3042503916 / 304-250-3916

Telephone information: Frontier West Virginia Inc.. Beckley, WV. Raleigh. United states
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Post by Kshamangi,

3042503916 They are a scam.

Post by Andy in PDX,

304-250-3916 They are a scam. HTTP Internet. kg. com news consumer Scam Goals . . . W. HTML thing is it s not Merely Wells Fargo customers they re after. I vie never been a Wells Fargo customer. When I went for Oregon First Interstate Bank that was After bought out by F did t want my company. They insisted that in purchase to open an account I had to have a Power Invoice in my own name. I was Keeping along with my parents and all the bills at ta ht address had been within their name for years. That Name for my truck for which DIV did t Need any evidence of address wan t great enough for them.

Post by Alex S,

3042503916 BTW I vie Additionally enabled added security checks and Announcements around my Principal Fiscal Reports thus I know if action Happens that is from that Convention.

Post by Liz,

304-250-3916 I vie had two messages left out of the number. You can hear a lot of Folks talking in the background thus you personally know its a phone bank Afterward that same strong man voice swore loudly into the Telephone and then SCREAMED and Afterward Installed Upwards. Regrettably my four year previous Girl heard both of these messages. I tried to call that number back but I could t get to a live Individual. I Only kept getting a message that Wells Fargo would call me back with an excellent offer at another time.

Post by Guest,

3042503916 Calls around W am pacific time. Bands twice

Post by MichaelB,

304-250-3916 I gotten a phone Recently on my replying machine Around Middle day. Of path I was at work. There was a partial message out of many computer system saying if I had any questions for phone that Amount W W W. Subsequently before the phone disconnected a live Individual Arrived on your phone and Inquired for me by name. I could Additionally Notice a Amount of Folks within the History so I knew it was a call Centre. She said Hi a few times then Put Upwards. My first phone from them but Seemingly after reading the other Opinions not my last.

Post by Mike,

3042503916 This really is a telemarketing room that solicits for other Monetary Companies. That go Underneath your guise of you being a member but all they are Attempting to can is get an additional 9. W a month. Rubbish don t autumn for it

Post by tmh,

304-250-3916 called and asked for my Partner by name would not leave message.

Post by jspringertx,

3042503916 I gotten a phone from this Amount today. They wanted for Chat to a James Spencer. . . NOT my name. I told them that no 1 by that name lives here and Installed up. I get a telephone every few weeks out of someone Looking to sell something Connected with Wells Fargo. . . what a pain.

Post by Janet,

304-250-3916 W W W calls amp hangs Upwards when they get my Camera. . .

Post by rcasy,

3042503916 I got that phone 3 4 Days n a row. Eventually decided they Warren t going for Leave so I activated Private Telephone Blocking on my Telephone account.

Post by kjs,

304-250-3916 you can block by your personal Phone handset Choices or you might have to purchase that services from your local Phone services provider.

Post by Guest,


Post by Dora,

304-250-3916 Wells Fargo saying they ll provide you personally a Five dollar gift certificate to your Difference if you personally permit them for send you personally a W day free trial for many medical and other insurance. Berkeley WV

Post by Rev. Knight,

3042503916 Additional info for anyone who wishes for file a Grievance with that Federal Communications Commission FCC about these telemarketing calls being acquired out of Telephone Amount W W W with your person posing as an Staff of People Bank selling Supplemental Insurance could become Registered electronically at this Web site FYI HTTP support. FCC. gov Gripes.

Post by Alex S,

304-250-3916 FYI see my preceding comment I have not acquired anything within your send seeing insurance. Do not supply them any info. I 'm Very questionable this is a scam or Only a way to get privileged data about you that could become used for malicious Applications and Perhaps impacting you personally financially. I vie not seen Substantially else Around it Outside there but your fact that I did t get anything in that send 4 weeks later. . . definitely a Issue that the information they got me for reveal is now in some database for a few Possible future fraud.

Post by Barbara,

3042503916 I get a telephone out of this number every daytime when I 'm Striving for rest. It's quite annoying might it be WELLS FARGO. . . I have been a client for years but if I look for it to become F I can close all my Records. WHAT A PAIN. . . .

Post by Feisty,

304-250-3916 USN t it amusing that we all have many form of dealings along with WELLS FARGO that keep becoming calls from the Amount. We do not bank there but the mortgage was bought by them several years Past. We get calls out of the number Each Daytime. We don t reply as we don t Understand that number and we body if it s anyone that really knows us or wants to get ah previous of us they will leave a message. But no messages left ever. Sounds for me enjoy they 've something for can along with Wells Fargo. The number is unlisted and unpublished. You can t even get it from Listing assistance.

Post by john,

3042503916 i called it back and it was a Registered message from nonage telling me for Upgrade payment info

Post by Bill,

304-250-3916 It is from a subsidiary of Wells Fargo Seeking for sell insurance.

Post by TS,

3042503916 Owner hangs unbuckle W. Va it s from

Post by StpYankinMyChain,

304-250-3916 I gotten that same telephone at 3 W pm pacific time. My dad answered it and said to me So and So. . it s for you personally when I got for the Telephone I said Hello . Afterward they Put Upwards. I looked at that caller I. D. and it read BUCKLEY. . . . WV. . . . 1 W W W.

Post by Ken Irons,

3042503916 Please Quit that calls. thanks Ken

Post by Pauley NoNonsense,

304-250-3916 I 'm only answering for this because I never have heard the phrase prince Albert in a could within twenty years. My Grandfather told me Around that. Thanks for bringing up a good memory.

Post by Mark,

3042503916 They're calling several times per daytime Making a express recording and Subsequently a Person calling a name for see if that message is being monitored.

Post by Alex,

304-250-3916 Please stop calling if when I response you personally don't desire to Speak for me in person.

Post by KenSanDiego,

3042503916 Calls Virtually each daytime. I use Ring Essential so I Simply added that Amount for my blocked Owner list now that I know who it is thanks to all you Excellent folks. .

Post by Andy in PDX,

304-250-3916 They're a scam. HTTP Internet. kg. com news Buyer Scam targets . . . W. HTML matter is it s not Only Wells Fargo customers they re after. I vie never been a Wells Fargo customer. When I moved to Oregon First Interstate Bank that was later bought out by F did t need my company. They insisted that in order to open an account I had for 've a Application Statement in my name. I was Remaining with my parents and all your bills at ta ht address had been inside their name for years. That title for my Pickup for which DIV did t Demand any proof of address wan t good enough for them.

Post by Joyce,

3042503916 I vie been getting calls out of 1 W W W and W W W. Regular. It s annoying.

Post by KenSanDiego,

304-250-3916 Cheers for the link. I used it and Submitted a report.

Post by js,

3042503916 I am tired of receiving these Telephone calls. If it is Significant You'll leave a message. My number is Presume to be unpublished but somehow these unwanted Telephone calls keep happening. These Firms don't have any appropriate for contact nor harass Folks continuously. Annoying and unwanted. After a month that Telephone calls stop but then Begin Upwards again after a month breather.

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8184033318 Complains by Matt,

got a called out of W W W called back it s a wrong number

8318093768 Complains by Fraud Alert,

That is a fraud Plan Now active in Canada using a series of Iris tel VIP numbers in the W Region code. That objective is to Get your own credit card number and Strain your account. If you personally attempt to Select Outside your number will become Affirmed as live and added to your suckers list for repeated future calls.

8323608150 Complains by texas,

not certain who this Individual was I didn't call back. Supposedly your battery was expiring and needed to Speak. FYI there are such matters as cell Telephone viruses that collect your info amp then you've a huge Issue called identity Thieving.

6264278849 Complains by Guest,

Keeps testing me on my cell harassing saying I 'm Sweet and enjoy your own pics etc. . . . I need it Quit. I told her she had the erroneous person and i wan t interested.

8173814801 Complains by Betty,

Does this Business still exist.

9095021441 Complains by Maeve,

They will not give you the goal for their call unless you personally provide them with your personal Information.

8133339561 Complains by Guest,

no texts or Mmes messages

6096444409 Complains by Guest,

I Think criminals are using bright phones that operate Thur outfits like Bandwidth. com where your intelligent phone dials Thur a VIP Amount Enrolled many miles away doing reverse phone look Advantages on addresses of Households without Autos within front of them and Afterward calling for see if anyone s home. Never response a call if you don t understand that number. If it s Significant they ll leave a message.

8002737417 Complains by Tim Jones,

Time Warner cable. Payment due Choose it Upwards.

8002708917 Complains by Guest,

It s food stamps balance number

8002809441 Complains by Claire,

I acquired a telephone from JP Morgan Chase W W W and from my cell a man left a message for call 1 W W W

8002227775 Complains by Jane Doe,

I ET repeated calls out of this number really harassing

8002422137 Complains by Guest,

insurance company that located my Continue on Vocation Contractor despite my Class has nothing for do along with sales in the least. Calls at least once a month.

8002860194 Complains by quiro,

This can be another one of those unidentified calls we get on a regular basis which we've on Owner blocked.

8002837197 Complains by unk,

i had your same matter and conditions Art and live in Houston i dint bank with them either.

8003162986 Complains by genie,

This is a fax machine calling my cell phone... knock it off.. if your fax doesn't reach another fax, CHECK THE NUMBER and quit annoying me.

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