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Recent reviews 304 Telephone area codes 2019-08-21T22:22:11+02:00.

2017-09-05 16:53:27
Had a missed call from this number on my cell phone. I don't live in WV nor do I receive WIC benefits, so I don't think that's who's calling.
2017-08-30 16:27:16
Called at 8:15 am. Left no message.
2017-08-22 20:16:22
Called and hung up in voicemail
2017-08-03 18:11:30
Keeps calling my phone 6-8 times a day..
2017-07-14 16:20:45
It asks if you are there
2017-07-13 00:29:28
Calls multiple times a day
2017-07-12 04:50:18
Unending calls from JANE LEW WV from numbers 304-805-4651, 304-805-4652, 304-805-4653, 304-805-4649 and 304-805-4655 keep calling my mother's phone. Called them back today and tried to get on the Do Not Call List which my mother's phone IS ALREADY on.
2017-07-01 21:54:02
Have had numerous call from the following numbers today...3048054651 and 3043090043. They do not leave a message.
2017-05-19 16:03:43
A man claiming to represent Hillary Clinton's "Onward Together" movement asked if I'd please make a contribution. I thought this might be a scam, so I hung up.
2017-04-25 18:24:00
This man was giving away a cruise but kept trying to get me to say yes on a recorded phone line. Scam!!!
2017-02-27 04:43:12
His name is james Rhodes hes a probation officer
2017-02-16 19:10:17
Why is this number even permitted to be in service anymore when the calkers do nothing but harass people?!?!?!
2017-01-29 01:12:43
This number has called several times a day even weekends. I finally answered out of curiosity and a lady said that they were taking a survey through the CDC and DHHR and asked how many 18yr old males were in the household I as two and she as is the oldest one there and I sd no out of town u too Monday eve. She said she would call back and I sd I'm a nurse I can answer questions about health and she said no that's just what the random machine picked was males over 18 to talk to. Hmmmm.....?????
2017-01-21 07:08:12
Mike David Upton and his alter ego Virginia Urbanksi from WV , fake profile. He's hated by many because he's a sex offender. And this dude calls people claiming he's aa WV trooper.
2016-12-14 21:23:26
I have received calls from this number, once I answer they do not reply, they will not leave any messages either.. I'm guessing scam, thanks for all info!
2016-09-14 18:38:17
Calls repeatedly. Have told them to quit calling. Keeps calling back. There is silence on the other end.
2016-07-11 14:34:26
They are a scam.
2016-07-05 17:49:09
I just did. It s robot calls. . I Despise robot calls. . It s a total SCAM. .
2016-07-05 17:31:44
Harass calls
2016-07-05 14:31:53
is Adela telephone Centre for Fido customer service

Phone list in area 304

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
3046342406Scam profileGuest72015-12-21 05:27:00
3043192717 Guest42015-12-08 07:40:59
3045349979blockGuest62016-04-15 14:52:10
3047541002Don t these Individuals realize if we don t response. . . . we don t desire to talk for them. . . Guest842015-11-04 16:21:22
3044177979troubleGuest12015-11-04 16:45:21
3042503987A few kind of a BS sweepstakesGuest62015-11-04 17:00:19
3045387634incorrect Guest12015-11-04 17:03:22
3044603548Dumb Grimy text from some scummier I 'm sure. I would not recommend testing backGuest172015-11-04 17:05:21
3048164812They said they were Societal securityGuest52015-12-10 00:29:18
3043625303It called let it ring and Installed Upward. Guest312015-11-04 17:29:21
3044263209Hi seniors. . . ah suckersGuest302015-11-04 17:29:21
3045575232Left a text We've Your own 2 Present Cards Waiting. Please Telephone 1 W W W As Soon As Possible. Thank You personally. Reply Stop to op tout DC Jay82015-12-09 02:04:14
3042852145WALGREEN'S For LET You Know PRESCRIPTION IS Prepared. Guest62016-04-04 00:18:49
3042503916They are a scam. Kshamangi312016-07-11 14:34:26
3044032504The claims to become holding a W reward within your name for visiting a certain Web site. . . Guest492015-11-04 19:24:21
3047025544I m Sleep or lyingGuest62015-11-04 20:16:22
3046261073Calls 6 8 times per week and will not leave messageGuest42016-05-13 19:44:29
3042546003I replied a phone phone out of this Amount. It was a guy maintaining he was with GE Electric and Looking to let me understand about a free Residence security system. He asked if I was that homeowner I said no. He asked if he could speak to your homeowner I said no. He hastily Installed up. I live within the Buckley area so he called me out of a local number on my cell Telephone. Notion it was Strange. Guest242015-11-04 16:04:31
3049895627Steady harassment messagesGuest42015-12-18 23:03:14
3044617553edgerfdg42015-12-09 02:11:06
3045485183Contact management company. Dave62015-12-08 19:38:04
3049326663 Lt . Lt You are not amusing. Quit commenting you stupid people. . . Guest182015-11-04 17:32:23
3048483322Don t know who or what this really is thus don t answer. Guest22015-11-04 17:55:34
3044764745Same here any of you might have Wetback. Guest242015-11-04 18:06:22
3042059974harassing quite rudedarrel42016-04-07 19:16:34
3049074426Call from W W W is out of a company name Global Travel International. they are Telemarketer. Simply file a Criticism along with Internet. dentally. gov each time they telephone if you are on that Do not Phone list. This should Cease them out of calling within W times. David72015-12-14 16:39:18
3041131401he disturbed meGuest22015-11-04 18:21:31
3044446373likes for play on that phoneGuest52015-12-09 07:00:46
3045387641Sallie MaeGuest32016-04-04 01:25:54
3046764137harassing phone calls at W W at nightGuest12015-11-04 18:35:33
3047598307Inquired me to telephone a quot Lou Allen quot but gave no other identifying in for. Guest42015-11-04 18:37:22
3046213028policeGuest12015-11-04 18:39:22
3047792897Called did t leave a message. Caller ID said it was out of WV. Usa. Guest252015-11-04 18:58:22
3042050377Won't leave a message. When you personally attempt calling back a recording states as follows quot You might have reached a disconnected number VD W. quot Guest92015-11-04 19:07:18
3046587650They and up when answering machine comes on. Called Sunday and again today. W. W. W Guest232015-11-04 19:29:22
3047392187Rang and rang on a Federal Holiday. No message. Number said disconnected when I attempted for call back. Guest412015-11-04 19:29:22
3045991142Obtained this Telephone Amount phone on my Dwelling phone. Called it back not in service. LM72015-12-20 19:19:53
3042079528I Believe This Person IS Crazy IF THEY Never have OTHER Matters To Would With THERE LIFE I am Ill OF Becoming CALLS Enjoy The THAT HANG Up. Guest82015-11-04 20:33:18
3044007241Appears like a great Man involved within Bug control Nature s Manner is his Business. Guest62015-12-14 12:25:51
3049955159They Simply called me. Lilly72015-12-21 00:15:38
3045349980text along with Mmes attachment suspect virus deliveryGuest72016-04-12 00:11:22
3045818516Owner TOLD Sufferer THEY D WON A PRIZE Then Asked FOR Cash Casualty WAS CALLED A RACIAL SLURGuest22015-11-04 16:00:22
3042691780Being stalkedGuest312015-11-04 17:00:20
3048239655Scam telephone. A foreign Man Attempting for get information. Hang Upwards and don t say anything. Stan62015-12-08 17:07:14
3049200362it s no great for meGuest32016-04-07 11:21:20
3047125696junkieGuest12015-11-04 17:12:22
3043096469Attorney Attempting for sell expanded warranties on vehicles. Guest72015-11-04 17:50:20
3047122638American Displaced Masters SPAM Inquired to become removed and they Put Upwards on me or continued to try and sell me something. Rude and haughty Individuals. I reported to the Do not Telephone REGISTRY. The should become illegal. Guest32015-11-04 18:34:22
3046959667Telephone is no More in serviceGuest12015-11-04 19:16:33
3042093055selling Automobile Guarantee insuranceGuest32015-11-04 19:37:31

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