software is no longer active any Firm telemarketing and asserting to be part of this Software is committing fraud. Report within Canada by email for that RCMP anti fraud unit at email email W protected I used to work along with that Ontario Ministry of Energy. There surely is no valid Firm called Ontario Green Vigor and no such program and Authorities would never 've Firms direct marketplace for the public using the program name. HTTP en. Wikipedia. org wiki Green energy

Post by Guest,

2898001185 Ask for Mr Lee when i state that Mr Lee dozen t live here they hang Upward. they have been calling away and on for months. They have called 4 times Now alone.

Post by The Rev,

289-800-1185 Continuous calls. 've that number blocked on my House phone but I still get the call waiting interruption. How do you personally get them to stop.

Post by Ellen P,

2898001185 So Perhaps everyone should Merely phone their Amounts W times a daytime and not leave a message and hang Upwards when they answer LOLA

Post by Liz,

289-800-1185 This number has called 7 times within 2 times. The last phone I replied and she said she was out of Eco Vigor and wanted for know who your owner of the House was. I told her for Stop harassing people and she Promised this was the first time they called. That is harassment they just keep it up.

Post by Hater of cold calls,

2898001185 Calling still remember for Simply Blow off for they are that scum of your earth

Post by John Q. Public,

289-800-1185 Here we go again. . . Telemarketing Tel Trash Talking Trolls Terrorizing That Telephones Two Times Now . Greer. . . WOOF . . . . . . Go down for that river and keep walking til your Cap floats .

Post by bill hall,

2898001185 do you personally know this is coming from Eco energy. i vie received over W calls from these a h within that last week and i vie had enough. i did a few research and found that W W W was Enrolled to some VIP provider but then ported away out of them they advised i phone CRT and Cops and could t tell me more. i cannot look for anything linking it for Green vigor or the Wang person. if i would i ll become on their doorstep personally. . . . . . . please let me understand how i can verify those Organizations.

Post by Uncle Achmed,

289-800-1185 Only got a call from them asking for Mr Ahmed amp amp . They had my surname right but not my given name and no it s not a Islamic name. Strange.

Post by Joe,

2898001185 Two calls in one hour on Fri day I did t reply.

Post by morel,

289-800-1185 calls several times no message left

Post by VoIP is also your friend,

2898001185 While I can t Quit brand new calls out of different or spoofed Amounts coming within I use your Coma VIP system with a W mo Request that Permits me for blacklist unlimited numbers such that my phone never rings again after the first phone. All spam callers are blacklisted. They Additionally have a community blacklist so if enough Members blacklist a Amount it goes on that community blacklist and no Signature Members get the calls. This has reduced the Volume of spam calls enormously. As a customer for a year I Very recommend it. But this really is not a sales pitch for Coma and you personally re overly smart for take Guidance from a stranger on the Net thus Merely check it out yourself at Coma. com. Fight back.

Post by Annoyed,

289-800-1185 call your own local energy Business you 've an account along with first for see if they called you personally and follow their Hints. Otherwise it s Likely a scam or third party vigor Business Attempting for hint you personally on without you realizing their from a Independent Firm occasionally they could try to say they are Associated with your own vigor Firm when they're not

Post by Sheree Marr,

2898001185 The Amount calls the house 4 5 times every day I don't Choose up. . . Cease CALLING. . .

Post by tom,

289-800-1185 how. you re within Canada they are not.

Post by PaulH,

2898001185 The Ontario Green energy scam has returned. Female Owner I hung Upward.

Post by doris currado,

289-800-1185 W is constantly calling my no. W

Post by Alfred,

2898001185 Receiving this number in 2 times did not pick the call no message given but still calling within.

Post by tom,

289-800-1185 get a Telephone that's a blocking Attribute enjoy some Panasonic cordless es and Begin adding them to your blocked list.

Post by Guest,

2898001185 Iris tel

Post by Winnie,

289-800-1185 I 've a phone that same matter enjoy you.

Post by Can't Post Fast Enough,

2898001185 Non Discontinue calls. Just received another phone.

Post by Guest,

289-800-1185 Exactly why could it be when someone answers the phone in their own Mum tongue mine being French that these Soft Telephone solicitors think you are deaf and Continue for Increase their express and Duplicate Do You personally Chat ENGLISH. I 'm Actually fed Upward with the interruptions in my day out of these annoying small gnats. They should all become Restricted. Oh and yes we have been on the don't telephone list but it Looks they Merely sell those to that we get more harassed. I 've to words for you GO AWAY. .

Post by Dick Hurts,

2898001185 Got three calls Now and two yesterday. I expertise not alive silence Used by a occupied Sign. It should become noted that I don t state anything when I go away hook. The Vehicle Robot might 've express recognition and is anticipating a Hi before Getting further.

Post by mot,

289-800-1185 do you really believe that notes. com has some magic way of communicating your own wishes for that telemarketers in south Asia. or that they really attention what you want. believe man.

Post by Ellen P,

2898001185 Thus maybe everyone should just call their numbers W times a day and not leave a message and hang Upwards when they reply LOLA

Post by Annoyed,

289-800-1185 got 3 calls from the number and no message left. I wish i could Cover my when calling back to see what they desire without ID myself

Post by Jo,

2898001185 2 3 calls per day out of this number. Drives me mad. And I am on that Do not Call list for what it s worth. Have been for years.

Post by Kelly,

289-800-1185 Called me 6 times in the Period of 5 hours today. Eventually answered and told them for Discontinue harassing people and take my number off their list. We ll see they Discontinue. . .

Post by Guest,

2898001185 Computer fishing

Post by Annoyed,

289-800-1185 I had for De register from your ENCL because we got too many of these calls. Frankly I believe this is a useless service it Looks to Encourage telemarketers for locate us easier. I m Ill of of them in general

Post by Annoyed,

2898001185 call your local vigor company you have an account along with first for see they called you personally and follow their Hints. Otherwise it s probably a scam or third Celebration vigor company Striving for sign you personally on without you realizing their from a separate Firm sometimes they could try and state they are Related with your vigor Firm when they are not

Post by RJ,

289-800-1185 Two Telephone calls yesterday. Three Now. We don't answer these. On the third they tried a brand new approach. That Owner ID was Truly your own Residence Telephone Amount. Unusual enough that I replied for become greeted with Hi I m calling from Ontario Green Energy. Put up. A Depressed fresh turn for the telemarketing saga.

Post by Kelly,

2898001185 This Amount W W W calls each day 3 for 4 times. I let your machine answer but no message left. I called them today a guy with a significant accent answer hello but I did what he does and did not Talk to him. Can there be anything your CR TC may do.

Post by Home,

289-800-1185 What rules must telemarketers follow when they telephone. Your CR TC has rules for telemarketing calls. For example at that Start of a telephone that telemarketer must tell you exactly why they re calling and identify on whose Account your phone is being made. Telemarketers may only phone you personally within specific calling hours. There are also rules limiting that use of Automated Dialing Announcing Products Adidas . What happens to a Us telemarketer who violates your Canadian National Don't Phone List rules. Telemarketers in the People and other countries making calls to Canadian consumers must still follow your CR TC s Unsolicited Telecommunications Rules including the National ENCL Rules. If your Canadian organization hires a telemarketing Bureau outside of Canada and there s a complaint against the organization it can become investigated by your CR TC. If your telemarketer has violated the Rules your CR TC could possibly Demand a penalty of Upwards for W per Misdemeanor for individuals and up for W W per violation for corporations. Remember that whenever you personally get a telemarketing telephone you can ask your Owner for add your own phone number for their internal don't phone list. I acquired a telemarketing phone that I think was Fake. What do I can. Even if your Phone number is on your National ENCL you may still get Fake telemarketing calls. That s why it s important for always be on your guard. If you personally receive a telephone you think could possibly become Fake contact your local Authorities or The Canadian Anti Fraud Centre 1 W W W a national anti fraud service jointly Ran by that RCMP that Ontario Provincial Police and the Contest Business. How do I make a Gripe about a telemarketing phone. If your own Amount is on your National ENCL and you personally still receive telemarketing calls more than W days after you personally Enrolled you can file a Criticism. You can Additionally make a complaint if you have obtained a telemarketing phone that breaks any of the Telemarketing Rules such as calls got to you outside of allowable calling hours or calls got using an Automated Dialing Announcing Product Ad Ad . Your full place of Rules could become found on that Telemarketing info page in your Buyers section of the CR TC Web site. You are able to Additionally read a condensed Variant of your Rules in the National Don't Phone List and Telemarketing Rules. You are able to make a Gripe online or by Telephone. Online Go to your National ENCL Net Website By Telephone Telephone Cost free 1 W W ENCL 1 W W W or Call 1 W ENCL TY 1 W W W simply if you are calling out of a TY Product. When filing a Criticism you personally must provide the following information name and or Amount of that telemarketer date of your telemarketing telephone nature of that Gripe contact information such as name address and telephone number

Post by Khalid Butt,

2898001185 scam can answer

Post by investegator,

289-800-1185 Service Iris tel Inc ON 1 W W W this is the Provider for this Amount isolate City Canada all Regions County York Longitude W. Permission W. W

Post by London ON,

2898001185 Exactly the same thing along with me. I desire everyone to bombard Bell and whine. Perhaps if Bell gets people all calling them and complaining they can Set a stop for it. I called Bell today. I Strategy on calling them everyday until the crap stops. It s Clearly Operating us all nuts. . Lola.

Post by NealW,

289-800-1185 've called my number in Ottawa twice once the week. Once last week.

Post by do not call list,

2898001185 Got that Eco energy call. USN t it Around time Canada enforced your do not telephone list.

Post by Irene,

289-800-1185 I vie been getting calls from them overly here within London ON but they never leave a message.

Post by kanata,

2898001185 keeps calling my land line Bell Telephone in Ottawa

Post by Chris,

289-800-1185 Always calling my home Amount. When I called back for see who this can be I get a active Transmission. What Waste.

Post by investagator,

2898001185 this Amount comes from Markham close Toronto

Post by Guest,

289-800-1185 This Amount calls two or three times a week. When that phone is Decided Upward it Simply hangs up.

Post by So Annoying,

2898001185 They 've called my Amount 6 times within the previous hour. Picked Upward on your last telephone and your lady claimed that it is from the Ontario Eco Energy and that they Desired to talk for your household for an Review. Inquired them for stop calling the number and she claims that it was her first time calling . . . wt

Post by lee,

289-800-1185 this 1 W W W was calling my Amount three times a day nobody says anything on other end Cease calling.

Post by tom,

2898001185 would everybody a favour and let them go through their whole script before blowing them away. that cuts down on their skill for Wool more Casualties.

Post by Truly Annoyed,

289-800-1185 Acquired W calls from this Amount Now alone. Luckily we have caller block on the Panasonic phone but it still rings once and states Caller Blocked . Reported to Bell Canada and they offered W service which we 're now using. Enough already. Calls received within Scarborough Ontario.

Post by R,

2898001185 Again did not pick Upward.

Post by cindy,

289-800-1185 this Amount has been calling me alto. along with a 1 in front of it and with no 1. within front i dint know who these are their not Match to become called People or human they're the matters Underneath Stone. . . . . annoying. . . . 1 W W W and Merely W W W. no MSG nothing. called me on that Th at W am Subsequently your Th at 'm again Afterward Th at W pm Th at W am and same day W am. these people aren't Person they are sou less. . . . not for become mean but i would adore for telephone THEIR Houses. . . . . frustrated . . . .

Post by Carl,

2898001185 The Amount calls my house 8 for W times per daytime during every week daytime. It has been Notably annoying the last week since my Mother passed away. If I look for this guy you may read Around me in that newspaper.

Post by angry,

289-800-1185 Still doing it. . . Idea the was illegal. You would think after this many Grievances many 1 as an official would measure in. How many man hours do you personally believe are wasted by replying your Dumb call and Afterward wrath of them calling back numerous times then Folks enjoy us Publishing Around it. I request an official investigation.

Post by tom,

2898001185 do everybody a favour and let them go through their entire script before Coming them away. that Reductions down on their skill to Wool more Casualties.

Post by blocker,

289-800-1185 This Amount has called 5 times within that last 7 hours Now alone. I m Phone Blocker on my Panasonic cordless phone thus they just get for ring once and Afterward are disconnected automatically.

Post by tom,

2898001185 get a phone that's a blocking Attribute enjoy a few Panasonic cordless es and Begin adding them to that blocked list.

Post by corbett,

289-800-1185 Who the f r these Folks. 7 calls Now would someone inquire pk ease

Post by Willow,

2898001185 Appropriate they did this for me too I told them I d Lately had an evaluation of my House and they called again twice

Post by Marc,

289-800-1185 It is Monday morning and calling again at W W in Ottawa. Did not Choose up no message.

Post by London ON,

2898001185 Just that same thing along with me. I want everyone for bombard Bell and whine. Perhaps if Bell gets us all calling them and complaining they may Set a Cease to it. I called Bell Now. I plan on calling them everyday until this crap stops. It s Clearly Operating people all nuts. . Lola.

Post by Annoyed,

289-800-1185 I had for P} enroll in the ENCL because we got overly many of these calls. Truthfully I think this can be a useless service it Appears for Encourage telemarketers to locate us easier. I m sick of all of them in general

Post by Lola,

2898001185 Called 5 times in a row

Post by Pat,

289-800-1185 Called X in 2 hours no answer when I Decided Upwards that ND time. Niagara Area.

Post by morel,

2898001185 Called again and no answer left

Post by Jackie,

289-800-1185 Got a phone from this number today no response when replied that Telephone. Anyone knows the best way to create a complain against owner of this kind of nuisance. I registered with Don't Call and specific I 've nothing to do along with the Man or Business.

Post by ssnbc,

2898001185 Just got a call out of this looked up out of Markham ON Iris tel talcum company VIP. Did not reply and they left no message. Will not Choose Upward.

Post by ML,

289-800-1185 Telephone purportedly out of Ontario Green Energy to place up free vigor Review thus that I could access Dwelling improvement Incentives. Was told they were calling all Petrol customers. When I Inquired who was Performing your Review they told me Ontario Eco Vigor which I understand USN t Accurate as I vie had these Exams done before and they are a separate vigor Expert. They gave me a phone back number of 1 W W W which no just one answered when I called.

Post by Lola,

2898001185 Called 5 times within a row

Post by lsj,

289-800-1185 they called about dozen times last few times occasionally more than once a daytime. eventually took that phone the morning. it was something Around green energy and gas which dozen t Use for people. expecting no more calls out of them. . .

Post by [email protected] /* */,

2898001185 this Amount W. W. W out of Region . . . . called 3 x today every few hours. . . don t leave a message. . . Merely hang up. . . 1 . . . not able for block this Amount. . . . . . . 2 . . . not able to dial back the number. . . . . 3 . . . found Outside from this website it was Green vigor Ontario. . . and called them. . . I informed them that W. W. W was calling me and to remove me from Telephone list. The receptionist took down my Amount and continuing for apologize. . . said she would remove my number. . . . Fine. . . . lets see if it works. . . . . .

Post by Londoner,

289-800-1185 IF the actually is Ontario Green Energy they rent and sell Heat Cooling system systems and water heaters. IF You're on the Don't Telephone list they are within direct Infraction of telemarketing to people that they should t become calling thus file a Grievance HTTP Web. linnet encl. cg. ca pelt Camping Eng

Post by Irene,

2898001185 I vie been becoming calls from them too here within London ON but they never leave a message.

Post by Steve G,

289-800-1185 4 calls over two times I do not pick Upwards. Ottawa



Post by Fran,

289-800-1185 Simply called twice withing 9 minutes. . . did t answer as I Calculated it was a few BS telemarketing crap.

Post by Dave,

2898001185 called no message

Post by London,

289-800-1185 Same matter here. The Amount keeps calling. I do W for add it to my block caller list and Additionally did the. . block last call acquired and it won't block that number. I am on your phone acreage line along with Bell as I type. Hopefully they can Set a Cease to the for all of us. There are 6 pages of Gripes Around the Amount. Yikes. . Operating me nuts as is a Lot of others as well.

Post by M,

2898001185 got called the aft in London no message was left . . .

Post by Enough Already,

289-800-1185 I have been becoming calls out of W since last week. They call Approximately Am again at W Am and then around W Am. Later on within that day they will telephone again no 1 is on another end it just hangs up in your first Second. I am on the Don't Phone list but I suppose that does not stop this Amount out of calling. I have Discontinued replying your Telephone but it's become this kind of hassle. I have a Ill family member and these Telephone calls are really stressing me Outside believing the worst has happened. Please someone can something for Discontinue these calls

Post by Zubair,

2898001185 consistently get call out of W W W and they don t leave any message

Post by Shawn,

289-800-1185 Block the number. W W W

Post by Deborah Goetz,

2898001185 I have received W phone Now alone out of W W W when I telephone that it is always active and when I response no 1 is there.

Post by Losers,

289-800-1185 Continuous calls today Around Eco vigor. Quit replying.

Post by Hiba HAIDAR,

2898001185 They have been calling us like 4 time a daytime and I would love it to Cease. But they phone and don t answer.

Post by London ON,

289-800-1185 PLEASE EVERYONE FILE A Grievance With BELL AND NATIONAL Don't Call LIST. I 've Set in a Gripe for Bell Canada. I went through 3 Individuals and 1 2 hour for them for tell me they may investigate. Puffed. . Ok. . . I told them for look at This page of Gripes I 'm not that just one becoming calls out of that horrid 1 W W W. Bell also said to re register MY Telephone on that national don't telephone list. I did in W GO Can The MY Buddies Your will End from that list mine HAD NOT Ended Though but obviously does NO great within this Condition cause that keeps calling. I also Place a Criticism on that National Do not Phone List viewing this . I Need ALL OF You personally For Phone BELL if that s your Supplier and file a Grievance. If they get hundreds of Criticisms out of us Maybe this junk can Cease.

Post by Winnie,

2898001185 I 've a phone your same thing like you.

Post by Kelly,

289-800-1185 Got a call in London. Says they're from Ontario Eco Energy with that Telephone Amount 1 W W W They say they desire to ask me 5 questions for see if qualify for a free energy Taxation. They say I could qualify for an Ontario grant of up for W. W I am on the don't telephone its and don t Discuss for strangers over that Telephone thus I said I would phone back. It May}n' become a great matter if you are Really searching for Change Gasoline related Things in your House that are outdated. But they shouldn't become calling do not phone list Amounts.

Post by bill hall,

2898001185 how do you personally understand this really is coming from Eco vigor. i vie received over W calls from these a h in your last week and i vie had enough. i did many research and located that W W W was Enrolled to a VIP Supplier but then ported away from them they proposed i call CRT and police and could t tell me more. i cannot look for anything linking it to Green energy or this Wang Individual. if i can i ll be on their doorstep personally. . . . . . . please let me understand how i can Confirm those Organizations.

Post by lsj,

289-800-1185 Monday Feb W No message.

Post by wiilyb,

2898001185 Rd telephone here within London. Two days Past replied since i have phone waiting. They knew my name and address but I told them we Offered the home a while go. Got her confused and she hung up

Post by Leila,

289-800-1185 Same here 2 calls within less than five minutes I did t reply and they did t leave a message

Post by willy,

2898001185 Jerks just called back again.

Post by Deb,

289-800-1185 Just here for look for Outside what others 've experienced with the Amount. They Regularly call several times in just one day. I don t answer and they never leave a message. I would like whoever it's to Quit calling.

Post by Ryan,

2898001185 Gotten multiple calls with busted English when I Inquired who was calling they Installed up also got your goodbye record from Ottawa

Post by Big Biji,

289-800-1185 Simply another trash coward telephone without any message out of low life telemarketer or whatever they call it or fox wearing sheep skin uniform. Unknown number and just let it go to my answering machine. Noted this number W W W and can never Choose Upward.

Post by Can't stand the call.,

2898001185 This Amount shows Upwards at least 5 times per day since the Begin of your week. Had my kid answer to see what they are Around they Inquired for me she asked them for state who they are. Ont. Eco vigor . Afterward calls 3 more times after being told I m not available. Absolutely frustrated along with these callers. How do I get it to Quit.

Post by Michael,

289-800-1185 Replied on the second ring. No answer and a few seconds later it disconnected.

Post by Richard,

2898001185 Luke Kiel called and said he is out of Green Energy and Inquired if I had replaced my furnace and air conditioner for that past W years. Then he Inquired if anyone will be House between 6 8 pm tomorrow. He can send an vigor Expert to my house for do a free vigor Analysis for see I would be Certified for a Eco Vigor Refund. I did a search tonight and attempted calling the number he Offered me 1 W W W. That phone is forwarded for music immediately along with no one on your line. No Firm name or anything. Now understand that this is a scam. Please become aware and do not autumn into the same trap as I did.

Post by P,

289-800-1185 Called X within a Line kept saying Hi on my express mail. First 4 Hi s was a female within a West Indian Highlight last just one was a man express.

Post by London ON,

2898001185 I m urging everyone to bombard Bell and whine. I Simply did. They said they will investigate. . . I hope this helps. Driving people all nuts.

Post by sammy,

289-800-1185 I got that call multiple times a week but I never pick up. Telemarketing for sure if you Choose Upward the phone and they hang UPI spoke for my nephew who used to work for a telemarketing before. He told me Around your atmosphere around telemarketing rooms with many callers at work along with all that list of People they 've to telephone and along with their Administrators walking Approximately to Assess if they make a telephone or not. These bright telemarketers made a call and they knew that Parents who had been called never happy about these kind of Promotion declare curses at them. Thus to avoid that they calls you create likes they are working to prevent the eyes of their Managers. That why when you response that phone they don t talk and hang Upwards.

Post by Willow,

2898001185 Right they did this for me overly I told them I d recently had an evaluation of my House and they called again twice

Post by Mr J,

289-800-1185 These people call me 3 times a day 6 times a week. I called Bell and they said for 8. W a month you personally could block the phone. You believe Bell could can something about this but I guess that's wish not empty thinking.

Post by corbett,

2898001185 Who that f r these people. 7 calls Now would someone investigate pk ease

Post by Icerp,

289-800-1185 March ST I had 8 calls from 'm til PM. Getting quite irritated by the crap.

Post by Shannon,

2898001185 They 've called here W times within 5 times and 5 times since W am today now 1 W pm . Attempted using Telephone Display but it won t work along with this number. . . likely because it has W inside it amp not a Bell Amount. So Frustrating.

Post by Dman,

289-800-1185 ya still at it Feb Road 2 Distinct s W W W and W W W

Post by Willow,

2898001185 Additionally within Ottawa. . . .

Post by Irene,

289-800-1185 I vie been becoming calls from them too here within London ON but they never leave a message.

Post by Len,

2898001185 Within London ON. Twice in 2 days let it go to voice mail no message

Post by Mr. T,

289-800-1185 They called twice Now here in Ottawa. No message

Post by Armstrong,

2898001185 Don t leave a message but have called a Complete of W twenty times in your last W hrs. . . I work Transfer work. . . Prepared for cry. . I try to telephone back and constantly a occupied signal. . .

Post by Marc,

289-800-1185 Additionally within Ottawa I let it ring through to express mail and as suspected no message

Post by alan44,

2898001185 Got your same creepy good bye

Post by London ON,

289-800-1185 Yes I agree please scroll down and see my message. Perhaps if we all whine for your Telephone Supplier the will Quit. Thus frustrated.

Post by lsj,

2898001185 called W Am. no messages left.

Post by Jenn,

289-800-1185 Multiple calls within a daytime to both or Telephone Amounts. Said she Needed to qualify us for Resound Discount calling out of Ontario Resound Vigor. Inquired for ask 5 non personal questions. I said what Amount can I phone you back at and she Offered me 1 W W W. I tried to call both Amounts back and Simply active signals.

Post by Serge,

2898001185 Busted English speaking calling viewing my property at xxx I had heard enough and hung Upward.

Post by Mr J,

289-800-1185 These people telephone me 3 times a day 6 days a week. I called Bell and they said for 8. W a month you could block this telephone. You personally think Bell could do something about this but I figure that's want not empty believing.

Post by Lise,

2898001185 They call me 5 times the morning no answer

Post by Fran,

289-800-1185 I just posted a few minutes ago that they had called twice within 9 minutes nicely suppose what. . . they just called again that s 3 calls in about W minutes. Are these Individuals defective or what.

Post by Enough Already,

2898001185 Within regards to my Dilemma with that W calls. Sn opes. com Andy Rooney Tips for Telemarketers. What you are able to can after answering. . . . If you detect that no just one can there be is for instantly start hitting your button on that phone to 7 times as fast as potential. This confuses your machine that Call led the telephone and it kicks your own Amount out of their system. I remembered reading this before and I looked it Upward on line I may attempt this for see I could Discontinue these calls.

Post by London ON,

289-800-1185 Same here read my Grievance if you are able to. It May}n' help.

Post by London ON,

2898001185 Same here read my Grievance if you are able to. It May}n' help.

Post by Ravi,

289-800-1185 I did acquired the telephone multiple times and multiple time both within my cellular telephone and Dwelling phone. but 2 Bands Quit. No message or no just one Speak.

Post by liliana avram,

2898001185 please don t phone me anymore you are disturbing all my family.

Post by Shay,

289-800-1185 I 've received more than a dozen calls in your last week Upward for four per day and I feel like I 'm being harassed within your confines of my Dwelling. I attempted calling the number back for have my number removed from their distribution list and I have consistently received a active Transmission. Enough already.

Post by MJ,

2898001185 W W W

Post by tom,

289-800-1185 it s a challenging sell Heat Company with questionable company ethics. that Ontario Green allow is non existent expired a couple of years Past . it s all Simply a come on thus they can get to that punchline you need a brand new furnace . no issue how new or efficient yours is they re on commission. and by your manner many also attempt the same scam door to door demanding to inspect your own furnace or hot water tank.

Post by mot,

2898001185 can you personally Actually believe that notes. com has some magic way of communicating your wishes to that telemarketers in south Asia. or that they Actually attention what you personally desire. believe guy.

Post by Mary,

289-800-1185 Called twice left no message

Post by Willow,

2898001185 Additionally within Ottawa. . . .

Post by Heather,

289-800-1185 Am in Ottawa. Got 4 calls in 4 hours. No message left. Attempted for call them back. . . of path line continually busy.

Post by alan44,

2898001185 Got your same creepy great bye

Post by CK,

289-800-1185 three calls within your last hour. answered that ST time no response. no messages left on machine the last 2 calls. 5 calls on my Owner ID in Absolute.

Post by eva,

2898001185 Please Quit this Owner. .

Post by saarepiiga,

289-800-1185 Those people are Simply enjoy devils. You personally request them not for Telephone but appears like they do not understand your own request not for be phoned by any telemarketing. I requested on Don't Telephone list of CANADA but its not working.

Post by corbett,

2898001185 Please Cease your steady calls. . . . .

Post by Morel,

289-800-1185 They rang and no message left.

Post by London ON,

2898001185 Yes I concur please scroll down and see my message. Perhaps if we all whine to your Telephone provider the can Quit. Thus frustrated.

Post by G,

289-800-1185 Simply got a phone out of this Amount. No name on caller ID. Inquired for my mom and I said she was not home and your Female 1 your phone Simply went Ok bye bye . Like. . your own welcome Woman your welcome. Learn some manners. You sound previous you should 've Lent it a very long time Past.

Post by jcmarleau,

2898001185 Why would Bell Canada isn't accountable for these hole . It dishonest Folks that are at fault it is our government and Phone Firm they Quit this non feeling tomorrow if they Needed to but Company drives the Authorities now.

Post by London ON,

289-800-1185 I m urging everyone to bombard Bell and whine. I Only did. They said they will inquire. . . I trust this helps. Driving people all nuts.

Post by Tony Sy,

2898001185 Idiotic. Calls 4 6 times for your past 4 times. Did t leave a message. But when you answer would t Discuss for you. . . . Stupid. . .

Post by c,

289-800-1185 They 've been phoning every hour since 9 this morning thus far 5 times Now and 4 times yesterday.

Post by Marge,

2898001185 I 'm within Ottawa. I keep becoming calls from this number but I don t answer if I don t Comprehend that number. Wish there was a manner for stop them as they are really annoying.

Post by Watson,

289-800-1185 We've already had 4 calls from W W W Now April Road W . I Decided Upward and said that they have already called people and what is it that they desire your Girl Installed Upwards on me. Very invasive.

Post by Arrrg!,

2898001185 Just went through my Owner ID log amp they 've called me W times within the previous week. Five times over the weekend alone. It s gotten to your point where if my Telephone Bands I automatically presume it s them. I am within London. I vie heard the creepy Goodbye voice on my replying machine.

Post by Big Biji,

289-800-1185 This low life called again after I posted Virtually 6 hours Past in here. I 've noted their Amount and of path i did not pick up your Telephone as shortly as I discover the number again call me. What a Dumb low life. . . . .

Post by DMF,

2898001185 4 calls Now in as many hours No MSG left as I was not answering them Set them on telephone block via that phone that I 've has a phone block feature inside Panasonic cordless

Post by Mayday,

289-800-1185 Just wonder what's that Citizenry within Canada. Is that Merely less than W Folks . If there are more than W people how come these folks keep calling your same group of Individuals. Even keep transforming their Telephone number for call it Grow their capital cost because they have to subscribe to your Volume of Telephone Amounts. Since all of us that they are harassing Ian t buy their Storyline. For what. What are they going for gain. It s also odd to me that they have Run for a few months years now. . . no Sufferers at all Perhaps their sale pitch is really poor . How come no Sufferer contact Cops. and how come no law Administration are after them. Lately I got numerous Telephone calls along with Distinct Subjects air duct cleaning Bahama cruise Eco energy all manage by your same telecommunication Business same as this caller . Are they all related. In my option all these Telephone calls don t appearance a bit bit enjoy telemarketing for me. Only expect someone could present me an answer.

Post by London,

2898001185 Same matter here. This Amount keeps calling. I would W for add it to my block caller list and Additionally did that. . block last telephone obtained and it will not block that Amount. I 'm on your phone property line with Bell as I kind. Hopefully they could Set a Quit to the for all of us. There are 6 pages of Criticisms about the Amount. Yikes. . Driving me nuts as is a Lot of others as nicely.

Post by Linda Fletcher,

289-800-1185 Gotten a call about Green Energy Exam along with Union Petrol. That person s name was John and said I could call W W W the number Sets you personally on pimpled along with a Custom saying your phone is quite Significant to them Subsequently hangs up after about 5 minutes. Same thing three times I attempted for call for reschedule that app t. W Offered me that Amount W W W

Did you get an unwanted call from 289-800-1185? Is 2898001185 Safe to Answer or a Spam Caller? Tell us as much as you can!

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Recent comment

8133840216 Complains by Guest,

collector from some alarm Firm I DON T and NEVER had a contract along with. Really rude and belligerent with me. Told them for never telephone me again

3173185166 Complains by kevin,

I got a call today asking for my wife. I told him she wasn't available. He said the county clerk had a subpoena  for her. That is WAY too much information since I am not the intended called.

6095103668 Complains by Guest,

They keep cslling our number dailiy and will not stop. Sometimes they this is for someone we do not know and as directed we hang up. Sometimes there is just no one there. Most annoying!!! HOW CAN WE GET RID OF THEM?

2535728600 Complains by Guest,

N W collections

4808896947 Complains by Guest,


7189165523 Complains by Will,

They keep calling me on my cell phone a couple times a day and never answer. My iPhone says it is from Phoenix, AZ.

3023597650 Complains by Guest,

Annoying. .

4192453813 Complains by Guest,

my ex he no good

8002207804 Complains by Amy,

this is a offense. . . . . . . there telling us nothing except they 've files with my husbands name on it. . . . . . . . and he knows what were talking Around and we don t

8002255324 Complains by ae9560,

FBI investigates crimes at your National level.

8002387828 Complains by CG,

More on the . . . when I called my local CBS Pharmacy I Inquired if the was a CBS W Amount. They told me that CBS Cost free is W W W a Fully different number.

8002309426 Complains by Guest,

I must be Accessible 2 x this am

8002539049 Complains by YelowX1,

Yep same message about bonus bucks. We don t even store there. Looks like they did a Bad Occupation scrubbing their lists.

8002507338 Complains by Guest,

Pranks all night

8002511344 Complains by CdYnCa,

I got one of those Centurion Plus Cards with Card Mark my name and your town I live in Caviller Used by a Telephone number to telephone. Which I refuse for call but they are Clearly Striving to Secret me into calling and giving Upwards private data. Scandalous.

8002605578 Complains by Colin,

This caller never gives Upwards calls at 8 W 'm nobody there if you are able to get eh address and who owns the number I can sue them for damages as I broke my leg dashing for that telephone.

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